Family Boot Camp

by Lubrican

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Chapter One

Bobby looked out the window of the train dismally as it sped down the tracks toward his punishment. At 16, he was sure his life was going to be over when he got to the end of this particular line ... pun intended. He had screwed up one too many times at home, the last one when he sideswiped a mailbox while driving drunk in his father's brand new pickup truck.

Now he was on his way to his Uncle's farm in Montana, where he would live for the next six months, while he ... thought things over. Since it was late May, that meant he'd start school in Montana and then have to transfer back home. That was part of his punishment - to keep him away from his friends, who were a 'bad influence' on him, according to his father.

He remembered his Uncle from a family reunion a long time ago, when he was probably only nine or ten. Uncle John was a big man with a thick bushy black beard and a permanent scowl on his face. He farmed cattle and some kind of crops that he fed the cattle. That's all Bobby knew. That, and the fact that he was expected to work for his Uncle, without pay, all summer. He figured it was going to be sort of a family boot camp situation. He also knew there were cousins involved. But he had lots and lots of cousins and he couldn't keep them all straight.

The train dumped him off at a little building in the middle of nowhere. It was dusty and there was no one in the building, which had a porch that ran along the tracks and a sign that said "Rock Creek". Inside the building were a few chairs, an office with a desk and scattered papers on it, and a drinking fountain that didn't work. Bobby peered into the bathroom, which was just big enough to hold a toilet and tiny sink. He heard the train pulling away as he tried the tap and something brown splashed into the sink. Eventually it ran clear and he hesitantly tasted it. It was water, but it had a flat taste to it that was unfamiliar. There was a thick layer of dust over everything in the building.

He searched the office, finding only some pamphlets that had train schedules on them, a maintenance checklist with the last checkmark by a scribbled date that was ten years back, and a broken pencil. No phone. No people. "Just my fucking luck," he groaned, thinking his uncle had forgotten him.

He was utterly alone. Being from Chicago, Bobby had never actually been really alone in his whole life. Even when he was in his room, he heard the noises of humanity, even in the middle of the night.

And it was the silence that got to him first. He realized he was straining to hear something, but that it wasn't working. He clapped his hands and felt relief flood through him as he realized he wasn't deaf. Then he noticed how the bare wooden boards of the floor made sounds as he walked on them in his sneakers. When he opened the door he heard the wind. Fascinated by sounds he would normally have ignored completely, Bobby stood as still as he could and just listened. He heard clicks and creaks and tiny sounds that he couldn't identify. It was really quite fascinating.

He noticed movement on the horizon and saw a smudge of white smoke going up in the air. Then he realized it was dust and it was moving toward him at a shallow angle. He was standing on the platform beside his two bags when the dust cloud turned into a bright red Mustang GT convertible that looked like it was going a hundred miles an hour across the dry landscape. Within a minute it skidded to a stop about five feet from him and he was enveloped in a cloud of fine white dust. He coughed and watched his skin turn white as a figure materialized through the dust.

She was wearing a cowboy hat that covered her hair and a pair of dark sunglasses that covered her eyes. The rest of her wasn't covered by much at all. She had on a tiny yellow bikini that was bright against darkened skin. The body under that bikini was astounding. She was lithe, tall and slim, with bulging breasts that were barely covered and supported only a little by the bra. The panty cupped her pussy and then slid up over both hips to turn into a long slim triangle that covered maybe half of her butt cheeks. She was barefoot. She was gorgeous and Bobby felt his prick stiffen in appreciation almost instantly. He was wearing his best pair of sagging jeans shorts, and only the fact that his waistband was running right over his cock kept it from showing.

"Hi!" the woman said brightly. "You must be Bobby. I'm your Aunt Jenny. You probably don't remember me."

Bobby's mouth dropped open. This vision of loveliness was his AUNT?! How could he possibly not remember a woman who looked like this? "No WAY!" he exclaimed. "I'd remember YOU."

She laughed and said "I'll take that as a compliment. You know how to make an old woman feel good."

"You're no old woman," he said flatly. "I know what old women look like ... and it ain't you."

She laughed again. "You and I are going to get along just fine." She grabbed one of his bags like it didn't weigh a thing and threw it in the back seat of the Mustang. "Let's go," she said. "I don't want to burn."

