Horsing Around For Halloween

by Lubrican

My twin sister Sandy and I grew up in a rural town, population about a thousand or so, and most of the time the only playmates we had were each other. For that and other reasons we were really close. Our parents were pretty liberal too, and it was common to see another family member with little or nothing on, especially in the summers when it was hot. So nudity was no big deal.

Well, not until Sandy started growing these really nice breasts. She had always had nipples, like me, but now they changed. They got darker and more pink and there was an area around them that got darker too. And she grew hair between her legs. I asked her about it one night when I went into the bathroom to take a leak and she was getting out of the shower.

"Doesn't that tickle?" I asked.

"What?" she shot back, drying her hair with a towel. That made her breasts jiggle a little bit, which was very interesting to watch.

"That hair, around your ... down there" I pointed.

She looked down and then looked up. "You mean my pussy hair?"

My eyes got big and I whispered "When did you start talking like that? If Mom heard you she'd skin you alive."

She just laughed. "Well, anyway, why don't you ask yourself. Does YOUR hair tickle?"

I looked down and there, around my penis, was hair I somehow had never noticed. I guess I never spent a lot of time staring at my crotch.

Anyway, that's the kind of relationship we had when we were thirteen. It pretty much stayed that way until we turned sixteen. By then Sandy had real tits and her hips had spread out. She was a looker, and I didn't think that just because she was my twin. She had blond hair, like me, but she wore hers in bangs and it brushed her shoulders. Her lips always looked red, but she never wore much makeup. Guys lusted after her all the time, and sometimes my friends tried to get me to set her up with them. But that never worked, because we all knew each other too well, and dates just didn't seem to work out. Everybody tried to "be" a date, when most of us knew everything about each other and had since we were little kids. There was a little groping and kissing, and some of us called each other boyfriends or girlfriends, but it was all very innocent.

I accidentally discovered that if you washed your dick a whole lot while you were in the shower, it suddenly felt so good that your knees would get weak and stuff would shoot out of your dick. In school I learned that was my sperm. We lived in a farming community, so we knew what dicks and sperm were for.

Anyway, us guys talked about sex and about who we'd like to have it with, but other than Mandy Johnson and Rick Edger, who decided to go steady and ended up fucking their brains out until she got pregnant and had to start home schooling, none of us ever got to even first base, much less getting our dicks wet.

So we dreamed, and talked, and grew up and did all the things that thousands of other kids our age did.

Then, in our Junior year, the school announced there would be prizes for the best Halloween costumes at the school dance. As I look back on this I don't even remember what the prizes were, but I do know they were a big deal at the time. So Sandy and I talked endlessly about what we could go as, trying to win the contest. In the end, we decided that rather than dressing separately, we'd have Mom make us a horse costume and we'd both go as parts of the horse. our Idea was that one of us would be just the front part and the other would be just the back part - not connected or anything. My mother laughed and asked us which one was going to be "the horses ass". Then she suggested that we connect the halves and go that way.

Mom was good with a sewing machine and the costume she made was really pretty impressive. One of us would be the front legs and head, and the other would stand behind, being the back legs and, yes, the horses ass. Naturally, the women ganged up against me and I got assigned as the ass.

She got it finished about an hour before we were supposed to head off to the dance, so we didn't have much time to practice. We got into the thing and walked around the living room. We couldn't get our legs in time with each other, and from mom's laughter it was pretty obvious that we looked pretty lame. So I reached out with my hands and put them on Sandy's hips. I pulled myself toward her, shortening the distance between us, and then we could time our legs together. It made the horse look really short, because the back legs were pretty close to the front legs, but Mom, after she quit laughing, said it looked better than before. Our dad came in and asked why the horse was walking like a camel. Did you know a camel moves both legs on one side forward at the same time when he walks? I didn't. But there was no way we could make it work like a real horse, so we did the best we could.

By now I was sweating a lot - it was hot inside the costume, and I could tell that Sandy's shirt was getting damp too. We climbed out of the suit and went upstairs to get ready. I mentioned how hot it was in the suit and she agreed. "There's no way we can spend an hour or two in that thing and not just die from the heat" she said. I agreed, but pointed out it was too late to change plans. Besides, Mom had put a lot of work into the suit.

"Well" she said in a whisper "we could wear less clothing while we're in it."

I didn't see as how that would work and said so.

She had an answer for everything, though. "See, we'll strip down while we're in the suit, and when it's time to get out of it we'll go into the locker room and put some clothes on there."

