Glamour Shots For Daughter

by Lubrican

Bob was bored. His wife Molly had signed their daughter, Jill, up with a photographer to take some glamour shots, but at the last minute Molly had to go on a sales trip for her company and couldn't take Jill to the shoot. So Bob got stuck with it. Jill had disappeared into the dressing room over an hour ago with the photographer, leaving Bob in the studio alone with nothing to do.

Bob had wandered around for a while, looking at various pieces of equipment, and he played a game of trying to figure out what each thing was for. But after a while that got old. Bob realized he was standing by a filing cabinet and he idly opened a drawer to see what was in it. His eyes bugged out as he saw pictures of young teenaged girls. And not just any pictures. These girls were naked! And not just naked. They were naked and showing their pussies to the camera. He began looking through them and found that each group of photographs was a series. They started with normal teens, then went to the same girl after her glamour makeover. That alone was enough to start Bob's dick to stiffen. He couldn't believe how much more grown up the girls looked after they had been made over. Then the photographs progressed by showing each girl in various outfits, becoming smaller and showing more skin in each successive one. Then the shots went to lingerie photos, then to shots of the girls without bras, then completely naked, then cupping their sweet teen titties, and finally with their legs spread, pussies open, the looks on their faces saying "Fuck me now".

Hearing voices, Bob stuffed the folders back in the drawer and closed the cabinet just as the photographer and his daughter came back into the room. Bob stared in amazement at Jill. His sixteen year old daughter looked every bit the age of 21. She was gorgeous! He blinked his eyes and looked again, but it was definitely Jill. Her normal voice came out of that supermodel appearance. "Hi Daddy, what do you think? How do I look?"

Bob stuttered, then coughed and then turned beet red as he realized he was sporting a monster hardon in front of his daughter and the photographer. He saw Jill look at the front of his pants and she giggled. The photographer saw the same thing and said "Don't worry about it, Bob. It happens to all the dads. No one can ever prepare you for when your little girl looks all grown up." There wasn't anything he could do, so Bob just stared at his "little girl".

Jill was still wearing the white T shirt she'd had on when they came to the studio, but now, for some reason, it seemed to hug her proud teenaged breasts, accentuating how they stuck out from her chest, each one a double handful. And the cutoff jeans she was wearing seemed shorter somehow, and formed to the swell of her hips. She had kicked off her sandals. Suddenly, Daisy Duke was standing in front of him. His dick hadn't been this hard in years.

He was given a break as Ron, the photographer, told Jill to go behind the screen in the corner and choose an outfit to wear for the first shoot. Jill had brought several things with her, and there were other items supplied by Ron if she so chose. Bob made his way over to a chair and sat down, so his rampant dick wouldn't be so obvious. He glanced at the screen just in time to see Jill's bra drop on the floor at the edge of the screen. He gulped and his mind went into overdrive as fantasy provided a picture of his curvy daughter half naked behind the screen.

Jill stepped out from behind the screen. Both men took in a deep breath. She had borrowed an evening dress from her mother. It was black satin with spaghetti straps and the neckline plunged clear to her navel. She had put on a single strand of pearls, also her mother's, and as she turned they could see the gown was also backless, showing the beginning of the cleft between her butt cheeks. All in all she was gorgeous and reeked of sex. She knew it too. She strutted and stuck her breasts out, turning a smoky look on both men in the room.

Ron cleared his throat, but then was all business. He posed Jill in several ways and against several backdrops, taking lots of pictures. Then it was time for a costume change. This time Jill came out dressed in one of her mother's business suits. She had on a pure white silk blouse under a suit top over a matching skirt. Had she been in a board room at the time she'd have owned the company before she got out. As Ron shot her she took off the jacket and Bob saw she had decided not to put her bra back on. Her nipples were visible through the silk of the shirt. He couldn't tell for sure, but they looked stiff. They sure showed plainly enough. He licked his lips.

Jill ducked back behind the screen and when she emerged she was wearing a bikini. It was blue - Robin's egg blue - and her black hair and tanned complexion were shown off beautifully by the suit. It was made of three tiny triangles which left very little to the imagination. It was the kind of suit that wasn't really meant for swimming. Bob had never seen it before and decided it had to be one of Ron's items. She gushed when she saw herself in the mirror. "Oooo Daddy, I want one of these. It looks so cool." Bob couldn't say much. Her nipples were sticking out through the fabric of the little bra and his dick was beginning to hurt from being hard for so long.

