Doctoring Brother

by Lubrican

Sheri was a beautiful girl, a perky girl, a saucy girl. In fact Sheri was all those adjectives and more, and she caused more stiff pricks than she could have imagined - literally thousands - even if she tried. Which, oddly enough, she didn't. And that was because she was a nice girl too. But the reason she caused thousands of hardons was because Sheri was a cheerleader.

She wasn't the typical blonde babe who yelled "woo hoo" when someone ran ten yards or scored a basket and then went back to talking to the other cheerleaders. For one thing her hair was raven black. For another she had a sort of smoky look about her, like she'd just gotten out of bed and wasn't quite awake. And, she was double jointed, which allowed her to do stunts most cheerleaders could only dream about doing. One of her favorites was to bend over backwards and keep bending until her head was facing forward again and she was looking at the crowd from between her own two feet. It looked impossible. People went crazy.

It helped that she had a 36 inch bust line. Her mams were nice and round and, though the crowd couldn't see them, were capped with tiny little nipples on tiny little areolas. Each one of them probably didn't take up the size of a dime, but they stuck out maybe half an inch. The crowd couldn't see her pubes either, much to their dismay, but if they had they'd have seen straight hairs that looked like they'd been combed and thinned, flowing down from a bikini line . You could see the underlying skin through them. Basically they framed her plump pink vulva which pooched out in a camel toe quite often. The crowd DID get to see that once in a while. That drove them wild too.

But what made the biggest difference was the way Sheri paid attention to the game and the fans. She knew most people in town, of course, it wasn't all that big after all. She'd point and yell things like, "Come on Mr. Jameson, get up and cheer," or, "Mrs. Swartz, help me out." And she never stopped moving. She'd see the ball going down the court and get people involved in that particular play, not just the game at large. She noticed people, and people noticed her. Especially men, who wanted to give in to their urge to give this girl babies ... LOTS of babies.

The boys would have felt that way too - probably did feel that way secretly - except for one thing. Sheri had a brother. Her big brother was the captain of the football team, the shooting guard on the basketball team, and was on the swim team as well. He was big and he was well liked. He made it very, very clear that his sweet little sister shouldn't have to worry about her virginity. It wasn't on the table and he was there to make sure it stayed locked away, where it belonged. Oh, Sheri had dates. In fact she had lots of them, but no one ever seemed to want to do anything except kiss her chastely on the cheek good night.

Her brother, Kevin, went out on lots of dates too, and his rules for himself were completely different. Kevin fucked any and every girl who would spread her legs for him. He wasn't pushy about it, and in fact he never put it in a girl who didn't want him to, but he had a reputation for being the right guy to lose one's virginity with if a girl was so inclined.

Not the least reason for this was his penis. It was odd by comparison with other guys his age. In the first place, it was thin. It was probably only as thick as a grown man's thumb. It was also long, which meant that most girls, when they had it in them, felt him clear to their uterus. And it was bent.

Now with some guys it bends to the left and others it bends to the right. His bent UP. It started out going away from his body, but when it got to the tip it was pointing almost straight up. It curved almost seventy degrees. What this meant was that the tip scraped along the top of a girl's pussy, which is most commonly where the fabled "G" spot exists, if a girl actually has one.

Anyway, by word of mouth, word spread among females of his peculiarities and his prowess. There were persistent rumors that even a couple of teachers had tried him out. Ms. Harrison, the new Kindergarten teacher was only 23 and he had been her teacher's aide for six weeks. For reasons no one quite knew for sure she was the happiest person in the school for the last four of those weeks. Then after he went on to aide in another room she had returned to her old self. Except that she had turned up pregnant and she wasn't married. There were rumors about that too.

That was the other thing about Kevin. He had this rule that if you were going to let him fuck you, he was going in au naturale. No rubbers for Kevin. You could be on the pill if you wanted, or use a diaphragm, but his spend was for a naked pussy, and not the inside of a plastic bag. Who knows why guys believe the things they believe? It was just the way he was. You could always say "No."

