Saving Private Brian

by Lubrican

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WARNING: This story is intended to be a humorous look at the concept of the "Sole Surviving Son" in terms of Military service. As a plot vehicle it uses Operation Desert Storm. the author served in Desert Storm, proudly and with honor. This story is not a commentary on the current war in Iraq or Afghanistan, or on the political decisions that have been made in the past. Nor is it intended to make light of the facts and circumstances depicted in the movie "Saving Private Ryan". I have nothing but respect for each and every man and woman in uniform, and my heart goes out to all their families, particularly those who have lost a family member to any kind of military service. For that reason, if you have lost a loved one during time of conflict or war, DO NOT READ THIS STORY! I do not wish to cause pain or unhappy memories about that loss.


Chapter 1

Brian Thackery was a normal kid who graduated High School in about the middle of his class. He wasn't a sports star, he didn't have a magnificent singing voice, he couldn't bring himself to speak in public and he looked as normal as any other boy in his late teens.

But, Brian Thackery had just done something momentous. And what he'd done would change not only his own life, but the lives of a large number of other people, some of whom he didn't even know yet.

It was May of 1990, and Brian Thackery was so excited he was about to pee his pants. He left the Military Examination and Processing Station (MEPS), having just joined the United States Army. He'd passed the physical and taken the oath of enlistment, along with sixty-five other young men and women. He was due to report to Basic Training in only a month, and after that he'd go to something called Advanced Individual Training, which they called A.I.T.

All that was exciting, but the MOST exciting part was when he'd gone into the big computer room to find out what job he'd be trained in. The guy at the computer asked him some questions, typed in a query, turned around and said: "Ever thought about being an MP?"

Not only had Brian never thought about it, the only image he could come up with in his mind of an MP was a big scary looking bruiser he'd seen in an episode of M*A*S*H one time. Everybody had been afraid of that guy.


Now, as he walked out of the building, on his way back home, in his shirt pocket was a piece of paper that said he'd be trained in MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) 95B, which meant ... Military Police. He was still numb. He was going to be a cop!

And not only was he going to be an MP, the school for that was right down the road from his house in good old Anniston, Alabama! He couldn't wait to get home and tell his family.

Brian's family consisted of his two sisters, Liz and Patty, who were twins and a year younger than he was, his mother, Nancy, and his father, Tom. His family may as well have included his Aunt Jill, who lived two houses away, and her daughter Beth, who was his age, but was still a Senior. She should have graduated with him, but had missed a year of school because she'd had mono, and there had been complications. She'd almost died. But she was healthy now and had regained that special healthy glow he'd always thought made her good looking.

His Uncle Bob, who he'd never actually known, had died just before Beth was born. Aunt Jill blamed his death on Agent Orange, from when Uncle Bob was a Navy SEAL in Vietnam. He was a lot older than Aunt Jill when they got married. Brian didn't know much more than that. They didn't talk about Uncle Bob much because it was too sad.

When he got home supper was in full swing. Aunt Jill and Beth were there, which was pretty much normal.

Supper at the Thackery house was a fairly noisy proposition any time, and with two additional "talkity wimmen" as his father liked to say, it was downright loud.

It got positively quiet though, when he slammed the screen door and swaggered into the kitchen. They all knew where he had been.

That he was joining the Army was a favorite topic of "conversation" in the house. Aunt Jill ranted and railed that he had no business going off on a "dang fool adventure" when he was the "last remaining seed of the Thackery line". She was his mother's sister, but she had adopted the Thackery clan as if born into it.

Everybody knew that talk about Brian joining the Army brought back painful memories of Jill's husband.

Brian's sisters, having been warned throughout their early teens to "keep shy of those Fort McClellan boys", meaning the soldiers who trained at the post not far from their house, thought the idea that their brother was going to be a soldier was just gross.

But his parents were just about busting with pride. And, really, that was all that mattered to him.

His father was the first to speak. "Well? How'd it go? What did you get? Infantry? Armor?" Tom had a few friends who worked at Ft McClellan and had learned some of the language over the years.

"You", drawled Brian, "are looking at a brand new ninety-five Bravo!"

His father knew what that meant. Most of Ft McClellan was reserved for the training of the MP Corps. "You have GOT to be shitting me." he grumbled. Like most Annistonians, he loved the money that those soldiers brought to town, but he shuddered at the thought of all those horny seventeen and eighteen year old boys out on the streets ... the same streets as his two virginal - and lovely - daughters.

"What's a ninety-five bravo?" asked Beth, who'd had a crush on her cousin for years.

Brian pushed out his chest. "MP" he said proudly.

