Breeding Season at the Rocking R Ranch - Version Alpha

by Lubrican

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Chapter Two

Lunch was quiet. Cathy had put on a button up blouse, aware suddenly of how much cleavage her halter tops showed. Bobby was dressed in fresh clothes too. Cathy had difficulty deciding whether to look at her son ... or not look at him.

Bobby, completely convinced that the best thing in his whole life had just happened to him, had no problem looking at his mother.

As a result Cathy's eyes darted all over, meeting Bobby's frequently, and then glancing away like a racquetball off a wall. Emotions were still raging inside of her. She had never even contemplated having sexual feelings for her son before. It just wasn't something she ever thought about. And what had happened seemed like some crazy dream where she left her body and it did things all by itself. But she knew it had been real. Her orgasm ... the whole affair ... had been so powerful that she couldn't put it out of her mind. She hadn't cum like that with Rudy in years. Already her pussy itched for another round of that loving. She tried her best to submerge it and act normal.

But Dee knew her sister, and those glances, and Cathy's general behavior, told Dee that something had happened between the two of them. She didn't know what it was, but curiosity about it niggled at her.

"So how did the breeding go?" she asked.

Cathy said "Fine" at the same time Bobby said "Really good."

"So that last pair ... they got bred?"

"No," said Cathy, looking away. "I prepped him too much and he ..."

"Went off like a fire hose," Bobby finished.

"Believe it or not, I've been there," said Dee. "Ready to do more after lunch?"

The reaction in Cathy was astonishing to her sister.

"No!" Cathy looked startled that she had spoken so quickly and so loudly. "I mean ... all that bending over. My back is complaining. I'm not sure I can do much this afternoon."

"Oh." said Dee, looking at Bobby, who was staring at his mother like she had grown another head. This was the first Dee had heard of a bad back in the family too. Then she thought about what had to have happened for the horse to spurt while Cathy was still underneath it. If it had gone on long enough to effect the stallion ... it had to have affected Cathy. Dee knew what handling those hard cocks did to a woman, and she assumed Cathy needed a break.

"Okay, after lunch, why don't you do some baking, and Bobby and I will finish today's schedule." Dee looked at them both.

Now Cathy looked guilty. But her only response was, "Okay. Yes. That's a good idea. I'm sure I'll be okay by tomorrow."

Bobby just ate. He was awfully hungry.

When they got to the barn Dee went through two pairs of horses with little more than some increase to her breathing rate, and some pinkness around her neck. Then she brought out a beautiful gray Arabian mare and told Bobby to go get a stallion named Bruiser.

Bobby came leading Bruiser and got him set up next to his aunt.

"I love this stud," said his aunt. "I love to ride him. He's a sweetie. Hold him tight," said Dee as Bruiser smelled the female horse and tried to prance. Then she sat down and prepped Bruiser. When she got up her face was red and she said, "Okay" a little breathlessly. "Let him go."

Bruiser knew exactly what to do, and Daisy was more than ready to let him. His front hooves landed lightly on her back and he hopped forward on his hind legs.

Dee made a sound in her throat as two feet of rock solid horse penis slid endlessly into wet sounding horse vagina. Once it was all the way in Bruiser humped four times, tensed and then fell backwards. His penis hung down, almost to the ground.

Bobby turned to look at Dee. One hand was over her right breast, squeezing. Her mouth was open and her eyes were bright. That she was excited was obvious. She glanced at him and didn't even bother to move her hand. She imagined that Cathy had been the same way that morning, and that Bobby knew it. It had probably caused some discomfort between them.

Dee said, "Let's get another pair." She turned to Bobby. "This has an effect on a woman Bobby. At least it does on me, and I suspect it affected your mother too. I know it's strange for you to see that, but we have to get these mares mated."

Bobby didn't know quite what to say. "I know. I guess we'll just have to ... you know ... just do it." He didn't catch the double entendre ... but Dee did.

She took a deep breath, which didn't do Bobby any good as her breasts filled her blouse out nicely. "Okay, we can do this. I know we can. I don't suppose you could sterilize the studs this afternoon?" She looked at her tall nephew.

Bobby shook his head. "No way Aunt Dee." He felt bad that he couldn't bring himself to stroke a horses cock for his aunt. "But I'll try to talk to you and keep your mind off of what you're doing, okay?"

She nodded tersely and told him to go get the next stallion.

This time, when Dee washed the long hard cock in her hands, Bobby talked to her like he was teaching her how to do it. He told her just how long to wash it, and then to put the rag back in the bucket. He told her to let go and he led the stud to the mare. The stallion mounted the mare and filled her with his cock, inseminating her and falling back down. Dee was panting again as she led the mare to her stall.