It was a crisp fall Friday night when disaster struck the team. Kevin was trying to pass the ball and he got a helmet in his right abdomen. The linebacker was off the ground at the time and was quite literally a guided missile. That wouldn't have been so bad, except he got hit high in the back by another tackler and he folded up quite suddenly in ways that stretched things farther than they were meant to stretch. Kevin went down and had to be carried off the field. His parents were gone for the weekend, so his little sister went with him to the hospital and stayed with him until the doctors finally released him. He was loaded up with pain killers and sang drinking songs on the way home. He could walk, barely, but it was everything Sheri could do to get him in the house and into his bed. She thought about trying to get him undressed, but gave up on the idea because he was too heavy to move.

The next morning she went in to check on him. He was laying awake, moaning.

"What's wrong, Kevin?" she said.

"I can't move. That's what's wrong. Everything hurts and what's worse I have to piss something awful. I've been trying to get up to go to the bathroom, but I can't. I'm about to have an accident in bed for pity's sake." He groaned again. "Where's Mom?"

"She and Daddy went up to see Aunt Jenny, remember? She's going to have surgery. I'm the only one here. But maybe I can help you get up."

They tried, and eventually she rolled him over so one leg fell onto the floor. Then he was able to do what amounted to a pushup to get himself off the bed. But he couldn't bend over without being in terrible pain in his back. As long as he stood straight up it was tolerable. He could only shuffle with his feet, because of the pain in his abdomen. Sheri found the pills the doctor had handed her the night before and made him swallow one. Then, using the handyman's maxim for oil - Some's good, more's better and too much is just right - she decided that if one was good, two would be better, so she gave him three.

She got him to the bathroom, and in front of the toilet, but then he said, "I usually sit down to piss."

"What?" she said. "Why would you do that?"

"Well, in the morning my ... I'm ... uh ... sort of um ... hard. And that makes it hard to go standing up."

"What in the world are you talking about?" asked Sheri. In fact she was well aware that many of the girls in school were intimately familiar with that hard cock he didn't seem to be able to talk about. She had heard rumors that it was "wonderful" and "amazing" and "to die for" but she didn't know WHY it was all these things. And, of course, she never got to see any of the other boy's cocks. She knew why that was too, and sometimes she didn't appreciate her big brother's efforts to make her dating life "safe." So she decided this might be a good time to find out what the big deal was.

"Come on, Sheri. Take my word for it, OK? I just need to sit down, that's all."

"OK, so now what do we do?" she said.

"Well, I need to drop my pants," he said and his hands went to his belt. He automatically tried to bend and felt a sharp pain. "Ohhh shit, can't do it." He looked at his sister helplessly. "Um... can you drop them for me?"

Sheri was having fun, but she didn't let on. "You want ME to drop YOUR pants, because you have a hardon and have to sit down on the toilet."

"Um...yeah, I guess," he said.

Instead of having more fun with him, Sheri went to work. She unbuckled his pants, and started to unzip him.

But he did in fact have a hardon and it was poking out, making the front of his pants very tight. She worked at the zipper, pushing at the lump.

"Sheri? What are you doing?" her brother said. It felt like a girl was trying to get at his cock. He suddenly realized a girl WAS trying to get at his cock, but this time it was his sister. It wasn't making things any easier, though.

"I'm trying to get your pants unzipped. I don't have a lot of experience at this, you know." Her barbed comment was lost on him as her hand slid over his swollen member. Finally she got the zipper down and then she was able to pull the pants down to his knees. Now for his underwear. She was squatting in front of him, and now the thing that had caused so much trouble was tenting out his underwear. That was easier, since it had an elastic band. She pulled on it and slid it downward.

What was revealed to her eyes was really quite interesting, she thought. First of all it was red. The tip was bullet shaped and more violet. But the curve was what amazed her. It was pointing UP for pity's sake. She could see how trying to point it down would involve bending it way way further than it looked like it COULD bend. Even if he sat down, it would take some pushing on the thing to get it not to shoot right back up through the toilet seat.

"OK. There. You can sit down now."

Kevin began bending his knees, but to sit he had to lean forward slightly and that he could not do. The injured muscle in his back screamed at him. He stood back up. "I can't sit down. Well, I probably could drop and land on the seat, but I'd never be able to get up again. I don't want to have to sit on the toilet all day long. Shit! What am I going to do?"

