Mandy's First Hair

by Lubrican

Mandy was excited. She jumped and skipped down the stairs, yelling "Daddy! Daddy! Oh look Daddy!"

Her father Jim was watching TV and looked up to see his naked almost twelve year old daughter rush into the room, a hand mirror in her hand. Jim and Mandy lived alone ever since his wife had run off with the slob who had sold her a car. Apparently he'd sold her something else as well. That's what you get for marrying a stripper.

Anyway, since then it had been him and his daughter. He'd always been a nudist around the house, and so his daughter had grown up that way too. Neither of them had thought much about it.

Once in a while he'd get a hardon.

And she'd noticed them and asked about them. He'd explained that it was just something that happened to men, and for her not to worry about it. She hadn't, so he hadn't either.

Now she ran up to him and jumped up on the couch, planting one foot on either side of his hips. She excitedly pointed at her bare mons, which was split by a slim pair of little girl pussy lips. "LOOK!" she squealed.

Jim was looking. He couldn't help but look. He noted with interest that her pussy was beginning to look like a real pussy and he realized she was approaching the age when her body would begin to change a lot. That would be interesting, he thought.

"Isn't it COOL?" his daughter shouted.

Jim suddenly realized that this was a very odd situation. His prepubescent daughter had shoved her pussy in his face and was saying that it was "cool." He must be missing something. "It's a very pretty vagina, honey."

"Noooooo!" she wailed. "That's not what I mean. Look at the HAIR!"

Now he examined his daughter's little cunny more closely. Then he saw it. A barely visible, almost clear colored hair, sprouting from the skin above where her clitty was hiding. He changed the angle of his vision and said "There's three or four of them baby!"

She squealed again and put the mirror down, trying to see her new hairs. "That means I'm a woman now, right Daddy?"

"Well, not quite yet" he said and saw her face fall. "You're getting closer sweetie. Just be patient."

She sighed. "I thought when I started my periods that I was a woman, but you said no. Now I'm growing hair down there and you STILL say no. When will I be a woman, Daddy?"

Jim jerked his head. He'd been staring at her pussy and his cock had gotten hard. But she was too young. "I tell you what, honey. I think when you have five hundred hairs down there, and they're all at least an inch long, then you'll be a woman."

She sighed again. "But how will I know? I can't even see all of my new hairs, and I sure can't count them."

"I'll help you. Every so often we'll do an inspection and I'll count them. How's that?"

Mandy grinned and plopped down, setting her pussy right on his rigid cock. She didn't even notice as she hugged him and kissed him. "OK, Daddy. Deal." Then she scampered off to bed.

At first she wanted to be inspected every night, but Jim told her it would have to be on birthdays.

And so started a very odd family tradition. Every year, on his daughter's birthday, Jim examined her pussy and counted her pussy hairs. He also measured them.

It required a lot of touching.

For her 12th birthday Jim came up with a bonus. He bought some scented edible massage oil and printed out a fake label for it on his computer that said it was especially for the promotion and growth of pubic hair. "COUNT HAIRS" had been written on the calendar ever since she'd discovered her first hair, and she reminded him about it when she went to school that morning. He wished her a happy birthday and sent her off.

That night he was all ready. He had her strip down and he laid her out on her bed, with her knees hanging over the end of the mattress. He showed her the bottle of hair growth stimulator, which said "Apply three or four times a year" and said he was going to rub some on her this very night. She squealed with joy.

And so, Jim found himself rubbing his oiled fingers all over her sweet pussy, dipping the tip of a finger into her cunny while she wiggled and sighed and said now nice it felt. Then he peered and counted and measured, proclaiming her to have twenty-five hairs that were an inch long. In actuality, he had no idea how many there were. He just liked petting her pussy.

She reminded him every three months to put more of the hair growth stuff on her. He was happy to comply.

On her thirteenth birthday she actually had a nice mat of short blond hair all over her mons. None of the hairs were an inch long, though. He lied and said he'd counted seventy-five. He noticed this time that as he rubbed the oil into her pussy, her pussy got wet and she sighed even louder.

On her fourteenth birthday she had her first orgasm while he was applying the hair growth stimulator. He jerked off with one hand while he stroked her pussy with the other. He counted over a hundred "woman hairs" this time while she lay there, recovering from her cum. After that she was extra vigilant about getting him to put the oil on each time it was supposed to be used. Based on what he heard coming from her room, she was rubbing that oil in all by herself occasionally, except that she didn't have the special oil.

On her fifteenth birthday he stared at Mandy, spread out on the bed in front of him. Her breasts had bloomed and swelled and were the size of grapefruits. They looked soft and white and her nipples looked delicious. Her pussy hair was now glossy and smooth and it covered her whole mons, even dipping down to hide her clitty. "You've grown a lot of hair Mandy, and it's starting to look pretty long. I bet I count a lot tonight," he said.

She trembled and said "Hurry up and put the oil on Daddy."

