Chrissy's First Date

by Lubrican

. An angry Chrissy reflected on how she was fifteen years old and she hadn't been on a single date.

It wasn't because she was unpopular. Lots of kids at her school liked her and wanted to be around her.

It wasn't because she was ugly. Her 5" 6" frame supported breasts that were a handful each, tipped with sharp little pencil eraser sized nipples just made to suck on. Below that were her thin waist and hips that any baby-bearing woman would love to have. Her cute little pussy lips were pink and plump and nestled just below fine wisps of golden pubic hair. Her face was gorgeous. She was a knockout.

No, the reason Chrissy had never been on a date was because of her father, one John Robinson by name.

He wasn't mean or anything. He just remembered what he tried to do with fifteen-year-old girls when he was, say thirteen through nineteen. For that matter he lusted after Chrissy's friends regularly and would gladly plow their sweet teen furrows if it didn't mean he'd end up in prison. He knew what boys thought about when they looked at his daughter, and he had decided a long time ago that she wasn't going to be exposed to groping strangers out for a quick fuck and then on to the next girl.

To be fair, any boy she wanted to spend time with was welcome to come to the house and they could watch TV, or make something to eat, or play board games on the dining room table. Anything except be alone, especially in a bedroom.

Adding to the problem was Chrissy's brother Bobby. He was seventeen and a tackle on the football team. He was a big, big boy and nobody wanted to mess with him. He made it known when Chrissy was just a freshman that any guy who messed with his sister sexually was dead meat. Period. He was encouraged in this attitude by his father. Chrissy had no mother to intercede for her. Her mother had run off with a biker gang when Chrissy was only three.

The end result of all this "protection" by her father was that he had erred in his judgment - seriously erred.

For, you see, Chrissy had no experience with groping boys at all. She'd never been kissed, never been petted and for sure had never had a boy's mouth or fingers anywhere near her sweet little pussy. No boy even tried to sneak off to a dark corner with her. They danced with her - properly apart from her soft body, of course. But they never tried to get in her panties. And, because of this, she just flat didn't believe that boys really tried to do any of those things. As far as she was concerned, it was all a big fairy tale her father had concocted just to justify his stupid rules.

She had just told him that, in fact. She had told him in a loud voice that some might even have called a scream. Her face was red, and her delightful bosom was heaving. Her father was sitting in his lounger with a smug look on his face. He knew what boys tried to do.

"Chrissy, darling," he said calmly. "I know what boys want to do to you, because I was a boy once upon a time and I tried all the things that boys always try with girls. I tried the lines, I tried getting them drunk, I tried begging for sympathy - all of it. And I got my John Thomas wet plenty, I'll tell you that!" He jerked his head, somewhat startled that he'd admitted that to his nubile teenage daughter.

"Oh bullshit!" Chrissy yelled. "Just bullshit, Daddy. Boys don't want those things anymore. Maybe they did when you were young, but boys are polite nowadays, since women's lib and all that stuff. You're old fashioned Daddy and it's not fair. I don't get to do anything!" she wailed.

John frowned. "Chrissy!" he barked. "That will be enough of that kind of language. I'm not wrong about this and I think I can prove it."

"Oh reeaaallly," Chrissy drawled. "I'd like to see that, Daddy. I really would."

John thought for a minute. "All right. But you have to do whatever I say, okay?"

Chrissy was puzzled. She always did what her father told her to. "What do you mean?" she asked warily.

"I think I can prove to you what boys want, and what that causes girls to want, but you'll have to do some things that you might not otherwise be willing to do," he said, like that explained everything. "Look," he said impatiently. "Do you trust me?"

"Of course I do, Daddy," she said.

"Okay, then, just keep on trusting me, even if it seems weird, okay?"

"Okay, Daddy," she said.

"Robert!" yelled her father.

A distant call came back "What?"

"Come down here!" yelled her father.

A moment later Bobby, came bounding down the stairs. He was dressed in the usual, sweat shorts and a tank top.

"What's up Pops?" he said. He nodded to Chrissy.

"I need you to do something for me," he said. "I want you to tell Chrissy ... I mean us, what goes through a boy's mind when he's on a date with a girl he likes."

"Um ... I don't understand," said Bobby.