I allowed as how that might just work.

Which is how we ended up at school, inside the horse suit, her dressed in her bra and panties and me in my boxers. It WAS a lot cooler. We were some of the first people there, so we put our clothes in my locker and got in the suit. No one had seen the suit yet, so when we wandered out on the basketball court no one knew who was inside. We had agreed not to make any noise, and that Sandy would just nod the head of the horse "yes" or "no" to answer any questions anyone asked us.

The CD player started up and we tried to dance. It must have been hilarious. I had my hands on my sister's panty covered hips and we jumped around, trying to dance. It took almost no time for my hands to slide inside her panties. I figured this out about the same time she did and we both stopped cold.

"What are you doing?" she hissed. "Get your hands out of my panties you pervert!"

I jerked them out. "I'm sorry, you were jumping around. I didn't do it on purpose."

She harrumphed and we started dancing again. It was soon obvious that having my hands on her hips wasn't going to work, because they invariably slid inside the waistband of her panties, or drug them down around her hips. All I touched was the sides of her hips, but I knew where my hands were and that was the closest to a real live female pussy they had ever been, even if it was my own sister's pussy.

The inevitable began to happen. I couldn't keep my mind off of where my hands were and my dick started to get ready for a bath. "Good thing I'm inside a horse suit" I murmured to myself. I changed my hands to her waist, which was better, except that even though we were almost naked it was still hot in the suit and we were both sweating, so her skin was slippery.

During a break in the music Sandy turned around and spoke. "Larry, I'm getting tired of leaning forward in this damn head. My back muscles are beginning to burn."

I knew what she was talking about. We both had to bend over a little bit. Mom had put something on the inside of the top of the horse's back that was stiff, so it would rest on our heads. That kept the horse's back straight. But we had to lean forward. This put my face right in Sandy's back and her face in the head of the horse. She could see out through some screened holes, but all this leaning forward all the time was getting very tiring. Acting on impulse I reached forward and put my hands on her shoulders, right where her bra straps crossed them. I hooked my hands and pulled a little bit, putting my face into her back just above her panties. That eased the strain on my back because my head was resting against her back and I hoped it would ease the strain on her back by me pulling back on her shoulders a little. It DID work. "Ooooo that's better" she said with a relieved sigh.

So, while we were walking around, that's the position we were in. Unfortunately, that put my nose right in the vicinity of a nice sweaty teenage pussy, which, by the way, did NOT smell bad at all.

If that's what fish smell like, then I think I'd like to put fish in my diet.

Anyway, my dick stayed hard. Now when we danced she stood up a little and I just kept my hands on her shoulders. Pretty soon though she started complaining that my hands were digging her bra straps into her shoulders. I asked her where she wanted me to put my hands if she didn't want them there. She thought about it a minute and then reached around and undid the bra. She just dropped it down one of the legs. "There" she said "Now it won't hurt." Now I had my hands on naked female teenaged shoulders. This was getting better and better and worse and worse all at the same time.

The gym got crowded pretty quickly and everybody was trying to figure out who we were. They all asked us questions, but Sandy refused to speak and only nodded the horses head like we had agreed on. It was during one of these conversations that the next thing happened. She was nodding yes in an exaggerated way when my hands slipped off of her sweaty shoulders. She had been leaning into them and started to fall forward. I grabbed for her around her waist and my hands ended up full of soft sixteen year old breasts.

I didn't know what to do. I knew exactly what was in my hands, and I knew that Sandy did too. We just sort of froze. Then the person who had been talking to the horse started asking questions again and Sandy had to go back to nodding.

I knew if I kept on holding her boobs she'd kill me, so I reluctantly stepped closer to her and let my hands slide off of them, downward, to her belly button. I pulled on her a little, but now my head wasn't in her back, so it just pulled her against me. Presto, now my almost naked twin sister, whose breasts I'd just groped, was pulled back against her brother, whose rampant hardon promptly poked into her butt.

I was dead meat. I just knew it.

Then the most amazing thing happened. Sandy took her right hand out of the horses head, snaked it around behind her, slid it between us, and grabbed on to what was poking her in the butt. Now I'm quite sure she thought it was going to be part of the costume. I mean I don't think she knew she was going to end up holding her twin brother's cock in her hand. It was almost comical. She grabbed it, froze, squeezed it, let go, moved her hand around from side to side, like she was trying to figure out what else was nearby, and then slid her hand right through the fly of my boxers and grabbed my naked, hard-as-stone cock.

