Little Sister's Sculpture Project

by Lubrican

Lori scraped one last sliver of clay away from her art project. It was finished. She looked at it critically. It was a recreation of the statue "The Thinker" that she had done from photographs of the famous piece. It had taken her six months. But it looked good. She was sure anyone would recognize it. The muscles in the naked man's body had been much harder to form than she had thought they would be. But now it was done. She'd turn it in tomorrow. Ms Haskins would fire it in the big kiln in the school and she'd get an `A` for sure. She was really quite proud of her work. She set the statue carefully on the shelf behind the door, where no one would see it and be tempted to bother it. Then she went over to her vanity and sat down to begin the hundred strokes she gave her long blond hair every single night.

She looked at herself in the mirror just as critically as she had examined her art work. She saw a nice looking girl of sixteen, with a modest bosom under the oversized T shirt she usually wore to bed each night. She frowned at her nose. She'd always thought it was slightly bent. She leaned forward and peered more closely at it.

It was then that her brother Rod came barging into her room. He slammed open the door, yelling "Hey squirt! Have you seen my Algebra book?"

The door swung back against the wall forcefully. It hit the shelf. "The Thinker" teetered ... and fell. Both occupants in the room turned at the sound of it hitting the floor and shattering into a thousand pieces.

"Oh ... sorry," Rod said and started to ask his question again. Then he stopped. The look on his little sister's face was that of cold blooded murder, about to happen. Her mouth was open and she was taking in a breath that he thought would be used to scream loud enough to wake the dead. He looked back at the brown pieces of clay scattered across the carpet. "What was that?" he said.

It has to be said here that Rod was a man's man. He was tall, thick in the neck, broad shouldered, and powerful in all ways. Four years of football and wrestling had done that for him. He was afraid of no man in a face to face confrontation. He'd been in two fights during his High School years, and had won both within seconds. He was a tough guy.

But right now he was backing away from his 5' 6" sister. Her face was beet red, her hands were in fists and she was STALKING toward him like she was going to eat him for a snack. "That!" she growled "was my art project! I spent six months on it, it's due tomorrow, and you just ruined it by barging in here, you ... you ... you ... prick!"

Rod put his hands up between them, palms facing his sister. "Calm down Lori. I said I was sorry. Hey, no problem, I'll just give you one of my old ones. You can turn that in. Itís cool."

Lori thought for about a tenth of a second about that. Her brother's art projects were usually made of Popsicle sticks or something like that. "I can't use one of your stupid projects, you prick! It has to be something from human anatomy and that's something you wouldn't even know how to spell! You're a prick! A big, stupid, male penis with no brain!"

She started to cry.

Being called names by his sister didn't really bother Rod. Her crying because of him did. He tried to take her in his arms and hug her, but Lori was having none of it. She pushed him away, batting at his arms and hands. Then she suddenly stopped. She stared straight at his chest, her mouth open. "That's it! she squealed. "You are a prick. I mean you have one."

She looked upward, into his eyes. "Take your pants off," she ordered.

Rod was confused. Most guys would have been, had their sister been ranting at them one minute and telling them to take their pants off the next.

"What?" he asked.

"I said take your pants off ... you prick!" Then she giggled.

Rod just stood there. "Lori, what's wrong?" He was trying to understand. But his sister was acting crazy.

"Look. You ruined my project, right?" she said in a tone most people would use on a five year old.

"Uh huh" he nodded.

"And I have to have a project to turn in tomorrow, right?" she smiled, nodding.

"Uh huh" he nodded again.

"And the project I'm going to turn in is going to be a sculpture of your prick. I mean penis," she blushed. She hadn't quite thought this out when she'd first thought about it. When she'd yelled "prick" at him all those times, she had a sudden mental picture of an erection. Who better to model for her than the idiot who had ruined her project in the first place.

She explained it to him.

"But Lori, I'm your brother," he said in response.

"So?" she said, hands on hips.