Sheri had been staring at his hard dick. It DID look like it might be fun to play with, she thought. "Turn around," she said. He didn't move and she put her hands on his hips and turned him. "Turn around," she said again. This time he did and when he was facing the toilet she stopped him. "I'm going to point it down," she said.

Then, for the first time in her life, she put her fingers around a boy's hard dick. The feel was strange and somehow exciting. It was very hard, but it felt slick and soft too! She bent it downward and it felt like it had springs inside of the base or something. She forced it further and further down until it was pointing sort of at the toilet bowl. "OK, now try to go." she said.

Kevin was in agony. Everything hurt. His sister had a hold of his boner and was apparently trying to tear it out by the roots. He couldn't go now if his life depended on it. He tried, but it was no go. "I can't," he said.

Of course she asked him why not and then he had to explain to her how it was hard to get a stream going ANY time you had a hardon, much less when your dick was folded in half.

Sheri looked around. What were they going to do. It had been fun playing with his cock, but he was in pain and she had some idea of what that kind of pain was like. Her eyes lit on the shower. Of course. She told him to lift his leg and she soon had that leg free of his clothing. Then the other. Then she told him to raise his arms and she peeled off his jersey. He stood before his sister, naked, his jutting hardon poking gloriously out.

She steered him toward the shower. "I'm going to make the water nice and warm," she said. "Then you get in, face the corner and let her rip." By now Kevin was ready to do anything just to end the pain. He stood in the warm spray and eventually was able to get his bladder to release. He groaned in satisfaction as the yellow stream arced up in front of him to land on the shower wall.

Sheri kept the door open to watch. She was fascinated to see his penis bob and sway as he used his muscles to try to release his urine. Then it came and she stepped back in surprise. The stream went up and landed clear up level with his head! She watched in amazement as, over a minute or so his dick began to dip, then sag, and finally it was a shriveled sausage looking thing hanging between his legs. Water began to run off of it like clear piss.

She reached in and turned off the water. In the process her PJs got soaked. Now they clung to her teen breasts like a second skin. As the water cooled her, her nipples rose, poking out through the wet material.

"Come on Big Brother" she said and pulled him out of the shower. She got a towel and started drying him off. As she did his head and shoulders he said, "That hot water felt good on my back. Maybe I could get in the hot tub. The water would support my weight and the heat could help loosen me up." As he talked he looked at his sister. Her hands were up over her head as she dried his hair. He saw her stiffened nipples, and the cloth stuck to her breasts. He felt blood flowing to his dick. Sheri kept drying, getting his hips and butt, his legs and feet. She saved that interesting looking peter for last. Finally it was time and she molded the towel around it, rubbing it gently. It thickened as she manipulated it, but then it was dry and she stood up.

Kevin stopped talking when he felt his sister drying his prick. He couldn't help what was happening down there, but it was embarrassing. He sighed and relaxed when she abandoned the member. At least it hadn't gotten completely hard again. Sheri agreed that the hot tub was a good idea and went off to get it ready. He walked around the house, naked. He tried to get something to eat, but couldn't bend over in the fridge. He couldn't find anything worth eating in the cupboards. He got several pieces of bread and was stuffing them in his mouth when Sheri found him.

"It's ready," she said. He looked at her. Instead of seeing his sister, he saw an almost grown woman. A very sexy looking woman, he thought, in her light cotton PJs, under which there was most assuredly smooth silky skin and nipples and a pussy.... He realized with horror that his cock was rising.

"Don't tell me you have to pee again," she said, watching the sausage start changing back into a Kielbasa.

"No," he said too quickly. How was he going to explain it. She didn't help. She stood there, one hip cocked, hand on hip, breasts poking the material out. SHIT he had to stop thinking about that. "Um...sometimes it just happens."

Sheri looked at him. He was embarrassed! Wow. Her big brother, who ruined her social life, and ordered her around, was embarrassed. He was also virtually helpless, she thought. Hmmmmm.

"Well, tell it to behave and come on." She turned and left.

Kevin thought, "My, but her hips sway nicely when she walks."