"What's an MP?" said Beth, not realizing she was staring cow-eyed at her handsome cousin.

Everybody at the table turned and stared at her. Everybody in Anniston knew what an MP was. The whole town was flooded with them. Beth, however, was the stereotypical blond, beautiful, fun to be around, and just a little ditzy. She knew there was an Army post in town, but that's about all.

Patty piped up. "It means Military Penis, Beth" she said in a completely normal voice.

Bedlam ensued, and it almost fractured supper. Nancy, ever the southern matriarch, sent Patty to her room saying "and you can leave that plate right where it is little missy". Then, even though Beth was bright red in the face, supper went on. Brian sat down at his sister's now empty place and began to finish her supper.

Nancy watched her handsome son eating and sighed. An MP! Of all things ... a skirt chasing MP!

Every female in town had been hit on by a soldier from the fort at one time or another. Jill was approached with great regularity, as she had decided not to wear her ring any more because it caused her to "remember". She worked at the "Super Trooper" which was a place that sold uniform items, accessories and accouterments aimed at soldiers in general and MPs in particular.

Of course the reason Jill was the object of so many advances MIGHT have been that, at thirty-four, she was a stone fox. Bob had come back from Nam and had commenced to make up for lost time. He did so with his next door neighbor's daughter, Jill, who was only 16 at the time. When it became obvious, based on her swelling belly, that more than just kisses had been exchanged, he married her, only to fall deathly ill a few months later and waste away in a most horrible fashion.

So, at age seventeen, she had been left alone with a baby girl, thankfully quite normal, and Bob's life insurance and some other benefits. She worked because she didn't want to sit home bored. She ran to keep in shape, and it worked. She was a bouncy, vivacious woman, with somewhat smallish breasts, but loads of thick honey blond hair and a classic look about her that some men might have characterized as "Ripe Southern Woman."

Nancy was five years older than her sister, and had already been gone and married when Jill met Bob. And Nancy had been pregnant with Brian. She sometimes wondered if that was why Jill had been so careless as to get with child ... out of envy. Now, almost forty, even Nancy got regular slow, up and down stares from the uniformed men she saw on the streets, or at the market. Until now it had been flattering. But now her own SON was going to be one of those men!

Still, she was tickled, knowing that even though he wouldn't be allowed to come home much at first, she'd get to see him a whole lot more than if he'd shipped off to some other state for his training.

It being a more or less celebratory atmosphere, they had an impromptu party. Beth asked for and received permission to spend the night with the twins and the three girls disappeared into their room while the adults sat and talked about things in general.

Brian, for the first time, was included in the adult ritual of sipping whiskey (Rebel Yell brand, of course) and shooting the bull.

In the girls bedroom, there was a different ritual going on. The talk there was about boys, and what boys liked to do, especially with girls, and just how far you should allow a boy to go, and what that felt like. Soon the room smelled faintly of pussy, as three teenage girls got excited dreaming about what they'd LIKE to do with a boy.

The first sixteen weeks flew by for Brian. He was in pretty good shape when he got to Basic, and though they pushed him physically, his body adapted. His chest thickened from pushups, his stomach flattened from sit-ups, and his wind improved from running. He found he was an expert shot with a rifle, and he won top honors in his company for marksmanship, able to shoot as well as his Drill Sergeants. He was even better with the 9mm Beretta pistol they handed him when he went to the pistol range. Though the weapon was loose from having been shot ten or fifteen thousand times already, he had an unerring sense of when to squeeze the trigger, and where the bullet would hit. When they used man sized silhouettes he shot the center of the target to pieces.

There began to be rumors. Saddam Hussein had invaded Kuwait, and the Commander in Chief was PISSED about it. The Army was going to be sending troops, and they'd need a lot of MPs.

In their 14th week Brian got a pass and went home.

All the talk there was of Kuwait.

"Do you think you'll have to go?" asked his mother worriedly.

"Nobody knows, mom" he said. There are rumors that they'll leave us together as a Company and go that way. There are rumors we'll all be sent wherever, and some of those units will go and some won't. There are rumors that, by the time we get out of AIT it will all be over. Nobody knows."

Two weeks later, they all attended graduation. It was the first time the women in the family had actually seen any soldiers doing anything other than shopping in stores, or getting something to eat. As they watched the handsome young men marching and standing at attention and going through the rituals associated with graduation, every one of them felt a tingle somewhere behind her belly button. Beth in particular knew she'd have to change her panties when she got home, as she watched Brian walk across the stage to receive his certificate and new orders. He was so handsome, and tall, and his shoulders were so broad. She daydreamed about running her hands over his chest muscles as an officer announced his name and that he was going to be assigned to the 501st MP Company in some town in Germany.

