Kissing Cousins On The Farm

by Lubrican

Muffy tried to be quiet as she snuck into the barn. She was looking for her two cousins, Bobby and Beth. She had come to the farm to visit them for a month in the summer. It had been fine at first. For the first two days she'd had lots of fun as they showed her around the place, and they talked and got all caught up on things. But then, today, they told her to hang the clothes out on the line and had snuck off.

She finished quickly then went to look for them. The old dog "Ruff" was lying in the dust by the open barn door and Ruff was never far from Bobby, so she knew they had to be in there. Muffy tensed her fifteen year old body as she heard a sound. She just knew her two cousins were doing something fun that they didn't want to share with her. Maybe they had a fresh watermelon in there. Maybe it was chocolate chip cookies. Maybe even a pie.

She liked coming to visit the twins in the summers, but this year they had acted different, secretive, odd somehow. Muffy had been spending a month with her cousins every summer since she could remember. They played games together, did chores together, skinny dipped in the creek together, did everything together.

Until this year. And Muffy was going to find out what they wanted to keep her out of. She heard the noise again. It was like a moan, or maybe a whimper, like someone was hurt. It was coming from up in the loft.

She knew where the ladder was. She climbed silently.

Muffy peeked over the rim of the straw-covered floor. She'd found her cousins. And they were doing something secret.

They were fucking!

Muffy stared in wonder at Bobby, who was hunched over his twin sister, his naked buns between her naked knees. She was on her back on top of a pile of their clothes and her hands were on Bobby's hips. At first Muffy thought Bobby was forcing Beth, because Beth was the one making the whimpering sound. But it was clear that her hands were pulling on Bobby's hips, not pushing them away. Bobby's butt was bouncing up and down, and Muffy could see his peter sliding in and out of Beth's wet looking pussy.

He grunted, "Gotta hurry or she'll miss us."

"I don't want to hurry," moaned Beth. "It feels too good to hurry."

"You feel so good, I don't think I can wait for long anyway," he gasped.

"Okay, you can shoot, but you have to promise to fuck me again later today, okay?" said his sister.

"Okay," he panted, and then he fucked her faster.

Suddenly he stopped. Muffy could see that his penis was as far into his sister as it would go, and his balls sort of jumped.

"Oh baby," he sighed and Muffy knew that that penis was spurting thick white stuff into Beth that could make her pregnant in an instant! It made Muffy's own pussy feel itchy to watch this, and she rubbed it through her dress. She watched only long enough to see Bobby pull his prick out of his sister's cunny.

Sure enough she could see that it was all covered with streaks of white spooge, and Beth's wide open pussy dripped with the stuff. Muffy scurried back down the ladder and back to the clothesline. She had to pin up the last shirt four times before her cousins wandered into the back yard carrying a tray of lemonade, acting like that's where they had been.

The twins acted like nothing at all had happened, which amazed Muffy, since she was sure that Beth's pussy was still soaking in all the sperm Bobby had pumped in there. She began to watch them more closely and then saw the little touches and looks that the two traded. A lot of people might just think that it was 'the twin thing', but she recognized them as things lovers did. Muffy had never let a boy touch anything more than her pert young breasts. But it wasn't because she was a prude or anything. She just had never found a boy she liked enough to let him do more. The idea of feeling the weight of a boy on top of her while his penis plumbed her to the core was exciting ... but she'd resisted that urge thus far.

That afternoon Beth suggested they go swimming down in the pond. When Muffy said she hadn't brought a bathing suit Beth reminded her that they'd been skinny dipping in that pond for years and years. Muffy knew something was up then, so she agreed.

When they got to the pond Beth stripped down immediately. She dropped her clothes on the big striped blanket they'd brought along. Then she made a show of stretching, turning this way and that like she was warming her muscles up.

Muffy almost laughed. With her secret knowledge she knew that Beth was just showing off her body to her brother.

It was hard, but Muffy forced herself to strip down too. It had never been hard before this, but she'd never thought of Bobby as a sexual partner before this. She saw him sneaking peeks at her body too and then, when he dropped his pants, she saw his adolescent bone was hard and straight. He turned away quickly and Muffy ran into the water, where Beth was frolicking already.

Muffy decided to 'stick a branch in the snake pit' as her father liked to say.

"Your brother has a stiffy!" she whispered in her cousin's ear. She almost laughed as Beth froze and tried to react like a normal sister would react to news like that. It was clear that poor Beth had forgotten 'how to feel' about it.

She could have said, "Oh he gets them all the time, the little pervert," or "boys will be boys," or any of a number of other things that would have sounded perfectly plausible if they'd been said right away.

Instead, Beth got flustered and, for some reason, blurted out, "Why?"

Muffy laughed out loud. "Why? Because, you silly girl, there are two good looking naked girls right in front of him. That's why."

Beth looked confused. "But don't you think that makes him a ... pervert?"

Muffy laughed again. "He's a boy! Boy's want to stick their peters in any girl that will let them. They're made that way." Muffy was having fun watching her cousin's consternated look.

"But ..."

"Shhhh" went Muffy. "Here he comes. Let's have some fun."

Bobby swam up to the two girls like there was nothing wrong. Muffy intentionally exposed her round teen breasts as she asked him about his science project from last year and whether he thought she could use the idea for her project this year. In the process she positioned Beth in front of and to one side of Bobby and herself in front of and to the other side of Bobby.

Then, while he was talking, she reached out and casually grabbed his penis.

They were neck deep in the water now, so there was no way Bobby could know it was his cousin's hand on his cock instead of his sister's. He abruptly stopped talking and looked at his sister meaningfully. She, of course, had no idea what was going on, and just looked back. She was still unsettled by Muffy's casual attitude about Bobby's boner.

