John Deere Green

by Lubrican

Some of you out there might have heard that country song by Joe Diffie called "John Deere Green", about how a big heart and the words "Billy Bob Loves Charlene" showed up on the water tower, and about how everybody in town thought that was all sweet and stuff.

Well, you see, the thing is that my Uncle Charley knows some folks over there in Nashville, and one of those people he knows is Mister Diffie, and it was Uncle Charley told him the story about that water tower ... except that he didn't tell him the whole story. He couldn't, you see, because I'm Billy Bob ... and Charlene? Well, she's my sister.

I know, I know, the song doesn't say that. And that's about the only good thing that came from the whole incident. Well, not the only good thing. But you'll understand that later. Anyhow, Uncle Charley didn't tell Mr. Diffie that it was a practical joke that Randy Horton did because he didn't like me much and thought it would be hilarious to make it look like I had the hots for my own sister. I mean you can't very well write a song about something like that, now can you?

But Uncle Charley thought there might be a song in there somewhere, so he sort of glossed over a lot of what happened and just gave Mr. Diffie the highlights of what might have happened if it hadn't been a practical joke, and if it hadn't been the names of a brother and sister.

What Uncle Charley didn't tell Mr. Diffie about is what I'm about to tell you all about. I know you won't believe me. Nobody believes what happened, even though there's proof. But I'll get to that later.

First, I don't want there to be any of that laughing at my name. I know about all the Billy Bob jokes. I got named William Robert after some emperor named William that my mother read about in a book, and a Poet named Robert Browning. They're both perfectly good names. They just shorten up naturally to ... Billy Bob.

Now, back to the water tower. Here's what happened:

I had just turned fifteen and, the wheat harvest being over, actually had some slack time. So that Saturday morning I was being lazy and ly'in abed when Charlene came waltzing into my room like she had a right to be there. Charlene was a year younger than I was, and quite often we didn't see eye to eye on things. It wasn't that we fought like cats and dogs or anything, but I didn't have much use for her, and her favorite name for me was "Dork." Now I don't know what "Dork" means where you all come from, but in my neck of the woods it's another name for penis. I don't actually know that Charlene knew that, because she started calling me that several years back, before she even had any titties on her chest.

Anyway, we didn't hate each other or anything. It was more like we just had no use for each other. Except once in a while, of course. I mean all brothers and sisters need something one time or another from each other, and we were both pretty good about helping each other out when it was really needful.

We had this kind of code word for when we actually needed some help from each other. It would go something like "Billy Bob, I really need you to do this for me." And I knew that whatever it was that she was talking about was important to her for one reason or another. And I did the same thing. And that worked out pretty well.

I'll give you an example. Charlene was going to go to the 4th of July dance down at the Band Shell on the town square, and she was trying to get the attention of Jasper Thomson. So she got one of Daddy’s plaid work shirts and put that on and instead of tucking it in and wearing it normal, she tied the tails together in a knot right under her breasts. She had grown some breasts in the last couple of years. And then she put on a pair of Daisy Dukes that were pretty raggedy and short. She was barefoot and had her hair in a pony tail and she came into my room and said "Billy Bob, I really need you to tell me if I look all right. I want Jasper to know that when he asked Susan to the dance he should have asked me instead."

So I looked at her and she looked OK, I guess, except that her bra was showing above that knot. So I said "Your bra is showing above that knot and it looks pretty stupid."

Charlene frowned and turned around and left without a word. I mean I told her the truth, right? And she really needed to know the truth, right? I went back to playing a game on my computer.

I heard her come back in and she said, "How about now?"

I turned around and got the shock of my life. She'd taken that bra off. And besides growing titties, Charlene had grown nipples too, cause I could see them poking right out at me through that thin shirt. And suddenly she looked ... well she looked hot. My own sister looked mighty fine, right there in front of me and I felt my own cock start to stirring in my pants. I'm tellin' you, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

"Well?" she said impatiently.

"If you go down there like that, and Jasper sees you, he might just go home and get his daddy's gun and blow what brains he has in his head clean out."

