Centerfold Daughter

by Lubrican

Chuck Nelson hummed to himself as he approached the news stand. The new issue of Playpen was out and he always looked forward to that. It was a hard core porn mag that had the best models in it, both male and female, and he never failed to have ample jerk off fantasies as he examined the mag during the month. In fact, he liked them so much he hadn't thrown a single one away in the two years he'd been buying them.

Ever since his wife had died, he hadn't had the stomach for re-entering the dating game. He thought back to the way things had been. He and Valerie had been quite happy with their two teenage children. They hadn't planned on another pregnancy, but when it had happened they adjusted and began to look forward to having another baby around the house. He'd walked a little taller, knowing that, despite having teenage children, he had knocked up his best girl with another baby. And she'd kidded him mercilessly, calling him 'Stud' and 'Bull Boy'.

And they'd planned a nursery, and thought of names and all the things that went with his wife's swelling belly.

But now, because of a drunk driver, she and the baby were gone. It had hit him hard.

He couldn't imagine taking some woman into their bed. But he did have needs. Mother hand and her five daughters worked just fine for him as far as he was concerned.

Speaking of daughters, it had been a challenge to keep his various porn hidden from Melody. Her twin brother too, for that matter. They were a loose family, all in all, with little formality, and he had to choose his jerk off times carefully or risk being caught taking matters in hand, so to speak. Melody and Mark both walked into his room without knocking whenever they had something to discuss. Sometimes he jacked off in the shower, but he couldn't use Playpen in there.

But tonight was clear sailing. Both Melody and Mark were gone, decorating for the prom, their last prom before they graduated and went off to do whatever they were going to end up doing. Neither of them had stated what plans they had. Both were good students, which was good, because he spent so much time managing his business that he had very little to spend with them. He was making good money, enough to send both of them to whatever college they wanted to go to. But they hadn't said anything yet. He made a mental note to confront them soon. It was way past time to be investigating schools and making applications.

Anyway, tonight he had time to tease himself to a nice hard orgasm with his new Playpen before either of the kids got home. First a shower, and something to eat. Then ... pumping iron.

He cleaned up, fixed a sandwich, watched the news and then retired to his room. There was plenty of room on the king size bed to spread himself and his magazine out. He'd installed a special light that didn't glare off the pages. Sometimes he felt foolish for the lengths to which he went to have a good jerk off session. He had felt like a loser at first, but as time went on, he began to appreciate how fulfilling fantasy could be for a single man. Besides, he had his orgasms where he wanted them, when he wanted them, and concerning whatever fantasy he wanted to orgasm to. Nothing wrong with that.

Well ... except for the ones he sometimes had about Melody. He felt bad about those. She was so sweet and innocent. She hardly ever went out on dates, and almost never stayed out late unless she was double dating with Mark. At home she wore the most scandalous things, flimsy, see through, with no bra and sometimes no panties, but when she went out she was always conservatively dressed.

But he still thought about her as a lover sometimes. She looked so much like her mother had at that age, and it always made his loins ache when she laughed like Valerie had, or tilted her head the way Valerie had. She liked the same perfumes and soaps her mother had too, and sometimes her smell took him back to the good days.

Before the accident.

When he still had a beautiful wife, and lover. Just thinking about it he'd have sworn he could smell the jasmine body splash Valerie had worn.

That's why he'd started buying Playpen. He'd stopped at the news stand one night to get a Wall Street Journal and had glanced at the one on display. He picked it up idly and opened it to see a young looking girl with a monster prick in her pussy. That prick had a white ring of cum around it - the male had obviously cum in this girl and had then fucked her some more. He'd never seen anything that hard core or hot. He bought that magazine and since then he'd had much better luck dreaming about the girls who made themselves available to him in the magazine, instead of his sweet innocent daughter.

Of course he couldn't leave the mags laying around where Mark or Melody could find them. They'd never understand why he bought them, and he cringed at the thought they'd ever find out what he did with them. So he hid them in his shoe shine box in the closet. Well, until it was full. Then he'd had to hide some under the winter clothes in the cedar chest.

