Learning The Family Secret

by Lubrican

Sue Ellen was excited. She was going on her very first train trip to visit her Aunt Polly in San Hallente. This would be the first time she ever went more than twenty miles from Delta Junction, where she had grown up. The only problem was that her brother had to come with her.

Sue Ellen was sixteen and a woman now. At least as far as she was concerned. In fact she was considered a woman by her parents too. In 1872 any sixteen year old was ripe for marriage. Her brother, a year older, was her chaperone and her mother had been quite firm about the rules. "Your brother accompanies you, or you don't go" she'd said plainly. "No self respecting woman travels without a chaperone. Why, what would folks think of you?"

Sue Ellen wasn't all that concerned about "what folks would think." She was just excited that she was going to be on her own for a while and would get to see the big city. And there was a mystery too. Her mother had also said, "Our family has some traditions, and your Aunt and Uncle will explain them to you. It's high time you and Tom learned them."

So Sue Ellen was shackled with Tom, her brother, and she'd just have to make the best of it.

Things took a turn for the worst as soon as they boarded the train.

"I'm shore sorry bout this Ma'am" said the porter, when he explained that the full-sized Pullman cabins they thought they'd reserved were already full of other people. Sue Ellen had been planning on traveling in style. Now the porter explained that she and Tom would have to share a much smaller room with only a love seat that pulled out into a bed ... a single bed.

Not that that was so horrible. She and Tom had slept in the same bed until only a couple of years ago. On the farm they grew up sleeping in the loft. There was one bedroom, but it was used by their parents. Sue Ellen and Tom had snuggled together for warmth for years during the winters until the day Tom had gotten up and his nightshirt had a large tent in the front. Not thinking much about it he'd taken off his nightshirt like he had every morning and there, right in front of Sue Ellen's eyes, was the very first erect penis she had ever seen. Well, on a human anyway. It had fascinated them both and they had both been staring at it when their mother's face had popped up in the hole in the floor to call them to breakfast. Her shrewd eyes had taken in everything in an instant and that very night Tom had been moved to the kitchen in a newly made pole bed. Both youngsters had complained about the change at first, but eventually they got used to sleeping alone and then Sue Ellen found out how wonderful it felt to stroke herself between her legs at night.

Suddenly she was very glad of her privacy. She stroked herself a lot.

She knew Tom did too because one night she'd heard a little moan come from down there and she peeked to see him sliding his hand up and down that interestingly rigid thing between his legs. Living on a farm they both knew about sex, seeing it being acted out by the animals frequently, but Sue Ellen had no doubt in her mind that her brother was some kind of freak or something because she was sure that thing he was stroking would never fit in a woman without splitting her in two. She had plenty of experience at how big she was inside and she couldn't get more than two fingers in herself without it causing a lot of discomfort. As she watched him stroking his penis that night she judged it had to be the size of four of her fingers. Nontheless, watching him got her excited and she rubbed herself whenever he did that. She'd watched him many many times since then and could tell now from the way he acted when his penis would spurt out that thick looking ivory colored fluid she knew was his semen. She'd even gotten pretty good at getting that special feeling between her legs at the same time his semen came out.

So, the fact that she would once again have to share a bed with her brother was met with both disappointment and curiosity. Disappointment that she wouldn't have any privacy ... but curiosity about perhaps getting to see his penis up close once again.

She was so excited about getting ready for dinner on the train that she didn't even think about the fact that her brother was in the room with her as she changed out of her dusty travel clothes and into the only gown she owned. It was her mother's gown and she had only seen her mother wear it on one occasion - a wedding in the small farming town eight miles from their farm. It was beautiful blue satin, with lace around the neck. That neck swept scandalously low, showing the tops of Sue Ellen's soft white breasts, and she couldn't wait to go to dinner dressed in it.

Tom sat and watched quietly as his sister stripped off her travel clothes. They were not a wealthy family and she had neither a pair of underpants to wear or a corset or that newfangled thing that women were holding their breasts in these days.

Therefore, when she dropped her skirt and blouse, he could see all of her.

It had been some years since he'd shared a bathtub with her and there had been changes. He noticed her breasts first. They were round and stuck out a lot farther than he'd imagined. They were snowy white and at their tips were small pink nipples that looked pretty much like those on their brood sow. Maybe not quite so long as the sow's, but then again the sow's always got fatter and longer whenever the piglets sucked at them.

Maybe Sue Ellen's would too, if someone sucked on them, he thought idly.

Then he jerked as he realized that his peter was getting hard. His gaze slid downwards to her stomach. It was flat and had very pale light blond hairs scattered across it. Then further down where the wheat color of her hair was present in a sparse covering between her legs. As she reached for the dress she was getting ready to put on one leg lifted off the floor and he could then see the thin bulge of two pink fleshy lips protruding from that hair. He knew that was her vaginal opening and his penis got harder fast.

The train lurched and began to move.

Sue Ellen, off balance in the first place, fell sideways. Luckily Tom was sitting there and caught her. Her naked body landed right in his arms, and luckily he broke her fall. His hands managed to slide across her soft white breasts and stomach in the process. Her round firm bottom landed right on his rigid penis. Blushing beet red Tom tried to push her back up onto her feet, but all this did was rub his hands across her breasts again. Without thinking he arched his hips up, driving his stiff boner right into her bottom. Two things happened almost immediately.

The first was that his penis leaked a large dollop of precum into his pants, making a stain in the front of them.

The second was that Sue Ellen felt both outrage and intense excitement at the feel of her brother's hands on her breasts and his obviously stiff penis under her buttocks. She struggled to her feet and turned to face her brother, anger rising.

"Tom Bradley! Just what in the world do you think you're doing, touching me there?" she barked. It didn't occur to her that she was now standing right in front of her brother stark naked. She looked down at his lap and saw the stain.

"And what in the world is that?" she pointed at the stain.

