Breeding Season at the Rocking R Ranch - Version Bravo

by Lubrican

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Chapter Three

Bobby was having a nice dream, wherein a warm naked girl had climbed into bed with him and was spooning him, her hot breasts pressed into his back and her hand reaching around him to grasp his penis, which was satisfyingly hard. He knew the girl in his dream was Megan, because she smelled like Megan.

He frowned in his dream. Could you smell things in a dream? He didn't think so. Could you wonder about whether or not you could smell in a dream ... if you were dreaming?

The girl's hand in his dream slicked along his boner and distracted him from the philosophical question he'd been trying to think about. It didn't matter. He decided to roll over in his dream and hug Megan. When he did she kissed him and made noises in her throat.

It was about that time that Bobby decided he wasn't actually dreaming. He came fully awake as he felt his cock nestle between his sister's legs and press into her pussy lips. "Megan?" he whispered. "What are you doing?"

"What does it feel like I'm doing you ninny?" she whispered back.

"You can't do that," he said to the girl who was obviously doing it anyway. "What about Molly?"

"It's okay. I'll explain it in the morning. Right now I don't want to talk," she murmured.

Bobby lifted his head and looked across the dark lump that was Megan's head. His eyes were adjusted to the dark and he could see, by the stray light from the yard light that Molly was in her bed. Her head was turned toward him and there was a momentary glint, as of light reflecting off open eyes. There was movement under the sheet covering her and that movement was right about where her legs met her torso. It looked to Bobby like she might actually be masturbating.

About then Megan reached between them and lifted her top leg. She grasped his cock and swabbed the tip between fiery hot pussy lips that were slick with the juices of her arousal. Molly had been right. Bobby's desire to sink his cock into Megan's pussy was so strong that it overcame his reluctance to do it in front, for all practical purposes, of Molly. He rolled, and landed on top of his sister, between thighs she had spread to make room for him. Silently she positioned his cock, and he surged foreward, sheathing his rock-hard rod in her belly in one long thrust.

Megan couldn't suppress a groan of satisfaction as she was filled for only the second time in her life. There was still some discomfort, but it was sweet pain as she was stretched. The tip of Bobby's prick dug into something deep inside her that tingled and made her want to open herself wider so he could do that a lot and go even deeper. She spread her legs wider, pulling her knees up to clamp them against his sides.

Bobby was still aware of Molly, and even though he thought she must know what they were doing, he was reluctant to fuck Megan in the classic in and out style that would make the sheet covering them move in an obvious fashion. It felt just as good to press into her and soak. Something deep inside her was rubbing against the sensitive tip of his cock, and he knew that if he just kept doing that he'd have no trouble spurting. He tried to bring pressure to bear on Megan's clitty so she could cum too.

It worked. Her thrusts up at him grew stronger and more frantic as she rubbed her clit against the base of his cock and reached for that special feeling. Her breath came in strong pants and she made little noises in her nose, her mouth tightly closed. Then she went rigid and her knees clamped hard against his sides before flopping outwards to land on the bed as she opened herself up to him completely. She was in that open, inviting position as his semen rushed through his cock to soak her womb in strong spurts that sucked all the energy out of him.

Megan's lips found his and they breathed each other's exhales as they slowly sagged. Bobby put his hand on her back and rolled, turning her with him. Her leg reached across his hip and she snuggled up to him, kissing him some more.

"Thank you," she whispered.

"I should be thanking you," he said back softly.

They both heard Molly's gasping, strained breathing as she rubbed furiously. She had just figured out that her cousins had cum, and that helped her reach her own orgasm.

In ten minutes all three teens were asleep.

Bobby woke again in the middle of the night, his arm lifeless where Megan's weight had cut off the circulation. In the process of trying to get it out from under her she woke too and reached for him again.

They made love silently, this time with Megan lying on top of her brother, her legs straddling him. She had no trouble getting her cookies while Bobby lay there just feeling wonderful. Then she got his spunk flowing by whispering in his ear that she wanted to feel him spurting up inside her.