His mother turned to her husband. "Germany! That's good, isn't it? I mean that's not Kuwait."

Tom just patted Nancy's hand and said "He'll be just fine dear. There's nothing to worry about." He didn't tell her that most of the troops that would go first would be the ones who were already in overseas billets. Particularly those stationed in Germany.

Brian got 30 days leave before he had to ship out, and he was ready for what he called "slack time". His sisters noticed differences in him right away. He was more confidant, less likely to respond when they tried to tease him, and when he did respond it was ... different.

One example was the second night he was home, when Patty, walking down the hall toward the bathroom. She brushed by him and said "How's the Military Penis today?"

He just kept walking and said "It grew about three inches in basic training. I had to get new pants. Bigger ones. They were pissed."

He left her with her mouth hanging open. He'd said it so calmly, like it was actually true! She was so unsure about it that she told her sister what he'd said that night.

Liz laughed. "No way. A man's penis CAN'T grow three inches after say ... I don't know, maybe age fifteen?"

Patty still didn't know. He'd sounded so serious. "But I mean, look at his shoulders. They're wider. And his arms are HUGE. And I swear he's taller than he was when he went there. I mean maybe other things could get bigger too."

Liz wanted to act like she knew everything, but she wasn't so sure any more. "Well, it doesn't really matter. We'll never know, right? I mean even if we saw it we wouldn't know if it was bigger or not." She changed the subject. "Did you hear Daddy and Momma talking after dinner tonight?" She sounded worried.

"No. what's up?" asked Patty.

"Daddy said that place Brian's going to is part of some division or something and that they're all going to go to Saudi Arabia in December. That's when Brian gets there!"

They'd been listening to the news. Everybody who knew a soldier had been listening to the news lately. They talked about it into the night. They were both worried about their brother.

Two days later was Jill's birthday. Nancy arranged a big party for her, with Bar-B- Q and corn on the cob, and cornbread and lots of other goodies. It started at noon, and by three o'clock the Rebel Yell had been brought out. Jill, moaning that at age 35 her life was probably almost over, drank her fair share and was in her cups by suppertime. Since everyone had been eating pretty much all afternoon, supper consisted mostly of sitting down at the table and just talking over desert.

Jill was on a rant.

"It's not FAIR!" she lisped, weaving a little. "Brian is the LAST of the Thackery line, and he shouldn't have to go off and get himself KILLED in some stupid war."

Nancy spoke up. "We'll have none of THAT kind of talk. You may be my sister, and I love you, but I don't want to hear any nonsense about him being killed."

Jill got up and went over to Brian, who had sat quietly through her tirade. She plopped herself down on his lap and put her arms around him. "I don't want you to go." she started sniffling. "You're the last of the Thackery seed."

"MOTHER!" cried an embarrassed Beth, who didn't like it at all that her mother (instead of her) was sitting on the man she loved.

"Have you no SHAME?" squealed Nancy, who was also uncomfortable with the fact that her sister's buttocks were firmly planted on her son's groin. Jill's continued reference to Brian as the 'Last of the Thackery seed' caused pictures to appear in Nancy's head that she was ashamed of. And her sister was sitting right on all that ... seed.

Suddenly Jill's head snapped up and her eyes opened wide. She struggled briefly, wiggling all over Brian's lap in the process, and then managed to haul herself up off of him. She turned around, bent over and stared owlishly into Brian's lap. He was blushing.

"HEY there soldier boy!" crowed Jill. "Is that a MOUSE in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?!"

"MU-THER!" cried Beth.

"Oh my word" gasped Nancy and started fanning her face with a place mat.

The twins leaned over to look interestedly in their brother's lap.

"OK, that's it." said Tom. "You've had enough to drink. I think you need a little nap Jill." He looked meaningfully at his wife and Nancy got up and took charge of her wobbly sister.

"Come on you hussy." she scolded gently. "You're staying the night. You're in no condition to go home." She led Jill off to the guest bedroom down in the basement. When she came back she looked at Beth. "You can stay the night too dear, if you want to."

Beth's eyes darted at Brian, and then she looked down at the pie in front of her.

Later that night, a full and drowsy Private Brian Thackery undressed for bed. It was hot in the house, but he didn't want to open a window. Instead he just went to bed naked and lay on top of the covers. He was asleep within two minutes of his head hitting the pillow.

Next door the twins and Beth were huddled together, worriedly talking about what Beth's mother had said. It was true. Brian WAS the last male of the Thackery line. If something happened to him in Kuwait or wherever, there would never be another Thackery born. All three went to bed thinking about that.