Tom was mortified. He couldn't talk and he almost couldn't breathe. He thought he might pass out. He found himself staring right at his sister's breasts and a small part of his mind noted that those nipples did get bigger and longer than before. And they hadn't been sucked at all!

The train lurched again and this time those breasts mashed right into his face as she fell on top of him. It began gathering speed as she flailed, trying to regain her balance and his face was rubbed between her wonderfully soft breasts. Finding one of those nipples on his nose Tom instinctively opened his mouth, captured the nipple and gave it a little suck. Perhaps that small part of his brain still wanted to pursue the hypothesis that sucking them might make them longer.

Sue Ellen squeaked when she felt something warm and wet close around her right nipple and then she felt him suck and a lance of exquisitely pain ... except it was a beautiful, delightful pain ... shot from that nipple right to the place between her legs she loved to rub. She jerked backward and the nipple popped out of his mouth with a slurping sound. She looked down, trying to see if it was injured. Her hand shot to the nipple and she pinched it between her thumb and finger, pulling it away from her body. That sent another shot of unworldly pain/pleasure to her .... `pussy` she thought the wicked word in her mind.

She wanted to slap her brother for taking such liberties with her, but then she saw his face. His mouth was open, his eyes looking at her adoringly. His hands were at his sides and there was a huge bulge in his pants now, right where that troubling stain was. He looked just like her father did when he looked at her mother in the bathtub. For some reason that made her pussy tingle and scared the hell out of her at the same time.

She backed up and reached for the gown. "Um ... we have to go to dinner" she said. Dressing faster than she thought possible she got the gown on and the shoes that went with it, patted her hair into place and lurched out into the passageway of the Pullman car. She swayed down the hall, her breathing much faster than it should have been. A man opened the door between the cars and she tried to make a graceful entrance into the dining car. Not knowing she should wait for the porter to seat her, she found an empty booth and sank into the padded seat gratefully. She ordered in a daze, trying to understand the feeling she was having in her body and mind and didn't even notice when a young cowboy came up to her table.

"Well look at this pretty little filly Tex," he drawled to another man behind him.

She looked up dumbly at the roughly dressed cowboy. He was hardly older than herself and his companion was probably only a year or two older.

"I can't imagine why such a delightful bundle of womanhood would be all alone like this" he leered at her. She realized he was looking right at the low scooping neckline of her gown.

"I'm not alone, young man" she stuck her chin up in the air. She didn't want this man to know she was only a farm girl. "You'd be well advised to move along and leave me in peace." She looked out the window of the car, at the fast moving scenery, but didn't see a bit of it.

"Now don't be that-a-way, little lady," the dirty looking man grinned. He was missing two teeth. "You and me and Tex here can have a lot of fun on this here train. He started to sit down beside her but she put her hand up and pushed at him.

"I'm not interested in having any fun with you or your friend Tex" she said coolly. But she was beginning to worry. The boy/man was wearing a gun and so was his friend. They both looked like men who took what they wanted and arranged for payment later, if at all. Then she saw Tom come into the car and her face lit up wirh relief.

"Now that's better," said the cowboy. "You sure are pretty when you smile, and I'll bet you're even prettier when you smile without that pretty dress on." He leered again. He slid a finger into the bodice of her gown and pulled it away from her body, peering boldly into her cleavage.

Sue Ellen smiled again. She knew her brother well, and she knew how he'd respond to what he'd just heard.

Tom was a big boy, well over six feet tall, and the hard work on the farm had filled him out broad at the shoulders, with a thick chest and bulging arms. He topped both of these cowboys by at least a eight inches and could probably lift both of them off the floor at the same time. His face looked dangerous as he came up behind the two cowboys.

"Boys," he said in a low but clearly audible voice, "I shorely wouldn't like to think that you're bothering my little sister now."

The younger cowboy smiled as he turned. "You just move along sonny, before you get yourself in ..." he gulped as he saw Tom clearly. "Trouble," he finished lamely. His hand strayed toward his gun. Tex turned his head too, but when he saw Tom he simply stepped past his friend and started walking toward the other end of the dining car. He knew real trouble when he saw it and wanted no part of Tom. His companion wasn't as smart. His right hand grasped the grip of his revolver.

"You pull that six shooter and you're leaving this train mister," said Tom calmly. "Right through that window over there." He lifted his right hand negligently and pointed to a window.

"Come on Ronny," said Tex from about ten feet away. "Lets get a bite to eat."

Ronny was thinking that he could get the drop on Tom, though, and laughed. "No, Tex, I think I want a taste of this little slut first." He started to pull his gun. He never saw Tom's right hand, which was still raised, swing in and slap his left cheek.

Sue Ellen thought a gun had gone off. Ronny's last clear thought was that his head had been torn off and was sailing through the air.

In fact his head was still attached to his body, and his whole body was sailing through the air. With a sickly thud his head hit the window on the opposite side of the train from where Tom had pointed and Tom moved after him, getting a grip on Ronny's hair and belt. He lifted the now limp cowboy up off the floor and began carrying him toward Tex. Tex put his hands up in front of him, palms out.

"Now hold on there boy. He didn't mean no harm, and if you throw him off this train it might kill him. You don't want to do that, now do you?"

Tom stopped, still holding the unconscious Ronny by his hair and belt. "I reckon I don't much care right now," he said levelly. "He touched my sister."

Sue Ellen got up and put her hand on Tom's shoulder. "Tom, I think he's learned his lesson. Why don't you put him down now, okay?"

Tom looked over his shoulder and his heart melted. Sue Ellen was so beautiful. He felt the tingle in his cock that told him he'd better get seated quickly or he'd be embarrassed yet again. He gave Ronny a little toss that landed him in a heap at Tex's feet. Then he leaned over and pulled the gun from the man's holster. He tucked it in his waistband. "Okay. You take care of him. When he wakes up tell him I don't want to see him on this trip again. Clear? I'll leave his gun with the porter."