The next time Bobby had to pull Dee off the stallion's cock when she didn't respond to his repeated suggestion that she was done. The only way he could get her away from the horse was to reach through her armpits and pull her back. There was just no way he could do that without ending up with his hands full of her breasts. She stumbled to her feet and pressed back against him, grinding her butt into his hardon. The stallion found his way to the mare and bred her. Bobby held his aunt, his hands still cupping her breasts as they watched the mare get bred. Both pretended they didn't notice his hands on her aching tits.

The next time Bobby barely got Dee off the horse's two foot cock before it exploded. Again he had to pull her off and again, he cupped her full braless tits to do it. She turned in his arms and her eyes were wild again.

"I have to ... do something," she panted. Her hands went to his shirt buttons. "I need ... I want to ... I know it's wrong, but I have to. Do you understand?"

"Yes," he huffed. He needed her too. His fingers went to her blouse and, together they undressed each other.

"Do you know what I want you to do?" she whispered.

"Yes." He was a man of few words. This horse breeding was something he was suddenly thinking of going into as a life's vocation.

There was a stall nearby that was full of hay bales and Dee took him there, wearing only her jeans and boots. She spread out a tarp on the loose hay that was on the floor. Dee bent over to remove her boots and skin her jeans down, taking her panties with them. When she turned around, Bobby was already naked. She was treated to the same anti-aircraft gun his mother had seen that morning. It had been fully reloaded and was primed for trouble. She, too, knew a man-sized prick when she saw one, and her pussy salivated, dripping as she went to him and put her arms around his neck for a kiss.

It wasn't until she had lain down and spread her legs, and Bobby was on his knees between them, his cock touching her sex, that Dee realized he was acting too normally for this situation. In a flash of intuition, as she grasped his thick stalk, she turned her hazel eyes to his and said, "You did this to your mother this morning ... didn't you?"

Bobby, feeling his cock where he desperately wanted it to be, shoved forward, impaling his aunt in one swift lunge.

"Yes!" he grunted.

Dee cried out at the ecstasy of being filled roughly, his weight pinning her to the tarp, making her helpless to resist, even thought she had no thought to do that at all. He stopped, deep inside her and her pussy clenched on him as thrills shot through her body.

"But she can't know that you know," he panted.

Dee thrust her pussy up at her nephew. "It was in the shower ... wasn't it?"

Bobby withdrew and then slid back in. "Yeah. She kind of lost it. She's embarrassed about it."

Dee could already feel her orgasm rushing toward her. "I know how she feels" she groaned. But I need this Bobby. You don't hate me do you?"

He leaned down and kissed her soft lips. "I love my mother. And I love you too," he said simply.

Then, as if he had been doing it for years, Bobby started rodding his aunt's appreciative pussy out. He pounded her into the hay and she grunted, her breath exhaling each time he slammed in. Her legs spread wide, and then her heels came back in to her buttocks so she could try to shove her pussy up onto his prick. Then they sprang apart again as she reveled in the feeling of being thoroughly fucked by a nice stiff prong.

"You mustn't cum in me Bobby," his aunt suddenly said.

Bobby leaned down to one of her tight perky tits and sucked in a nipple. She swooned with pleasure as the hot streaks shot from her nipple to her pussy.

"Why not?" he asked panting. "I came in my mom."

Dee, who knew her sister's birth control habits, and knew there was no way she had been wearing her diaphragm that morning, felt the thrill of the taboo flow into her pussy. Cathy had let this man's big prick spurt sperm in her belly!

"I could get pregnant!" she panted. "So could your mom." Her pussy shoved up at him as she felt her orgasm arrive. She whined. "Oh Bobby I'm there baby ... don't stop ... please don't stop."

Her pussy started milking his bone as she came. Her legs came up around his back and she strained to shove her pussy as far up on his stiff cock as she could.

"I'm gonna ..." warned Bobby.

But Dee was too far into her own fabulous pleasure. Her brain knew his cock was swelling. She heard his warning and felt him trying to pull out of her. But her legs wouldn't let him go, and her lust craved feeling what her sister had felt that morning.

As Bobby groaned and his prick began spraying his aunt full of potent sperm, she screamed his name and her fingernails raked bloody lines across his buttocks. She knew she had probably ovulated the day before yesterday, and that her egg was, if not already in her womb, close to it. She knew that if his sperm got into her womb there would be millions of chances for her to be impregnated. The result was that her legs flopped wide open, opening herself as much as she could. If he pulled out, that was the best thing.

