Peeking at Sister's Tattoo

by Lubrican

Author's Comment: There is an author out there known as Victoria Parker. I don't know if she's real, or not, and her stories are hard to find. But when I do find one, it always gets me going. I tried to write this in the Victoria Parker style of writing ... cause it's just fun!


It was Friday night, and rather than being out with his friends, Joey was doing his homework. That wasn't all that unusual for Joey. He was a good student. But the real reason he had stayed home that night was that his sister was having some of her friends over for a sleepover. Joey loved his sister's sleepovers because he always got some peeks at the girls, who wore little at these events, and were careless about running around naked from time to time.

Rachel's friends were hot too. For that matter, Joey was an equal opportunity peeper. Rachel might be his sister, but she was pretty hot herself and he had had many good beat-off sessions after seeing her naked. He couldn't wait until they got back from wherever they had run off to, screaming at the top of their lungs about some special secret.

Half an hour later his mother stuck her head in his room. "Joey? We're leaving now. Are you sure you don't want to go with us?" His parents were going up to Dallas to spend the weekend with his Aunt Betty and her husband. "No thanks, Mom. I've got this project I need to get done for school and I think I can get it knocked out if no one bothers me this weekend."

He had a project, OK. Rhonda Thurston was coming over for the sleepover. She was the head cheerleader for the football team and he had never seen her naked before. Just in preparation for her visit he had drilled two new holes. One let him see into the bathroom from the attic and the other let him see Rachel's bed in her room next door to his.
Two hours later he was reading in bed when he heard them stampede into the house, screaming and giggling, making enough noise for twenty girls instead of the four he knew were there. His door banged open and he jumped as the object of his latest jerk-off fantasy bounded into the room.

"JOEY!!!" squealed Rhonda, her boobs swaying nicely as she gasped "You won't BELIEVE what your sister did!"

Joey didn't have time to respond before Rachel grabbed Rhonda's shirt and jerked her back into the hallway. "NO WAY are you going to tell him Rhonda" she yelled but she grinned as she leaned into his room, grabbed his doorknob and slammed the door shut on her way out.

Neither of them seemed to have noticed that he was lying there with only a pair of silk boxers on, his dick a big lump in the front.

Joey bounded out of bed and went to the new hole into Rachel's room. He knew they'd be changing into their nightgowns, and he might get to see some skin when they did.

He put his eye right up next to the wall.

There, right in front of him, was a pair of jeans-clad hips and as he watched, the jeans slid down over those hips, taking a pink pair of satin panties with them.

A bare butt was only two feet in front of his eyes!

Then the owner of that fine ass bent over to remove the jeans and panties and he got a perfect view of downy blond hair surrounding a pair of pouting pussy lips as the girl lifted one leg and then the other to remove the clothing.


It had to be Jesse Collins. His sister's hair was jet black and Rhonda's was reddish brown. The bare ass moved away from him and he heard Jesse's voice say "Does it hurt?"

Rachel's voice answered "Not really, but it itches!"

What was going on?

Then Jesse's body cleared the hole and Joey gasped. There, standing beside her bed, was Rachel and she was buck naked! She was facing him, leaning over, looking down and her hands were at her ... pussy.

It looked odd somehow.

There was something wrong with the patch of black hair there. Rachel's finger prodded at her pubic hair and he gasped again as he realized her finger was touching not hair, but a small tattoo where hair should have been. She was too far away to see what it was, but the idea of some guy staring right at his sister's pussy as he put that tattoo there made Joey's dick stiffen and leak.

Rhonda spoke "He said to put lotion on it. Maybe that will make it feel better. Oh Rachel that is SO HOT!" she squealed.

Jesse chimed in again "What did it feel like when he shaved that area? Did it make you wet?"

All three girls squealed again but then Rachel said "I was SO EMBARRASSED. He wanted to shave the WHOLE THING, but I couldn't take it. It was bad enough when he BREATHED on my pussy."

More squealing and giggling.

Unfortunately, about that time all three girls put on their nightgowns. Joey groaned as he tried to stand up and found that he was stiff from crouching down by the hole. His dick was rock hard too. He'd have to do something about that.

He had to beat off twice before he could get to sleep.

The next morning Joey woke up early and was wide awake. He knew since his parents were gone he'd have to fix his own breakfast. He decided to make pancakes and watch cartoons. Without thinking, he went to the kitchen dressed only in his jockey shorts. He was standing at the stove when he heard a noise and turned to find Jesse standing there, eyes wide, staring at him. She was still dressed in her nightgown, which was really just a XXL T shirt that came down to her thighs. He remembered seeing her put it on the night before and knew she hadn't put on panties. About the time he felt his dick lurch, he realized he was in only his undies. If his dick got hard she'd see it for sure. He decided to try to control himself and bluff it out.