Three hours later Brian got up to use what he now called the latrine. He'd had too much to drink, and he was paying the price for it now. He heard the mantle clock strike two times. Oh-two-hundred, he thought, automatically thinking in military time.

When he got back to his room there was someone bending over his bed.

"Brian?" came an attempted whisper. Whoever it was was talking to an empty bed. There was light from the street light coming through the window and he could see that it was his Aunt Jill. Or at least her hair. She was naked too, he noticed with some interest. Her hands went down to the bed, still made up and obviously empty. "Brian?" she said plaintively.

"Yes?" he said softly from right behind her. He was staring at her naked buttocks in the dim light. They shone, brightly pale. She jerked up and turned around with a little shriek.

"SHIT" she whispered loudly. "You just about scared the pee out of me!"

Brian wasn't really listening to her though. Instead he was staring at her breasts. They were much larger than he would have believed, round and heavy looking, and they were shaking back and forth from the violence of her turn when he spoke. Each one had a thick dark nipple on it. Brian felt his prick start to stiffen. She was gorgeous ... even in the DARK!

Jill's arms came up and she lurched toward him. "Oh baby" she sniffed, her arms going around him. The breasts he had just been staring at were pressed against his chest. They were hot and surprisingly firm and she smelled like some kind of perfume. She hugged him tightly and his cock bloomed to full hard. He felt it press into something soft ... like hair.

"What are you doing Aunt Jill?" he whispered, swallowing.

"You're going off to war baby" she whispered back. "You're the last of the Thackery seed."

He'd heard that enough times that he was tired of it. "OK, so I'm the last of the Thackery seed. What are you doing in here ... like that?"

Instead of answering him, Jill kissed him. It was a nice kiss too. In fact it was a FANTASTIC kiss. She pulled him toward the bed, and their lips pulled apart. "I have to do this." she mumbled. "I HAVE to do this. It's for the family!"

Brian, having drunk his fair share of Rebel Yell himself, didn't function as he might have normally. He had some idea of what was going on, not being completely stupid. And, he had had more than a couple of beat off fantasies about the woman whose naked body was presently pressed against his own.

But Brian Thackery was a virgin, and while he had some idea of what was going on, he hadn't the faintest idea of how to help it along. That he WANTED to help it along was plain, based on the fact that he had the hardest boner of his entire life. So Brian took the easy road and just went where his Aunt wanted him to go.

That was why he ended up on top of his Aunt while she squirmed under him, her hands pulling and pushing and her body writhing under him as she got him into position to ensure that at least SOME of the last of the Thackery seed got deposited firmly in what she used to call her 'Sperm Bank'. She did this by the simple expedient of getting a grip on the finest feeling erection she had felt in years and years, and pulling it to the mouth of her wet and slippery pussy. Then she let nature take its course.

Brian, feeling the tip of his cock engulfed in soft heat, did what came naturally and thrust hard. He skewered his Aunt's pussy with one violent thrust, which elicited an "Ooof" from her, followed almost immediately by a murmured "Oh Brian! I had NO idea!"

There followed a generally uncoordinated and somewhat spastic sequence of thrusts and grunts, primarily made by Brian, and about twenty seconds later he made his very first deposit in the Bank of Love. He announced it by saying what could be loosely translated as "Unnnggg" which is the universal language of love and means "Here it comes, please don't stop me now."

She didn't. The fact that she didn't come even close to having her own orgasm was overshadowed by the fact that she got exactly what she wanted ... a pussy just chock full of the last of the Thackery seed. She showered him with kisses and little whispered lies about what a fantastic lover he was, and how much she had missed all this, and how glad she was that she got to experience an expert like him. All this to milk the last dregs from his balls.

Her somewhat inebriated plan to have a Thackery baby had been kicked off. According to her somewhat inebriated plan, she had another twenty-six days to get enough of that Thackery seed in her to ensure the survival of the line. Having just experienced what was probably the biggest and longest penis she had ever had in her, she decided that it wasn't going to be much of a sacrifice after all. But she WOULD have to do something about his propensity to give her what she wanted ... a little more quickly than she wanted it.

Brian stared at the dark ceiling after his aunt left. His balls hurt just a little. He'd never cum that hard in his life and he could barely remember it. He swore off whiskey for the rest of his leave and then fell asleep.

Chapter 2

The next morning was a Saturday, and everybody slept in, mostly because of the fact that there were three 'dead soldiers' sitting in the bottom of the trash can, which still smelled a little like sour mash whiskey.