This wasn't technically true. Bobby pretty well knew what he thought about every girl he took out. He hoped each one would turn out to be a cumslut who would spread her legs for him without asking. Why else would a guy take a girl out? But he didn't think that's what his father wanted to hear. And, since he didn't know the right answer to the question at hand, he played the ignorance card.

"Chrissy doesn't believe that boys she goes out with would actually want to have sex with her," said John.

Two things happened almost instantly for Bobby. First, all the times Bobby had tried to peek at his sister, to see her naked, and all the times he had furiously beat his meat while thinking about her naked, flashed through his mind. He knew how desirable she was as a woman. And he was her brother!

Second, he couldn't help but reflect on the mental image that came to his mind concerning the concept of "boys wanting to have sex with Chrissy". In this case, the last boy Bobby had seen Chrissy with came to mind. That was Rex Johnson, who bragged about what a fabulous cocksman he was. The fact that Rex was only with Chrissy because she stopped to help him pick up some spilled papers didn't come into play.

What Bobby visualized was Rex, hunched between Chrissy's wide spread legs, while his ass bobbed up and down and his undoubtedly nasty cock slithered in and out between his sweet sister's pussy lips.

In short, Bobby got horny and pissed at the same time. He laughed a dark laugh.

"That's stupid," he said. "Every guy who ever looked at you wanted to get in your pants."

"That's not true!" squealed Chrissy, her eyes wide at how crude Bobby could be.

"That's what we're trying to tell you, honey," said her father in his reasonable voice. "Men are built to want to have sex with beautiful girls. You are a beautiful girl. Ergo, men want to have sex with you. Boys too," he added.

Chrissy didn't believe it for one minute. She had an idea. "All men?" she said, acting like she might believe it.

"All men!" said her brother and father together.

"So ...." she preened. "You have wanted to have sex with me too?" She clasped her hands behind her butt and grinned at her father. "I mean you are a man, right? And you did say all men," she finished triumphantly.

She turned on her brother. "And you too!" she giggled now. "Obviously you too have been practically consumed with lust for your dear sister." Now she laughed out loud.

Then she stopped.

Neither man was laughing with her. In fact, both looked decidedly guilty!

"You'll never believe me until you see it for yourself," said her father. "So, you and Bobby are going on a date. Tonight. And I'll be with you, but I won't say anything, unless you two are supposed to do something and I see you aren't doing it. Okay? It will be a pretend date, but Bobby will show you what boys do on dates with girls. Then you'll understand," he said with finality in his voice.

"But Bobby's my brother!" said Chrissy.

"And Chrissy's my sister," said Bobby, somewhat unnecessarily.

"That's right, and that's the only reason I'm allowing this," said John. "You must be made to understand how dangerous it is out there. Now. Both of you. Go get dressed for your date. Each of you choose something you'd like to wear on a date with someone you really like."

Both teens trudged off muttering about stupid ideas. John went to each room to ensure that his orders were followed. He went to Bobby's room first. "Bobby, I want you to pretend she's just another girl you met at school. Treat her just exactly like you'd treat any other girl. Okay?"

"Sure Dad," said Bobby, while mentally saying, "With you watching ... right."

Then John went to Chrissy's room. He walked in to find her dressed only in her panties.

"Daddy!" she yipped and covered her precious breasts with her dainty hands.

"Oh! Sorry, pumpkin," he said, looking at the floor. "I know Bobby is your brother, but I want you to pretend he's some boy you wish I'd let you go out with. And dress like you were going out with that boy, not Bobby." Then he left, before she could see the tent in his pants. While that might have supported his contention about "all" men, he was a little embarrassed about it right then.

Bobby got back to the living room first. He had on his team sweats. They were talking about football when Chrissy started down the stairs. Both men looked up and their jaws dropped. Chrissy was dressed in a micro skirt with a matching halter top. The halter top had a deep vee that dropped well below the mid point of her breasts, ensuring that everyone knew no bra of any kind was involved in this outfit. Sandals completed her ensemble.

Quite suddenly Bobby didn't have very much trouble at all pretending this was just some girl he was taking out on a date.

"Wow," he said. "You look hot!" He flinched and looked at his father out of the side of his eyes, but his dad was staring at Chrissy too.

"Yeah," said John in a dull voice. Then he shook his head, as if trying to drive some thought out of it. "Okay, now you guys have already had dinner. Where would you take her now, Bobby?"

