Daughter's Reward

by Lubrican

Megan almost skipped as she got closer to her house. She was so excited, she could feel things happening inside her body. She had her report card, and it was GOOD! That meant Daddy would be happy with her. And THAT meant that he'd consent to do some of those wonderful things that made her feel so good. She felt moisture begin to fill her pussy.

That pussy was part of a precious package of teenage sex that Megan didn't even know she had. She saw it in other girls, but didn't realize that she was the stuff of wet dreams. She was short, and though she was thin, she had swelling breasts and hips that gave her a much older look. Her long brown hair was straight and fell smoothly past her shoulders. Her breasts were about the size and shape of big coconuts and, at her age, were that combination of hard and soft that defies explanation.

She thought they were too small, but her daddy liked them a lot. He especially liked her nipples, which suited her just fine, because they were one part of her he was willing to play with. There were other places he'd touched, rubbed or kissed in the past, but he didn't do it very often. She smiled as she saw his car in the driveway. Good, he was already home.

Bob was washing dishes but turned around as Megan came through the door. Her face was blushed and she was breathing like she'd run some distance before getting home. But she looked excited, rather than afraid or worried. "Everything OK sweetie?" he said, wiping his hands on the dish towel.

"OH YES!" she squealed, jumping up and down. "I got ALL A's this quarter!" She pulled out the report card and shoved it toward him.

Bob groaned. He knew what this meant. Several years ago, when his daughter had been having all kinds of problems, getting in fights, her grades in the tank, he'd been desperate enough to try something he now wished he hadn't.

He knew she was in the throes of being flooded with teenage hormones and the angst of going to high school for the first time and that this world could be very scary. Not to mention the strange desires that popped up in newly awakened sexual bodies.

So Bob had started a program of rewarding Megan for doing the right things. The rewards were that he helped her use her developing body to feel good. In other words, he taught her to have orgasms. And he helped her have them if she did something especially good.

It had seemed so simple back then. A little rub here, a little lick there, a little pinch over there, and she was flopping around like a rag doll, feeling good and her good behavior was being reinforced.

But she had friends. She went on dates. She found out there was LOTS more that could be done between a man and a woman. She was still a virgin. He knew that from things he did to reward her. Their relationship was remarkably open by comparison with that of other teens and their dads. For example while he knew she wasn't on the pill, which most parents might know, he also knew she didn't trust condoms.

She told him what happened on her dates, and about how she kept the boys she went out with at arm's length for the most part. When she did let them do something to her, and then described it to him, he got hard as a rock. Those were the tough times. She was a stone fox and he'd beaten off many times after leaving her naked satisfied body in her own room.

He'd made up his mind a long time ago, though, that fantasizing was all he'd get to do.

He also knew she wanted to see his penis in the worst way. She'd been trying to see it for over a year now, but he wouldn't go that far. Somehow things had gotten a little out of his control. On the other hand, boys weren't using her for a sperm bank, like a lot of girls these days. And, they'd made these deals in the past that he had to live by now.

"And just what's it going to cost me THIS time?" he pretended to be upset. But she grinned and he couldn't keep frowning.

"Well," she said, putting one finger to her mouth. "This is the first time I got all A's two quarters in a row, so it has to be something special."

Bob groaned again under his breath. He was going to have to fight her off again. He waited for the hammer to fall.

"I want a bath," she said. "Well I want to START with a bath."

He thought. That wasn't so bad. He'd given her plenty of baths before, sliding his hands all over her slippery body, getting her off under the water with the byproduct of getting sparkling clean at the same time.

"But I want this bath to be in the shower in your bathroom," she said. Bob's shower was big enough for four or five people and there were places you could sit down and still be in the stream of water if you wanted to.

"But, honey," he said. "I'll get all wet."

"Of course you will," she said, as if explaining things to a three year old.

"I mean my clothes will get all wet," he said back.

"No, because you won't be wearing any," she said, again with exaggerated niceness in her voice.

"Sweetie, honey, you know we can't do that," he said, pleading.

