Sleepover At Misty's

by Lubrican

Misty bounced and bobbed as she skipped toward her father down the drive. He had just gotten home and she was obviously very excited about something. Bob watched happily as she came toward him. She was fun to watch. Misty had taken after her mother, growing nice big handfuls of breasts, with prominent and usually hard nipples. She didn't like to wear bras. The fact she was his daughter didn't bother him. She was a babe, pure and simple, and babes were fun to watch. He envied the boy who would eventually get into her panties. At fourteen she was still forbidden to date, mostly because Bob knew what he had done when he was fourteen. He'd stuck his peter in as many girls as he could.

The thought of some pimply faced boy sticking his stiffy in Misty made him go red, partly from anger at the thought, and partly because the idea of a stiff prick entering Misty's pretty little cunny made blood flow to his face and his own stiffening prick.

As usual she slammed up against him, pushing those lovely boobs against him.

"DADDY!" she yelled "I'm SO glad to see you! I want to have some of my friends over for the holiday, Daddy, for an extended slumber party ... PLEEEEASE?" She looked up at her handsome father's face adoringly.

Then, feeling what was pressed against her stomach she went on. "DADDY!! You have a hard on again! Why do you ALWAYS have a hard on?"

They had this conversation fairly regularly. He had originally tried to avoid talking about it when he got turned on around her, but eventually he gave up.

"Sweetie, you know why I have an erection. Your bouncing boobies make me horny darling. You really should wear a bra, you know."

"Oh Daddy!" she squealed, like she always did. "I'm your DAUGHTER! You can't be horny about ME!" She very subtly rubbed her abdomen against the lump in his pants.

"Sweetie, one of these days you're going to do something you can't get out of" he growled. Then he tickled the sides of her breasts, making sure no one in the neighborhood was watching. She squealed like she always did when he touched her breasts.

That had started as play, but as she grew up it was getting harder and harder to keep it on a playful level. "And now you want to bring a bunch of your sexy friends over and torment me with them running around in who knows what kind of skimpy pajamas. What if I get a hardon when they're around? What then?"

His daughter looked up at him smiling. "Well, if you get one around Melody she'll probably try to touch it. She thinks you're dreamy!." He couldn't tell if she was kidding or not. "But you don't even have to be around the girls if you don't want to Daddy. I'll make them behave and leave you alone if you want me to."

The holiday she was talking about was a four day weekend due to teacher's conferences and the fact that school was out for that Thursday and Friday. They talked about what would be needed to get ready for such an extended party ... food ... sleeping arrangements ... the number of girls she wanted to invite and so on. Finally he gave his consent and she wriggled against him again until it was obvious she was intentionally rubbing up against his boner.

"You never know, Daddy" she said "I might want to touch it one of these days too!" Then she skipped off to call her friends.

Bob knew his relationship with his daughter wasn't normal. But since his wife had run off with the family dentist he didn't much care what other people thought. He'd raised Misty from when she was a year old, building a business up at the same time. Now he was wealthy and his daughter loved him, even if some of the ways she showed it - and he showed it to her - were unacceptable to society.

Thursday night arrived, and with it four girls. Bob was on his best behavior, dressed conservatively and acting very grown up as the parents of the girls dropped them off. The girls all disappeared into Misty's room, giggling and making enough noise for ten people. Bob made the snacks that were planned and set them out where the girls could find them, and then went into the den where he put on a movie and settled down to watch. About an hour later Misty came into the den. He looked up and gulped. She was in her nightgown, a teddy she'd bought at Victoria's Secret without telling him. It was sheer, almost see through, and the only reason he couldn't see her perky teen titties clearly was that the cloth was wrinkled across them. It came down to her hips, where a miniscule pair of panties perched, just covering her pussy and nothing else.

"Daddy?" she said, standing there completely unembarrassed by her near nudity. "We want to watch a movie. Would it be OK?"

"Sure baby" he said. He needed to go upstairs to his bedroom and beat off anyway. Seeing her in that outfit had gotten him horny again. "I'll just go upstairs."

"You don't have to Daddy" she chirped. "All the girls said you can watch it too if you want to." Just then the other four girls came bouncing and laughing into the room.

Melody was first. She was a tall slim girl whose body belonged on that of a girl three or four years older than she was. Every time Bob looked at Melody the word "ripe" popped into his mind. She had long straight midnight black hair to match her long slender legs, and a slightly oriental cast to her eyes.

