Shaving Daddy

by Lubrican

Lisa was making supper when her daddy came home from work. He was grouchy tonight. He banged through the front door, answered her "Hi Daddy" with a growl and disappeared into his bedroom.

Lisa shook her sixteen year old head as she stirred the hamburger helper. She missed her mother at times like these. Valerie O'Conner had died of cancer two years ago, and Lisa and her father had carried on as best they could since then. But sometimes it was hard.

On both of them.

She finished up and set the table. Then she went to her father's door and knocked on it lightly. "Supper's ready Daddy," she said.

"Be down in a minute" came the gruff reply.

She was waiting for him just inside the dining room. As soon as he walked in she slid up to him, slid her arms around him and melted against him. "Did you have a hard day?" she said in her best `mommy` voice. She actually felt him relax.

"Yeah" he sighed. "I got a date for next Friday night." he went on.

She pushed him away, her face lighting up. "That's great, Daddy! I'm so happy for you. Who is she?"

"Her name's Vicky. She's Mr. Haskell's executive secretary. I don't even know how it happened. I mean I went in there to give him an update on the Turner deal and the next thing I knew she was standing next to me, saying as how she'd be delighted to have dinner with me."

"I bet she's pretty." said Lisa. For some strange reason that made her stomach feel ... uneasy.

"Oh yeah!" her father said forcefully. "She's a knockout! That's part of the problem. She's a high class lady. You can't just jump the bones of a woman like that and ..." He turned red as he saw his daughter's open mouthed look.

"Oh... sorry," he said. "I shouldn’t have said that. It's just that it's been a long time and ..."

"I understand" said Lisa in a surprisingly brittle voice. "After all, Mom's been gone a WHOLE TWO YEARS!" Then, for reasons she couldn't explain, Lisa burst into tears.

Paul looked at his daughter, horrified. He should have watched his mouth. Now she was all upset. He pulled her into his arms and she hugged him hard, sobbing into his chest.

"I'm sorry baby, I know you miss her. I miss her too. That's part of the problem. It HAS been two years, and what with watching you turn into a teen babe, and seeing other beautiful women, it makes me miss Val all the more. Sometimes I guess I just get horny." As soon as he'd said it he couldn't believe it. How stupid could a man be to say something like that to his daughter?

But oddly enough, Lisa didn't seem to mind. She pulled her tearstained face back from his chest and looked up at him.

"I know, Daddy. I've just sort of gotten used to having you all to myself. I guess maybe I'm just a little bit jealous." She tried to smile. "Really. I'm happy for you." She kissed him on the cheek. Then she pushed him to the table and they talked about other things during dinner.

After dinner Paul mumbled that he had to do something and disappeared into the bathroom. Lisa had just turned off the TV after deciding there was nothing on worth watching when she heard him yell "SHIT!" from in the bathroom. She jumped up from the chair and ran to the door.

"You OK Daddy?" she yelled through the door.

"Yeah" he yelled back. Then he yelled "Don't come in!"

Lisa thought that was odd. Why should he think she'd walk in on him.

"Daddy, what are you doing?"

"Nothing" he yelled back. "I'm shaving."

Now that was odd too. He always shaved in the morning. And he used an electric razor. She didn't hear the sound of the razor now, though.

"Daddy?" she yelled again. "What's going on in there?"

It was quiet for so long that she DID think about barging in on him. Then the door handle turned and the door opened ... just a crack. Her father's face was looking through the crack. His five O'clock shadow hadn't been touched. She tried to see through the crack in the door.

"Daddy, I want to know what's going on in there, and I want to know right now!" It didn't occur to her that she sounded just like her mother.

But Paul noticed it right away. "I can explain," he said. "Just a minute." He closed the door and then opened it all the way. He was tying the sash of a robe he'd obviously just put on. "Come on in," he said.

Lisa went into the room, peering in all directions, like she was trying to find someone hiding in there. It didn't occur to her that her father had just invited her into the bathroom to explain something to her.

"I went to the doctor today" he said.

Lisa stopped and turned to look at her father. Now her young face showed concern.

"Why? Are you okay? What's wrong Daddy" there was the hint of panic in her voice. The loss of her mother was still relatively fresh.

"NO! I mean YES, everything's fine. Nothing's wrong" he said. "I went in to consult him about .... about a surgical procedure."

"Oh" said Lisa. She blinked. "Surgery?" Her voice rose a little. "What kind of surgery?"

Paul looked at Lisa. Then at the ceiling, and the corner, and about anywhere in the bathroom except at Lisa. "A vasectomy." He said.

Lisa stared at him. Her mouth fell open. She was speechless.