She perked up at that. "Really?" she said, twisting and turning and trying to see herself. "So this shirt looks good on me?"

I stared at those nipples and nodded. "But if you go down there like that, old Ms Waterford will chase you with her cane and call you a trollop."

"What?!" she said, "Whatever for?"

"Cause I can see your tender little nipples Charlene. That shirt's way too thin for you to be seen in public in it."

Her reaction to that was comical. Her hands came up and clapped over her breasts, and she looked around for a mirror. I had a big one on the wall behind my dresser, and she stood there and pulled her hands away. Then she turned this way and that and she could see what I was talking about.

So she went and found another shirt that wasn't so thin, and she went to the dance without a bra on and left me with a boner I had to jerk on to make go away.

And when she came home she was so pleased with how miserable Jasper had looked when he saw her and figured out she was braless, that she kissed me right on the cheek and said, "Thank you Billy Bob."

Imagine that - her thanking me for staring at her boobs!

Anyhow, that was kind of how we got along. It being summer and all, we didn't go to school of course. But we still hung out some. I mean in our town we didn't have more than three or four hundred folks living there, so the only thing to do was hang out, usually at the combination video store, cafe and ice cream parlor. They had some of those big video game machines there and we took the competitions we had pretty seriously.

In fact, that's what set Randy Horton off. We were playing against each other on this game and I just thrashed him. He'd spent at least fifty dollars in that machine trying to get the high score and so he'd be good enough to beat anybody who was fool enough to play him. Well, Charlene, of all people, took him on and, of course he just gave her a whupping. And then, he said that he'd beat her so bad that she ought to be willing to suck his dick.

I was standing right there when he said that, and I looked at Charlene and she was all red in the face and embarrassed. I mean she was fourteen, and she was pretty and all, but she'd never showed any interest in Randy, and that was just a hurtful thing for him to say in front of her friends. And I could tell she was just mortified.

So, being all full of testosterone I sort of spoke up and told Randy that he had a shitty mouth, and a shitty attitude, and that I reckoned that meant he must be full of shit. I believe I also suggested he had shit for brains, but I'm not sure. I was sort of mad at the time and don't remember everything I said to him.

Well Randy's parents had paid for him to have a whole year of Judo or Karate or some jump and scream kind of thing, and I guess he thought that, with all that shit in him some of it was hot shit, because he came at me jumping and screaming and kicking and chopping.

Now, I don't know Judo or Karate, or any Japanese words, for that matter, but I buck bales of hay for my Pa, and I have to wrangle the stock that gets ornery, and I'm fairly tall. So when Randy tried to use all that fancy shit on me I just poked him one in the face. He fell down on his butt and started crying and I grabbed Charlene and pulled her out of that place.

She was looking at me like I was from the moon or something, her eyes all wide and round and her mouth open. Then she closed it and said, "Thank you Billy Bob."

"No problem," I growled.

And I really didn't think it would be a problem. Us fellers poked each other fairly regular over this or that, and it was usually no big deal.

But the next morning Charlene came into my room like I told you about in the beginning of this story, and she looked scared or something. She wasn't supposed to come in my room without permission, and usually didn't, so I knew something was up.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"The water tower. They climbed up on the water tower," she said.

That wasn't so strange. Kids climbed it all the time. It was sort of a rite of passage in our town. I said so.

"No," she moaned. "They painted it. About us." She was really upset now.

So I got out of bed before I remembered I didn't have anything on. Charlene looked at me like I was a sex fiend from the moon then. I found some shorts and pulled them on and then she took me to see what had been painted on the water tower.

It was a big heart and some letters that said, "Billy Bob Loves Charlene". They had used the green paint that every farmer within fifty miles had a gallon or more of in his barn or someplace.

Now there was only one Billy Bob in Glenn Falls. And only one Charlene. And every body knew that. So everybody knew exactly who the water tower was referring to.