By the time he got to the hot tub his mind had done the rest. He was once again hard and proudly curved. There were steps leading up to the hot tub, and steps leading down into it, which was good, because there was no way he could have climbed over the edge. But Sheri wasn't going to just let him climb those steps without assistance. There was no handrail, and he could slip. So she got on top and held his hand as he climbed up.

Now was the tricky part. Getting him down into the steaming hot water. He started to step down and tottered. His foot came back up.

"Hold it," said Sheri. She made her decision then, a decision that would change their lives forever.

She unbuttoned her PJ top and slipped it off. Then she bent and removed the bottoms. Now she too was gloriously naked. She stepped down into the water. MAN it was hot! She looked up at her brother. There, right in front of her face was that interesting boner of his. Now there was a clear drop of fluid oozing out of the little hole in the end.

"I thought you said you didn't have to pee," she said.

Kevin was paralyzed. His sister had stripped naked in front of him. She was gorgeous! She had tits that were a baby's dream! And her pubic hair. Even from above he could see the plump lips of her pussy poking out through that black hair. His cock was like steel now. She said something to him about peeing. At the last second he realized what she was talking about. "I don't. It's just ... a hardon."

"Well, then I need to take you back to the doctor, cause there's something coming out of it," she said. She was serious too. She leaned closer to his organ. "It's kind of clear and it's oozing out. Don't you feel it?"

Kevin panicked. If she took him back to the doctor and told the doctor what she had just told him he'd be the laughing stock of the community. And how exactly would he explain why his sister had been looking at his hard dick?

"No!" he blurted. "Look, it's complicated, but there's nothing wrong. It's done that before. OK? Just get me in the water."

While he had been talking the stuff oozed more and more until it ran down his dick and started to drip into the water. When the drop left the bottom of his dick Sheri instinctively stuck her hand out and caught it. She peered at it closely and rubbed a finger in it. It was slippery, not like pee at all. But what else could come out of a penis?

The answer hit her like a ton of bricks.

"OH!" she said. This was a REAL hardon. The kind that boys got when they wanted to have sex! And she was standing there naked! Her brother wanted to have SEX ... with HER! The realization made her knees feel weak and a funny heat started expanding in her abdomen. She realized she was blushing. She took a breath and reached her hand out to her brother. Slowly she helped him down the steps, into the water.

Her eyes never left his penis.

As he entered the water Kevin felt the heat and knew it would help his sore body. But he couldn't sit down without bending forward. Sheri saw the problem and got behind him. She put her hands under his armpits and told him to begin bending his knees. As he did the water took his weight and she pulled him against her, spreading her legs and making a cushion that he could lean against. The seat was just big enough that his buttocks fit, if not comfortably, at least securely. He leaned back and sighed.

His sigh was for two reasons. First, the heated water DID ease the ache in his body. Second, he leaned back into her soft body. He felt her breasts pillow his shoulder blades. Her arms came around him, holding him against her. He groaned and let his head flop back on her shoulder.

"Ohhh Sheri, you have no idea how good this feels," he sighed. Sheri sighed too. She hadn't imagined just how nice it would feel to have a hard male body pressed up against her while she was naked. His buttocks were snuggled into her crotch and the pressure on her breasts felt delightful. She relaxed her hands and they fell to his lap.

They landed on his still hard, upturned penis.

She almost jerked her hands away. But something came over her and when he too jerked she turned her face and said in his ear "Sit still. Relax. You can't do anything about it, but you'll relax better if this" - and she grasped his boner in her right hand - "goes away." She might never have seen a boy's penis, but she'd heard PLENTY of stories about what girls could DO with one.

She started slowly stroking the organ along its bent length.

Now Kevin had a real problem. What she was doing felt really good. Really good! But she was his SISTER.

"But ..." he started.

"Just hush," she said right in his ear. Her breath in his ear made him shiver. "I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time, but I have this BROTHER who won't let any boy even kiss me, much less let me play with a real live cock." She continued her action, and she could tell by how hard she squeezed whether it was too hard or not hard enough.

Kevin thought about what she looked like. He thought about how she felt against him. He didn't last more than seven or eight strokes. "Unngggggg," he groaned.