Now he had the latest issue on the bed in front of him. He had stripped off his robe and was already lazily playing with his cock. Just the anticipation of getting a new fantasy was making him hard. He opened the mag at random, near the center, where the hottest girls and action usually were. He happened to open it right to the centerfold.

Playpen had done it again. There were two girls, and both were hot as could be.

The trouble was, one was Melody, and the other was her best friend Cindy Thompson.

Oh, both of them were made up to look like women who were twenty five instead of eighteen, and their hair had been done in a way that was completely different than usual. If you didn't see them almost every day you might not recognize them, but Chuck recognized them instantly. Melody had a funny shaped mole on her left shoulder. It was right there in the picture. Cindy was actually wearing her Freeburg High class ring!

He couldn't breathe. His eyes goggled. In one photograph Melody was standing, her legs spread, with Cindy between them. Cindy's mouth was wide open, to catch the long string of silvery cum that was draining out of Melody's pussy. Somebody had pumped a cupful in her, based on the thick viscous rope that connected Melody's pussy to Cindy's tongue. In a daze Chuck turned a page. There was Melody, laid back on a lounger, with Cindy sucking on one of her distended nipples, while some guy, probably the guy who was responsible for flushing her pussy with his cum, fucked her brains out. He had a BIG dick too ... almost as big as Chuck's own. Another picture had Melody facing the camera, a come hither look on her face, as her spread legs beckoned the reader to wade between them and plug his rampant prick into her tunnel of love. In another Melody was licking a bald pussy - probably Cindy's. He turned back to the original picture. Sure enough Cindy's pussy was bare as a baby's butt. His eyes flicked up to Melody's again, leaking all that jizz. Hers was shaved too! Frantically he looked at the other pages of the layout. There were multiple shots of Melody and Cindy getting royally fucked by the guy with the big dick, of them riding on that dick, of the girls kissing and caressing each other. But the one that hit him most, well, not counting the centerfold, was the one with Melody and Cindy leaning back on the lounge, side by side, holding hands. One of Melody's legs was over Cindy's, so that both girls could spread their legs. Both pink plump naked pussies had pools of white cum dripping out of them.

Chuck suddenly was aware of his cock. He hadn't touched it since the mag had fallen open. But it was achingly hard, harder than it had gotten when he was twenty two and could fuck Valerie for hours. It was weeping precum too, enough that the soothing feeling of that cum was almost like the after effects of a real ejaculation! He reached for it and wrapped his hand around it, in a familiar grip. Then he looked back at the one where some guy's sperm was dripping out of his daughter and her best friend.

He gave his cock one jerk, and he blew his nut.

It went everywhere. It went on the bed, on the magazine, some even making it to the floor. He rolled onto his back as he realized he was hitting the magazine, and another shot arced up and landed on his chest. He covered the tip with his hand, and hot cum oozed out between his fingers as his cock fired again before it began to taper off. He was gasping and felt dizzy.

He lay there for a good fifteen minutes, just thinking. Cindy was over at the house a lot. Sometimes she stayed overnight on a Friday night, if she didn't have a date. He remembered that once she and Mark double dated with Melody and ... whoever she went out with. He'd never actually met the guy. Other times Mark double dated with others of Melody's friends. But who did Melody go out with? Mark and Melody were always home by ten and usually went right to bed, or watched a movie or something.

He rolled back over and began to examine the photo spread, now looking intently at the male in the shots. None of them showed his face. He was muscular and fairly young. No tattoos or scars or anything. His chest hair and pubic hair were both brown, but that wasn't odd.

Whoever this guy was, he had to die. He had put his big fat cock in Chuck's sweet innocent daughter and had shot his sperm in her. Yes...he had to die. Somehow Chuck just knew that it was this guy who was responsible for the whole sordid thing, pictures and all.

