Growing Up In Healy

by Lubrican

Growing up in Healy would not have been considered "fun" by most kids in America. Most kids wouldn't have thought it a great place to live. Jill and David Roberts, and their best - and only, to tell the truth - friends Chrissy and Mark Fenster didn't know the difference when they were little. After what happened to them last summer, they'll probably never want to leave Healy. They think it's a GREAT place to live.

It all started when they were babies. Jill and Mark were both born the same year, and only two months apart. Their siblings were both born sixteen months later, and in the same month. Both families farmed the wide open spaces of the central plains.

All four kids grew up together, the only kids their age in forty miles. In fact, to say they 'lived' in Healy was misleading. It was the town nearest the farms, and the town where they got supplies, and the town they got their mail through.

But Healy didn't have it's own school, and was so far from anywhere that most folks home schooled instead of trying to get their kids to the public school over in Kresner. So, the four grew up together, and almost like they were ALL related.

Their mothers banded together when they were babies, spending the day at one house or the other while the men were out in the fields and taking care of the animals. The kids ate together, played together, bathed together and, by and large, got into mischief together. When they got old enough to be given chores, they all helped each other get the chores done so they could go play together.

It wasn't until they were all in the age range of ten, when Joyce Roberts walked into the bathroom one day and found Jill pulling on Mark's penis IN the bathtub while Chrissy pulled just as hard on David's penis OUTSIDE the tub that it occurred to any of the parents that their kids were turning into boys and girls, instead of "just kids". What had drawn Joyce to the bathroom in the first place was both boys howling. She'd thought it was pain, but when she got the door open what met her eyes were two girls trying to make the boys' little penises stretch as far as they could. The boys were yelling about whose was the longest and exhorting the girls to pull HARDER!!.

While it was mutually decided between the parents that their youngsters were too old to bathe together any more - the girls taking more interest in those floppy little things hanging between the boys' thighs than the parents thought was wise - no one thought to tell them that they shouldn't skinny dip in the creek together any more.

So, for another four years, every summer, when chores were done and the cool water of the creek beckoned, the four best friends all shucked their clothes and played and splashed for a couple of hours in the refreshing water.

All four understood what those things hanging from between the boys' legs were for. The boys had regular contests to see who could pee the farthest, or longest, and the girls watched. There were plenty of animals on the farms, and the mating of these animals was a familiar sight. They all knew there was a hole between the girls' legs, like there was on a mare, or cow. In their twelfth year, the girls both sprouted glistening sparse hairs on their mons, which of course fascinated all of them. The girls lorded it over the boys that THEY didn't seem to be able to grow any around their little peters. That was taken care of the next winter. The first time it was warm enough to swim both girls ooohed and aaahed over the fine light nest of hair that now surrounded each cock. There also appeared to have grown something in that funny little sack below those peters. Chrissy remarked as how they still didn't seem to resemble even a little bit the massive sack under the bull, but both boys flexed their muscles and said "Give us time". The girls dissolved in laughter. The last couple of years had really made a difference in the girls' breasts too. Both had nice hard mounds of flesh, tipped with pink nipples that, they complained, were often quite sore and tender.

It hadn't been unusual for the last year or two for the boys to sport erections. Truth to tell they'd always had them, especially at bath time. Marcy, Chrissy and Mark's mother, had taken special delight in wagging and pulling on the boys' penises during bath time when they were little, (something neither mother remembered when the girls started pulling and wagging them that time), so the fact that these things got stiff wasn't new to the girls. Lately, though, each boy had discovered the thrill and joy of stroking their young erections, and they often did it unconsciously when they were in the creek.

That, in fact, is how the girls learned how to masturbate. They had been playing "kill tag", which was a game that, when you were tagged, meant you had to get out of the water because you were "dead". The only other rule was that you had to do everything while crab walking. David had been "killed" and was standing on the bank while he watched Mark trying to catch the girls. Jill was positioned where her spread legs gave David a clear view of her teenaged pussy. He unconsciously started pulling his pud as he watched her lithe body moving through the water. Quite suddenly he felt something new. It was a sort of pressure in his whole body. His stiff penis felt REALLY good, except that it was also painful. He groaned and his hand started moving faster. It felt so good he closed his eyes. Jill saw him and stood up. She pointed and Mark and Chrissy also stood up, watching.

"What's he doing?" Chrissy said.

"It feels really good to do that." her brother explained, his own hand moving to his own stiffening penis.

"Doesn't that hurt?" said Jill as she watched her brother furiously beat his meat.