When Nancy finally hauled herself out of bed, she went into Southern Wife mode and rustled up a mess of pancakes, grits, ham and eggs. She woke everyone up and told them to come eat breakfast. She waited until last for Brian, who, to her mind, deserved his rest more than the rest. She opened the door to find her tall handsome and very naked son lying on top of the bed in peaceful repose. She crossed the room and stood, drinking in the beauty of the fruit of her loins.

Naturally, her gaze was drawn to what is known as a man's morning woody. She frowned at the mess of crusty white that was mixed in with his soft brown pubic hair. Her poor baby had had to masturbate last night! Her sister's reference to his seed popped into her mind. Jill knew that Tom was shooting blanks these days, thanks to a vasectomy. So, what was making a mess at the base of his very impressive erection was, in fact, the last of the Thackery seed.

She stared at it for a long time. Then, shaking herself, she woke him up and told him it was time for breakfast.

Brian stumbled from his bed into the bathroom for a shower, something he did every morning during basic training and AIT. And showers in the Army were always just about exactly the same. He noticed right away that something was different.

In the barracks, there was no naked girl already in the shower when he got there.

He stopped, his brain still a little fuzzy and was standing there when his sister Liz pulled back the shower curtain to talk to the shadow outside, who she was quite sure was her sister Patty. She started to ask Patty if she'd heard anything funny in the middle of the night, like a woman in pain or something.

Instead of seeing her sister, however, she saw her brother's very impressive morning woody.

As the SECOND Thackery woman of the day to see that stiff prick, her response was remarkably similar to that of the first. The last thing she'd thought about last night was the possibility that there would be no more little Thackeries running around in the world. Now, as surprised as she was by the sight, one of the first things she thought about was that there, in front of her, was the very instrument that could PRODUCE a little Thackery. She felt a very un-sisterly warmth in her belly and, thinking of babies, put her hand protectively over her own flat stomach.

At the same time, Brian got a clear shot of his sister's naked, wet body which, as a normal teenaged brother, he had been trying to get a look at for years. Her breasts were round, like half of an oversized soft ball, and were topped by cute pink nipples that made moisture magically appear in his mouth. Below that was a nest of wet brown fur that his brain recognized as uncharted territory that his prick was anxious to ... well ... chart.

But, being a big strong enforcer of the law, he clamped down on his urge to climb in there with his sister and just breed the fuck out of her.

"Oops" he slurred. "Sorry. Didn't know anybody was in here. Gotta pee."

He turned to leave and Liz saw that very interesting penis preparing to vanish as quickly as it had appeared, which she wasn't sure she wanted to happen.

"Wait!" she yipped. When he stopped, she said "Um ... it's OK. I mean we're all adults here, right?" The fact that she was seventeen and hadn't even finished High School yet wasn't the first thing Brian thought about. His eyes saw what was undeniably an at least mostly adult female body.

"Uh, yeah I guess so." was his response.

"So go" she said, looking at the stool. "I'll just finish up in here." She ducked back inside the shower, making sure that the curtain wasn't completely closed, so she could continue to look at the vessel that held that most precious of commodities ... the last ... of the Thackery seed.

Her eyes widened as he swayed over to the toilet, pushed his thick rod down and stood patiently as he waited for his bladder to unclench so he could empty it. Not even thinking that his sister might be watching, he jacked on his cock a couple of times to encourage it to allow his urine to move through it.

Liz stifled a gasp as his glans was uncovered. THAT was supposed to go in a girl? He had to be a mutant or something. Any girl he shoved THAT thing in would need 911 and a doctor with a LOT of suture materials. Then her knees went weak as a strong gush of urine shot out of the tip and thundered into the toilet.

He went ... and went ... and went. And then it stopped and started up again as her jaw dropped. She'd never seen a man's organ expel anything, but she knew it expelled semen. If it did it like this they wouldn't even need an ambulance for the poor girl. She'd be dead of drowning by the time he got through.

She was so repelled by the sight that she was extra shocked to find that two of her fingers were digging into her obviously excited pussy as the water poured over her. She decided she was probably crazy. This time when he turned to leave, she let him. She rubbed a little more and had an orgasm so strong she had to sit down in the tub to keep from falling down.

Breakfast was normally a loud and confusing concern in the Thackery household. This morning it was decidedly odd. Brian, his head achy, sat quietly, which was not normal. His aunt darted glances at him and ate quietly, which was also not normal. Liz wasn't hungry, which was DECIDEDLY abnormal. Nancy, visions of a tall, thick, fertile Thackery penis in her mind, dished out food like they were all starving lumberjacks. Patty was acting strangely, eating mechanically, like something was on her mind. Beth was trying to talk, but couldn't find anyone who would talk back to her. Tom was staring at his plate, wondering how he was going to avoid eating all that food without hurting his wife's feelings. He decided to slip some of it to the dog while he diverted the others’ attention.