But how to find out who it was. Obviously, Melody - Cindy too, for that matter - wasn't nearly as innocent as he had thought. He thought some more. When could they have taken these shots? Stuff like that couldn't be done in ten minutes. They had to have had hours to do makeup and pose and all that kind of stuff. And even if he confronted them with the pictures, would they admit to this guy's identity? Melody knew him well enough to know how he'd react. No way she'd tell, because she knew he'd kill the guy and end up in prison.

Chuck looked at the pictures again. He couldn't help it. They were so hot! His baby girl was a stone fox and Cindy was too. No doubt about it, they were Playpen quality. He gazed at the sperm running from his daughter's pussy.

Suddenly he felt a chill run down his spine and the hair on the back of his neck stood on end. Melody was only 17. While she wasn't technically a minor, surely she couldn't get birth control pills without parental approval, or at least knowledge. And he certainly hadn't approved. If someone had asked him what kind of birth control his daughter used he would have laughed in their face.

Until today, anyway.

But she had to be on birth control. Maybe she got them through the school. Yeah, that was probably it. These days the school handed out condoms right and left. They probably arranged for girls to get on the pill too.

Chuck got up, wadded up the bed linen and threw it in the washer. He got a sponge and cleaned up the floor. Then he took another shower. When he came out he saw the magazine on his night stand. He couldn't believe he'd left it there. It had shaken him that much. He stashed it with the others in the cedar chest.

Then he went downstairs to watch some TV and wait up for the kids.

Especially Melody.

He awoke with a jerk when the front door closed. He'd left the lights on, but had fallen asleep. He peered at his watch. It was almost midnight.

"Daddy?" came his daughter's voice from the hall. "Are you still up?"

He heard his son's deep bass voice "No way. He never stays up this late."

He turned his head as Melody stuck hers in the doorway to the living room.

"Daddy! You are up!" she squealed. Then she frowned. "Is anything wrong? Why are you still up?" She came into the room.

Chuck didn't answer. He couldn't answer right then. He stared at Melody. She looked exactly like she did every other night. Her blond hair was tied back in a pony tail. She had on a running suit - Fubu or something like that, and white tennis shoes. She did not look like the cum-soaked slut in the magazine.

"Daddy?" said his sweet, innocent, cum-soaked daughter. "What's wrong Daddy?" She came further into the room.

Mark was right behind her. He too looked upset. "Dad?" he said. "What's up?"

Chuck shook his head. He couldn't get the vision of his naked daughter out of his head. "Nothing," he said shortly. "I just had a hard day. That's all." He forced himself to look back at the TV. He had no idea what was on, but tried to look like he'd been watching it. Out of the corner of his eye he saw his son cup his hand and make "I think he's been drinking" motions with it to his sister. She looked all around the room, apparently looking for empty glasses or bottles or whatever, then shrugged her shoulders and jerked her head at her brother.

"Well, we're done with the decorations. It looks pretty good. I think I'm going to grab a shower and hit the sack. 'Night Daddy." She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek about the same time as he turned his head. She ended up pecking him on the lips instead. He felt his cock lurch and tried to keep his mind on other things.

"'Night baby," he said automatically.

Both kids trooped off upstairs. Chuck sat there, stewing.

The next morning was Saturday and Chuck got up early, mostly because of the dreams he'd had the night before. If dreams came true in another dimension, then both his daughter and Cindy Thompson were even more cum-soaked than ever, and pregnant to boot. And this time it was his fault, not some faceless man with a big dick. He'd have to wash his sheets again, but this time it was from sweat.

He was standing at the stove making bacon and eggs when Mark came in the room. He was dressed and obviously on his way somewhere. He made a peanut butter sandwich and left, munching on it. It suddenly occurred to Chuck that he had an ally in Mark. After all, if Mark knew that some guy had spewed sperm in his sister's pussy, he'd want to kill the guy himself, right? "Mark, I need to talk to you about something," he said, without thinking it through any more than that.

Mark looked up. "OK, but make it quick. I've got to be somewhere in twenty minutes."