"So, if I take my pants off you'll see my prick," he said in his most reasonable voice.

"Of course I'll see your prick!" she yelled. That's the whole point, you idiot."

"But ..." he stepped back as she took a threatening step forward. "OK, OK, don't get your panties in a wad." he had his hands up again. Then they dropped to his gym shorts and he slid them down to his knees. He let them drop and stepped out of them. He shuffled his feet, embarrassed to be standing completely naked in front of his little sister. It was a good thing mom and dad were off visiting Uncle Bob and Aunt Vicky. They'd never understand this.

Lori was staring at her brother. She'd seen him naked before, of course. But not like this. Now she was actually looking at him, examining him critically, with the eye of an artist. She suddenly realized he was a good looking guy! Her eye followed the curve of his muscles as they rippled across his chest, along his arms. Her eyes dropped to his groin.

Wow. His penis hung down a good six inches. It had a pointy tip and she was glad he was circumcised, since she thought it would be hard to sculpt that with a hood on it. It didn't look very impressive though. Not like the one in her imagination had looked, anyway. Looking at it, trying to imagine making something like that in clay, she began to have second thoughts. It would be too hard.

Hmmmm ... hard. "That's it!" she yipped. She startled Rod, who had been trying to figure out just what she was doing, staring at him all over like that, and then at his cock for so long. He watched as she went to the shelf and got down a plastic bag that had a lump of brown clay sealed inside. She reached in, pulled it out and threw it down on her work table. She sat down, began kneading the clay and looked up at her brother.

"OK, come over here," she ordered. He did and stood about three feet from her. "OK" she said again.

And then, like it was the most normal thing in the world to say, she said, "Now ... make it hard."

Again Rod couldn't comprehend what she was saying. It wasn't that he was stupid, he just wasn't on her plane of thinking right then. "What are you talking about?" he said.

"I can't sculpt ... that." She pointed at his limp penis with one long fingernail. "It needs to be hard ... erect. Then I can make one that looks like it." It sounded so reasonable when she explained it.

"I can't just make it hard" he said. Right then he was afraid it might never get hard again. "It doesn't work that way."

Lori threw him a scathing glance. "OK, if you felt like beating off, and you wanted to get it hard so you could do that, what would you do?"

Rod got really red in the face. "Come on, Lori. Sisters just don't talk to their brothers about this kind of stuff."

"Of course they do" she said in a frustrated voice. "We're talking about it."

"Yeah, but ..." Rod didn't know what to say. Lori took matters into her own hands. She had an idea. She hoped it would work, because if it didn't, she'd feel bad about things for a long long time. She stood up and whipped off her nightshirt. Now she stood, clad only in pale blue bikini panties, facing her brother. She tried to stick her chest out, but felt so foolish doing so that she immediately straightened her posture. She glanced down at his cock and smiled. It was working. She heaved a sigh of relief. If he hadn't responded to her nudity, she'd have felt ugly for a long, long time.

Rod was thunderstruck. He had tried to sneak peeks at Lori for years now, she being the most available nearly naked girl in his life. And now, here she was, only a few feet away. His eyes hungrily roamed over her soft round breasts, with their strawberry nipples. He licked his lips. Then, unconsciously, he reached for his cock and stroked it. It hardened even more.

"Oh goody" smiled Lori. "Now we can get to work."

Rod scowled. He'd been had. But, she was almost naked, after all, so things weren't all bad.

"OK, but you have to stay the way you are," he said.

His sister looked at him and arched an eyebrow. Then she began molding the clay, making it longer, like a big hot dog. She squeezed and pushed and molded and pretty soon it actually began to start looking a little like a penis. Rod stared at it. Now it looked like his sister was playing around with a penis. That made him even harder. She kept glancing at his cock and then back at the one in her hands. But she was all bent over and he couldn't see her boobs any more. Then she made him take his hand away from his cock, so she could see it better. Pretty soon he started getting bored and his cock began to flag right along with his attention span.