She was wearing a white T shirt that exposed her belly button and matching white panties. Her dark pubic hair was visible through the thin cloth. Her nipples were apparently very dark because they showed through too, as two spots on her T shirt. "Hey Mr. Cummins" she said lightly, and flopped down on the couch with her nice round rump sticking up in the air.

Valerie and Amanda were next. They may as well have been twins. Both had ash blond hair, almost always worn in a pony tail and full pouting lips. They both smiled a lot and that was different because both had braces. Both had the same athletic swimmer's build, with small breasts, but wide hips. And both of them were wearing baggy shapeless flannel pajamas, which seemed odd, since it was a warm night.

Anne wandered in last. She was the odd one out in this group. She was more serious than the others, got better grades, and was always the one who exerted social control over the group. If they'd been old enough to drink (or drive, for that matter) she'd have been the designated driver. She wore glasses that, in Bob's mind, shouted "LIBRARIAN!" and made her hazel eyes look a little bigger than they were. Her body was lush, though, with a maturity that astounded Bob. She could pass for twenty one with a little makeup. Her breasts were probably 36 Cs, and were always firmly encased in a bra. She wore plain, though not cheap clothes. She was no-nonsense all the way.

Which was why Bob gasped as she walked in. Her outfit consisted of a bra with two sunflowers covering the nipples. Those sunflowers were connected by strings that went various places, but didn't cover anything at all. Her breasts didn't sag, but jutted proudly out from her chest. They were so revealed it met the community standard for "obscene" and Bob's cock, which had been thickening as he looked at the girls, stiffened completely. Anne's panties were also made of sunflowers that didn't quite overlap, but were overlayed on a fine mesh cloth. Her dark brown pubic hair was plainly visible between the sunflowers and even stuck through the mesh in a few places.

She saw Bob staring at her and blushed. One arm came up to cover both of her upper sunflowers, while the other hand went to block her panties from his sight. "MISTEEEEEEE!" she whined. "He's looking at meeeeee" She turned her back to Bob, at which time he saw her plump round ass cradled in more mesh-connected sunflowers.

Misty came and stood in front of her father. "DADDY!" she barked. "I told the girls they could wear whatever they wanted to and it would be OK and that you wouldn't gawk at them and would behave yourself." Bob realized he was now staring at his own daughter's pert breasts and his cock was harder than ever.

"Sweetie, you gotta give a guy a little warning!" he said. "I mean springing a group of the most beautiful women in town on him without giving him time to prepare is like throwing cold water on him." The girls all giggled at being called beautiful.

Melody came and stood right beside Misty "Gee Mr. C, it looks like getting drenched with cold water might not be a bad idea for you right now." She laughed, making it obvious she was looking at the huge tent in the front of his pants. Two more faces peeked around Melody and Misty, also looking at his lap.

"Wow" said Valerie. "Cool!" yipped Amanda "Annie, Mr. C has a boner!"

"MISTEEEEEEEEE" wailed Anne, obviously embarrassed at the topic of conversation.

Bob didn't know what to do. If he covered his cock it would be an admission that he was acting improperly. Anne seemed to be the only one who was actually embarrassed by his inspection of them, though Valerie and Amanda weren't wearing anything revealing.

So he went on. "I mean, come on girls. Why do women put on things like that, which, I might add are DESIGNED to draw a man's attention, and then expect men NOT to look at them? Look at you, Melody. I can see your cute nipples through that shirt, and your panties aren't hiding much either."

Melody just dimpled a big smile at him.

"And Misty" he went on. "A guy can almost see through that outfit, and your butt is completely naked! I'm your DAD and I still can't help looking." His daughter just grinned as widely as Melody had. "And I'm sorry, Annie, but you might be less sexy looking if you were actually naked!"

Anne moaned again.

"I mean those sunflowers cover your nipples, but your luscious breasts are right out there, and a man just can't resist that kind of thing. And what those panties do is just about shout out 'Hey, there's a pretty pussy behind this!!!' and I couldn't help but react."

Anne gasped "Ohh Mr. Ceeeeeee."

Bob was in deep, so he bored on. "The only ones who aren't dressed to catch a man's attention are Valerie and Amanda, and even THEY look sexy just because they're so cute and girly looking.