Chuck started to say something, but he needed more time. Anyway, he heard Melody coming down the stairs. A split second later Melody wandered into the kitchen. This morning she was dressed in what she called her nightgown. It was, in reality, one of Chuck's old T shirts. It had a picture of the band KISS on the front, Gene Simmons' tongue hanging down to the bottom of the shirt, with the words "Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll" on the back. Chuck noticed that the tip of Simmons' tongue was located right about where Melody's shaven pussy would be behind that shirt. He'd gotten that shirt at the first concert he and Valerie had gone to together. They'd made love after the concert for the first time. He'd been wearing that shirt when they started. In the intervening years the shirt had been injured, with holes and tears all over it, some repaired, some not. As such, it was very comfortable, but also showed what was under it in many situations.

"Morning, Daddy," she said as she fished in the cupboard for a bowl and some cereal.

"Good morning, Melody," he said, somewhat stiffly. He knew he was going to explode. He decided to try one of the things he'd thought of the night before. "Melody?" he said. She turned and looked at him. "I ... ah ... there's this guy at work and his daughter is ready to go on the pill, but he doesn't know which kind is best. So I thought I'd ask you what kind you take, and how you like them ... you know ... so I can tell him ..."

It had sounded pretty suave when he'd thought of it. It sounded pretty lame now. He looked at his daughter out of the corner of his eye. She was staring at him, her mouth open.

"Daddy!" she said in a shocked voice. "What a thing to ask a girl this early in the morning!" She folded her arms under her breasts and cocked one hip. She didn't say anything at all for a moment. Then she turned her back to him and began preparing her cereal. "I'm not on the pill, Daddy." she said in a completely normal voice. "Mom said she used them for a while and they made her retain water. Since she and I are built the same, I figured they'd do the same for me. Anyway, I don't need them." All this was delivered as if she was talking about the weather or something. Then she turned her head and made it obvious she was looking right at him. "Not that it's any of your concern."

He almost choked. But right then Mark barked "Melody! Don't you remember where we're supposed to be this morning? You've only got ten minutes before we have to go!" Melody looked at the kitchen clock. Her eyes went wide and she yelped, running back up the stairs. Ten minutes later Chuck was alone in his house again. He knew if he went back upstairs he'd be staring at his daughter's cum filled pussy while he beat off again. He had to find something else to do.

He went for a run. A long run. He was getting out of shape, he thought as he gasped for air two miles into what he'd planned to be a five miler. It wasn't helping though. His mind's eye kept going back to that sticky white stuff oozing from his only daughter's puffy and well-fucked cunt. And she wasn't on the pill! All that creamy sperm packed into, and running out of her pussy, and she wasn't protected. What was she thinking?

And why had she done it? She had to have been paid good money for a spread like that. Maybe thousands. Cindy too, for that matter. But she wasn't living beyond her means. She spent only what he gave her in allowance as far as he could tell. He began to doubt that it was really her in the magazine. He turned for home.

Chuck stared at the pictures.

It was her.

There was no doubt about it. Cindy too. It was them. He felt the urge to beat off again and forced it down. He mowed the lawn. Then he weeded the garden. By the time he'd cleaned out the garage he was so tired he thought he might be able to take a nap.

He awoke a short time later to the sound of the front door slamming and Mark yelling out. "Mel? Dad? Anybody home?"

He saw Mark go by the doorway to the living room. "Mark!" he barked. He modulated his voice. "I need to ask you a question."

The teenager backpedaled to the doorway. "Shoot, Dad," said his son.

"Where's Melody? Didn't she leave with you?"

Mark's eyes drifted away. "Yeah, we went shopping for a birthday present, and then I dropped her off at Cindy's. I thought she'd be home by now. Is that all?"

Chuck needed more information before he invited Mark to join his hunt. "I need to ask you some questions. They might seem strange, but trust me, OK?" When his son nodded he went on "OK. Well, the thing is ... you've gone out double dating with Melody sometimes, right?"

Mark had a football in his hands. He threw it up in the air, spinning it, and caught it again. "Yeah, sometimes," he said.