Lori noticed. "Rod!" she said "It's wilting. Do something."

He looked at her. "I can't. You made me quit playing with it. It doesn't stay hard forever, you know."

She looked startled. "No. I don't know. In fact, I never even saw one of those before tonight. Not a real one anyway. OK, what do we need to do?"

Rod's brain finally kicked in, zeroing in on her use of the word "we". He decided to try his luck. "Well, it stays hard a lot longer if a girl touches it or maybe puts it ... you know ... in her mouth or something."

Two things happened to Lori in that instant. The first was that she was outraged at the idea that her brother was suggesting that she touch him or even worse! But the second was a flood of very peculiar and nice feelings that stirred in her loins and zipped up to her bare nipples. She started to yell at her brother, but stopped. She had to get this project ready. It was the majority of her grade and she needed that `A`. She looked at her brother and saw the puppy dog hope in his eyes. It almost made her laugh. He was such a goofball. "Come here" she said.

Rod walked over to his sister, his half-hard cock leading the way. He stood, his cock at her eye level, with his hands on his hips. Lori peered at his penis. It looked different close up. She could see a lot more bumps and ridges and veins on it. She didn't think they'd be too hard to duplicate. She reached out to move it around, so she could see how it attached to the balls. To her surprise it got harder almost instantly. Now she could see that the tip was actually sort of arrowhead shaped. It flared backwards and then the diameter shrank quite a bit. It looked like if you shoved it into a tight place, it might get stuck. She realized exactly what the "tight place" was that she was thinking about and flushed red. Her panties suddenly felt tight and confining.

And wet.

In an effort to lighten things up a little, Lori began talking to her brother's cock. "Well, now, aren't you a handsome fellow" she said, again moving it this way and that, so she could see all the details. Now it was so hard that it stood out from his bush at a 45 degree angle all by itself. She held her model up beside it and began to make the clay look like the flesh. When she saw his penis begin to fall from it's 45 degree angle, she reached out, wrapped her hand around it, squeezed and then slid her hand up and then back down the hard length. She'd heard girls talk about doing that. Rod hissed. His cock resumed it's position of attention.

"Good boy," she said to her model.

She had to play with it two more times before she was ready to take a break. She had been talking to it nonstop for a while, commenting on how strong and handsome "he" looked, and about how proud she was of "him" to stand at attention for so long for her. "He" had started leaking milky drops of stuff when she played with "him" and these had also made her panties get wetter and wetter.

When she lay her copy down on the table she made her decision. It had performed well for her, and it deserved a reward. She leaned over and kissed the tip, rubbing her loose lips all over the slippery wet head. Rod groaned and swayed backwards, his arms lifting to compensate.

Lori pulled her lips away and looked up at her panting brother. "If it ... if it ... went off? ... would you be able to make it hard again? So I could finish?"

Rod heard her words and almost came at the thought that she might let him get some relief. She'd been killing him for fifteen minutes now.

"Yes!" he barked and his hand shot to his cock to jerk it off. He was stunned when Lori batted his hand away from his aching cock and took it in her own. She stroked it gently, several times, and then leaned in to tease the tip with her lips and teeth again. She gave the tip a big wet kiss and looked up at her brother again.

"I don't know what that stuff is, but it tastes yummy."

Then she opened her mouth and took the whole head in. She had time to roll her tongue all around the smooth soft/hard glans and then suck experimentally, when her mouth was filled with a slightly salty stronger version of what she'd been tasting before.

Rod groaned again, louder this time and said "Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit!"

His hips jerked, thrusting his spurting boner deeper into her mouth and she unconsciously jacked him a couple of times while her sucking mouth stayed clamped on. She swallowed reflexively and decided that this was no chore at all. She could get used to doing this! She was going to have to put her hand in her panties pretty soon, though. She itched bad down there.

To heck with it. She slipped her hand inside her panties, slipped a finger into her pussy and began to rub her clit furiously. Before he had finished depositing his gift in her mouth, she was thrilling into a nice quiet orgasm. She decided that having something in her mouth like this made it even easier to get off.