But he didn't pull out. He would have before that first strong stream of his cum rocketed into his beautiful aunt. But after that his subconscious intent was to breed his fantasy woman, like he had in his dreams, while he was beating off all those years. He bored in and fired spurt after spurt of his hot cum right into her cervical opening.

Dee's mood was like quicksilver, and slithered back the other way, to the side of herself that wailed with happiness as she was flooded with his cum. She reached for his face, kissing him over and over. "Thank you ... thank you ... thank you," she said between kisses. She couldn't believe she was saying it.

Ten minutes later Dee rolled her head to look at her young lover. He was staring right back at her, one arm under his head. His lovely penis was lying limply on his pubic hair.

"I can't believe we did that," she said. "Are you okay?" She sounded like she was worried she might have warped him somehow.

"I've wanted to do that ever since you walked in on me in the bathroom," he said.

"I believe it was the other way around wasn't it? Didn't you walk in on me?" She smiled, and then frowned. "You know you might have gotten me pregnant ... cumming inside me like that."

"How would you feel about it if I did?" he asked. This conversation was so outside his realm of experience that he didn't approach it with his usual teenage angst.

"I don't know," she said softly. "Part of me would be horrified." Her eyes locked with his. "And part of me will be sad if you didn't."

"There's always tomorrow" he said. He meant it as a joke, but her eyes widened.

"I think maybe Chance and I should work together tomorrow," she said, sitting up. She saw him staring at her bare breasts. She also saw the rejection he felt, in his eyes. To lessen the sting she added. "I'd be too tempted to let you try again."

"There's always right now," he said, grinning.

Her eyes shot to his cock. It was moving, thickening. Young men were so virile. She felt the warning tingle in her pussy that told her to get while the getting was good. "Come on stud," she said standing up. "You've probably done more than enough damage today." She looked at him out of the sides of her eyes as she pulled him up. "You know your mother isn't on the pill either."

That got him. His jaw dropped. To tease him she said "What are you going to do if you knocked us both up?"

He started to sputter and she could actually see his heart beating as the skin of his chest moved.

"Hey" she said. "Don't worry about it. You probably didn't get either of us pregnant. Come on. Let's get dressed and go up to the house for supper."

But she wasn't nearly as sanguine as she pretended to be.

Supper was much more relaxed than lunch had been. Of the three of them, only Cathy didn't know everything that had happened. That didn't last long.

"How'd it go this afternoon?" she asked as she put bowls of food on the table.

Dee smirked. "It went the same as it did for you this morning."

Cathy colored up, not knowing that Dee knew exactly what had happened. "So the breeding went well?" she bluffed.

"The breeding went exceedingly well," said Dee, looking at Bobby. Now he blushed. Dee was having fun with this. "The stud performed admirably, and the quantity of semen delivered was more than enough for conception. Now all we have to do is wait to see if the ... females ... caught."

Now Dee turned her attention to her sister. "And how about you? Did you survive getting all that semen in you ... I mean on you?"

Cathy's eyes snapped to her sister's. She saw the grin, and the twinkle in her eye. She knew her sister too. She could tell Diedre knew what had happened.

"How did you find out?" she asked, her voice tight.

"Oh, it had something to do with the fact that, all afternoon I was handling stiff horse cocks, and then, when I couldn't take it any longer I was handling stiff Bobby cock. About the time Bobby stuck that beautiful boner of his way up inside me and squirted about a quart in my pussy I got him to admit that I wasn't the only woman he'd serviced today."

Cathy's face had grown more and more toward the appearance of someone who had seen a ghost, or something much worse and she wished she had only seen a ghost. Now her face was almost white as the blood drained from it. She hid her face in her hands, her shoulders shaking as she started to sob.

Then her head snapped back up. "Inside your pussy!?" she yipped. She knew her sister's birth control habits too, and she also figured, quite rightly, that Dee hadn't been protected when Bobby's sperm splashed inside her.

Dee reached for her sister's hand. "Honey, don't feel bad about it. It happened to me too. I couldn't help myself and I know you couldn't either. What's done is done. Tomorrow Chance will be here and we can take turns. Maybe that will help make things go a little better."

For Cathy, the phrase "take turns" brought what was probably a different picture to her mind than it did for Dee. What Cathy thought of was ... Chance fucking her, and then Bobby fucking her. She had been horny all afternoon while she baked and got things ready for supper.

"I don't know Dee" she said. "It makes me so horny."

Dee patted her hand. "We'll both be there tomorrow. We can lend each other support."

"Okay," said Cathy uncertainly. She glanced over at her son, who was busy forking food into his mouth, trying not to be noticed. His mother had just found out that he fucked his aunt. He wasn't sure at all how she was going to receive that news.