Paul took her silence for disapproval. "It's like this. I got to thinking about .. dating again .. and .. well, I had you with your mother. If she hadn't died we would have had more, but now I don't want to have more children, and if I ... date ... I don't want there to be any ... complications ..."

Lisa began to blush as she realized what he was talking about. But there was a funny "nice" feeling in the pit of her stomach when she heard him say he had shared his sperm with her mother, but didn't want to share it with anyone else. For some reason she didn't WANT any other woman to get any of his sperm. She froze. What was she THINKING? What business of hers was it whose sperm got shared with whom? She thought again about how her father must be having a hard time ... sexually. It wasn't fair of her to keep other women away from him. She hugged him.

"It's OK, Daddy, I understand."

She pushed him away. "But what does that have to do with the way you were acting in here?"

Now he blushed. "Well, the procedure is tomorrow, and the doctor said I should shave my ... shave down there. It'll save time and if I don't do it then one of his people will and ... well I tried, but I can't do it. I think I cut myself."

Lisa went into "mommy" mode.

It changed their lives forever.

"Oh no!" she commiserated. "Let me see. You want me to help? I shave my legs all the time. Surely it shouldn't be so different." She reached for his robe.

"WAIT!" he yelled.

She stopped, lifting an eyebrow as if to say "What?".

"You're my daughter," he said, as if that explained everything.

"So, who else is going to do it?" She was thinking in practical terms, rather than daughter terms. "Come on" she started whisking her hands all around the fastening of his robe. "Get it off ... come on ... let's go."

And so, not thinking it through, Paul let the robe drop. Paul was 38. He kept in shape. Lisa had seen him in his running shorts. She'd seen him in his underwear. She'd seen him wrapped in a towel. But Lisa had never seen him quite like this.

She realized with a blush that he was quite a stud. His penis hung heavy, dangling between his hairy thighs. It wasn't circumcised and the skin was dark. There was a nest of black kinky hair all around the base, and it flowed down onto his heavy, full looking ball sack. There was one place where she could see skin, where he'd scraped the razor through his hair. There was another place where he'd started, actually on the base of his penis, but had stopped. There was a red stain there, where he'd cut himself.

Lisa sat down on the vanity stool. She picked up the razor and inspected it. It was a throwaway. She looked around. "Where's the shaving cream?" she asked.

"I wasn't using any," he said. She stared up at him. "I figured I wouldn't be able to see through it," he said.

She looked around again. "And where's the washcloth?" This time he didn't answer. He just opened the cabinet, got out a clean washcloth and the shaving cream. He extended them to her.

"Are you sure about this?" he said.

"Oh be quiet and don't move." she growled. She ran the washcloth under the hot water and began to rub it all over his penis and balls.

"You have to soften the hair before you try to cut it." she lectured. She opened a drawer and pulled out a small pair of scissors. "And you should cut it as short as possible with scissors before you use the razor. That way it doesn't foul up the razor as bad." She clipped busily with the scissors, his pubes dropping to the floor like falling snow. Then she squirted a dollop of cream on her hand. Grasping his penis with two fingers, she raised it up while she smeared the shaving cream all over his balls and the base of his dick. He felt a tingle in his cock and realized that he might just end up here with an erection. He tried to think of other things.

"How come you know so much about shaving?" he said, in an effort to direct his mind to something other than what she was doing.

Lisa was intent on her preparation. She was examining her father's penis as she moved and manipulated it. She'd touched one or two on dates before, but nothing more, and she hadn't been able to "examine" them then. She was fascinated by the wrinkles, bumps and veins on the one in front of her. It actually looked ... yummy!

"I shaved myself down ..." she said without thinking.

She stopped. She was so embarrassed, she couldn't look at him. "I shave sometimes" she said lamely.

Paul was in shock. He had a vivid picture in his mind of his wife's pussy, clean shaven, soft and smooth, but suddenly the face above that pussy was Lisa's. Valerie had only shaved one time, and that was just before Lisa was born. Her pussy lips had been fat and puffy then, distended along with the belly above them. He'd thought it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. But Val wouldn't keep it shaved after that. Now he couldn't get the picture of his sixteen year old daughter, with shaved pussy, out of his mind.

His cock thickened and rose, as if it had a life of its own. Lisa stared at it, amazed and intrigued as it got longer, thicker ... more ... dangerous looking. Paul didn't know what to do. His groin was covered with shaving cream. His daughter's face was about six inches away from his stiffening dick. And THAT made him get even stiffer.

In the span of sixty seconds his prick was fully erect, straining toward Lisa's amazed gaze, the tip poking out of its protective sheath of skin. Now it was about eight inches long. It curved upward a little.