Amanda looked from his stiff pecker pouch to his face. "Well ... um ... Val and I sort of have on nighties that we were afraid to let you see." She blushed. "They sort of ... uh ... show even more."

Bob's mouth dropped open. "You have to be kidding me!" he said. "How could they show more?"

Amanda said "Well, if you promise not to get mad and tell our parents, we could show you."

Bob's head was in a whirl. These teen beauties were offering to show him their apparently almost naked bodies. What could be better?

"Well, I promise not to tell your parents, but you have to promise that none of this will get back to your parents too. I mean they wouldn't think it was right for a grown man to see you like this."

Both girls unbuttoned their flannel PJs. Valerie stopped and watched as Amanda dropped hers. Bob stared. Amanda had on a bra that had holes where the nipples were, and her up-thrust nips were sticking out proudly. She dropped her baggy pants. Her panty was just a see-through heart-shaped piece of cloth. bob could see her pouting little pussy lips clearly through the cloth. There was no hair to see. She'd shaved it all off!

Bob unconsciously put his hand on his hard cock and squeezed it.

Valerie was shifting from foot to foot but froze when he looked at her.

"Go ahead" he said softly.

When she shucked her top Bob saw that all she had on was an underwire thing that on a girl with bigger breasts would have supported the bottoms, while leaving the tips and tops uncovered. Her panties were tied at the hips with little bows and were the kind that had the telltale strips of binding down the middle that signaled they were crotchless.

"You're gorgeous" he whispered. Both girls had blushed bright red when they stripped for him, but they beamed now. "Really Mr. C?" hummed Amanda. "I mean they're for older women really, but it makes me feel so ... sexy or something."

"Trust me, Amanda, you ARE sexy in that outfit," he said. Then he turned to Valerie "And you too, and you" his eyes flickered to the other girls "and you and even shy little miss Annie over there. You're all very beautiful and very sexy and you must promise me never ever to wear those outfits around any boys. OK? Promise me? Boys would get the wrong idea and think you wanted to have sex with them."

"Is that why you have a boner Mr. C?" said Valerie.

"I'm a man. Trust me girls, ANY man would think about having sex with you if he saw you like this." His statement was met with titters and giggles. Anne finally stood up, but still tried to cover herself up. Bob got up from his chair and went to her. She cowered. She was looking down and his bulge moved right into her view. She flinched and moved backwards even more. He put two fingers under her chin and made her lift her face to his. There were tears in her eyes.

"Annie, honey" he said softly "Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you and I won't let anyone else hurt you either."

"I just feel like such a slut" she whispered back. "They made me get this outfit and I look stupid in it. I shouldn't have worn it."

"You DON'T look stupid. You AREN'T a slut. You are a beautiful young woman, who's sexuality is a wonderful and exciting thing. You have nothing to be ashamed of. All this means" he put his hand on his cock "is that you are a sexy desirable young woman. That's all." He held his arms open for her and she melted into him, hiding her body against his. Her hair smelled wonderful. Her body felt wonderful. His bulge pushed against her.

"I feel it pushing against me" she whispered. "That's naughty Mr. C."

"I'm not sorry I got to see you like this. You're just so pretty it makes me hard." He couldn't help but push his bone against her a little.

"The sunflowers come off" she whispered into his neck. "They're held on with Velcro. Misty picked it out for me."

"Maybe some day I'll get to see you without the sunflowers." he kissed her neck.

"I think I might like that very much." She shivered in his arms. He pushed her away before he did something stupid, like sliding his hands down into her panties.

Melody was right behind him. "I need a hug too Mr. C" she said, smiling widely. Bob opened his arms and she slid in to replace Anne. Her hands slid across his back and onto his butt, pulling his erection against her. "I've never felt anything like this before" she said. "It feels naughty, but I like it."

"Don't the boys try to push their hard dicks against you?" he said. His will was slipping and his hands slid down onto the bare skin above her thin white panties. Her big breasts felt hot against his chest.

"I don't let them get that far Mr. C" she said.

"You shouldn't let ME get that far either Melody" he said. His hands slid lower, onto her firm teen bottom.

"I know Mr. C" she snuggled against him. "But it feels so nice and I know I can trust you."

Bob rubbed her butt and then pushed her away too. He was getting too excited.