Muffy tried not to laugh. Now she jacked on bobby's cock and his eyes got bigger ad bigger before he finally began to back away. She wouldn't let him go, though, and he got a hunted sort of look on his face.

In a strangled sort of voice he said, "Beth!"

Beth looked startled at his voice. "What?" she responded. It just so happened that, at that moment, she brought her hands up out of the water to smooth her hair back out of her eyes.

Bobby looked at her hands and the blood drained from his face. His eyes shifted to Muffy and she couldn't help but laugh. She squeezed his prick and finally let go of it.

"Shit, Muffy!" he yelled.

Beth looked at her cousin and her brother like they were both crazy. "What in the world is wrong with you?" she yelled at Bobby.

"Muffy grabbed my peter!" he yelled back.

Understanding dawned in Beth's eyes and she gave a calculating look at her cousin. "You know ... don't you?"

Muffy, still laughing nodded.

"Know what?" Bobby said.

"About us stupid," said his sister.

"What about us?" he said. Then the realization hit him too. "Oh shit" he muttered.

Beth looked serious. "You gonna tell on us?"

Muffy looked at her with a straight face. "If I was going to bust you guys, would I have grabbed his cock?"

Beth looked relieved. "Thanks Muffy. I mean we can't stop now. It's just too much fun and besides .. I get so ... horny!"

Now Muffy got to ask the question she'd been wanting to ask ever since she saw them going at it in the barn.

"So what's it like? Doesn't it hurt? He looks so big ... it's just gotta hurt."

Beth sighed. "It did the very first time, but I was so horny I didn't really care because it felt good too. Then, after a few minutes it felt so good I had an orgasm - do you rub off?" she directed the question to Muffy.

Muffy colored and said, "Sure, in the shower."

Beth said, "have you ever cum?"

"I don't think so. Actually, I guess I'm not sure. What's it like?"

"You get this super great feeling all over your body and your knees get so weak you can't stand up and your pussy gets all wet and squishy. You'd know if it had happened. There's nothing like it in the whole world."

"Then I guess I haven't done it." said Muffy.

"You have to try it Muffy." squealed Beth. "You just have to."

"No way is he sticking that thing in me!" shrieked Muffy.

"Oh .. he doesn't have to do that" gushed Beth. "There's lots of other things he can do that are so wonderful. Oh, let him try some of them Muffy .. I promise you'll be glad you did."

Muffy thought about how her cousin's prick had felt in her hand under the water. It had been smooth and silky feeling, but hard and stiff too. And warm ... very warm. She'd never felt anything quite like it before. She wondered what it would feel like dry.

That very cousin stepped up to her now. Bobby said "Let me show you something right now and then you can make up your mind. Give me a hug." Muffy liked hugs and she willingly pressed her naked body up against his. His hands slid along the skin of her back and down to her plump round bottom. That felt nice.

Then he said "Kiss me." She started to kiss him like she always did ... a peck on the cheek. But Bobby turned his head and kissed her on the lips. He kept kissing her too and his lips got all ... soft ... or maybe hot .. or something she'd never felt before.

But it was really really nice.

When that kiss broke he kissed her cheek, and then her ear, and then her neck. She shuddered when he nuzzled her neck and thrills shot through her body. Then he was kissing her shoulder and he kept going lower until she knew he was going to kiss one of her breasts.

Unconsciously she jutted her chest out. She held her breath as his lips reached her nipple. She knew how sensitive that was because she like to pinch them herself. His kiss was light and she sighed. Then, to her delight, he sucked that nipple into his mouth. He mauled it, biting gently, swirling his tongue around it, sucking hard. All those things sent waves of pleasure through her. With a start she realized she was feeling a lot of those streaks of pleasure between her legs.

Then he just stopped and stepped back in the water. He grinned at her.

"No! Wait! You can't stop! That's not fair!" Muffy wailed.

"Well, you stopped jerking on my cock." said Bobby, still smiling.

"Oh, come on, please?" Muffy wanted to feel more of those lovely streaks of pleasure.

Beth spoke up. "Lets get out of the water and lay out in the sun. I'm horny and you can watch and learn and Bobby can relieve some pressure. Then he can take care of you. Okay?"

They all agreed and soon Muffy was on her stomach on the big blanket, her nose just inches away from Beth's pussy, which was stuffed full of Bobby's big hard boner. Beth was lying on her back again and Bobby was nestled between her thighs, sliding that boner in and out of Beth's squishy pussy in long leisurely strokes. Beth was cooing and sighing, talking about how wonderful it felt.

Muffy couldn't believe it. Beth's normally plump pussy lips were stretched taut around the invading column of man flesh. Beth began bucking her hips up off the ground, slamming her pussy up onto her brother's hard cock and then she whined "Oh yeah .. oh yeah ... here it comes ... oh yeah ... Oh shit ... on fuck ... OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," all this while her head was flailing back and forth and her heels were drumming on the ground and her fingernails were digging into her brother's butt.

Then Bobby grunted and said, "Here it is Beth honey ... gonna cum ... gonna shoot ... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh." And, while he was saying this he stuck his stiff prick all the way in his sister and held it there. Muffy could only see his balls now, and that heavy sack pulsed, like it had in the barn. Bobby grunted several more times, each time trying to shove his cock even deeper into his sister.

Then Bobby started pulling his long cock out of his sister. As he did Muffy saw that it was coated with white slippery looking stuff. She shuddered as she realized it was the sperm he'd just shot out of his cock into his sister's belly. Once he got his cock out of her Beth lay there completely relaxed, her legs still spread. Now her pussy mouth gaped open, and it was full of that same white glistening stuff.

Muffy spoke for the first time. "Beth, are you on the pill?"

