Happy Trails With My Sister

by Lubrican

It's funny how things turn out. Seemingly unconnected events conspire to cause things to happen and sometimes those things can be life changing. So for my story I'll show you the "unconnected" things. The life changing part will become clear.

First of all let me tell you a little about our family. Dad is this big beefy guy with wide shoulders and muscles a pro wrestler would be proud of. Mom died when we were younger, but I remember she was this little slip of a woman who was beautiful and smiled all the time. Now that I'm grown, if I saw a couple like that I'd stare at them, thinking he'd just CRUSH her while they were ... well, you know.

My sister, Lee and I got our frames from our mother, much to my dismay. I couldn't be a jock, so I drifted toward shop and that was a little change that made a big difference in my self esteem. I'm pretty good with my hands and people know it. But I stood by watching the jocks get all the popular and gorgeous girls.

Like Lee, for instance. She has what in books would be called an elfin face, with big green eyes. Our mom had long hair and after she died Lee decided never to cut her hair again - ever. So now she has this thick mane of ash blond hair clear down past her ass, almost to her knees. Her breasts are cantaloupe sized, with perky pink nipples that point slightly upwards and were well defined even when "soft". Her pubic hair is just as blond as her head hair and her butt is round and soft and fat, sort of.

Guys fall all over themselves trying to get her to go out with them. She had a boyfriend or two, but nothing hot and heavy. Of course all the guys tried to get in her pants, but from what I heard she was increasingly adept at fending them off.

Now I know she isn't a cock tease, because she doesn't have that reputation. But she also doesn't have the reputation of being a slut. And the guys just keep coming back, so she must be fun to be with. Exactly what happens on all those dates is a big mystery. That's something a brother usually isn't privy to.

But back to her hair. When she decided not to cut it, it affected the rest of her life. I mean long hair is a pain to take care of. So usually she wore it in a loose braid, almost everywhere in fact, except at home. There she let it flow loose. She actually used it as "clothing" at home. See our family had always had a little nudist streak in us. It wasn't intentional. I mean we wouldn't have described ourselves as "nudists". We just didn't wear clothing if it wasn't necessary. For instance, the clothes hampers were in each bedroom. If you're going to take a shower you undress, but why carry clothes around with you? So we'd undress in the bedroom, put the clothes in the hamper, and then go take a shower. When we were done we'd dry off, and then go to the closet or whatever to get some clothes to put on. If it was summer, we wouldn't put on much. So that meant there were naked people walking up and down the halls sometimes. If Lee had a date and the clothing she wanted to wear was in the dryer or something like that, she'd walk around the house in panties while she waited for her clothes to be ready. This is where the hair comes in. All she had to do was pull her hair around to the front and it covered her almost completely. I mean enough for modesty's sake. Sort of. There were just two problems.

One was that her breasts were big enough that they'd push their way through her hair mostly. And her nipples poked out even farther. She never wore a bra. She said they cramped and hurt, which makes sense to a guy. I have a suspicion nowadays that one reason she didn't like to wear them was that her clothing and her hair caressed or tickled her nipples or something, because almost every time I ever saw them they were sticking out, looking hard and swollen.

The other thing is that with her hair covering her front, that left her back completely exposed. And she had a butt to die for. It was her butt, in fact, that made me sexually aware of her. Oh don't get me wrong, I knew she was beautiful, and I had intentionally looked at her breasts and that soft looking patch of almost white hair between her legs. I knew she was a woman and I knew what guys did to and with those parts of the body. But the first time I ever wanted to touch her sexually it was because of her butt.

She was walking down the hallway in front of me, going to her room from the shower. Her hair was in front of her, covering her front and her butt ... wiggled ... while she walked. The left cheek raised and then lowered and the right one did the opposite. My dick stiffened a little and I wondered what it would feel like to press that stiffening dick up against those soft undulating buns.

Almost immediately I flushed red and stopped. I even turned around and went the other way. Wow! Thinking about shoving your dick against your sister's ass! What a pervert.

Anyway, she never knew about that, so I was safe. But I started noticing her as a woman a lot more. That was a small change, but one that made things different.

For example, Dad and I always wandered around the house in our underwear. I liked briefs and he liked boxers. But when I started noticing Lee it caused ... well ... problems. Obvious problems.

