Breeding Season at the Rocking R Ranch - Version Alpha

by Lubrican

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Chapter Four

As soon as Chance and Dee got off the bed, Cathy and Bobby crawled on. Cathy's cries of pleasure as her son pounded her pussy were so erotic that Chance's cock revived.

That was okay, though. Dee had wanted to finish him with her mouth the first time. And now she could take her time to taste her son.

They got a lot done, all things considered. The boys, young though they were, were about tapped out after the third time the women got the sperm out of their balls, whether it was with a sucking pussy, or a sucking mouth. When the final set of horses for the day was done and put away, they all trudged back up to the house carrying their clothing. Both women's inner thighs were runny with sperm clear to their knees, and both boy's pricks were limp and hanging.

"I really meant to put my diaphragm in this morning," said Cathy, not sounding particularly sorry that she'd forgotten.

"When was your last period?" asked her sister.

"A week ago Wednesday" sighed Cathy. "I should be as fertile as a turtle tomorrow or the next day."

"You're kidding," said Chance, coming up from behind.

"I am not kidding," said his aunt. "Why do you think we were trying to avoid ... you know," she said.

"Mom?" asked Chance.

"Hmmm?" said his mother. She had been figuring in her head.

"When was your last period Mom?" asked her son.

"I probably ovulated yesterday or the day before," she said.

"You're kidding!" he said again.

His mother turned around, her naked body glowing in the fading sunlight. "You're probably already a Daddy Chance," she said.

"But ... but ... but this is crazy!" said Chance heatedly. "If I'd have known that I'd have ... I'd have ... I ..."

"You'd have what?" asked his mother.

"My dick is trying to get hard," said Chance, looking down at his well-used tool. "I cannot believe that the idea that I knocked up my own mother is making me hard." He flipped his cock with one finger. "Well it would be making me hard, except that I don't think I'll get hard for a week after today.

"Thank you dear," said his mother. She blew him a kiss and turned to keep walking to the house.

Bobby had been silent. "So what exactly does that mean Mom?" he asked Cathy.

She turned her head. "It means, handsome son of mine, that if I'm not already pregnant, I will be in two or three days if we keep doing what we did today."

"Oh," he said. "Do you want me to stop?"

She stopped and turned. Then she put her arms around him and kissed him soundly. "Not particularly," she said after the kiss. "I think you'd make a wonderful father."

"You'd do that for me?" he asked, his eyes wide.

"The idea doesn't bother me nearly as much as it should." She grinned.

"What about Dad?" he asked.

"If he was here, instead of there, it would be him knocking me up," she said simply. "But he's not here, where he should be." She used women's logic, which simply disregarded the fact that he was needed in his business too.

They were eating supper when Dee approached what they'd probably all been thinking about.

"I suppose that one of us should sleep in my room, and the other in Chance's room," she said casually, as if she was talking about which jeans to wear the next day. She had on one of her husband's shirts, with nothing on under it.

Kathy nodded. "I believe that would probably be more satisfactory than the present sleeping arrangements." She had put on a T shirt, also with nothing under it.

Chance looked at Bobby and he smiled.

What led to what, for the next three decades, would be known among the four as "the accident" was that Chance automatically thought that his mother would stay in her room, and that Cathy would come to sleep with Bobby in Chance's room. The problem was that Dee had been thinking about that and had a yen to get bedded by her son in his bed. So, when it was time for bed and the two women were undressing for the night's ... exercises ... Dee told Cathy to stay there and that she'd send Bobby to Dee's bedroom when she got there.

Cathy decided to wait for Bobby in the moonlight. She thought that would be more romantic, because her pale body would show up well in the lunar light streaming through the window. True, her face would be in the shadows, but that was no problem.

And, as Chance walked up the dark hallway, he passed who he thought was his aunt on her way to his room to sleep with Bobby.

When he walked into his mother's dark bedroom and saw her white body spread on the bed for him, his body proved that he could get hard at least four times a day. He was suddenly horny as hell, and leapt on the bed. In less time than it takes to write about it, he had his cock notched in what he thought was his mother's pussy mouth and bored in.