And you'd have thought that people would be saying things like, "Too bad about that." or "That was a terrible thing they did to you and your sister," or some other thing that indicated they agreed it was a miserable rotten thing to put on a water tower.

But you'd have been wrong. Everybody thought it was funny, or cute or some such thing. Mr. Miller down at the feed store said, "Well, at least you picked the best lookin' girl in town," and then he laughed. And Mrs. Swanson, when she delivered our eggs winked at me and said, "A brother shouldn't lust after his sister, but then, boys will be boys, won't they Billy Bob?" And she laughed too.

And of course our friends were brutal.

And it didn't fade away either. Charlene came into my room crying the Friday night after it got painted. I got her calmed down enough to find out that Julie Miller asked Charlene what my dick looked like, and Charlene said "How should I know?" and Julie said "Well, according to the water tower I figured you'd gotten a close up look." and of course she laughed. And the other kids that were there laughed too.

"They think we see each other naked and kiss and ... you know," she bawled.

"No they don't. They're just teasing you," I said.

"Well I want them to stop," she cried.

"OK, so the next time somebody wants to know something like that, just tell them," I suggested. "That ought to shut them up."

"How am I supposed to tell them something I don't know anything about?" she yelled. Now she was mad at me, and all I had done was try to help. It was lucky that our parents had gone square dancing over at Black's Crossing, cause Charlene was cussing and yelling something awful.

You know how sometimes things happen and you can't remember how they happened? Like maybe a little piece of your life got sucked into a time warp, and you get from here to there instantly?

Well, I found myself standing in front of my sister, with my boxers down at my ankles, holding my dick in my hand and yelling, "There ... Look at it. Then you'll know how to describe it!"

It got mighty quiet all of a sudden. I mean her crying and her yelling got turned off like there was a faucet involved. She stared at my cock, and then she lifted her eyes and stared at my face, and then her eyes dipped back down and she stared at my prick again ... for a long time. She got this funny look on her face and she kind of got all fidgety and antsy.

"Everybody thinks we do it," she said suddenly.

"No they don't, Charlene," I said back.

She looked back up at my face. "Yes they do, Billy Bob. They think I've touched it and kissed it and ... just everything!"

"No they don't Charlene. They're teasing," I said again.

She looked at me and sighed. "Alice asked me if it hurt the first time we did it."

"What?" I was startled.

"And she wasn't laughing or teasing. She got me off to one side and asked me that just as serious as you could imagine."

"What did you tell her?" I asked.

"I told her we never did it, you boob!" she snarled. "But she didn't believe me. It was all "Come on, you can tell me Charlene, please, I want to know cause Davey wants to do it with me, but I'm scared." She stamped her foot. "I'm telling you Billy Bob, this has gotten way out of hand and people think it's true!"

"Charlene, think about this. If people thought it was true, Mom and Dad would have talked to us about it. The sheriff would have arrested us. The shit would have hit the fan. Right?"

"Not if everybody else is doing it too," she said.

"Come on Char." I said, using her short name. "Do you honestly think that Linda Watkins is fucking Jimmy?" Jimmy was her brother. "Or that Davey and Tanya Roberts are doing it?"

"Well, Davey wants to fuck Alice. Maybe he learned with his sister and he likes it, so he wants to do it with Alice too!"

The weird thing about this conversation was not that we were seriously discussing whether or not incest was rampant in Glenn Falls. The weird thing about this conversation was that I was still standing there with my shorts around my ankles and my cock in my hand. I'm telling you there was some kind of time warp involved there somehow.

Charlene changed gears on me. "I like your idea," she said.

"Which one?" I asked.

"The one where whenever somebody asks me what something is like that they think we do together, that I tell them all about it."

"I thought you didn't like that because you don't know how to describe any of that stuff." I was confused now.

"Everybody thinks we're doing stuff. So why don't we actually do some of it. Then I'd know how to describe it."

"Do some of it?" I felt numb in a lot of places. My cock was not one of them. It started getting hard.