He put the other suitcase in the back and climbed in the front seat as she got in and started the car. It had a throaty rumble that suggested an after market exhaust system.

Before she put it in gear she grabbed a bottle of Coppertone, squirted a pool in one hand, rubbed both hands together and then rubbed her hands all over her upper chest, arms, shoulders stomach and thighs. At the very last, to his amazement, she pulled the little triangles away from her nipples and slid a hand across each breast, getting the nipple oily. She grinned and said "This is the only chance I get to sunbathe. But sometimes the wind tears my top off. Can't take chances about burning the sensitive parts, you know." Then she slammed the car in gear and popped the clutch, raising another cloud of dust. This one she left behind. A mile of dusty road later they hit blacktop.

She drove a hundred and twenty miles per hour. He knew she was going that fast because he snuck a look at the speedometer. Bobby, white knuckled, had never been through anything like it in his young life. He stole a glance at her too. She had a big grin on her face. Her hat sat there like it was glued on. With a swallow to try to regain his normal look of casual unconcern he noticed her nipples were pushing the yellow cloth away from her breasts at least an inch. Those nipples had to be huge, and she obviously got a sexual thrill out of driving that fast. What seemed like five minutes, but was, in reality, 40 miles passed and she suddenly decelerated to a lower speed. It looked like he could open the door and step out, running a little to keep from falling. This time when he glanced at the speedometer he saw it was pegged on 50.

She grinned and said "My husband doesn't like it when I drive fast. So I'm sure he won't find out about it, right Bobby?" All he could do was nod. She went on. "And I'm sorry to have teased you about my suit. I really don't get a chance to wear it very often. I shouldn't have come to get you dressed like this, but I just couldn't resist feeling the sun on my body. I hope you can forgive me."

Bobby was back in control. "Aunt Jenny, if you promise to wear that suit again I'll keep any secrets you want me to. You drive hot and you LOOK hot!" He clamped his mouth shut. Where had THAT come from?

She was in the middle of a turn when he said that, and she stopped. She took the sunglasses off for the first time since he'd met her and suddenly her startlingly blue eyes were peering into his. "My my my. I'm old enough to be your mother. You ARE a charmer," she said, dropping her gaze to his lap. He was VERY glad his pants were holding his boner down. "I may have to keep a real close eye on you around my daughters. I haven't taught them any defenses against silver-tongued boys like you."

She started the car again and he realized they had turned into a driveway that led to an old two story farm house surrounded by tall trees. There were barns and sheds and animals everywhere. Two dogs came barking and wagging their tails to meet the car. There were chickens darting out of the way and a funny looking blue bird with a tail three or four feet long that half flew half jumped up to a fence post and watched the car go by. There was a corral with cattle in it. He saw a cat stalking something beside one of the barn walls.

This time the car rolled to a stop gently and Aunt Jenny got out. She reached into the back seat and grabbed a suitcase. "Come on mister charmer. Let's get you inside and moved in before Johnny sees you. He promised your dad he'd make your life miserable for the first week or so, and he's a man of his word. Just do whatever he tells you and keep a stiff upper lip for a while and he'll forget all about it. He's really a nice guy under that gruff exterior. She bent over to rough up the ears of one of the dogs and those fabulous breasts hung down, stretching the suit. The other dog came and sniffed Bobby's leg. The only dogs Bobby had ever been around were mean ones and he was scared, so he stood stiffly.

Jenny saw and said "That's Rooster, and he wouldn't hurt you even if you were trying to rape me. Scratch him behind the ears like I'm doing and you'll have a friend for life. Bobby tentatively ran his fingers behind the dog's ear and it leaned against him. The next thing he knew the other dog was by his side too. It was black and younger and it looked like it was smiling at him. Because of his success with Rooster he didn't hesitate to pet the bigger dog.

"Oh Bobby!" his aunt yelped, and he looked up. She was pointing at the dog. "Oh!" she said. "Uh .. that's Digger ... and usually he's not so friendly." He started to pull back but she rushed on, "No, if he's come up to you and let you touch him then he likes you. That's very rare. I'm impressed."