Like he had the first time earlier that day, Chance didn't try to control himself. He figured he'd be able to get it up again, as hard as he was now. So he started pounding his 'mother' almost viciously, bouncing her off the bed. It wasn't until he leaned down to sample a nipple that he realized something was wrong. The breasts he was suckling at were too big to be his mother's.

As for Cathy, she recognized this wasn't her son as soon as he was hunched over her with the tip of his dick between her vulva. He was too big to be her son. She took a breath to say something and was then skewered with Chance's thick cock. The air rushed out of her and by the time she got another breath in he was pounding her so hard all she could do was hang on to his shoulders. His was only the third penis she'd ever had in her. Rudy was small by comparison to Bobby. Bobby was small compared to Chance, who she thought this had to be. And Chance was longer too. The tip of his cock dug into her cervix hard, almost painfully. This caused her to make very loud sounds of intense passion, crying out into the dark as she was royally fucked. Then, just as she was fully grasping the idea that this was Chance and not Bobby, he groaned and packed her womb full of nephew nectar. She felt the heat of it as he groaned and suddenly welcomed that too. It flashed through her mind that she was a slut, but she just accepted that fact too.

Chance collapsed on top of the woman he now knew had to be his Aunt Cathy. Her hands were running up and down his back and there came a whisper in his ear. "Don't you even take the time to find out who you're fucking before you fuck her?"

He moaned. "Ohhh Aunt Cathy I thought you were my mom." He started to get up.

Cathy hugged him. "You're not going anywhere buster. It's my turn now. Roll over. I'm getting on top." As she settled down on Chance's still mostly hard prick and began rocking toward her own orgasm, she said "I wonder what's happening in your room?"

What was happening in Chance's room was similar to what had just happened in Dee's room, though it got there by a different route.

When Dee walked in and Bobby turned around, already hard, expecting to see his mother, she stopped.

"Where's Chance?" she asked.

Bobby looked at his naked aunt. She was so different than his mother, so much slimmer and athletic looking. She had a hard body. "He just went to your room," he said.

Dee and Bobby had just made it into the hallway when screams of passion came from Dee's room. It was obviously Cathy and she was obviously having the time of her life. By the time Bobby and his aunt actually got to the door and opened it, Chance was jetting his cum into Bobby's mother.

When Dee heard Cathy say she was getting on top, she pulled Bobby back into the hallway and closed the door quietly. She turned around and put her arms around her nephew.

"I'm horny Bobby," she said.

Bobby slid his hand between her legs. "I know where there's a bed," he whispered.

Three minutes later Bobby's iron hard prick was buried in Dee's welcoming pussy and he lunged into her much like Chance had lunged into his aunt. The experience of fucking his beautiful Aunt Dee had him spurting in only a little longer time than it had taken Chance.

Once again, the couples were insatiable. Both women asked their lovers to stay with them all night, and both boys readily agreed. By morning both women were as cum-soaked as they had been just before supper the previous evening. Neither woman was used to that kind of treatment, and both stepped gingerly for an hour or two, if not a little bowlegged.

Cathy got to the kitchen first and put coffee on. As she was looking into the refrigerator for bacon Dee shuffled into the room. Cathy turned around and looked at her sister.

"You know this is crazy," said Cathy.

"I know it used to be crazy," replied Dee. "Now it's certifiably insane."

"What are we going to do?" asked Cathy.

"I don't know about you, but I'm having the best time I've had since college," said Dee.

"Oh I understand that perfectly," smiled Cathy. Rarely does a woman of thirty-three have all the sex she could desire from two strong and virile lovers ... and at the drop of a hat. "But it's going to lead to something I'm not sure we're prepared to deal with."

"You mean what are we going to tell Tom and Rudy when our bellies get big?" asked Dee.

Cathy just nodded.

"Well ..." said Dee, "I think I'm going to tell him the truth. Or part of the truth anyway. As far as I'm concerned, your son and I lost control of ourselves during a breeding session and things just ... happened."