He worked her pussy hard that night, sliding his finger into her pussy clear up to the second knuckle while he stroked his hard cock with his other hand. He rubbed her clitty until it popped out of it's hood.

Then he slid his hands over her boobs.

"Daddy!" she barked "I don't want any hair on my boobies!"

"Oh, sorry baby" he said, leaning up over her. His mouth descended on one breast. "I'll just lick it all off" he said.

He began licking her breasts, sliding his tongue all over them, especially the nipples. Then he sucked in on the nipples and lightly chewed them.

"Ooooooooo Daddy, that feels so nice" she sighed. He felt his hard cock rubbing on something warm and smooth and looked down. It was digging into her pussy! A big glob of cream oozed out and he reached down with one hand to grab his dick and squeeze it.

The glob got bigger and dripped onto her pussy lips. He smeared it all around with the tip of his cock and let it slide between her now puffy labia.

To Mandy it felt just like one of his fingers rubbing her.

After that, every three months, she came to him naked, wanting her "treatment" and every time now he seemed to accidentally get some oil on her breasts.

If he didn't, she somehow did ... by accident, of course.

Of course they both knew exactly what was going on. She had learned all about sex, but wasn't tempted to do it with the boys in her school because she could get the satisfaction she needed at home.

He knew she didn't really believe in the special oil, but it felt good and smelled good and tasted good, so what the heck?

On her sixteenth birthday, Mandy had three orgasms before she lifted her head from the bed and said "Daddy! Your finger went inside me!"

Of course it had. It had been going inside her - all the way inside her - for almost 8 months now.

"Oh" he said, not quite understanding what she meant.

"I don't want any hair growing up inside me" she said with a perfectly straight face. "I think you need to get the oil out of there ... you know ... like when I accidentally get it on my nipples." She rubbed and rolled her nipples as she spoke.

Now he understood.

He dove in and feasted on her sweet teen pussy. He licked his tongue as far inside her as he could get it and she squirmed happily. He licked her clitty until she had another orgasm. Finally she was limp and happy.

He stood up, his boner pointing at the ceiling. He started to turn and leave and she said "Daddy, wait."

He stopped and she said "I want to see something."

She stood up and looked at his head, running her fingers through his hair. "You seem to have a slightly receding hairline. Hmmmm."

Then she knelt in front of him, examining his erect penis and balls. "And it looks like you're losing some hair here too! I think you need some of the special oil."

She stood up, turned him around, and pushed him backward onto the bed. IN a flash she was straddling his knees with the bottle of oil in her hands. She rubbed her oily hands together, glanced in her father's eyes, and began to gently massage his balls and the base of his cock. His penis waved in her face as she "treated" him.

Then one hand slid up his stiff prick, the hand closing over the head, and just as slowly slid back down.

"Oops!" she said softly "I got some where we don't want any hair to grow."

He watched, not breathing, as her mouth descended and covered his cock. She sucked and licked and ran her lips up and down, muttering about how hard it was to get all that oil off. She kept doing it until his cock bulged and began feeding her thick white streams of cock juice. She gulped it all down and sucked hard as she pulled her mouth off. Then she squeezed his cock one last time and a single white droplet of sperm oozed out of the hole.

"Gosh Daddy!" she said innocently. "What's that?"

He looked at here with hot eyes. "That's the antidote for the hair oil. If you rub that onto an area where you don't want hair, it will protect that area.

"Oh!" she chirped. "I'll have to remember that. I got some in my mouth, but that's OK, since I certainly don't want any hair in my mouth."

Mandy couldn't wait for her seventeenth birthday.

So she didn't.

Neither of them were really counting hairs any more anyway. The very next night, when Jim slid his thick finger into Mandy's pussy, she spread her legs very wide and held out her arms to her Daddy. "Ohh Daddy" she pouted. "You got hair oil inside my pussy again."

Of course Jim went down on her, lapping and licking and sucking her sweet pussy lips and clit. After an orgasm she panted "I don't think your tongue is getting far enough inside me Daddy. I think there's some oil way up there inside me. I think we need to use the special antidote Daddy ... just in case." She grasped his hard prick and pulled on it, pulling it toward her wide open pussy.

Jim knew he shouldn't. He knew it was wrong.

But he did it anyway. He crawled up over his baby girl, slotted his prick head between her slick puffy pussy lips, and slid right inside her like they'd been fucking for years.

Mandy went crazy. Her hips bounded up off the bed and her pussy started fluttering, clenching and relaxing. She had a milk maid's pussy and it milked her Daddy right off. He knew he shouldn't put his hot thick sperm up in her defenseless pussy. He knew he might knock her up with twins.

But he did it anyway. With a roar of triumph he stuck his bony old peter way up inside her and let it spurt. It spurted long. It spurted hard. It spurted eight or nine times! He packed her pussy. He painted her teen womb.

Then he rested a while and did it again.

And after he'd seeded his daughter good and proper, he lazily ran his fingers through her sperm-soaked muff and said ...

"You've got at least 500 hairs there, baby, and they're all an inch long. You're a real woman now."

The End

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