She took him into the house and up a steep flight of stairs. There were only two rooms up there, one to the left and one to the right. He saw girl type stuff in the one to the right and she led him into the other. "I made the girls move in together while you're here. They will probably give you trouble about that, but I suspect you can deal with them. They're spoiled anyway, and this will do them good. I've put you in Amber's old room." She dropped his suitcase on the bed and turned around. "Welcome to the Bar Double R ranch," she said, and she hugged him. He felt her oily skin against his and those wonderful breasts press into his chest. He instinctively put his arms around her and hugged her back, his hands landing on the smooth skin of her back.

She pushed him back and said "I'll call you for dinner. Unpack. Johnny's going to give you lots to do in the next few days and you won't have time to do much else I suspect."

There was pathetically little to unpack. He'd brought some T shirts, all his sagging pants, his three pairs of Air Jordans, his game cube and games and a few books. One whole suitcase was full of winter clothes he wouldn't need until Fall, when he started whatever passed for school in this wasteland. He was hanging things up in the closet when he heard something:" Humph". He turned around and saw two girls standing in the doorway.

They were obviously twins, both about his height, so blond their hair was almost white and as darkly tanned as their mother. Both had the same startling blue eyes and high cheekbones as their mother too. One was wearing a pair of overalls that had the legs cut off, making them into a kind of shorts, under which there appeared to be a tank top of some kind. The other had on jeans and a halter top. The halter top had nice big breasts in it, also like her mom's. He couldn't tell about the one in the overalls, but he assumed she was the same. Both had on tennis shoes. They looked about fifteen and were obviously twins. "Hi," he said tentatively.

"Oh look!" said one of them. "It talks!"

He turned around and went back to hanging up clothes.

"What's the matter with your pants?" asked one of them.

"Nothing," he said, not turning around. "They're supposed to look like that."

He heard a laugh. "Why? They look like they're about to fall off!"

"Well, they're not," he said tightly. "That's the way everybody wears them where I come from."

The one in the overalls said "Well, why don't you just go back to wherever it is you came from? Then your pants can fall off there and I won't have to see your skinny legs." She was cruel.

"Amber," said the other one. "Don't be a bitch. He's not here because he wants to be."

"That's right," he said hotly. "And you can have your fucking room back bitch, if you have some magic way to get me back to Chicago." He turned back around.

"You better not let daddy hear you talk like that," said Amber. "He'll tar your butt good. In fact I'm gonna TELL him what you said!" She turned, her pony tail swishing and he heard rapid steps going down the stairs. He started toward the door but the other girl held up her hand.

"Don't worry. She can't tell him what you said unless she says it too. Then she'll get her bottom spanked too. She knows that. She's just ... messing with you. I'm Cindy." She was looking at his games, spread out on the bed.

"Oh, you have Jungle Fighter! I LOVE that game. Sometime we'll have to play together."

He said "OK" and heard a heavy tread on the stairs. The big black bearded man he remembered loomed in the door. "Amber said you were here. Come with me. We got work to do."

Bobby was glad his Aunt had clued him in to what was happening. It was almost comical how mean Uncle John tried to be, growling and talking about how they didn't 'abide' lazy people around these parts and all kinds of things like that. He used lots of words like 'abide' and 'folks'. But, much to Bobby's surprise, all the things Uncle John came up with for him to do were fun. Or at least interesting. And since Bobby didn't know how to do ANY of them, his uncle had to work with him, which effectively knocked out the work quite quickly. They moved from one chore on to many others, feeding animals, herding them from one place to another, fixing a huge flat tractor tire, moving bales of hay. Bobby was strong and smart, and nothing that was asked of him really taxed him much. The hardest part of the whole thing was his pants. He soon figured out that sagging didn't work very well when you were trying to do farm work. He pulled them up a little, and tightened his belt to keep them there. He was too stubborn to pull them up and wear them 'normally'.

Before he knew it the sun was low in the sky and he heard his Aunt's voice calling that supper was ready. They had been sorting out a bunch of leather straps that Bobby had no clue what were for, and hanging them up on hooks on the barn wall. He had to rub oil on them. Some of them had thick brass fittings and those had to be polished until they gleamed like gold. When his aunt called his uncle stood up and looked around.

