Scoring With Sis

by Lubrican

Amanda Wilson was convinced that life just couldn't be better. She was a Senior, and would graduate in just seven months. Then one last summer of fun and freedom and she would go off to college. Her older sister Mary had offered to let her come to the ranch and make a life of raising horses, and she might do that some day, but she thought college would be just too much fun to miss.

That and all the sex she was anticipating. Mandy had a reputation of being a loose girl. She got it shortly after she was elected Head Cheerleader for the North Fork Mustangs. A number of boys took her out on dates right after that and every one of them bragged about nailing her. They talked about her sweet heavy tits, with their cherry tips and how she squealed when they sucked them, and then described her puffy welcoming pussy lips and how they rammed their teen boy pricks in her and shot their wads. Their descriptions were not far off, but you could assume most of those tidbits.

In fact, not a single of those boys had ever seen either nipple or pussy on this Head Cheerleader. It wasn't that she was opposed to giving up her virginity. She was almost looking forward to it. But it had to be with a boy who was worth the pain and the possibility that she might end up pregnant. And she hadn't met that boy yet.

Or at least hadn't identified him.

On the other hand, she knew what every one of her dates' boyish pricks looked like, because she had seen ... and jacked off ... all of them. That was how she kept her maidenhead intact.

Admittedly it was a figurative maidenhead - she lost her cherry to tampons at age twelve - but no penis had ever entered her pretty teen pussy and that was all that mattered to her. She told the boys she was on her period, or had a yeast infection, or that she had missed a day or two of her pills, (they didn't know she wasn't even on the pill), and once or twice that she just didn't feel like it, and so they believed she was making up for it by jacking them off. She knew they'd lie about what had happened, but didn't really care. She knew what was true, and that was all that mattered to her.

But rumor has a way of being believed, especially when you want to believe it, and every boy wanted to believe he had a chance of getting his dick wet if he went out with Mandy. Most of the girls were jealous enough of her good looks, popularity and physical skill at cheerleading that they didn't mind believing she was a slut either, even a majority of the girls on the cheerleading squad.

They, by the way, really were sluts. That will be explained in a minute, but it was another reason they believed Mandy was one too. All the same, her reputation got her an odd kind of respect, which she didn't mind at all. For one thing it let her become picky about who she accepted dates from.

Which is why "the bet" developed. It was October, and the Mustangs were doing very well indeed in football. They had lost only one game and were well on their way to going to State. This was exciting for the whole school, but especially for the cheerleaders, since they got to travel with the team and stay in hotels and sneak liquor and so on.

So they had a vested interest in motivating the boys to do well and win the State championship. One way they did it was to reward the boys with sexual favors. Any boy who stopped a touchdown by an opposing team all by himself, or intercepted a pass, got a hand job from a specified cheerleader.

Caught passes were worth a French kiss, as were runs of more than ten yards.

The player who actually made the winning point in each game was awarded a blowjob.

Each girl agreed to do certain kinds of things with whoever won the favors each week, so some times the boys were motivated more than other times. It all depended on who was going to be giving the blow job, hand jobs and kisses each week. Mandy, being the captain of the squad, was exempt from performing the favors on a routine basis. She would sometimes step in and do the kissing, if a player had done something particularly spectacular. She hadn't yet taken over on a hand job, though she made it known she might. The ones she gave on dates didn't count.

She didn't give blow jobs, she told the girls, because she wore braces and it was difficult to clean up afterward.

But the main reason she was exempt from routine favors was because her girls were saving her for the grand finale'. Without telling Mandy, they let it be known through whispers and innuendo, that Mandy would be rewarding the boy who scored the winning point in the State Championship.

And that reward was sleeping with him!

When Mandy first heard about it, she was pissed, but she couldn't identify who had spread the rumors. She knew that the other girls on the squad had helped the rumors get around, but since they all thought she slept around anyway, she couldn't blame them all that much.

