Familiarity Breeds Sister

by Lubrican

Beth Ann sighed and wiped the long counter of the Hamilton Dry Goods store. Jake, her brother, was doing it again. He was in the back room jacking off, while she stayed out front tending the counter, not three feet away. As she wiped the counter, probably for the ten thousandth time, she could hear the rhythmic slap of his hand on his big angry looking boner - also probably for the ten thousandth time, she thought glumly.

"Would you hurry up, you pervert?" she hissed through the saloon doors that went to the back room. "I've got to pee!"

"Well then," he panted. "Go ahead and pee."

"You know I can't leave the front unattended. Aunt June would have a fit if somebody came in and there wasn't a Hamilton right there to do their every bidding."

Beth Ann and Jake lived with their elderly aunt and had for the last ten years, ever since their parents were killed in an accident. Aunt June was the only family they had and, while she'd felt it was her duty to take them in, she was also glad for the help they gave her in running her store. The fact that the store was out in the middle of Catlin County, thirty miles from just about anywhere, didn't mean business was slow. After all, everybody living within ten miles was also twenty miles from just about anywhere. So there was a fairly constant stream of folks coming in and out. But to make any real money, the store needed to be open about sixteen hours a day. Aunt June handled things from morning until suppertime, but after that Beth Ann and Jake looked after things until it was time to close. At least that's what they'd been doing ever since they'd turned twelve. At first it had been a wild adventure for the twins - being in charge of a whole store - but four years later Beth Ann felt like she could go anywhere in the place and find anything they sold blindfolded, and hopping on one leg.

Beth Ann heard the combination sigh and groan she also knew very well. Jake was cumming, squirting two or three long white ropes of semen out of his penis and into a tissue. Her nose caught the unique scent of his sexual fluid. That too was a smell she knew well. She wondered if all boys did that constantly, like her brother seemed to.

She thought back to the first time she'd seen him doing it.

Beth Ann had gone out to the storage shed to find a case of number six nails and was lugging it back into the back door of the store. She had the heavy box balanced on her shoulder, so she had a hand free to open the door. She knew Jake wouldn't be able to hear her from up front if she knocked, and that's where Jake was. Or at least that's where he was supposed to be.

But he wasn't.

Instead, as she walked up the dim hallway toward the front of the store, she saw Jake standing just inside the saloon doors, peeking out into the front room. His pants were on the floor in a puddle around his ankles. His hand was moving in what would be his lap, if he was sitting. Beth Ann hadn't understood at first.

"Jake? What are you doing?"

He'd turned and she'd seen clearly just what he was doing. They'd been thirteen at the time, and she'd known about reproduction and all that, but she'd never seen an erect penis until then.

Her brother's was, unknown to her, a prime example of a man's cock. It was about eight inches long, with a slight bend up and to the left. He was uncircumcised, which meant he didn't need any lubrication to jack off, and could do it anywhere, any time. Being a teenager, he could produce several ounces of semen several times a day. He'd learned how to get that semen out of his balls while taking a bath when he was twelve, and had been doing that just about every day since then. Especially when he saw Janet Thompson, who had just been in the store, buying the last of the number six nails for her father.

Of course Beth Ann didn't know all that at that time. All she'd known was that her brother had his hand on a very stiff penis and was slicking it back and forth in an almost professional manner.

Or had been.

When she announced her presence he'd jumped, then bent down and pulled his pants back up as quick as he could. He'd stammered out something about "just having to". Beth Ann had been pretty much speechless for half an hour, but eventually she'd confronted him about it. As they'd always been pretty close, Jake was actually able to explain about Janet, and what she always did to him, and how he relieved the pressure. Beth Ann knew what that feeling was like. There was one boy at school who, whenever he talked to her, made her stomach feel funny in a way that she just couldn't make go away.

But she'd never masturbated. She didn't even know how to begin.

In the years that had followed that incident, Beth Ann had begun to notice how girls affected her brother. If a pretty girl came into the store Beth Ann would surreptitiously peek at the front of her brother's trousers. More often than not a bulge would appear, like magic. And, when the girl had left, Jake would think up some reason why he had to go into the back room, or out to the storage shed, or to the bathroom. She couldn't go spy on him, because someone always had to be at the counter, but she was pretty sure she knew what he was doing. He was always in a great mood when he came back, with a big smile on his face.