Finally Jill had tried on all the outfits she had brought and several of Ron's. Ron turned to Bob. "I also do model portfolios and Jill certainly has what it takes. She could easily be a model. If you'd like I can take the rest of the portfolio shots. Of course some of those are skin shots. Producers like to see what the girls' bodies look like so they can decide what kind of clothes they can wear."

Bob thought back to the nude pictures he had seen. He could imagine that models did have to show their bodies, but not with their legs spread and their pussies open. Ron just wanted to get his own pussy shots. He probably sold them to sleazy magazines behind his customer's backs.

"That's OK, Ron. I appreciate the offer, but I think Jill's a little young to get into that scene right now. Maybe in a year or two."

"Ohhhh Daddy! Please? I want to be a model. Think of all the money I could make!!" Jill cooed.

"Maybe in a year or two" Bob repeated.

As they left the studio Jill pouted. She continued to pout all the way home. She looked even better with her face still made up and her full lips pushed out.

As they parked Bob said "Look, sweetie, if you really want to have pictures like that, why don't you let me take them. I don't want some strange man seeing you without your clothes on. I mean it was pretty close with some of the things you wore back there, but at least you were a little covered."

"Oh Daddy, I wasn't naked. But you're right. I would feel better if it was just you in the room when I get my naked pictures taken. Would you really do that for me Daddy?" She said it with such a normal tone he couldn't tell if she was needling him or not. On impulse Bob stopped at the mall on the way home. He took Jill to a shop and got her a bikini just like the one she had worn at the studio, except this one was pure white.

When they got home Bob insisted they eat supper before doing anything else. Jill fidgeted in her chair, but ate. Bob told her they'd take the photos in the family room in the basement. It had a fireplace and a lot of wood, which he knew would set off the white in the swim suit well. As soon as they were done eating Jill jumped up and ran up to her room to try on her new bikini while Bob searched in the closet for his camera bag. He had some pretty good gear, though it had been a while since he'd used it.

He was fitting various lenses to his camera body when Jill came down the stairs to the basement. Bob glanced up and froze. She was beautiful. She'd let her long black hair back down and it was hanging halfway down her back. Her hips swayed as she came down the stairs. She was barefoot and almost naked, the new bikini covering only her nipples and pubic hair. Well, not all her pubic hair, he saw. Jill saw where he was looking and pouted. "Daddy, what am I going to do about that?" she pointed to her crotch, with it's small hairs leaking out of her suit.

"Well, most women shave where it shows." he said breathlessly.

"I can't do that" she said with a sigh. "I cut myself to ribbons just shaving my legs. I can't imagine what damage I'd do trying to shave ... down there."

Bob knew he was crossing a line, but he couldn't help it. "Maybe I could help. I have a lot of experience with a razor."

Jill grinned. "Great! I'll get the stuff." She bounded back up the stairs and came back with his can of shaving gel, his razor, a washcloth that was steaming and a towel.

They stood there ... looking at each other. Jill blushed. "I guess ... um I mean ... I'll have to take my bottoms ... off."

Bob just nodded. He didn't trust his voice to say anything.

Very slowly, never taking her eyes off his face, Jill bent over and slid the bikini bottoms down off her hips. The cloth in her crotch caught and stretched, appearing to stick to her pussy lips and his dick hardened immediately. Then the bottoms slid down and she stepped out of them.

Bob tried to maintain some kind of dignity. "Why don't you sit ... there, on the coffee table. On the end." She did and again, very slowly, never taking her eyes off his face, Jill spread her legs. There, in front of his eyes, was his teenaged daughter's perfect pussy. Her pussy lips were closed, but pouted out. What came into his mind immediately was the terminology he'd always heard, but never seen "like a peach, split and waiting to be opened and eaten." He licked his lips.

"Aren't you going to shave me daddy?" Jill said, her voice lower than usual. He dragged his gaze up to her eyes and realized he had just been staring at her pussy, probably for more than a minute. The tip of her tongue was caught between her teeth and she looked flushed.