"Yeah, you know ... some stuff. Not all of it ... but some of it. I've never kissed a boy, for instance. I wouldn't mind kissing you to find out what it's like."

There must have been a whole passel of time warps that night, because I remember very plainly feeling Charlene's arms around me, and my arms around her, and our lips pressed together. I remember that just fine, but I don't remember anybody saying, "Hey let's try this" or, "What if we did it like this?".

And I remember the feel of my shorts around my ankles as we kissed. I hadn't even pulled them back up yet. And I remember hearing her moan, and feeling her tongue tip poking at my lips. And I remember how soft her breasts felt pressed against my chest. But I don't remember how we got to that point. It just was happening.

And I remember that we necked for hours that night. My shorts did get pulled back up, but I swear I wasn't the one who did it. And my dick was so hard while we necked that I know she felt it pushing against her, but all she did was come back for another kiss and rub her body all up against mine. But I don't remember her saying anything close to, "OK, now I want you to rub your peter up against me."

And brother, I remember how much fun it was, right up until Charlene said, "Billy Bob, (pant pant) I better (pant pant) go to bed now (pant pant) or I'm gonna (pant pant) learn way more (pant pant) than I had in mind."

It was a good thing she left, because by then my balls were so packed that when I squirted after only about ten jerks, I must have shot three feet in the air. If she'd have stayed there I might have been crippled or something.

And, I'll tell you this too. When you've kissed your sister like that, you get along with her a whole lot better than you used to. We didn't yell at each other all week. And every night she came into my room and kissed me good night, and I mean she kissed me good night. She wasn't all that concerned about how she was dressed either when she did it. She told me not to make any plans for the next Friday night, when our parents would be out square dancing again.

And when your sister kisses you like that and tells you not to make plans ... you don't make plans.

Friday night rolled around and, after our parents left, Charlene came into my room. She was wearing a T shirt and a pair of panties, which was what she wore to bed most nights. She looked good in that thing too, and her nipples were showing through, so I knew she wasn't wearing a bra. She didn't say anything at all. She just got me up out of my chair and left my game running and pushed me toward the bed. Then she was all over me like flies on road kill. She climbed up on top of me and wanted more of those long, soulful kisses.

And this time, when my cock got all hard, she rubbed against it.

And what she rubbed against it was her pussy, packed into those panties.

Now I don't know about what you felt like the first time a girl rubbed her pussy against your boner, but I can tell you I about died. I knew what was in those panties, and I knew what my cock was designed to do. And while I'm a little dim on what we said to each other, I surely do remember finding myself on top of Charlene, and her panties were lying on the floor then, and I was naked as could be. And the tip of my prick got stuck in a hot, wet place and Charlene didn't say one word about how I'd better get it out of there. She did give out a squeal and cried a little bit when my cock went in her. And, like I said, we didn't plan it or aim for it, but a time warp happened and there I was sunk to my balls in my little sister. I think we were both amazed that this was happening.

But then she quit crying, and her hips started moving around, and then it was like trying to ride a horse that doesn't know he's been broke and is trying like hell to buck you off.

Things were happening so fast that I don't think either one of us really knew what we were doing. She felt so good ... all hot and wet inside, and her breasts were so soft and hot against my chest. I wanted it to last for days.

And then, before I could think about it, I was jamming my root in her as it sprayed what I knew was white slippery sperm ... all up inside her teenaged belly. I had one fleeting thought of "baby", but all that did was make me shoot even harder.

That was the first time we had sex. It was wild and unplanned and we both felt guilty as hell when it was over. I felt guilty until I went outside for some air and looked up at that water tower. Then I went back in and took her hand and dragged her outside and pointed up there. "See that?" I asked. "Well, Randy ain't so stupid as I thought he was, because that's true."