"So" he said, handing the dog down a fistful of bacon. He almost lost a finger and snatched it back up, looking at it. "What are you all doing today?"

Jill said "I have some things to do at home, but I'll be back over later. She looked meaningfully at Brian, who was staring at his own heaped plate and didn't see her look.

Nancy said she had some shopping to do, and Patty said that the twins were going over to Beth's to listen to a new CD she had.

Liz's head jerked up. "But I wanted to hang out with Brian," she said. She was just as astonished as everyone else at the table that she'd said that. She'd always called him names and complained about him. She looked wide eyed at everyone else. "I mean he's going to be gone a long time, right?"

Brian, thinking that yammering girls was the LAST thing he needed, said "I'm still pretty worn out from AIT. I think I'll just relax and maybe take a nap."

"Then" said Tom, "I'll accompany my bride on her shopping trip, and you can rest."

Everyone went their separate ways and Brian actually DID lie down. He was still a little hung over.

He was awakened from a nice nap by his Aunt, who had told the girls she had forgotten something at the house and would be right back.

She awakened him by climbing into bed with him naked.

"Brian honey?" she cooed in his ear as she pulled at the gym shorts he'd pulled on that morning.

He woke up and realized what was happening. "Aunt Jill! I thought that was a dream last night!"

"It was no dream baby. I'm going to make sure that the Thackery line doesn't end if ... well, if something happens to you. I know it won't, but I'll feel a lot better about things if my belly gets nice and round with your baby while you're over there in that place they're sending you."

Brian was astounded. "You want me to get you pregnant?" he said, his voice rising much higher than a studly MP's voice ever should.

"Yes I do, and we need to hurry. I told the girls I would be right back."

Jill's powers of persuasion were well established and Brian, not having had pussy available to him before, wasn't going to fight her off. In no time she was instructing him on the "best way to make sure you get me with child", which actually involved ensuring that THIS time she had a nice, long orgasm while his prick prodded her cervix and delivered up another helping of the last of the Thackery seed.

In no time at all Jill was happily thrusting her orgasming pussy up to receive that helping, which was just as hot and wet as she knew it would be.

No sooner had he grunted his last grunt and rolled sideways, than she was up and stuffing something round and rubbery into her vagina. She blushed as he watched her, and said "Diaphragm ... to keep all that nice Thackery seed up there where it belongs." Then as if she hadn't done something completely astonishing, she pecked him on the lips and said, "Hate to run, honey, but I don't want the girls to get suspicious." Then she was dressed and off before Brian had even caught his breath.

The girls to whom Jill had just made reference, were huddled in Beth's room, much as they had been huddled in Liz and Patty's room the night before. Liz was describing, in graphic detail, exactly what she'd seen that morning in the bathroom. She had her hands about a foot and a half apart.

"I'm telling you it was THAT long!" she claimed. She made her fingers and thumbs into a circle that a Dachshund could trot through. "And it was THAT big around!" She saw that the other two weren't buying it. "And it was SO hard that he could have just beat me senseless with it ... I SWEAR!"

"Well I believe the senseless part, cause that's just what you are if you expect us to believe that." said Patty. "If it was that big he couldn't even WEAR pants," she said pragmatically. She talked as if she had ironclad evidence that Liz was wrong.

Beth was just sitting there. A little bit of drool tipped out of the corner of her mouth and she snapped it closed. She had always made Brian a little bit bigger than life in her mind, and the description of his sexual organ given by Liz fit her image of him perfectly. She sighed as she envisioned that big boner spurting out creamy white sperm that somehow, by magic, got into her without killing her. She jerked back to reality. Her panties were soaked.

Nancy had Tom let her out at the curb. "I'm sorry honey, but I forgot to get some soybean powder, and I have to have it for a recipe I want to try. Would you be a dear and run back to the store for me? It won't take you long and I can get started. It's in a red and blue can over at the Thriftway. If they don't have it, try the Piggly Wiggly." The Thriftway was as far away from the house as any store was, and she was quite sure they didn't stock that powder. She wanted as much time with Brian as possible. What she was going to try to talk him into might take a while.

Tom didn't mind running the errand. He'd just stop off at that traveling tool sale he'd seen over at the National Guard Armory and see what they had.