Lisa knew she should look away. But she couldn't. She was fascinated. Now it looked POSITIVELY yummy. Her hand came up and wrapped around it. It was HARD! But it was soft too ... silky ... smooth. She licked her lips. Then she looked up into her Daddy's eyes. There was terror there. But she was now determined to spend some time with this very interesting thing. She decided to be brazen about it, to try to disarm him.

"Well!" she said, matter of factly. "That will certainly make it a lot easier to maneuver the razor. Thank you Daddy." Then she picked up the razor and, keeping her hand firmly wrapped around his penis she began to gently scrape him clean of hair.

She soon discovered that holding onto his penis wasn't really helping. But she didn't want to let go. Finally, though, she had to, to get to his balls. "Daddy?" she said. "You need to hold it up out of the way for me."

Paul had been frozen ever since his little girl had wrapped her hot little hand around his boner. He watched dumbly as she swiped the razor back and forth, in the process causing her other hand - the one wrapped around his dick - to slide back and forth. She wasn't jacking him off, but she was ... jacking him off. Then she let go and told him to pull it up.

With a sigh of relief he grabbed the tip and lifted it up against his stomach. He had been about ready to blow his wad all over his daughter's T shirt. Now she was grasping the wrinkled skin of his balls and pulling it this way and that while she shaved the hair off his testicles. It seemed too unreal. Getting his balls smooth was a lot harder. She worked his balls for fifteen minutes before she was satisfied.

Now she went back to his penis, and the still hairy base of it. Again she wrapped her hand around it, pulling it down. She was flushed now. Shaving her Daddy's balls had made her feel funny. It was in there that all his sperm was being made. They were full, and that made her feel squirmy. It was so sad to think that tomorrow all that sperm would be trapped in there with no place to go any more. And the feel of his thick hard cock in her hand was making her thoughts all fuzzy.

She pulled down on it, fighting the stiff rod, to stretch the skin at the base. She saw that where he had cut himself had broken back open and was bleeding again. "Ohhhhh" she murmured and then leaned forward to kiss the spot. "Kiss it and make it better" she chanted, just like her mother used to whenever she had a scrape or bruise. She heard her father gasp, realized that her lips were on a hard penis and then she felt a surge of warmth in her pussy. Her nipples tingled too. She leaned back, breathing deeply, trying to get back in control.

She carefully began taking off the remaining hair around the base of her father's penis. Again, in the process of moving his prick around, her hand pulled up and down on it, jacking him off. The tip began to leak precum, the milky fluid dripping off the tip and onto Lisa's hand while she manipulated the razor.

Paul couldn't breathe. Lisa was all but actively masturbating him now, but he could plainly see that it wasn't her intent. He had to do something. He couldn't cum in his daughter's face. He'd just die if he did. He bit his lip, but that didn't help. Finally she appeared to be done with the razor.

Lisa was done with the actual shaving. But she had come to a decision. She couldn't ask her father to let her do what she was going to do, but she couldn't ... not do it ... either. She wondered what he'd do when she did what she was planning.

"Don't move yet" she said, her voice husky.

She opened a drawer and re-heated the washcloth under the hot water.

"You have to put some balm on it to combat the razor burn. This skin isn't used to being shaved, and it will get all red and hurt if you don't."

She wiped the hot washcloth all over his genitals, removing all traces of shaving cream. Then she put a dollop of an ivory scented lotion in one palm, rubbed her hands together, and began to massage it into his penis and balls.

This time, when she grasped his penis, she did so at the tip, and then, holding on tightly, slid her hand to the base. His foreskin peeled back, unhooding the head. It was all dark and purple looking now, and another streak of precum oozed out.

Then, holding the foreskin back, and with her other hand massaging his balls, Lisa leaned forward and slid her mouth onto her father's cock. She sucked gently, and ran her tongue all around the sensitive head.

Paul felt like he'd been struck by lightning. He stared down at his daughter's blond hair, covering what he knew was happening down there. She'd put his dick in her mouth and was sucking him off! Instantly he felt himself start to cum.

"Lisa" he grunted. "I'm gonna cum". The hand on his balls went to where his sperm tube entered his penis and squeezed. The hand on his penis went to the base and also tightened.

His orgasm was stopped in it's tracks.

It hurt a little, mostly in his balls.

Where in the world had she learned how to do that?

Where she had learned was in the back seat of a couple of cars. She'd learned that if you didn't do that, they'd squirt all over you, the car, your clothing - everywhere. So she learned to squeeze them off until she was ready for them. She'd never had one in her mouth before. She thought about tasting her Daddy's sperm. Maybe later. She wanted to save it for something else this time.

She pulled her mouth reluctantly off of his straining penis. She knew she'd have to handle this next part carefully. Otherwise her Daddy would listen to his conscience. She didn't want him to do that. She looked up at him and said innocently "You wouldn't want to do that, now would you?" She stood up. She undid her shorts and let them drop to the floor.

