Showering With Cousin

by Lubrican

Megan and her father, Butch, lived happily in Oak Hollow, a sleepy little mountain town in Kentucky, where her daddy worked in the barrel factory. He drove a big truck that delivered barrels.

Megan had just turned sixteen when her daddy got laid off and had to go to become an independent trucker to pay the bills and keep his truck. Now he had to find his own loads, and would be gone from home for as much as a month at a time. Since Megan's mother had gone to the big city to find a job ... and then never returned ... he decided that the best thing to do was have Megan stay with his sister until things got figured out.

Aunt Molly, her husband, Uncle Bob and their boy, Mark, lived in a suburb of Nashville, which just plain dazzled Megan as she looked out the window of the delivery truck her daddy was delivering her in, on this particular day.

When she finally saw the house, she sucked in a big breath. It was so beautiful and big! She didn't notice as she sucked in that big breath that her braless titties pushed her thin blouse out tight and her nipples poked through the cloth almost like it wasn't there.

Her daddy noticed though. He sighed. His daughter sure turned him on. It was a good thing he was going out on the road, because lately, as he jacked his big cock off, he thought more and more about how perfectly wonderful it would feel to be in her nice warm virgin pussy when his prick started spurting baby makers.

Another part of his sigh was because he knew that, living with his sister, she'd be introduced to all sorts of city things, one of which was probably going to be sex. But there wasn't much he could do about it. Nature had been introducing sixteen-year-old girls to sex for hundreds of thousands of years. All he could do was keep looking for a job where he could stay home and get them back into the mountains where they belonged.

Megan's father wasn't the only one who noticed her as a woman either.

Uncle Bob and Mark noticed what a fox Megan was when she got into the house. Both of them looked at her short stacked body and her pretty face with its halo of fluffy blond hair and felt their dicks tighten. Aunt Molly saw the look on her husband's face and examined the girl closely. Within seconds she arrived at the conclusion that, if she weren't firmly heterosexual, she might go for the delicious looking little slice of femininity herself. She resolved to fuck Bob's brains out that very night. She didn't think it would be a good idea for him to be very horny at all, with this prettily packaged pulchritude in the house. She'd worry about Mark later.

Meanwhile she welcomed Megan happily. It would be nice to have another female around the house. Maybe the boys would behave a little better too.

She should have worried about Mark then, not later. Being a normal, red-blooded boy, as soon as he saw his gorgeous cousin he started thinking about ways to get his prick in her. He had only lost his virginity two weeks earlier, when Margie Simmons had finally spread her legs for him, and ever since then jacking off just hadn't been the thrill it used to be. He offered to take Megan to her new room and get her settled in. Soon they were alone and he quickly found out how innocent she was, and how trusting too.

It wasn't that he was a prick. He just had one. It wasn't that he didn't care about her. He just thought with his little head, like so many males before him.

As he showed her the bathroom they'd share, she exclaimed about how modern everything was. she was especially excited about the shower, as they didn't have one back in Hog Hollow, or wherever it was she said she was from. He got an idea.

"Yeah, that's the shower we put in to save water. Water's real expensive here in the city. In fact, my parents said you and I might have to take showers together ... to save on water and all."

That didn't faze Megan. Back home when she wanted a bath she just put a few buckets of water in the old copper tub in one corner of the kitchen. Then she stripped down and stood in it, dipping a washcloth in the water and washing her body. Her daddy saw her doing that all the time, so she didn't think it was odd that her seventeen year old cousin might see her naked too.

"Okay," she said brightly. "I can't wait to feel that water. It'll be sort of like a waterfall. Can we take a shower tonight?"

Mark couldn't believe his luck. "Sure, but don't mention it to the parents. They're kind of embarrassed about being poor and all. I'll let you know when it's time, okay?"

She nodded and kept exclaiming about how nice everything was, and how big her room was and how fancy things were. She told him what her life was like back home in the mountains, and asked him a ton of questions. Mark realized she was a lot of fun to be around, because she was so innocent, and hadn't learned yet how to be snarky or mean. She didn't tease him, like most girls did, and she was actually interested in what he thought about things. He even felt just a little bad about running his scam on her, because he'd actually like having her around even if they never actually got to take a shower together.

But that night, during supper, when his parents said they were going out to play cards for the evening, and would be home late, and for the kids to get to bed on time, his little head heard all that and jumped to attention. He had never paid that much attention to when their bowling night was, and when they played bridge. He was going to have to pay attention, because those nights were going to become bath nights!

Later, after his parents had left, Mark went to the living room where Megan was watching a cable program she had never seen before.

"Hey, I guess it's bath time," he said, using a voice that he hoped sounded normal, if not bored.

"Okay," she said as she hopped up. She was wearing the shorts and blouse she'd arrived in, and was barefoot. She followed him to their bathroom and watched as he turned on the water. Then he stood back and slowly started taking his shirt off. Megan couldn't wait to get in the water, so she quickly unbuttoned and dropped her blouse, and then unbuttoned, unzipped and dropped her shorts.

All she had on now was a pair of pale blue panties. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of those and pushed them down, over her tanned legs to her ankles. Then she stood up, lifted one foot out and kicked them off the other foot. Her eyes lifted to her cousin to see if he was ready too.

Mark couldn't believe it. His sexy cousin was naked in front of him. When she'd dropped her blouse he froze. Her breasts were fabulous. they weren't huge or anything, but were nice round orbs with dark brown nipples. Then he saw her undoing her shorts and felt blood rushing to his face. When she kicked off her panties he got a good look at a sparse covering of fluffy, yellow hair above two pouting pussy lips that were pressed tightly together, as though they were the doors to a bank vault, guarding a fabulous treasure. The fact that she was completely unashamed to be naked in front of him made him nervous. That and the fact that his still covered penis was now as hard as stone.

