It's Only Incest If...

by Lubrican

Terri sat in front of the mirror and dried her hair. She had to rub a clear spot on the foggy mirror from time to time. That's because Bobby was still in the shower.

He had been waiting patiently, sitting on the chair at the dressing table when she got finished with her own shower. She'd stepped out naked, glistening with water droplets and his eyes had raked over her, as they always did, as they had for as far back as when she was thirteen and he was twelve.

That's why she stayed in the bathroom and dried her hair, instead of just going to her room and letting it dry on its own.

She was waiting.

Waiting for HIM to get out, dripping wet, so she could rake HER eyes over his naked body.

They'd been doing it for years. They had never done anything else, except look. Once he'd said "We shouldn't be doing this ... isn't it incest?"

Terri, being every bit of fourteen years old, and wise beyond all others had sniffed and said "It's only incest if you kiss."

That had been back when the hormones trickled merrily along, through the gentle streams of blood that nourished their bodies. Those hormones visited various places, causing her nipples to pop up, and his cock to fill with blood, and her clitty to itch, and his balls to tighten up. The hormones said "Hi, we came by to visit, isn't life great?" and then went happily on their way to the pancreas or liver or wherever those kinds of things are metabolized out of the body.

But now ... now that she was seventeen and he was sixteen ... now it was different.

Now great hulking gangs of hormones rode custom Harley hormone hogs, thundering through blood vessels almost incapable of keeping them inside the thin, quaking walls of their arteries and capillaries. These gang-banger hormones crashed into places their more tender cousins had visited, sweeping in and demanding "I WANT SEX AND I WANT IT NOW!"

When it didn't happen these Testosterone Angels and Estrogen Mammas wreaked havoc, causing nocturnal emissions that left the bed wet, or made his cock leap wildly to diamond hardness, or left her almost incapable of getting through a school day because juices ran down her thighs at the sight of a hot boy. His balls ached and her pussy itched maddeningly.

Bobby got out of the shower. He was dripping wet and hard as stone. Once he had jacked off in the shower, while his sister sat outside, waiting to see him. She DID see the splat of milky white that made an irregular shaped blob on the misty glass door, and watched that blob elongate and begin its slow journey to the bottom of the door. Then he moved and the water glanced off his shoulder and the evidence melted away, leaving her with an empty feeling for some reason. When he'd gotten out his penis hung limp and wrinkled.

"Don't ever do that again!" she yelled, angry that her treat had been withheld from her that night. She loved seeing that diamond hard prick. It made her orgasms much longer and sweeter when she went to bed.

He'd misunderstood, thinking she was grossed out by what he'd done. He was saddened, because, knowing she was out there, HIS fantasy in the shower had been enormously satisfying, and his ejaculation stronger than usual. But he had a good memory too, and often, when he lay in bed at night, he saw himself come up from behind his sister, cup her breasts and then let his cock cum in one of several of her orifices.

Nowadays he always left it nice and hard for her to look at when he came out of the shower. Terri sighed as droplets of water dripped off the tip of his cock.

"Terri?" he said, his voice husky.

"Yes?" she sighed.

"You know I love you." It was a simple statement of fact.

"Of course" she said, looking from his penis to his brown liquid eyes.

"I want to kiss you." In his mind's eye, ever since he had been thirteen, that was what incest was defined as.

"Why?" she said, turning the hair dryer off.

"I don't know. I just want to. I love you."

"You already said that." She stood up. He was still dripping - hadn't even reached for a towel.

"All right" she said.

At first he didn't think he'd heard her correctly.

"What?" he said.

"I said OK, you can kiss me." She stood with her hands at her side, naked, facing her little brother.

"But wouldn't that be incest?" he panted.

"Only if you put your tongue in my mouth," she said, joking.

He didn't take it as a joke, though. He pulled her to him and his lips came down on hers, warm, urgent, needing something, like a vampire who smells blood and ... hungers.

She wasn't prepared for the ardor of that kiss. It was the way her boyfriends kissed her, and her response was automatic. She slipped the tip of her tongue out and licked his closed lips. Her tongue tickled his lips open and darted into his mouth.

For Bobby, it was if every nerve in his body had been directly attached to his lips. Her kiss sucked the very energy out of him and her tongue was like a penis, pressing into his virgin mouth.