Tex looked at his friend and sighed. "Yeah, sure. I'll keep him away from you all. We're getting off in thirty or so miles anyway. Thanks for not hurting him. He's just sowing some wild oats and she was alone and all and ..." He mumbled a few more words and dragged his staggering, disoriented friend into the next car. Tom and Sue Ellen sat down.

Now that it was all over Sue Ellen realized she had a warm feeling in her stomach and she was flushed. She suddenly realized she had a stark memory of the feeling of Tom's lips on her nipple and she blushed when she realized she was wishing she could feel that again. Tom had fought for her honor and for some reason that made her want to rub between her legs again. "What a hussy I am" she thought to herself "and with my own brother!" she thought with some guilt.

They had dinner and managed to bank the fire of their secret passions, talking about the farm, and the trip and what they expected to happen in San Hallente. Soon it was dark outside the windows of the train and they both realized it was time to head for their tiny cabin. Both thought about that single bed, though neither thought the other was thinking the same thing.

When they got to the room Sue Ellen had come up with a plan of sorts. She wasn't at all sure she was doing the right thing, but she hoped that something might happen. So, when they were in the room she began fanning her face with her hand. "Goodness Tom, it's awfully hot in here." Tom, who had been thinking of some way to disguise or hide his cock, which he knew would get hard any minute, just nodded absently.

Sue Ellen took the next step. "I believe I'll just swelter in my nightgown. Do these windows open Tom?" Thankful for something to think of other than what was under his sister's dress, Tom went to the tiny window and tried to find a way to open it. He soon learned it was painted shut and told Sue Ellen it wouldn't open.

With a tingle in her abdomen Sue Ellen took the final leap. "Well, then, I'm just going to have to sleep without that nightgown. I'll just suffocate otherwise."

She began undoing the buttons of the dress.

Tom felt panic rising in his throat. She was going to take that dress off and she was naked underneath it. Then she was going to lie down on the bed, stark naked, because of the heat. The thought of Sue Ellen lying naked on that bed brought him to instant painful erection and there was nothing he could do about it except turn away from her and stay clothed. He did so.

Sue Ellen frowned. Now he intended to be a gentleman! "Tom, do you want the inside or outside of the bed?" she asked sweetly.

"Uh ... well ... I ... I ah ..." he stuttered. "I'm not very sleepy right now. I think I'll just sit up for a while.

"Nonsense" she said pertly. "I can't go to sleep with the light on and it's silly for you to sit up in the dark. You surely can't be embarrassed about seeing me after what happened before dinner. And I don't want you all bleary eyed and tired when we get to San Hallente tomorrow. You get ready for bed right now.

By now she was ready to drop the dress, but she wanted him to see her do it. "Tom?" she said again. As he turned to face her she let the dress go and it pooled at her feet. He stared and let go of a little groan as he felt his penis leak once again.

"Ohhhh I can't, Sue Ellen" he groaned softly.

"You most certainly can," she said and stepped up to him to begin unbuttoning his shirt. "We slept in the same bed most of our lives, Tom, and this will be no different." The ache in her nipples and the slight slipperiness between her legs announced the lie to her, but she chose to ignore those warnings. "What happened before was merely an accident." she finished as she pushed the shirt off his shoulders. In the process the points of her breasts brushed his chest. Her nipples were hard and hot as they grazed his chest. Her hair smelled wonderful too.

Which is how Tom found himself lying on his right side, his naked back facing the door and his naked front facing his sister. He had been unable to move while Sue Ellen had taken his clothing off. She'd been very careful about dropping his pants, pulling them out away from his erection. She hadn't said a word. She hadn't touched it, but there was no way she could have missed it since she squatted to lift his leg out of each pant leg. That rigid leaking member had to be only an inch from her face at the time.

It had been and Sue Ellen again swore that her brother must be a freak of nature. She wanted to see that penis again and she hoped she'd get to see him pull on it again, but not for a second did she think about trying to try to fit that monster inside her body. He was her brother, after all. And it had all that silvery stuff leaking from the little hole in the end of it too! She knew that had to be his sex fluid. It didn't smell bad, though. She had to stop herself from giving that stiff rod a little kiss and was horrified that she'd even thought of it!

Sue Ellen's only problem was that it wasn't at all hot inside the tiny stateroom.

In fact it was somewhat chilly.

So, like women do every day, she simply changed her mind and said, "Well, I suppose it's cooled off some. I'm so comfortable I don't want to get up and put my nightgown on," she moaned. "I don't want to take a chill, so you'll need to keep me warm, Tom."

With that she cuddled right up to him, pressing her breasts into his chest and nestling her chin between his head and shoulder. She felt the bottom of that long hard rod of his pressing against her abdomen and shuddered as she realized it was pressing right against where she would carry a baby some day. But it felt wonderful to her to feel all that hot skin of his pressed against her.

She squirmed against him.

Tom was in trouble. Sue Ellen's gorgeous soft breasts were rubbing against his chest. Her pussy was only inches away from his cock and her belly was rubbing against his aching prick as she squirmed. He suddenly had a vision of his little sister, blond hair flying, green eyes looking into his under him as he pounded that prick into her pussy and shot streams of thick white cum into her womb. That thought made the sap rise in his log of love and he knew he was going to squirt in just a few seconds.

He couldn't bear the thought of splattering her stomach and breasts and, in a panic, he grabbed the sheet and thrust it between them, rolling back to try to get the sheet over the tip of his cock before he let loose. They'd left the lamp lit, figuring it would run low of oil soon and go out, so the cabin was still lit.

But there wasn't room for him to go anywhere except on the floor and as he fell his legs flew out with his arms. About the time his butt hit the floor his penis bucked and the first stream of semen flew up into the air about a foot and a half. Sue Ellen watched in delight as she got to see his penis shoot up close. He rolled slightly toward the bed as the second shot fired out of the tip of his cock and that one landed right on her abdomen, right where the light blond fuzz of her mons started.