Bobby knew he'd try to get his date out at the lake, where it was quiet and remote and romantic. But he couldn't say that in front of his dad. "I'd uh drive around. I guess."

"Okay then," said John. "Let's go." They went out and got in the car. Chrissy and Bobby in the front, and John in the back seat. Bobby started driving. He didn't know where to go since he couldn't go to the lake. He was getting frustrated. He could be out with a real girl tonight, but he was stuck with his sister. He glanced at her. Her micro showed her legs almost clear to her pussy. He gulped. She scooted over and leaned one hot breast against his arm. It felt soft.

"Aren't I supposed to sit here, beside you?" she asked in her sweet voice.

"Uh, yeah ... sure," he said. This was crazy. They'd be out here for hours. He decided to call his father's bluff. "Actually, I'd be taking my date out to the lake. There's this cool place where I take the girls. You know, to talk ... and stuff."

"Now that's more like it," said John. "Let's go."

Bobby thought about what was happening as he drove. He'd tried to call his father's bluff, but his dad seemed to be pushing them toward something he'd dreamed about occasionally as he beat off. That was petting his sister and getting to see her naked. He felt his prick begin to fill with blood. Who knew what might happen? He'd just ride along and see. They got to his favorite spot and he parked, turning off the lights. He already had the radio on and he got out his favorite make-out CD and put it in the player. He sat there, not knowing what to do.

"See? This isn't so bad, Daddy," said Chrissy. "I still don't understand what all the fuss is about."

John leaned forward from the darkness in the back seat. "Bobby, is that all you do when you bring a girl out here? You just sit?"

"Well no," said Bobby. "I usually try to ..." He dropped off. He didn't want to admit that he usually tried to get into the girl's panties.

"What do you try to do Bobby?" said his dad. "Come on. Chrissy needs to know."

"Well I kiss them ... and touch them ..." He didn't add, "if they'll let me."

"Okay then, get to it. Show her what boys do."

Bobby couldn't cope with the stress. He was trying to be two people at the same time.

About then Chrissy tipped her head up and whispered in his ear, "Aren't you going to kiss me Bobby?" She was trying to call someone's bluff too.

So Bobby kissed her. In his confusion, he kissed her like he'd kiss any girl. Definitely not like he'd kiss his sister. But she felt like a girl, and she smelled like a girl and within fifteen seconds she was kissing like she'd done it plenty of times.

As for Chrissy, when her brother kissed her like that, like they did in the movies, she felt weak all over. It made her feel funny in her stomach. No, not in her stomach, but down there somewhere. She decided she liked this kissing stuff. When she felt his tongue slip into her mouth, all slippery and smooth, the feeling "down there" got more intense.

When she kissed him back, and gave him some tongue in return for his own, Bobby went on autopilot. His hands began to stroke her back, moving to her arms, caressing her hair. Now he kissed her cheeks and neck, nibbling on her ear lobe. She shuddered, a good sign, and he kissed her again as he decided to see what her young breasts felt like.

When Bobby's hand came around her elbow and cupped her breast through the halter top, Chrissy almost stopped breathing. What was he doing? Boys weren't supposed to do that. She broke the kiss. "Bobby!" she said.

"Aw, c'mon. I won't hurt you. You just look so hot and you feel so soft."

He went back to kissing her.

Chrissy felt all muzzy inside. She felt a thrill shoot through her when he said she looked hot. And his kisses were so wonderful. What could it hurt to let him feel her boobs a little? When his hand slid over her breast again, she pressed it into his hand. It did feel good. She was enjoying a kiss when she realized his fingers were pinching and rubbing her nipple. And that felt really good. Then, somehow, his hand slipped inside her halter top and now he was fondling her naked breast. Now he thrummed her nipple. She felt a sharp stab of pleasure between her legs. She thought that was very odd, but if felt good too.

"Chrissy?" he said as they paused to breathe.

"Hmm?" she said back.

"Can I see em?"

She knew exactly what he was talking about, because his hand was still there, still squeezing and roving around her breast. He'd gotten in through the side of the halter top. But she wanted to tease him for some reason.

"See what Bobby?" She arched her chest, pushing the breast into his hand.

"I want to see your titties," he said. "I bet they're beautiful."

"You've seen my boobs before, you ninny," she giggled. "Remember that time when I was in the shower and you had to pee so bad and you couldn't wait and you barged in? You saw 'em then."