"Oh no." said Mark and his hand began speeding up.

About then David groaned, thrust his hips ahead of the rest of his body, and a long stream of white fluid burst out of the tip of his cock and arced up into the air. It must have gone five feet before it fell to the ground. It was followed by another stream, not as strong, that didn't shoot as far. It kept going as he continued pounding furiously until it was just dribbling. David swayed, gulped in a huge breath and sat down on the grass.

The other three stood, staring, their mouths open. David had produced and expelled sperm for the first time in his young life.

"That didn't look like he was peeing." said Chrissy in a soft voice.

"Hey!" yelled Jill. "Are you OK?"

David opened his eyes. They were a little glazed. "Um ... yeah." He looked down at his now shrunken penis, still enclosed in his hand. There was a puddle of semen caught in his foreskin and it ran down onto his hand. "WOW!" he shouted. "That was WILD!".

Chrissy turned to her brother, who was now jacking his own cock with grim determination. "Does yours do that too?" she asked.

"Uh ... no ... it never has ... but ... it ... really feels .... good." he gasped.

David jumped up and walked toward the others. A gooey drop of cum stretched from his penis toward the ground. He squatted to wash his hand in the creek. "It never did for me either, but I kept going and it just happened."

"Oh .... Uh ... Uhhhh" grunted Mark as he worked on his boner.

"I never went that long before" continued David. It started feeling so good I just didn't want to stop, and then ... it squirted."

"It ... hurts" groaned Mark. "But it feels .... good ... too."

"Yeah!" yelled David. "Keep going!"

And when he did keep going, Mark discovered the same thing that David had.

Rule number one of being a guy: It'll squirt if you pull on it long enough.

While they were watching Mark produce HIS first shots of potent young spooge, Chrissy and Jill had their heads together. "You think it would feel good for us to rub down there too?" Chrissy said. Jill responded. "It sure feels good when I wash down there."

Which is why the boys turned to find their sister's frantically rubbing the plump pussy lips between their legs. It wasn't as spectacular to see the girls do it. Basically they rubbed and panted and moaned and squealed until they learned the first rule of being a gal: Rub on it enough and you'll suddenly get wet sticky fingers.

Of course it wasn't fair. The girls could go for half an hour, making their fingers wet every five or ten minutes. The boys could only go once every fifteen minutes or so. But they all had a good time. It never occurred to any of them to try to emulate the mating animals on the farm.

Well, not until that fateful day when David, looking for some fishing gear in the garage, found a box that had magazines and a video tape in it. The magazines were hard core porn and they showed exactly how a man's penis could be put to use in a woman's vagina. They also showed just exactly where all that nice white stuff the boys shot out was actually supposed to be put. David watched about sixty seconds of the video tape before he turned it off and hid it. He somehow knew that the adults would take it away if they knew he had it. He wanted the others to see this.

That Friday night, while their parents were at a card party, they gathered at Jill and David's house. David got out the tape and started it. All the lights were turned off and only the glow of the TV lit the room. It was quiet in the room, save for the moans coming from the TV as the women there were bathed in spunk, inside and out. David let it go for about ten minutes and then turned it off. He flipped on an end table lamp.

All of them were panting. Both girls had their hands in their pants and Mark had slid his pants down to his thighs and was pulling his pud. David would like to have been doing the same thing. "What do you think?" he said.

"It makes me all itchy" said Chrissy.

"Me too" said Jill.

"It makes me want to try that with Jill" said Mark.

Jill looked interested. "Really? You think we could actually do that? I thought only adults could do that."

Chrissy spoke up "You know Angela Simmons? She said she's done it. She said she and her cousin did it at their family reunion. She said if feels really good."

And that was how Mark ended up between Jill's thighs, with his cock buried in her pussy, spurting her full of semen laced with potent teenaged sperm.

She took to it quickly, not complaining at all when she was first penetrated, probably because Mark's teenaged penis was only as big as the three fingers she often reamed herself out with.

She gave Chrissy a play by play description of what was happening until she tripped unexpectedly into an orgasm. She couldn't talk for a while, and the next words she said were as her young lover emptied his balls into her womb. "Hot ... wet ... nice" she panted.

And that was how David and Chrissy ended up doing the very same thing on the floor next to Mark and Jill ... who were doing it AGAIN.

Chrissy was a moaner who made a lot of noise, but that was OK with David, because it made his dick harder whenever she let out with one of those soaring, wailing sounds. He said "We should ... have ... been ... doing this ... a lot ... sooner" as he emptied his own balls into his best friend's sister.