It was too much for his brain to process.

His prick jerked and belched and his balls emptied themselves gratefully through the tip of his cock.

Terri felt warm liquid hit her right where her sparse covering of blond pubic hairs began. She jerked her face back from his and looked down to see a streak of white leave his penis and hit her again, this time a little higher. Frozen, she watched it drip down toward her sexual opening.

No naked penis had ever been close to that opening, nor had any sperm. Seeing it ... knowing what it was ... knowing what it could do if it got inside her ... these things overwhelmed her as much as her kiss had overwhelmed Bobby. Her hand went to her sperm-matted fur and slid through it, her middle finger finding and pressing her clit. Her other hand came up and fastened to his shoulder as she leaned into him and let her orgasm wash over her.

Weak in the knees, she sat back down in time to see his wilting penis right in front of her eyes as it oozed a long drip of cum that strung down and then finally snapped and dropped to the floor.

Terri looked up at her little brother. He was hyperventilating, his face pale, his eyes wild. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit" he moaned. "I didn't mean it ... I'm sorry ... oh shit." His hands were waving in the air.

Feeling stronger, she stood back up, grabbed his face with one dry hand and one spermy one, and kissed him again. She broke it and said "Calm down. There's no harm done."

"No harm DONE?" he gasped. "NO HARM DONE? WE JUST COMMITED INCEST!" he groaned.

"No ... we didn't" she said firmly.

"But you said ..."

"I know what I said" she put her finger to his lips - a non spermy finger. "But that wasn't incest." There was question in his eyes and she felt compelled to give him some anchor. "It's only incest if we kiss AND touch each other at the same time, to make that happen ... on purpose. Like if I had my hand on it and made it squirt while I kissed you."

Now Bobby wasn't stupid, but you know the old saying: "Any port in a storm." So he decided to accept that definition, because that made him feel better. "so we could do ... that ... again, and it wouldn't be incest?" he said hopefully.

Terri closed her eyes and felt that hot love splashing on her mons again in her mind.

"Yes" she whispered.

Two nights later their parents were working late. Terri stopped by her brother's room. "I'm going to go take a shower," she said.

Without a word he stopped reading, closed his book and followed her to the bathroom. He sat on the toilet seat while she took her clothes off. She ignored him completely, but stretched, putting her arms above her head and leaning back, legs spread. Then she got in the shower. She didn't take long.

Bobby was already naked when she got out, and already erect too. She stood to one side, making him walk between her and the shower stall to get to the door. He had to brush up against her wet body. His eyes turned toward hers and she stared at him, biting her lower lip.

His shower wasn't long either and he was out, standing, facing his sister, who hadn't even sat down. She inched toward him until the tips of her breasts pressed into his chest. "You mustn't touch me anywhere except my shoulders, or back." she whispered.

He nodded and they melted together. His arms were strong and he crushed her against him delightfully. Even though he was a year younger, he was two inches taller. Her face lifted to his and their kiss was electric. His prick slipped between her legs. It was so hard she thought she could sit on it. She closed her legs, trapping it, pressing it against her vulva.

The kiss went on and on and her arms snaked around his back, her hands flowing over the thick muscles bunched there. His hands slid up and down her spine, feeling each dip and swell. He suddenly found his hands full of soft buttocks. At first he thought he shouldn't touch her there, but wasn't that part of her back?

She pushed her butt into his hands and he squeezed, pulling her against him. That felt good on his cock, like his hand did when he slicked it back and forth while he was beating off. She pushed again and he pulled again until he felt that wild stallion feeling of his seed erupting.

Terri felt his hot liquid again, but this time down between her legs, all over her vulva. She squeezed her legs hard as he made a mess between them. She needed her finger again, but this time the finger she slid through all that slippery goo went up inside her as she hooked it and pulled to mash her clit.

She exploded and started to go limp.

He held her up by her naked buttocks.

They held each other for a few minutes, and then stepped back.

"I touched your bottom." he hung his head. "I broke the rule and now we did incest."

"No, Bobby," she said soothingly. "It's only incest if you touch me in the front."

They needed another shower.

Somehow they both ended up in the shower together, pressed together under the hot water as it beat down on their bodies. Their kisses were hot and passionate.