"Yeah," he said. "But I never got to really look at them."

"Chrissy," said their dad, startling them both. They'd forgotten he was back there. "Take off your top. That's what the boys will want you to do on dates."

Chrissy reached behind her neck and untied the knot in the halter top. It slipped down her chest and her perfect pale orbs were exposed.

"Oh shit," said Bobby. "They really are beautiful." Then his head dipped and he sucked in a nipple.

"Bobby!" his sister squealed. "You can't ... ohhhhhh ... you shouldn't ... ummmmm ... oh, Bobby, that feels nice." She lay back as his mouth made love to one and then the other turgid nipple. This was really nice and it kept making her pussy feel so warm and wet, just like when she was washing it extra good in the shower.

Bobby started running his hand from Chrissy's knee up her thigh and then back down. Her skirt was so short he could almost touch her panties without going under the skirt at all. Her legs weren't closed, but they weren't gaping open either. He let his hand go higher ... higher ... higher ... and then he hit panties.

Chrissy felt his hand moving all over her thighs. It was a new feeling. It was nice, but scary at the same time.

"Bobby? What are you doing now Bobby?" she said breathlessly.

"I'm just feeling you a little," he said and went back to licking and sucking her nipples.

"I don't think you're supposed to do that, Bobby," she sighed. "You shouldn't touch me ... there."

There was a gasp from the back seat, and the sound of a zipper being drawn. Her father's voice was clear when he spoke. "Chrissy, you're here to learn what boys want. Whatever he wants to do, you let him. You need to know what things feel like."

Bobby's hand immediately rose to cup her pussy through her panties. He pressed his fingers into her sex and rubbed them in a slow circle.

Chrissy gasped as her brother's hand slapped against her pussy. No boy had ever touched her there, and it felt different. Then he rubbed and electricity shot through her, only this time it went from there to her nipples! She spread her legs almost unconsciously, to give him more room. Now he lifted his head and kissed her again, a long tongue swapping kiss as he rubbed her. Her pussy felt hot ... sticky ... good. She knew he was going to slip his fingers into her panties ... knew he was going to touch her pussy with his fingers. She knew her pussy would make his fingers wet.

She couldn't wait.

She spread her legs wider.

Bobby was very excited. His dad had said she had to do what he wanted. He knew it wasn't fair, but he was going to take advantage of it. And when Chrissy spread her legs for him he knew she was getting off on this too. She was giving him permission. He took it. His hand slid up, his fingers dipped into the top of her panties. Suddenly her butt lifted off the seat of the car. He felt her moving and he felt the panties sliding down her thighs. He helped and soon they were at her knees, then her ankles. She didn't kick them off, but flopped her knees apart instantly. His fingers found slick, hot, luscious, excited pussy when he slid them back up. Without thinking he slipped his long middle finger into her molten slot and probed. She was tight. Of course she was tight. She was obviously a virgin. He felt for her hymen at the mouth of her pussy. Nothing. He didn't know how she'd lost it, but it wasn't there. He got the tip in her to the first knuckle. Then he pushed and his finger slid all the way in her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh," she groaned. "Ohhhhhhh Bobby, I can't believe how good that feels." Bobby slicked his finger out and back in several times. Chrissy sighed and her hips started wiggling. "Ohhh yes. Can you make it go deeper?" she sighed. There were definite rhythmic sounds coming from the back seat now, light slapping sounds. "I can't imagine anything feeling better than that," she said.

"There is one thing," her brother grunted. "I mean I did it with Sherry Henderson one time and she said she'd never ever felt anything that good in her whole life."

"Ohhhhhh what did you do?" asked Chrissy, lolling her head back and forth on the seat back.

"Well, I put my cock in her," he wiggled his finger in her pussy. "There, where my finger is."

"Ohhh we couldn't do that," she said. "That would be fucking. And I might get pregnant."

"Oh, I'd never make you pregnant," he said. "I'd only shoot practice stuff in you." He used the same line he'd used on Sherry Henderson. She'd known he was full of shit, but had let him anyway.

"You can do that?" she panted, getting excited now. "You can control whether it's real or just practice?" Obviously his sister didn't know he was full of shit.

"Sure," he said, as if he believed it himself. "It's hard to learn, but I got the hang of it, and now it's easy."