"Hurry up," she said, shifting from one foot to the other and darting longing glances at the running water.

"Go ahead and get in," he said. "I'll be there in a minute."

She jumped into the shower and he heard her squeal as the water poured over her body. "This is fun!" she yelled, as he finally pried his pants off his swollen cock. It was so hard it was pointing up at the ceiling, and it was already leaking precum. Taking a deep breath he opened the door and got in with Megan.

It was a fairly tight fit. It was a 48" shower, which is big for one person, but really cozy for two. He bumped into her immediately and she turned to face him with a big smile on her face. "This is fun!" she said again, her breasts pushing against his arm. She didn't look down at his rampant penis.

Mark got another idea.

"Yeah, it's really nice. Kind of crowded though. I can't reach all of me with the soap. We'll have to wash each other. Here ... turn around and I'll do your back." he said.

Megan dutifully turned and he rubbed the soap across her shoulders, spreading the lather to her arms and down her back. He let his hands slip onto her buttocks, holding his breath, but she didn't object. In fact she said, "Mmmm that feels nice. This soap smells so good too." Instead of chancing that she wouldn't turn around, he just re-soaped his hands and slid them around her waist under her arms until his hands were on her stomach. He rubbed them in little circles and sighed as she raised her arms away from her body to give him more room. Going for the gusto, he let his hands slide up to cup her breasts, and then ran them back down her sides. When she didn't object to that he did it again, this time letting his hands slide across her breasts.

She turned around and said "I suppose I shouldn't let you touch me there." she said, sounding a little regretful.

"Why not? Didn't you like it?" said her horny cousin.

"Yeah, it felt real nice, but Daddy says that boys just want to put a baby in my tummy, and for me not to let them do that."

"Gee, all I did was touch your boobs a little," he said, trying to sound hurt. "And just to get them clean. If you feel that way why did you even get naked in front of me?"

"Oh!" she said, looking at him with wide eyes. "Cause you're family. Don't you all do that here in the city? In the mountains we don't set much store by covering up just to cover up. As long as it's just family then it doesn't matter. I hope I didn't do anything wrong." she moaned.

"No no, it's okay," he soothed her with his hands on her waist. "We're like that in this house too, though some people around here aren't. I mean you shouldn't run around buck naked - my mom would have a fit - but it's okay to do this." He hoped she bought it.

"Well ... if you're sure." she said, looking doubtful. "And you don't want to make me pregnant?"

"Oh no, I wouldn't do that," he said solemnly. Not unless I asked you first and you said it was okay." Then he went on to get her mind off that. "So you want to wash me?"

She said she would and he handed her the soap. Then he held his hands up over his head and turned his back to her. She mimicked his actions, doing his shoulders and buttocks and then sliding her hands around to his stomach and up over his chest. His prong was standing proud and tall and he just ached to feel her hands on it. He took her hands and pushed them down to his pubic hair. "You can wash me there too." he said. He felt her fingers exploring, finding his rod and moving along it to feel its extent. He heard her gasp.

"You're all hard down there," she said in a hushed voice. "I thought you said you didn't want to get me pregnant."

"Oh, I don't. I mean I wouldn't mind and all, because you're really pretty and everything. That's why it's hard, because you're pretty. But I don't mean to do anything with it. It does feel awful nice when you wash it though. Could you maybe wash it some more?"

He turned around and now she did look down. Her eyes got big. "Wow, that's just like my Daddy's," she said.

"You've seen your daddy's peter?" he said, sounding like he didn't really believe it.

"Oh yeah, sometimes, like when he's takin' a bath, or changin' clothes or something like that. I told you we don't cover up much. But his is almost always hard like that. He showed me that one time, when he was talkin' about what boys like to do, so I'd know about that stuff."

"Oh," he said, sighing as her hand closed over his cock and she washed it by moving her hand back and forth along its length. "Yeah, do that ... just like that ... Oh Megan that feels so nice ... keep washin' ... Oh yeah ... like that!"

His cock spat a stream of semen, which splatted right on the hair above Megan's pussy and dripped down onto those tightly closed lips. Seeing that Mark let out a grunt and shot two more spurts as quickly as he could, hoping to hit the same place. He got it again once, but then her hand brought it upward as she felt the heat of it on her body and looked to see what was happening. His last strong spurt arched up and onto her left breast before the cascading water washed it off.

"Wow!" she said. "Was that your baby juice?"

"He slumped and nodded. "Yeah, sometimes it comes out like that when I wash my peter really good, like you did. Boy that felt good. Thanks, Megan. You sure you don't want me to wash the rest of you?" he finished hopefully.

She stared at his shrinking penis and rubbed her hand through her now slippery mons. "Maybe next time," she said, only half thinking about what she was saying. His stuff felt slippery and good on her skin. She slid one of her slippery fingers between those tightly closed lips, as if she was washing herself there, and used his slippery stuff like it was soap. It made her shiver. She knew a little about sex, but hadn't really thought about it much. There weren't any boys in Oak Hollow that she was interested in. Not in that way. She looked up to see Mark staring at her finger as it slid back and forth between her legs. His mouth was open. "You really think I'm pretty?" she asked, turning in the water to let it wash off all the soap.

"Oh yeah," he said, his voice husky.

"Well I think you're kind of handsome your own self." She smiled at him.