"Hmph!" he grunted, looking for more to do and finding nothing. He growled that they'd better not keep Jenny waiting or they'd pay for it and led Bobby out of the barn. Digger was there and he jumped up on Bobby, licking his face as Bobby scratched behind both ears.

"Down!" growled Uncle John and the dog immediately dropped to all fours, but continued wagging his tail. "Strange" he said, looking intently at the dog and then Bobby. They went to supper.

Bobby hadn't eaten this good since ... maybe EVER! There were biscuits he could have made a meal of, green beans, thick juicy steaks, corn, mashed potatoes and tall glasses of sweet tea. After supper there was some kind of pie that was dark blue and had berries of some kind in it. It was delicious.

But what amazed him the most was his Aunt. Without the hat and sunglasses, she was a carbon copy of her daughters. She was gorgeous, and with all three women sitting at the table chatting he was surrounded with all the ingredients of a wet dream. His cock got stiff during supper, so stiff that, when supper was over, he just sat there. If he got up his boner would show for sure.

Uncle John got up. "More to do. Can't just sit around. Come on." He turned and stomped out of the kitchen.

"What's wrong with Daddy?" asked Cindy, gathering up plates and silverware.

"Nothing" said her mother. "You'd better go with him, Bobby." she said.

Bobby looked down at his lap. Shit. What was he going to do now. "Um ... I'll go in a minute," he said.

He saw his Aunt looking down at him ... at his lap. "Girls!" she barked. "Did you get those sheets for Bobby's bed like I told you to?"

Amber frowned "He's a big boy. He can get his own sheets."

Jenny frowned herself. "He's going to be tired when your father gets through with him. I raised you better than to treat guests like that Amber Lynn. You get moving ... NOW! Cindy, go with her and make sure she does it right."

Both girls jumped up and hurried out of the room. Aunt Jenny said "OK, the coast is clear. Now get out of here before they come back and see that." She pointed one long finger at his lap. "I don't particularly want to have to answer a bunch of questions about what that is and why it's there."

"Sorry," he mumbled. "And thanks." He jumped up and ran for the door.

The 'work' for that evening turned out to be riding fences, looking for breaks or sagging wires. Bobby had never ridden a horse before, and the one his Uncle had saddled for him looked like it was a big as a building. But John had given him the oldest mare in the stable, and the biggest problem with her was keeping her moving at all. So it was that Bobby, once he got used to the bouncing rhythm of her gait, found that he really liked seeing the world from seven or eight feet off the ground. By the time they got back, though, the insides of his thighs were rubbed raw and he was in pretty intense pain from having his legs spread for so long.

John smiled as he saw the boy easing down from the horse. The kid had heart, that was for sure. Most folks would be crying and whining by now about the pain, but the boy just gritted his teeth and tried to act like nothing was wrong.

"We'll have to get you some proper jeans to ride in. Them shorts won't protect your legs at all." he growled, watching Bobby hobble into the barn, leading the mare. John made him unsaddle the horse and rub her down. Then he showed him where to put the saddle and tack. Bobby noticed that some of the leather straps that came off the horse were the ones he had oiled and polished before supper. His legs felt a little better.

Until he tried walking.

His thighs were rubbed so raw that he just knew they were bleeding. His uncle growled "Done for the night. Up early tomorrow. Go get cleaned up and get to bed."

Bobby hobbled into the house and up the steep stairs. When he got to his room he discovered there was no door mounted in the doorway. He looked across the hall and saw that that room too had no door. He could see where there had once been hinges, but they had been removed for some reason. He was too tired to care. He went to his drawers and pulled out the gym shorts he wore as pajamas. Then he went looking for the bathroom. He found one on the main floor, but there was no shower. He didn't know what to do. Hearing TV noises coming from the living room he peered in there. The twins were watching something and Uncle John was sitting back in an easy chair drinking a beer.

"Uh ... Uncle John?" he said. The bearded face turned his way. "Where's the shower?".

"Only one." said his Uncle. "Our bedroom. Ask your Aunt."

Bobby explored until he found another bedroom. Aunt Jenny was sitting at a vanity table with a big mirror on the wall in front of her. She was brushing her hair. She was dressed in an outfit that looked just like the one worn by Miss September in Playboy last fall. It was white, and consisted of panties, a bra and a wispy jacket that you could see through. You could almost see through the bra too. He wanted to look at the panties more than anything, but controlled the urge. She smiled, and when she found out what he wanted showed him the master bath on the other side of the room. It was huge, with a shower that would hold four or five people, a big whirlpool tub, a counter with four sinks and one whole wall covered with a long mirror.