This time they fell asleep with Megan still lying on top of him, her pussy firmly plugged with his cock. They lay there like that until they were shaken awake by Molly.

"Get up you two. It's after eight. We wouldn't want them coming to get us up and finding you two like that."

Bobby was horrified, but Megan lifted her head and said, "I owe you Molly. It was the best night I ever had."

Molly smiled. "I was so jealous I had to rub off three times. But I'm glad you had fun."

Bobby's horror had faded when it became obvious that Molly wasn't horrified by what they'd done. Megan looked at her brother. "Molly and Chance do this too," she explained. "I found out last night."

"You're kidding," said Bobby.

"Not at all" said Molly. "I can't wait for him to get home."

"She tried to borrow you last night," said Megan. "But I was stingy and wouldn't let her."

Bobby was already hard with his morning woody. His cock had fallen out of Megan during their sleep, and was now rigidly poking between her thighs. The thought of being "borrowed" by Molly made him want to sheath it back in his sister. Or maybe Molly. That would be fun too. But Molly was right. If an adult came into the room right now the world might end. Megan threw back the sheet and climbed out of bed, leaving Bobby lying there naked in plain sight, his boner sticking up at a forty-five degree angle.

Molly stared at it. "Oh Megan, it's beautiful. I've never seen one that wasn't circumcised. Chance's looks completely different. It's all knobby and rough looking, not smooth like Bobby's.

Bobby felt the strongest urge to cover his cock with his hands, but, under the circumstances, that would be silly. Instead, he let his cousin look. Molly exerted some self control. "Cover that thing up or we'll never get out of here," she said. Then she pulled Megan by the hand. "You need another shower. You smell like ... I think you smell like sex," she whispered.

It was an interesting first for both girls to have a short discussion with Bobby about why he needed to visit the bathroom before they did. To them, his boner meant he was turned on. He convinced them, though, that he'd probably burst if they went first and they let him scamper to the bathroom to do what needed to be done. When he came back, he was soft. Megan pulled the waistband of his shorts away from his flat stomach and peered at his limp penis.

"He was telling the truth!" she said.

"Let me see. Let me see," said Megan, moving to look at Bobby's penis. They giggled and then left the room to let Bobby get dressed while they took care of their morning ablutions. It turned out they hadn't slept late at all and the adults were still in the house. At breakfast Dee said that she and Rudy would take care of the breeding that morning. She gave Molly a list of things that were needed from town. The gardening wouldn't take long with all three of them working at it. Bobby could drive the pickup and carry the heavier items, like feed sacks and the fifty pound bag of flour. With all three youngsters shopping they could get it all done and still pick up Chance at the bus station, where he was due about noon.

Molly was very excited.

The gardening went well, except that the girls teased Bobby mercilessly. They talked about sex like Bobby wasn't there, comparing notes out loud about what they liked the most when their brothers mated with them. Bobby's prick was stiff the whole time.

Then it was time to go to town and the kids piled in the old truck and took off in a cloud of dust.

Meanwhile, down in the breeding pen, things were happening that Bobby and his sister would have empathized with easily. When they first arrived, Dee looked at Rudy and he grinned. She shook her head.

"Rudy, I've never done much of the prepping. Tom always did that in the past, and I helped. I have to tell you right now that handling those big horse cocks does something to me, and I may act a little strange. But just don't pay any attention if I say things I shouldn't."

Rudy could imagine what it must be like for a woman to fondle a horse cock. He looked at his beautiful sister-in-law and grinned. "I'll only pay attention to what you want me to pay attention to." In his mind's eye he heard Dee saying she needed a nice long, hard cock. That was something he would be tempted to pay attention to.

The first two sets of horses went well. Rudy liked talking to the excited stallions and calming them with strokes on their muzzles. It was, indeed, unforgettable to see the males jump and then hump the mares. For the first time the term "humping" made perfect sense to him. Dee was flushed, but it was a warm day, and she spent a lot of time bent over or working her arms, so that didn't seem strange to him.