It just wasn't fair. He got all the fun, while she just got frustrated. She didn't have a nice hard penis to play with. It had never occurred to her to explore her own body, to find out what might feel nice.

Things had progressed one warm evening when they were fifteen. Sandra O'Connor had come slinking into the store wearing a dress so old you could almost see through it, and had asked for a twenty-four inch zipper for her mother. Jake had told her that he thought there might be one in a box up in the attic and he'd have to show her. It wasn't until after they'd climbed up the fold down ladder to the loft that Beth Ann had suddenly realized Jake hadn't been up in the attic for over a year, and wouldn't have noticed anything at all about sewing notions even if he had. AND, he'd had another of those boners of his as he led Sandra to the stairs. Jake was doing something up there with Sandra, and Beth Ann wanted to know what.

So she peeked. She quietly climbed up the ladder and carefully raised her head into the open space above. She almost fell off the ladder when she realized what she was seeing. Sandra was lying on the floor, the dress up around her stomach. Her legs were spread and Jake was between them. His pants were down around his ankles again and his pale white butt was bobbing up and down while Sandra sighed with pleasure. In the shaft of light coming through a dusty window, Beth Ann could see his stiff penis sliding in and out of Sandra's pussy. Her own pussy clenched as she stifled a gasp and she ducked her head back down instantly. He was FUCKING her! Right there in the store!

Beth Ann found she was panting, her breasts heaving like she'd run a mile. How could he do that right here in the store? And why would Sandra let him do that at all?

Maybe he was raping her! Maybe she needed help!

Beth Ann peeked back over the edge of the floor. Sandra was making noise ... moaning ... was that pain? Beth Ann examined the way Sandra was lying. Her legs were out flung, giving Jake plenty of room. Her arms were around him, not pushing him away. Suddenly Sandra began thrusting her pussy up at Jake as he pounded into her. She was chanting, "Yeah .. yeah .. yeah ... OH YEAH!"

Well, it obviously wasn't rape.

Then Jake started making noises too! He said, "You're snapping your pussy Sandy, I'm gonna cum Sandy ... here it comes, baby ... OH YEAH!" He stuck his peter in her all the way one last time and Beth Ann saw his ass cheeks clench. He pulled his prick out a little and slammed it back in, grunting. But while it was out, Beth Ann saw that his dick was coated with streaks of white and she knew it was his sperm.

He was shooting his sperm into Sandra O'Connor! She might even get PREGNANT!

Beth Ann climbed back down the ladder and went to the counter. Her pussy was hot and itchy. There was an ache in her stomach, not like she was sick, but like she was hungry or something. But she wasn't hungry. Between her legs felt ... wet. That had never happened before. She didn't know what to do about it. She felt nervous and jumpy too.

About then she heard noises of feet coming down the stairs. She made herself busy so she wouldn't have to look Sandra in the eye. When Sandra and Jake came back into the room he said something lame about how since they hadn't found what she needed that they'd have to order it in. She giggled and said to give her a call when it got here and she'd run right over to get it.

She'd confronted her brother after Sandra had left the store. A shouting match had ensued but Beth Ann ended it by saying that if he ever did anything like that again in the store she'd tell their aunt. Jake had clamped his mouth shut, but later he whined and moaned that he'd get the blue balls if he couldn't do something to get some relief. In the end he'd gotten her to agree that he could go in the back room to jerk off when he needed to, as long as he didn't take too long.

Beth Ann had thought that he'd be too inhibited to do it very often. She was wrong. Jake could whack off six or seven times a day if he wanted to. And since it was his sister who'd stopped him from having REAL fun he didn't care if his sister saw him or not while he was spanking his monkey. As time went on he even quit trying to be private about it, standing in plain sight as he jerked on his hot meat until it spat streams of semen up into the air. When Beth Ann complained that he was making messes on the floor, he started shooting into a tissue again. As time went on, Jake not only didn't mind if his sister saw him, it made him even more horny to know a female was looking at his dick. So he ended up standing right inside the saloon doors so that if Beth Ann went in there she couldn't help but see him.

He thought it was funny. She was even more disgusted.