Finally she stood back as far as the walls would allow and reached for the soap. Instead of washing herself, though, she washed him. When she got to his cock it was iron hard again. She squatted, sliding one hand between her legs as she washed his penis with the other hand, sliding it back and forth, squeezing, stroking, pulling. Soon the water had washed off all the lubricating soap.

She stared at the thing in front of her and licked her lips. She knew about girls who put their mouths on these things.

No one would ever know.

She leaned forward and, closing her lips just behind the glans, sucked. Her tongue, not knowing exactly what to do, fluttered and darted around.

"Terri!" her brother gasped.

She pulled off with a plopping sound and looked up. "It's only incest if you cum in my pussy."

Her mouth went back to his prick, seeking, sucking, tasting. With a groan he fed her and she tasted and swallowed, happy, satisfied.


When they got out she hugged him, both of them still wet and smiled up into his frowning face. "I like your taste."

"We have to be careful" he said, still frowning.

"I know" she said. "We will." She kissed him again. "We just have to be sure it never goes inside my pussy. It isn't incest unless you shoot in my pussy."

"OK" he said. Her body felt so good against his. And what she'd done felt so good too. "Does that mean we can do ... that again?"

Her eyes were smoky. "Oh yes, little brother. But first, I want you to taste ME."

His eyes widened, and she pulled him from the bathroom. He grabbed a towel on the way and made quick furtive swipes at his skin as she took him to her room ... to her bed. She gracefully lay back on it, her legs spread shamelessly. "I need you," she moaned softly. "I'm soooo horny."

He didn't know exactly what to do. First he just stared. He'd never seen a girl's pussy up close like this before. It was all new. It wasn't like pictures at all. Her lips were thicker than he thought they'd be, and at the top of her hole was an almost white knob that stuck up and out like there was something under the skin that was trying to break through. At the bottom of her opening there was a tissue thin piece of skin that went from one side to the other. It looked like a little dam, and behind it her hole was full of clear watery looking fluid. One of her hands came down and her finger rubbed over the bumpy thing at the top. She pulled her knees up further and moaned as her finger pressed that thing. He knew then that he should lick that thing and he leaned in to do just that.

Her finger and his tongue battled briefly for possession of the bump, and the only way he could get her finger off was to push it aside with his lips sealed around it. He had to push hard and his teeth mashed the bump in the process.

His sister whined. "Oh fuck, Bobby, YES, right there baby"

He began to play with her bump. He licked it and sucked it and mashed it with his teeth as she squealed and writhed under him. She discovered multiple orgasms in the process, and he discovered a new way to please his sister. She finally had to push him away.

He was hard again, his prick aching. He pushed himself up on his knees, still between his sister's spread thighs, and jacked on his cock. She was still panting, catching her breath, but she raised her head to watch.

It only took him ten or twelve strokes and he painted her open pussy with his spunk. It splashed into her hole and now, the little dam at the bottom held in his sperm, along with the juices he'd been lapping up.

"You're sure?" he groaned, as his cock spat another thick glob of stuff at her pussy.

Her hand came down and she rubbed it into her hair, on her skin. She slid a sperm-covered finger deep in her pussy. "As long as you don't put it in me and squirt ... it's not incest."

Two days later they showered together and enjoyed wild satisfying oral sex. She loved to suck down his spunk, and he loved to suck her juices.

The day after that he jerked off on her wide-spread pussy again. Now it made her so hot she scooped up his spend and pushed it in with two fingers. She winced and he immediately stopped what he was doing.

"Whatís wrong?" he said, concerned.

"It's nothing" she said, switching to only one finger. "I stretched my cherry a little and it hurt. It's fine now."

"How can you have a cherry if you stick your fingers in there?" he asked, idly stroking his cock again.

"My hymen's at the bottom of the hole, and I just slide my finger in above it," she said. "I have to be careful with tampons the same way."

"So if you can get your fingers in there ... and a tampon in there ... couldn't I maybe go inside you? Just a little? I wouldn't squirt! I promise!"

"I don't think so" she said slowly, breathing more deeply at the thought of feeling her brother's nice, thick, hard prick inside her. Her fingers felt good, but they always felt so ... not quite right, somehow. "I think that would tear it, and I wouldn't be a virgin any more."