She started out using rubber gloves, but they were too big for her and she took them off, throwing them in a corner. When she stood up after prepping the third stallion she was sweating freely. She unbuttoned one button of her blouse and then pulled the cloth back and forth, fanning it to cool herself. She was breathing hard. On the fourth stallion Dee started making noises. She took a long time and Rudy leaned around the horse to see her running her hands up and down the stallion's rock hard penis three or four times.

"Dee?" he said to get her attention. She turned her head toward him and eyes were strange looking.

"Huh?" she responded.

"I think he's clean," said Rudy. Dee's head jerked and she pulled her hands off of the big cock.

"Uh ... yeah," she said.

Dee was breathing fast when she stood up, like she'd just run somewhere. She swayed as the stallion mounted the mare and slammed his foot-and-a-half-long prick into her. Rudy saw what Megan had been talking about when the stallion jumped off too soon and a stream of clear semen shot into the dust.

Dee said, "Oh shit," and Rudy knew she'd seen it too. Rudy took the stallion back to his stall and got the next one out. Dee was already in the breeding pen and had put the mare in the chute when he got back.

This stallion was bigger than the rest and was already excited. Rudy spoke softly to him and stroked his neck, but he still stomped his hooves in the dust. "Careful" said Rudy. "This one's a little eager."

"Umm," was all he heard from Dee, who had sat down on the stool. Again Rudy leaned over to see how she was doing, and this time her hands just kept moving along that stallion's long hard penis. Her breathing got ragged. She was really squeezing that thing too, and the horse started to dance even more. She seemed to be in a kind of dream-like state, unaware of what was going on around her. Rudy had visions of her being stomped and was about to yell at her when, all of a sudden, there was this fire-hose kind of event from under the horse.

She'd jerked that eighteen inch prick one too many times, and it was pointed right at her when it went off.

One thing Rudy learned that day was that horses produce a lot of semen when they ejaculate. Now the term "a lot" is relative in many ways. "A lot" of clothing might be the three shirts you wear, one on top of the other in the winter time to keep warm. That's "a lot" of clothing. And if you sat down to a chicken dinner and somebody served you a whole chicken, that's "a lot" of chicken. And a virile man might produce "a lot" of semen when he ejaculates, and that might be three quarters of an ounce. In the real world, that's "a lot" of semen.

Human semen, anyway.

Horses produce amounts of semen that are proportionally larger than their penises are to human penises. To follow the same analogies, if horse semen were winter clothing, you'd be so warmly dressed you wouldn't be able to move. And if it were chicken ... Well, it wouldn't even be chicken. We're talking more like Ostrich. That's why Rudy thought of it as a "fire-hose" type of event.

When she got hit she was so surprised she leaned back on that little three-legged stool, and horse goo splashed just every-fucking-where. I mean it was like there was somebody under there with one of those 'Super-Jumbo-two-gallon-backpack-mounted-summertime-for use only in the pool-squirt-cannons' and they had just water-cannoned her but good. She was soaked. It hit her right about at the top button of her blouse, but it got her face, her hair, her blouse, her arms and the legs of Rudy's jeans just soaked. She spluttered and her arms waved and she fell backwards off the stool onto the hay, like she was having a seizure or something. The stallion - and Rudy would swear to his dying day this was true - the horse let out a big long sigh, stepped to the left, and relaxed all of a sudden.

That put the horse right over Dee when round two rocketed out. Rudy saw it sort of drift on the wind for a split second, a long thumb-thick line of that watery looking fluid that hung, suspended above his sister-in-law, who was lying on her back on the hay, her jeans-clad legs spread and up off the ground, like she was waiting for her lover but had forgotten to take off her pants. Then it descended and the crotch of those jeans turned dark as they were soaked too. In a line from crotch to chin that second shot splashed on her already wet body. It was eerily quiet. Dee went as limp as a sock full of marbles. Rudy looked down at his semen-splattered legs. He pushed the stallion back to the right and bent over Dee to see if she was okay. Her eyes opened and she looked at him, upside down.