But I wasn't about to give up comfort, so I dealt with it in several ways. Sometimes I'd sit down and do something, like read. That made it less obvious. Sometimes I'd go into my room and whack off like mad, shooting long strings of silvery cum into towels or whatever. Once in a while I'd just let it all hang out, so to speak.

Dad was clueless. He worked hard and we were good kids, so other than spending some time with us he pretty well was oblivious to what went on around the house.

But eventually Lee noticed the bulges in my briefs. In the beginning she kidded me about it.

"Got a mouse in your pocket?" she said one day while I was making a sandwich. I looked at her and she was looking at the front of my underwear. I looked down and there was my half hard dick, making a nice tent. The funny thing is that this time it wasn't Lee who had caused it. I was spreading peanut butter and found myself thinking about Nancy, the girl who lived next door and wondering what it would be like to spread peanut butter on her breasts and then lick it off.

Don't laugh girls. It's a guy thing.

Anyway, Lee was staring at the front of my shorts. What does a guy do in that situation? For some reason I decided to be brazen about it.

"What? You've never seen a hardon before?" I couldn't believe I'd said it.

Then SHE was blushing. "Of course I've seen a hardon you moron." she growled. Then she suddenly realized what she'd said and blushed even more.

I did the Jim Carey line "Oh reeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyy" and we both ended up laughing.

That was a little change, but it made a big difference in our lives. Because after that, if I got hard I didn't hide it any more. And Lee didn't kid me about it. Well, not really. She had these long fingernails. There were a couple of times she put one finger down and scraped a fingernail across the bulge and said "Your mouse friend is back". We'd always been pretty loose around each other, but this was a step further.

Anyway, another change that happened that seemed unconnected was when Dad decided he wanted to take us on a two week vacation to see the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Tetons and so on. All the major tourist spots in the western half of the lower 48 states. It would be about a three thousand mile trip.

We liked to tent camp, but Dad said it would take too much of our time to set up and break camp every night, so he went out and found a used camper that would fit in the bed of our pickup. It was old, but serviceable. It had a bed, a two person couch, a tiny kitchen, a porta-potty and lots of little places for storage. The couch unfolded into what some salesman somewhere had once called a second bed. It was tiny.

The first question out of my mouth was about the beds. It was obvious that if Dad was in either of them, nobody else would be able to squeeze in. Like me, for instance. Dad said something about how somebody could sleep in the cab and then said "Both of you will fit in the big bed anyway. What's the big deal?"

I looked at Lee, expecting her to complain, but she had this faraway look in her eye, like she wasn't paying close attention. But she said "Whatever" and suddenly the idea of sleeping in the same bed with my sister didn't seem so bad. And after all, what could happen with our father right there, three feet away from us?

So off we went. It was fun. We all sang with the radio as we drove along, usually on an interstate highway somewhere, and we got to see some really beautiful scenery. The tourist traps were cool and all in all we had a great time. All of us could drive, so we switched off and on pretty regularly.

Sleeping in that bed with my sister wasn't the earthshaking thing I thought it would be, though I did get a few hardons. I just turned over and put my back to hers when that happened. I woke up a couple of times in the night with her cuddled up next to me, an arm draped over me or something, and that usually made me hard as a rock, but I didn't really mind.

Well, except for the fact that I couldn't beat off on this trip. No privacy.

Then one day I got this bright idea.

We were driving along and my balls were aching. There had been a group of girls flirting with me at the last stop and my imagination had started in. Suddenly I realized there was privacy right behind me, in the camper.

"Hey Dad. I'm sort of tired. Pull over so I can get in the back and take a nap, OK?"

He pulled over, I got in the back, the truck started off, and I had a glorious hour to spank the monkey all by myself. I was having such a good time that I put off coming. I'd get real close and then stop. My cock was leaking precum all over the place, and that took off the pressure a little bit I guess. I'd go from one fantasy to the next, trying to decide which one to blow my wad on. My dick was twice the size it usually is when I beat off, and just as hard as iron.

That was another little difference. I usually whacked off and came in less than five minutes. But not this time. That too would end up changing my whole life.