Beth let her head fall sideways so she was looking at her cousin. "No."

"But ... you could get ... pregnant!" said Muffy, her eyes big.

Beth smiled. "That's right."

Muffy didn't understand. "How long have you guys been ....?"

Beth thought. "Ever since Valentines Day."

Muffy was astonished. "But that's months and months. How often do you do it?"

Beth grinned now. "Just as often as we can get away with it. It's been about about once or twice a week here lately."

Muffy was scandalized. "Beth, you're gonna get knocked up for sure."

Beth sat up. "Maybe. Neither of us are going to college, and we'll both stay on the farm. So as far as I'm concerned, having a baby isn't the worst thing that could happen to me. Oh, the kids at school would give me a hard time, and everybody would want to know who the father was. But I think I could live with that."

Muffy felt a ball of heat start glowing in her belly. Her cousin, still driving on a learner's permit, was willing to let her brother fuck a baby in her belly! It was astonishing.

"Well, I think you're crazy." said Muffy.

"Okay, but some day you'll understand. Meanwhile, let's get working on teaching you what an orgasm feels like." Beth rolled over and licked one of Muffy's nipples.

"Beth!" yipped Muffy.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" said Beth and then she rolled sideways to make room for Bobby, who was now leaning in to take her place.

Soon Muffy was 'Ooooing' and 'Ahhhhhing' as Bobby worked over her stiff nipples. His chest rubbed against her mons and she liked the pressure. Then she felt his fingers at her sexual opening and she gasped as he stroked her puffy pussy lips. He slid a finger into her now damp pussy and she gushed a squirt of girl juice. Then his thumb found her virgin bud and she wriggled at the exquisite pleasure/pain of his thumb rubbing over it hard. She felt something ... energy, maybe, building up inside her. It felt like a balloon was blowing up inside her body, making it swell. Without telling her he was going to, Bobby let the nipple he was sucking on pop out of his mouth. His head dipped and before she realized what he was doing he fastened his mouth to her pussy.

He sucked. He chewed, he tongued her.

His nose tickled her clitty. As she responded with a belated "Ohhh noooooo," she felt the pressure build until she knew she was going to fly apart. Then he crammed two fingers in her deep, shredding her last vestiges of the hymen her tampons had broken through, but at the same time he bit her clitty and pulled it away from her body with his teeth. The combined pain and stimulation broke the balloon inside her. Muffy felt the pain. She would always remember that. But at the same time something washed that pain away in a wave of pleasure. She felt like she had exploded, but not violently. Rather she had turned to mush, and the mush was expanding to fill the whole room. It was sort of like she'd taken in a huge mouthful of super tart lemonade and her whole body was 'scrunching', instead of just her mouth.

It ended while Bobby licked her clitty over and over again, giving it the gentle stimulation she needed to extend her cum. She found herself gasping for breath and when her eyes focused she saw Beth leaned over, staring into her face. When Beth kissed her on the lips she didn't even mind.

"That was an orgasm," said Beth.

"Wow," sighed Muffy.

"And they're even better with a nice hard cock in your pussy." said Beth.

At the word "cock" they both looked at Bobby, who had leaned back, sitting on his heels between Muffy's still spread legs. His adolescent penis was rigid again and sticking straight out from his body.

"I couldn't take it right now. I'd just explode and the pieces would drift away on the wind." whispered Muffy.

"That's okay," smiled Beth. "I'm ready again."

Beth lay back and urged her brother to dump another hot load of his dangerous sperm in her teen pussy. He did so gladly and Muffy stared as he rutted into his sister. This time when he said he was going to cum Muffy said she wanted to see what it looked like.

Bobby pulled his cock out, leaving the tip an inch away from his sister's gaping pussy and jacked on his cock two times. A thick line of white spunk shot out of the tip, splattering right in Beth's open pussy mouth.

Saying, "Oh yeahhhhh" Bobby sunk his cock back into his sister, where he grunted two more times as two more globs of seed lanced into his sister's belly. Then he pulled it out again and jacked the rest onto her pussy mouth and the hair above it. Beth reached down and massaged the messy goo all over her pussy. Then, to Muffy's astonishment, she pulled her wet, sticky fingers up to her mouth and licked them clean. "Yummm" said Beth. Muffy just put her hands over her eyes.

After they cleaned up in the water they got dressed and went back home. On the outside, supper was completely normal, but Muffy's mind was still in a whirl about all the new things she seen and learned. When bedtime was announced the two girls went to Beth's room and changed into their night clothes, which were traditionally T shirts with panties underneath. Beth didn't put on any fresh panties, so Muffy decided to go naked underneath too. With only the night light on the two girls lay side by side and talked softly about things in general. Finally Muffy asked what had been on her mind all evening.

"This afternoon, after Bobby .. squirted. You put some of it in your mouth."

Beth understood the question even though it hadn't been asked.

"It tastes good silly," she said.

"You've got to be kidding me," said Muffy.

"No, really! The only better way to taste it is straight from the source."

Beth put one finger in her mouth and sucked on it while she slid it in and out of her mouth.

Muffy's mouth opened in protest as she realized what that pantomime meant.

"You can't be serious! Don't tell me you do that!"

Muffy had heard of blow jobs, of course, but she'd never believed that any normal girl would even think about putting her mouth on a boy's prick. On the other hand, she never thought a boy would put his mouth on her pussy, but that had happened this very day.

"Of course I do that," said Beth calmly. "It's yummy. The only thing I like better is getting it up inside me. But if I'm on my period or something, I suck him off lots. He'll let you do it too if you want to."