"Who did Melody go out with?"

Mark caught the ball and didn't throw it again. "Huh?" he said.

"Who did you sister go out with on those dates?"

Mark darted his eyes around the room. "Uh ... gosh dad ... I don't really remember. You know. I was with my own date. I guess I didn't pay that much attention."

Chuck wasn't buying it. "Come on Mark. You went to the same place. Did the same things. Who was she with? Are you telling me you abandoned her? Did you and your date go off and leave her alone with some boy?" Chuck was getting mad now.

"Dad! Chill out! No. I mean of course not. OK. Let me think. Um... OK maybe it was Randy Stokes? Why Dad? What's wrong?" Mark was looking at him queerly.

"Stokes!" Chuck said under his breath. "Randy Stokes. Who is he? Where does he live? What's he look like?" Chuck didn't know it, but he looked dangerous while he asked these questions.

Mark backed up a step. "He's gone, Dad. He moved away. Last year. I mean this summer."

Chuck asked again. "What does this Randy look like? Build? Hair? Stuff like that."

Again, had Chuck been thinking more clearly, he might have found it odd that Mark didn't seem to be curious as to why Chuck was obviously out to find - and probably punish - one Randy Stokes. But, as we've already established, Chuck wasn't up to par at this time in his life.

"Gosh dad. I dunno. I guess he's kind of thin. You know. Redish hair maybe? He's just a kid from school. What's going on Dad? What are we really talking about here?"

Chuck couldn't take it any more. "I think your sister's been ... sexually active." He couldn't bring himself to say to his son that his sister had been fucked bowlegged by some guy who filled her unprotected pussy with his spooge.

Mark stared at him. "What?" he said.

"Your sister has had sex with somebody," said Chuck. Had Chuck been in full control of his faculties, he might have noticed that Mark's eyes were darting around the room again. Further his breathing was shallow and there was a bead of sweat starting to appear on his forehead.

"Somebody," said Mark. "What do you mean - somebody?" he said. It didn't occur to him that this was a strikingly odd way to respond to what his father had said.

"I mean some guy has had sex with your sister, Melody. That's why I asked you who she's been seeing. I know she's been having sex and I want to know who with."

"You mean you don't know who it was?" gasped Mark. Then his face straightened "Um, Dad? I mean how do you know and all? I mean that she's been ... you know ... doing it."

Chuck thought about showing his son the pictures, but he couldn't. "You'll just have to take my word for it. There are ... photographs. That's all I can tell you. But I may need your help in finding this guy. I want to have a long talk with him," he growled.

Mark said, "Sure Dad, I'll help you out. Um ... let me go make a few calls right now." With that he bounded up the stairs. Chuck heard the door to his room slam. Suddenly, all the work he'd done caught up with him. His nap had been short. He sat back down and drifted back to sleep.

It was dark when he woke up. He glanced blearily at his watch. Almost midnight. He levered himself up out of the chair. Something had awakened him. What was it?

He heard a noise upstairs. Was Melody home? Something made him creep carefully up the stairs. He heard voices, but they were coming from Mark's room, not Melody's. He crept closer. The door was closed, but there was light coming out from under it. He could almost hear the voices clearly now. One was female. He put his ear to the door.

"Mel, No! You're crazy! He's right down stairs. And he knows, Mel!"

That was Mark talking, and he was using his pet name for Melody. And it was Melody who answered him.

"You've told me that ten times. But he's asleep. Come on Markie, I need it so bad. He won't hear us if we're careful."

What was this? Was she on drugs or something? What did she need? And why would she need it from Mark?

"Mel, you promised he'd never find out!" whispered Mark loudly. "You said he'd never see those pictures. But he said there were pictures. It had to be in the magazine. Remember this morning, when we did the second shoot? Didn't Randy swear that you had full and complete control of the negatives? He can't be selling those to anybody else. You sighed a contract! I'm telling you Mel, he saw that Playpen issue!"

Chuck's jaw dropped. Mark knew about the pictures! He knew about Playpen! What had he said about a 'second shoot?' Before he could think about what that meant Melody's voice came back.