"We only have the one shower," explained his Aunt. "So we all share it. We aren't all that modest in this family." She grinned, looking down at her lingerie. "But I'm sure you've already noticed that." She gave him a towel and showed him how to use the controls on the shower. It had jets of water that came out of the walls and ceiling. Being in it was like standing in a driving rain. At least the place had a door. He stripped down and stood in the water for a while. When he got out he looked at his thighs. He couldn't see any blisters, but they sure hurt like fire.

When he left the bathroom his Aunt was gone. On his way back upstairs he peeked into the living room and saw her sitting beside his Uncle, watching TV. He made his way to his room and gratefully lay on the bed. With his legs spread his thighs didn't hurt as much.

He was just drifting off to sleep when he heard footsteps on the stairs. "Bobby?" he heard his Aunt's voice call. "You asleep yet honey?"

He answered her and she came in, turning on the light beside his bed. "John told me you might need some of this." She held up a jar. It was some kind of ointment.

She bent over and looked between his legs, where the angry red skin of his thighs was quite evident. "This will make you feel a lot better." she said as she opened the jar.

Bent over as she was, Bobby couldn't help but see the bra of her nightgown, or whatever it was called. It was white too, and very thin. He could easily see the dark circle of her areolas through it, and the dents made by her nipples. The jacket hung loose and didn't cover her at all. And, bent over as she was, her breasts hung down, exposing a lot of cleavage. She dipped her fingers into the jar and he froze as he saw her hand heading for the area between his legs.

Then she touched him.

Several things happened at once. There was an immediate rush of cool where her fingers touched, and the pain vanished like magic. Her breasts jiggled delightfully as she rubbed. Bobby's cock, which had been lying down, pointed at his feet, filled with blood and began standing up.

Bobby didn't know what to do. If he 'adjusted' his prick, she would be sure to see. If he didn't, she'd be sure to see it anyway, since it was beginning to make a tent in his shorts. Being a teenager, he took a third route. He pulled the pillow out from under his head and plopped it down on the front of his shorts.

His aunt glanced at the pillow and her lips curved upwards at the ends, but she went on rubbing on the ointment. Soon her hand was rubbing up and down the inside of his thighs from his knee to where the cloth of his shorts were.

"Do I need to go higher?" she said, straight faced, as her hand pushed up on the cloth of his shorts. Her fingers were only inches from his cock.

"Uh NO!" he yipped. "Um, I mean ... it's OK now."

"I don't know. It looks pretty bad to me." she said, putting her hand on the pillow.

Bobby put both his hands on the ends of the pillow, pulling it down onto his body.

"I'm going to have to have a sharp word with John about making sure you don't get hurt." she said.

Her hand pulled on the pillow.

He held it tighter.

Aunt Jenny looked at his hands and Bobby gripped the pillow tighter still.

"Bobby, let me have the pillow." she said calmly.

"I don't want to" he whimpered.

She stood up. "Well, if that's how you feel." She turned and he relaxed.

In a flash she turned back and snatched the pillow off his groin. There, for all the world to see; well, for her to see anyway, was the seven inch tall tent that covered his erect penis.

"Well well well" she said as his hands flew to try to cover the tent. "Now now, Bobby, it's nothing to be upset about. It happens to all men. In fact I take it as a compliment." She smiled at him. "The salve works pretty well on that too. How 'bout I put some on that for you?" She dipped two fingers back in the jar.

"NO!" he blurted. "I mean you can't! I mean, what about Uncle John? Wouldn't he be mad if you did that?"

"Oh, your Uncle has other things on his mind by now, I imagine. You let me worry about your Uncle. Now, let's just see what we have under there." She bent over and tugged at the waistband of his shorts with one hand. He pulled them up.

"Come on, Bobby," she said. "It won't hurt. I promise." She pulled again and he let the fabric slip through his suddenly numb fingers. "That's better," she cooed. She hooked the fingers that weren't covered with cream in the other side and he lifted his hips off the bed. His shorts were suddenly at his thighs and Aunt Jenny had a big smile on her face.