But all the other girls wanted hugs too, and each one told him how nice it felt to be held tight by a real man. When Amanda and Valerie pushed their naked titties up against his shirt he thought they'd burn holes in it. Last was Misty, his own daughter. Her hands slipped onto his butt too. "Thank you Daddy for being so cool" she mumbled into his chest. Bob's hands fell to her ass too, before he remembered it was naked. She sighed as his big rough hands slid over her soft girl flesh. "That feels good Daddy" she said.

Bob still didn't know what to do. All the girls had pressed themselves against him. All of them had pushed against his boner. He wanted to go beat off and relieve the stress, but he wanted to stay there and look at the beautiful teens too. Misty put a DVD in the player and sat down in his chair, looking for the remote. Bob sat down at one end of the couch. Amanda and Valerie lay down on the floor as the movie came on. Valerie's legs were spread a little and he could see her cute pouting pussy. Amanda's naked ass beside her looked delicious. Anne sat in the other recliner. Melody came over and lay down on the couch with her head on his lap. She put one hand on top of his boner and lay her head on that hand. "Is it OK for me to do this?" she said, turning her green eyes up at him.

"Not really Melody" he said. "I'm not in very good control of myself right now, and I'm tempted to do some things."

"You're silly," she said, and squeezed his cock.

The movie started and Misty turned out the lights. Bob rested his hand on Melody's waist. Pretty soon he rubbed her side, bringing his hand up by her breasts. She didn't move. He slid his hand under her arm and she lifted it a little. He slid his hand down onto her breast and she sighed.

He pinched her nipple and she rolled her head to look at him. "You're being naughty Mr. C." she said. But she didn't make him stop. Now he slid his hand back down to her bare stomach and under the shirt. She sucked in a breath as his hand started up. She didn't stop him, and soon his hand was filled with soft hot naked teenage breast. He tweaked and played with the hard little nipple.

Her head turned again. "Naughty naughty Mr. C." She was breathing harder now. His hand slid back down. He couldn't help it. His hand slid to her thin white panties. She sucked her belly in as his fingers slipped under the waistband. He kept going. He felt her pubes. Then his middle finger slid between slick pussy lips. He dipped that fingertip into her wet pussy.

Her head came around and she said "VERY naughty Mr. C."

"We shouldn't be doing this" he said. but he fucked his finger in and out of her as her hips began to move and wiggle. Soon she was lying on her back, her legs spread, her knees up, as his hand rubbed her to a teenage orgasm. He saw a movement. It was Amanda crawling toward them.

"MR C!" she whispered loudly. "You've got your hand in Melody's panties!"

Melody husked "Quiet! Don't make him stop. It feels better than when I do it."

Now Valerie had crawled up. She stuck her hand in her own panties. "Oooo I'm so horny. I've been horny since I put this outfit on." Amanda agreed "Me too" and started frigging herself.

"What's going on over there?" called Misty. The light came on. There was Melody, all splayed out, her shirt up baring her breasts. She was pinching and pulling on her stiff nipples while Bob's hand was busy finger-fucking her in her panties. "Your Daddy's finger-fucking me!" she burst out. "He's making me feel soooo good."

"DADDY!!" squealed Misty. "YOU PROMISED!!" Now Anne was standing over them. She looked at Bob's hand in Melody's panties. She looked at Melody pulling on her long stiff nipples. She looked at Valerie and Amanda frigging themselves frantically.

"You guys are so nasty!" she yelled. But she slid her own hand into her sunflower panties and stuck her finger in her pussy as deep as she could. Misty stood staring at all of them, her mouth wide open in shock.

Bob looked up at Anne. "Pull em off Annie" he panted. "Let me see them now, please?". She knew what he meant. Her hand came up and covered one breast.

"That would be so nasty!" she gasped. But her hand flicked and there was a ripping Velcro sound. The sunflower pulled off and her nipple was exposed.

She had fabulous nipples, big and dark and thrusting out from her bulging teen titties. "OH!" she barked, pulling the other sunflower off. "This is SO NASTY!!!" Her hand flashed in her panties as she finger-fucked her pussy.

Misty didn't know what to do. Her Daddy was finger-fucking her friend. Her other friends were finger-fucking themselves. It was HOT! She felt her own pussy begin to get hot and itchy and wet. She slid her fingers into her panties and joined the party.