Then, in the most normal voice you could even imagine, she said "Damn, now we'll have to let him charge again before we can breed him."

"Are you okay?" Rudy asked.

"I'm all icky," she said, still looking at him upside down. Her eyes went to the wet stains on the legs of his jeans. "You're kind of icky too," she added.

She sat up with his help and looked around, sort of dazed. "We need a shower," she said.

Rudy helped her stand up. She looked around, still dazed. "It's a good thing the kids aren't here. What would they say if they saw us like this?"

"I expect they'd laugh and tell the story for years to come," said Rudy.

Rudy helped her stand up and she took his hand and pulled him toward the bunkhouse, which was closer than the big house. There wasn't anybody in there. She looked and saw the truck was gone. They were alone on the ranch. She pulled him to the shower room, which was a big tiled room with three shower heads sprouting from the walls, and started taking her soaked clothes off.

Rudy just watched in awe as she took off first the boots, and then she got her blouse off, baring tight high-riding breasts that were so firm the only time she needed a bra was when she rode horses. Her nipples were dark and Rudy licked his lips looking at them. She seemed to have forgotten he was in the room. She turned on one of the showers. Then she pushed her jeans and panties down and stepped out of them.

Like they had done this a hundred times Dee turned to him. She didn't tell him to get undressed. He was just standing there, his hands hanging at his sides.

Dee undressed her brother-in-law, taking his shirt off first. Her hands flitted across his muscular chest and she hummed. Then she knelt and unbuckled his belt, her face only inches from the lump that would soon be exposed if she continued to undress him. When she jerked his jeans down and the evidence that he found her nakedness attractive was exposed, it popped up and slapped his abdomen like it had been spring loaded, a catapult made of flesh that sent a little ball of precum flying up into the air.

Dee stopped and stared at it and said, "I shouldn't be doing this Rudy. Cathy would be really mad at me if she were here."

By now Rudy was as thoroughly aroused as Dee was. They had flirted for years, and their hugs had been close and more than just friendly. "Cathy's not here," he said. "You're even more beautiful than I thought you'd be," he said, his voice husky.

"Bastard," she said, still looking at his prick. "You were supposed to talk me out of this."

Then her hands came up and she stroked his penis, just like she had stroked the stallion's penis only a few minutes ago.

"If you keep doing that you're going to have another accident," said Rudy, bending backward.

Dee stopped, and let go of him and, for a few seconds, Rudy thought she'd gotten control of herself and was going to break it off. But, instead, she pushed his jeans down further. "Kick your shoes off," she ordered, and when he did he lifted a foot so she could get the leg off of it. Then the other one and suddenly he was standing dressed only in socks. He leaned over and pulled them off as she stood up. Her bush was right in front of his face, and he looked at it longingly. When he stood up Dee was staring at him, hot-eyed. Then she tugged him toward the flowing water. She grabbed a bar of soap and pressed it to his chest, rubbing it in a circle over his hard pecks. She was humming again. Her hair was wet now, and it hung down in strings across her face. Rudy reached up and pushed her wet hair off of her cheek, and her blue eyes looked up into his.

"I have to wash you," she said, panting. "I got stuff on you."

"Well, if you're so busy doing that, then maybe I should wash you," he replied. He took the soap from her and lathered up his hands while she slid hers all over his upper body. When his hands were thick with slippery lather he put them on her shoulders and then slid them directly to her breasts. She moaned. He'd wanted to see her breasts naked for years, and now they were in his hands Her nipples were dark brown, set on lighter areolas and they were as big as his little fingertip. They were also standing at attention like an honor guard Marine.