"Goodness me, I had no idea you were such a big boy," she said. "I thought you were just posturing this afternoon, but now I see you can back up your compliments."

With two fingers she reached down and pulled the tip of his cock away from his abdomen, where it was hovering, a couple of inches off his skin. She pulled it up straight and let go. It slapped his stomach and went back to it's original position.

"My, my, my. Now I'm REALLY going to have to watch you and the girls."

With no further real attempt at disguising the reason she had gotten him naked, Aunt Jenny grasped his cock and began jacking it slowly. Some of the cream did get on it, but she ignored that.

"Lets just get all that nasty sperm out of there. That's what's making it all stiff, you know. It's just chock full of sperm!"

Her hand speeded up. He was helpless and within fifteen seconds of her hand touching him, his cock was a fountain, and spooge was flying everywhere.

Aunt Jenny laughed gaily as she saw her work rewarded. Bobby gasped for air as his hips came up off the bed. He'd never cum this hard before and he was having a hard time assimilating what was happening to him.

His Aunt let go of his weepy cock, leaned over, and kissed him on the lips.

"Good night, tiger," she said. "I think that's probably enough for tonight. The girls should be safe until tomorrow."

She stood up and held up her arm, which had spots and streaks of his spunk on it.

He almost came again as she began licking her arm clean. Then, she turned and glided out of his room.

Chapter Two

He slept like the dead the rest of the night.

Which was good, because the next morning Amber woke him up while it was still dark out. "Daddy said for me to get you up. But you can stay there and sleep if you want to." she finished.

He felt surprisingly awake for that early in the morning. If his Uncle had sent her to get him up, why would she say he could go back to sleep? She was probably trying to get him in trouble again.

When he didn't say anything, and she just stood there, he lifted his head and looked at her. The hall light was on, and that washed into the room. Her back was to that light, so he couldn't see her face, but she was obviously looking down at him.

Then he realized he was still naked from last night's ... treatment, and had slept naked all night long. She was staring at his morning woody. If she hadn't been such a bitch to him, he might have felt turned on by her staring at him.

Instead he said "I don't think your mother would approve of you staring at me like that."

She sniffed and turned, her pony tail flying up and around her head with the violence of that turn. Then she marched out. It wasn't until she got to the door that he realized she was wearing baby doll pajamas, and that if his light had been on he probably would have gotten an eyeful.

When he went down to breakfast, his Uncle was already there. He harumpfed when Bobby came into the kitchen and looked at his watch. It was six in the morning and he grumbled that they'd already lost an hour of work time.

Bobby felt anger burn in his belly. He'd done everything the man had asked up to now, and hadn't complained once. He knew the guy was trying to act tough, and his anger just decided for him that he would out-tough the man.

"OK, sorry, let's go. I'm not all that hungry anyway."

He turned toward the door.

Aunt Jenny's voice whipped out. "Hold it right there young man." She turned on her husband. "You haven't gotten up this early in three years. I know you're supposed to make his life miserable, but let the boy eat breakfast before you start." She looked at Bobby. "Sit down and eat!" she ordered.

She turned back around to the stove. Bobby looked at Uncle John, who had a sour look on his face. Instead of doing something stupid, like sticking out his tongue, Bobby shrugged and just sat down across from his Uncle.

"Did you sleep OK?" asked his aunt.

"Yes ma'am, like a log," he said, remembering how good he'd felt when she'd left his room, licking his cum off her hand.

"Good" she said. She turned around with a pan full of eggs and bacon and looked at her husband. "You slept pretty well too. You snored like a bear."

"Just feed us woman!" he growled. "The MENfolk around here have work to do."

Jenny laughed out loud. "We're going to have to take in more bad boys like Bobby. You've gotten more done in the last two days than you did in the last two months!"

He scowled, but she lessened the rebuke by kissing him soundly. Her hand snaked to his lap and he jumped as she squeezed the front of his jeans. "And you save some of that for ME tonight. Got that mister?"

Uncle John's eyes darted to Bobby's face, but Bobby, hearing something strange in the comment, kept his eyes on his breakfast. Jenny's eyes went to Bobby too, and then back to her husband, who was frowning even harder now. In his peripheral vision, Bobby saw her blow Uncle John a kiss and then she went back to the stove.