Finally Lori pulled off of his shrinking cock, smacked her lips, jerked her hand out of her panties, and sat back. Rod staggered backwards until he came to a wall and then slid down it slowly, gasping for air.

"Wow Lori" he gazed at her adoringly. "That was way cool."

She just smiled at him. "Why thank you big brother. I had a pretty good time too."

They got a snack, walking around mostly naked, and then went back to her room so she could finish her project. Rod automatically started playing with his dick. It got thicker and longer, but not hard like before. Lori tried, and things improved a little, but still no really rampant boner. Rod looked at her helplessly. "It still feels pretty satisfied, I guess," he said.

So Lori got more clay and made two lumps that she fashioned into balls. They were difficult too, because she had to make the smooth clay look wrinkled. When she was satisfied with them, he still wasn't completely hard again though.

Then Lori had yet another idea. She stood up, bent over, and peeled her sticky panties down her legs, stepping out of them daintily. She sat back down facing her brother, and slowly let her knees swing apart to the sides. She was feeling horny again, so she slid one finger down over her sparse blond curls and used it to split her pussy lips, which were all stuck together. Her pussy gaped open, looking right at her brother's wide eyes.

His prick bobbed up and down as it jumped to it's maximum hardness. Lori just smiled.

"I won't need all that long now," she said. "I'm almost done. I just need to finalize the details."

Now she compared her model to the real thing and made tiny adjustments, scraping here, pushing there, using tools now and not just her hands. She used a paper clip to make the slit and the hole in the tip. Rod winced as she did that, but she didn't notice.

Being this close to his cock again was making her even more horny. She could feel her juices running down the cheeks of her butt. Finally she was satisfied with the penis. Then she picked up the testicles she had finished a while before, and attached the two pieces. She held them up next to the real thing and was ecstatic. It was amazing how real the model looked. It didn't have hair, but you couldn't have everything. Now she really looked at her model closely. Could she actually turn this in? Ms Haskins would either give her an `A` or demand she be suspended, one or the other.

"OK. All done. You can go to your room and take care of our friend there."

Rod's face fell. "You mean youíre not going to ....?" He actually pouted!

Lori laughed. "Don't get greedy you big .... prick!" she burst into gales of laughter.

Rod frowned, but couldn't keep it up. He laughed too. "Really, Lori. Thanks. I mean I never thought ... well, you know. Thanks." He backed away.

He wasn't out of the door ten seconds before Lori had two fingers pounding away in her pussy, her face inches from the facsimile of her brother's erection. She came hard and long, this time.

The next day Lori took her project into school in a shoe box. She had brought the pieces of the broken sculpture in a sack, in case Ms Haskins wanted to see them. She went up to Ms. Haskins nervously. "Ms. Haskins?"

Rachel Haskins, the 25 year old first year Art teacher turned her brunette head toward one of her favorite students. She was proud of Lori for working so hard in the class this year. Lori had made all the "unpleasantness" of teaching worth while.

"Yes Lori?" she said.

Lori was pink faced. "Um .. I know I said I was going to sculpt `The Thinker`, but my brother knocked it off the shelf last night and broke it."

Rachel's joy dimmed. Was this just another student trying to pawn off something quick and dirty to get a grade? What a lame excuse.

Lori held out the sack, opened it and poured out the broken man. Rachel could see that it really had been a representation of the famous statue. She couldn't let Lori get over on the system, however. "Lori, it's too bad about your project, but rules are rules. I'm afraid I won't be able to give you full credit for this." She looked at the pile of broken clay.

"Oh!" yelped Lori. "I HAVE a project. I mean I did something else. After it got broken I mean. But ... it's sort of ... private." She clutched the box to her chest.

Rachel felt better. Lori had lived up to her impression. "Well, that's OK, I guess. What is it?"