"How was I supposed to know he'd pick up that magazine? And the money was so good, we just had to do it. Mark, we've got enough stashed away to go to any college we want to. We've just got to stall him, that's all."

Mark came right back. "I don't think that's going to work, Mel. He was mad as hell when he talked to me. I mean he was ready to go out and find the guy in those pictures and wring his neck right then and there."

"Well, we just can't let that happen, now, can we?" said his daughter. "I need to think about this. We need to get Cindy in on this too. We don't want to blow this now." For some unaccountable reason Melody giggled after she said that.

"Mel," hissed Mark. "I told you not now."

Melody laughed. "OK, OK, I'm leaving. We'll talk to Cindy tomorrow and come up with a plan."

Chuck had to make a quick escape as he heard his daughter's footsteps coming toward the door.

Back in the living room he sat back in the chair and pretended to be asleep, just in case someone came to check on him. But his mind was awhirl. Mark knew about the Playpen pictures! And Melody had signed a contract with the magazine, or at least with somebody named Randy. Was he the photographer? Or maybe the guy with his dick in Melody's pussy? And "they" had made enough money to go to any college they wanted to! Hadn't Mark said something about a second shoot? The point was, Mark knew who this guy was. And he hadn't admitted it.

Something was going on here, and Chuck intended to find out what it was. He began to think. He needed a plan.

The next morning Chuck had one and he put his plan into action. When Melody and Mark came down for breakfast he was finishing up his own cereal. "Gotta run kids," he announced. "I've got a sales meeting that's going to last all day. Probably won't be home until after dark. You kids OK alone today?"

Mark was looking at him oddly, but Melody smiled. "Sure Daddy. We'll be fine."

Chuck left and went to a hotel he knew had an early bar. He sat for two hours nursing scotch doubles, waiting. He was sure that Melody and Mark would get Cindy over to the house to "deal with" the fact that Daddy knew Melody was getting stuffed with spunk. He planned on sneaking in and listening to the conversation. Maybe they'd talk about the man whose cum-slicked prick wouldn't leave Chuck's mind - no matter how much scotch he drank. He made sure he didn't get drunk, though. He'd need all his faculties about him for his mission. He figured Melody and Mark would take their usual leisurely two hours to actually get ready for the day, and then call Cindy. It would take her half an hour or a little better to get there. He planned on being in position by then.

Chuck parked a block away from the house and walked down the alley like he had business there. He ended up at his back gate, by the trash cans. He opened the gate quietly and slunk along the side of the garage. When he peeked around he saw Cindy's Toyota sitting next to the back door in the driveway. He quickly got close to it and put his hand on the hood. Still warm. Good, she hadn't been there long. He knew if he went in the back door that it would squeak, so he went to the basement window he'd rigged last night and in seconds he was inside his basement. Now to the stairs, carefully stepping over the third one from the top. It squeaked too. He emerged into the hallway and heard the murmur of voices upstairs. Now he had to use only the sides of the stairs, because most of the ones going up to the second floor made noise. He heard a female's voice. It sounded odd somehow ... full of emotion. By the time he made it all the way up he could hear more clearly. A woman definitely moaned. Was someone hurt? Then he heard Cindy's voice. "That is so hot," she said. Her voice sounded husky ... grown up somehow. It was all coming from Melody's room. But where was Mark?

There was a groan from the room. A male groan. Heat began to build in Chuck's chest. Could the girls have invited the strange male over for fun and games while Daddy was gone? He began to move forward. If that bastard was in there with his prick stuffed in Melody again, someone was going to die.

Now he was only three feet from the door. It wasn't closed. He could hear movement of some kind in the room. More moans and groans. His face flushed as the heat rose. He thought about just barging in, but thought he'd better get a look at the guy first. If he was too big then he'd go for his pistol and come back.

Very carefully, Chuck moved half of his head around the doorframe. One eye looked into Melody's room. That one eye widened and Chuck stopped breathing.