Something strange was going on. He didn't know what it was, but it was interesting.

Uncle John led Bobby to the barn, where a tractor was hitched up to a long flat bed wagon. The wagon had wheels and tires on it just like a car did, and sat lower to the ground than Bobby would have expected. Uncle John had him climb up and stand to one side of the tractor seat, on the axel housing and they started off. Bobby wasn't about to ask a bunch of questions, but if all they did today was ride around on a tractor, it wasn't going to be bad at all.

"We're going to put up hay today" said his Uncle.

"Where are we going to put it up to ... or at ... or whatever?" asked Bobby.

"I baled it last week, and we have to load it on the wagon and then unload it in the barn," said John.

Have you ever heard the joke about the Lone Ranger and Tonto, when they were surrounded by hostile Indians and the Lone Ranger says "Tonto, what are we going to do?" and Tonto says "Who's this 'we' Kemosabe?"

Well, when Uncle John said 'we' were going to put up some hay, what he actually meant was that HE was going to drive the tractor, while BOBBY humped the bales up onto the wagon, and then when they got back to the barn HE was going to supervise where BOBBY put the bales.

For those of you who don't know farming, a hay bale weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 pounds, unless it's alfalfa, which weighs in from 60 to 90 pounds per bale. John's hay wagon held roughly a hundred bales.

If they'd have been alfalfa, it probably would have killed Bobby.

They made three trips before lunch. If Bobby would have known he'd humped six and a half tons of hay, he might have been proud of himself. That's a lot of hay for a young man to hump when he's not conditioned for it. It was probably good that nobody told him the average hay-hauling operation handles a thousand bales a day.

Course they do it with a lot more than one inexperienced kid and a man riding the tractor.

The point of all this verbiage is that Bobby didn't have much appetite at lunch.

When Cindy showed up in the barn as they were putting up the third wagonload, announcing that lunch would be ready in an half an hour, Bobby almost sobbed with relief at the thought of not lifting anything during lunch. He had given it everything he had, and if his Uncle said they were doing that in the afternoon too, he didn't know what he'd do.

John, for his part, was also fed up with the idea that this boy was a troublemaker. From what he'd seen this kid had plenty of heart, was a damn good worker, and would drive himself half to death if his pride was involved. As he watched Bobby drag himself up to the house, he decided that boot camp was over for Bobby. He also decided that Bobby's parents didn't need to know that.

When they walked in the kitchen and Jenny looked them over, John knew he was in trouble. Bobby sagged into a chair and stared dully at the tall glass of sweet tea his Aunt put in front of him. Her tight-lipped stare skewered John. "He's not quite dead yet" she said in a brittle voice. "Want me to get your pistol so you can do it quicker?"

John held up his hands. Instead of trying to defend himself he just said "He's done for the day."

"He most certainly is" agreed his wife, her eyes glinting dangerously. She reached out and stroked Bobby's hair. "Bobby, you just take as long as you want for lunch. When you're done I'll draw you a hot bath. You're going to need some of that salve on your muscles too."

Bobby would have tensed at her mention of the salve, but he was too tired. Instead he just looked up at her and smiled weakly.

Amber and Cindy bustled into the kitchen animatedly.

"What's wrong with him?" sneered Amber. "Is the poor little city boy all tired out? Does he need his mamma to kiss it and make it all better?"

"Amber" said her father in a soft voice that somehow sounded loud. "I reckon you and Cindy will be humping bales this afternoon."

Amber looked stricken and Cindy punched her in the ribs. "See what you did NOW?"

The rest of lunch was a dour affair. Only Jenny seemed to be upbeat and cheerful. After lunch John told the girls to get dressed for hay hauling and hustle out to the barn.

Jenny stood, her arms folded under her breasts, one foot turned outward as she leaned most of her weight on the other leg. "Well, do you think you can drag yourself up to the bathroom? A hot bath will make you feel a lot better."

"Yes ma'am" said a dejected Bobby. He felt muscles screaming that, before today, he didn't even know he had. His self image, that of a strong young man who could take anything, had taken, among other things ... a beating.