I was still engaged in this leisurely beat off session when I felt the truck start slowing down and pulling over. Damn. So close. Now what? If I hurried I could shoot, but I didn't want to hurry. Maybe we were just getting gas or turning onto another road or something.

It was hot and I had stripped down to the buff, but my shorts were handy. I decided to peek out the windows to see what was going on. I pulled aside the curtains as the truck came to a full stop.


Then a flash of blond hair. Lee was coming back to the camper!


I knew I'd never hear the end of it if she found me in the camper, rod in hand, naked. I only had one chance. She wouldn't think it was odd if I was sleeping nude. Everybody in the house slept that way. So I jumped on our bed, draped part of the sheet over my loins and closed my eyes. I lay on my side, facing the door and tried to breath deeply, like I was really asleep.

I hoped she was just going to get something out of the fridge and then we'd go on. My balls were beginning to hurt a little from the anticipation of blowing a nut.

The door opened and Lee climbed in.

The truck started moving again.

Shit shit shit!

Now I was stuck trying to convince Lee I was actually sleeping. I couldn't open my eyes because I didn't know where she was or what she was doing.

Then she spoke "Rob?" she whispered. Again "Robbie ... are you sleeping?"

I didn't open my eyes or change my breathing. Then I felt the sheet being moved. She must have lifted it up because she gasped and then said softly "Well, well, well, he must be having a really nice dream."

Oh man, she was looking at my dick!

I heard her moving around and a rustling sound. I just had to know what she was doing, so I cracked open one eyelid just a teeny bit. At first I couldn't see anything. Well, that's not right. I could see, but I couldn't tell what I was looking at. Then the eye focused and I about choked. Lee was getting undressed. She already had her shirt off and I was looking at her breasts hanging from her chest as she bent over to remove her shorts. Then she skinned out of her panties and she was naked!

She glanced at me, but must have thought I was still asleep. Then she started taking her hair down. She unbraided it and shook it out. Then she looked toward me again. I closed the eye and realized I was holding my breath. I started breathing again, but that stopped as she got into the bed with me.

Man oh man what was I going to do now?

At first all I felt was hair. Then she did something and the hair disappeared. I cracked the eye open again and saw her back right in front of me. She had taken her hair and pulled it all forward to her front. Then she wiggled backwards until she was pressing her naked back against me.

Then I felt that luscious soft round butt of hers press backwards against my boner.

I about shit. Well, not shit, but I almost came. I think there were two reasons I didn't blow like Old Faithful. First, my dick was at the stage that it was so hard it was actually pointing toward my head. When she moved back against it her butt was pressing against the underside of it, where it wasn't as sensitive.

But the big reason was because if I squirted I'd never have been able to explain how THAT happened, and being scared about that took the edge off just enough.

OK. I know what you're thinking. My sister has just found me in the camper asleep, has seen that I have a monster hardon, has taken her clothes off and climbed in bed and pressed her butt up against that very hardon. From your vantage point I can see how you'd think I was crazy to be afraid.

But I wasn't thinking very straight at that particular time, so I didn't realize what she was doing just then. So cut me a break while I tell you what happened next.

You have NO idea how mind blowing this all was. I mean I'm lying there, my dick just as hard as its ever been and leaking like crazy. The truck is driving along and it must not be on an interstate because there are bumps in the road and it curves too much. I figured we must have turned after all and she just ran to the back while we were at the stop sign.

I knew we were in Wyoming somewhere and were heading for a State Park to spend the night and do some hiking the next day. My sister's naked butt was pressed against the bottom of my dick and her naked back was touching my chest. The truck rocked and my dick pressed into her extra hard.

She had to be feeling this.

Then she did another little thing that changed my life forever.

I felt her hand on my hip and then it slid between us and very lightly grasped my penis. She rolled away from me and bent my dick down so it was pointing right at her. She must have raised a leg because when she rolled back toward me my dick was between her legs. Then she lowered her leg and my dick was trapped.

Believe or not - and I know you don't - I thought she had done this just because the lump in her back was uncomfortable. Then I realized that the head of my dick must be right at the opening of her pussy.

If you are a guy you know there are times when your dick gets so hard that you can't piss. I mean you physically cannot get a stream started. That's how hard I was. I actually tried to let myself come, and just get it over with, but I couldn't do it. It was like my dick was paralyzed or something. I think I was in sensory overload.