"Oh" he said, saddened. He didn't want to hurt his sister.

But she thought about it after that. She thought about it a lot. She tried using two fingers again, pushing, stretching, feeling the pain of her skin almost tearing, but not quite.

One day she got three fingers in above that slip of flesh. She got them in to her second knuckle. Her brother's pointy prick was smaller at the tip. Maybe he COULD put in her.

Maybe just a little bit.

Friday night their parents went out to a party.

As soon as they left Terri was at her brother's door. "Bobby" she said, standing, slim and tall, in her low rider pants and cropped T shirt.

He looked up and swallowed. She was so beautiful. "You going to take a shower?" he asked.

She shook her head "No" and stepped into the room. She pulled her shirt off, baring her breasts. "I've been practicing," she said. She bent over and pulled her pants off. "I think maybe, if we're very careful, you can put it in just a little."

"Just a little" he repeated, his jaw slowly dropping. "And it won't be incest?"

"We'll only do it a little ... just the tip ... and, of course you'll take it out before it squirts, so it won't be incest."

He found himself over her, hulking over her for the first time. He'd licked her to an orgasm, and was chewing and sucking her nipples as she fisted him and rubbed his leaking prick all over her pussy mouth.

"Wait" she panted. He sat back on his haunches, his bone sticking out from his pubes like a lance, while she gathered pillows and put them behind her shoulders. Now she could get her hand down by her pussy.

"Let me hold you" she said. "You can push through my hand and I can squeeze if you go too far and stop you."

He put his hands by her sides and let her bring the tip of his cock to her pussy's mouth. He watched her face.

"Easy now" she panted, slotting the narrow tip in her pussy.

He tried to lunge, but she squeezed him off immediately.

"Slow. Just a little" she said, and let the pressure off.

His cock slid through her hand faster than she'd planned and, just like that, the head popped in her. She squeezed hard, stopping him. It had hurt, but not like anything tore.

"It's hot" he groaned around one nipple.

She didn't know how she felt. Her pussy mouth was stretched, but only like when she had three fingers in her. It didn't hurt badly. "Take it out slowly" she said, and he dragged it out. She looked down at his prick.

No blood.

She swabbed her clitty again with the tip. It was leaking now, and his stuff was slippery all over her clit. She brought it back to her pussy. "Now in again. Just a little" she warned.

He pushed it through her hand again and he moaned in that special way that told her he was close to shooting. "Now out" she said. He pulled it out and she played with her clitty again. She had time for maybe one more. "Now in" she said. As he pushed she felt the tube along the bottom swell and she squeezed hard.

"Ohhh Ohhhh Ahhhh" he moaned.

"Out" she said, and, as she felt him pull, she let go. She felt the rush of heat flow into her pussy mouth as his prick unloaded. Then his prick cleared her pussy and he splattered her loins with his seed. She slicked her finger through his spooge and found her still intact hymen, but felt the wetness of his spend inside her pussy. She was still a virgin. They hadn't committed incest.

They went and took a shower together, washing each other lovingly, spending long minutes in hot kisses. Then they ate dinner. All the while she wanted to feel that head in her again.

After supper she took his hand again. "Come on" she said. This time she went to HIS bedroom. "I want to feel it in your bed," she said.

"Wasn't the last time awfully close?" he said.

"Yes, but we can handle it." she stated calmly as she stripped in front of her brother. I'm still a virgin. You didn't shoot off with it in me enough to take my virginity. It's only incest if you get all the way in me and shoot."

He crawled between her thighs and stared at the little sheet of thin skin at the bottom of her vaginal opening. "Terri?" he said. "It looks kind of ... I don't know ... raggedy I guess."

"What do you mean?" she said, raising her head anxiously.

"It isn't as tight as it used to be. It looks sort of wrinkled. It just looks raggedy."

She reached down with both hands and pulled her lips apart hard. "How about now?" she said.

He peered into her sex. "Now it looks more like it used to," he said.

"Then everything's fine. It just stretched a little," she said. "Now, lick me."