His aunt followed him to the bathroom, and inside, and he didn't even notice. When her hands flickered out to unbutton and remove his clothing, he noticed, but was too tired to get embarrassed or try to tell her he could do it.

He'd pulled up his saggers again this morning, and they'd chafed his thighs where the saddle had rubbed him raw. When she dropped his pants she could see the skin was red and irritated again. That was nothing compared to what the hay had done to his legs where they weren't covered. You'd think hay poking your skin wouldn't be all that horrible.

You'd be wrong.

"Damn that man," she muttered. "He doesn't have the sense of a goat."

She wasn't too surprised when she pulled Bobby's underwear down and his lifeless penis drooped as much as the rest of him. She made the bath hot enough that he winced as he put a foot in it.

"Just get in it slowly," she warned. "Let your body down little by little. It feels hot now, but in a few minutes you'll get used to it and it will feel good. I promise."

He did, and sighed as he found out she was right. He felt weightless in the deep bathtub, and the water was so hot on his skin that he couldn't actually feel the ache in his muscles. He turned his head and, for the first time, realized what his Aunt was wearing.

She had on a halter top that went around her neck and cupped her breasts, lifting them so they stood out proud and firm. The cloth in the front was tied in a big knot between those breasts. She was kneeling on the floor next to the tub and she had a bottle of something in her hand. At lunch she'd had her blond hair in a pony tail. Now it was loose and hanging down past her shoulders.

"Thank you" he said.

"Don't thank me yet" she said with a glimmer in her eyes. "You just soak for a while and I'll be back.

Bobby couldn't believe how good the water felt to his cramping muscles. His Aunt was right about how he stopped feeling the heat after a while. But when he tried to sit up he felt strangely weak. He was about to get concerned about it when she came back into the bathroom.

"OK, you've been in there long enough that you should be weak as a puppy. Let's get you cleaned up and out of there."

"Cleaned up?" he asked, wondering what she meant.

She looked at him strangely and smiled. She reached over to the counter and picked up a hand mirror. She turned it so he could see. His face was streaked with what looked for all the world like mud!

"It's the dust from the hay" she laughed. "John should have had you clean up before lunch. He knew better than to bring you to a meal like that. Here, hold your breath and lean back."

She held her hand behind his neck as she let his head go under the water and pulled him back up. "Now, sit up." she instructed.

She helped him sit up and reached into the tub to let the water begin to drain. When it was half it's original depth she had him hold onto the sides of the tub and she squirted a handful of soap into her hand. She lathered up his hair and then used a cup to draw fresh water to pour over his head, rinsing his hair. She squirted another handful of soap into a hand, rubbed both her hands together, and began to wash her nephew's body.

Bobby jerked at the feel of her hands on his shoulders. "I can do that" he muttered.

"Of course you can. But you just hold on. You're still weak from the heat in that water." she said. Her hands slid down, one to his chest and the other to his back. She spent some time on his arms and shoulders, and then went back to his back and chest. Her hands went in circles as she washed him. They slid lower, into the water. The hand in back slid across his buttocks. The one in front darted between his legs.

"Aunt Jenny" he groaned. His arms fell into the water, splashing some out and onto his Aunt.

"Now look what you've done" she said, her voice level. "You've gone and gotten my top all wet."

Her hands went to the knot in the front and it came undone.

"Now I have to hang it up to dry."

Before his unbelieving eyes, she bared her breasts to him. Instead of hanging the garment up, however, she just tossed it on the floor. She let him get a good look at her chocolate tipped beauties, and, despite the heat of the water and the fact that he was weak, his penis began filling with blood, saluting her breasts.

Her hand went back into the water, back between his legs, as he jerked and tried to figure out how to respond to what she was doing. Her hand closed around his now firm cock.

"Good," she said firmly. "You're beginning to recuperate. Let's get you out of there."

She stood up and bent over, her breasts swaying gently. Her nipples were brown and they stuck out from her darker brown areolas. They looked much better than anything he'd ever seen in a magazine. He licked his lips, wondering what they might taste like. She helped him stand up and step out of the tub. His legs were weaker than he thought and he stumbled, falling against her. His hip left a wet spot on her bright red shorts.

"Oh my," she said smiling. "Now I'm going to have to hang up my shorts to dry too!"


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