She felt the cock in her hand swell a little and jump in her hand. She couldn't see the streams of white shoot out the end into the roiling water and begin circulating throughout the pool. But she could feel the result in his body. He slumped even more and sighed as he relaxed. Slowly she felt his penis lose its tumescence and turn back into that wrinkled sausage she had seen before. She patted it with her hand and raised both hands to pull him against her more securely.

"Thanks, Sher," her brother said sleepily. She held him as he dozed.

She knew they shouldn't stay in water that hot for too long, so when 25 minutes had gone by she squeezed him and said it was time to get out. The pain pills she had given him had kicked in, so he was actually able to climb out on his own and limp back into the bedroom.

Sheri followed him, grabbing a towel and dried him off before she maneuvered him back into bed. It had only been two hours since she had given him the pain pills, but she didn't want that to leave his system while he was asleep, so she gave him one more.

As he drifted off she stood there, naked and dripping, staring at his naked body. She reached down to his flaccid cock and squeezed it. A final drop of thick white bubbled out the piss hole. She knew this was what had come out in the hot tub and wished she could have seen it. On impulse she scooped it onto a finger, felt it, smelled it and then, without thinking, tasted it too. She was surprised to find it tasted almost sweet.

She felt that heat in her stomach again, and an itch between her legs that she wanted to scratch. She'd touched herself before, but always felt she was being nasty and never kept it up for long. Now, she looked at the finger she'd just licked clean and slid that finger between the lips she had down below. She'd felt nice like that a few times before, but not too often and never for very long. She had been taught all her life that that was a nasty thing to do.

But it sure felt nice.

Today, she decided, she was going to forget about feeling nasty. Instead she climbed onto the bed and lay beside her sleeping brother. She began to stroke herself. The result astounded her. The orgasm snuck up on her and hit her hard and fast. At first she thought she had done something terrible, and was having some kind of attack. Then she lay back and let it come over her.

She had never imagined she could feel like that. If that was nasty, she was going to be a very nasty girl from now on. She yawned in the afterglow. Then she dozed.

When Sheri woke up she was cold. She could feel warmth next to her and, without thinking she rolled toward it. She rolled into her brother and lay an arm across his warm chest. He moved the arm between them, brushing it against her breasts.

"What?? Who?? Sheri?" he said foggily.

"Mmmm?" she said.

"What are you doing?" He was beginning to wake up.

"I'm just getting warm," she murmured.

"But you're naked," he said helplessly.

"So? Get over it!" she said. "We've been naked all day. I got tired and you were sleeping. Anyway, how do you feel?"

"Better ... I think," he said. He stretched experimentally and groaned. "Man, that guy hit me HARD," he said. "I'm still hurting."

"Maybe a massage would help," she said and she sat up.

She saw his eyes widen. "Maybe you getting some clothes on would help," he said. For some reason it made her mad.

"Why is it that I have to be the one to cover up? What's wrong with me? I know I'm not ugly. I know what a hardon is for and YOU got one. So WHY did you get one? Was it for ME? Does my protective big brother all of a sudden want to FUCK ME?" She finished at the top of her lungs.

Kevin stared back at her, his mouth hanging open. Who was this person he'd thought he knew? "Sheri, calm down..." he said.

She raged on. "Why should I calm down? You've fixed it so I never even SAW a cock until today...never got to touch one....never got to do all those things the girls all say they do with YOU. I think I had my FIRST ORGASM today for pity's sake and I'm SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD YOU PRICK!!!" She stopped, suddenly embarrassed by what she'd said.

"Kevin, just shut up. I don't want to fight. You need help and I'm it. It may cost you some of your male pride, but just shut up. OK? Please?"

Kevin didn't know what to say. Yes, he'd gotten a hardon from looking at her. Yes he thought she was beautiful and sexy. Yes he'd stared at her pussy longingly.

SHIT! He DID want to fuck his own sister!

But he couldn't say that. So, taking the typical male avenue, he just said, "OK."

Sheri felt like she had scored a touchdown. She leaned over him and said, "Now, where does it hurt that I could rub for you?"

