Storm Damaged Daughter

by Lubrican

Mandy woke up with a start as the thunder crashed and lightning flared through her window. It was so loud she was standing beside her bed before she realized she had gotten up.

The first thing she thought of was that she was much too old to be afraid of lightning and thunder. She was a Junior in High School, for Pete’s sake.

The second was that the room was cold. She felt her nipples tighten with a small tingle as they pooched out. She crossed her arms over her breasts in a vain attempt to warm them. The wind was howling outside and rain was smashing against her window.

She heard a creaking noise and then a loud CRACK!

Something thumped on the roof over her bed and suddenly the world was collapsing around her. Plaster and pieces of wood rained down as she raised her arms above her head. The old elm tree outside had finally given up the ghost and had just come through the roof.

Almost instantly she was drenched. She was actually almost untouched by the falling roof, but of course she was scared to death. Her nightgown became more or less transparent and clung to her ripe teenage body like a second skin. She stood there frozen in shock.

Her father came rushing into the room about the same time as another bolt of lightning flashed and she jumped into his arms.

Bob Stevens had heard the same crash and known instantly what had happened. His fear for his little girl was only slightly eased by seeing her standing up.

"Are you OK?" he yelled over the wind and rain.

"I think so" she yelled back.

"You're soaked" he yelled back. He looked around. "There's nothing we can do now" he yelled, and pulled her toward the door. He slammed it shut as they entered the hallway and things got lots more quiet. His room was at the other end of the hall and he pulled her that direction. He stopped along the way to reach into the bathroom and grab several towels. When they got to his room she was shivering visibly. Her father started unbuttoning her nightgown and was startled to notice the swells of her breasts with their prominent nipples, now standing out at least half an inch. He felt a tightening in his loins and then clamped down on his imagination as he remembered this was his daughter.

But he couldn’t deny she suddenly looked like a woman.

"Daddy!" said Mandy as she realized what he was doing. She tried to bat his hands away and he held her hands in his.

"Sweetheart, you're going to catch pneumonia if you don't get dry and warm".

"I know, but ... I'll do it" she said. She moved her fingers to the buttons down the front of her soaking nightgown but couldn't manipulate them. Her fingers were all stiff and cold.

She looked at him helplessly and with something else in her eyes. She looked ... confused.

Hoping to calm her he smiled, like they were sharing a joke. "I won't look, OK?" he said as his fingers continued what they'd started. The last button was undone and she unthinkingly peeled the wet fabric away from her body. She was naked underneath, except for her light blue panties, which were also as good as invisible because they too were soaked.

Her father stared. The only light on in the room was his reading lamp, which cast a soft golden glow on her nubile body. She stayed out of the sun, learning from the lessons of her grandmother that a tan only means lots of wrinkles later in life, so she was white as snow. Part of that was because she was cold, but the only color on her body were her dark red nipples with their lighter red background and her almost black hair. Some of that hair was stuck wetly to her face and neck, and the rest was puffing out the wet panties she wore.

She was gorgeous and super sexy.

Ever since her mother had died, they'd been alone together, and he'd been able to resist seeing her as a "female" of the species. She'd been his little girl for so long that he thought he'd always think of her that way.

But he'd been wrong, he realized with a start.

His cock was ragingly hard as he stared at this luscious little slice of womanhood. He licked his lips, wondering what to do. If she saw his boner he'd just die of embarrassment. He thrust the handful of towels at her and turned away. "Here. Get dried off. I need to go see how much damage there is."

He hurried out of the room and checked downstairs under her room. That space was the back porch area, thankfully, and while water was dripping through the ceiling, it wouldn't do all that much damage. He realized his own pajamas were also wet when he looked down and saw his slowly softening cock plainly outlined by the wet cloth. Had she seen that he was hard? If she had, he didn't know what to do about it.

Mandy HAD seen her father's stiff penis.

When he'd started unbuttoning her nightgown and she'd tried to do it for herself, she'd looked down. When she did that she saw what was obviously his erection.

She was cognizant enough of what was going on to be confused why, in the middle of a disaster, he could possibly get excited sexually. From the dim past she remembered someone telling her that soldiers in combat often got erections because of the excitement and adrenaline of the situation. Maybe that was it. Then she realized how naked she must look and wondered if SHE was the reason for his ... condition.