"Hey Jesse" he said, and then turned around to flip the pancake.

"H-H-Hi Joey" Jesse stammered.

"You want a pancake?" He didn't turn around.

"Um ... sure ... I guess."

He thought he might pull it off by serving her the pancake that was in the pan and then going to his room to get dressed, but before he could do that he heard Rachel and Rhonda coming down the stairs.

They too were wearing T shirts and who knew what else. They greeted Jesse and then Rhonda squealed.

"Hey Rache, what's your brother doing in the kitchen half naked?"

"Oh he does that all the time. He's a real dweeb. He thinks he's Charles Atlas or something and that the girls will think he's buff." Rachel loved to put him down.

He heard Jesse whisper "He IS pretty buff!"

Then Rhonda added in a louder whisper "Yeah and he's got a cute butt too!" and then all three girls squealed and laughed.

Rachel yelled "Turn around, stud, and let us have a look at the good parts." And all the girls were shrieking again.

Joey tried to keep from blushing, but it didn't work and he knew the back of his neck and his ears were probably bright red. He bent over the frying pan, but the pancake was getting really dark. He was going to have to do something soon.

"Ha Ha Ha" he said, not turning. "What a comedian. You guys want some pancakes?" It was all he could think to do.

To his surprise all three said "YES, we're starving" and they bustled around the kitchen getting plates, milk and so on before sitting at the table.

They immediately put their heads together, whispering. When Joey heard the words "last night" he figured they were talking about Rachel's tattoo. He heard Rachel say that it hurt a little, and that it itched too.

He stole glances at them to see what they were doing. He idly noticed that Rhonda's boobs were straining against her shirt, and he could see her nipples.

Then he noticed that Rachel's breasts were clearly defined in her own T shirt. He thought again about the tattoo and suddenly realized his dick was fully erect.

He looked down in horror and saw it straining against the thin fabric of his jockey's.

By now he had cooked up six pancakes, but he couldn't turn around to serve them or the girls would see his hardon. Suddenly Rhonda was standing beside him. "Where are those pancakes?" she said.

Then she saw the front of his shorts.

She squealed and pushed him away from her. "Rachel! Look at your brother! Look at his shorts!" She grabbed his shoulders and turned him. He tried to resist, losing the pancakes on the floor in the process and almost dropping the plate.

By the time he had that under control he was facing his sister and Jesse.

They were both staring at what his stiff dick was doing.

"Wow" said Jesse in a hushed voice. "It's bigger than I thought."

"Yeah" Rachel said in a sort of dreamy voice. Then she realized what she'd said and she yelled "YOU PERVERT!!! What are you doing standing around like that in front of my friends?"

"I wanna see it!" yelled Rhonda.

"No Way!!" squealed Jesse.

Joey put the plate down and covered his bulge with both his hands. He began edging toward the door.

"Drop your drawers!" yelled Rhonda gleefully. She began chanting that over and over. Jesse joined in nervously, at first, and then she was jumping up and down yelling even louder than Rhonda. Rachel stood there, stunned, as her two best friends demanded that her brother actually show them his stiff young prick.

What the heck?

Why not?

She moved to block his escape.

Joey looked at his sister, pleading with his eyes.

"No way, brother dearest" she said sternly. "You brought this on yourself. Now you have to pay the price." She began chanting right along with her friends.

Joey couldn't believe it. All three girls were yelling, telling him to show them his cock! He couldn't think because of the noise.

Finally he yelled at the top of his lungs "OKAY!!!"

There was almost instant silence as the girls held their breath to see what he would do. Joey looked around again but saw there would be no escape. He took a breath, thumbed his waistband, and then bent over, sliding his shorts clear to his ankles.

He stood up, his face red.

His peter stuck out at the girls, plain to see.

The reaction was something none of them expected. The girls froze, their mouths open as they gazed at the first engorged penis any of them had seen clearly.

It was about six inches long, and bent slightly to the left. The head was pointed and slim, giving way to the shaft which was much larger in diameter. The head was almost purple and dark, while the shaft was much lighter. Beneath his rod hung his balls, loose and drooping, though full of juice.

He looked undeniably ... male.

Whatever the girls had expected to feel, they were all taken by surprise. Rhonda and Jesse felt quivers between their legs and both immediately wished they were alone so they could masturbate.

Rachel, though, was affected even more.

First she felt the same tingle in her pussy, then warmth, as her juices began to flow.

Then she felt weird that she could feel that way about her brother's cock.