They got out of the shower and dried off. She chatted with him, asking him all sorts of things about the school he went to, and the stores that were around and who his friends were. He answered, mostly in monosyllables, watching her naked body as she twisted and turned to get dry. By the time they were done he had another hardon.

"I reckon you weren't lyin'," she said, looking pointedly at his rampant prick. She smiled at him. "Maybe I am pretty." Then she turned and, stark naked, walked out of the bathroom and to her bedroom.

Mark was too excited to go to bed. He put on some boxers, fooled around in his room for a while. His cock deflated a bit as he looked at a model car he was in the middle of building, but his mind kept going back to what had just happened. Like a moth drawn to a flame, he ended up at the door of the bedroom that had been assigned to his cousin. He knocked lightly.

"Megan?" he called softly.

The door opened and she was standing there, dressed in white panties and a T man's wife-beater undershirt. He could see her nipples through the thin white shirt.

"Yeah?" she said.

"I'm not sleepy," he said. "Can I come in? Maybe we can talk some more."

"Sure!" she said. "What do you want to talk about?" She turned and walked away from him. Her adolescent hips swayed back and forth and he felt his boner fill up again.

"I don't know," he said. He really had nothing in common with this beautiful innocent girl. "Tell me about your boyfriend."

"I don't have one," she said.

"Okay, tell me about your last one."

She shrugged. "I never had one," she said. "Daddy said the boys around there were no account, and told me not to waste my time on them. What are the boys like around here?" she asked. She sat on the bed as she talked.

Mark knew what the boys around here wanted to do to this girl. It was the same thing he wanted to do. "Well, boys around here are pretty interested in making babies in girls like you."

"Is that all boys think about?" she asked.

"I don't know. I guess so." he answered truthfully. It was hard to lie to this sweet girl. She was just too trusting.

"Is that what you think about?" she asked, looking at him interestedly.

"Well, guys around here don't get to see beautiful girls naked all that much." he started out. "Like I did ... in the shower." He thought she might think that was strange. "I mean they're all richer than us, and don't have to save water like we do."

Megan sat further back on the bed and folded her legs up Indian style. The lips of her pussy were clearly visible through her thin white panties. Mark's cock grew harder and started to poke his boxers out.

"I guess I just can't help but think about it when I see a girl as pretty as you are." he said.

Megan looked at the lump growing in his shorts. "Your thing's gettin' hard again, isn't it? Is that cause of me?"

"Yeah, I guess so," he admitted.

Megan thought for a minute. "Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked.

"Well, there's this girl named Margie and she and I do some stuff together."

"Stuff?" prompted Megan.

"Yeah, you know ... kiss ... and sometimes she lets me touch her a little."

"Where do you touch her?" asked Megan, intrigued now.

"Well, you know ... we kiss, and I touch her boobs and then sometimes I touch her ... down there." He didn't want to admit that he'd fucked her just about crazy. He didn't think his cute cousin would approve of that.

"I've never kissed a boy," sighed Megan. "They're all afraid of Daddy."

Mark began to hope. "Um ... I guess you could kiss me. If you just want to find out what it's like, I mean," he added as a disclaimer.

Megan smiled. "Really? Okay. What should I do?"

Mark's prick firmed up almost all the way. "Well, we should lie down on the bed so we can hug while we do it. That's the most comfortable way." He went to the bed before she could change her mind and crawled up on it. She spun around on her butt and lay down beside him, her clear green eyes staring into his.

"Okay. Now what?" she asked.

"Now you sort of pooch out your lips and then we kiss." he said.

Megan made a kissing mouth and pressed them to her cousin's lips. Hers were firm and rigid.

Mark pulled back. "Don't make your lips so hard. Let them get soft."

He tried again and her lips squashed under his. He couldn't resist letting the tip of his tongue slip through her lips and lick her upper lip and teeth. She pulled back, her eyes wide.

"Are you supposed to do that? With the tongue I mean? Isn't that nasty?"

"Did it feel nasty to you?" he asked.

"No," she admitted. "I kind of liked it. Can we try it again?"

He just kissed her in response and soon their tongues were slithering all over each other and into each other's mouths. This kiss lasted a long time and they were both breathing hard when they finally broke apart.

"Wow!" she panted. "That's pretty fun. Do you like it too?"

"Oh yeah," he groaned. His cock was iron hard now. "You want to do it some more?"

"Yeah," she sighed.

This time he ran his hand all over her back as they kissed, and down onto her tight teen buttocks. She twitched, but didn't pull away. He also pulled her close to him, shoving his cock into the front of her panties. It felt good to press it against her.

When they stopped to breathe they stared into each other's eyes.

"Your thing is poking me." she whispered.

He shoved it against her again.

"Yeah, it feels really good to do that," he said. He slid his hand down to her butt again and squeezed it.

"You want to touch me ... down there ... like you do with Margie, don't you?" she asked.

"Yeah, I do," he admitted.

"You promise not to make a baby in me?" she asked, her breasts heaving.

"I promise," he said immediately.

Ten minutes later Megan felt like screaming. It felt like there was an invisible balloon inside her that kept getting bigger and bigger. She just knew it was going to pop and she'd explode into a zillion pieces. But it didn't hurt. It wasn't anything like hurt.

Her wife beater was scrunched up above her breasts. There was a hand in her panties that wasn't hers. Mark was sucking first her left nipple and then her right one as his finger did exactly the same things her own had done a hundred times. But his finger felt so much better than her own! It was incredible. The only problem she had was that he didn't quite know exactly how to rub her down there, like she did.