Things went along that way until Beth Ann refined her interest in boys. When Roger Dalton asked her to a school dance, and pushed her into a corner where he commenced to kiss her until she pushed him away, she found herself feeling exactly the same way she had felt when she saw Jake and Sandra fucking. Was that what Roger wanted to do with her? She let him kiss her some more, but when his hand cupped her breast she pushed him away again and went back out in the light, where people could see her. But every time she danced close to him after that, her stomach did flip flops.

The next day was Saturday, and Beth Ann slept late. She wouldn't have to take over the store until four that afternoon, so she could do whatever she wanted until then. She thought back to the dance, and the feel of Roger's lips on hers, and his hand on her breast. She knew Jake had experience with these things. She bounded up out of bed, still dressed in only her T shirt and panties that she slept in each night. She went to his room and, without knocking, turned the knob and walked in.

Jake was on his bed, naked, with a magazine open, showing pictures of naked women. He was beating off.

"Oh my gosh!" exclaimed Beth Ann. "Don't you ever do anything else except that?"

He'd paused at first, but then he spied her hard little nipples under her T shirt. The shirt didn't come down as far as it had when she'd first worn it and he could also see her camel toe, though she didn't know she even had one. He started beating off even faster, fantasizing about what was under those panties. "No," he grunted. "Not since you laid down the law about doing it with girls around here." He jacked harder, staring at his sister's breasts. "What do you want?" he gasped. He was going to shoot.

"Well ..." she started. "Do ALL boys do that?"

"Ohhh yeah," panted Jake, but he wasn't answering her question, he felt the spunk rising in his balls. Beth Ann came closer to him. He looked so strange, so tense, so red in the face. He was gasping for air.

"Are you OK?" she said, coming right to the edge of the bed.

"Ohhhhh Yeeeaaaaahhhh!!!" he groaned and his penis spat a foot long stream of his teenage sperm. It was followed by six or seven others, just as thick and just as solid. And at least two of those splatted right on the front of his sister's panties. Her mouth flew open and her hand automatically went to the spot, where her fingers slid through his spend. She thought she'd be horrified by the feel, but it was hot, and creamy, and slippery and ... well ... interesting!

"I can't believe you did that!" she gasped.

"Sorry," he didn't sound sorry. He was staring at her panties. "It's just that I was close and you turned me on even more."

"I did?" she was puzzled. "Why?"

Jake decided to tell her the truth. It might result in her changing her dressing habits, but who knew? "I could see your nipples through your shirt, and I could see your pussy. It looks like it's pretty under your panties." He could still see them, and his cock had only gone down about half way. Jake was just chock full of testosterone and could often beat off two or even three times in a row if he was motivated. "If I could see them better I'd beat off again." Jake was going for broke.

Beth Ann felt her face flush. Her brother wanted to see her naked! Roger had wanted to see her naked too. And if she could watch Jake beat off from up close, she might be able to learn how to do that to Roger and make him happy. On impulse she lifted her shirt, exposing her breasts and then took it off.

She watched Jake and his eyes got big. His cock started getting big too. Feeling a perverse thrill that she could affect him so, she bent over and slipped her panties off. When she stood back up she wanted to cover her mons, but she disciplined herself not to. Jake was stroking his growing hardon now.

"What's it feel like when you do that?" she asked.

"Well, it's probably a lot like when you rub yourself," he said. She looked puzzled and he added, "You know, between your legs."

"I don't rub myself," she said, "except when I'm in the bathtub."

Jake was surprised. He said, "Come over here. I want to show you something."

Beth Ann was wary, but she figured she could trust her own brother. She went to the bed and he moved over to let her lie beside him. He had stopped stroking his cock and it just lay there, pointing at her.

He put his hand out. "I'm going to touch you. It won't hurt, but if you want me to stop, just say so. I think it will help you understand why I do what I do." He then moved his index finger to the tip of his cock, which had a big dollop of milky looking stuff on it and coated his finger tip with the stuff. He told her to bend the knee of her top leg and she did. That opened up her crotch to him and he slid his slippery finger between her pussy lips. He wanted to stick it inside her, but instead he brought it up to find the bump that every girl had and which made every girl go crazy. He found it and began circling it with his sperm-covered fingertip.

Beth Ann's response was gratifying. She sucked in a big breath of air and sighed, "Ohhhhhhh that feels wonderful." He kept rubbing the diddling her clitty until he felt the warm wetness of her own lubrication. "You can do this too," he said, and he slid his longest finger inside her pussy.