Then she found herself examining it more closely. She caught herself licking her lips! She couldn't believe she was hot for her own brother's cock!

"Wow" Jesse said again. That broke the spell.

"Can I touch it?" Rhonda said.

"RHONDA!!" both other girls squealed.

"Can I?" she was serious!

Joey had seen the lust in the eyes of all three girls, and, strangely, it had brought him almost complete self control. He felt like a snake that had mesmerized three birds. All thought of being made fun of was gone. He pulled the shorts back up over his cock.

"Maybe" he said firmly. All three girls looked at him, incredulous. "You've seen me. If you want to touch it, I get to see you." He looked at them like he hadn't said anything out of the ordinary at all.

"No way!" whispered Jesse.

Joey pulled the front of his shorts down until his light brown pubic hairs were showing. He heard hisses of indrawn breath from the direction of the girls. "It's only fair" he said as his finger swirled around in the hair.

Suddenly the three girls had their heads together, whispering, squealing and arguing. He heard, variously "I couldn't do that", "you can't be serious", "what could it hurt?" and "Do we get to touch it, or just look at it?" It went on, getting softer as they talked.

Finally Rachel turned around and said "OK, we'll do it." Then it took a minute for them to decide who would start. Finally they agreed to all take off the same thing at the same time, so no one would be naked first.

Joey couldn't believe it was happening. He watched, licking his lips as Rachel reached under her shirt and lowered a pair of blue panties. "Rhonda and Jesse aren't wearing any" she said by way of explanation.

They all looked at each other, grasped their T shirts by the shoulders, and began pulling them up. Joey's cock gave a lurch as three young pussies came into view.

One was carpeted with light brown hair, one with blond and the other, of course, black as night.

There, now close enough to be seen, was Rachel's tattoo in its small round shaved area. Now he could see that it was a small dragon, curled on itself, breathing fire toward her pussy lips.

Then his eyes followed as their breasts came into view.

Rhonda, with the brown pussy hair, had large round breasts that stuck out proudly from her frame. They were tipped with dark brown areolas and nipples.

Jesse, the blond, had smallish breasts with upturned nipples, all pink, almost invisible against her milky white skin.

His sister's breasts were cones. Her areolas were dark red and puffy, sticking out from her breast flesh like smaller breasts. He knew there were nipples on them, but they were impossible to see from where he was.

All three girls lifted their shirts clear and, as one, dropped them on the floor. Jesse was breathing hard, her cheeks flaming red, ready to bolt at the slightest provocation. Rachel's mouth was frozen in an "o" and she was panting a little too. Rhonda was leaning forward and one of her hands played with her pubic hair. She spoke. "Well? We did what you said. Now you again!"

Joey bent over as he slid his shorts down to his ankles. He stepped out with one foot and then slowly stood back up, facing the girls. His boner was rampant, sticking up at the ceiling at a 45 degree angle. It was angry red, and the veins stood out on it's surface starkly. The glans was shaped like an acorn, narrow at the tip, but swelling outward at the back. Right behind it his dick shrunk to half that size, but quickly widened back out as it approached his nest of pubes.

It looked dangerous.

Below all this hung his balls, their sack loose in the heat of the house, but obviously full of sperm.

They looked dangerous too.

"Oh wow" whispered Jesse.

Rhonda took a step forward. Then another, her eyes wide. "It's ... it's ... I've never seen anything like it." she said, her voice shaking.

Rachel didn't say anything. But her hand went to her pussy.

Rhonda got closer and closer. "Can I touch it now?" she said, as if she thought he might actually say "no".

"Yes" he said simply. Her hand came up and slid along the side of it, then grasped the body behind the head. She squeezed a little and a bead of clear liquid oozed out the hole in the tip.

Jesse had come closer too. "There is no WAY that thing would fit inside a girl." she said, staring at his prick.

Joey knew that if he pushed things, he might just get his dick wet.

He wanted to get his dick wet.

He pushed his dripping prick at Rhonda's face.  

She was frozen.

His dick touched her cheek, smearing the precum in a line. "Ohhhhhhh" she moaned. Her face twisted and then she was kissing and licking the tip of his cock.

"I always wanted to do this" she whispered.

Joey pushed her back. She fell on the floor, her legs splayed. He crawled in between.

"And I always wanted to do this" he husked as he poked his prick at her unprotected pussy.

"NO!" squealed Jesse.

"NO!" yelled Rachel.

"Yesssssssss" groaned Rhonda as he slid his teen prick into her teen queen pussy.

"HE'S FUCKIN' YOU RHONDA!" yelled both other girls.