After all, whoever the lucky boy was, it would be somebody from the backfield, or one of the pass catchers, and Mandy had been on dates with most of them anyway. Besides, there was little she could do to quell the rumor.

Unknown to the girls, though, Mandy was terrified, because even if it was one of the boys she'd been out with, they would now expect her to fuck them. Her carefully laid plans of saving herself for that special boy might go up in smoke.

If, of course, they won the state championship. Which wasn't likely, right?

Sure, they'd been doing better than usual, but how likely was it that they'd win this year? The last time they'd won the state championship had been over twenty years ago. They almost always did well, but winning State? That was a different thing. She decided not to worry about it.

Until they made the playoffs.

And then made the quarterfinals.

And then crushed West to get into the semifinals.

The night they beat undefeated Walton High School, and were announced as one of the two best teams in the State, was at once one of the happiest and most panic filled nights she'd ever experienced. They were now the team that would play the winner of the game between East Central and Rollinsburg High Schools ... for the State Championship ... and for Mandy's virginity.

That was the night that, after the celebration, when she finally got home, she went to see her brother Bobby.

Bobby was on the team. He was the starting center, in fact. He would have as good an idea as anyone of what their chances were against the two teams they might have to play. She changed into her nightgown, which consisted of a pair of panties and what used to be an oversized T shirt. Now it came only to the tops of her panties. Her nipples showed through the shirt, but she didn't notice that. Not around home.

He was listening to music while he played a computer game, wearing only a pair of gym shorts because the heat was on high. Neither of them had to go anywhere the next day, so neither was in a hurry to get to bed. Besides, they were still dealing with the remnants of the adrenaline rush both had experienced during the game. She didn't knock. Neither of them ever did. He looked up.

"Hey" he said, his voice neutral. They had, at one time, been the best of friends, but had drifted apart since they got into High School. Since Bobby was a year younger than his sister, he had expected her to prep him for High School and pave his way into the popular crowd.

She hadn't, and it had hurt his feelings. He had made his own way, getting the respect he wanted by being a solid player and a good student. He too planned on going to college, but it was for Agriculture. He planned on working for his Aunt Mary on her ranch after college. If Football would put him through college, so much the better.

Then he'd begun hearing the rumors about his sister being a slut. He watched her for a long time, trying to figure out if the rumors were true or not. He didn't see any real evidence to support them. He knew bullshitting when he heard it, and the guys who claimed to have screwed her were bullshitting. That much he believed.

But she never batted an eye, never asked him to crush some guy's gonads for lying. She just wagged her pretty ass as she walked down the hallway, and wore string bikini's in the summer. One time he'd snuck into her room while she wasn't there and gone through her stuff. He had not found any birth control pills. All the panties he'd found were plain functional cotton or rayon panties, nothing special. He found very few bras. She hated them and when she had to wear one, wore a sports bra. There was nothing like Victoria's Secret type stuff that would tease a guy.

In short he was confused about what she was really doing. He'd heard the rumor about what she was going to pay off after the State win, but like her he'd doubted she'd have to pay off at all.

But when she came into his room, looking unsettled, and even a little afraid, he had a pretty good idea why.

Mandy paced. "Hey" she said automatically. She turned around and said, "Great Game".

He nodded. "I almost missed a snap. But I got it there in time."

She hadn't heard a word he'd said, and it showed.

"I need to ask you a question," she said.

"Let me guess" he said. "You want to know if we're going to take State."

"How'd you know that was it?" she asked him, surprised.

"You look nervous and I'm on the team. I know about the payoff, just like everybody else. You want to know if you're going to have to pay up."

She blushed and looked down.

"Yeah," was all she said.

"What's the big deal?" he said. "According to what I hear you've been falling over backwards for everybody who goes out with you."

He didn't mean it to sound cruel, but it did. Part of his problem was that the linemen, who made every win possible, never got anything from the cheerleaders, and it pissed them off. It was an old saying: "Linemen always get screwed, but never by the girls."