Brian was asleep again when his mother came into his room. After Aunt Jill had left he'd gone back to sleep, still naked. His mother came over and sat on the bed. She stared. His penis, though not rampant any more, was a mess again. The poor boy must be awfully horny to have to beat off this much.

She couldn't resist. She bent over, picked up his limp pickle, and sucked it in her mouth to get it all nice and clean.

Brian was having a dream. It was about his Aunt, and she was sucking his dick. It was, he decided as he drifted toward wakefulness, an awfully nice and ... realistic dream. He'd never actually gotten any girl to give him a hummer, but he was quite sure that it felt just like his dream. He almost didn't want to wake up, but he was horny and he was going to have to beat off, and he had to be awake to do that.

He opened his eyes. He heard slurping, and realized it wasn't a dream after all. Somebody was, in fact, sucking his dick. He lifted his head and saw brown hair that looked vaguely familiar. It was covering the face of the woman who was doing what he was quite sure was a professional job of sucking him off. That head lifted off his rampant-again prick a little at a time and lips he couldn't see kissed the tip. Then the head turned and he was looking into his mother's eyes.

"MOM!" he yelped.


Then again "MOM!"

Nancy held onto his cock. "Brian, honey, I know this is strange, but you have to listen to me honey. You're going off to that war over there and your Daddy's been cut and can't give me any more babies and your aunt is right, honey, you really ARE the last of the Thackery line and if you don't come back from over there honey ... well there won't ever be another Thackery ... EVER!"

She finally had to stop to breathe.

Brian, who had always gotten into fights with his friends because they made comments about how "attractive" his mother was, and about how lucky he must be to get to see her naked sometimes, actually GOT into those fights because he agreed with them. He thought his mother WAS Playboy material. And, after what had happened only an hour earlier with his Aunt Jill, he had a pretty good idea where his mother was headed.

This all amounted pretty much to a dream come true. He decided that it wasn't the best time to tell his mother that a whole cupful of the rare and precious Thackery seed was currently residing in Aunt Jill's womb.

Instead he did what most men aren't intelligent enough to do in a situation like this. "So what do you think we should do?" he asked the woman who was holding his prick.

"Well" said his mother, who jacked his cock when she felt it begin to be a smidgen less firm than it had been, "I read an article that said sometimes when men have been fixed, some of them, in RARE instances, don't STAY fixed, and they can still father children ... by accident. I didn't read the whole article. But if I were to get pregnant ... with you ... I could honestly say no penis but a Thackery penis had ever been in me and that his operation must have gotten undone. You KNOW I wouldn't suggest this if it weren't the ONLY way for me to be SURE that your daddy's line and YOUR line will go on." She managed to blush prettily while stroking her son's cock.

"Gosh, Mom" he said seriously. "I guess it would sort of be my DUTY, wouldn’t it? I mean if you put it THAT way, I’m the family’s only hope."

"That’s right dear" she said, breathing faster. She’d thought it would take much longer to talk him into this.

"Well, then, I’ll DO it." he said, trying to make his voice sound heroic.

Nancy was down to bra and panties when she looked at her little boy, who was watching her with eager eyes. "You’ve never done this with any girl, have you Brian?" she asked. For some reason she wanted him to say he hadn’t.

"No, Mom." he said truthfully. His aunt could be called a lot of things, but ‘girl’ wasn’t one of them. "Heck Mom, Liz is the only girl I ever even SAW naked," he added for effect, hoping she wouldn’t ask him how THAT happened. Then he went for broke. "I’m not sure I even know what to do."

Nancy beamed as she let her bra drop and reached for her panties. "I’ll help you baby." she crooned. "You just let mama take care of everything."

Which is how Private Brian Thackery ended up perched on top of his beautiful mother, with his iron hard penis firmly embedded in her fertile belly as it pumped out ANOTHER half cup of the rare and precious Thackery seed. Nancy, having had two orgasms in the process, found her son remarkably quick to learn the ins and outs of having hot, sweaty sex. ESPECIALLY the ins. That he was now sucking her nipples while she felt the last of his rare and precious Thackery seed flowing into her, and the fact that she hadn’t taught him how to do that, just convinced her he was a natural lover.

And, while this was her duty to the family, she couldn’t help but look forward to the next few sessions that would likely be necessary to ensure that she got well and firmly pregnant with a Thackery baby. She only had twenty-five days in which to make sure it happened.

That afternoon Brian spent some time with some of his old High School buddies, swapping lies and dreaming about the future. Several of them asked him what the best part of joining the Army was.

With a completely straight face he answered "It's GOT to be the pussy. I’ve gotten more pussy since I joined up than you’d believe." But he wouldn’t let them push him into saying who all this pussy was.

