Telling Mandy "No!"

by Lubrican

Author's Note: I got the idea for this story from one I read somewhere by another author. I don't remember the name of the story, or who wrote it, or even where it was posted. If it seems familiar, that's probably why. My intent is not to plagiarize, but I wanted to tell the story in a different way than it was originally written.


Bob didn't know exactly when he began to look at Mandy and see a woman, rather than his little girl. It happened slowly, over a period of time, kind of like when you lose a pound or two a week and three or four months (and thirty pounds) later somebody says "You lost some weight lately?"

Mandy was still a little girl when her mother just didn't come home one night. Hours later he was frantic, of course. Any husband would be.

He did all the normal things. He called their friends, ("Bob, do you have ANY idea of what time it is?") and then called the Police. And they were, as are most public servants, bureaucratic in the extreme.

"I'm sorry Mr. Templeton, we really can't take a missing persons report until someone's been gone at least twenty-four hours. If you still haven't heard from her tomorrow night, give us a call."

He had all the normal visions of her lying in her mangled car, dying, calling out for him.

The Police called the next day, wanting Bob to come pick up his car from where she'd abandoned it. There was a note in the car, which, of course, they'd read ... and probably chuckled over (Can you believe it, the guy thought she was a missing person!").

It was short and to the point. "Bob, I've left you. Don't try to find me."

Turned out that a guy she worked with went "missing" the same day. Everybody knew about their relationship except him. And Mandy, of course.

Anyway, Mandy was ten at the time, and being abandoned by her mother was a blow he was afraid she might never get over. He spent a lot more time with her after that, and not just because he had to be both mother and father. They needed each other. A psychologist might have said they were doing the normal thing, trying to give each other the love they were missing from the woman they thought had loved them. It's complicated when somebody just walks out of your life.

But, in a few years, they had adapted to the point that, if she had come back, they would have probably told her to sit on a parking meter and spin. They didn't need her any more. She was a little like the old family dog that bit the kids ... and then died. They missed her, in a purely historical way, but weren't all that sad that she was gone.

When you're a single man there are lots of things about raising a girl that make life interesting. You have to deal with all her "girly" needs, but you have to be a big, tough guy too. I don't think it works that way for a single woman. Nobody expects her to be a man, or do man things. She may do those things, but nobody EXPECTS her to. A single dad, on the other hand, is expected to be sensitive to his daughter's feminine needs, and "be there for her," (whatever the fuck that means.)

And think about it. I mean think about a single mom raising a son. What does she have to teach him? How and why to wear a jock strap? Probably not. The gym teacher will cover that. What kind of underwear to get? No way. She buys him what she thinks he needs and he gets it for Christmas. She doesn't teach him how to sit on a couch while he's wearing a skirt, because he doesn't wear a skirt and nobody cares how he sits on a couch or crosses his legs. She doesn't have to teach him how to wear a pad, or insert a tampon. She doesn't have to teach him to be cognizant of when he's fertile. If anything, all she has to teach him is to keep it in his pants unless he's ready to marry the girl. She doesn't have to teach him what to do if he gets horny. Since ALL boys are horny, and everyone EXPECTS them to be horny, all she has to do is teach him to wash his little penis really well when he's young and everything else will take care of itself years later ... while he's washing his no-longer-little penis.

But a single dad, raising a beautiful young girl. Now THERE'S a situation that is absolutely packed with the potential for disaster. He has to teach her everything her mother would teach her. How to fit a bra, what kind of feminine hygiene products to get and why, tampons versus pads, Midol, or the myriad of other products that handle that problem, how to walk, how NOT to walk, what to do if you feel this way or that way, how to apply makeup, PMS, why everyone else has breasts except her or, conversely, why her breasts are so huge and everyone else hardly has any ... the list can go on and on.

So, when you find out what happened between Mandy and her father, and you think back on how many times I used the word "normal" in the telling, I want you to think about raising a girl all by yourself. Then you can decide whether what happened was "normal" or not.

As I said, he didn't know exactly when he noticed it, but at some point he looked at Mandy and thought "woman".

He knew it wasn't when Janet first left them. Mandy was only ten and, after the shock of it wore off, she exploded into becoming "little miss domestic goddess", taking on the duties of laundry, and house cleaning, and even cooking, though he was a far better cook. It was like she was trying to make up for the fact that the woman of the house was gone. But after a while that evened out and they shared the work pretty much equally, and with pretty good communication.