I don't know for sure, because I couldn't see out of the costume, but I know there was a crowd of people around us now. Most people had figured out who everybody else was, or thought they knew, but no one could figure out who WE were. The thing that helped us was that Amanda Jones and Richard Hecht had come as Mr. and Mrs. Death, in long black robes that covered their faces, and everybody thought THEY were US.

Anyway, what I'm saying is that, at the exact moment my sister grabbed my hardon and I had my hands right between her breasts and pussy, there wasn't any opportunity to talk about it, you know, explain how this was all accidental. So my sister thought I was groping her tits and I thought my sister was groping my dick.

Everybody knows that teenagers aren't all that good at reasoning things out. Everybody except teenagers, anyway.

So I slid my hands back up to her boobs. She groaned. I sighed, because she did not let go of my dick. In fact, when my hands slid across her nipples, she squeezed!

I started finding out what a woman's breasts felt like first hand. I fingered her nipples and was amazed to find they stuck out from the breast flesh about an inch! How had they gotten so large? Now she had pulled my dick completely through the fly in my boxers, including my balls and her hand was pulling on my dick, like she wanted me to go somewhere and was leading me by my dick. Then she pushed and I realized she was doing what I did in the shower.

This was not a good thing.

I knew what would happen pretty soon if she kept doing that, and this was NOT the shower, where all that thick white sperm just washed down the drain.

"Sandy!" I hissed "Let go or something bad's gonna happen". I tried to pull back, but she wouldn't let go. She pulled me back toward her and my dick slid right between her legs.

"Sandy!" I hissed again.

"Shhhh" she turned her head. "Just leave it right there." Then she went back to nodding.

Now, picture this: I have my sister's wonderfully soft tits in my hands, and my dick sliding between her legs while she moves her whole body all around nodding that damn horse's head. I began to get the feeling she was messing with me, so I decided to pay her back. I took my right hand and slid it down, over her belly and right into her panties. I just kept going, and ended up with my middle finger stuck right between the lips of her pussy. The funny thing was I felt the head of my dick right outside of her panties with the same finger.

Well, not so funny. Pretty erotic, in fact.

Sandy was breathing hard now. I knew she jacked off in the shower too, but I didn't know how to do it to her, only to myself. So I figured that if it felt good to rub my dick back and forth, it might feel good to her to rub my finger back and forth too. So I tried that and was immediately rewarded with a hiss, then a sigh, and then her butt pushed back at me and she sort of wiggled her hips.

There was suddenly this really wet feeling on my finger and at first I thought she had peed on me. Then I realized that this was what she shot out, like I shot out sperm or something. That meant she was feeling pretty good, right?

So I figured I'd see what else I could get away with. I hooked the finger and felt around until I felt the hole I knew was there. Then I slid my finger into that. I knew there was something called a clit down there somewhere, and I knew it was supposed to be a bump, but that was about it. We didn't get to see any pictures of things in those days. So I sort of rooted around down there trying to feel for a bump, which resulted in my slippery hand rubbing all over her slippery pussy.

First she sort of squatted a little bit, which spread her legs and gave me more room. Then she started shifting her weight from one leg to the other, like she was dancing or something. I felt her hand come down and I thought she was going to smack me and pull my hand out of her panties, but her hand went right over mine, pushed briefly, like she was telling me I was doing a pretty good job, and then went right on to the head of my dick, which was sticking out in front of her about an inch. She couldn't exactly hold on to it, but she cupped under it with three fingers and pulled it up, pressing it against the part of her pussy my hand wasn't in.

Now I know this sounds weird. I mean here we were, brother and sister, in the middle of the fall festival, inside a horse suit, practically naked, fondling the hell out of each other. I mean I think of it now and laugh.

But neither of us were laughing then. Both of us were horny as hell, deep in the throes of hormones that had been long denied, and everything we were doing felt good - and I mean REALLY good.

So it didn't seem all that odd when she pulled her panties aside and pushed the head of my dick right up into the slit I was rubbing the heck out of. She bent down a little bit and I leaned back a little and the next thing I knew the head of my dick slipped right into her pussy. Neither of us actually intended for that to happen - at least I didn't, and when it did we were both surprised.