She waited until we got back inside to kiss me and damned if we didn't end up naked in bed wrestling with each other again. It wasn't like the first time, though. The second time we looked at each other, staring at nakedness we hadn't seen before. I have this birthmark on my abdomen, right about where my hair starts. It's pink and it's in the shape of a diamond. She put her finger on it and then kissed it and said it was the same color as her nipples. That got my attention on them and we found out that she liked to have those nipples sucked ... a lot. Then we did a lot more kissing while I slid my prick in and out slowly, savoring the feel. And when she cried and wiggled and came, I just watched her face as it lit up. Later, when it came time for me, I shoved it about as deep as I could and just let my jism fly. I never felt anything that fine before.

Well, that changed things between Charlene and me, of course. We were even more friendly to each other. I mean if you're mad at each other, then nobody's going to sneak down the hall in the middle of the night to get a little nookie, you know? So we both tried pretty hard not to get the other one mad at us. The only problem with that was that it sort of fed the myth.

OK, it wasn't a myth, but nobody else knew that.

So let's say it fed the legend. The town council wasn't about to spend any money on cleaning our incestuous relationship off the water tower, and Randy's parents wouldn't pay. Mr. Templeton, the lawyer in town, advised the town council that letting Randy himself go up there, all official like, to clean it off, would leave them liable if anything happened to him. The Mayor said, "Well, seeing as how Billy Bob and Charlene don't seem to take it all that seriously, I don't see why the rest of us should either." He whacked his little wooden hammer on the table and suggested they retire to Smoky's bar to discuss world events.

So "Billy Bob Loves Charlene" stayed up there for the whole town to see. And it affected the way they all treated us, even though nobody actually believed that I was porking my sister.

For instance, there was a back-to-school party out at the Turner farm and everybody went. My sister didn't have any boyfriends, mostly because she had a boy at home she could kiss pretty much any time she wanted to, and then get naked with and get her socks fucked off and her pussy just stuffed full of spunk. So what did she need a boyfriend for? And I didn't chase after any girls for the same reason. So Charlene and I went to the party together. Her friends were there and so were mine, and we split up to be with them, like any brother and sister would.

Now, what happened was that all the adults (the fancy name is chaperone) started sampling Mr. Turner's hard cider that he made himself and pretty soon they weren't paying any attention to their duties. The kids, of course, started playing the kind of games that the adults were supposed to be there to make sure we didn't play. It was truth or dare that they tried to trip us up on. I knew better than to ever say "truth" and when it got to be my turn I just said "Dare". It was Sally Richardson who was asking me, and she got this look in her eye and said, "I dare you and Charlene to go in the tack room and change underwear with each other."

Well, there were hoots and belly laughs all around at that one. I was a normal teenaged boy, notwithstanding that I fucked my sister every chance I got, and I bristled a bit at that because I knew Sally was trying to embarrass me.

"What's the matter Billy Bob?" said Sally all sweet and nice. "I thought you loved Charlene."

You'd have thought there was a laughing contest going on and everybody was trying their damndest to win it.

Charlene just stood up and said "I can't wait to see what he has to promise me to get my panties off. You better have another dare ready, Sally, because he's got a long row to hoe this time." Then she walked toward the tack room, like she was going to the pantry to get a jar of tomatoes or something. I muttered that somebody was going to pay for this and snarled and kicked Jimmy Westfall when he didn't get out of my way quick enough, but I followed Charlene into the tack room.

I had to close the door fast, because Charlene was already half out of her jeans. She had on blue bikini panties and anybody looking through the door would have been able to see them. She looked over at me and said, "Lock that door." There was a board that could be wedged through the handle so the door wouldn't open and I put it up there. When I turned around Charlene was naked from the waist down. "They think we're in here arguing and that you're trying to get my panties off." She held them out to me. "We don't have long."

I knew that tone. It was the tone I heard at night when she slipped into my room and climbed into bed with me. So I got my pants off and took off my briefs and then we lay down on the floor on top of our clothes and I slipped my dick in her pussy and commenced to slide it in and out just the way she liked it.

Charlene had just popped a nice little orgasm when there came a knocking on the door and she yelled out, "We'll be out in a minute, I'm dickering with him and I've got him on the ropes." About then I grunted and flushed her pussy out with my juice. It was actually a good thing we swapped underwear, because those panties of hers wouldn't have had a hope of soaking up what was leaking out of her pussy when we opened the door and walked out.