Paul was confused. He didn't want to cum. But he had been so close, and it had felt sooo good! What was she doing now? Why was she taking her shorts off? What was going on?

"What are you doing, honey?" he asked.

"I want to compare" she said. "I told you I shaved ... myself." I want to see if I did as good a job on you as I did on me."

A sober man would have immediately realized how stupid that sounded. But Paul wasn't sober. Paul was loaded up with testosterone, which is MUCH worse than liquor. He stared as his daughter lowered her panties and then pulled her T shirt up over her head. When she dropped that on the floor she was naked ... just like him.

Lisa perched her butt on the edge of the counter and spread her legs. There, in all it's glory, was her shaven teen pussy. Her pussy lips were full and bulging, darker than their normal pink. They were wet too. She was fully aroused. She spread her legs wide and her pussy lips parted, flowering open. She reached out and grasped her Daddy's iron hard prick and pulled.

"See Daddy? Now we're alike, aren't we? Did I do a good job Daddy?"

She pulled his penis closer and closer to her gaping pussy. Her hand was jacking on him again. This time it was obvious she knew exactly what she was doing.

"See how nice and smooth we are Daddy? See how it looks like we're two pieces of a puzzle? Like we fit together perfectly?"

Paul watched, dazed as he saw his penis get closer and closer to her gorgeous shaved muff. He heard her words, but he felt them more. Now his prick was just a short inch away from her.

She let go, leaving it bobbing.

Now her hands went to his hips. They pulled gently. If he went, his prick would touch her pussy. If it touched, he knew he would be lost. He knew he wouldn't stop there. He tore his gaze away from his cock and looked at his daughter's face. She was staring calmly back.

"I love you Daddy," she said.

Her hands pulled. He felt his dick nudge into her slick sex.

"Oh baby" he groaned.

Then he leaned forward and slid into her.

Lisa was a virgin. Technically, anyway. When she'd decided to shave her bush, and then had done so, she'd gotten good and turned on in the process. She'd rubbed the balm into her clean shaven pussy and had instinctively realized that something up inside her would feel really good about then. A nice long plastic brush handle had sufficed very nicely and, once the pain was gone, had made her feel really really good. She'd used that brush more than a few times since. So when her father's thick hard penis slid into her, it stretched her, but didn't actually hurt.

"Ohhhh Daddy" she moaned back.

As he hit bottom he whined "I shouldn't."

She hugged him to her and hunched her pussy toward him. "Yes, you should." .

She reached up and took his face in her hands. She kissed him very deliberately. It was NOT the kiss of a daughter. It was the kiss of a woman ... a lover.

"Now" she said between more kisses "You can cum."

"You're on the pill, baby ... right?" he gasped.

"Don't be silly Daddy" she sighed, and kissed him again. When she pulled back this time she stared straight into his eyes. "Why would I want to be on the pill?"

Paul stiffened, shocked, amazed, happy, ecstatic as he realized what his daughter had just said. She had spread her legs for him, invited him into her most secret place, and now, was welcoming his seed. All inhibition left him as his heart soared with joy. With his prick sheathed deep in his baby girl, he grunted and unleashed two years of pent up sperm-laced semen into her sex channel. His cock gushed streams of sticky ivory fluid into her pussy, firmly planting his seed deep in her womb. He sagged against her, panting.

Lisa, basking in the glow of the heat that had been injected into her belly, ran her hands lightly over his back.

"Thank you Daddy" she murmured.

She let him catch his breath a little and then gently pushed him back. He stood unsteadily as she sat down again, and with the washcloth and her mouth, cleaned him off. Then she stood up and crushed her naked breasts to his chest. .

"Let's go to bed now Daddy" she said into his chest. "It's my turn now."

It would be hard to say whether Paul wore her out during the night, or she wore him out. When she finally woke up he was gone. She was sad, wondering what things would be like when he got home that night. She got up and felt his sperm leaking out of her sore pussy. She clamped three fingers over her pussy mouth, deciding to keep the last of his sperm as long as she could. When he got home there would be no more.

Again, she was preparing dinner when he came in. He was in a much better mood this night, she thought, a little bitterly. "Hi Daddy" she said. She'd decided to act as if nothing had happened. "How'd it go? Everything OK?"

"It went perfectly" he said as he came up behind her and put his hands around her, on her stomach. "I got to the doctor's, he took a look, said the shave job was perfect, and asked if I still wanted to have the procedure."

His hands slid upwards, cupping her breasts. "I told him I'd changed my mind."

Within two minutes Paul had Lisa spread out on the kitchen table, his dick deep in her pussy again. This time he was going to try to last more than five minutes before he stuffed her full of his baby juice.

Well, maybe four minutes.

The End

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