We stopped everything right then. Just stood there inside that suit, with the head of my dick just inside the mouth of her pussy. Somebody outside of the suit asked us a question - I have no idea what it was, but Sandy's head came up, like she was listening to whatever had been said. Her fingers were still pressing on the bottom of my penis and she pushed them a little harder before removing them, like she was saying "OK, now you just stay right there like a good boy." Then she started nodding the horse's head again, like she didn't have my penis inside her.

Part of me would really like to have been outside the suit that night. I mean, here was this horse, with two people in it, shaking and nodding it's head like crazy, with the front legs and back legs right next to each other and probably making grunts and groans.

It had to be hysterical.

Meanwhile with each nod of the horse's head, her hips shoved back against me and my dick poked a little further into her. I never really got very far in her. The head of my dick was sort of sliding in and out of the mouth of her pussy really, and more than once her hand shot back down to push it back in when it popped out. But it was pretty clear she wasn't going to bitch me out for what was happening. So I enjoyed myself.

Since the front legs of the horse were dancing around, I got the back legs going too and commenced to try to fuck my own sister.

I'll never forget that night.

I was pretty far gone already, so it wasn't long before I felt that feeling deep in my balls that I knew meant my dick would soon be spouting thick ropes of cum. So I slid my fingers back to the top of her slit and tried to find that bump again. This time it was pretty easy. It had been there all along, but now it was bigger and I could feel it a lot easier. Sandy groaned and her hips wagged back and forth a couple of times. Then I felt that hot liquid shoot out of her again, all around the head of my cock. I pushed on it about the same time as the first shot of my sperm blasted out and managed to get it far enough in her that all of my spooge went inside of her instead of shooting all over the inside of the suit.

I felt a little guilty about that because I knew there was no way she was on the pill or anything, but I also knew it would be impossible to explain why there was sperm all over the inside of the suit to our parents.

For that reason I made sure my cock was still in her when the next four or five shots jetted out. Both of us sort of sagged then and the horse staggered around a little bit.

As it turned out that was the perfect thing for the horse to do at that particular moment because Andy Turner had been questioning the horse, trying to figure out who was in it, and he had finally announced that he just couldn't figure it out. So when we came and the horse sagged, it looked like whoever was in it was disappointed that he had failed or something and everybody started clapping and shouting. Mrs. Barsowski, the principal came over and announced that the horse was the obvious winner of the contest, since no one could figure out who we were.

On the other hand, it wasn't so perfect, because now here we were, her pussy full of my cum, my now flaccid dick hanging out of the front of my boxer shorts, her boobs showing, and everybody expected us to "unmask".

I started to panic. But Sandy was better on her feet. Very calmly she said "We can't get out of the suit just yet, but it's Sandy and Larry." There were cheers and groans and people started laughing, but thankfully the music started and everybody began to dance. That gave us the opportunity to wander off to the locker room.

I was in a daze, so I don't really remember much about our "unmasking" in the locker room. I know that once we got out of the suit Sandy just stood there, clothed only in soaked panties and looked at me. She was beautiful. She didn't say a word, just got dressed.

I must have been standing there like a bump on a log because she turned around, pointed at my crotch and said "You need to put that away now and get dressed before someone comes in here and sees us." I remember looking down and being surprised to see my dick hanging out of the front of my boxers.

I do remember that when we went back out people gathered around us and patted us on the back and so on, and I remember being scared that there would be some odor around us that would tip them all off, but no one said anything. Sandy stayed pretty much with me the rest of the night too, which made me feel better. I mean if she was really mad at me she'd have gone off to stay with her friends, right?

But I had a bad feeling about what would happen when we left the party.

She didn't say anything, though, as we drove back home. Dad was the only one still up when we got home, and he just nodded at us and went back to napping in the chair with the TV on. So when I threw off all my clothes and crawled into bed I still had no idea when Sandy would try to kill me or something.

I was almost asleep when I sensed the door opening and the hall light shone into my room. I could tell it was Sandy, because I could see an obviously female form. I got ready for the war to start.

But all she did was come over and sit on the edge of the bed. "Dad just went to bed." she said.

"Uh Oh" I thought to myself. Our parents had their room on the other side of the house from us and would never hear her beating me to death.

"Larry?" came her voice softly. Here it came.

"Uh, yeah?" I said lamely. I tensed up so when she hit me it wouldn't hurt as much.

"When we ... when you ... ummm ... when your penis was in my ... did you ... cum in me tonight?" She didn't sound mad. I was confused.

"Um ... I think so." That was the understatement of the year. I must have pumped a quart into her. "I'm sorry Sandy, I don't even know how it happened, but yeah, I think I did cum in you."