Muffy didn't know what to think. Things had changed for her so much already this summer and she'd only been here one day! Beth reached up and stroked Muffy's face. "Muffy, honey, we've learned that a lot of things feel good, so we just do them. We don't agonize over whether it's right or wrong. Like for instance. Remember after you came? I kissed you. It was a nice kiss. I like you and you have soft lips and I wanted to kiss them. I don't care that some people would start yelling "Dyke" at the top of their lungs. I love having a nice hard penis in me so I know I'm not a lesbian. But I like kissing you too."

That made all kinds of sense to Muffy, who had tingled at that kiss. On impulse she leaned over and kissed Beth. Soon they were frenching each other. When Beth's hand came up and started rubbing and squeezing Muffy's breasts Muffy returned the favor. She realized how nice Beth's skin felt, how soft and round all her parts were. In no time they were naked, rubbing their bodies together and fingering each other. They were into it pretty good when the door opened. Both froze and looked. It was Bobby.

"Guys?" he whispered.

"Get in here and shut the door!" Beth replied. Beth continued to finger-fuck her cousin and Muffy lay back enjoying it.

"I'm horny," whispered Bobby.

"You're always horny," giggled Beth.

"I wanna lick Muffy again," he whispered, right by the bed now.

Muffy was only too happy to agree. She spread her legs and he climbed between them. He got a pillow and put it under her butt. Now her pussy was up in the air, and with her legs wide open she was completely exposed to his hungry gaze. He began feasting on her pussy and she moaned. Beth started sucking on her nipples and kissing her while Bobby sucked and nibbled. Soon Muffy was ready to pop. "Oh shit .. oh shit .. oh shit" she whispered, wanting the moment to arrive.

Bobby lifted his head. "I wanna fuck you Muffy" he pleaded. "Please? I'll be gentle, I promise. You'll really like it, I promise." All the while he was crawling up her body.

Muffy was hot. She was in heat. She was so close to cumming she could hardly wait. Bobby stuck two fingers in her and jacked them slowly in and out.

"See Muffy, there's plenty of room there for my cock. It won't hurt, honest."

It already did hurt. She was still sore at the bottom of her slit, where he had cruelly stretched her with his fingers earlier. But right now,his fingers up inside her felt good enough that the pain seemed to be a small thing.

Muffy caved in. "Okay," she huffed.

In an instant Bobby was on her. His knees butted her thighs apart and his hard seven inch bone prodded her pussy mouth. He fed her just the head and her pussy lips stretched to thin white lines.

"Uh .. Oh .. no," she gasped. She was scared. "I changed my mind Bobby. Please."

Bobby leaned forward and kissed Muffy, frenching her. Then, while her mouth was sealed and she couldn't say anything, he bored his rampant prick all the way into her belly.

Muffy spasmed. His long cock stroked her all the way to the mouth of her womb and she just quivered like a cold puppy. Bobby broke the kiss to breathe and Muffy made odd sounds "Ung ... uhhh .. pfthh ... oohhhh."

"What did you do?!" whispered Beth. "You didn't just stick it in her did you?"

"Well," he grunted. "Sort of."

"Pull it out you imbecile!" barked his sister. "She can't take it all at once like that!"

Bobby grunted again and began pulling, but Muffy's little teen pussy had clamped down hard on the invading prod and it wasn't letting go.

"Fuck she's tight," rasped Bobby. He gave a tentative jerk and felt pain as the skin on his prick stretched.

"She's a virgin, you prick!" Beth almost screamed her whisper.

"I'm sorry," he moaned. "It just felt so good and I was so horny ..."

Muffy went, "Aaahhhnnggg" and her hips bucked up off the bed. It wasn't exactly a voluntary movement. When she'd felt that long hard prick sliding inexorably into her body she panicked and her brain just shut down.

You could say she was in shock and you wouldn't be far off. But, as Bobby had said, her pussy was imminently capable of taking that prick and in this case, chewing it up and spitting it out.

Muffy had a snapping pussy, though no one knew it yet. Her pussy muscles were much stronger than those of most women and instinctively were capable of squeezing in sequence, from the mouth of her pussy clear to her cervix. What that did was encourage a penis to stay in her, or be ripped off its donor.

Well, it wasn't quite that strong, but it felt like it to Bobby. As Muffy came back to consciousness her pussy was beginning to do its thing and Bobby's eyes opened wide along with his mouth.

"Beth?" he panted. "Beth .. something's happening in there. It feels like something is chewing on my prick!"

He pulled and again felt pain.

"Beth!" he whispered loudly "I think I'm stuck!"

Muffy's pussy munched on his stiff penis happily as Muffy opened her eyes.

"Bobby?" she said in a small voice. "Bobby ... you're fucking me!"

Bobby grimaced as he tried one more time to pull out. Nothing doing. Her pussy clamped down on him tightly and then began its milking motion.

"Ohhh fuck," he groaned. "I don't think I'm fucking you, Muffy. I have a feeling you're fucking me!"

"That's not funny," Muffy said. About then what her pussy was feeling finally got through to Muffy's brain. "Ohhhhhhh" she said. This time her humping motion was voluntary. "Ohhhhhhh that feels goood!"

"Yeah, it does, but I think I'm stuck or something." Bobby said miserably. He was getting perilously close to shooting, and he knew that Muffy didn't think about babies the same way his sister did.

Beth spoke up. "You're too excited, Bobby, and she's so small and tight because she's a virgin. Just shoot and you'll wilt and then you can pull it out."

"But she's not on the pill," groaned Bobby.

"Okay, so neither am I," said his sister.

"Yeah, but you don't care if I knock you up. I don't think Muffy wants my baby kicking in her belly," whined Bobby. He was gritting his teeth now to keep from spewing.

Muffy's dreamy voice came from her lolling head. "Ohhhh Bobby that feels so wonderful. I think maybe I've changed my mind. I think I'll let you fuck me after all."