Melody and Cindy were in the room. They were both naked. Cindy was sitting in a chair facing the bed. Melody was on that bed, on her back, naked thighs wide spread, and the man was between them. That man's ass was rising and falling between her thighs. He was definitely fucking her.

What had stopped Chuck's breath was the fact that the man was Mark.

From the angle he was at, Chuck could see between Mark's hairy thighs, where his balls were hanging and swinging. He could also see the thick stalk of Mark's cock, where it was plugged into Melody's naked, bald pussy. About then Melody sighed, "Oh Mark, here it comes baby, I'm gonna cum.... oh yes ... that's it ... right there ... Awwwwweeeeee!!!"

And, while Melody had what was obviously a massive orgasm with her pussy wrapped around her brother's thrusting boner, he began to react too. "Oh yeah, Mel, me too ... Oh Yeeaaaaahhh" Chuck gaped as those hanging balls drew up an inch and Mark jammed his cock deep into his sister's pussy. Then his ass cheeks clenched and he grunted, three times in a row. Chuck knew that each grunt signaled that a long rope of thick white sperm was lancing into Melody's pussy ... her self-confessed unprotected pussy ... where it was no doubt being packed into her womb where it would do the most damage possible.

Meanwhile, Cindy, who had been frantically rubbing her own pussy while watching her friends fuck, squealed, "Save a shot for me Mark!" Like he was following the direction of some author, Mark jerked his spitting cock out of Melody and turned toward Cindy, who dove on his cock like a starving child. Her mouth swooped down onto his cock, capturing the head and a couple of inches, while her hand jacked on it, milking the rest of his cum into her mouth. Chuck glanced at Melody, who lay there, her legs still wide, thick white fluid oozing from her swollen pussy lips. Melody lazily turned her head to watch the other two as she rubbed that fluid right back into her pussy!

Chuck realized two things at that moment.

The first was that he had stumbled into the open doorway, and was completely exposed to those in the room. The second was that he had a killer hardon. In fact he was harder than he'd ever been in his life. He didn't understand what was going on, but it was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen. He was breathing hard. His hands were at his side, but it was all he could do to keep them there. What he really wanted to do was drop his pants and ease the pressure in that stiff prick in his pants.

Cindy heard a noise at the doorway and looked. She squeaked "Uh Oh!" about the time Chuck saw his daughter lift one of her cum-soaked hands to her lips and begin licking her fingers clean.

He suddenly felt light headed, and the room began to spin. Then, there was blackness.

Chuck was first aware of the smell of jasmine. It was a nice smell. Then he realized his head was on something soft and warm. It felt a little like skin, but that couldn't be. Where was he?


He was sure he was home. Then it all flooded back into his mind and his eyes snapped open. Right in front of his face were two naked breasts, the nipples prominent. Above them was the face of his daughter, concern showing clearly. "Daddy?" she said softly "Daddy, are you OK? Please Daddy, say something."

"You're naked," he said, realizing that this was probably the single most stupid thing he'd ever said in his life.

"Yes, Daddy," she said seriously. "I am naked. But I can explain."

Chuck thought about what he'd just seen. "You can explain," he said dumbly. "You can explain why your brother's sperm is probably still soaking inside you while my head lays on the pussy he just fucked!"

"Yes!" came a male bark. "She can explain." Chuck looked. There was Cindy, also still nude, and Mark, who now had on boxers, kneeling near him, side by side. Despite what Mark had said, he looked a little confused as he followed up. "Right Mel?"

Chuck tensed his abdomen, trying to sit up. His face ran into his daughter's naked breasts. "Let me up," he mumbled. Melody's hands pressed gently onto his shoulders as she leaned over. She almost stuck a nipple in his mouth. "Will you listen?" she said.

When he nodded she let him sit up. He didn't know where to look, and realized that despite losing consciousness, he still had a raging boner. He decided that sitting on the floor wasn't so bad after all, and bent over, trying to hide it. "OK, I'm listening," he said.