So I lay there paralyzed while the truck swayed back and forth and she moved away from me and then back toward me. Not very much, but plenty enough for it to feel like I was fucking her. Her legs were tight on my prick and there was plenty of friction.

Well, at first anyway.

Pretty soon I realized that it was getting mighty slippery between those legs. I knew I was leaking cum, but it was slipperier than that. That, believe or not -yeah yeah, I know you don't - THAT was the first time I began to have a clue as to what was actually going on. My sister, my very own baby sister was using me to get herself off!

It was beginning to feel good.

Really good.

I don't know if the hyper sensitivity passed or whatever, but suddenly I could feel my dick again. It was sliding back and forth between her legs and it was all slippery and stuff and I began to worry again that I might come.

Then I thought to myself "Shit, she knows what she's doing, and if it squirts she can't say she didn't expect it."

Then I had a thought. My dick was probably long enough that it was actually sticking out in front of her a little bit. I had this picture in my head of it looking like it was HER dick and then squirting and it seemed funny ... but I didn't laugh. Whatever was going on I didn't want to interrupt it or make things change. I was going to get my rocks off after all, and this was infinitely better than doing it with my hand.

Lee made a sound. It was low in her throat. Not a moan exactly, or a growl. If she'd have been a cat I'd have sworn she purred. Then I felt her fingers on the head of my dick and she was pressing it upward, making it rub right into the groove of her pussy lips. Now the glans was rubbing right on her clit and she did moan.

Then something else happened that was little, but changed my life forever. Dad hit a bump hard and swerved at the same time.

Yup, the combination of that and her pushing it into her opening made my dick slid right into the mouth of her pussy.

It only penetrated her an inch and a half or so, but that was all it took. A couple of days worth of horniness and a set of overflowing balls were released in the split second it took for my brain to register that my dick was in my sister's pussy.

Then I DID blow like Old Faithful.

And, since I had all the instincts that Homo Sapiens was equipped with, when I felt the first jet leave my penis and blast into her pussy, my right hand gripped her hip and I pulled her into me. My hips flexed and I buried it another two or three inches in her. Man oh man did it feel good. Those jets of silvery sperm-laced semen shot up into Lee's pussy.

She squealed as she felt my dick go into her and then went "Ahhhhhhhhhh" as she realized it was shooting off in her. But there wasn't anything she could do about it. Her hands were in front of her and she had nothing to grab to pull herself away from me. The only thing she could have done was just roll off the bed frontwards and sprawl into the aisle.

I think maybe she had some instinct too, because as I felt my third or forth shot fire off into her I felt her pussy clamp down on my dick a couple of times.

Then in true to form teenage fashion she squealed "Robeeeeeee!" like I'd stop or something. Well I did stop eventually, but only after every drop of my potent sperm had been implanted fairly deep in her sweet soft pussy.

Since all pretense of my being asleep was blown, I said "Wow".

Now she moved. She DID roll forward, right out of bed, and fell on the floor. She scrambled to her feet, flipped her mass of hair over her shoulder and stared down at her exposed pussy, sort of squatting bowlegged. A big glob of white sperm came flowing from her pussy lips and hung, before it slowly began to form a huge teardrop and fall toward the floor. She was panting hard and red faced.

Then those green eyes rose up and locked on my face. "Roobbbeeeeeee ... YOU CAME IN MY PUSSY!" she yelled.

Now I don't know if I was still hard - I wouldn't have been surprised, considering how horny I had been - or if seeing my sperm dripping out of my sister's pussy had gotten me hard again. At any rate, my dick was standing tall again, pointing right at her. At her outburst I decided to call her apparent bluff.

"Yup" I said straight faced. "I sure did, and I want to thank you, cause that was awesome. By the way, it's getting all over the floor."

It was comical to see her look back at her pussy and then at the puddle that had dripped on the floor. Her hand slapped to her pussy to keep any more from coming out and she said "Shit! Dad will kill me."

I did laugh at that. The absurdity of her thinking he'd blame HER for MY cum being on the floor was too much.