Bob got Melody off again. He couldn't take it. He stood up and dropped his drawers. His big rock hard prick bobbed in the air. It was leaking cum and a long string dripped off the tip. He started jacking.

"DADDY!!" shouted Misty. All the girls stopped what they were doing and stared as Bob beat his meat. He slicked his hand along his eight inch bone and drops of cum flipped in the air. One splatted against Amanda's arm and she squealed. Anne shouted "THIS IS SO NASTY!!!!"

Valerie was leaning back, her legs spread, her crotchless panties gaping. She had a finger in her pussy, sawing it back and forth. Her pussy was swollen, open, offering itself to him. Bob couldn't stand it. He kneeled and waddled between her thighs. "MR CEEEEEE" she squealed.

"I can't help it" he moaned. He pushed her down. He fisted his cock. He put the tip between her wet pussy lips. He mounted her, sliding half his cock into her sweet naked pussy. "EEEEEEEEE" she squealed "He's fucking me Misty! He's got his big old nasty cock in my pussy!"

Misty complained. She bitched and slapped her father's ass. That only made him dig his cock deeper into Valerie. Soon he was all the way in. He started rutting in her, sliding out and slamming in. Soon Valerie was cooing with happiness. "It doesn't hurt any more" she yelled. "It feels GOOD!" she cried.

"OH DON'T STOP" she screamed.

Bob slithered in her until she exploded in a massive orgasm that left her flopping on the floor. Then he let his sore balls loose and pumped a cup of sperm into her naked teenaged pussy. "Ohhhhhhh" signed Valerie. "He's shooting his stuff in me Misty. It's all hot and wet and it feels WONDERFUL!" she shouted.

Finally Bob pulled his spent cock out of the poor ex-virgin. A big long string of goo still connected his manly cock to her deflowered pussy. All the girls stared in awe at their first sight of a well fucked pussy brimming with thick rich spunk.

"Ohhhhh FUCK!!" sighed Anne. Her eyes rolled up in her head and she flopped senseless to the floor. Pandemonium ensued. Bob helped them carry Anne to Misty's bedroom and they laid her out on the bed. He went to get a cool cloth. Amanda met him at the door, but wouldn't let him come in. She was frowning.

Bob knew he'd screwed up bad. The girls didn't open the door again that night. Bob finally went to bed.

The next morning Bob didn't want to get out of bed. But he knew he must. The police would come and they'd take him away. He at least wanted to be dressed first. Then he decided to make breakfast so the girls could eat after he was arrested. He was finishing that up when Misty came into the room. To his amazement she was still wearing her new teddy.

"I can't believe you did that" she said, her voice level. "You promised me you'd be on your good behavior."

"I know. I'm really sorry," he said miserably. "I just got carried away."

"You know you probably made a baby in her" said his daughter. "Her period was only two weeks ago."

"Shit shit shit" he moaned.

"It's a good thing she doesn't care." said Misty conversationally.

"What do you mean?" he said in a dazed voice.

"I mean she's not sorry it happened. She wants to do it again! She asked me to come down here and see if you would."

"You've GOT to be kidding me!" he gasped.

"No I'm not" she assured him. "And the girls want to watch. We didn't get to see it very good last night. Please Daddy?" she used her little girl voice.

Bob let himself be led down the hall to his daughter's bedroom. When he walked in, the only one who had any clothes on at all was Anne. When he came in the room she put her hand over her crotch. She'd replaced the sunflower patches over her nipples.

She was trying to be a good girl.

"You GUYS!" she said loudly. "You AREN'T supposed to be doing this!" she said sternly. Valerie was lying on the bed, her naked legs spread, her knees raised. She was open, her teen pussy winking at Bob, saying 'come on big boy'. Anne went on, trying to exert her social leadership. "Don't let him stick that nasty thing in you again Valerie. He's a pervert!"

Bob walked over to Anne and took her in his arms. He kissed her soundly on the lips. "I'm not a pervert" he said. "I just love beautiful sexy women" He kissed her again, and this time he DID slide his hands into her panties, cupping her bouncy buttocks. "Including you" he said as she sagged against him, gasping for air.

"YOU ARE A PERVERT" she gasped, her breasts heaving. "You just want to stick that nasty penis in us all and make us pregnant!"