"My side is pretty sore, and my back too," he said.

"Let's tackle the back first - OH, no pun intended," she laughed. She helped him roll over. There was a large purplish bruise in the middle of his back. She began stroking it lightly, not putting pressure on it. "MMffff," he said. His face was buried in the sheets. She took that as a positive and expanded the field. As she got further away from the bruise she pressed more heavily, digging into the muscle and moving it around. She could feel the tension begin to ease and moved down to his lower back. She worked that too and in the process eyed his muscular butt. What the heck. She let both hands slide onto his ass and felt him tense up.

She slapped his right cheek sharply. "Relax," she ordered. By degrees he did and she was finally able to manipulate his ass cheeks easily. She moved to his thighs and then calves, finally lifting each leg to roll his foot around at the ankle. He managed to turn his head.

"That's amazing Sher. It really helps. I'd say you cut the pain in half."

"Good, now roll over." Kevin made a conscious decision to ignore the fact that he was naked and let her roll him. She started at his chest, pushing and shoving the muscles around. Then his arms. She was kneeling over him, her lovely breasts hanging and jiggling as she moved. He couldn't ignore the fact that SHE was naked. She went lightly on his side where there was another bruise ... and was confronted once again with his hard curved penis.

"Good grief, Kevin, doesn't this thing EVER take a break?"

"Sorry," he mumbled. "You're just such a babe I can't help it." He hadn't meant to say that.

"I'll take that as a compliment," she said sweetly. She gave his cock a playful slap and moved on to his thighs. He automatically spread his legs and she got her first good look at his balls. They were hanging clear down to the sheet between his legs. They looked huge. She couldn't believe she hadn't noticed them before now. She felt the now familiar tingle in her pussy and tried to ignore it. She went on down to his shins, but there wasn't anything there to work with. She looked up to find that he had managed to move his hand to cover his cock. She took his hand and lifted it off, putting it on the sheet. "Don't cover it up. I think it's pretty. You should be proud of it."

Kevin groaned. "I don't believe this," he said. "My sister thinks my prick is ... pretty." He was thoughtful for a minute. "Thanks," he said. "For...earlier. It helped."

Sheri crawled back up to his head and put her face over his. "You mean for jerking you off? I bet that DID feel good."

He colored, but couldn't get away from her.

"I liked it," she said. His eyes widened.

"Really?" he asked.

"Really!" she said. "In fact, I kind of want to do it again." She looked at him. He looked back. He couldn't think of anything to say.

When Kevin didn't say, "No," Sheri decided that she was free to experiment and learn some more. She crawled back down to his loins. She took the bobbing boner between two fingers and wagged it around. "Kevin?" she said, examining it closely.

"Um...yeah?" he said, feeling her toying with his cock.

"Have any of the girls ever ... put it in their mouth?" The thing jerked so hard she almost lost it.

"Um.. why would you ask me that, Sher?" he said neutrally.

She crawled back up to his face and hung over it again. "Did Ms. Harrison ever do that?" Kevin choked and coughed. Sheri knew she was on to something. She just waited for him to quit coughing.

He wouldn't look at her. She drove on.

"You DID get her pregnant, didn't you?" Kevin's eyes were looking wildly everywhere except at her.

He was beginning to sweat.

"You DID, didn't you? With THIS" - she grasped his cock in her right hand and squeezed it - "cock, right here in my hand....didn't you?" She jacked on it a couple of times.

Now he was sweating a lot. Sheri was having fun again. "I'm going to see what Ms. Harrison got to taste." And she disappeared from his view. The next thing he felt was heat and wet all over the top third of his prick. She was doing it!

Sheri didn't stop to think about it. She stuck the curved prick in her mouth and molded her mouth around it. It was slick, and hot and the texture was wonderful. It jerked in her mouth and she tasted that almost sweet taste. She knew it was leaking in her mouth and she slurped upwards, sucking until it popped out of her closed lips. Sure enough a bubble of the stuff seeped out of the little hole. She stuck out her tongue and licked it off. It was replaced by another and another and another.

Her pussy was aching now and she wanted to rub it again, but she didn't want to stop playing with his penis. The penis that wanted to fuck her.