She touched it with a finger and marveled at how slippery it felt.

Tom was mortified. There he was, lying flat on the floor while his prick shot cum all over the place and his sister watched. He wanted to just fade away, never to be seen again. He put his hands over his face and moaned.

Sue Ellen was delighted. She rubbed two fingers right through the furrow of her pussy lips and sighed, knowing she couldn't get off before he got up off the floor. Besides, she wanted to feel his naked skin against hers again. She decided to act like nothing much had happened.

She tried to sound very worldly. "Well, Tom, now that that's taken care of, do you think we might get some sleep? We have a big day tomorrow."

Tom couldn't believe what he heard her say. Not only wasn't she enraged, she was acting like what had happened was the most natural thing in the world. "You aren't mad?" he said hesitantly.

"Tom, all boys act that way in the presence of a naked woman. Now get back in bed. I'm getting a chill."

Feeling much better Tom got up, wiped himself off with the sheet and got back in bed with Sue Ellen. As he pressed up against her he felt the string of cum that had gotten on her abdomen. "Uh...sorry" he said as he swiped at the area with the sheet.

"It's okay" she murmured into his neck as she began squirming up against him again. Now his penis wasn't hard any more, and it was down between his legs.

They drifted off to sleep finally, rocked to sleep by the rocking of the train car as it swayed back and forth down the tracks.

It was dark when Sue Ellen awoke. Fuzzily she came up out of a dream where something was inside her pussy and it didn't hurt at all. Then she realized it might not be a dream. She felt something between her legs, right where she liked to rub herself.

It was Tom's penis and it was hard again.

It had slipped between her thighs and was digging into her vaginal lips as the train rocked back and forth. Every so often the bulbous head would slide between her pussy lips and slide through the furrow they made. When that happened the head rubbed right where she loved to put pressure. She knew where her clitty was, if not what it was. It felt lovely and she thought she might be able to get that special feeling from the rubbing if he didn't move away from her. To make sure he didn't move she lifted one leg and lay it over his, pulling his lower body toward hers.

That made her pussy furrow open up a little bit. It was very slick down there.

Tom woke up. "What...?" he said groggily. Something was happening to his prick and it felt really good. As he came awake he began to realize just where his penis was rubbing. "Sue Ellen?" he said softly.

She tensed for a minute and then decided to act like she was almost asleep. "Ummm?" she responded.

"What are you doing Sue Ellen?" he said.

"Feels good" she murmured.

"Sue Ellen we shouldn't be doing this." He felt obligated to point out.

"I know. Feels good. Go back to sleep," was her response. The train hit a particularly bad track joint and rocked. The head of his cock caught in her vaginal opening, pressing into her.

"MMMMMMMMM" she moaned. Her hips wiggled and the tip pressed further.

"Sue Ellen, honey, you have to stop or something bad's going to happen," Tom panted.

"Feels too good to be bad," she panted back.

"But it's wrong," he said.

"I know," she answered back. But she squirmed even more, her hips thrusting toward him.

"Sue Ellen ... it might go inside you if you keep doing that," he huffed. He wanted to shove - hard.

"Won't fit," she murmured back.

"Yes it will," he gasped.

"Too big," she protested.

The train hit another bad track joint and rocked hard again. As he rolled toward her Tom couldn't help but thrust with his hips. The head of his cock popped inside the mouth of her pussy.

"Oooooooooo!" she gasped. Her pussy flooded with slick juice as it got ready to take a hard cock.

Tom realized what he'd done and started to pull it back out.

"No!" Sue Ellen gasped, digging her heel into the calf it was touching. "I mean .. Wait," she panted.

"I told you it would go in," he groaned. "We have to stop."

"Wait!" she ordered, her voice firm, now. All pretense that she was asleep or drowsy was abandoned. "Don't take it out just yet." Her hips tried to help the swaying of the train. She couldn't believe it was actually in her. It didn't hurt! In fact ... it felt wonderful. She was sure that if she could get just a little bit more inside her she'd get that special feeling.

"It feels soooo good," she whispered.

Tom heard that whisper. He knew what they were doing was wrong, but she was right. It did feel good. It felt better than anything he'd ever felt before in his whole short life. But he knew if he rolled on top of her he'd sheath his prick in her to the root, and he just couldn't let that happen.

He had a bright idea. If she was lying on top of him then he couldn't go too deep. She wouldn't let that happen. He scooted toward her, crushing her against the wall, in preparation to rolling onto his back. He didn't plan on the fact that this shoved another inch of his meat into Sue Ellen's famished pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh," she sighed. She wanted to spread her legs wide ... to let that big thing that was barely in her go deeper. She decided that much deeper would be better than just a little deeper. She heard Tom say, "I have to get under you honey," and then felt herself rolling and shaking back and forth as he pulled her up on top of his body.

In the process his prick popped out of her.

"Nooooooooooo," she complained and immediately started writhing her loins about, trying to find that wonderful feeling thing and get it back inside her. In the process her breast ended up at her brother's mouth and, having thought about how much he'd like to do that again, he latched on. He mostly sucked, but the train was rocking and he nipped that nipple gently with his teeth to keep it from getting away from him.

Sue Ellen froze as that sweet sensation of pain and pleasure assaulted her senses. She felt like something was getting bigger inside her, like a balloon or something, inflating, with nowhere to go, making her skin stretch. She felt like she couldn’t get enough air in her lungs. Somehow, she knew that if only she could get that beautiful hard thing back inside her, everything would be all right. She reached between them and found his rampant penis. It was slippery, but she held it and aimed it between her legs. Throwing caution to the wind she slotted it into her pussy mouth with an instinct she didn't know she had. Then, putting both of her hands on her brother's chest, she raised up, popping her breast out of his mouth and impaled herself on his weeping prick.