She just kept sitting there quietly for a minute. Then she took a deep breath and blew it right back out, like she had made some kind of decision. I tensed up again.

"You know I'm not on the pill or anything." she said.

"I sort of figured that" I came back. I decided to throw myself on my sword. "But all I could think about at that moment was that if I splattered all over the inside of the suit that Mom would see it and know what it was and so I ..."

I knew it sounded lame so I just quit.

I suddenly realized she was naked. I mean stark naked. She had come into my room naked. Suddenly my dick thought it was time for another shower. It made a tent of the sheet covering me and I saw her notice it.

Then she reached out and pulled the sheet down. My dick was bent over and when the sheet came free it bobbed and waved for a second before it proudly settled like a cannon ready to blow my head off. I stared at it horrified, knowing she would think I was some kind of animal.

She started talking again and I didn't even register the first sentence or so. But then she said something that cut straight through the fog in my brain.

Basically it went something like this: "So you put your sperm in my pussy, and I might even be pregnant, but I didn't actually get fucked. Well I don't think that's fair at all. I mean it felt really good, and I'm not sorry it happened, but it isn't fair that you got your rocks off and all I got was maybe knocked up."

Now that sounds like she was getting riled up, but you have to understand that while she was saying this stuff her hand reached out and took hold of my boner and started stroking it and playing with it.

I began to get the idea I might actually live through the night after all. This sounded like there might be some kind of negotiations that could save me. So I gave it a shot.

"Um..OK, I understand. What do you want me to do?" I asked in my most sincere voice.

She jacked on my cock several more times. "Does it always get this big and this hard?" she asked casually.

"Well, yeah, I guess it does." I said back. Where was she going with this?

"OK" she said matter-of-factly. "I've thought it over and I've decided. I want you to do something for me."

Now I figured I'd find out what was going on. Maybe she wanted my allowance or something, or I'd have to do all her chores. "OK, shoot. Whatever you think is fair I'll do it." I thought I could maybe argue about it later on.

"Good" she said and the next thing I knew she was climbing up on the bed, had her knees straddling me and her pussy was hovering over my rampant dick. "I want to feel it inside me - really inside me - and I want to have an orgasm while it's in me."

You could have knocked me over with a feather. "But ..."

"You promised." she said in that whiney voice I had always hated before this moment.

She began to let herself down onto my cock. I helped by holding it straight up. At first, when her labia slid around and over the head it felt just like it had before. Then with a grunt she sat down hard.

I know she had never had sex before. Well, not before the horse anyway. I mean I knew she was a virgin. I had always heard that it hurt the girl a lot the first time and that a lot of girls hated it the first time they tried it.

But Sandy didn't act like it hurt. When her butt hit my balls she groaned, but it was kind of like the groan my father makes when mom massages his shoulders after a hard day. Then I couldn't really focus on her, because the most wonderful feeling came to my cock. Suddenly it was surrounded by hot wet woman for the very first time. Her pussy squeezed it all over at the same time and I almost shot my wad right then and there. But it felt SO good that I didn't want it to end right then and there, so I clamped down on my dick and bit my cheek at the same time.

Then Sandy started rocking back and forth. She leaned forward and scraped that neat little bump all along the top of my cock as she pulled off of it and then sat back down. This put those delicious breasts with their inch long nipples right in my face. Those nipples looked so delicious that I had to taste them so I sucked one into my mouth and started gnawing on it like it was taffy. That got a hiss of indrawn air from her and she started rocking with a vengeance.

Suddenly she started moaning and saying my name over and over again. Pretty soon I was really glad our parents' bedroom was so far away because she got loud. Her pussy clamped down on my dick again and she came. I knew she was cumming even though I had never seen a woman cum before. She had never acted like this ever in our lives. She sounded like she was in the most horrible pain, but was smiling and laughing and writhing all over me so I knew she was having that orgasm she wanted so badly.

I was actually proud.

She slowed down and hung her head over mine. "You didn't cum did you?" she asked.

"No, I figured I had already done enough damage for one day" I joked.

"Good" she said "because I've heard that a girl can have more than one orgasm at a time. Roll us over. I want you on top for the next one."

Wow. Who was I to question my sister. We rolled and as I ended up on top of her she cast her legs wide open. I got my knees dug into the bed and bore down on her, impaling her to the balls.

"Ohhhhh" she groaned again "Larry you have no idea how good that feels."