Her hand sent to help him learn the pattern, and she bleated like a sheep as that balloon did develop a big leak. It didn't explode, though, as she had feared. Rather, it rushed out of the balloon and washed through her body, from her pussy to her titties and back again, turning into a warm ball in her belly.

Her hips bucked and her heels dug into the bed as the sensations flowed through her, until she knew more pressure between her legs would hurt. She stopped his hand, gasping for breath, and then pulled it from her panties. She rolled to give him a long, open-mouthed kiss of both gratitude and because she just loved kissing this boy.

"Wow," she panted.

"Yeah," he said, a silly grin on his face.

Doing this with Megan had been completely different than his experiences with Margie. Margie had fought him all the way, always telling him what she shouldn't do, and what he had to promise if she did. It had all been like a negotiation with her, almost like a transaction. To get between her legs, he'd had to give her his copy of Grand Theft Auto for PS2.

But Megan was just having fun, and it made the whole process fun for him too, even though his prick was still stiff and unsatisfied.

"Could you rub me again ... like in the shower?" he croaked, hopefully.

"Sure!" said his happy cousin.

She rolled onto her bottom, and then got to her knees, starting to pull her wife beater back down to cover her breasts.

"Don't!" he said, raising a hand. "They're so beautiful. I'd like to look at them while you ... you know."

Her smile made something soothing leak into his prick. She reached for him and watched his face while she stroked him slowly.

"Just a little faster," he panted. She grinned and her hand sped up.

"Oh shit," he gasped as his cum rocketed through his penis, leaping joyfully up into the air. It wasn't the same as shooting in Margie, but it still felt fabulous. If he could have this once a day, he was sure he'd be completely satisfied with his life.

Megan sat back, examining the white spunk that had gotten on her hand when he went off.

"It looks a little like milk," she said. "Except it's got clear in it too."

"Thank you," he panted. "That was fantastic."

"It wasfun!" she agreed. "I've done that to myself before, but if felt lots better when you did it."

"I'll do that any time you want me to," he sighed.

"Really?" She smiled happily. "Maybe you should think about that, 'cause I might want to do that a lot."

"Any time you want," he said firmly.

While it's true that adolescent boys tend to think of sex seventy times per hour (while awake) it is also true that an adolescent boy can be satisfied for a while after he's had an orgasm. That's why Bobby and Megan were capable of moving from a sexual venue back to the television, and exploring 179 channels of cable, which fascinated Megan no end.

Finally, though, worried that his parents might get home and find them up, not to mention Megan being as undressed as she was, he said they needed to go to bed.

"Too bad you're not saving bed space too," she said, with a half smile.

"That probably wouldn't be a great idea," said Mark, knowing that he'd try to fuck her if she slept with him all night long.

"Yeah, you guys have a good heater. Back home, Daddy and me only slept together when it was real cold."

Which is why Mark went to bed that night with another raging hardon.

As the first week went by, Mark came more and more to realize Megan was impossible to categorize. He thought of her as the "best" girl he'd ever met, except that wasn't the right word. She was clearly one of the most good looking. When he introduced her at school, she was swarmed by the boys. She obviously loved the attention, but didn't take it seriously. Mark was astonished when boy after boy asked her out, and every time she patiently explained that, by her father's standards, she was too young to date. But each time she'd thank the boy and touch his shoulder, or hand, or something, making her rejection into something else, that Mark couldn't think of the right word for either. She wasn't the sexiest girl in school, because she never acted "sexy." She wasn't the smartest girl in school either, but she had a kind of common sense that was rarely found in an urban environment. Such as the day she was a witness to an incident in which Chuck Farley, the school bully, intentionally shouldered Tiffany Green into the lockers. She bounced off, as her books flew everywhere, and fell to the floor. Chuck yelled, "Watch where you're going, loser," and kept going. Megan stuck her foot out and, as Chuck tripped over it, she helped him along with both hands in his back. He flailed and landed face first on the hallway floor, his books scattering. Everybody saw what happened, but before anybody could do a thing, Megan was yelling at the top of her lungs too.

"I am just so sorry! I am such a klutz! Are you all right? I am so so sorry. Do I need to call the school nurse? I promise to be more careful if you'll just forgive me for being such a klutz!"

She went on and on like that, making it impossible for Chuck to do anything except angrily stalk away, to the muted sound of a hundred snickering classmates.

Mark liked everything about her. He actually thought that if he ever got married, it would be to a girl like Megan. The problem was, he'd lied to her, and now he didn't want her to find out about that lie for sure. So when she asked him when it was going to be bath night again, he didn't push it.

"Well, how often did you take baths back home?" he asked.

"Oh, I guess mostly just when we thought it was needed," she said.

"Well it's the same way here," he said. "I guess if you feel like you need one, just let me know, and if I need one too, then we can go together. I'll do the same for you."

"Oh," she said brightly. "That's a good idea."

The following Saturday night, his parents said they were going to a movie. As soon as they were gone, Mark went to find Megan.

"Feel like a bath?" he asked.

She grinned. "I sure do!"

This time, there was no hesitancy. As soon as they got under the water, they embraced and kissed hotly. His prick, pointing upward again, nosed into her vulval vestibule, finding those lips and pushing at them. She didn't seem to mind. Nor did she mind when his hands washed her butt without using any soap.

She broke the kiss. "Do you want to suck my titties again?"

"Yeah!" he gasped.

"I really like that."