Dee chuckled. "Though, if he was as good for you as he was for me ... it might be better to put him on a bus for home. I could get used to that thing hanging between his legs."

Cathy's mouth opened and closed at the bawdy thing her sister had just said. But the rush of juice to her pussy as she thought of her own son's hard cock made her realize she felt exactly the same way.

Bobby objected. "Hey, I don't want to leave!"

Dee laughed. "I just bet you don't. Don't worry. I only said it would be better if we did it ... I didn't say we were going to." She nudged Cathy. "Poor Romeo over there thinks he's out of luck. Poor boy."

Cathy couldn't respond. The terror she had felt at the thought of her son leaving her there alone ... unsatisfied ... had convinced her that she was in much worse shape than she had been willing to admit. She looked at Dee. "What are we going to do Dee? I don't think I can resist it."

Dee smiled a tight smile. "Then honey, you'd better find that diaphragm I hope you brought with you, or else start thinking of names for a baby. You should feel lucky. I don't even own a diaphragm. And with Tom having such a low sperm count since he got kicked by a horse, I haven't had to take the pill for years. You may be a grandma right this instant for all I know."

"That's not funny, Dee." Cathy shook her head. This was all too difficult to think about. She thought about what she wished she was doing right now ... with her son.

"What are we going to do tonight?" she asked, anxious. "I mean just us three ... here in the house ... together ..."

Dee thought for a minute. She had the same urges her sister did. "How about we go shopping and leave Romeo here to watch the place. We'll arrange to get back after he's gone to bed, and if we have a good enough time, maybe we'll be too tired to want to play."

Dee looked over at Bobby, who had been listening avidly and didn't look either happy or unhappy. "Can you do that for two old women? Be asleep when we come home? Stay on the couch where you belong?"

Bobby looked hurt. "I have complete control over my emotions," he said, his voice injured. "I would never force my attention on any woman who didn't want me to." He sounded so grown up that both women felt a rush of warmth in both their hearts and their pussies.

Cathy looked at Dee. "We definitely have to stay out late Dee," she said. Then they both laughed.

The arrangements were made and Dee opened a cabinet that was full of DVDs, suggesting that Bobby could watch some movies, pop some corn and go to bed. He agreed.

And, oddly, it worked pretty well for all of them. The two women had fun catching up on the years they had been separated by marriage. Bobby, pretty well sated by losing his virginity and powering his spunk into two women in one day, watched several movies he'd wanted to see, but hadn't yet, and then, remote held loosely in one hand, fell asleep. When the women came in, tip-toeing through the living room, each kept the other from going over to kiss him good night, knowing that it would probably go further than that if they let it.

It was early in the morning when Chance Brooks drove up the long road to his parents' house. He'd driven all day and into the night to get there, stopping along the way for cat naps. He saw his Aunt Cathy's car parked in front of the house and smiled. He liked being around her. She was beautiful and sexy and she gave the most wonderful hugs. He knew everyone would be asleep, so he entered the house quietly. He didn't see Bobby on the couch, and bypassed his mother's room to head for his own. He opened the door and peered inside, seeing immediately that no one could be sleeping in there. It was full of extra furniture and boxes of who knew what.

He backtracked to his parents' bedroom and cracked the door gently open. Sticking his head inside he sucked in a breath. The dawning sun shone through the window and fell on his mother and Aunt Cathy, where they were lying in the bed on top of the sheet. The ceiling fan was on slow, suggesting that it had gotten warm in the night. Both had on T shirts that had ridden up over their hips in their sleep.

Neither had on panties.

He stared at his mother's bald pussy, looking like two fat lips wanting to be kissed, and felt a tightness in his groin. Aunt Cathy's right leg was cocked and thrown wide and he could see right to her pussy too. She had a tuft of light brown hair there. Her pussy lips were long and floppy and looked like they'd taste wonderful. The tightness increased in his pants. Man! The both looked so hot and juicy.

He retreated to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee.

An hour later Dee woke up and she shuff-shuffed to the kitchen in her slippers, still wearing the overlarge T shirt she had worn to bed the night before. She smelled coffee and wondered who had gotten up before her. There was a surprise waiting for her in the kitchen.

"Chance!" she squealed as she saw her son sitting at the table nursing a cup of joe.

"Hi Mom. I decided to drive straight through. I figured you needed the help, what with all those amateurs hanging around the place." He stood up grinning and held his arms out to his mother. She was five inches shorter than he was and it was like a weed waving in the wind and hitting an oak tree, but she rushed into his embrace.

"I'm so glad you're home!" said Dee into his chest.