"You're not going to tell him about Chance?" asked Cathy.

"I think he might forgive me for Bobby," said Dee. "I don't think he would if he thought it was Chance."

"I think Rudy would react the same way. But won't it seem suspicious that we both lost control and mated with our nephews?"

"I think that, if you can show Rudy what happens during breeding, and then show him how you feel during breeding, and then do with him what you did ... once or twice," she grinned, "with his nephew, he'll get the idea of what it must have been like. And, if they want to know why we didn't partner with our sons, we'll just tell them we did and it got too close to losing control with them too."

Cathy thought for a minute. "You know, I never told anybody this, but Rudy has sort of role-played a few times in bed, pretending to be a stranger and asking me to ... let the 'stranger' seduce me. He gets wild when he, as the 'stranger' hears me say he can touch me where only my husband has touched me. If I handle this right he might even like the idea. I mean he'd kill me if I let a stranger between my legs, but his nephew ...?"

Dee nodded. "You know, we haven't talked about just stopping."

Cathy barked a laugh. "I couldn't stop now if Rudy was right here. I've fallen in love with my own son and my nephew to boot. I understand completely those idiot men in other cultures who want to have multiple wives. Right now I want to have multiple husbands. Isn't that crazy?"

"It's not crazy. I was thinking the exact same thing last night when Bobby woke me up in the middle of the night. I wanted to be waked up every night like that, and not necessarily by the same man.".

Five weeks later the breeding was done. All the mares had been bred three times, just to make sure, and each time was with a different stallion chosen for his suitability to produce the strongest, most valuable offspring.

Neither Cathy nor Dee had a period the entire time. Neither had bled since before breeding season.

There were, indeed, some tense moments when the husbands found out they'd not only been cuckolded, but that their wives lovers had impregnated them as well. Tom, being in Congress, couldn't afford the scandal of making an issue of it and, when he found out the man who'd gotten to his wife's womb was his nephew, he for sure couldn't make it public. Neither was a divorce the politically viable thing to do.

There was another tense moment when, after she delivered twins and Tom came in to find them suckling at her breasts, it was obvious they were not Bobby's babies. Their resemblance to Chance's baby photos was so close that he thought he'd been caught in a time warp. But, as he looked at his unfaithful wife, who was obviously in love with her new children, and he realized that they really were of his own bloodline, he choked down his anger. She had, after all, managed the production of not only the finest crop of foals the ranch had ever seen, but a mighty fine crop of Brooks babies as well.

As for Rudy, Cathy had pegged him perfectly. Once he found out it wasn't a stranger who had crawled between his wife's legs, he found the concept so exciting that he gave her permission to keep doing it ... as long as he could fuck her afterwards. To give Tom a cooling off period, Chance was invited to come and stay with the Tanners until he had to go back to school. Then it got a little weird because once Chance went back to school they suddenly couldn't play the game he loved so much. Rudy was also secretly proud that his son had knocked up his sister-in-law (or so had been confessed) and, in the end, it was actually Rudy's idea to ask his wife if she'd consider letting Bobby take Chance's place in the fantasy.

Cathy acted horrified, but then hinted that, during breeding, there had been some uncomfortable attraction between them, and that they'd fought that off, but for him, for being so understanding, she would consider letting Bobby into her bed. But only as long as it was okay with Bobby. Of course she got to Bobby first and prepped him for the acting job that he then performed flawlessly.

In no time Bobby was once again lying with his mother, grunting as he powered more sperm into her swollen belly.

Cathy's little girl was born six and a half months later. She had dark hair, just like her "brother." She had a strawberry birth mark on her left heel ... just like her "brother." She had green eyes like his, and her blood type was the same as his.

Rudy, never the sharpest tack in the box anyway, was heard to say that Bobby and little Jennifer looked so much alike that they obviously both had the same father. He then hypothesized that he had impregnated his wife just before she went to the ranch.

Cathy just let him believe it.

The End

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