Tom, under his sister now and feeling much safer about things, was having the time of his life nursing on one of her cherry pink nipples when it was torn from his lips. He felt Sue Ellen's hand on his cock and opened his mouth to say something and then felt wet heat on the tip of his cock. His breath whooshed out as almost instantly his cock was fully sheathed in wet heat. He goggled and looked down at where his penis should be.

All he saw was Sue Ellen's fluffy gold pubic hair mashed up against his own curly brown nest. His brain registered that his prick was inside his sister - completely inside her - when she began to make very strange noises.

Sue Ellen just knew that if she could get some of that nice hard penis inside her that something magical would happen. So she was a little overzealous about sitting down on it. In her defense she was actually quite positive that it wouldn't go inside her very much. She was still sure it was much too large to actually fit inside her.

But everything that had happened so far had felt simply marvelous, so when she sat on it she used all her weight.

Between the sperm her brother had leaked into the mouth of her pussy, and her own slippery juices, her virgin slit was as lubricated as it was possible to be. So, she wasn't quite ready for the first feeling to actually register was when the head of his prick pressed iinto the back of her pussy and stretched her cervix, making it oblong rather than circular.

When she sat on it, it sank in like a hot knife into butter and suddenly her pussy was packed with cock. The next thing she felt was pain in her stretched pussy lips, and a deep ache where her channel was stretched too. She leaned forward to lessen the weight and let out a long low groan as her clitty bumped up against his pubes and the bone under his skin. Her hips, of their own volition, jumped and jerked.

She had no rhythm or finesse at all to her movements. She was in sensory overload and the million nerve endings in her pussy were all screaming at her pleasure centers at the same time.

And so Sue Ellen tripped into her very first orgasm based on penetration by a real live penis. Her pussy needed no training. It began its magical rippling as the muscles did what they were genetically suited to do - milk sperm out of a male's sex member.

Tom's penis did what it was made to do too. Before he could think to do anything his balls bunched, his hips came up off the bed, and he fertilized his sister.

His long hard prick belched again and again as thick wads of milky sperm raced through it and into Sue Ellen. Since the head of his prick was right at the entrance of her womb, a substantial portion of his seed shot into her womb and bathed the walls of that organ. Neither sibling was capable at that moment of contemplating the importance of what was happening biologically - that Tom was actually breeding his sister. Both were overcome with the feelings involved - him by the feel of his spend flooding through his penis and into his sister's hot pussy, and she by the feel of that hot fluid jetting into her, making her orgasm even more intense.

The upshot was that Tom managed to put a full ounce of his virile spendl, containing uncounted millions of eager sperm cells into Sue Ellen's fertile womb. And not a drop leaked out because at the end of their mutual orgasms neither youngster had the strength to do anything except lie there, his half soft penis still plugging her pussy.

It was in that way that they fell back asleep, being rocked by the train as it swept down the dark tracks.

In the morning Sue Ellen woke first. She was horrified at finding herself naked, on top of her brother. His penis had finally shrunk enough to fall out of her, but their loins were still damp and sticky and she couldn't pretend she didn't know what had happened. Part of that was that her internal muscles kept whispering, as if gossiping to each other about what had stretched them during the night. Tom was a hard sleeper, so she was able to get up, use the chamber pot and get dressed without waking him. She didn't have any idea what to do now. What would he do when he woke? Would he hate her? She had all but raped him the night before. What if she was pregnant? Now she thought of all the things that had been swept aside in her passion during the night. Wanting to cry she decided to get some breakfast and left the room.

When Tom woke up he had almost the same thoughts as his sister, in about the same order. He assumed she had fled from his rough treatment and that the law would be waiting for him outside his door. He was surprised when he opened it and no one was there. He was surprised even more when he found Sue Ellen in the dining car, drinking coffee and waiting for her ham and eggs. He continued to be surprised when her eyes met his and she did not frown. In fact there was a tentative smile at the corners of her mouth. He went and sat down across the table from her.

"Are you ... okay?" she asked tentatively.

Tom was startled by the question. "Uh ... yes .. sure. I mean are you okay?"

Sue Ellen knew immediately that her fears had been unfounded. In a moment of clarity she realized that what had happened had been because both of them wanted it to happen, and that it had been beautiful. She knew the world would say it had been wrong, but nothing that beautiful could be wrong - not wrong at all. "I am wonderful" she said simply.

Tom wasn't as quick as his sister, but he wasn't stupid either. It was obvious that she wasn't upset about last night. That could only mean that what had happened was ... acceptable.

At least to her.

Who was he kidding. If he could have made it go on forever he would have. He loved her and he loved what they had done. "Ah ... me too." he offered.

Sue Ellen felt her heart pound in her chest. "Really? Do you mean it Tom? Because I loved it." She blushed. "I mean it was nice."

That wasn't what she meant at all and now she was flustered. "I mean I'm glad it happened and I want to do it again."

Her mouth snapped shut. She hadn't meant to say that last part at all. She meant it, but hadn't meant to say it. And her brother was looking at her strangely, intently, as if he was trying to see inside her.

She tried again. "I mean ... it was only sowing wild oats, right? Isn't that what that Tex boy said?"

Tom knew she was trying to save face. But now he knew what he wanted and he said it plainly. "Sue Ellen, any time you want to do that again ... any time at all ... you just tell me."

There it was. It was out in the open. They were lovers and both wanted it to go on. That fact made both of them want to do it again right then and there. But the porter came through announcing that San Hallente was half an hour down the tracks, and both knew they didn't have time. They had just managed to keep their hands off each other and get their valises packed when the train chuffed into the station.