Chrissy thought she heard a snort from the back seat.

"Well, we can't, because there's no room," she said.

"I brought a blanket," he said confidently.

They scrambled out of the car. Bobby opened the trunk and got out a big soft blanket that he spread out on the ground. Chrissy stood in the warm night air, her white breasts plainly visible. She bent over and slipped her mini down her thighs. She stood there naked, uncertain, nervous.

"You're so beautiful," Bobby said softly. She smiled tentatively. He took his shirt off, and then dropped his pants, stepping out of them. He kicked off his shoes and pants at the same time. Then he bent over and took off his briefs. When he stood back up his penis stuck straight out from his body, pale in the moonlight. It was slim, long, tapered. It was small at the tip, and got bigger and bigger and bigger toward the base.

"See what you do to me?" he asked. He sounded almost proud.

"That won't fit in me," said Chrissy, completely sure. She crossed her arms over her breasts.

"Yes it will," said her father, as he got out of the back of the car. He stood there, leaning against the car. "It will fit. It was made to fit."

"I'll go slow," said Bobby. He reached down and stroked his hard cock a couple of times. "I'll stop if it hurts."

"Promise?" she asked in a little voice.

"Promise," he confirmed. He held his arms out and she accepted his hug. His penis poked her in the abdomen. He reached down and bent it downward, shoving it between her legs. Then he held her close and kissed her deeply again. He moved his boner slowly back and forth, making it rub against her pussy lips.

Chrissy got a weak feeling in her knees as she felt her brother's stiff penis rubbing her pussy lips. His kisses were so hot. She was panting. He was pushing her down, lying down beside her, slipping his finger in her pussy again. She splayed her legs wide open now, kissing him back. Now he was rolling over, halfway on her as he crawled between her wide spread thighs. His finger slicked in and out. Then something else was pushing at her. Was it his cock? Whatever it was it felt good.


Stretching ... her pussy lips were stretching.

It didn't hurt, exactly, but there was a lot of pressure. Now there was something deeper. It was going as deep as his finger had, but it was bigger, lots bigger.

"Wait," she panted.

He stopped immediately.

She squirmed a little, trying to ease the pressure. He sucked in a nipple while he was waiting. The pleasure shot to right where the pressure was and she felt her muscles relax. She tensed them again, pleased to have found some new muscles she didn't know she had. Then she relaxed them intentionally. Her brother groaned!

"Is something wrong?" she panted.

"No. Can I please push again?"

She nodded and then realized he couldn't see her that well. She put her hands on his butt and pulled.

Bobby almost came when her pussy relaxed and then squeezed his dick. He gritted his teeth and the urge passed. Then she put her hands on his butt and pulled. She had gotten lots more open all of a sudden. He slid in another three inches as her hands pulled at him.

She was so hot and slick and she wanted his prick in her.

He blew his cork. He groaned and instinct made him thrust. He only had two inches to go and his pubes slammed into hers as his penis spat its first long slippery rope of semen.

"Ohhh fuck," he groaned and his rod rapidly pulsed four more times. Each time a shot of cum splashed up against her cervix. It pooled there, with nowhere to go. Then, as he pulled back a little and pushed again, he created pressure and that pressure blew all his cum up into her womb.

Chrissy couldn't believe how the pressure had turned into something else. Her brother's penis had looked smooth and straight, but with it up inside of her she could feel bumps and lumps all over it. They rubbed the inside of her pussy in the nicest way. She thought she might pass out, it felt so good. Then, just as a different kind of pressure started to build, a pressure that felt like it was going to make her fly apart, he grunted and she felt his warm wet offering being pumped into her belly.

Bobby was done. His dick was already getting smaller and he pulled it out of his sister with a squelching wet sound as he rolled sideways onto his back.

"Bobby!" she said, her voice rising. "No ... Bobby .. don't stop now. We're not done yet Bobby!" she said. She knew she had been so close to something new, something fabulous, something really wonderful. She ached with the need to find out what that was.

"Boys!" came the disgusted voice of her father. He was walking toward them now. His hands were moving at his waist. "Don't worry baby, I'll help you," he said as he unbuckled his belt.

"Daddy, I feel so ... " she said as she writhed on the blanket, spread out before him. Her pussy glistened in the moonlight. It was matted and white with her brother's spend.