Which is how Megan had her first orgasm standing up, squatting just a little as her cousin's finger destroyed her maindenhead. To be honest, it hurt a bit, but it was more of a sting than a real hurt, and his lips on her nipples more than made up for it. Then, when his finger got way up inside her, where nothing had ever been before, that balloon started filling up with air again, until she was dancing, whining about how it felt so good.

But he couldn't quite bring her off, because he just didn't have the experience to know just how to do things.

So they turned the water off, dried each other lovingly, and stark naked this time, ran to his room where they jumped on his bed and "finished up," as Megan put it.

After she got her balloon popped again, she started stroking him without being asked.

"You know," he sighed, his hips wiggling. "Sometimes a girl puts her mouth on it, so it doesn't make a mess."

"Put my mouth ... on your pecker?" She sounded mystified.

"Some girls do that," he nodded.

"You're funnin' me!" she said, her eyes wide.

"No I'm not."

"But your baby stuff would get in my mouth," she said. Her voice made it obvious that was a bad idea.

"Some girls say they like the taste," he whimpered.

"I do not believe that, Mark Thompson!" she said. But she didn't stop stroking him.

"I swear!" he panted.

She stopped, a crafty look coming over her face. The kind of intelligence she had so much of was based on native instinct, and that applied to both situations and people.

"I'll do it if you kiss me right after," she said.

The idea of tasting his own semen wasn't high on Marks list of erotic things to do. In fact, it wasn't even on his list of erotic things to do. But he'd never had a blow job. And she was right, after all. If it was good enough for her to taste, it should be good enough for him too.

"I'll kiss you any time you want," he promised.

Which is how Mark got to feel warm, female lips sucking at his knob for the first time. Neither of them had time to think it over, because she only got two or three tentative sucks out of the way before his balls belched and everything he had to offer came rushing through his prick into her mouth.

She made a surprised sound, but kept her lips there. She seemed to know when he'd stopped spurting, and pulled her face up, sitting back on her calves. Her cheeks bulged, but some of that was air. When she opened her mouth, creamy white stuff immediately escaped and she looked up so she could leave her mouth open without losing more down her chin. Expelling the air and closing her mouth, she tasted, then turned green eyes onto Mark's face.

She swallowed, opened her mouth again, only to close it and swallow again. Then she wiped her mouth with the back of one hand.

"Not so terrible," she finally pronounced. "Weird, but not nasty at all."

Fuck, gasped Mark, completely overwhelmed by what had just happened.

"I knowI shouldn't let you do that part," she said, quite seriously.

"That's not what I meant," he said weakly. "I think I love you."

"Of course you love me. We're family!" she said, happily. "And you're right. That's a lot less messy."

The next time they got in the shower together, Mark sank down, had her lift one knee, and he repaid her for his blow job. He now knew where to rub her to get her off, so it just seemed natural to attack the same spot with his tongue and teeth. He was right. She sobbed with joy as she learned a new way to let a man make her feel wonderful. When she had caught her breath, it just seemed natural to her to suck him too. By the time they got out of the shower they were satisfied.

There were, in fact, three more baths before disaster struck.

Disaster, such as it was, came in the form of an accident in school which injured Mark. He was mixing chemicals in chemistry class, and somebody - it turned out to be Margie Simmons, who was pissed off because Mark had lost interest in her - decided to substitute sulphur for sodium bicarbonate. The resulting clouds of smoke overcame Mark and he collapsed. An ambulance took him to the hospital, and his mother was called at home.

So it was that, that night, while Mark was in the hospital for observation, and his mother was there with him, Bob was home with Megan.


Not that Bob would have done anything on his own. He lusted after his delicious niece, but he transferred that lust to Molly, who had actually pretended to be Megan one night when she badgered him into confessing that he fantasized about her.

And it wasn't that Megan had any designs on her uncle, though, in fact, she thought he and his son were the most handsome men she knew.

It was much simpler than that. It was also much more complicated.

Megan knew what had happened in school, and filled Bob in on that part. In return, he told her Mark was going to be fine, and that no serious damage had been done. Megan told Bob that she was relieved, and that the way she dealt with stress like this was to go running.

So she went running.

Half an hour later Bob was in the shower - the big one in the master bathroom - when the door opened and his naked niece stepped in like she owned the place.

"I'm glad you're taking a shower," she said. "I really need one, too."

She calmly reached for the soap, turned her uncle around, and went to work on his back.

Bob stood, stunned.

"You feel different," she said, conversationally. "You're got bigger muscles than Mark but you're softer too, somehow."

Bob swallowed as she got to his butt and washed it thoroughly.

"You shower with Mark?" he croaked.

"Of course," she said. "I don't mind helping you save on the water bill. Turn around."

He did, and she washed his neck and shoulders, moving down to his chest. She kept going.

"Want me to wash this too?" she asked, gripping his cock, which was hard as rock.

"Does Mark have you wash his?" he asked, his voice tight.

"Yeah, it's his favorite part of bath time," she said.

"What else does Mark like?" he gasped as she started stroking him.

"He likes it a lot when I suck it," she said.

"Oh man," groaned Bob.

He backed up, pulling his rampant rod from her soapy hand. She looked up at him, question in her eyes.

"Does he wash you too?" he rasped.

"Of course," she said. "That other shower is smaller. It's pretty hard to do it all yourself with two people in it."

By now Bob's blood was boiling. He jumped to a conclusion or two. He pulled her up and kissed her. When she frenched him back, and her arms went to his ass, he did what he assumed his son had also done. He bent his knees, gripped his prick, rubbed it between his niece's pussy lips, and then stood up, impaling her in one, long thrust.