Their Aunt Polly was waiting for them on the Depot landing. She was a handsome woman, several years younger than their mother, with midnight black hair that she still wore long and loose, thought now it was gathered simply with a ribbon behind her head. She wore a bonnet and a long dark dress that showed she was still slim. Tom noticed idly that her bust was prominent above her thin waist. Her smile was brilliant as she hugged them both. Sue Ellen noticed that Aunt Polly seemed to have a cold or something, since she began sniffling quite a lot during their hug. Her aunt held her at arms length and stared intently into her face as she asked how their trip had been. Then she gave Tom the same treatment, almost examining him from head to foot.

"My goodness you've grown up to be quite the picture of man, Tom," she said as she raked her dark eyes over him. She had another sniffing attack as she hugged him too and it seemed like her hug got stuck or something, because it went on quite a long time.

"Your Uncle is waiting in the wagon," she said brightly. "Let's get you two home and give you a chance to clean up and rest. Then we'll see what you all want to do first." Polly led them through the Depot and into the street where their Uncle Bob was sitting on a buckboard waiting. He smiled and jumped down as they came toward him.

"My oh my, look at how you've grown," he yelled as he swept Sue Ellen up in a bear hug. She felt her breasts crushing against his chest and his man scent as he swung her around in a circle made her slightly dizzy. Then he set her on her feet and said, "Give your old Uncle a kiss Sue Ellen," and before she could say anything his lips crushed hers. He tasted faintly of coffee and chocolate and he was a good kisser, she decided. About the time she realized it wasn't actually the kind of kiss an Uncle should give his young niece she also decided that she didn't mind a bit. He was special, after all. He'd made her very first saddle and every one she'd ever sat on since then. He was a master leathersmith.

Meanwhile Polly had her arm through Tom's as they stood watching. Tom, to his surprise, didn't feel a hint of jealousy as his Uncle quite thoroughly kissed his sister. What he felt most was his Aunt's soft breast pressing into his arm and her clean lightly perfumed smell next to him.

Bob finally ended the kiss, though he didn't want to. She was a sweet piece, he thought to himself, and she kissed pretty well for an uneducated girl. He grabbed their luggage and tossed it into the back of the wagon. He'd put in a pile of gunny sacks since they'd have to ride in the back and he didn't want to bruise them up on the way back to the compound. Bob had won an old monastery compound in a poker game about ten years back and had fixed it up into a saddle shop and home for him and Polly.

Tom and Sue Ellen were goggle eyed at the sights as they creaked through traffic. The noise was enough that he and Polly could talk softly enough that only they could hear.

"They're a good looking pair of kids" he said to his wife.

"Based on what I smelled when they arrived, my dear sister might just as well have saved the money on their passage. I've a pretty good idea they already figured out what they were sent here for us to teach them," she said, looking over her shoulder at the siblings.

Bob felt a tightness in his pants at the thought that Sue Ellen might have been intimate. "Really?" he whispered. "What do you mean you `smelled`?"

Polly leaned close. "You know how well I know the smell of fresh cum." She flicked her tongue out and licked his ear. "She absolutely reeks of that smell. Based on what I know they must have been going at it only hours before they got here. Must have done it on the train. Of course that doesn't tell us how long it's been going on, but Mildred said she's been keeping a close eye on them to make sure Sue Ellen doesn't pop up with a baby kicking in her belly before we take over, so I figure it has to be something pretty recent."

Bob grinned. "Well, I figure the way to find out is to put them in the same room tonight. I left a bunch of stuff in the other room just so I'd have to clean it out for one of them - just in case something like this happened. We'll see what their reaction is. Who knows? Maybe some other man got to her on the train and her brother doesn't even know."

Polly just smiled and licked his ear again. She knew all the ways they had of peeking into the bedrooms at the compound. She'd peeked into them plenty of times already when they had friends stay over or taken in boarders.

Tom and Sue Ellen were fascinated with the walled compound and its big wooden gate when they arrived. There were flowers planted everywhere. The place was on the southern edge of the city and was surrounded by farms. It was made of thick adobe and was cool and dark.

When Polly told them they'd have to share a room they looked at each other and blushed, but neither of them protested. Polly shared an intent look with her husband and they both smiled. Polly informed them that they practiced the Mexican custom of taking a siesta and that this meant the kids could clean up and take a long nap before they'd have to do anything else. She showed them to a large comfortable room with a large four poster bed.

"I'm sorry my dears, but until your uncle gets another bed out of storage you'll have to share this one. I know that's not what you had in mind when you came here, but it won't be so bad for a day or two will it?" She waited to see their reaction and was not surprised when both of them said it would be okay, and that they were used to sharing. Polly almost laughed and couldn't wait to get to her peep hole. She left saying she'd come wake them when it was time for their evening activities. When she left the room Bob was waiting for her. "We'd better hurry or we might miss it. I get the feeling things are already happening in there."

And they were indeed. As soon as their Aunt had left Sue Ellen looked at her brother and then threw herself in his arms. They kissed long and deep, rubbing their bodies together. Then Sue Ellen was tearing at her buttons, trying to get naked as quickly as possible.

Bob and Polly stood side by side in the pantry of the main house, peering through holes drilled in the wall that let out into what looked like a decorative grill on one wall. They could both see and hear quite clearly. What they saw was a naked teenage girl, in the blush of young sexual prime, climb on the bed and lay back, spreading her legs and looking at her brother undressing. Bob licked his lips, staring at the blond hair and fat pink pussy lips of his niece as she lay offering herself to her brother. Meanwhile Tom was shucking out of his clothing so fast that he was getting things caught on straps, suspenders and buttons.

Finally he stood and Polly sucked in a breath. Her nephew's cock jutted out obscenely from his brown thatch of hair and it was huge. The head was plum shaped and already had a drip of thick white fluid forming a drip off the end. She felt her pussy get damp and knew that Bob probably already had his long thin prick out of his pants and was stroking it. Sue Ellen was beautiful.

"Don't you waste anything on the wall Bob," she warned softly.

"Oh no," he whispered back. "I plan on saving it all for that cute blond pussy in there."