Charlene was grinning like that Cheshire Cat in that story. "He has to do my chores for a whole month! Thanks Sally." Then she lifted her shirt and pulled the waistband of my Fruit-of-the-looms up a couple of inches. There was a collective holding of breath as all eyes turned to me. Her panties were so tight on me that I couldn't do what she had done. Instead I unbuttoned and unzipped and just dropped my jeans to the floor. Then I bent over immediately and pulled them back up. They all gasped like they had practiced it with a band leader or something, and the place went crazy. They made so much noise that the chaperones actually stuck their heads into the room to see what the ruckus was about.

When we were on the way back home, after the party, Charlene told me that my dick had been pushing her panties out like it was a foot long or something. And you know what? I had two girls come up to me after that and hint around about how they didn't have a boy friend or anything. I said that was too bad, and that I knew how they felt, because I didn't have a boyfriend either.

That was one thing that happened because of that water tower.

Then, after school started, my Pa was pulling some weeds and he found signs of termites in the outside wall of my bedroom. So he called the exterminator, who came out and did an inspection, and they found out that half the wall would have to be replaced because the termites had eaten through a bunch of the studs. And, while they had the wall torn down, the exterminator could do what he had to do to make sure the pests were all gone."

We had a family meeting at supper that night, and Pa says "Well, Billy Bob, I don't suppose you can sleep in there with the wall torn down. He got a glint in his eye, like he was about to do something he'd wanted to do for years but couldn't get away with, only now ... somehow ... he was going to get to do it. "I guess you'll have to move in with your sister for a while."

I must have had the kind of look on my face that a cow has in a slaughterhouse right after they whack it on the forehead with a sledge hammer, because he started chuckling and said, "I know you won't mind, though, seeing as how you love her so much." Then he started snorting and that turned into belly laughs so long and so loud that he actually fell off his chair and lay on the floor gasping.

My mother looked at him like she might have looked at a termite, and then looked at me. "Don't pay him any mind Billy Bob." Then she looked at her daughter, who was eating like nothing had happened. "It won't be for too long Charlene. And he is your brother, after all."

Charlene just said, "Ok Mamma," and went on eating.

Mom looked back at me. "We'll move your bed in there after supper."

Daddy just lay there laughing.

Well, you know what happened, of course. It was like having a license to fuck. Charlene climbed into my bed with me and never left it all night. She must have had six or seven orgasms that first night and I found out that a healthy teenaged boy can cum at least three times a night. I packed that girl plumb full of Billy Bob's patented rugrat starter solution and she just wiggled and kissed me as I filled up her womb.

Charlene had the sense to open a window and get in her own bed around five in the morning, which was a good thing. We were both so tired that we overslept and Mom actually had to come yell at us to get up. Charlene complained that I snored and I complained that she tossed and turned all night and that was why neither of us got any sleep.

It took Pa and a couple of his friends four days to tear that wall down and put up the new one. Then the pest control guy sprayed so much bug killer around that my room smelled like chemicals and Mom wouldn't let me move back in for two more days. Charlene had found out she could get on top of me and have orgasms just about one after another, and she was doing that on our last night with me in her room. She leaned down, dropping one of her nipples in my mouth and asked me to suck it while she sat there on my spike and rubbed herself off again.

"Damn Billy Bob, I wonder if I could get some of that spray so I could make your room stink for a few more days. I don't know what I'm going to do when you move back into your own room." We both knew we'd still get together, but it sure was nice to be able to spend all night together and not have anybody think it was odd.

If it hadn't been for that water tower Daddy wouldn't have been so intent on making his big joke and probably would have just made me sleep on the couch.