He knelt between her spread thighs and reached for the shaving gel. Her pubic hair was straight and black, lying close to her skin, and it wasn't heavy at all. He could see white skin through it. As he leaned in she spread her legs further and her pussy lips parted. He almost came in his pants as they flowered open. He couldn't tell for sure, but they seemed to be getting fuller, plumper, like they were swelling up. Her scent drifted to his nose and it was everything he could do to keep from diving into her muff and feasting. He put a glob of gel on two fingers of one hand and said "How much do you want me to take off, baby?"

He looked up at her and her eyes had a dreamy look in them. "Gee, daddy, I don't know. The suit's pretty small. And I don't want any hairs to peek out. Would it be OK if you took ... all of it?"

Bob felt cream dribbling out of the tip of his cock. He was going to shave his daughter's pussy BALD! He smeared the gel onto her hair and couldn't help running his two fingers down onto her pussy lips. She jumped but then said "Oooooo that feels funny."

Bob's mouth hung open as his fingers caressed her pussy lips. "Have any boys touched you here Jill?" he said.

"No daddy." she said in a small voice. "They all want to, but I won't let them."

"Good" he said firmly. One finger slipped between the lips at the top of her pussy as he rubbed the gel in and he felt her clitty's hood. She jumped again and a little moan slipped out. "Because it can make a girl want to do bad things when a man touches her here." When he said the word "here" his finger rubbed over her clitty again. She jerked again, but this time it was a pelvic thrust. Bob leaked some more cum into his pants.

Bob knew he had to get on with it or he'd give in to his lust. So he took his razor and began to carefully strip off the hair at the top of her mons. Her hair grew downward, toward those luscious pussy lips, and the razor slipped over some of them. He reversed direction and swallowed as the razor pulled her skin upward, making her pussy lips open even more and exposing her clit. He could see it beginning to peek out of it's hood. "Baby" he said "I'm going to have to touch you ... there ... again. OK?"

He looked up at her face and she was staring at him intently. "Yes." she said firmly.

He wiped his fingers on the towel and used them to pull her pussy lips back together. Then he squeezed them together and grasped them between his thumb and two fingers. He pulled then downward as he dragged the razor up and her hair was neatly shaved off in a swath. He noticed she was breathing heavily now.

So was he.

He kept shaving and soon everything was gone. Still grasping her pussy lips he slid his hand over the newly bared skin. It was smooth and soft. He wanted to kiss it. Instead he took the washcloth, which was now just warm instead of steaming, and rubbed it all over her mons, making sure he got her pussy lips too. Jill moaned again and did another pelvic thrust. "Ohhhh daddy, that feels gooooood." He looked up and she was biting her lower lip.

"Do you ever rub yourself there Jill?" he asked.

She looked up at the ceiling as he continued to rub the cloth around on her clit. "Ooooo sometimes daddy ... I mean it feels ... I mean sometimes ..." she thrust into his hand again.

Bob sighed, knowing he was going to cross another line. "I know, baby. It's OK. You were made to feel good there. I need to put some lotion on you now, baby, to make sure you don't get razor burn." He got up and went to the basement bathroom where he knew there was some body lotion. When he came back Jill was leaning back on one hand, her legs still spread. Her other hand was between her legs, her fingers rubbing. She was panting. "Do you want to put it on, baby?" he said, holding the bottle out to her.

Jill's eyes popped open and she looked at him hotly. "No! Daddy, YOU do it."

Bob sunk down, oiled up his hand and began to masturbate his daughter. He made no pretense any more. Soon his finger slipped into her and she gasped and thrust her pussy onto his finger, scooting her butt closer to his hand.

"Daddy?" she panted.

"Yeah, Baby?" he panted back.

"Are you hard again ... like before ... when he was taking my picture?"

She'd seen it after all. "Yeah, Baby, I'm hard." He was lost now, and he knew it.

"Can I see it Daddy?" she moaned.

Bob's finger slid all the way into her pussy and it clamped down on him, making it feel hard to pull back out. She mewled and he thought she might be having an orgasm. "Ohhhhh daddy, can I see it ... please?"

Bob stood quickly and dropped his pants, stepping out of them. Then he shucked his underwear off and his stiff dick flopped into view. His dick wasn't anything to write home about. It was only about six inches long, and it was skinny in his opinion. But it was rock hard now and bobbed up and down.