"We already are fucking Muffy" he grunted. "And if you don't let go of my cock I'm gonna squirt and it's all gonna go up inside you Muffy."

Her eyes opened and she looked up at her first lover.

In a dreamy kind of voice she said, "Okay".

It was too much for poor Bobby. He'd been super horny when he started and when he heard what sounded like permission to him he gave up all control. Muffy's pussy milked and his prick responded. It swelled and a huge thick clot of fluid blasted out of the tip. That tip was planted firmly in Muffy's cervix and a flood of sperm washed like surf into her womb.

Bobby was shaking with the intensity of his orgasm and his cock belched more thick potent streams of cum into his new lover. Meanwhile Muffy's pussy responded to the flood of hot slippery fluid. Her pussy relaxed completely and opened up to accept the flood. The overflow ran down and coated the outside of his cock and suddenly he was free. He pulled back gratefully but then powered in hard as he felt another shot racing through his cock. His pubic bone smashed poor Muffy's clitty and she exploded into an orgasm, only the second of her whole life. It was so intense she blacked out again.

Bobby looked down at his cousin as his cock shot its last two helpings of sperm into her limp body. He loved fucking his sister, but he knew nothing would ever match what had just happened to him. He also knew he'd do anything, say anything, even wear a rubber to get in her pussy again. He fell on top of her, exhausted.

Beth pulled her brother to the side, rolling him off of her cousin. She had never seen anything like what had just happened. If that's what she looked like when she and Bobby fucked she could see why Muffy had been scared. Her own juices were going so hard that she knew she'd have to masturbate soon.

Bobby obviously wasn't going to be good for anything for a while. She saw his spend oozing out of Muffy's pussy and felt a stab of guilt. It would be too bad if Muffy got pregnant, because she was a city girl. That wouldn't work out like it could on the farm. She crawled between her cousin's legs, determined to suck all her brother's spooge out of Muffy's pussy before it did its intended job. She fingered herself as she slurped cum. She came four times before she gave up and collapsed beside her sibling and her cousin.

June Mason closed the door to her son's room softly. She'd gone to wake him up so he could do his morning chores. He wasn't in his room and his bed didn't look like it had been slept in. She padded silently down to Beth's room. When she opened the door the smell hit her like a brick.

It was the smell of sex.

Lots of sex.

She looked at the bed and saw three naked teenagers in various attitudes of repose. Muffy was on her back with her legs spread. The girl's light blond pubic hair was matted with what was obviously spunk, and a puddle of filmy white dribbled from her sex to the sheet where a large stain had formed,there. Her daughter was lying beside Muffy, equally naked. June leaned closer. There was dried sperm on one corner of Beth's mouth. Bobby was lying on the other side of Muffy. His pubic hair was matted with the same crusty white goo that had stiffened Muffy's pubes. She felt her own passion kindle as she saw the aftermath of what had obviously been a hell of a party. Dan, her husband, was already out in the barn. Quietly she backed out of the room and went to get dressed so she could go talk to him.

Dan leaned his pitchfork against the wall and looked at his wife. "Well, we've suspected something for some time now," he said.

"Yes, dear, but Beth and Bobby was one thing. Getting Muffy involved is another. And he obviously came in her. She's a city girl, surely she's on the pill, right?" June frowned.

"We won't know until we ask her," said Dan simply.

The look on his face made June glance down at his crotch. The front of his pants were tented nicely. She slapped his shoulder and said "Behave!"

All three teens woke up to June's gentle voice. "Beth, honey, get up and get cleaned up. Muffy, dear, you need to go take a shower. Come on, get up. Chop chop now. Bobby! Get back to your own room and get dressed for chores. Come on, time's a wasting." Her voice sounded so normal that all three kids started to do what she told them to immediately.

It wasn't until they were all standing up that they realized they were still together and still naked. Both adults were standing there watching.

Bobby spoke first. "Uh, Mom? I ah ..."

"We'll talk about this later. You have chores to do now. All of you. Get cracking!" she put a little crack in her voice. Bobby jumped and both girls started moving too.

All three kids tortured themselves much better over the next four hours than any adult could have. But chores got done in record time as all three kids worked with intensity as they thought about what was going to happen. All of them knew that their life of leisure and fun - and sex - was over for good, they just didn't know what else was going to happen. Muffy assumed her Aunt was packing her things right now and that her parents were on their way.

They dreaded the call to lunch. But it came.

Lunch started out as a morbid affair. If Bobby and Beth would have paid attention they'd have noticed that their mother had prepared their favorite lunch. But they didn't. Instead they both stared at their plates and picked at foods they usually gobbled. Muffy, coming from an urban environment, was a little more tuned to the aura of a given situation, since in the city that could save your life. She was puzzled. Her Aunt was serving lunch like nothing was the matter. She wasn't frowning, or talking under her breath. Uncle Dan wasn't in from the barn yet. She was even more puzzled when he arrived and sat down and began eating like everything was perfectly normal.

It took ten minutes for Beth to break.

"Momma?" she said softly.

"Yes Dear?"

"What's gonna happen to us?"

"Well, that's a good question, dear. Let's think about that for a little while. Muffy, honey, are you on the pill?"

Muffy was in the middle of taking a drink of milk and she sprayed it everywhere.

Aunt June started wiping spots up with a napkin like somebody had only coughed or something.

"No ma'am," she said when she had wiped her own mouth.

"And your last period was ....?" Aunt June asked.

That seemed awfully personal, but Muffy thought that being caught having sex with her son was pretty personal too, so she put a firm damper on her irritation. "It ended a week ago last Friday," she said.