"Yes we can," she said firmly. "I did especially good, so I should get an especially good treat. And that's the treat I want." She crossed her arms under her breasts and stared at him, tapping one toe.

He looked at those breasts. He could see the points of her nipples. She must have taken her bra off again on the way home. She did that all the time now, teasing him, pressing against him. It was like she wanted him to FUCK her for pity's sake!

But that couldn't be.

Girls just don't want their fathers to do that, right?

And his cock was swelling now, as he stared at her and thought about what she wanted to do. "Sweetie, really, we can't. You don't know this, but you're a beautiful girl and you have an effect on men ... even on me sometimes ... and if we did what you wanted to do it would have that effect and ... well, I'd be embarrassed ..." He stopped.

She was still tapping her toe.

"Embarrassed?" she said softly. "Over an erection, Daddy? Is that what you think I don't know about? Daddy, I know you've been getting ... erect ... around me for a long time now. I'm not stupid, Daddy. I know most daddies don't do for their daughters what you do for me. That's the point, Daddy. You have been 'rewarding' me now for years, and you've taught me how to be free about my sexuality, and my pleasure and I'm really very grateful to you for that. I don't feel embarrassed about being horny around YOU, Daddy. Why do you feel embarrassed about being horny around ME?"

Bob was flustered. She was so direct about things. And it was really his fault. He'd taught her to be that way. After her mother left he had to be both mother and father and she had to be able to talk to him about ALL the things in her life. "Well, sweetie ... um ... it's just that when we make YOU feel good, that lets you think about some boy you like, or some movie star or something like that ... you know ... a fantasy lover. But it's hard for men to do that. I mean I'd be thinking about ..." He didn't know how to finish.

"Me?" she finished it for him. "You mean if we were in the shower and you had a hardon you'd be thinking about me?" She looked at him expectantly and, for some reason, licked her lips.

"Well ... yes," he looked down. "And that's wrong so we can't do that. I mean helping you have an orgasm is one thing, but if we were in the shower together, and I was naked and all that, I don't know if I could control my ... urges," he finished rapidly.

He looked up and his daughter was looking at him like he was an exhibit in a museum, her head tilted slightly. She said, "I don't suppose it ever occurred to you that I might not WANT you to be able to control your ... urges ... did it, Daddy?"

Then her voice got lower and softer and somehow sexier and she said, "I'll be waiting in the shower, Daddy. That's what I want as a reward for my good grades. I hope you come and help me." She walked off toward her father's bedroom.

Bob didn't know what to do. Her message was quite clear. She not only wouldn't stop him, she actually wanted him to ... to what? Maybe all she wanted was to jack him off, like he did for her. Maybe she just thought he wanted mutual masturbation. And maybe he could hold it to that.

He had to do something. He slowly headed toward his bedroom.

When he got there he heard the shower going already. There were clouds of steam billowing out of the glass enclosed space, which was almost five feet by five feet in size. He could see her willowy naked form through the glass. He already knew that body well, though not as well as part of him would like. He saw her turn to face him peering through the glass. "Good!" she announced. "Hurry!" came her command.

"What the heck?" he thought and stripped down. He gave his painfully erect bone a glance before he opened the door and stepped in. Immediately he was assaulted by wet slippery woman. She grabbed him in a hug and kissed his mouth urgently. They'd shared kisses before, usually while he was diddling her clitty and she was about to cum.

But those were tame kisses by comparison to what she was doing now. His cock dug into her stomach as she writhed against him. Finally she broke the kiss and said, "I'm going to make you very, very happy tonight, Daddy," and she dropped to her knees. Before he could do anything except take in a huge breath to tell her "NO!" she engulfed his cock in her warm mouth and sucked hard. Her hand came up and supported his heavy balls, hefting them as if to see what they weighed. She pulled her mouth off his cock with a slurp. "Nice big balls full of Daddy juice for me," she said and dove back onto his cock.

Bob wanted to say, "No, honey, you can't have any of that sperm in those balls," but right now he couldn't say anything. One of his most favorite fantasies had just come true and he was almost paralyzed by it. His sweet little girl was sucking his cock like it was an all day lollypop! He felt the jizz begin to rise almost immediately. He thrust his hips forward, driving his cock into her mouth and groaned, going rigid, frozen, unable to stop himself from shooting off in her mouth.