Beth Ann sighed again, "Oohhh my," and rolled backward to lie splayed on the bed. Now Jake went to town, masturbating her vigorously. He leaned toward her.

"And, if you let a boy play with your titties, I'm told it feels even better." She didn't stop him, so he leaned over and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

Beth Ann didn't know it, but her nipples were tied directly to her orgasm box, and when Jake sucked on that nipple, it jerked the string and a whole pile of orgasms fell out. Beth Ann was almost paralyzed by the intensity of her first one, which was a complete surprise. She felt the pleasure in her nipple, in her belly, in her pussy, around her clitty, almost everywhere, and it felt like she was going to fly apart into little pieces. Jake, knowing what was happening to her diddled and sucked even more wildly, hoping that if she had a really good time, she might be willing to do it again.

She was.

In fact Beth Ann became almost instantly addicted to masturbation. Now, when Jake went in the back and jerked off, she got hot, thinking about it. Luckily, she could stroke herself while she stood behind the counter, but it never felt as good as it did when Jake did it.

So she asked him to do it again.

He was more than happy to do so, and one day he progressed by suggesting that it felt really good if a boy licked a girl's pussy. She thought that sounded pretty nasty, but changed her mind as soon as his sucking lips fastened onto her teen clitty and blasted her into an orgasm almost immediately.

The strange thing was that she was getting enough satisfaction at home that she didn't feel the urge to let Roger or any other male touch her. It got so that, if she was horny, all she had to do was slip into her brother's room after their aunt went to bed and he'd lick and finger her to all the orgasms she wanted.

Jake, for his part, was pretty happy with things. It got even better when he talked his sister into tasting his cock. She took to it like a duck to water and soon was sucking down mouthfuls of his hot cum as often as he asked her to. Now, when she snuck into his room at night, they sixty-nined happily, sometimes for hours. In the store Beth Ann even relented a time or two and gave her brother a blow job while they were standing just inside the back room. Jake could look out the door and see if a customer came in while Beth Ann sucked happily on his cock until it fed her what she was rapidly becoming addicted to.

It was inevitable. Though he was getting his rocks off regularly, Jake missed the feeling of hot wet pussy wrapped around his cock as it shot goo all over the place. And so, one night, when he was about to shoot, he jerked his cock out of his sister's mouth and said, "I want to show you something."

Beth Ann, used to her brother showing her some new way to get a thrill, laid there expectantly. It hadn't occurred to her that he'd mount her and fill her pussy with hard dick.

But that's what he did.

By the time she realized what he was doing, her pussy was stretched and packed with a stiff penis. When she drew her breath in, she intended to demand that he stop immediately, but what came out was, "Ohhhhhhhh Jake."

Hearing what he interpreted as agreement, Jake lustily began fucking his sister, and inside two minutes they were both knee deep in teenage orgasms. Jake happily spurted her chock full of hot heavy sperm, and Beth Ann happily let her spasming pussy milk it all out of him. Suddenly she understood the dreamy look she had seen on Sandra's face after she caught Jake fucking her in the attic.

As she had with everything else Jake had taught her, Beth Ann became addicted to fucking. First she snuck into his room at night and climbed in bed with him. He was always there, waiting for her, his dick hard and full of cream. And he was always ready to pump that cream into his sister's willing pussy. Quite often she stayed there in bed with him, his prick still plugging her channel, keeping all his potent sperm in her until they woke up later and she spread her legs for him again.

Then, one Saturday, while their aunt was gone to visit a sick friend, and business was slow, Beth Ann got so horny that she let Jake slip it in her standing up in the back room. He pinned her to the wall and jabbed his cock up into her tender pussy until he flooded her with his baby batter.

By the time three months had passed, Jake and Beth Ann were rutting away at each other every chance they got, and they started taking chances. Now it was unusual if Jake didn't slide his cock in her at least three times a day. They were getting to be experts at cumming within two minutes, and they knew each other's bodies so well that they routinely reached the pinnacle of pleasure at the same time. But they tried not to do it quickly unless it was just flat an emergency. Beth Ann would rather be horny all afternoon, if it got her two hours of dedicated fucking later that night.

They both knew he'd knock her up. Neither cared. They decided they'd raise their baby, and the eight or nine that came after it, right there in the boonies and pass the store on to them some day.

The End

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