She squealed like a pig, into his mouth. Her heels drummed a tattoo on the wall of the shower. By the time his brain registered that something was terribly wrong, and he stopped smothering her with his lips, though, the worst of the pain had passed by then. Now, what she felt, was a lot of pressure, and a tingling, right there where she loved to rub, that was quickly turning into streaks of joy that shot to her nipples.

Basically, she knew that, while it didn't feel fantastic now ... it had the potential to feel fantastic in just a minute or so.

He bent his knees, in preparation of dragging his cock out of her. When she realized what he was doing, she grunted.

"No! Wait."

"I'm so sorry," he breathed. "I thought you'd done this before."

"No," she panted.

He bent his knees again, and got half of it out of her before she bent her own knees to stop him.

"Wait!" she yipped.

He froze.

"Stand back up," she breathed.


"Don't take it out yet."


"It's not so bad now."

"Oh damn," he said. He felt miserable, but his cock wasn't deflating like he thought it would. If anything, it had gotten harder. Her pussy was tight and hot and now it was squeezing him.

"I shouldn't be doing this," he groaned.

"I know," she said. "But it's starting to feel really good, so I don't mind."

"You sure?" Now his little brain started to push his big brain back into his skull. He stood and gave a little hump upwards.

"Oh wow!" she gasped, as the tip of his cock nudged her cervix and he crushed her clit. "Do that again!"

Which is how, a minute later, Megan came all over her Uncle Bob's cock as the skin of her back and butt squeaked on the side of the shower while he jiggled her, impaled on his prick.

As she wailed her enjoyment of his attentions, she also got her very first pussyful of virile, male spunk.

Bob felt terrible. They were sitting at the kitchen table, him with a cup of coffee and her with hot chocolate. He had interrogated her about what she and Mark had done. Along the way she connected the dots. When he was finished, she spoke.

"We weren't supposed to do any of this ... were we." It wasn't a question.

He didn't know how to answer that one, after what he'd just done.

"Most adults would agree with you," he finally said.


"I'm not a good adult to ask," he groaned. "Not after what just happened between us."

"Daddy would probably be mad, huh." Again, it wasn't a question.

"Your daddy would be furious," he admitted.

She took a sip of her drink.

"Well, I'm not mad," she said.

"But my son tricked you," groaned Bob. "And then I raped you!"

"Well, I guess Mark did trick me," she said. "Except I ended up liking it." She frowned. "Maybe I should give him a spankin'."

Bob laughed. He couldn't help it.

"And maybe you raped me," she said. "Except I ended up liking that too."

"Thank you," said Bob, relieved a bit.

"But I should give you a spankin' too, don't you think?"

That was both ludicrous and heartwarming, that this girl, who could have been traumatized, was taking things so well that a mere "spankin'" would set things right.

"If you want to give me a spankin' I won't stop you," he said, quite seriously.

By the time they released Mark from the hospital, it was 10:30. Molly decided not to take him to school. The only clothes he had to wear were the ones he'd been dressed in the previous day. So she just took him home instead. She fussed around him like a mother hen until he'd taken a shower and gotten into bed. Then she went and laid down to take a nap. She hadn't gotten much sleep the night before.

Megan got home first. She saw the car and heard the silence when she went into the house. She was horny. She'd been horny all day, ever since Uncle Bob hugged her before she went to school and told her again how sorry he was that he'd taken her virginity.

She went to his bedroom first and peeked in, seeing her aunt asleep. Then she went to Mark's room, to find him in the same condition. She needed something, but she couldn't have what she wanted until Uncle Bob had had a chance to talk to his wife. After that, who knew what would happen. So she went for a run.

When she got back, Aunt Molly was up, making supper. Megan did her homework, to get that out of the way. She heard Uncle Bob come in. A few minutes later he came to get her and they went to the kitchen.

"Honey, I need to talk to you," said Bob.

"I'll watch things until you get back," said Megan.

Molly looked at her with an arched eyebrow, and then looked at Bob, who was clearly uncomfortable.

Megan watched as the two adults went towards their bedroom.

She was tempted to snoop, but she had no idea how Uncle Bob's talk with his wife would go. So she stayed there, in the kitchen. When the food was cooked, she set everything to warm, and waited.

Fifteen minutes later, Molly came back to the kitchen. She came to stand in front of her niece, and put her hands on Megan's shoulders. Her eyes bored into Megan's.

"Are you all right?" she asked.

"I'm fine. Really," said Megan.

Molly paused, looking ambivalent. "Did you really spank him?"

Megan nodded.

"And did it really get him ..." Molly flushed. "excited?"

Megan nodded again.

"And did you really ..." This time she looked away, "do that to him?"

Megan nodded a third time. "Are you mad at me, Aunt Molly?" she asked.

There was a long moment of silence, as the two women looked into each other's eyes.

"I should be," said Molly. "But it wasn't your fault."

"Are you mad at them?" asked Megan.

Again there was a long silence.

"I should be," said Molly.

"Because I'm not," said Megan. "It was an accident ... sort of."

"What my son did to you was no accident!" said Molly, her face flushing again.

"I like Mark," said Megan. "I like him a lot. I know he played a trick on me, but he was nice about it."

It was quiet again for a while.

"I can't believe you spanked my husband!" sighed Molly.

"I can't believe he liked it," said Megan, shaking her head. "I spanked him hard, too!"

"Who understands men?" said Molly, smiling for the first time.

"So what happens now?" asked Megan.

Molly stared into her eyes again. "What do you want to happen? Do you want me to call Butch and have him come get you?"