Dee washed lower and lower, sinking slowly down to her knees. She stared at his erect prick. It was pointing up, like an anti-aircraft gun looking for a target. Her soapy hands slid closer and closer until suddenly, she was ... prepping her sister's husband.

She heard him groan as the ecstasy of what she was doing flooded his brain and he unconsciously arched his back, shoving his prick closer to his sister-in-law's face.

She whimpered as she stroked him. "So long," she whispered. "So hard."

"Hard for you," he said. Dee pulled and Rudy sank down to where she was kneeling. She kept pushing until he was laid out on his back on the cool tiles. She stared at his clean, wet prick and licked her lips. She knew she shouldn't, but she couldn't control herself. As Rudy looked up at her, Dee scrambled over him, squatting until her pussy was right over his cock. She leaned over and fisted it one more time, notched it in her pussy, and sank down, filling her pussy with Rudy's cock.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh," she groaned as the end of his prick kissed her cervix.

"Ooohh yeaaahhhhh," groaned Rudy, as his cock was enveloped in hot slippery pussy.

Rudy had never cheated on Cathy before. He wouldn't have thought about cheating with anybody else except Dee. Their friendship had, for many years, been deeper and more intimate than most men have with a woman not their wife, or a woman has with a man, not her husband. They had felt the pull of sexual interest between them, and had even teased each other about it. But neither had ever thought they'd end up like this.

Rudy was longer than Tom, and the head of his cock went places no cock had ever been in her. She felt pain as her cervix was abused, but it was a sweet pain that she decided she loved. It had been a long time since she had felt any of the things she was feeling now.

For Rudy, it was like making love to a teenager. She was so tight and her slim body was so light that she felt like a sixteen-year-old to him. When he felt his cock press hard into her cervix her hands came down on his chest. Her hips slid toward his face, and then reversed themselves with alarming violence, sliding back toward his feet. Again he felt the tip of his cock dig into the opening to her womb and she wailed, howling like a cat in heat. Her hips were jerking so hard that Rudy was sure she was going to slide completely off him.

Then she slowed, finding that place where his cock tip tickled her cervix and, while she wiggled on it, she leaned over to kiss him. Her wet hair hung down and stuck to his face as her pussy began to flutter and ripple.

"I'm cumming Rudy," she groaned into his mouth. "I'm cumming all over that beautiful prick of yours."

She wiggled more and began to shake. Rudy felt the tip of his cock slip between tight inner lips and he knew he was almost in her womb. It was too much to resist. With a bellow he let his balls jump and jerk as he shot Dee's womb full of his thick, rich seed.

"Ohhh Deeee," he moaned, as his cock jerked and spat another rope of baby makers into her.

"Ohhh fuck me Rudy," she answered him back, wiggling more and planting the head of his cock even deeper into her belly. Then she lay down on his chest as the water beat over them, limp and satisfied.

Dee didn't want to move, but she didn't know how long they'd been at it, and it was possible the kids could be coming back any time. With a sigh she pulled herself off of Rudy. She offered him her hand and pulled him up. They rinsed off and then toweled dry in silence.

"You okay" he asked.

"Actually, I'm wonderful," she said.

"What are we going to do for clothes?" asked Rudy.

Dee went to the door of the bunkhouse. Her naked hips rose and fell as she padded over there and Rudy couldn't help but admire her slim athletic lines. She opened the door and looked out.

"I don't see the pickup, and I don't see any dust on the road. How do you feel about streaking to the house?"

Like kids they ran, hand in hand, laughing. Rudy's feet were too tender for the tough grass and gravel and he hopped around, complaining.

When they got to the porch and into the front door Dee hugged him. "I want to do it again, but we don't have time," she said. She looked at him seriously. "We really shouldn't have done that should we Rudy?"

"I think you needed it, and I know I enjoyed it. Let's just give it a little time and then we can talk about it and make decisions," he said.

"Okay," she said. "That's fair." Then they went and got dressed in dry clothes.