Bob knew that Anne was the only one who might blow the whistle on him now. So he decided to help her understand. "If you don't want me to fuck you then I won't," he said. "I'll eat you instead!" He picked her up and walked over to the bed with her as she struggled against him. He threw her on the bed and dove between her legs as she bounced.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" she wailed, thinking he was going to rape her. She felt him tear her panties away in one violent wrench. She looked down and was surprised to see his face diving for her wide open pussy.

Bob stuck his tongue into Anne's pussy as far as he could get it. He rubbed his nose on her firm teen clitty and then licked that and sucked it too. He chewed and blew and rubbed until poor Annie was cumming harder than she ever had on her own fingers. She came so hard she almost passed out again.

He got up and dropped his robe. His massive prick was lancing out from his body.

Anne looked at him helplessly. She knew he was going to do it to her now and she was too weak to fight. But he moved to the side and climbed up on top of Valerie. She welcomed him with open arms, urging him on, widening her legs even more. She WANTED that dripping club in her nubile pussy. Anne watched in amazement as Bob slid that big knobby rod up in her friend. Valerie sighed happily as she was filled up for only the second time in her life. Amanda, Misty and Melody all gathered around to watch as his big boner sliced her gash.

He prodded her good. She came like a volcano. He kept going and she came again, crying out that it felt so good. Anne watched with big eyes, lying next to her fucking friend.

Bob was close, but he didn't want to blow in the teenager again. Once was bad enough, especially if she was right in the middle of her fertile time. He looked around. All the girls were frigging themselves, even Anne.

They were all hot now. He settled on Melody.

"Melody!" he stated. "She looked at him, eyes half lidded in lust as two of her fingers slid in and out of her sopping pussy. "You wanna try it?" he asked, sliding his bone into Valerie suggestively.

"Oooo I don't know." she whined. "We're not supposed to."

"It'll feel better than those fingers," he said.

Amanda stole the show. "I WILL!" she burst out. She crawled onto the bed and squeezed between Valerie and Anne. "But you haf'ta go slow. I still got my cherry," she moaned.

Bob slicked it out of Val and jumped over between Amanda's legs. He nosed his slippery cock between her untried pussy lips. He pushed a little and leaked a glob of sperm into her. His cock hit her hymen and it stretched. 'Oooo it stings" she complained. He poked that hymen. He prodded that hymen. The little hole in it got bigger and bigger until his head slashed right through it.

"Owwww!" she yelled.

"Ahhhhhhh" he sighed, as his dick disappeared in the young girl. The tip hit her cervix and the millions of pleasure nerves there. Amanda squealed and decided the pain was almost gone. "Do me Mr. C!" she yelled. "I wanna feel it like Valerie did."

Bob fucked her through three orgasms until he couldn't hold off any more. Then, hoping she wasn't fertile too, he blasted her cunny full of baby butter, so much that it seeped out all around his cock and ran down her cute teen ass. This time when he pulled out there was no string, but Amanda's gaping pussy mouth was full to overflowing with thick white seed, and it was streaking his cock all over.

They all heard a growl. It sounded like an animal. It wasn't. It was Anne.

She jumped up and yelled "I gotta do this ... I'm such a slut!!" And her face dove into Amanda's pussy. She slurped and gurgled and licked and sucked, swallowing all the spooge she could get to. Everybody else sat back in amazement.

When the only fluid on Amanda's pussy was Anne's saliva, she finally sat back on her haunches, looking ashamed. "I'm sorry guys," she said. "I'm the pervert here I guess. I bet you all hate me now, don't you?"

Four female voices yelled "NO!!" in unison. Anne looked up in surprise. "But I licked her pussy!" she said. "I ate his goo!"

Misty came over. "So?" she put her hand on her friend's shoulder. "I wanted to eat it too, and it's my DAD'S! Wouldn't that make me even MORE of a pervert than you? And I love Mandy just as much as you do. You just got there before I had the courage to do it!"

Amanda lifted her head. "But that's not the first time you've done that. I could tell! Where in the world did you learn that?"

All the girls waited expectantly. Finally Anne lifted her head and said "My brother fucks Tiffany all the time!" Tiffany was her older sister. "And he wanted to fuck me too, but I wouldn't let him ... so I had to suck his cock until he came in my mouth. Now he does that two or three times a week and I sort of got to liking the taste. I suck it out of Tiff's pussy too sometimes." She looked at us all defiantly. "THERE! Now you all know my dirty perverted secret."