"No," said Megan, carefully.

"Do you want to stay here?" Molly's voice rose at the end of the sentence.

"I do," said Megan. "But I don't want to cause a problem between you and Uncle Bob."

Molly was very still for a moment.

"If he tried to do that to you again ... how would you feel about it?"

"That all depends on how you'd feel about it," said Megan.

Molly had come from the same hills this girl had. She had left those hills to go to college, the first in her family to do so. She met Bob in college, and learned new ways, but she remembered what things were like in those remote areas where the only prying eyes were those of your neighbors, and the government stayed out of your private business. She knew that some families were "close" while others were not. She'd slept in the same bed with Butch until she was fourteen and he was sixteen. She had chosen to remain a virgin, and he had honored that choice. They had experimented with just about everything else, though. But it had been a long time since she knew what that kind of closeness was like. Now she wondered if it was in her to tolerate that.

"You do know that if you stay here, the men are going to want to ... um ... be with you."

"I can make them stop if you want me to," said Megan.

"Do you want them to stop?"

"Did you want him to stop after you started doing it with him?" asked Megan, her native practicality coming out.

"No," said Molly. "I've got a pretty good idea how you feel about it."

"I'll still make them stop if you want me to."

"Let's look a little further ahead," said Molly. "What are you going to do after you graduate from school?" she asked her niece.

"I always just planned on gettin' married and havin' a passel of kids," said Megan. "'Cept I guess I can't do that any more. They don't think that way here in the city."

"Some do," said Molly.

"It costs too much to have a big family in the city," said Megan. "Things cost more here."

"That all depends on what you think you have to have, and what you can do without," said Molly. "The important thing is understanding yourself well enough to know what you want, and under what conditions you can be happy."

"Anyways, Daddy would be right upset if I got pregnant before I graduated. In fact, I suspicion he'd be all upset if he found out what I've been doing at all."

"I think your father would understand things better than you think," said Molly, remembering her brother's hands on her body in the night. It had been a long time, but she still remembered. He hadn't taken her virginity, but he'd been the first to do everything else to her.

"I don't know what to do. I'm just a girl."

"No, you're a woman now, Megan. "You're fully a woman. That can't be changed. What matters now is that you have a chance to do what you want to do, and become who you want to become."

"I like who I am right now just fine," said Megan, shrugging her shoulders.

"Then I'll see about getting you on the birth control pill," said Molly. "So if you want to ... you can. You don't have to ... but you can if you want to."

"Just with Mark, right?" said Megan.

Molly hugged her niece.

"We'll see," she said.

Mark jerked awake. He'd heard a yell. He heard another one, far off, behind walls. It sounded like his dad's voice. He sat up in bed and jerked when he realized Megan was standing there, within arm's reach.

"I want to talk to you," she said.

His father yelled again.

"What's going on?" he asked, trying to look past her.

"Your mother is giving your daddy a spankin'," she said.

"What?" he rubbed his eyes.

"I'll tell you later. I asked your mother about taking showers together."

Mark went still. He looked up at her. Her face was calm.

"You lied to me," she said. "You played tricks on me."

"I'm really sorry," he moaned. "It was a mistake!"

"Take off your pants, Mark," she said.

"What?" He looked confused.

"I said take off your pants. Aunt Molly said I get to give you a spankin' too."

"I don't understand any of this," he moaned.

"Take off your pants, Mark!" she said sternly.

He was so shook up, and felt so guilty, that he did it. He knew that if any of his friends ever found out about this, he'd never hear the end of it. He'd have to move away, in fact. But he didn't have time to think, about that, because as soon as his pants were off, she tackled him, knocking him to the bed. He tried to roll, but she landed with her knee right in the middle of his back. He yelped and then jerked as she slapped his ass hard. Two more blows came before he could get in a breath, and it came out as a squawk of rage. But somehow she had sat on the back of his head, and when he pushed at the bed with his arms, her thighs clamped down on his head and her full weight kept his head pinned to the bed.

She slapped his ass again, hard, and his muffled squeal came from between her legs. Then all he could feel was fire on his ass as she slapped it over and over again.

Mark flopped onto his back, gasping for air. Her weight had disappeared, and he rolled over instinctively, getting his butt cheeks against the cool covers of his bed. He looked around, blinking his teary eyes.

Megan was standing beside the bed. Somehow ... magically ... she was naked. She pointed at his groin.

"Uncle Bob's got stiff when I spanked him too," she said panting gently.

He looked to see his penis was straining, red and hard. He watched in disbelief as her head appeared above it and she took him in her mouth. He groaned as she sucked hard and her fingers tickled his balls gently.

A few minutes later he panted that it was about to happen and she stopped cold.

"Noooo," he groaned.

But now she was up, over him, squatting, her hand in her crotch. He saw her fingers pulling her pussy lips apart, and her other hand reaching for his prick, pulling it up. It all happened so fast he couldn't believe it, when suddenly his prick was surrounded by hot pussy, from stem to stern. Her sigh was one his brain registered as relief. He couldn't know she'd been scared to death that it would hurt, or that she knew she had to take it all at once anyway.

She leaned over, and he saw her eyes jerk back and forth as her hips gave a spastic jerk forward. She was already learning how to get the most stimulation to her clit in this position.

Her face came closer to his, and she jerked her hips again, panting now.

"You were bad," she said, her voice quivering. "But I love you anyway."

Then she fucked him until he spurted, yelling at the top of his lungs.

"Is that what I think it is?" asked Bob, his voice weak. He heard his son's voice yelling through the walls.