"I wanted to have a baby," she said. She looked at him. "I wanted to have a Nelson baby."

Chuck stared. He heard the words, but he couldn't understand them. "What?" he said.

"When Mom died ... and the baby ... you crawled in a hole and stayed there. I wanted to give you a Nelson baby. I know it won't replace the one you lost ... that WE lost ... but I thought we could raise it ... in memory ... of them," she finished.

"A Nelson baby," Chuck repeated. Now he understood the words, but they still didn't make sense. "Mark's baby," he said softly.

"Well," she said. "That would be OK. I mean it would be a Nelson baby. But I really wanted .... your baby Daddy."

Three people spoke at once. Mark said, "What?!" Cindy said, "Oooooo Mel," and Chuck's head snapped toward her, his mouth open. "Then why ...?"

Melody held up her hands. "I know I should have just said something, but I didn't think it would work." She looked at her brother and friend. "And I owe you guys an apology. I used you." They looked at her in confusion. "I knew that to get Daddy's attention ... I mean to get him to see me as a woman ... a possible sexual partner, I had to make him see me that way. I knew that after Mom died he started buying Playpen and masturbating to the pictures."

All three of the others in the room now had mouths hanging open. She went on. "So I talked Mark and Cindy into posing in Playpen ... so you'd see me ... as a woman. I knew you'd see it. I knew it would drive you crazy, and that ... something would happen."

"But what about the money?" croaked Mark. "You said we needed the money for college, but that you couldn't let some stranger have sex with you. You said not to worry about you getting pregnant."

Melody looked at him calmly. "We do need the money for college. I won't let a strange man have my body. You don't need to worry about whether or not I get pregnant. If you get me pregnant, it's a Nelson baby. That's fine by me. But I'd rather have Daddy's baby ... at least the first time."

Chuck couldn't get his mind wrapped completely around what he'd just heard. "But in the magazine ... you and Cindy ... I mean her pussy was full of spooge too."

"Oh that," laughed Cindy. "I've been in love with Mark for years. I just want to have his baby, that's all. I might even marry him if he asks me nicely." She glanced at Melody. "I'm sort of in love with your daughter too, Mr. Nelson."

"And what about all those dates you went on?" said Chuck. "You mean none of those boys ever ....?"

Melody smiled ruefully. "There never were any dates Daddy. Well, there were one or two, but they were disasters. None of those boys compared with you and Mark. So Mark and Cindy and I went out together and told you we were double dating. I only tried Mark after I watched him give a good thorough fucking to Cindy one night. It was watching them that gave me the idea to have a Nelson baby."

"This is crazy," stammered Chuck. "You can't do this. You can't have my baby ... or Mark's either. That's insane. I won't hear of it!"

It was then that Cindy leaned over and put her hand on the lump in his pants. "Excuse me, Mr. Nelson, but I don't think your prick agrees with your brain." She squeezed his erection.

"But ... but ... but," he stuttered. It was too much. His brain whirled, but he did nothing as the girls began taking his clothes off. Then Melody sat on his naked lap, her legs wrapped around his back, her breasts pressing into his chest, and she kissed him. It wasn't a peck. It was a lover's kiss and it swept him away. He was vaguely aware that Mark and Cindy were lying on the floor next to him and Melody as he pushed his daughter back and crawled between her spreading thighs. Then, like he was in a dream, he felt his stiff penis slide effortlessly into his fantasy girl's well lubricated vagina - lubricated with his son's semen. He floated above himself as he rutted into his daughter and she came all over his erect bone. He nodded to himself as he felt his orgasm wash over him and his prick jetted it's precious cargo of thick sperm into her womb. He heard the noises next to him that said Cindy was getting her pussy stuffed with Marks sperm right along with them.

He knew everything had changed. He knew this wouldn't be the last time he fucked his daughter's brains out. He knew he'd father several children with her, and love and raise them all. And the house was plenty big enough for Cindy and Mark's kids too.

As his last few virile spurts of seed flowed into Melody, Chuck knew he'd bought his last Playpen.

The End

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