He could tell immediately, though, that something was bad wrong. His sister, his big sister, a year older than him, wise and worldly, began to leak huge crocodile tears that ran down her flawless tanned cheeks right in front of him.

"Hey!" he said, putting down the earphones and standing up. "Come on, what's wrong Mandy? I didn't mean to hurt your feelings." He walked up to her and, to his amazement, she threw herself at him, hugging him tight.

"I .. don't .. do .. all those ... things .. I'm .. I've .. never" she sobbed so hard she couldn't talk.

Bobby hugged her close and tight. "Hey, whatever it is it's okay," he said soothingly. "If you want me to break anybody's legs or something, just say the name. What's got you so upset? Is it me?"

"Noooo," she sobbed "Except that you believe it all too." She burst into tears again. "I .. you ... knew .. me better .. than ...thaaaat," she bawled.

Bobby began to get a glimmer of what she was upset about. "You mean ... all those guys ... they were lying?"

She nodded, sniffling and he held her tighter.

"I do have some legs to break!" he growled.

Mandy shook her head. "No. It's as much my fault as it was theirs. I let them lie about me because ... well because it's just easier to deal with that than have everybody think you're Miss Goody Two Shoes." She stamped her foot, just barely missing his. "How many popular girls do you know who have a reputation for being virgins?" Her eyes flashed.

"You mean you've never ...?"

She shook her head emphatically.

"Not ever?" he asked.

"No," she said in a very small voice and began sniffling again. "But if we win that stupid game next Saturday I'll have to and I don't think I want to and ..." she started to cloud up again.

"Not even one little time?" mused Bobby, finding it hard to believe that his sexy older sister had never had sex even once.

"Bobby Ray Wilson. You take that back this instant!" she snapped.

He held up his hands in surrender. "Okay, okay, I didn't mean it. Don't get your panties in a wad. Besides, you don't have to do anything you don't want to."

"Yes I do" she moaned. "If I don't come through the whole school will find out and then they'll figure out why and nobody will ever talk to me again and my whole life will be ruined!"

"Well why did you agree do do this in the first place?" he asked, confused, now.

"I didn't!" she yipped. "Somebody started the rumor and it grew and grew and now I've gotten sucked into it!" she moaned.

"So what are you going to do?"

"Are we gonna win?" she asked, anguish in her voice.

"I think we are. Yes. We are so fired up about this. I think we can take either team," he said, truthfully.

"Shit!" she swore.

Bobby raised an eyebrow. He'd never heard his sister use that word before. She really was upset by all of this.

"Look," he said. "I'll just talk to the guys and tell them that it's just too cheap a deal ... No! Wait! I have a great idea! We tell them our parents heard about the deal and they're going to send you off to a convent if we win."

Mandy smiled at him and her heart warmed. He cared, even if he was stupid.

"Nice try, Einstein" she said. "But if Mom and Dad really did hear about this do you think for even one instant that they'd even let me stay on the squad? Much less go to the game."

He was downcast. "Yeah, I guess you're right. It was a stupid idea."

She hugged him back. "No, it was a sweet idea. I'd forgotten how thoughtful you can be." She was quiet for a while. "What happened to us Bobby?" she sighed. "We used to have such a good time together."

"I don't know" he said. "You went to High School and just seemed to forget all about me."

"That's not true" she said, shocked. "I'm proud of you."

"You never introduced me to any girls, you never introduced me to any of the guys your age - some of them didn't even know I was your brother until I tried out for the team - you never invited me on any of your dates ... nothing," he said.

The shocked look was still on her face. "Oh Bobby, I'm so sorry. I've been such a bitch, trying to be popular and all that crap. Can you forgive me?"

"Sure, but now that I know how you really feel, I'm going to have to do something about this bet thing. I can't let some guy pork my sister because he thinks she's a slut, when in fact she's not one at all."

"Maybe we won't win," she said glumly.