"Well then" said Aunt June, like she was talking about the weather. "One thing that may happen is that Muffy may just have a baby."

She turned her eyes to her daughter. "And since today is Saturday, I believe you are now five days late for your period. Isn't that right dear?"

Beth's eyes got round and her mouth did too. "How do you know that?" she said with a hint of panic in her voice.

Her father spoke for the first time. "Beth, honey, we've suspected about you and Bobby for months now." He took another helping of green beans. Bobby and Beth shot a look at each other with unbelieving eyes.

"Yes," said her mother, "And you've always been on time like a Swiss clock, isn't that right? When were you going to get around to telling me?"

"Ah ... well, um ... I didn't exactly ... pay attention to it, exactly." A little fire came back in her eye. "I mean I hate them, you know. You know how hard I cramp. Sometimes I can't even go to school! So I try to forget them."

"Well," said her father, "It sure sounds like you won't have to worry about having another one for a while." He grinned.

Bobby tumbled first. "What's going on here?" he said. You guys aren't mad at all, are you?"

June spoke first. "We'd have liked to know you were going to involve Muffy. We should have known. We should have talked to her parents last year, now that I think about it." She frowned.

"What do you mean?" said Beth in a frustrated voice.

Her father spoke again. "Bobby, how old is your mother?"

Bobby jumped. "Um, I don't know ... ahhh"

"She's twenty nine Daddy," said Beth, shooting a dark look at her brother.

"And how old am I?" he went on.

"Thirty-one," said Beth.

"Do the math," he said, and picked up another piece of chicken.

Beth didn't understand at first, and her mind kept trying to figure out why a two year difference in their ages could matter at a time like this. Then, idly she thought about she and Bobby's ages. They were fifteen.

"Momma had us when she was just fifteen!" squealed Beth. Bobby jerked again.

"Actually, I was just a month shy of my sixteenth birthday when you two fought your way out of my womb." said their mother, smiling. "But, your father made you in me when I was barely fifteen."

Muffy was startled to remember that her mother was only 31 and her father was 32.

"Man!" said Dan. "I'll never forget that night. There is nothing in the world like tight fifteen year old pussy!"

"Dan!" barked his wife as the children's mouths all gaped in surprise. "We're trying to be serious here."

"I am being serious," he grinned, refusing to back down. "There really isn't anything in the world like fifteen year old pussy. It got me didn't it?"

His wife knew he wouldn't give up now. "Well, the memory is all you'll get unless Muffy decides to give you a tumble. From watching them I don't think Bobby's going to be willing to share Beth with any man."

She turned to the kids. "What I started to say before your father ... " she turned to look at Muffy, "and your Uncle interrupted was that there are some things about our family - our whole family - that you are just now old enough to find out about. One of them is that we don't discourage our children from experimenting with sex. But since babies result from such experimentation, sometimes the girls, or their parents, prefer to use birth control for a while. Muffy have Janet or Tom ever talked to you about birth control?"

Muffy's mind was still whirling with the off hand way that Aunt June had suggested that she 'might give her Uncle a tumble' and she only barely caught the question. "No ma'am" she said, still reflexively in 'mitigate the punishment' mode. "They've never said a word."

"Have you been dating?" June went on.

"Oh no! They said I'm too young to go on dates. I'm not allowed to date until I'm sixteen."

"What have they said about college?" asked Uncle Don.

"They said I could go if I wanted to, and that they'd pay for some of it, but that I'd have to get scholarships. That's why I get good grades. But they said I could also go to the Junior College if I wanted to, or go to work for somebody in the family...."

Her eyes got big and round "like ... you."

June thought for a minute. "Muffy, honey, I'm going to ask you another question now. I don't want you to get upset. But it's a very personal question dear. I wouldn't ask if I didn't think it was very very important. Okay?"

Muffy just nodded, wondering what it could be.

"Has your father ever ... touched you? Sexually?"

It was completely silent in the kitchen while everyone waited to see what Muffy would say or do. No one expected her to actually think about it.

"Maybe," she said softly. "I sit on his lap a lot when we watch TV, or I sort of lay beside him, with my top on his lap?" June nodded and she went on. "and he puts his hand on my ... butt when I lay like that. He gives me body rubs, and touches me lots of places then."

"And your mother knows about this?" said June.

"Sure. Sometimes she gets him the lotion to rub on me." said Muffy.

"The reason I asked that is that another thing that some people in our family like to do is .. teach .. their kids about sex. Sometimes they even have sex with them. But not all of us do that, and then only if the children are willing. It's not common, but I wouldn't say it's rare either. I just needed to know what your family was like Muffy, to know whether we broke a rule with you here."

"And you think my daddy wants to have sex with me?" said Muffy amazed.

Aunt June waved her hand dismissively. "Maybe dear. You'll have to ask him about that yourself. But if our Bobby has knocked you up, they'll need to know about it. I think we'd better call them and get some instructions on what to do."

"Oh no!" Muffy said, scared again. "They'll just kill me!"

"I don't think so honey," said her aunt. "But one of the things we all teach our children is the consequences of what can happen because of sex. Surely you knew you might get pregnant from what Bobby did."

"Well, yes" said Muffy miserably. "But it just was so nice and I didn't want it to stop, and it sort of just happened and ..."

"I know exactly how you feel, dear" Aunt June said shooting another dark look at her husband, who was smiling widely. "Meanwhile, no more fooling around until we get instructions. Is that clear?" Muffy nodded. "And you two stop too" she barked at the twins. "If Muffy can't play, you can't either. It wouldn't be fair."

Afternoon chores were done together while Aunt June called Muffy's parents. No one was very happy, but the twins were relaxed, knowing now that they weren't in too much trouble, and that the future probably included what they had come to depend on between each other.