Then they watched as Tom kneed himself onto the bed and crawled between his sister's thighs. She reached up at him with both hands and then, as his penis touched her vulva, she reached one hand down and guided his thick member into her opening. Both let out long low groans as Tom, in one long slow thrust, sank into his sister to the root.

"Ohhh, Tommy, I just can't believe how good that feels," Sue Ellen cooed.

"Honey," Tom panted "I know exactly how good this feels, but we really can't do this very much. I mean I could get you with child." While he said this he pulled back out a little and then slid deep into her again.

"Ohhhhh," she sighed again. "I know, but right now I just don't care. It's just too wonderful. I can't believe it actually fits inside me." Her hips gave a little thrust upward.

"I told you it would," he said and he lanced into her again. Now they were both panting too hard to say much and they found the age old rhythm that resulted in him rocking in and out of her. She wiggled her hips constantly, trying to get him in deeper, thrusting her pussy up onto his rampant prick as it bore into her teenage sex pit.

"Unngggggggg," she panted. "Tommy, it's going to happen again ... Oh Tommy ... Oh honey ... I feel like I'm going to explode ... don't stop .. don't stop ... ohhhhh!" She wailed softly as her orgasm washed over her and felt again that connection between her nipples and pussy as her pussy pulsed and her nipples got even bigger.

Tom, knowing that his sister's pussy was having an orgasm around his penis, wanted nothing more than to let his cum spew into her welcoming womb, but he knew he shouldn't.

"I shouldn't shoot inside you," he panted.

His dick slid out and back in as her pussy milked it.

"I shouldn't shoot inside you," he repeated as his dick slid all the way in and stopped.

"Ohhhh I shouldn't shoot in your pussy," he groaned. "But I can't help it." He sighed and let loose. A long thick stream of silver semen leapt out of his penis and into Sue Ellen's belly, followed closely by three more spurts as he seeded her sexual garden again. It felt so good to let his cum flow into her most secret places. He pushed hard and the tip of his spurting penis nuzzled into her cervix, soaking it with wriggling baby makers.

In the pantry Polly's knees were weak. She heard Tom saying he shouldn't squirt in his own sister and then watched, her mouth sagging open as his buttocks flexed and creamy white sperm started oozing out of Sue Ellen's pussy around his cock. He must be shooting a river in her! She couldn't wait to feel that monster cock going off in her own pussy.

She glanced over at Bob and saw his hand whirring on his cock. "Save it" she whispered and he sighed as he slowed and finally stopped.

"I'll turn blue within 24 hours" he whispered back.

"I don't think you'll need to worry about that" his wife said. She took his hand.

Sue Ellen and Tom were regaining their breath, trading little kisses, his semi-hard cock still plugged into her sperm soaked sex when the door opened and their Aunt and Uncle walked right in.

Both youngsters went through what could only be called seizures as their numb minds noted several things at once. First they thought about the fact they were naked, then that his penis was still in her. Then, as Tom jerked that penis out of his sister and rolled sideways, part of his mind noted that his Aunt Polly was naked too. Her breasts were much larger than Sue Ellen's, but they stood out proud, sagging only a little, their tips crowned with dark brown nipples set in wider, if lighter brown areolas. Her pussy hair was as black as her head hair, which was now loose. Her hips swelled in a way that made Tom's prick begin to stiffen again.

Meanwhile Sue Ellen was going through her own transformation. Her eyes went to her Uncle, who was just as naked as everyone else in the room. He had a mat of dark hair on his chest and her eyes naturally dropped to his loins. She sucked in a breath as she saw his penis, which was long and thin and curved upward. It bobbed in front of him as he moved. He was staring between her legs and she realized that since Tom had rolled off of her she was lying on the bed, legs spread, leaning on her elbows in a most revealing pose. She looked at her pussy and saw a large dollop of her brother's thick white sperm oozing out from between her inflamed and swollen pussy lips. Then her eyes went back to her Uncle's boner and she felt a thrill shoot through her belly.

"Well," said Aunt Polly in a matter of fact voice. She stood, one hand on her hip, as if being there naked was the most normal thing in the world. "It appears that you two are closer than we might have thought."

Sue Ellen felt her face flame, but she was too paralyzed to do anything ... like close her legs. Polly moved beside the bed and casually wiped one long finger between her niece's pussy lips, scooping up a wad of Tom's sperm on the finger.

Then, to the amazement of both teens, she slid that finger into her mouth and sucked it clean, smacking her lips. "Boy ... you taste healthy. Farm life has been good for you."

Sue Ellen's voice croaked as she tried to bring some kind of sense to the situation. "Aunt Polly ... we didn't mean to ... I mean we were only ... " The only thing she could think of to say came out in a rush. "Tom was just sowing some wild oats."

Tom stared at her, his mouth hanging open.

Polly smiled, looking at Tom and said "So you've taken up gardening, Tom? Well I'm not sure about oats, but you may very well have planted something there that will grow."

It all came crashing down on brother and sister as they were reminded that the natural consequence of fucking like rabbits was ... well ... baby rabbits. Sue Ellen began to cry and finally got her legs working. Tom felt miserable, but the sight of his naked aunt in front of him wouldn't let his penis go limp.

Bob just stood and stared at Sue Ellen. His hand came to his penis and began stroking it slowly. Polly looked at him and said, "Slow down Bob. There's some talking that has to be done first." Then she sat on the bed next to Sue Ellen and told them why they'd been sent to see her.

It seemed that the family secret was that brothers had "married" sisters in their family fairly often in the past. Tom and Sue Ellen's parents, in fact, were brother and sister. So too were Polly and Bob, thought they were only half brother and sister because Polly's mother had died in childbirth with her. Her Step Mother had given birth to Bob and they'd grown up together.

For that reason, if any siblings or cousins in the family appeared to be sexually interested in each other, they were sent to one of the Aunts or Uncles to be educated about things, and to make decisions about what they wanted to do. No one was pushed into anything, but if they wanted to become lovers, it was allowed. Then the lovers were shown around town posing as a young married couple, usually described as having a child on the way, and supported by the extended family until they could make a go of it on their own.