Poor Annie thought they'd hate her. But they didn't. She was much harder on herself than they ever would be. One by one the girls all hugged her. Misty even kissed her. Then Bob approached. "I understand now how scared you are that some man will just take you against your will. I won't ever do that Anne, I promise. What happened with Val was a fluke."

"That's part of the problem" she moaned. "I WANT to do it, but I'm just too afraid."

"Don't you worry about it" he said. "You'll know when the time is right."

They all had breakfast and then they went swimming. Valerie and Amanda compared notes on how well Bob had fucked them. Both of them wanted to do it again. In the pool they mobbed him and stuck their hands in his suit, feeling his cock and making it hard. Anne floated nearby and said "You Guys! You're turning into sluts!" But there was no real accusation in her voice. She even came over and let Bob hug and stroke her for a while. She liked kissing him. It made her feel good. Her brother had never tried to kiss her before.

Then there was lunch and Valerie announced it was time to fuck. Amanda jumped up and down, clapping her hands, but Melody called a halt. "You two have had your fun and it's somebody else's turn."

"Who!?" the two ex-virgins called out together. "YOU?"

"Maybe" said Melody with a smug smile. "Maybe Misty wants to try it."

Like they had practiced it, Val and Mandy squealed "With her FATHER?!"

Every eye turned to Misty, who stood there in her bikini, turning red. "That would be really ... nasty" she said. But her nipples popped up under her bikini top. "Wouldn't you guys think it was perverted?" she asked.

"NO!!!" yelled four female voices.

They all moved to Bob's bedroom, with its big King sized bed. Six naked bodies bounded on the bed. Bob landed on his back and he found Misty on top of him, her naked breasts rubbing his chest. She kissed him and he tongued her mouth.

"I've wanted to do this for a long time" he husked at her and sucked in one of her nipples. She oohed and ahhed and pretty soon her pretty pink pussy was lined up on top of his big purple knob. "When was YOUR last period?" he said to his nubile teen daughter.

"Oh, it was about three weeks ago," she said as she squirmed down onto his erect log.

"We shouldn't take chances" he grunted as he thrust upward.

"I know" she sighed as she settled fully on his cock. Then she started bouncing up and down, laughing and crying at how wonderful her Daddy's big thick cock felt in her adolescent muffy.

Pretty soon he was gasping and trying to keep it bottled up inside.

"Gotta pull off sweetie" he groaned.

"OK" she chirped, and kept bouncing.

"I MEAN IT BABY" he yelled.

"I KNOW!" she yelled back, and bounced harder.

He grunted and felt the nectar begin to flow "I'M CUUUUMMMMMMIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGG!!!" he screamed.

"GOODY!" his daughter cooed and sat down hard.

His spunk filled her pussy. His spunk filled her womb. His spunk surrounded her egg and almost drowned it in wriggling little sperm cells. They attacked again and again as his prick pulsed out even more little soldiers. One got through. PRESTO, she was a pregnant teenager!

Of course they didn't know that. they wouldn't know that for another couple of weeks anyway, but Misty knew what she wanted and Misty knew how to get it.

When they'd caught their breath and Misty was through kissing her father and thanking him for the wonderful sperm bath hed given her pussy, she hopped off. Anne was on him like a fly on poop. She swooped down and sucked his semi tumescent penis into her mouth, cleaning it perfectly. Then she stood up and looked at Misty hungrily. Misty shook her head and put three fingers over her pussy so she wouldn't lose any of her Daddy's precious seed. Misty knew what she wanted.

That night, after dinner, Bob made a fire in the fire place and Melody got initiated. She wanted to be on top until she wiggled and slid her pussy down over his once-again hard member. Then she wanted him on top, so he rolled over and pounded her through three vicious orgasms that left her laughing and crying at the same time. She couldn't breathe. Finally he stopped to let her recuperate. He told her how to squeeze her muscles and she milked him off nicely. Without even moving he told her when it was almost time and then her eyes went big and round. "He's shooting in me girls!" she yelled. "He's cumming a river ... I can feel it shooting." She happily let Anne suck her out and had another nice orgasm while that was going on.

That night they all slept together. Misty, worried that her Daddy might not want to fuck her again because it was so dangerous, managed to climb aboard while he was still asleep. When he woke up his big knobby boner was already buried in sweet soft pussy. He didn't know who it was at first, but his prick didn't care. It belched and bulged and packed that pussy full of rich warm spend. Then he fell back asleep while Misty curled up happily with a fresh cuntful of Daddy sperm.