"I know sweetheart. He left you hanging. I'm going to help you honey." He crawled between her legs. He kissed her. Like in the movies. He was a better kisser even than Bobby! She felt something blunt at her pussy mouth. She knew it was his cock. As he pushed into her, she thrust her hips up off the blanket, trying to make her pussy climb up her daddy's penis. It was bigger than Bobby's, but she was very slick now, and, except for the pressure again, it went in without too much trouble. It went deeper too. It pushed against things up inside of her.

John savored the feel of his cock buried in sweet hot teenage pussy. There was just nothing better than sweet young pussy. He hoped he could control his own orgasm. He needed to make her cum, hopefully more than once. If he did, he'd be able to come back to her and she'd happily let him do it again.

He began stroking his boner in and out of his daughter. He made sure it scraped along her clitty. He'd only made seven or eight strokes when she had her first orgasm.

Just as soon as her daddy put his big old cock in her pussy all the way, Chrissy knew that the feeling she was looking for would come back. Her daddy did it different than Bobby. He moved it in and out. And when he did she felt the most amazing thing. It was at the top of her pussy, and it was a feeling that she thought might make her scream.

The pressure was back.

It got bigger and bigger and bigger until she couldn't hold it in any more. Then she shuddered and her whole body felt like it was on fire and in ice water at the same time. It started in her pussy as a big warm ball of fire and then shot out to the rest of her like fireworks. She couldn't talk.

"Uhhh. Unnggg ... Ahhhh ... Daddy ... Ohhh .. Ummm ... Ahhh ... AAHHH ... AHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" she wailed.

She felt the feeling fade away a little bit, but her daddy kept pounding into her and it started coming back again. She tripped into a second orgasm, just as intense as her first. She gasped for breath and made blubbering sounds. Her head flailed back and forth on the blanket until her face was covered with her hair. It just felt too good to describe. And it was coming back again!

John slammed her through three orgasm before her hands began pushing at him, flailing weakly. She was gasping. "No more ... Daddy ... please ... I ... can't ... breathe ..." He slid in tight and stopped, to let her breathe. Her pussy fluttered weakly around his cock. She felt good and he liked soaking in her hot box.

He wanted to cum, though. Her pussy nipped him as she flexed her newfound muscles.

"Can you do that again, Baby?" he asked her. "Can you squeeze me?" She did, once long and hard, and then again, short. "Ohhhh baby," he said in a throaty voice. "If you keep doing that I'm gonna cum."

Chrissy felt much better. Since he'd stopped moving in her she had a chance to catch her breath. "Can you cum with practice sperm too Daddy?"

John grinned. He knew without a doubt that either he or his son would be knocking Chrissy up good an proper within two or three months. She was a super good fuck and he intended to pack her with baby batter daily all by himself. He suspected Bobby would be sniffing around her pussy too.

"Sure, baby," he said. No sense making her tense. She began to flex and loosen those new muscles and it was like being milked.

"Okay, daddy," she said. "You can shoot your sperm in me."

Just that statement made his balls jump and started his baby makers on their way toward his daughter's uterus. He had enough control to force almost all of his cum into two massive jets that blasted out of the tip of his penis like water out of a super pump-up water cannon. He jammed his cock deep and put the tip right at her cervix and let his seed flow.

Again Chrissy felt the wet heat that was a man trying to impregnate her. This time she recognized it for what it was. Her daddy was cumming inside her pussy. She loved that feeling. It felt all warm and nice and close. She decided she'd see if maybe her Daddy would cum in her again.

John drained himself and eased his prick out of Chrissy. They got dressed and rode back to the house more or less in silence, each with his or her own thoughts. When they got home, though, Chrissy held her father's hand as they went in the house. "Daddy? Could I sleep in your bed tonight?"

John smiled. "Sure, baby, but I might try to help you again during the night. Like on the blanket."

"That would be okay," she said.

Later, in bed, after she had cum three more times and he had fucked another cup of his potent sperm in her teen pussy she kissed him and said, "So all the boys want to do that on dates?"

"That's pretty much right, sweetie. And I can't let them do that to my baby girl."

"So I still can't go out on dates?"

"I don't think so, honey," he said.

She was quiet for a while. "That's okay," she said finally. "With you and Bobby being here, I don't need to go out on dates. I can get all the dating I need right here at home."

It only took them one month to knock her up.

The End

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