Sue Ellen and Tom had just jumped the gun on making their decision.

As usual, Sue Ellen was the quickest one to realize what they were being offered. "You mean it's okay for Tom and me to ... to ... to lie together?"

"Yes, if you want to" confirmed Aunt Polly.

"And if I become pregnant, that's okay too?" Sue Ellen went on.

"Yes, if you want to become pregnant." said Aunt Polly.

Now Tom caught on. "And we can stay here with you and you'll teach me to make Saddles?"

Bob spoke for the first time. "If you want to be a saddle maker I can teach you that trade. I also can teach you several other trades, and we have farming equipment if you want to farm."

Tom frowned. "Why are you naked?" he asked.

Bob said with a straight face "I'd like very very much to make love to your sister," he said plainly. "Part of the family secret is that the adults teach the young ones how to make love the most effective ways. It is quite possible, from what I saw, that you don't need such instruction, but I'd dearly love to slide my penis into Sue Ellen's vagina." He was still stroking his bent dick slowly.

Polly came in right after him. "And I would like very much to see if this strapping young man can make me pregnant."

"Make you pregnant?" said Sue Ellen in a dazed voice.

"Yes dear. I've been sucking the sperm out of your Uncle's rod for ten years now and have yet to get with child. We don't know why that is, but if Tom is willing we'd like to find out if maybe he could do the job. When he's not working at putting a squirming little baby in your belly Sue Ellen." she added.

This was too much. Sue Ellen couldn't take it all in. She looked at her Uncle and his angry looking bent penis, jutting out obscenely from his loins. She looked at her brother who was staring at his Aunt Polly like a mountain lion stares at a lamb. She looked back at Uncle Bob and suddenly knew that no matter what she thought, he was going to put that angry looking bent penis inside her and shoot her full of his sperm. Then, at that instant, something snapped inside her head and she was in control again. She knew she could never go back to being the girl she was when she got on the train in Colorado. Not only that she didn't want to go back to being that girl. She decided to embrace her future.

"Tommy?" she said. He looked down at her, his eyes wide. "I think Aunt Polly would like you to put your penis in her." she said as normally as she could make herself talk. "Do you think you could do that for her Tommy?"

Tom looked up at his Aunt Polly, who smiled a wide smile at him, and then he looked back at his sister. "Uh huh" he nodded dumbly. Then Aunt Polly was climbing right over her to where her brother was, pushing him back on the bed and climbing on top of him.

Right behind her was Uncle Bob.

Bob was hurting and needed relief. He climbed directly between his young niece's thighs and, as he slotted the head of his dick in her cum-soaked pussy mouth he spoke to her softly. "Sue Ellen, honey, I have to apologize for what I'm going to do, because you deserve much better, but honey I'm so hot I'm in pain and I need to ease that pain, so this first time might not be as much fun for you as it will be later. But I promise you I'll make it up to you just as soon as I take care of this problem."

Then he jammed his dick into Sue Ellen's pussy in one quick lunge. He bottomed out and his loins bounced off of hers. His dick was almost out of her before she registered that it had gone in. Then Bob commenced to fuck Sue Ellen with a vengeance. He pounded her, skewered her and just generally fucked her until her whole body jiggled. There was no finesse, no tenderness - he just pounded her and reamed her out with his adult dick. He felt the relief he needed coming on him and let it go, flooding her young pussy with his hot semen.

Sue Ellen, for her part, couldn't catch her breath at all during the pounding she got. She couldn't believe sex could be so violent. And, she couldn't believe that, as violent as her Uncle was fucking her, she was in no discomfort at all! In fact, she was thrilled that she was driving her Uncle so sex crazy that he was rutting into her insanely. It was so completely different from the careful way her brother had penetrated her that it was like having sex for the first time again. She could tell immediately when Uncle Bob was about to shoot inside her because he grunted and groaned and made all kinds of noises and his hips pounded down onto hers even harder if that was possible. But the warm rush of wetness up inside her was familiar, even if it seemed there was less than Tom gave her. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, it was over and her Uncle was lying beside her, limp and gasping. She had time to look at her brother for the first time and saw that he was being thoroughly fucked by Aunt Polly, who was riding him like a cowgirl. She didn't know what Aunt Polly was doing, but it had to be something important because Tom too was howling and grunting and making all kinds of noises.

Right then Polly said, "Good boy Tommy, give Aunt Polly all your hot stuff. That's right, shoot it right up inside me ... Ahhhhhhhhhh," she joined Tom in his sighs.

Tom and Sue Ellen slept together that night and Tom managed to ejaculate three more loads of his sperm into his sister. While neither of them would know for a while, it was that first night that she got pregnant. In the following weeks Tom used his monster dick to knock up his Aunt as well.

Both women had only to raise a hand to find an eager man at her side, waiting to do her bidding, which almost always involved long luxurious peter proddings followed by a sperm bath for their pussies. When both women found out they were with child they celebrated with an all night orgy and Polly and Bob taught the kids the ins and outs of oral sex.

By the time Tom had mastered saddle making, he had fathered two girls on Sue Ellen. His Aunt Polly was a veritable baby making machine. After giving birth to his daughter, Polly got him to fuck twins in her, both boys.

By the time Tom and Bob had renovated unused rooms in the compound for their growing family, Tom and Sue Ellen had four children. Polly had stopped after the twins, saying she had her hands full for the foreseeable future.

Now all the kids were nearing puberty. Tom, Sue Ellen, Polly and Bob often sat on the porch in the evening breeze, talking until the kids fell asleep and they could enjoy each other's sexual favors. All agreed that some interesting years would be ahead with all the girls and boys and their cousins reaching puberty about the same time.

The house would probably be full of secrets then!

The End

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