In town the kids hurried through the shopping. They packed the back of the truck so that there was an aisle down the middle. Molly said that somebody would have to ride in the back, and that way they could lie down and get out of the wind.

"I wonder who that will be?" asked Megan, laughing.

"He's been gone so long," whined Molly. "And you two got to take care of your urges. It's only fair that Chance and I have an opportunity to ... talk," she ended.

Bobby chuckled. "It's going to be too loud back there to talk. You may have to communicate in some other way."

Molly's cheeks pinked up. "I'm sure we'll think of something."

They had been parked at the bus station for twenty minutes when the big red white and blue bus pulled in. Molly jumped up and down, her large breasts bobbing under the T shirt she had worn. They were obviously contained in a bra, but they still bounced.

People began stepping off the bus, leaning this way and that, stretching from sitting in one position for a long period of time. A tall sandy-haired young man wearing jeans and a cowboy hat stepped down and Molly squealed.

Chance was a big boy, over six feet tall, and well built. He had a ready smile, which spread across his face as he saw his sister running toward him. He caught her up in a hug and swung her around in a circle.

"Hey baby sister," he said, kissing her neck under her flying hair. She'd left it loose because she knew he liked it that way and it flowed around them, almost like a cape.

"I missed you so much," she said into his own neck.

Then she pushed him back. "Guess what? Bobby and Megan are here!"

She pulled him toward the siblings, who had stayed where they were to guard the truck, even though it didn't need guarding in that small community.

"Oh," he said, dejectedly. "I mean I'm glad to see them and all, but I hoped you'd pick me up alone."

"Don't worry," she said. "I have so much to tell you."

Then chance saw Megan and his interest perked up. He was thinking of how good it would be to spurt inside Molly again. He'd dated at school, but didn't try to have sex with any of the girls. It was too much hassle, as far as he was concerned. But he knew a good looking girl when he saw one, and Megan fit that bill perfectly. She was smiling and Chance took in her curves, appreciating the swell of her breasts that were smaller than his sister's, but still nice humps in her shirt. He looked over at Bobby and was startled at how much he'd grown since Chance last saw him.

"Hey guys," he said as they approached his cousins.

"Boy am I glad you're here," said Megan, giving him a hug. His prick had already started to awaken as soon as he saw Molly. It continued to stiffen as Megan pressed her body against his. "I was beginning to think Molly would jump Bobby's bones," She giggled.

Chance stepped back, looking at all of them. "What's going on here?" he asked warily.

Molly jumped up and down, her breasts bobbing again. "They know about us," she said. He couldn't figure out why she would be happy about that until she went on. "They do it too Chance! They did it in my room last night! I got so horny. I'm so glad you're back."

The mental image of Bobby humping Megan finished the job on Chance's cock and his jeans bulged as he had to move his prick around to accommodate its growth.

"Wow," he said, not knowing what else to say.

"They're going to be in the front on the way back home." Molly half pointed to the truck. "We saved a place where you and I can ride in the back ... lying down."

Chance wasn't to sure about that. This was all a little new to him. "We'll see," he said carefully.

"Don't worry," piped Megan. "We won't watch," Her hand was behind her back and her fingers were crossed. She knew what Bobby's prick looked like, and had seen a lot of horse cocks, but she wondered about that description Molly had given of Chance's rough, gnarled organ. "Besides, I have to help Bobby drive. He's a terrible driver. I bet it ... bounces you two around back there," she ended with a giggle.

There was a thick layer of hay in the little slot that had been left for the "riders" to use, and that had been covered with a horse blanket. It wasn't wide enough for two people to lie side by side, unless they were pressed firmly against each other. Molly climbed in and sat upright, though. She knew they'd need to do that until they got out of town. Chance crawled in too, and Bobby put his bags just in front of the tailgate. It made a nice, private space for Molly to welcome Chance home.

While they were sitting up, and once the Bobby got the truck going with a grind of the gears, Chance relaxed a little. "Are you sure about this?" he loudly over the wind and road noises.

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