"I wouldn't count on that," he said. "Don't worry, if worse comes to worse you can always claim you caught Herpes or something." He laughed at the look of horror on her face. "It might stop all the guys from trying to get in your pants" he grinned.

"Yeah, and our parents wouldn't hear about that, now would they?" she said sarcastically. "I'll think of something. Try not to help me unless I ask for it, okay, Einstein?"

They both laughed then and hugged again. Bobby couldn't help but notice the body that every other boy in school dreamed about. Her big breasts were soft and natural feeling against his chest, and her hips were round and sexy. His cock stiffened almost instantly.

Mandy felt her brother's penis poke her in the front of her panties, right above her pussy. She pushed him back and looked down at the bulge in his shorts. "Bobby!" she squealed, "not you too!"

He grinned sheepishly. "Sorry Mandy. Don't hate me for being a guy. I hugged a beautiful girl who I like very much, who just happened to be close to naked. My little head doesn't know the difference between 'sister' and 'woman'."

"I guess not!" she said, but there was no heat in her voice. She was even flattered a little. "Thanks for your shoulder to cry on. See you later."

Mandy was a little confused when she went back to her room. Lots of guys had hugged her and pushed against her. She didn't let them put their hands on her pussy. She knew how good that felt and she knew that if she let them do that she'd eventually let them do lots more. So her brother's penis was the first warm stiff one that had ever really made good contact with her sex. And the funny part was that it had felt good!

'Maybe I have a little head too' she quipped to herself.

The fact was that she couldn't just forget about it. She ended up, like she did on many occasions, sliding her hand into her panties and slipping two fingers into her pussy. A few rubs, several jerks and some pressure on her clitty brought her a nice slow orgasm that put her in the mood for sleep.

Mandy just ignored all the chatter about how they were going to win and she was going to 'get' to fuck the guy who won them the State championship. She tried not to act any different, not knowing how else to act. To most kids she looked like the confident, worldly Head Cheerleader who was going to get her pussy stuffed .. again. There were a whole bunch of boys who wished they'd gone out for the team.

The night came. It was an away game, played in the big stadium of the State College. There were thousands of fans there from both sides. What should have made Mandy nervous was performing in front of such crowds. But she went through the routines almost mechanically. Practice paid off and the squad did all their tricks and stunts flawlessly. Her mind was on the play on the field.

Unfortunately, from her perspective, the team was playing flawlessly too. At halftime, Roger Benson, the Quarterback, waltzed up to her in front of the rest of the squad and said "Grease it up Mandy, because I'm going to show you what it's like to be with a real man tonight." He laughed and postured in front of the girls, cupping his basket.

Mandy somehow maintained her composure and only drawled, "You wish, Roger. But if you really want to win this game you'd better give the ball to somebody else, cause I've seen you run."

The girls all hooted and screeched as he got red in the face and turned around, muttering "Bitch" under his breath. But he determined, right then and there, that he would carry that ball over the goal line for the winning play, no matter what the coach ordered. He would fuck that bitch, and he'd make her squeal! It didn't seem ironic to him at all that he stuck his hand repeatedly in the crotch of her brother all night. In fact, he wasn't even smart enough to notice that there was something ironic going on at all.

Their opponent was East Central, and they were good. They didn't have the line that the Mustangs did, but their quarterback could throw. Roger appeared to have the claim on Mandy's pussy when he kept the ball on an end run during the point after and put the Mustangs up by two. But when, late in the final quarter, Fred Hawk, a Mustang linebacker committed a personal foul and the ball was moved halfway to the goal line, East Central was were good enough to score a field goal that put them a point ahead. They were good enough to hold the Mustangs to short advances until there were only 23 seconds left to play.

The ball was at the fifty, and if the Mustangs could get another 20 yards or so and kick a field goal of their own, the game was theirs.

But to do it they had to throw the ball. They were out of time outs.