Aunt June gave no hint of how the phone call had gone when she called them in to supper.

Beth couldn't wait. "Well?" she said.

"They'll call later. They want to talk to Muffy." was all she'd say.

Still, thought Muffy, Aunt June hadn't said they were coming to get her. Her mind drifted to her father, and the memory of his hands on her body. They always felt good, but she'd never thought of him as a potential sexual partner. She'd never thought of anybody that way really, until she'd seen Bobby's prick slicking in and out of her cousin. She loved her father and he was handsome. Thinking about Uncle Dan was easier. She'd had a crush on him for years. He was so strong and tanned and smart and he always smiled at her. The idea of him being on top of her suddenly made her loins hot and she knew instinctively that if she ever got the chance, she'd spread her legs for him with pleasure. That led her back to her father. They were brothers and the resemblance was plain to see. That heat was still there.

The call came at 8:30 and it was her mother on the phone. "Muffy?" she said. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, mother" said Muffy somewhat disgustedly. "I'm fine. Nobody forced me and nobody's holding a gun to my head," she said a little sarcastically.

"I'm sorry honey," said her mother. "This isn't how this was supposed to happen. I should have talked things over with you a long time ago and I feel bad now. Was it okay for you honey? Did it hurt? Are you sure you're okay? June says Bobby might have gotten you pregnant."

Muffy was so confused by the tone her mother was taking, and the fact that she didn't appear to be in any trouble at all, that she shook off the whininess of her mother's voice and answered all her questions. "No, mom, really, it just sort of happened, and it was ... well it was wonderful. I'm not sorry I did it. I didn't want you to be mad at me and stuff, but when things started happening it was just so nice that ... will it happened. I'm sorry if that messed things up. I don't know if I'm pregnant or not, but Aunt June says I could be, what with my time of the month and all."

"Okay, honey," said her mother. "We just wanted your first time to be special and we were worried that maybe it hadn't been. Your father will be happy to hear that it went well for you. He was worried that he had dropped the ball. We just didn't think you were there yet. You didn't show the signs we were expecting."

Muffy realized her mother was admitting that they had planned for her daddy to take her virginity! She felt a rush of wet in her panties. "Tell Daddy I want to talk to him about that when I get home," she said. "Are you coming to get me early?"

"Not unless you want us to dear. You're a woman now. We'll still give you advice and guidance, but your body is yours. You must always remember that, and don't do anything you don't want to. Okay? We're here for you as long as you want us to be."

Muffy hung up and turned around.

Everyone was looking at her. "My Daddy was going to take my virginity!" she said in an amazed voice.

Beth said "Ewwwww!" while Bobby adjusted what was probably a growing boner in his pants.

June looked at Dan and he smiled and shrugged his shoulders. "Hey, I didn't have to worry about it. She had Bobby!"

Beth turned to look at him, her mouth in an "o" and her eyes wide. "You mean you'd have ....?" she gasped.

"Calm down," said her mother. "Only if you'd have wanted him to. It didn't happen, move on with life."

Bobby was looking at his mother with a different look than before. "Uh, Mom?" he said.

"Yes dear?" she smiled at him.

"Do boys in our family ever ... " he blushed.

"Have sex with their mothers?" she finished for him.

"Uh ... yeah, something like that," he said.

June looked at her husband, who smiled and nodded. She turned back to here son "We need to talk about this in private." Then she took his hand and led him to her bedroom.

Beth looked after them, her mouth working. "But .... but ... but" she stammered.

"Don't get your panties in a wad, daughter mine," said her father. Most all teenagers want to try things. He'll be back. He loves you. That's what tipped your mother and me off. We could tell you two were in love with each other. As a matter of fact your mother and I have a bet going, and now we can find out who the winner is."

Beth stared at him. "Bet?" she said. Muffy went over to her and put her arm around her.

"Yes, your mother says you got your cherry picked that night after the Valentines party we had. I say it was before that."

"Mom's right," said a dazed and disoriented Beth. "But how did she know? We were so careful to clean up the sheets. We even washed our PJs."

He grinned at her. "She says you were walking bowlegged the next day. Sort of slow too. And when you didn't say anything about it, or ask for help, she figured it was something you didn't want us to know about. Pretty sharp cookie there. That's why I married her."

Beth's head jerked up. "No, you married her because you knocked her up with us!"

Her father came over and took her elbows in his hands, forcing her to look into his face. "I married her because I loved her. I had sex with her because I loved her. I've stayed with her because I love her. It was all about love, Beth, and it still is."

Beth melted into his arms. "I'm sorry Daddy, it's just that this is all so ..."

"I know baby," he said, holding her close.

Muffy spoke up. "So are Bobby and Aunt June in there ... you know?"

Dan grinned. "You'll have to ask them when they come out."

"And, would you really ... with me ... if I wanted you to?" Muffy said, uncertain.

Dan kept holding Beth. "Muffy, you and Beth are beautiful young women who would turn the head of any man. I have noticed that beauty ever since you were both twelve. I have loved seeing you mature and grow your beautiful bouncy breasts. I have loved seeing your minds grow too. I'm a man, and men love to have sex. If you wanted me to I'd be honored to lie with you and I'd try to make you as happy as I could."

It was a pretty speech, but Beth added, "And as pregnant as possible too."

"That too," he said. Beth pushed him back and her face came up with a shocked look. He was grinning from ear to ear and, before she could start shouting, he added, "If you wanted me to." And he winked at her.

Suddenly there was a sound. All three of them raised their heads. It was a rhythmic knocking sound, and at first Beth thought someone was at the door or something, but it didn't sound like that, exactly.

Her father said, "I knew I should have put new screws in that headboard." and both she and Muffy realized at the same time that it was the sound of that headboard banging against the wall.