Bob wanted to do a lot of things at that particular moment. He wanted to feel Jill's mouth on his dick. He wanted to jerk off and shoot just to ease the ache in his balls. He wanted to lick and suck his daughter's juicy pussy. He looked at that pussy, now gaping open, made to be fucked. Ready to be fucked.

Jill's eyes were big. "Ooooo daddy, it's so big ... and hard." Her hand came up and grasped it gently, feeling it's texture, squeezing it.

"Baby ... I'm sorry, but I have to do this" he groaned. And he moved the cock, still circled by her hand toward her pussy.

"Are you going to put it inside me daddy?" she gasped.

"Yeah, baby, I am."

"Goody" she said shortly, and started pulling his dick toward her pussy.

The tip touched.

Then it sunk between her labia.

Then it lodged in her hole.

Then it slipped in.

"Ohhhhhhh" she moaned. He thought he'd hurt her, but then her hips came up off the table and she wiggled her pussy up onto his cock. He bore in and she groaned as he spread her unused pussy open. He knew her hymen was long gone to tampons, so there shouldn't be any real pain. He kept going until his fluffy pubes pressed into her bald pussy.

"Ohhhhhh fuuuuuck" she said.

That word coming out of his innocent daughter's mouth flipped a switch inside Bob. His balls belched and his semen raced through his prick sending jets of his creamy white juice into her tender pussy. Again and again his dick spat out it's load until it frothed out of her pussy around his embedded prick. They both looked down in fascination as his seed overflowed her pussy. To his surprise his dick didn't soften much at all, and Bob began to try to make Jill's first fuck one she'd remember all her life. He sawed in and out and her pussy, now super lubricated with his sperm, clasped his dick wetly. He pounded into her, mashing her clit with each inward plunge until she squealed and shook, falling into an orgasm much more intense than any she'd ever experienced using just her fingers. Over and over she moaned "Ohhh daddy" until she flopped down onto her back on the coffee table.

Suddenly panic seized Bob. He'd just come a river in his daughter's fertile pussy. He'd meant to just go in and out a few times and then pull out, but he couldn't control himself. Even now he wanted to unleash another load of his hot cum in her pussy. Exercising supreme control he jerked his dick out of her and stood up.

"Ohhhhhh" she moaned in a disappointed voice. "Do you HAVE to take it out now? It felt so goooood."

Bob gasped for breath. "But I don't want to get you pregnant, baby." he huffed.

"But didn't you already ... cum? ... inside me?" she said, sitting back up.

Both of them looked at her still gaping pussy lips, where his thick white seed was dribbling out of her. Then, while he watched in shock, she dipped a finger into the dribble of white and brought it to her mouth.

"Ooo!" she said in surprise. "Judy Langly said it tasted salty, and she was right!" Judy was one of her cheerleading friends that Bob had lusted after for years. The thought of her tasting a man's cum caused a dollop to leak out of his prick and begin to string out toward the floor.

"If you came already ... inside me ... wouldn't it be OK to do it just a little more?" his daughter asked.

"Ohhh Jilly" he groaned. He pulled her up, led her to the couch and pushed her down onto it. One leg went over the back of the couch and the other to the floor as he got between her thighs and plugged his prick back into her tight teen pussy.

They fucked for an hour and Bob spurted inside her two more times before he couldn't get it up any more. He was astounded.

They never got any photographs taken that night. Jill slept with her father that night and got him to fuck her again in the morning. Again he squirted a huge load of his potent sperm into her nubile womb.

That afternoon they tried to take the pictures again, but as soon as she bared her breasts, Bob couldn't take it. He went to get his keys and when Jill asked him where he was going he said he had to get a box of condoms. She laughed and said "No you don't".

"But baby, if we keep this up I'll knock you up for sure." he said helplessly.

She stripped off her panties and walked toward him saying "I know".

And then she started stripping him.

They fucked on the floor. They fucked in the bed. They fucked in the kitchen. The only thing they stopped for was to eat, take a shower and let Bob rest up until he could get it hard enough to slide it in her again.

Two days later they had established enough control to be able to watch some TV together when the phone rang. It was Molly. She was about an hour from home and wanted to know if there was anything she needed to pick up on the way in.

"That was your mom. She'll be home in about an hour." Bob said, his arm around his daughter.

"Well .... Grandpaw .... we've only got time for a short one then."

She knew just what to say to make him shoot hard.

The End

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