"Ohhhhhhh" said Rhonda "He's fuckin' me sooo good."

Joey pushed his dick all the way in Rhonda and she thrust her hips up off the floor. He was buried all the way in her. He lay on top of her then, feeling her large round soft breasts pushing at his chest. He began to thrust in and out of her, lunging into her, porking her good.

"Feels good Rhonda" he panted.

"Sooo good" she panted back.

"Gonna cum" husked Joey. "Gonna cum in your pussy Rhonda."

"Nooooooo" squealed Jesse.

"Nooooooo" yelled his sister.

"Yesssssss" groaned Rhonda and his prick jumped and jerked as he shot long greasy ropes of sticky cum right up into her pussy. "I can feel it!" she yelled. "Cummin' in my pussy! You dirty boy, you're cummin' in my pussy."

"Yeaaaahhhhhhh" he groaned as his prick shot it's last. He rolled off of Rhonda, kissing her as he did. His teen dick was still hard.

"That was great Rhonda" he said. "Thanks".

She smiled prettily at him. "That was cool." she said.

"Can I fuck you again some time?" he asked.

"You bet" she said happily.

The two lovers looked at Jesse and Rachel. Both of them had their fingers in their pussies and were hot faced.

"You let him FUCK you!" said Rachel.

"You let him shoot in you!" squealed Jesse. "You shouldn't have done that."

"But it was SOOOO HOT!!" finished Rachel.

Joey had just cum, but he was so horny he was still hard. He looked at his sister with hot eyes. "C'mere sis" he said and he pulled her on top of him. Her naked titties scraped across his chest and he rolled until he was on top of her.

"JOEY!" she shrieked "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

"I'm so horny!" he yelled. "I'm gonna do it to you Rachel."

"No no!" said Rachel. "You can't! You're my BROTHER! You can't put it in me Joey"

"Oh yes I can" growled Joey as he put his knee between hers and then pried her legs apart. He ducked his head and sucked her hot turgid nipple.

"Awwwwww" Rachel moaned as an electric surge went from that nipple to her pussy. It felt so nice. He was crawling higher.

What was that touching her pussy lips?


She took in a breath to yell, to scream, to make him get off.

His cock nosed between her slippery lips. They were all gooey from watching him fuck Rhonda.

They didn't know it was her brother's cock.

They spread apart in welcome.

Her breath came out as "JOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY" as he lunged, skewering her defenseless pussy, ravaging it, plunging all the way in.

Her cherry was popped in an instant. He plunged deeper! His cock burrowed into her cervix.

It spat a glob of juice!

Joey was sperming his sister!

Rachel didn't know what to do. It hurt when he jammed it in her. She spread her legs wide, trying to make more room, to lessen the pressure. All that did was let him push deeper.

She was going to cry.

She was going to scream.

It was rape!

Then he pulled out and slashed back in.

"Ooof" Rachel grunted and her clitty was smashed.

"NO!" she grunted. He pulled out and pounded back in again.

"Don't" she huffed. Now he was rutting in her, pounding her poor pussy.

"Stop" she barked.

She realized there was no pain any more. Each time he punched into her, her clitty yipped for joy!

His big old cock felt GOOD! His nasty, knobby peter was making her CREAM!

Her cries blended together as he pounded her and she found herself yelling "DON'T STOP ... NO, DON'T STOP" She heard her mouth betraying her.

"You're fuck'in me Joey ... you're sticking your peter in me Joey."

He huffed back "Yeah Rachel and you feel GOOD sis!"

He poked her some more. "I'm gonna cum Rachel ... I'm gonna shoot sis ... in your pussy sis."

"Oh you can't" she wailed. "Not in my pussy Joey. Not like you did to Rhonda! You can't ... CUM IN MY PUSSY!!" she yelled as her pussy twitched and her orgasm blew her mind.

Her pussy knew there was a fat, healthy dick in it, ready to shoot and it squeezed and sucked and massaged that prick until it coughed and spat, splattering globs of thick potent sperm all over inside her.

Rachel felt it splashing. "Oh Nooooo!" she wailed.

She knew she was ruined.

She knew she'd have her brother's baby now.

She knew he was making her pregnant this very instant, shooting all that stuff in her. She felt her pussy jump up at his dick, trying to get it deeper and knew she was lost.

Her head swam as her orgasm blew all sense out of her head.

Then Joey kissed her mouth. He stuck his tongue in her mouth and kissed her like a lover.

And Rachel realized she loved her brother.

She loved his kisses.

She loved his cock.

She loved to feel it shooting off in her.

She WANTED to have his baby! Her hands slapped his ass, holding him in while he pumped her full of his dangerous sperm.