Mandy's heart was pounding. If the field goal got kicked, she owed her virginity to the kicker, Ricky Anderson, who was a vain and mean senior who had gotten ugly with her when she turned him down for a date. She couldn't stand the thought of him rutting between her legs.

Bobby snapped the ball and Roger lofted it to Fred Hawks, but he got nailed as he let it go and it was a little high and off course. Like a bad movie, a player from East Central was there and intercepted the ball. All he had to do was fall on it and run out the time. Mandy's heart leapt as high as the guy who caught that ball.

The player, though, wanted to make a name for himself. He wanted to score. He had visions of glory in his eyes. Maybe there was a pussy bet with his team's cheerleaders. For whatever reason ... he ran.

Bobby and the right guard, Jim Temple, had often worked together to run down the man with the ball. They reacted and headed for the ball. Jim got there first and hit the guy hard on the front of the thighs. The ball carrier, thinking he could hurdle Jim, didn't hurdle high enough and Jim caught him in one of those plays you see on "Ouch, that had to hurt" videos. The ball popped free as the carrier from East Central did a somersault and landed flat on his back.

As the whole stadium could plainly see, the ball had come out of his hands before he hit the ground.

It was a free ball.

Bobby had watched Jim hit the guy. He thought it was over, but to his never ending surprise, the ball suddenly appeared in the air right in front of him.

Instinct made him grab it.

Training made him run.

Knowing that if he made this score his team would win and his sister's virginity would be safe made him vicious.

He broke three tackles and got one good block.

24 seconds after he snapped the ball, he carried it over the goal line.

It seemed like the whole world exploded. The celebration started immediately and Bobby was carried all over the field by his teammates. It took an hour before enough order could be established to get the kids back on the bus and headed home with their trophy.

Bobby was holding court in the front of the bus. Mandy was in the back with some of the girls. Roger stood up and said, "I'm going to go back there and get my winnings". Somebody said, "What winnings?" and Roger answered, "I got the last points of the game that weren't done by her brother, so I get that pussy!"

It got very quiet in the front of the bus. Word reached the back what was happening and Mandy froze.

Bobby said loudly, "If I recall, the rights to that pussy, Roger, go to the man who scored the winning points. That would be me Roger, so it seems to me that I get to decide who gets that pussy."

It was deathly quiet now. Bobby went on and the whole bus heard him.

"And Roger, buddy, I am sorry to say this, but you are most definitely not going to be the guy I award my rights to!"

Laughter exploded and Roger seethed.

"Fuck you Wilson" he shouted. "And I'll fuck your sister too!" He headed toward the back of the bus. It got quiet again and everybody watched as Roger approached Mandy. "You're mine, bitch!" he shouted.

Several things happened. Bobby jumped up and followed Roger down the aisle. No one tried to stop him. Mandy, who was sitting on the aisle, brought her tennis-shoed foot up and snapped it forward into Roger's balls. He had changed into street clothes and no longer had on a cup. She was a healthy girl, with strong cheerleader legs. Two of the cheerleaders, finally coming to their senses, stood up and hovered over Mandy protectively.

Roger went down like a sack of cement. His piteous groans were music in Mandy's ears. Several people laughed. Bobby stopped. In the dark no one could see the shock on his face.

Mandy stood up slowly. "Bobby?" she said sweetly. You could have heard a pin drop. "My pussy is my own, and I'll be the one to decide who gets it and who doesn't. You can go sit down now little brother."

It was a riot after that. People laughed and cried and gave Bobby a hard time, talking to him in falsetto voices, mimicking his sister, but he didn't care. He knew by the tone of her voice that she wasn't mad at him. They left Roger where he was. He eventually got up and hobbled back to the front of the bus, but the snot was gone from his manner.