Lori fearfully extended the box in both hands. "Please don't be mad Ms. Haskins. It was the only thing I could think of doing that I could get done in one night."

Rachel was intrigued. She carefully lifted one end of the box top, irrationally worried that something might jump out at her. She got a glimpse of the object inside. Her jaw dropped. She lifted the lid completely and examined Lori's project. She felt her pussy dampen and her nipples tingled. It was exquisite. It was a life-size sculpture of an erect penis. It had been done with loving care. Rachel frowned. It was almost too good. She began to have doubts again. Could Lori be trying to pawn off a professionally produced piece as her own work? Rachel reached in and turned the penis over. Now she saw the flaws in the work. The ball sack wasn't as good as the penis itself. It had been done more hurriedly, with less detail. Much less time had been spent on it, though it, too looked quite lifelike. "There's a lot of sperm in that ball sack" thought Rachel Haskins to herself. Again her pussy spritzed. She went back to the penis. She tried to control her animal desires. She re-evaluated. It was too big to be life-size. It had to be nine inches long from the amazingly detailed tip to the base. But that was about the only thing she could see that made it anything less than a true work of art.

"It's beautiful" she admitted to Lori, who grinned ecstatically. "It's a little out of scale, though."

"I don't understand," said Lori, her face falling.

"It's a little too big to be life-sized. That's what you were trying for, right?"

"But ..." Lori said innocently "It's exactly the same as my model. I held them side by side!" She realized what she had just said and her face flamed. She ducked her head. She was so embarrassed.

Rachel caught herself with her mouth hanging open. This sweet innocent girl had actually seen a real monster penis like this one? In the flesh? Now Rachel thought about leaving the room. She needed to calm down. She needed ... well, she needed something like she was holding in her hand! She smiled as she thought how very happy she was going to make her boyfriend when she got home tonight.

"Well then" she said, trying to keep her voice level. "In that case, I'd say it's about perfect." Lori lit up again. "Now" Rachel went on. "Since this is classic work, we need to preserve it. I think you should use a plain white or black bisque on it. That way, when it's fired, it will soften the details just a little, and make the whole thing smooth and nice to the touch." She pinked up a little as she realized she had suggested this piece should be handled, rather than just displayed. "And it's going to have to dry for a while. I can't put this in the kiln yet or it would ruin it, and this is too good to ruin. "I hope you understand, though, that we won't be able to display this with the rest of the projects. I'd actually like to - it's that good - but poor old Mr. Peterson would have a heart attack." She smiled again.

They both giggled at that.

Two days later Ms Haskins gave her back the box, along with a bottle of black bisque glaze.

"I pushed it a little, but the first firing went well. Paint this tonight and I'll fire it again tomorrow.

That night she carefully painted the sculpture and then took it back to Ms Haskins. Rachel examined it carefully and said "Perfect. Come see me after school today. It should be done by then."

Lori was back in the Art classroom right after school. Ms Haskins was at her desk and smiled when she saw Rachel. "It came out beautifully," she said. She opened a drawer and pulled out Lori's project. It was beautiful. It was shiny black and now it looked ... ferocious. It was the epitome of maleness. It made Lori's knees weak and her pussy got wet immediately. She reached out and caressed the smooth hard head, then jerked her hand back, embarrassed that she had lost control.

Ms Haskins smiled a wry smile. "Don't feel bad. I did the same thing." She blushed a little. "In fact, I'll tell you a secret about this if you'll tell me who your model was."

"Oh, I couldn't" blushed Lori. "I'd be too embarrassed."

"I understand" said Rachel a little sadly. "Well, I'll tell you my secret anyway. It took every ounce of self control I had to keep myself from trying this beauty out when I took it out of the Kiln. You did a fabulous job on this Lori. If you ever decide you don't want to keep it, please remember me. I'd love to own this."

Lori was astonished. Her prim young teacher had just admitted that she wanted to "use" her project, and Lori knew exactly what Ms Haskins meant when she said that word! Lori took the project and stuffed it in her purse.