While she was thinking about this something else happened. She felt heat in her loins. It was a warm fuzzy feeling and she realized she actually hoped she WAS the reason for his ... condition.

After he'd left she'd gotten the clammy cold nightgown off and had rubbed her skin briskly with the towels. The panties had to go too, and she immediately felt better when the wet cloth was off her body. That helped make her feel a little bit warmer, but what was she going to put on?

She knew that all her own stuff was wet by now, and that she'd get soaked again if she went into her room to see. So she looked in her father's closet for something to wear. She decided on a button type shirt and put it on. It barely covered her now naked ass, and her legs were still icy, but she felt warmer.

The shirt smelled like ... Daddy, and she took a deep breath. She bent over to see if there were any slippers or something she could wear on her feet.

Bob walked back into the bedroom still wondering what he should do about "the woman in his bedroom". Obviously he had to control himself. But when he walked in, he was greeted by his beautiful daughter's bare ass, staring right at him. Even worse, her pretty pink pussy was winking at him between her slightly spread legs as she bent over. His boner snapped back to life so fast it made his head swim a little. He was standing there, mouth gaping, eight inch prick straining to get out of his wet pajamas when she stood up and turned around.

Mandy gave a little squeak of surprise as she realized her father had come back into the room. Then her eyes went to the most prominent part of him. His penis was STILL hard and it was pointing right at her like an accusing finger. She could see the tip through the cloth of his blue PJs. They stood, both frozen for a moment.

Mandy spoke first. "Daddy, we have to get you out of those wet things too. I don't want you to get sick either."

She walked toward him, intending to help him, like he had helped her. She hadn't really thought about looking at her father's penis in the past, but suddenly, she sort of wanted to. She knew about erections, but had never seen one.

"Um ... OK ... but ...." her dad stammered. Somehow they both knew he was referring to his rampant maleness, but couldn't exactly say it.

"It's OK, Daddy" Mandy said brightly, realizing he was embarrassed.

"I heard in school that men sometimes get that way during war and disasters and stuff. And THIS is sure a disaster." she finished. She was standing only a few inches away from him now, looking up at him.

Had either of them looked down, they'd have seen his cock only a quarter of an inch from touching her.

"Oh!" he said, as it became obvious exactly what she had seen and was now talking about. "Yeah! I'm sure that's it."

But he knew better.

Her pussy had looked so good. He wondered what it would taste like. Then he frowned at thinking that. "Um ... you probably shouldn't look either." he went on, referring to his earlier statement.

"Oh! Sure!" she chirped and turned around immediately. She found herself looking at both of them in the big mirror over her mother's dressing table. Her father seemed to have forgotten it was there. He unbuttoned the top of his PJs and dropped it wetly to the floor. Then he bent over and pulled down the PJ bottoms.

She almost gasped at what was revealed. His penis looked red, but there was some blue or purple at the tip. There was a big knob on the end, with a little hole in it. It looked a lot bigger than she'd expected and she thought that all those stories she'd heard in school, and health class and at sleepovers were bullshit. It was obvious to her young mind that this penis would NOT fit in a woman.

And if, by some crazy chance it did, the woman SURE wouldn't be happy about it!

She watched it bob and weave as he looked around for something dry to put on. He peered into drawers and finally decided on an old pair of gym shorts which he quickly slipped on.

"OK" he announced.

Mandy turned around and said "What do we do now Daddy?"

He sighed. "We can't do much of anything until morning. I'll have to call the insurance company, but it could be days or even a couple of weeks before we can get a new roof and get your room back in shape. For now let's just get some sleep."

There was a crash of thunder and the lights flickered. Mandy jumped toward her father, who hugged her against his naked chest. His bone hadn't gone down at all, and feeling her soft almost naked body against his made it leak some precum.

"You can have my bed" he said, his voice tight. "I'll take the couch."

"NO!" she yipped as another peal of thunder rolled. "I'm scared. And it's cold. Can't we both sleep in your bed?"

Bob didn't like that idea.

His cock loved it.

He wavered. "Sweetheart, I'd feel sort of funny ... in bed with you ... and with a har...." he stopped before he finished.

"I don't care about that Daddy. I just want to be warm and not afraid. Please?" she snuggled against him. His cock was dripping now.

Judgment fled.

"OK" he said.