The penis that suddenly she wanted to fuck.

She suddenly stopped playing with it. She knew what it would do if it squirted. It wouldn't be any good to her at all then. She crawled back up to look in his face. "You taste good," she said, smiling at him. "Did Ms. Harrison tell you that?"

He still wasn't talking. He was breathing hard. "Sher, this isn't funny any more," he said.

She very carefully and very obviously arched her leg up and over his body, settling herself just below the bruised side. His eyes got wide and wild again. Her pussy was pressing right on his cock. "Mr. Big Brother. Goes out and fucks all the girls. Fucks Ms. Harrison and knocks her up. But he won't let any boy even kiss his sister. Oh no, she gets nothing." She was grinding her pussy on his penis. It felt good. "And now he's helpless and his poor little deprived sister gets to find out what all those girls are talking about. You DID fuck Ms. Harrison, didn't you?"

Kevin opened his mouth. What could he do? He could push her off, but who knew what she'd do then? She wouldn't do it. He was sure of that. Yeah, she put it in her mouth, but no way would she put it in her pussy. She was a virgin.

Hey! That was it!

"Sheri," he said, his voice calm. "You can't do this. You're a virgin. It hurts the first time. It hurts a lot. You aren't ready. You don't want to do this." There, maybe now she'd come to her senses.

Sheri heard everything he said. She WAS a virgin. Not by choice, but because he wouldn't let her do anything else. And if she didn't do something about it she'd never ever get to meet any really interesting boys. She was a virgin because her brother MADE her be a virgin. So, by golly, she'd make her brother TAKE her virginity. She reached between them, found the curved wonder and settled the tip in her pussy's mouth.

Then she looked her big brother right in the face and said ... "Yes ..."

And then she pushed.

"I ..." and she pushed harder.

"DO!" and she felt it begin to slip inside her.

Sheri had used tampons and had forgotten the pains she experienced when she first started inserting them, and the fact that they didn't hurt any more. His slim prick was loved by all those girls precisely because it would invade a tight pussy without causing so much discomfort. In the time between when she stopped licking up all his precum, he had leaked a lot, and it was doing its job of lubricating. Her own pussy had helped too, by making her slippery. Still, it was a tight fit.

She got about half of it in and then stopped, sitting on top of it. It felt ... different, but she knew she liked it already. Some instinct told her to keep him off balance. So she leaned forward to get face to face with him again. "There! Now I'm getting what Ms. Harrison got." She wiggled her hips down, getting a little more of that bent cock in her.

"Why doesn't it hurt, Kevin? You said it would hurt, but it doesn't, Kev. It didn't hurt Ms. Harrison either did it, Kev. She loved it didn't she, Kev? Did she love fucking your cock, Kev?"

Kevin's mind was about to blow. His sister's pussy was slipping over his cock and he already knew he was going to blow a load in her. It was going to happen any second now and there wasn't anything he could do about it.

And all of a sudden he didn't WANT to do anything about it. All of a sudden he wanted to do the same thing to her he had done to Linda Harrison. His hips lunged up and he shouted, "YES SHE LOVED IT!!" And he started coming.

Sheri was surprised when his hips lifted off the bed and he shouted. Then she felt his cock slide all the way home, clear up inside her and she felt the hot fluid rush into her body. She knew he was shooting his stuff inside her and she thought of Ms. Harrison, whose belly had swelled to the point she had trouble walking. There was a baby in there ... Kevin's baby ... and for some reason that made Sheri feel hot. And now that same cock was spraying inside HER! "OH Kevin...Oh baby...yes...yes...I feel it....Oh baby, shoot it in me....." She lay down on his chest as his cock continued to pump it's load into her.

Some time later she felt his hand stroking her hair. She lifted her head. She could feel the sausage, almost out of her now. She looked at her brother.

"That was a pretty stupid thing to do, you know," he said softly to her.

She lay her head down again on his chest and sighed. "I know." She raised her head again. "Are you sorry?" She searched his face.

"No," he said simply.

She smiled. "When you get better will you do it again ... like you do with the other girls?"

He smiled back. "Yes."

She lay her head down again.


The End

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