She stood there for a second, looked at her teacher, whispered "It was my brother" and then fled.

But she thought about what Ms Haskins had said all the way home.

And when she got there she went straight to her room. She was panting just thinking about what she was going to do. She tore her clothing off. Her panties stuck to her wet pussy again as she pulled them down. Then she flung herself on the bed, spread her legs and, without shame or a second thought, plugged her art project firmly up into her pussy.

It was delicious. It was delightful. It felt so hard and smooth and it went in soooo deep. She flipped it upside down and the balls pressed against her clitty. She was right in the middle of a nice hard loud cum when her brother burst into the room.

"What's wrong Lori?" he asked, sounding worried. He'd come into the house from school and heard her moaning and groaning and then heard her yelling like she was being killed. He stood frozen as he realized she was fucking her pussy with something long and black and hard. He stared. He realized what it looked like.

"You got a dildo?!" he yelled.

Lori rolled her head to look at her brother. She didn't care that he'd caught her. She felt too good. "Noooo you ... you ... prick!" she burst out laughing and then sobbed in joy. "It's not a dildo ... it's ... you!" She flopped back on the bed limp, gasping. She was too weak to even pull her project out of her satisfied pussy.

Rod walked over to the bed and looked at the thing still stuck into his sister's pussy. Now he recognized it. It was shiny and black now, while the last time he'd seen it, it had been brown, with a flat finish. She'd done something to it that made it smooth and shiny.

And now she was fucking herself with it.

His dick sprang to attention. Lori rolled her head wearily toward her brother and saw where he was looking. She reached down and pulled her project out of her pussy. It made a squelching wet sound as it came out. She glanced at her brother's pants and saw the bulge there.

She reached out and touched it.

"Show me" she said softly.

In a flash Rod stripped. His hard organ bobbed as he took his socks off, hopping from one foot to the other. He walked back to the edge of the bed, his boner waving at his sister.

"Do you think maybe you could ... kiss it again? Like before?" he begged his sister.

She held up the project, holding it next to her brother's live, warm cock.

"I don't think so," she said.

His face fell and she restrained a laugh at how sad he looked.

"I tried this" she held up the sculpture. "Now I want to try the real thing."

She pulled on his cock and spread her legs.

Rod wasn't quite sure how it happened, but he found himself kneeling between his naked little sister's thighs. His cock was sheathed in her hot slick pussy and that pussy was thrusting up at him. He couldn't quite believe it at first, but her pussy nibbled at him, and sucked at him and milked him until, with a grunt and a sigh he let his balls go and blasted her full of his thick potent sticky cum. He had fleeting thoughts of pregnancy, and how she was going to be mad when he found out he'd spurted in her, but he couldn't stop that copious seed from flowing into her womb.

He found out he was wrong later, when she demanded that he squirt in her again.

And again later. He almost didn't have the energy to get up and go to school, but she made him.

He hurried home after school, though. Youth springs eternal, as they say. He went straight to her room and opened the door. She was lying on the bed, stark naked, reading a magazine.

She lowered the mag and said "I've been waiting for you." Man she sounded sexy.

"Oh, I hurried as fast as I could" he said. "I'm surprised you aren't playing with your ... project."

She spread her legs, holding her arms out to him. "Oh that? I gave it away. Now come here. I need you."

Basically they fucked like rabbits until their parents got back home. After that it was more difficult, but they found ways to be together. It wasn't unusual for one of them to sneak into the other's room in the middle of the night.

On the day before graduation, Lori and Rod sat at the dinner table with their parents, eating dinner. Lori was trying to figure out a way to announce that she was pregnant when her brother made his own announcement.

"Guess what? I got a summer job!"

Everyone looked interested. "Yeah, Ms Haskins, the Art Teacher? She hired me to be her intern for the summer school sculpture class." He looked proud of himself. "She said she might let me do some modeling."

Lori spit her mouthful of noodles all the way across the table.

The End

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