He did, and, as always, he reveled in her taste, in the copious juices she fed him, in the way her hips writhed and bucked up at him. After she came three or four times, he kissed his way up to her breasts. He loved sucking her nipples too, because that always made her jerk and flop. But this time he bypassed them to kiss her lips.

"I love you" he said. "I love kissing your lips, and your pussy." I love everything about you," he said.

She sighed, feeling her own love for him flood through her. "I love you too. Put it in me a little again."

He wasn't worried this time. They'd done this before and everything was fine. He felt her grasp him, felt her feed him to her pussy. He heard her say "Push" and did that, easing his prick head past her stretched, raggedy hymen.

Their only problem was that he decided to suck a nipple as he pushed.

When he did that, her hips bucked in an uncontrolled thrust that suddenly sheathed half his cock in her and destroyed what was left of her cherry instantly.

She felt the pain of torn flesh - more of a hot sting really - and registered the depth and fullness of his penetration. As her hips fell back to the bed, she pulled off of him.

As one, they looked down to where his hard prick swayed, an inch from her pussy and the hand that should have kept him out of her. There were no fountains of blood, no stained sheets. His penis looked slick, but not red, or at least not redder than usual. She opened her hand and pressed with her fingers.

It didn't feel the same. There was pain there, but it wasn't the pain of stretching. She brought her fingers up and looked at them. They were smeared with dark, pink fluid.

She looked at her brother's face, full of love and concern. "It's OK" she said, putting the hand with the evidence that it WASN'T OK down at her side. "I think it just stretched it some more. You can go back in. We haven't actually done any incest yet."

His face relaxed. She reached for his cock and put it back where she wanted it.

He pushed it half way in.

Then he pulled it out. Her hand squeezed before he got it all out. "Back in" she husked.

Every so slowly he fucked his sister with half his cock. She felt marvelous. She felt wonderful. She couldn't believe how much better he felt than her fingers. As he pushed into her, her hips bounced up off the bed again and, suddenly, he was buried in her, deep.

The feeling of hot, wet pussy all around his cock ... ALL of his cock ... made Bobby's hips do a series of rapid thrusts. He didn't pull back during these thrusts, only pushed.

And on the third thrust, his cock exploded.

"NOOOO" came his agonized cry as his semen splashed into his sister's pussy. He jerked it out of her immediately and his spend went everywhere as his prick continued to empty his balls.

Terri also yelled "NOOOOOOO" in her soprano voice, but it was because that wonderful feeling of fullness was ripped away from her.

He had rolled sideways and lay on his back, crying about how he'd ruined everything. She rolled over too, climbing on top of him, holding his face, kissing his face.

"NO! Bobby! NO" she said until he quieted. "You didn't actually commit incest."

He looked at her with wondering eyes. "You pulled it out BEFORE it all went in me. Itís OK, really! It's only incest if you shoot ALL of your stuff inside me."

"But what if you get pregnant?" he whined.

"I won't" she said firmly.

"But how do you know you won't?" he said. "You're not on the pill."

"I just know. Now, kiss me. I didn't finish."

They cuddled and kissed and petted until he was hard again.

"I want you to put it back in me" she said, panting.

"You're sure it's OK?" he said, hard, aching, wanting to feel that heat around his cock again.

"Yes, it's not incest unless you shoot off all of your stuff in me. We won't let that happen," she gasped, pulling his cock to her slippery opening.

He slid into her like a hand into a glove. She grunted happily as his pubic bone mashed her clitty, and the tip of his cock pressed into her cervix. Instinct told him to pull and push, and he did, lustily.

Terri knew she had found true happiness at last. This was everything she'd ever wanted. She felt complete. If only she could feel that nice, wet, hot feeling deep inside her. That nice, wet, hot feeling that came from the very tip of his prick. That would be so nice.

She heard his gasps, his warnings. She felt him begin to pull out. Her legs whipped around his back and locked, driving the breath from his lungs and forcing his spear back into her.

There it was. There was that fabulous wet, hot, wonderful feeling.

He grunted, groaned, cried out, pulled. All that did was push the tip of his cock even closer to her center.

When at last he was empty, she dropped her legs.

"What have you done?" he wailed.

"Nothing" she said. "Kiss me" she reached for his face and kissed him several times before whispering.

"Stop worrying. It's only incest when you do it twice."

The End

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