Four hours later Mandy and Bobby got in their old car and Mandy drove them home. It was quiet in the car, but it was an easy quiet, after all the noise and confusion of the night. They expected their parents to be home. They had driven to the game with a bunch of other parents, and should have been back long ago, but the house was dark. The phone was flashing at them when they went in. It was a message from their mother. A bunch of the parents had decided to celebrate and had rented motel rooms to stay the night because they were all going to get roaring drunk. She cautioned them not to do the same and hung up.

Bobby was lying on his bed, reading and listening to music to fall asleep to when Mandy came in his door. She was wearing a T shirt that fit better and hung to her thighs. He pulled the headphones off. She looked delicious in the shirt, with her hair down, out of the ponytail she'd been wearing. While she'd gotten ready for bed, a most strange thing had happened as she thought about everything that had happened. Whether it was relief that she hadn't had to spread her legs for some boy, or the overwhelming sense of gratitude for her brother, whatever the reason she had come to a decision that would have shocked her to the core if she'd had time to think about it. But she didn't take time to think. She just made a decision.

She'd finally identified a boy she loved enough to give her virginity to.

"Hey" he said.

"I came to thank you" she said, walking toward him.

"No problem. Who'd have thought it?" he quipped.

"No, I mean it Bobby, you saved me, and I love you for it." Her eyes were liquid in the dim light thrown by his reading lamp.

She was standing right by the bed now. The light highlighted her nipples in the shirt and she smelled good. Bobby groaned inwardly as he felt his cock start to do its thing. He put the book down, open, across his gym shorts.

"Like I said, no problem."

Mandy leaned over and very deliberately kissed her brother on the lips. Hers were warm and soft. His were tight and surprised. Her tongue flicked out and licked the crease of his lips, seeking entry. He gasped and her tongue darted into his mouth. Her hand came to rest on his hard stomach and slid lower, heading for his stiffening cock.

When her hand hit the waistband of his shorts she broke the kiss. But her hand kept going. While she stared him in the eyes, her hand slid under the elastic, through the nest of hair and onto his cock. In the time it took her to do all this, he was rock hard.

"Mandy" he breathed. "What are you doing?"

"I'm paying off on the bet, little brother," she said, slowly fisting his cock and stroking it once.

"You .. you can't do that," he gasped.

"Why not? You won the game. You scored the winning points. You are the victor and I am the spoils." She stroked him again and his hips moved. It felt fantastic to have her hand on him.

"You don't have to do this Mandy," he huffed. "Remember? I saved you. You don't have to do anything," he moaned.

"I know you saved me. You saved me twice. Once from that horrible Ricky Anderson, and again from Roger on the bus. And I love you for it, and I want to show you how much I love you for it." Her hand disappeared from his shorts and she lifted the T shirt. She was naked underneath it.

Bobby hissed a breath. He knew she was gorgeous, but he'd never seen her like this. Her breasts were round and heavy, sagging just a little. The nipples were upturned and looked off in slightly different directions. They were hard and long and mouth watering. Her flat stomach drew the attention to her sparse blond bush. It was trimmed to a thin line of hair that allowed her to wear all those teeny bikinis. Below that were her pouting pussy lips. They were swollen now, and had a sheen that made them look slightly wet.

"Bobby," she said softly. "I meant what I said on the bus. My pussy is mine, and I'll give it to whom I want. And I want to give it to you Bobby, for saving me and for winning the game."

He lay frozen as she flicked the book off his lap and grasped the waistband of his shorts. She pulled and some automatic reflex made him lift his hips. His rampant prick flopped as it cleared the fabric. It leaned, drunkenly, but was rock hard. It wanted pussy.

"But Mandy, you're my sisteeeeeeeahhh!" he screamed as her mouth came down on his steely rod. She sucked it lovingly and fondled his balls, hefting them, cradling them, massaging the heavy sack. His hand came to her hair and he gripped it. But he couldn't make himself lift her head off. She sucked on the knob and twirled her tongue all over it before pulling off while sucking it hard. There was a 'pop' sound as she raised her head.