And it wasn't when she was almost twelve and had her first period. He had warned her about that in a six week long educational process about her body that was so drawn out and dry that there was no sex left in it, even though what they were talking about was, in one sense, pure sex.

I mean what are periods for, except to remind a young woman that she has failed? Her womb is empty, and all that nourishing blood is now going to waste. The system designed specifically to bear a child and propagate the species did not fulfill it's destiny, and all that blood and pain is a clear and present reminder to the young woman to find a man and get it right before next month gets there.

Of course that's not exactly how he explained things to her. The point is that, at the time he was explaining what made her a woman, she didn't either look or act like a woman.

It probably wasn't even when she was thirteen and started growing breasts that ended up being nice double handfuls. He avoided the how-to-fit-a-bra problem by the simple expedient of telling her she didn't have to wear one. She got all upset because she thought wearing a bra would be such a rite of passage, so he took her to the store and looked at tools while she pretended to know what she was looking for. And, of course, she bought a lacy sexy thing that didn't fit and hurt, and it ended up in the back of the closet and she never asked to wear one again.

They did a lot of things together. They shopped at the grocery store together, planning menus as they went down the aisles. He took her to ball games. She dragged him to the skating rink. They liked the same kinds of movies, and could spend hours at the library together.

When he told me about all this, he finally remembered one incident that I think might be the prime contender for when he began to have sexual thoughts about his daughter.

They had been outside raking leaves and pulling weeds and splitting firewood to get ready for winter. It was still hot out and they were both hot and sweaty when they went inside. She went and took a shower, and, about the time he was going toward the kitchen to get something to drink, she came out of the bathroom drying her hair with a towel. She was naked as usual. Neither of them wore much around the house, and never had. They were both hot blooded, meaning they had a fan going most of the time and almost never got chilled.

He noticed that her breasts were full, and that her nipples had developed to the point that she had both areolas and nipples. She had a cute little patch of auburn hair on her mound. Her hips had widened, and her legs looked longer than he'd remembered them for some reason.

His cock was half hard before he even realized it. She breezed past him with a "Hi Daddy" and he realized she smelled really good. Yes, as he thought about it later, that was the time he began to be aware of his daughter as a woman.

She was every bit of fifteen that summer.

After that, as he sat, reading in the living room, he'd look over at her, doing her homework or whatever. She liked to wear his old T shirts, but she always cut the sleeves off, taking more of the side than just the sleeve. In other words, you could see through the large arm hole. If she bent over, her lovely tits were there for all the world to see. Along with those T shirts she favored gym shorts. She had her favorites, which were from her three years as a cheerleader at her Junior High School. Naturally, they were mostly three or four years old, and who knows how many sizes too small. They fit her like a second skin and made a very visible and identifiable camel toe in her crotch.

They had also let her hair grow since her mother left. That was probably because her mother had cut her hair, rather than taking her to the beauty parlor. At any rate, five years growth of her hair had resulted in a thick mane of brown with red and blond highlights that flowed down her back like a cape. She had a button nose, and high cheekbones. As he looked at her he thought about what a sixteen or seventeen year old boy would think ... and he knew he was in trouble.

Mandy and her father had never talked about dating, because they spent so much time together that she had little time to date. That changed the school year following when he noticed he was living with a stone fox sex goddess. She had given up on the cheerleader thing, not liking the political popularity contest that went with it but, ironically, she was still quite popular. She learned makeup from her girlfriends at sleepovers, and heard about dates there too. Then one night she asked if she could go to a movie with a boy.

Now, Bob thought he was a pretty savvy Dad. He knew that the best way to get her to do something was to forbid her from doing it. And, conversely, the best way to get her NOT to do something, was to be excited about it, and to display a great desire to "help" with whatever it was.

"I think that would be GREAT!" he bubbled. "In fact I'd be happy to take you guys to the movie and then pick you up." he offered helpfully. It didn't work out quite like he'd expected.

"That's OK" she said sweetly. "It's close enough we're just going to walk."

He went on reading the paper and peeked at her. She looked all happy.

She was actually home by eight-thirty. Things had not gone all that well. The boy wouldn't talk. He was nervous and not very good company. Bob was thrilled to the core when she closed the door and plopped down on the couch and said, "This dating stuff isn't nearly as much fun as I thought it would be."