That night Tom pulled out a bag from the local movie rental store and started producing every war movie he had been able to find at the place. He had everything from ‘The Sands of Iwo Jima’ and ‘The Bridge at Remagen’ to ‘Mister Roberts’ and several seasons worth of ‘Hogan’s Heroes’, not to mention ‘Patton’, ‘Platoon’ and ‘Apocalypse Now’.

"I just figured you might soak up some ideas to help you stay healthy." he said to his laughing son.

So Brian and his father sat and watched movies late into the night, spending a little quality time laughing and dreaming about Brian being the hero and coming home to parades and accolades. You know, just normal father/son bonding kinds of stuff.

The Thackery women decided to join the men halfway through the first movie. Had the men known this was going to happen they probably wouldn’t have started with ‘Hamburger Hill’. The women stayed about ten minutes and suddenly found other things that were needful of being done. They took the Kleenex box with them.

While wars were won and lost in the living room, Liz and Patty were lying on their beds in their bedroom. Both were thinking about the images they had seen on the TV screen. Images of death and destruction ... and dying soldiers.

"You know he MIGHT not come back." said Liz. Her eyes were suddenly full of moisture.

"He’ll come back!" said Patty. Her voice was tight.

"What ... if ... he doesn’t?" Liz was at that slight stuttering stage, when a woman is about to cry and is trying hard not to, but can’t quite control her speech.

"He HAS to come back." said Patty firmly.

"Why?" cried Liz.

"Cause he has to get married and have children, so Aunt Jill will shut UP about the last of the Thackery seed!" She mimicked her aunt’s voice as she said the last part of the sentence. She seemed upset about Aunt Jill.

Liz sat up, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Well, he IS, you know!" She sniffled. Then she stopped and looked thoughtful. "What if he wasn’t?"

Patty looked at her twin. "What are you talking about?"

Liz started to get excited. "I mean what if he WASN’T the last of the line? What if there was a baby, and he was the Daddy of that baby. He’d HAVE to come back for that. I mean he’d be more MOTIVATED to come back if he had a son or daughter, right?"

Patty flopped back down. "That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard." she said, disgusted. "He doesn’t even have a girlfriend. And besides, just because you’re a father doesn’t mean anything when you’re off in a war somewhere."

Liz wasn’t deterred. "I know that!" she said hotly. "But, if he DID have a son back here at home, then his SON would be the last of the Thackery seed, right?"

"So who’s going to HAVE this baby, miss smarty pants?" asked a still disgusted Patty.

Liz thought of the long, hard, thick cock she’d seen pissing all that urine in the bathroom and shuddered. It sure wasn’t going to be HER who had Brian’s son.

"Didn’t you see how Beth looked at him at supper the other night? It’s obvious she’s got a thing for him. I bet we could talk her into doing it. I mean she’s our cousin and all, but that’s no big deal. We learned in World History that people have married their cousins for thousands of years. And if she had his baby, maybe he’d be extra careful and not get hurt and come back safe."

Patty, always the pragmatic one of the pair, sat up again. "So, what if she has a girl? What then?"

Liz was frustrated. "How am I supposed to know? It was JUST an idea." She rolled over and turned off her nightstand light. Since the main ceiling light was still on it didn’t make any difference in the light level in the room, but it sent a signal to Patty that their discussion was over. Once again, both girls went to sleep with the image of little Thackery babies crawling all over the living room rug.

Brian didn’t get to bed until zero three hundred. But, because his sleep was uninterrupted on this night, he woke refreshed. At breakfast Liz took an inordinate interest in what he was going to be doing later that afternoon.

"Why are you so interested in what I’m doing this afternoon?" Brian asked her directly.

"I don’t know. We just never get to hang out. Is it wrong for a sister to want to spend time with her brother?" she tried to sound injured.

"Well, you never wanted to spend any time with me before." he said.

"You weren’t going off to some foreign country before." she said.

Brian looked at his sister. The image of her naked in the shower popped into his head. Two other women in the family had wanted to "spend time with him" recently. The idea of lying on top of what he remembered in that shower wasn’t at all disagreeable. Could that be what she wanted? His dick started to stiffen.

"I don’t really have any plans for this afternoon. Dad suggested that I get some of my stuff packed up so he can store it while I’m gone. You want to help me do that?"

Liz sat up straighter. Storing things would involve the basement, and that’s where the spare bedroom was. And the family room too. There was a couch there that they sometimes used as a bed. Now all she had to do was get Beth over and convince her that she could solve the problem of the last of the Thackery seed going off to war.


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