The next thing that happened was during hunting season. Charlene might have only been about five-five, and probably didn't weigh more than a hundred and ten pounds, but she could handle a 30-30 Winchester like she was born with it and we both loved to hunt deer. And when Uncle Charley asked us if we wanted to try for a buck we both jumped at the chance. The Winchester was technically Daddy's gun, but Charlene had shot it more in the last five years than he did, so she took that. I had my old 8mm mauser that I had lovingly restored to it's original condition, when, during WW II, it was new.

Uncle Charley and Rooster Burns, his traditional hunting buddy, picked us up in Charley's Land Rover and took us out to a five hundred acre plot of woods that he had permission to hunt on. He'd told us that all we had to bring was our personal gear, and that he'd take care of the food and all that. We were setting up camp when it became clear there were only two tents. Each one was a four man dome tent, but anybody who's ever been in one of them knows that only two will fit in it with more than a change of clothes. Charlene asked him about it.

"Well hell, girl, I just naturally thought you'd want to bunk with your sweetheart," said Uncle Charley with a big grin.

That damn water tower was going to haunt us for the rest of our lives.

Rooster piped up from where he was trying to get a fire going for coffee. "I'll be happy to sleep with little miss Charlene," he said with a grin of his own.

"I believe I'll risk my brother," said Charlene with a straight face. They both laughed out loud.

We scouted out places to set up tree stands and such, and got the camp all comfy, and by then it was getting dark. A good supper of beans, jerky and coffee that would float a horse shoe, and it was off to the tents and the nice, warm sleeping bags in them.

I kept warm all night. Charlene and I zipped our bags together and I covered myself with warm, willing girl as the temperature dropped. And after I blasted her full of thick rich sperm, we had to leave my cock in her all night, so the sleeping bags wouldn't get all messy.

It was kind of poetic in a way. I shot Charlene full of spunk every night, and she shot us an eight point buck that kept us in venison all winter.

And it didn't end there. Charlene and I both tried out for the school play, and we both got parts in it. There were a bunch of practice rooms off to one side of the stage that the music teacher used for people to sing in, or practice an instrument in. They were sound-proofed, and they doubled as dressing rooms during plays and musicals. Because we didn't have all that many kids in the school, whenever we did a musical or big play, people usually had to play more than one part. So there was most often a lot of changing of costumes going on.

Miss Banner, who was young and pretty herself, just naturally assumed that Charlene and I wouldn't mind sharing a dressing room. "This isn't because of the water tower," she said, which just proved to us that it was.

We couldn't fuck in the dressing room. It was just too risky. So Charlene decided that it was time for her to learn what all the fuss was about oral sex. And it was a good thing those rooms were sound proof, because Charlene was a moaner when she felt my tongue slither up into her pussy. I nibbled on her little bump and she gave out a whine that got up into the range that dogs can hear. I might have whined a little too, because she sucked me like a shop vac on steroids.

But I have to say, there's something about a blowjob that leaves me a little unsatisfied. Don't get me wrong, blowing a nut in Charlene's mouth was great, but her pussy is so much better. When we got home that night the folks were out square dancing again, so I nailed Charlene to her bed just to test my theory.

I was right. Her pussy feels so much finer as it clasps my spurting prick.

Well, that's about it. Oh, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that in this whole story there isn't one mention of Charlene taking the pill, and the word condom didn't show up until five words ago. And you're right. We never did get around to doing anything to keep her from getting pregnant.

Which, I suppose, is why she did.

And that was when the attitude of the town and even our parents got even stranger. Here they had been, making fun of us for six or eight months, winking sly little winks, and constantly making those innuendo type comments about brother and sister getting it on. But, when her belly began to swell up, nobody even entertained the possibility that it might be mine.

Every body wanted to know who the father was. Our parents suggested that whoever had done this to their baby should be put in jail and demanded to know who it was. That pretty well ensured that Charlene wouldn't say a word to them. Her friends all wanted to know who she'd been sneaking out of the house at night to meet in secret. She didn't have any boyfriends, and didn't date anybody.