Mandy yipped happily and threw back the covers, bending over to do so. She didn't know she was flashing her bare butt at her father, or that he could see her pouting pussy lips again between her long slim legs. Then she climbed up on the bed and he got an even better look. He had to cover his cock with his hands.

Mandy scooted over, and in the process the shirt rode up over her hips. Now her mons was uncovered. "Oops" she giggled, and tried to pull it down. When she couldn't, she just pulled the covers over her lower body.

Bob turned off the light and got in the bed. He was immediately assaulted by giggling girl, who snuggled up to him, running her cold bare legs up and down his. "You're WARM Daddy" she cooed. She put her arms around his chest and hugged him, pressing her hard teen breasts against his chest. He could feel her nips poking him. Her hair was only damp now, and smelled good.

Instinctively he rubbed his legs back against hers, and one knee slid between her legs. He raised that knee toward him and it slid between her thighs until it ran into pussy.

Hot pussy.

She was cold everywhere else, but her pussy was hot. She ground it against his knee. "Hmmm that feels good Daddy." she purred. He was lost and he knew it.

"I'm sorry baby" he murmured.

"What for Daddy?" she whispered back.

"For touching you wrong baby" he said.

"I like it Daddy. It makes me feel good and warm," she said. "I don't think its wrong at all."

"Yeah, well I should stop" he sighed, pressing his knee even harder into her pubic bone.

She pressed down again, mashing her little teen clitty on his knee. "I don't think I want you to stop Daddy," she said, squirming against him. "Is this what you used to do with Mommy?" she said, her hand sliding down his back.

"Yeah, sugar. That's why I shouldn't do it to you," he said. His hand slid along her back and down until it hit bare skin. He slid it further until he had a handful of bare butt.

"And when you did this with Mommy, you were .... hard? Like now?" She could feel herself blushing.

"Yeah baby. I don't think it's the storm that caused that." He'd always been pretty honest with her. It was a habit now.

"I didn't think so either Daddy" she said. Her hand slid inside his shorts, and onto his buttocks.

"We have to stop, honey" he said.

Her hand slid around, across his hip. It kept going. "I don't want to stop Daddy" she said, as her hand slid onto his erection. "I like this feeling Daddy" she said softly.

Bob found himself kissing his daughter's neck while her hand was wrapped around his boner. That hand felt fantastic. Her lips felt fantastic. He knew her pussy would feel fantastic too, wrapped around his prick. He had to have her.

He knew well and good that she wasn't on the pill. There weren't any condoms in the house either. He hadn't needed them. But he knew he was going to fuck her, and he knew he wasn't going to pull out.

Mandy wasn't confused any more. This felt good. No, this felt WONDERFUL and she didn't care that it was her Daddy who was lying almost naked against her. In fact, that made it even more special. She squeezed his rock hard penis and squirmed her pussy against his knee. Her pussy felt good when she did that. It was slippery now, and if felt warm and good. Some of her girlfriends had let their boyfriends do things with them ... They said it felt fantastic ... She wanted to look at what was in her hand.

"Daddy?" she whined.

"Mmmmmmm yeah baby?" said Bob, trying hard not to paint his daughter's stroking hand with his jizzum.

"I feel funny Daddy. I feel all ... gooshy inside or something. I haven't ever felt like this before Daddy. It makes me want to ...." she couldn't finish. Girls just didn't say things like "I want to FUCK" to their fathers.

"I know how you feel baby" he groaned. "It's completely normal. Well, if it wasn't me here with you it would be completely normal. It just means you want to have a baby." His mouth snapped closed. He hadn't meant to say that last part.

When she heard the word "BABY" Mandy felt an exquisite little twinge in her nipples, like they already wanted a baby sucking at them and were complaining because there was no baby. She thought about that for a minute. She pictured herself, naked, her belly swelled out with Daddy's baby in it. She saw her enlarged breasts, full of delicious milk for Daddy's baby.

In her mind's eye she ran her hands over the bulge of her abdomen, over the baby ... over their baby.

"I DO want to have a baby Daddy," she said firmly. Then, to the surprise of both of them, she kissed her father on the lips. It was a long slow nice kiss, and she slipped him just a little tip of tongue before she broke off. It was dark, and she couldn't see him, but she looked at where she thought his eyes were and said "I want to have YOUR baby." She squeezed his cock and jacked it several times slowly.