She was wrong, of course, because I knew EXACTLY how good it felt. It felt so good I felt the cum rising from my balls again. I was buried in her but I didn't move. Her hips arched up off the bed, trying to get some movement. "Just hold still for a minute" I said. "If you keep doing that I'm going to have another accident."

Her hips pushed up at me again. "As long as I get to feel that wonderful feeling again I don't care if you have two accidents" she moaned.

I was astounded. I stared into her eyes. She explained "Larry, if you came in me already tonight the damage is done. So for tonight only you can come in me all you want, but please help me get off again." Her hips arched again.

Well. Being a young man who had taken lots of showers, I knew how many times I could squirt and how long between squirts it would take to get hard again. So I pulled back and started pounding her like I was trying to drive her through the bed.

"Ohhhhh yess Larry ... that's it baby ... deeper ... deeper Yess Yess YESS YESSSSSSS!!!!"

Her pussy clamped down on me again and this time it actually fluttered. It was amazing. It was also irresistible. I blew her full of cum instantly. I pounded in deep and stayed there as my dick spat gob after gob of thick creamy sperm into her womb. Cum flowed like a river.

Fifteen minutes later I came in her again.

The next time took half an hour.

By the time we were finally exhausted I had jetted my seed into her sweet belly three times. Then, with me still in her, she reached over, set the alarm for five in the morning, and cuddled up to me. We lay there naked and entwined, sleeping, for the rest of the night.

That was in October of our Junior year of High School. The next day I made overtures toward her, but she shook her head no. "Larry, last night mustn't happen again. If I'm not already pregnant you'd knock me up within a week if last night was anything like normal. We just can't do it any more."

She was serious too. No more nooky was allowed.

It turned out she was not pregnant. Big sigh of relief. Once she was sure of that she did agree to oral sex, and for the next two years we had great oral sex on many many occasions. But she never would let my dick near her pussy after that.

Until we graduated.

That summer we talked about college and decided to go together. She insisted that we share an apartment. I had a full scholarship in Biology that was being sponsored by a big bio tech company with the agreement that I'd go to work for them. I had to intern during summers, but they paid me a regular wage then, and during the school year I got a stipend to live on. Sandy got a part time job and pursued an Art degree.

We found a nice, if small apartment and moved our stuff in. There was only one bedroom, but there was a couch that folded out into a bed. I offered to use that, but Sandy said "We'll see."

It took us the rest of the afternoon to get everything moved in and unpack the things we needed right away.

Sandy stopped to take a shower and came out dressed in her big terrycloth robe. "Your turn" she said. "You stink. I'll fix some supper while you're cleaning up. And don't play with yourself in there either. I know what I want for dessert."

So I took my first shower in our new apartment and didn't even get the chance to decorate the shower walls with my spunk. I didn't exactly grumble about it, because I knew how talented her mouth was by now. I hurried.

"Hurry up, it's almost ready." came her voice.

I combed my hair and went out of the bathroom into the bedroom, expecting to get dressed and go to the kitchen, so I could eat ... so she could eat.

She was on the bed, stark naked, knees drawn up, with her pussy lips pulled apart a little bit, like they were saying "Here boy ... come on ... good boy."

OK, I could eat dessert before dinner. I'd done it plenty of times before. I crawled on the bed and kissed those pussy lips, slipping my tongue into her a little like I knew she liked. I felt her fingers in my hair, pulling, and thought she wanted me to work over her clitty, so I moved up there.

But she kept pulling.

So I went up to those strawberry nipples and sucked on them for a while.

But she kept pulling.

When we were face to face she had this dreamy sort of look on her face. "Put it in me" she said.

"In you?" I was behind the power curve.

"Your penis." she said "I want it in me."

"But we don't do that." I said. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

"We do now" she said.

She didn't let me up until I had cum in her twice and she had had a half dozen orgasms. Then we ate dinner. Then she crawled up on the table and offered herself to me there. It was crazy.

I was deep in her, about to squirt for the third time in an hour. "So why didn't you tell me you got on the pill?" I asked.

Her pussy slammed up onto my prick as she started cumming again.

"What pill?" she said, her eyes all glassy looking.

"The pill that's going to keep me from fucking a baby in you right this instant." I grunted. My cock was already leaking and a nice healthy spurt of spunk was only about a half second away.

Her eyes cleared. "We're not in High School any more Larry. I can have three or four babies now."

With an explosion of emotion and semen, I got started on the first one.

The End

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