In June and Dan's bedroom.

Muffy said, "Ooooo they're doing it in there Beth!"

Beth turned white. Her hand came up to her mouth. Her father said "Now Beth, honey, don't go ..." but she cut him off with an angry wave.

She turned to face her father. "Daddy? You said you'd ... make love to me if I wanted you to. Well I do!" She turned to glare at her mother's bedroom door.

"Sweetie, I'd love nothing better. I wasn't kidding about fifteen year old pussy being the best in the whole world. But it's about love, honey, not jealousy, or anger, or payback."

Beth burst into tears and ran to her father, who comforted her with hugs and little kisses. The little kisses turned into longer kisses and suddenly both of them were flinging pieces of clothing this way and that.

Muffy stared in fascination as her cousin and her Uncle got progressively more naked right in front of her. She eyed her Uncle's penis with alarm. It was huge, or at least she thought so. It was probably eight inches long, but it was as big around as three of her fingers, maybe more. It had a big purple looking head on it that she was quite sure would never fit in any woman, much less a girl of Beth's age.

She variously heard her cousin saying how sorry she was, and that she shouldn't be jealous, but she was, and her Uncle said it was okay, and that Bobby really did love her, but of course he loved his mother too, and then Beth was saying how much she loved her father.

Muffy just stood and stared until suddenly Beth was on her back on the couch and her father was hunched over her with a truly magnificent adult boner in his hand. He socketed the head of that massive thing in Beth's pussy mouth and paused.

"I love you baby," he said, a catch in his voice.

"I love you too Daddy," she came back.

And he put it in her. Just like that. Muffy stared in disbelief as that baseball bat disappeared in her cousin's pussy and all Beth did was say "Ohhhh daddy, I love you so much!"

And then he just fucked her.

That was the only word Muffy could come up with to describe what she saw. He sawed that thing in and out of her over and over again until Beth was flopping her head back and forth, her hair flying as she came over and over. Muffy couldn't help but be turned on. She stuck her hand down in her pants and frantically fingered her own wet pussy. She didn't have enough room so she unsnapped her pants and dropped them to her knees and her hand darted back in her panties to scrub and rub her tingling clitty. Muffy could see her Uncle's balls, huge in their hairy sac, and she thought of the cupful of sperm that must be stored in them, waiting to get out ... waiting to get into a fifteen year old girl's nubile pussy. Her pussy spritzed at the thought. Her knees came apart and she squatted so she could get at her pussy better.

Dan groaned. "Beth, sweetie, you're probably already pregnant with Bobby's baby, but maybe not. I don't want to cum in you honey, if you want to have Bobby's baby."

Beth was gasping for air as she came out of her fourth orgasm. She was exhausted.

"Ooooo maybe later Daddy. After we're sure I'm pregnant, then I want to feel you shoot in me okay Daddy?"

He said "Sure baby. I've got to pull out now honey, cause I'm close and I need to cum." He dragged it out and it was slick and greasy. He put one of his big farmer hands around it and started jacking it off.

Muffy felt her pussy clench at the sight of it.

"Wait!" she yelped. "I ... Uncle Dan ... me!" she panted.

He turned and his eyes lit up.

"C'mere, sweet thing." He held his hand out to her and she hobbled to him. He stripped her within seconds and slid one long thick finger in her pussy as he suckled one of her swollen nipples. She went up on her tiptoes as his finger invaded her once-fucked pussy, but then she came down hard, loving the feel of his fingertip massaging her whole pussy.

Then she was under him, his bulk over her, as it had been over Beth. Now it was her gates that felt the touch of his ram rod.

"Gotta go slow with you honey," he whispered as he inched slowly in.

Muffy was beside herself with passion and her hips wanted to jerk up at the invading cock. She set up a chant of "Uncle Dan ... Uncle Dan ... Uncle Dan" She was tight, much tighter than his daughter, and sometimes it felt like he was hitting a wall. When that happened he backed out, spreading her lubrication over her pussy lips so he could burrow back in deeper.

By the time he had three quarters of his prick in her, her chant had changed to "Oh fuck ... oh fuck ... oh fuck". He stopped there, and licked and sucked her nipples some more, feeling that loosen her pussy a little. Finally, whispering in her ear that she was beautiful and that he loved her too, he powered the remaining inch and a half of his cock into his young lover.

Two things happened.

His cocktip kissed her cervix, and his pubic bone mashed her clitty. Muffy exploded into an orgasm. Her previous orgasms had been good, then better and finally fantastic. This one almost made her stop breathing. She flopped like a rag doll while his skewering prick pleasured her without even moving. Her pussy rippled and Dan knew he was in trouble.

"Gotta pull out now Muffy," he hissed.

Her hands slapped on his naked ass with the sound of a pistol shot. "No!" she grunted.

"Muffy, you might not be pregnant yet," he groaned.

"No!" she grunted again.

"I'm gonna cum, girl," he warned.

"Yes!" she wailed.

His prick lurched and then began sending streams of his seed deep into her womb, where it slicked the walls like Pepto Bismal in a stomach. She felt the rich thick flood in her belly and Muffy decided right then and there that she wanted to work on this farm for the rest of her life. She wanted to raise her babies on this farm. She didn't care if anybody married her, as long as every body fucked her ... daily if possible. Uncle Dan seemed to understand as he shot glob after glob after glob of silvery spunk into her pussy. He rolled off of her, knowing he would crush her if he just collapsed.

"There is just nothing ..." he panted "in the world" he gasped "Like fifteen year old pussy."

He was answered by continued knocking from the headboard in his bedroom, as if it was Morse code for "Unless it's the stamina of fifteen year old cock."

The End

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