"Yes," she said, lazily as she lay beside him, her pussy brimming with the seed he'd just planted there. "She's spanking him too. You were both very bad boys."

He flexed his butt cheeks and winced. She'd been just as hard on him as Megan had. He still couldn't believe that got him hard as rock. And he'd deserved it. From both women.

"What if he ends up doing the same thing to her that I did to you when you stopped spanking me?" he asked.

"Why do you think she's spanking him? He didn't do anything that really pissed her off. She just wants him compliant."

"Shit," groaned Bob. "It's trying to get hard again already, just because you said that."

"Remember," said Molly, whose voice was soft, but filled with steel. "You touch her any time except when I say you can, and I'll cut your balls off."

"I don't need to touch her at all, baby," he whined. "I only love you."

"Do you need another spanking already?" she asked.

"No!" he said, quickly.

"Then admit you wanted her."

"You know I did. I told you it happened so fast that I lost control."

"The truth is important, Bob," she said, seriously.

"I know it is, and you really are more important to me than any other woman."

"You're sweet. What if I wanted a little strange cock once in a while?"

"It would kill me," he said.

"You'd have said the same thing if I asked you how you'd feel if I spanked you," said his wife.

He was silent. Then "Do you want some strange cock?"

She was quiet for so long that he started to sit up.

"I'll let you know when I do," she said. He relaxed, until she added "I promise you I'll pick a man you like."

Mark lay beside his cousin. He felt warm inside, but his mind was buzzing.

"You really got in the shower with dad?"

She nodded. "He let me wash him, just like you do."

"Wow," said Mark.

"And then, before I knew it, he was fucking me," said Megan.

"Damn!" said Mark, who knew what he was feeling was jealousy, and thought that was stupid.

"And he told mom about it ... just like that?"

"He said he had to. He said it would wreck everything if we tried to keep it a secret. We both agreed that your mom had to decide what to do."

"And she let you come in here?" He felt like he was living in some alternate universe.

"She said your dad's yelling would wake you up, and that she didn't want you coming to find out why he was yelling. She said I could spank you if I wanted to. Actually, I think it worked out pretty well," she said. "Can you go again yet?"

"Damn!" said Mark again, as he felt his penis jerk.

Molly took Megan to the doctor the next day, and obtained a prescription.

A week later, she told Mark to come with her to the store, to pick out a birthday present for his father. When they got outside, though, she took him to the bushes by the picture window of the living room, where Bob and Megan had been sitting side by side, watching a movie.

They watched, to see what would happen.

All that did, was that they sat and watched the movie.

Half an hour later, Molly and Mark did go to the store, to pick out a present.

Molly did not spy on her son and niece. She had warned Megan that the pills wouldn't protect her for a month or more. If the girl was going to act like an adult - and she was acting like an adult - then she would have to deal with any consequences that came up, just like an adult would.

She was aware, however, that Megan no longer slept in her bed, or in her room.

What Molly didn't spy on was typically Megan, lying on her back, naked, her arms and legs reaching for Mark as he crawled on top of her. They no longer needed a hand to guide him to her honey pot. And when he eased into her, by the time he hit bottom their tongues were already dueling. He now knew exactly how to bring her to the brink, and then nudge her over, and her whispers of "It's happening again, Mark, Oh honey I love you so much," drove him to give her three or four more orgasms before he groaned and said "Here it is for you ... all my love," and tried hard to pump as much of his teen sperm into her belly as possible.

Molly waited, in fact, for a month and a half before she made her next decision. She made it on the spur of the moment, without any planning or warning. It just so happened that she was teaching Megan her mother's hill country bread recipe at the time, and that the timing worked out the way it did.

They put the pans of bread in the oven, and set the timer. They took off their aprons and folded them up. Megan brushed at some flour on her arm.

"I need a shower," she said.

Molly looked at her niece, who was as happy and well adjusted as any teenaged girl she'd ever known.

"Go find your uncle. He needs one too ... and we're trying to save on the water bill."

Two weeks later they got a call from Butch, saying he was on his way to Florida with a load of pots and pans, and would stop off for the night on his way. His big rig took up the curb the whole length of the front yard, and Megan was dancing with impatience until he got out and trudged up toward the house. She crushed him in a hug and then dragged in into the house, where supper was waiting.

He caught up on the news during the meal. There wasn't much to tell them about his job. It was just driving from one place to the other. He complained that he didn't have time to look for a job closer to home.

"I've been thinking about that," said Bob. "My company has to hire a common carrier to take loads out, and it's costing enough that the boss has been thinking about buying a truck and hiring a driver. If you'd like, I'll take you down to meet him tomorrow, and see what the two of you can work out."

"That's a great idea," said Butch.

"And you can stay with us until you know if it's going to be satisfactory," said Molly.

"Well, then, I'd better get some shut-eye," said Butch. "I can sleep in the truck, but I'd sure like a shower."

Molly stood and held out her hand.

"Come with me. I'll show you where it is. We have so much to catch up on."

What that meant was that she needed to tell him about his daughter's and his nephew's plans. Those plans had already determined that Tennessee allowed first cousins to marry. Mark planned on joining the Army after high school, and that would get him started so they could get married right away. Megan was going to finish high school, but she already had the date marked on her calendar when she planned to stop taking her birth control pills.

It was going to be a lot to put on the poor man's plate. But she had an idea of how to help him evaluate the news.

As she led him toward the master bathroom, she looked over her shoulder at Bob.

"And we have a new water-saving program I just can't wait to tell you about."

The End

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