Bob made a sort of gurgling sound and gasped "But we can't, sweetheart. We just can't"

She jacked his cock again. "Yes we can, Daddy. I'm here. That proves you know HOW to do it. And I know how to do it too, Daddy." And with that she shrugged out of his oversized shirt and pressed her now naked body against him. He could feel the hot tips of her nipples burning into his chest. He felt her move, and she was tugging on his shorts. Acting on instinct he raised his hips and she said "Yes!" as she got them down around his knees.

She was right. He DID know how to make a baby. Within seconds he'd kicked off the shorts and was lying on top of his willing teenaged daughter. She spread her legs and made little fucking motions with her pussy. "Mmmmmm hurry Daddy" she moaned, as he pressed the big knob of his prick against her virgin portal. She hoped she was wrong about that nice stiff rod not being able to fit in a woman.

He went slowly, though it was hard. She was nice and wet and slippery, so what he had to fight most was just the tightness of her unused pussy. She moaned and wiggled her hips and flopped her knees down and up again, trying to make room for the invading monster. He knew it had to be uncomfortable for her at a minimum, and that she was probably in pain, but all the sounds she made were sounds of approval for what he was doing.

At last he felt her soft nest of hairs meet his and sighed. He was all the way in. He let it soak for a few seconds and raised his chest off hers so she could breathe.

"Ohhh Daddy" she sighed.

He rolled his hips in a circle, mashing her sensitive teen clitty hard.

"OHHH DADDY!!" she squealed. Even though she was tight as a rubber glove, he felt her pussy clamp down on him as she tumbled into her first orgasm. She rocked and rolled as her hips thrust and she got even wetter than before. As she came down from that cum, panting, he pulled out and surged back in four or five times, each time giving that little twist at the end that mauled her clit.

She gasped as her second orgasm washed over her. Now she was just making sounds ... grunts, groans, meaningless words, whines. When he leaned down and sucked in a hard swollen nipple she wailed and crashed directly into a third violent cum.

"Oh STOP!" she shrieked. "I ... CAN'T ... BREATHE!" she panted out.

He stopped and let her milking pussy work on him. Now he was the one who envisioned her standing naked, sideways, her belly bulging with his child. Now it was he who saw her jutting breasts, heavy with milk, nipples spiked and dripping, waiting to feed their baby.

In a perfectly normal speaking voice he said "I'm going to cum now Mandy. Daddy's going to fill your sweet pussy up."

As the first potent jet of his semen lanced into her trembling channel, Mandy felt the wet heat and wailed "OHHH DADDDDDY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!"

His cock bucked and spat long sticky ropes of Daddy cum deep into her welcoming pussy as she hunched it up to gobble up all his liquid offering. He fired again and again, coming harder than he had in years and years. With a satisfied grunt he pumped the last of what he had to give into her now sloppy slit and fell on her, too weak to do anything except roll sideways enough that Mandy could breathe.

He slept.

Mandy lay halfway under her father and she reveled in the feeling of wet heat that suffused her loins. Her Daddy had planted his seed in her and it might take and grow. She realized that there had been lots of lightning and thunder while they were making love and that none of it had bothered her in the least. She felt safe and warm. She slept.

They woke together, both having to pee. While Mandy sat on the pot Bob got a washcloth wet with hot water. when she stood up he washed her legs and pussy, where his essence had crusted and dried on her soft skin. They felt completely natural together naked now and no words were needed as he rubbed her clean and she ruffled his hair with her fingers. When he was done she returned the favor and then molded herself to him, rubbing, dry fucking, making him hard again. She pulled him toward his bed ... their bed.

"I might not be pregnant yet Daddy" she said in a low voice.

"You're probably right" he said, climbing on the bed, between her spread legs. He mounted her and this time he slid in effortlessly. She was still tight and hot, but her buttery depths sucked him in with no trouble.

"I love this Daddy" she said as she hunched her pussy up to meet his cock. "I might not be pregnant yet" she said again as he sped up.

He worked to rectify that possibility as his prick spurted again in his baby girl, filling her womb with his love again and again.

The insurance man was surprised when he got the call. It had been daylight for eight hours since the storm had damaged their house. He wondered what in the world had kept them from calling sooner. He was even more surprised when his client said "There's no big rush, other than getting something over the hole to waterproof it. That bedroom's not in use any more any way."

The End

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