Of course SHE didn't think it was funny at all. She started to yell, but the truck lurched again and she fell toward me. I caught her, getting a nice handful of soft tit in the process. Her face was right in front of mine. Imagine my surprise when all of a sudden my sister kissed me.

And I mean KISSED me.

It was a lip lock to remember. It started out all soft and rubbery and very quickly went to each of us trying to suck the tonsils out of the other. Then she was laying all over me, rubbing her breasts against me and moaning. She finally broke the kiss and pulled back a whole three inches.

"You bastard" she said in an almost normal voice.

I tried to look hurt. "What?" I said "What did I do? All I did was try to take a nap."

She wasn't buying it. Those green eyes bore into mine. "You do know, don't you, that I didn't come." she said, her voice still level. "You got your rocks off ... IN me I might add, and I didn't get anything. that's not fair."

I got the feeling she wasn't actually all that mad at me.

"Well, as your brother, I want you to be fulfilled, so I recommend you do something about that. I'm more than willing to help if you can think of any way I can BE of help."

She kissed me again, this time a quick one. "I knew you'd understand." she said cryptically.

Then she straddled me, put my dick in the entrance I had so recently vacated, and sank down on me with all her weight.

I hadn't thought about the fact that she was a virgin.

When I blew my wad in her, I wasn't exactly thinking about her hymen, and, in fact, hers was already gone for the most part. But she was still a virgin, and she'd never had her pussy that full of anything before. So, when her full weight dropped onto my boner she winced, and once she was fully impaled she sat still, her hands on my chest.

She was tight.

But the "lubricant" I had left behind made her first full penetration a lot easier. She sat there for maybe a couple of minutes before she rocked back and forth a couple of times experimentally. She leaned forward and rocked and she purred again.

I knew her clitty was being massaged, and that she had full control over how much, so I just lay there being a hard dick for her. It didn't take long for her discomfort to fly away and then she started having a good time. She raised up and then flopped back down a couple of times, each time going "Ohhhhhhhh" or "Ahhhhhhh", but mostly she rocked. That was really nice for both of us because my dick was long enough to reach clear to her cervix in that position, and when she rocked the head dug into her cervix and massaged it.

And vice versa. I had been doing just fine, having cum so recently, but when her cervix started kissing the head of my prick my balls started making more semen on overtime. Her hair fell forward and made a tent. It was caressing every part of my chest and face as she rocked back and forth and that got me even hotter.

I saw one of her perfect breasts in front of my face so I leaned up and latched onto the nipple, sucking hard. "Ooooooooo keep doing that" she moaned.

I got my hands busy on both breasts, squeezing her puffy pink nipples, pulling them and then licking or sucking them too.

"Yeahhhh that's it ... you're doing it ... I'm gonna ...yeahhh...Ahhhhhhhh...OH ROBBEEEEEEEEE" And then she came.

She came like a bomb. First she stiffened, and then her hips jerked back and forth about four or five times hard enough that I thought she was going to rip my prick out at the roots. Her pussy started doing the milking maid thing, rippling up an down, squeezing my dick, saying "Come on pretty penis, and give me a bath." Her head was whipping back and forth, which meant there was hair everywhere, flying through the air, making a cloud all around us. I think it was the sounds she made that got me off though. I can't even describe them, except to say she sounded happy - really happy. So I came with her.

This time it wasn't explosive. I felt it start deep in my balls and travel up through my prick. My dick pulsed and a long string shot out.

"I'm mating with my sister" I thought.

Another gooey rope lanced into the mouth of her cervix.

"I'm pumping my sister's virgin pussy full of my spunk."

Her weight came down on me and my dick head spat a pool of sperm that got trapped, soaking her cervix and being sucked into her womb. Two more surges of my seed flowed.

"My sperm is the first sperm ever to enter her womb." I thought.

My balls ached as they tried to supply even more fluid to shoot into my sister. But I was done.

She was leaning over me again, her face close. "Thank you Robbie" she whispered. "I knew I'd like it if I did it with you."

"You're more than welcome" I said back. "I stand always ready to serve your needs."

Her pussy muscles squeezed my softening dick. "I have a feeling I'm going to have some pretty intense needs." she said smiling. "And we only have another week and a half to go."

I don't know if dad noticed or not, but we took a lot of naps on that trip.

The End

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