Joey gasped and collapsed on his sister. "Ohhhh Rachel" he whispered in her ear. "Ohhhhhh honey, I love you so much."

His peter gave one last little jump and he squeezed out one last blob of goo. "I'm sorry" he whispered. "I know I shouldn't have, but I had to. You were so sexy. You were so beautiful. You were so hot! I had to have you."

"I know" she whispered back. "And I'm glad you did." She kissed him back, scraping her nails across his back, and squeezing him one more time with her pussy muscles. He rolled off of her.

Jesse was speechless, her teen eyes wide.

There, side by side were Rhonda and Rachel, both lying there limp, both smiling big smiles.

Both had Joey's hot spooge leaking out of their pussies!

Her own pussy was dripping!

Her fingers were busy busy busy in her poor aching pussy. She looked at Joey fearfully. "You're not gonna do that to me Joey!" she yipped. "No sir, no way, not to me."

Joey smiled. "You're right Jesse, I'm all worn out. But you didn't get to cum yet Jesse. I'll help you do that."

He lunged for her. She squealed and darted away, but she was too slow. Joey caught her and pushed her down between her friends.

Then he dove between her legs. He stuck his face in her pussy. He licked her slick lips.

She tasted sweet.

She tasted fresh.

She tasted like virgin pussy.

He licked and sucked and then he bit her clitty.

Jesse whooped and hollered. She tried to push Joey's face out of her crotch, but his licking got to her. It felt so good. Nobody had ever licked her down there before. She couldn't believe how good it felt. Suddenly her hands were pulling his hair toward her instead of pushing it away.

"Oh Joey" she sighed. "You're a dirty boy. You're a bad, bad boy. You should be ashamed of yourself you bad dirty boy."

She was as surprised as Rachel had been when her hips arched up off the bed, shoving her pussy against his mouth.

"Joeeeeey" she whined. "What are you doing to meeee? What's happening to meeeeeee?"

Joey was amazed at Jesse. She was as hot as a firecracker! Her pretty blond pussy was gushing juice.

To his surprise he felt that his dick was hard again. He'd never been this horny before - ever.

He decided to give Jesse a nice hot fuck.

He decided to do it just like he had with Rachel - just stick it right in her.

He waited until she shuddered into a huge orgasm and then he pulled off, climbed up, and plugged in.

Jesse thought she was going to pass out. Nothing had ever felt as good as Joey's mouth on her pussy.

She was going to get her goodies.

She was going to feel good.

She felt it start to happen and spread her legs to give Joey more room to lick and suck her.

Then, his face was in front of hers. "Joeeeeey" she complained. She was just getting her goodies. "Don't stop" she huffed.

Then she felt his prick at her virgin gates.

"OH NO!" she yipped.

"OH YES!" he barked back.

Jesse used tampons since she was 14. She didn't have a cherry to break. She was super lubed. Joey slid home and it didn't hurt Jesse one little bit. She felt stretched, but that was all. Her orgasm came back right away and she shook and shuddered as it washed through her like waves from the ocean.

She knew right away that she was going to like this.

She was going to like this a lot.

Joey hit bottom and Jesse sighed "Ahhhhhhhhh".

He ground his dick in her deep and she went "Ooooooooo." He pulled mostly out and she felt every nerve in her pussy shriek with joy when he pushed it back in her.

"Oh Joey" she moaned "You're fucking me so good". Jesse knew that as soon as this was over she was going to have to find another hard cock and get it stuck in her too. She was going to have to come over to Rachel's house every single day from now on just to get Joey to stick that wonderful long cock in her.

And somehow she knew it would feel even better when his hot wet cum came spurting up inside her.

"You gonna cum in me Joey?" she moaned. "You gonna shoot up in my pussy?" She pushed her pussy up at him. "You gonna make a baby in my belly Joey?"

Joey shuddered.

He knew he shouldn't.

He shouldn't have cum in Rhonda.

He shouldn't have shot off in his sister.

He shouldn't put his seed in Jesse either.

It was wrong. All three of them might get knocked up!

But he knew he would.

Cute, blond Jesse, with her cute teen pony tail, and her pink nipples. He had to do it. He had to give her his gift. He felt it coming. "Yeeaaahh" he groaned. "Gonna do it Jesse. Gonna fill you up. Gonna give you my stuff."

"OK!" she yelled "I'm ready".

He let the sap rise. One more time his tired sore dick swelled and spat ropes of white seed. He pushed hard. His dick kissed her cervix. Her cervix kissed back, opening just enough to get his shots of semen right inside. Her womb sucked and he shot again.

Joey was a baby making machine.

The End

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