"I've never done that before Bobby, not for anybody." She leaned over and kissed him again. This time his tongue was ready, despite the fact that her mouth had just sucked his cock, and he gave it to her as she crawled over his hips and settled her pussy down right on his balls. She pulled back and reached between them for his cock. "And I've never done this before either, Bobby" she said as she lifted herself slightly and notched his cock tip in her pussy. "Or this," she moaned as she started letting her weight down. "OOhhhh fuck ... or thiiiiiissssss" she wailed as he felt his cock go in her until her pussy was once again sitting on his balls.

Bobby was a virgin too. Well, he had been. He was in shock. He didn't know what to do. But his little head did. It throbbed, swelled, and the piss slit that was parked right next to the mouth of his sister's womb opened up to make room for a long silver streak of his semen which blasted against her cervical lips and ricocheted into her womb. That was followed by four more healthy virile ropes of sticky sperm that thoroughly coated Mandy's womb walls and filled the end of her pussy.

Mandy felt the heat and wet of his discharge and knew what it was. She thrilled to the feel of her lover's sperm soaking in her innermost parts. He was still rock hard and she knew that, after the initial pain of entry, it would feel very very good to feel him moving in her. So she fucked him for 60 seconds or so, gasping at the pleasure, before collapsing on him and rolling, pulling him on top of her as she spread her legs. Both of them were athletic and the roll ended up with him still balls deep in her. He was so excited that his hardon had wilted only a fraction.

His own instincts took over and he mated with his sister. He pounded her until she screamed out her joy, having one orgasm on top of another. He'd just cum, and he had fifteen minutes of hardon left in him before he felt the urge to fertilize her again. She was chanting "I love you, oh, Bobby I love you, I love you, I love you!" and he groaned as he buried his tool one last time and let his seed flow again into her receptive slot for a second time.

It was an interesting night. They couldn't get enough of each other. Mandy had always had a hot pussy, and she'd been right that if she let boys touch it she'd have let them fuck it. When Bobby discovered how sensitive her nipples were he took great delight in getting her through an orgasm just by touching and sucking them and not touching her anywhere else. They mated four times that night, and each time she welcomed his heavy, rich seed into her innermost depths.

For months after that, if he could get to her nipples, she'd spread her legs for him, even if she was mad at him when they started.

But he didn't have to try very hard to get Mandy to spread her legs for him. She still went out on dates, but when she got home, her pussy was his and he regularly fucked it. And spurted in it. Like many young people, they thought nothing would happen.

It did, however. A biologist would say, "It did, of course."

Her college plans went on hold when her belly began swelling. She and Bobby knew whose baby was growing and would soon be kicking in her, but all the kids in school just nodded their heads and said "The slut got what was coming to her."

There was a sudden dearth of boys who would claim to have gotten into her panties, since no one wanted to be named the father.

Mandy, interestingly enough, wasn't all that upset about the ... development. She didn't mind being pregnant, if only because that meant no boys wanted to take her out any more and she got to spend more time at home with Bobby.

Her parents were pretty angry about it, but when Aunt Mary maintained that there was a permanent place for Mandy at the ranch, with room for children, Mandy just smiled.

Kevin was four years old, and was playing cowboy when a car drove into the yard. Kevin, not afraid of anybody, walked toward the car. A tall man got out and smiled at him. Suddenly, Kevin's mamma came running out of the house and almost knocked the man down hugging him and kissing him and yelling "Bobbeeeee" at the top of her lungs. Aunt Mary came out on the porch and shook her head in a way that Kevin would someday know meant she had just found out something she thought was true, was actually true.

Then mamma was squatting in front of him. "Kevin, honey, I want you to meet your daddy. He just graduated from college and he's going to live with us now. Isn't that great? And you can have a baby sister and a baby brother and another baby sister and ..."

Kevin didn't know about all those babies crawling around the place, but the way his papa was kissing his mamma looked like they were having a good time.

He went to join them and get a hug of his own.

The End

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