The next day was a fun fuck fest. Bob lined all four of the girls who wanted to fuck up and gave each of them some strokes before moving on to the next. Then they played their version of Russian Roulette, where Bob got blindfolded and while he lay on his back, each girl lowered herself onto his cock. He never knew who it was and the game was that they all bet on which girl would get his gift. It turned out to be Melody, because once she got onto him she used that milking action he'd taught her and got her pussy stuffed. Through it all, Anne watched and rubbed and wished she wasn't so scared.

That night, after supper, they gathered in the living room to watch another movie. Anne was unhappy. She wanted her share, but she was too scared. She said so. Bob took pity on her. "Look honey, what if I do everything to you EXCEPT fuck you, would that make you feel better?" Anne smiled and while the others lay watching TV, she cuddled up with Bob on the couch.

Bob played her body like a fine instrument. He licked and kissed and nibbled and sucked on her nipples and clitty until she moaned in orgasm. Then he did it again. He stuck his fingers in her pussy and worked her until he was sure she could take a nice thick cock with no pain at all. Then he tried out his idea.

"Annie honey?" he said in her ear as he nibbled it.

"Yeah" she panted.

"I want to jack off and touch your pussy with the tip of my cock when I cum."

She shuddered into another orgasm when she heard that. "OK" she panted.

"I won't put it in though, OK?"

"OK" she gasped. He arranged her on the couch so that one foot was over the back of the couch and the other foot was on the floor. She was wide open. She was in heat. She was ready.

He jacked until he felt it coming. "OK, baby" he panted. "I'm gonna put the tip on your pussy." He felt her hips rise up.

"Yessss" she moaned. He jacked a couple more times and started the pump. He rubbed the tip right on her clitty and a jet splashed out.

"OH!" she gasped. He nosed it between her un-fucked pussy lips and another shot lanced into her pussy.

"OH OH!!" she cried. "Its going in my PUSSY!"

Her hips bucked again and his cock went in her two inches. Now the head was clear inside her as it spurted globs of his potent seed into her baby channel. She looked up at him, her eyes wide.

"More" she whispered. He pushed another inch in.

"More!" she grunted. He pushed again, halfway in her now, his rod still spurting.

"MORE!!!" she yelled. Her shout made the girls turn to watch as Bob's prick sunk balls deep in Anne's glorious sucking pussy.

They all cheered as his stalk belched up two more spurts of man milk. But Bob knew he had a chance here to make Anne his fuck toy. He stayed hard and pounded her until she was gasping for breath, begging him to stop because if she had another orgasm she'd just turn into a puddle of cum and die.

He left it in his beautiful teen lover, sealing in his love so it could soak into her garden. Bob knew what HE wanted too, and it was to plant a baby in this luscious girl's womb. He wanted to marry her and give her five babies. He kissed her and petted her and told her he loved her. He got hard again and she giggled, then gasped, then laughed out loud as he rodded her out again. She didn't want it to stop and when he jetted his fertilizer in her again she kissed him with pleasure.

Each of the girls got one more cuntful of Bob's juice that weekend. They had to be content with that. Anne got the rest. He fucked her in bed. He fucked her in the shower. He fucked her in the pool. He fucked her on the kitchen table. If it could have been measured you would have found that he probably shot a half gallon of thick virile seed into her receptive womb.

The girls made a pact. They all got boyfriends. They let their boyfriends hug them and kiss them and feel them up and even finger them. They sucked their boyfriends off, but they NEVER let the boys fuck them. The word got around that they were easy. They gave LOTS of blow jobs, but though lots of boys bragged that they'd gotten into those cute pussies, they didn't really. Those pussies were saved and dedicated to one man - Bob. When all the girls turned up with buns in their ovens it was an outrage. It was a scandal. The parents all wanted blood. But the girls "couldn't" name the fathers. Bob funded a new private school for single mothers and pregnant teens. The girls helped run it.

It was a huge success, and the girls made enough to move out and live on their own. When she turned 18 Anne and her three children married Bob. Misty and her four children lived with them. Mandy, Val and Mel all took over the business and had more babies.

Every last one of them looked like Bob.

The End

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