Youth being what it is, each girl got her pussy filled three times that night before it was time for Chrissy and Mark to go home.

Both girls were so happy that neither of them thought to drain all that sperm out or douche before going to bed.

In the Roberts house, it was after midnight when David heard his door open and someone get into bed with him. That someone was naked and was about the size of his sister.

"What are you doing?" he whispered.

"I'm horny" came her whispered reply. "I just want to cuddle, and maybe you could rub me a little. Please?"

David rolled over, his boner slapping against his sister's thigh. He'd been thinking about the way Chrissy's breasts bobbed and bounced when he slammed his dick into her pussy over and over.

His sister giggled. "I see that you're horny too." she whispered, while her hand found his stiff cock and stroked it. Then she let go and snuggled up to her brother, pressing her breasts into his chest and letting his cock slide between her legs.

She kissed his neck and he hissed. "Jill, if you keep that up I'm gonna want to ...." he gave a hip thrust.

She sighed into his neck and whispered back "And if you keep doing that I just might let you, even though you are my brother."

She kissed his neck again.

He shoved his hips again.

He pushed her on her back, rolled on top of her and, as her legs parted, mounted her as if they'd been fucking for years. His cock head found her entrance all by itself and he surged forward, taking his sister for the very first time.

"Ohhhhh yessssss" she moaned and, as his cock head hit her cervix, she trembled and climaxed. "Ohhhhhh yesssssssssssss" she hissed as her pussy nipped and sucked at his cock.

He was super primed too, and without warning his semen spilled into her womb, flooding her with his wet heat. They stayed that way, him buried in her, until he could go again.

In the Fenster house, much the same was taking place, except that it was Mark who snuck into Chrissy's room. He found her naked and abusing her clitty with two fingers. She said "I was hoping you'd come in here."

That was all it took for him to climb aboard and plug his rock hard prick into his sister's soft sucking sex. They too were too excited to last long and she too received a huge load of potent brother sperm.

They, however, did not get the chance to put two loads of his heavy sperm into her.

Chrissy was too loud and they heard sounds indicating that a parent was coming up the stairs. Mark dashed for the closet and Chrissy pulled the sheet up over her naked body just as her mother opened the bedroom door. Chrissy could see in the darkness that her father was there too.

"Chrissy? Honey? Are you OK? queried her mother.

"Yeah, mom, I'm fine. I just had a dream, that's all."

"You need to talk about it?" asked her mother, opening the door wider.

"NO!" Chrissy almost shouted. "I mean, it's fine. It was a nice dream ... exciting ... that's all."

"OK, dear, good night" said her mother and her parents turned to leave. She heard her father's receding voice. "I'm telling you Marcy, she sounded just like you do when I'm ... when we're ... well you know." And her mother's laughing reply "That's ridiculous. But let's go practice so you can hear me again."

Mark came out of her closet but Chrissy chased him back to his own room.

You know how it is with kids and a new toy. They play with it constantly, to the exclusion of almost everything else.

In the days and weeks to follow, Chrissy and Jill got almost professional at milking their young lovers and brothers of their precious loads of sperm-laden juice.

So it shouldn't have been any real surprise when the cute teen bellies of both girls began to swell.

Their mothers already knew, having kept track of their periods, and having noticed that the girls had missed several. By then, of course, it was too late to do anything about it. Joyce and Marci had discussed it without telling their husbands. They naturally thought that Chrissy was having David's baby and Jill was having Mark's.

In truth, without a DNA test, no one would really ever know who had fathered the two babies.

Instead, home schooling sessions began to include information on pregnancy, labor and delivery and child rearing. Girls that age had routinely given birth in years gone past and their mothers made sure they got good pre-natal care.

When the news was broken to the grandfathers-to-be, the storm was violent, but fairly swiftly over. The children were called together and the seriousness of the situation discussed. It was a foregone conclusion, on both the part of the young parents and their parents, that marriages would take place, but not until it could be done without half the county knowing about it. A midwife was found and the babies were born at home, on the farm, and only six days apart from each other.

And so it was, that when Chrissy and David turned 18, there was a double wedding.

In attendance were the two brides, the two grooms, their four children, the beaming grandparents, and a bevy of disgusted female cousins, as well as another bevy of jealous male cousins.

The reception lasted all afternoon and into the night. There were a lot of remote and private places for people to rest in while taking a break from the party.

Surely it was pure coincidence that three of those disgusted female cousins gave birth nine months after the wedding.

The End

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