Chance heard the tension in her voice. "What's wrong Mom? I saw Aunt Cathy's car outside, so they must be here. Aren't they helping?"

"Oh yes," she assured him. "They've only been here a day, and we've gotten plenty of work done, but it's been ... difficult."

"Why so hard?" asked Chance, getting a nervous chuckle from his mother.

"You've never really helped in the breeding pen, have you?" asked his mother.

"Not really. I helped dad a couple of times, but he usually took care of all that with some of the hired hands.

Well," said Dee. "It turns out that prepping the stallions ... affects Cathy and me." She looked up at her tall son to see if he'd gotten the inference. It didn't look like he had. "What I mean is that when we handle the ... um ... organ ... you know, to sterilize it ... well we kind of get out of control. Our feelings get out of control."

Chance looked at his mother. "You mean you get horny?" he grinned. "My mother? Horny?"

"It's not funny Chance!" she said. "Yesterday I let Bobby ... do things. I couldn't control it Chance, and neither could Cathy. I'm telling you it was crazy and we both did crazy things that we'd never have done otherwise. We both had to have an outlet or we'd have just gone mad. This is serious Chance," she said.

He realized she was serious, hearing her confession. "So what is it you want from me?" he asked.

"We want to try to get some breeding done without ... um ... without anything else happening. I guess what we need you and Bobby to do is be strong for us.

Chance, thinking himself a man of the world now, put aside his own feelings. "Okay. I'm here and I'll help," he said firmly.

"Good. We'll talk about it at breakfast. Why don't you go wake everybody up?" said Dee as she started thinking about what to put on the table for breakfast. She bent over to get a pot out of the bottom drawer of the stove and didn't see Chance look as the lower half of her naked butt was exposed.

Chance fully intended to do exactly what his mother had said they needed. He intended to control his own emotions. But when he went to wake up his Aunt, she was still lying there, her beautiful pussy exposed. His mother had said that they both let Bobby ... do things. What things? Had he actually fucked them? Had he fucked his own mother? Had he fucked the pussy Chance was now staring at?

He looked at the rest of her now. The T shirt was too small. Her breasts were clearly defined in it, and he could clearly see her nipples defined through the shirt too. Her breasts were a lot bigger than his mother's. Her hair was mussed and she looked a little like she'd just been fucked. Chance felt his cock jump in his jeans as he stared at the lovely woman. Seeing the sheet she'd kicked off in the night he gently picked it up and covered her naked loins before leaning over and kissing her forehead. Blue eyes opened, widened and he saw her pupils constrict.

"Chance!" she cried. "When did you get here?" She sat up in bed and threw the sheet back, exposing herself again to him. She noticed her exposure about the same time he stood up and looked away.

"Oh my" she gasped, pulling the sheet back over her lap.

"It's okay Aunt Cathy. I'm all grown up now and I've seen it before," said Chance in an attempt to lessen her embarrassment.

Cathy, however, found that her face was right at the level of Chance's zipper, and there was a most interesting lump behind that zipper. Her activity the day before had satisfied her immediate lust, for maybe a couple of hours, but it had also unleashed something in her that she hadn't known was there. Like happens in many marriages, the initial lust she and Rudy had felt for each other had mellowed with time. Familiarity with each other and the fact that they could have sex any time they wanted to, led to a common situation. They had sex less and less often. They still loved each other. There just wasn't as much passion anymore. She knew she should feel badly that she had let her son lie with her, much less put his sperm in her unprotected womb. But the fact was ... she didn't. She had to admit that to herself. The renewal of her passions had been too delicious. She had enjoyed it so much it had startled her and changed the way she looked at the world. The Genie was out of the bottle, and it had given her one wish. Now she was looking at another wish, hidden behind that zipper.

Right now, Cathy Tanner wanted a nice, thick, stiff cock inside her.

She flushed red, thinking herself a slut. He was her nephew, for pity's sake, and he surely wouldn't be interested in mating with an older woman like her.

Chance turned and said, "Breakfast will be ready by the time you get there," as he walked out the door. He had to leave, because his cock was getting stiff again.

He found Bobby on the couch and prodded him on his shoulder.

"That you Chance?" Bobby said in a sleepy voice.

"Hey Bobby," said Chance. He was amazed at how Bobby had grown too. He wasn't as tall as Chance was, but he was only shorter by maybe an inch. Two at the most. And he had wide shoulders too. "I got here in the night. Breakfast is about ready." "Okay," said Bobby and he stood up. Chance could see what the women might have been drawn to in this almost man. The thought of Bobby lying on top of either of the women made Chance a little jealous. He pushed that away and went to have breakfast.

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