Scooter Bowles claimed he was the father, until I told him I was glad to hear that, since my father was going to have whoever did it arrested. He recanted right smartly, but my Pa had a long talk with his Pa anyway. Charlene saved him from a fate worse than death by walking in on their meeting and screaming at them that she wouldn't let Scooter touch her with a ten foot pole and she "for damn sure" wasn't going to marry him, now or ever.

Mom tried to wheedle it out of her, and enlisted some of the older women who she thought Charlene might admire to do the same.

Charlene got bigger and bigger, and I started having to sneak down to her room, instead of the way it usually was, because it was hard for her to move around in the dark all swelled up like she was. But I loved doing it, because I loved lying next to my baby, and feeling it move inside her.

Charlene especially loved having her nipples sucked now. They turned dark brown and got bigger and she could even have an orgasm just from me sucking them if I did it just right.

That heart and those words had been up there on that water tower for one year to the day when she went into labor and had our baby. By then Mom and Pa had gotten used to the idea that they were going to be grandparents, and Mom had done the whole Lamaze thing and was in there with her as her coach. I came along and waited outside with Pa, telling him I didn't think it was a good idea for an old man like him to have to go through this alone. He tried to smack me, but I could tell he really was worried about her. She was pretty young to be forcing a baby out into the world.

It was a boy. A strong, wrinkled, loud boy. Mom came and got us when things had calmed down some, and we could go in and see them. When we got there Charlene had her gown open. One breast was completely exposed. The other was covered by hungry baby. Mom rushed over and fiddled with the gown to cover up that naked breast. She said, "Your brother's here, cover up."

Charlene laughed then, so hard that the baby lost his grip on her nipple and started crying. That kind of covered for us, but Mom looked at me strangely.

They kept Charlene there that night, for observation, because she was so young and had bled a lot.

I was lying in bed, the sheet halfway up my chest, reading a book when my mother came home from the hospital. I heard her come in and say something to Pa, who grunted something in reply.

She came into my room and sat down on the edge of the bed. She had that strange look on her face again.

"How's Char?" I asked. "Is everything OK?"

"Yes" she sighed. "She's fine and the baby's a horse. He's the strongest, healthiest baby I've ever seen."

"That's good." I said.

"Yes it is." said my mother and her voice was kind of strange. "Considering who got that baby in her."

I went cold. Had Charlene broken under the strain of child birth? Had she spilled her guts as she emptied them of baby? "So she ... uh told you who it was?" I asked.

"No," said my mother. "She didn't have to."

"Um ... I'm confused," I said, to buy time.

My mother put her had on my chest. "Billy Bob, honey, every mother and every grandmother examines a baby when it's born. We count fingers and toes, and look into eyes and all over that baby to make sure it's perfect.

Now I really was confused. "OK," I said.

Mom started dragging her hand down my chest. Her fingers gripped the sheet and she dragged it down too.

"That baby was perfect" she said softly. "Except for one tiny little blemish."

I looked at her, still not understanding. My attention was torn between listening to her and feeling that sheet crawling down my chest. It was to my stomach now. If she went much lower she was going to see my cock.

"It's a birthmark," she said. "He has a tiny little birthmark."

One finger continued it's journey across my stomach, pushing the sheet down further.

"I've only seen one other like it my whole life," she said.

Her finger slowed just as it grazed my pubes.

"It's just exactly like the one you have ... right ... there."

Her finger ended up pointing at my little diamond shaped birthmark and, coincidentally, at least from my vantage point, also pointing at the penis responsible for making that duplicate birthmark on the baby.

My mother stood up. She leaned over and pulled the sheet back up. Then she kissed me on the forehead. She stood back up and put her hands in the small of her back, leaning back on them and stretching. I could tell she was tired.

She started to leave and then turned. "I hope what's on that water tower is true. She's going to need a lot of help with that baby. He's going to need a father figure and I don't think your Pa is of a mind to be that father figure. I think he's planning on spoiling his grandson rotten. And, since she won't say whose baby it is, it may just fall to you to pick up the slack."

I felt a huge relief wash over me.

"No problem Ma. I'll be happy to help."

She just smiled and left.

The End

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