But Megan had other ideas about where she wanted all that hot white sperm to go.

For months now, as she'd lay wriggling and sighing as her father had brought her to one orgasm after another, she'd imagined the rest of what lovemaking was supposed to be like. She heard things from her friends, read of it in books, and peeked at it on the internet.

And today she had decided that she wanted to feel it all. The grades were her excuse.

She also knew her father would resist.

So, before he could, she stood up, lifted one slim leg high, bending the knee, fitted the tip of his cock between her swollen labia, and hopped on. Her Daddy's prick, long and stiff and about to shoot bullets of baby makers, sunk into her like a hand into a glove. Her virginity tore easily as his bone powered past it, her weight forcing him into her until she hung, supported almost entirely by his cock.

Her toes barely touched the floor and her arms went around his neck. She sighed, "Ohhhhhhh daddeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," and kissed his chest repeatedly.

Bob's eyes bulged as he realized what she was doing. He was still frozen, his hips jutting forward, in perfect position for her to mount him. His mouth opened and his lungs filled.

He meant to yell, "NO!"

But her hot sheath surrounded his hiccupping penis, its precious load already straining at the gates, wanting to get out, to flow into a woman, to go where it was intended to go and do what it was intended to do.

His balls wanted to fertilize a woman.

His prick wanted to fertilize a woman.

A place in his brain wanted to fertilize his daughter.

And this was the perfect time. His "NO!" turned into something sounding like, "NUNGGGGGG," as the first rope of pearly cum shot out of his cock. It tried to splash into her pussy, but his rod was buried so deeply that his cock tip was almost sealed off by the flesh at the end of her tunnel. Right then her feet came up off the floor of the shower and she hopped, wrapping her legs around his butt. That made her pussy hop too, and it jacked two more streams of jizz out of his balls. It also repositioned the tip of his cock as her weight settled back down on it and now his cock's little mouth was kissing her cervix, trying to peek into her womb. The last of those two blasts shot out and was channeled into that womb, followed by three more, each one a little less strong than the previous one. But together, those rounds fired by his love gun amounted to a couple of shot glasses full of sperm, which coated the walls of her baby chamber and dripped down them to pool where his prick plugged her up.

"Oh Daddy ... oh Daddy ... oh Daddy," she murmured over and over again as she felt his hot seed flowing into her. She realized it had hurt, but that was a dim memory even now, only a few seconds after her flesh had torn.

Bob's world was spinning. He knew where his cock was, and what it was doing. He knew it was wrong, but it was so wonderful and she was so obvious about wanting it that he couldn't help but love doing it.

Everything changed for him then.

The first thing he thought of was that he had cum too soon.

Then he thought about the possibility he had just impregnated his own daughter.

Then he hoped he HAD!

Then he felt guilty about that. He heard her loving song to him and saw her looking up, her eyes full of pleasure and love. He kissed her deeply. Then he broke the kiss and jerked his cock out of her.

"Noooo," she wailed, and he shushed her, kissing her again. He turned off the water and hurriedly dried her and then himself. She kept trying to say something, but he shushed her each time. Finally he took her hand and pulled her out of the master bathroom, into his bedroom.

He took her to the bed, threw back the covers and gently pushed her onto it. She lay straight and stiff, not understanding yet. He parted her knees and she drew them up, instinctively, letting them fall apart, opening herself up for him.

He was hard again.

He mounted her with nothing said, sinking into her fully as she sighed and moaned.

She was slick with his first cum. He feasted on her turgid nipples and she whined. He pounded her. He set about fucking her through at least three orgasms. He smiled as she orgasmed for the first time with his cock in her.

Five or six of her orgasms later - he'd lost count trying to control himself - he blasted her full of his cum again.

He didn't even think about pulling out.

Now he was trying to pack as much of his potent sperm as he possibly could into her nubile womb.

She had wanted a reward. The way he saw it, his baby kicking in her swollen belly was the best reward he could give her.

The End

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