She did go out a few more times, but it evolved into group dating, where there were two or three girls, and two or three guys, and people weren't really paired off.

She grew more beautiful, and even sexier. They spent less time together - she spent more time with her friends. But they made sure to spend some time doing things with each other every week. And she developed a strong independent streak too. She wasn't afraid of much of anything, and big new concepts didn't give her pause.

So he shouldn't have been surprised when she asked if she could go to Paris.

He came home from work one day and she was already home from school. It was only a month until school ended and she'd been doing very well with her grades. They'd gotten into a little game where he rewarded her for that. Sometimes it was buying her a new outfit, or her own computer (so she could study more efficiently, of course). She had been hinting about a car, but he was a little leery of that. She had only just turned sixteen.

Well, when he got home that day and she was dressed like it was already full summer. She had on a spandex halter top that it must have taken her hours to get on. Then he saw there was a hidden zipper right between her breasts. Still, she had to pull like crazy, stretching the fabric, to get that zipper started. Bob never could figure out why women wore things like that, because it just had to hurt to put on. But it cradled her luscious titties like they were some precious piece of art. It also telegraphed the state of her nipples, which showed through as if she wasn't wearing anything at all. As for the rest of her, she was wearing high rise panties, and was barefoot. She had just made something and put it in the oven. He could smell it, but couldn't tell what it was. There was a smudge of flour on her cheek.

Bob had a secretary who was married and who didn't fool around. But she loved to tease him and she's one of the finest examples of a M.I.L.F. you could ever want to gaze upon. So he was usually fired up every night when he got home. In fact he usually repaired to the bathroom to shower and paint the walls of the shower stall with his semen. Seeing Mandy like that didn't help things at all, and his balls rumbled.

"HI daddy!!!" she said, very excited, "How was work today?"

"Just another day," he answered, putting the mail on the counter.

Mandy took a deep breath, straining that spandex. She bit her lip just a little.


"Yes baby?" he answered.

"I need to ask you something but I'm not sure how you'll answer," she said, almost in a whisper as she twirled a long strand of her silky auburn hair around her finger.

"You can ask me anything baby, you know that," he said, giving her his complete attention.

"Denise and Barbara want me to go to Paris with them for the summer, can I go?"

Now it must be remembered that all Dads assume and believe with whole hearted enthusiasm that their daughters are virgins ... quite often even after they're married and return from the honeymoon. And, if you're a father yourself, particularly of a teenage girl, then you already know what went through his mind. Within seconds of her question, he had this mental image of some slicky-boy Frenchman plying his little girl with wine and an accent, and then rolling over on top of her and going where no man had gone before.

It was not the image he wanted to take into the shower with him tonight.

"Absolutely not," he answered immediately.

"Why daddy?" she said, pouting.

"Lots of reasons" he answered in true adult fashion. "For one thing you're only sixteen. For another you don't speak French."

"Well that's true" she admitted, "But Barbara took French this year and she got an "A" in it, and don't you want me to be happy? Of course you do Daddy" she said. "That's why you're going to say 'Yes' ... because you love me and want me to be happy."

This was a standard ploy of hers. If he loved her and wanted her to be happy, he'd let her do whatever it was she was asking to do, at that moment. It very often worked, but not for the reasons she thought it was working.

"Mandy, I said no."

She walked over to the large over stuffed chair that sat beside the fireplace and plopped down, pouting as she threw one leg over the arm. Her panties were cupping her pussy lips and they were screaming at him silently to come and wash them with his tongue.

"I'll take you to Paris when you graduate." he tried.

Mandy sat there, silent, a beautiful pout on her face. She had no idea how gorgeous she was, and how she affected men.

"Not going to talk to me, huh?" he asked.

She shook her head, looking down at the floor.

"Baby don't be mad, I just think that 16 is too young to run off to a foreign country when you can't even speak the language," I said. "Besides, you're so beautiful you wouldn't even be able to enjoy yourself. While you were there, every man in France would be doing nothing but trying to get your panties off."

He hadn't actually meant to say that last part, but it was how he felt. HE even wanted to get her panties off and he was her own father!

Mandy flushed right along with him. Her eyes went to the front of his slacks. There was a tent there, thanks to his secretary and his daughter. And there wasn't anything he could do about it right now.

"Well, I know how to handle men," she said, as if she were twenty five instead of just barely driving age.

"Is that a fact?" he asked. He began to imagine her in various situations "handling" men. His cock got even harder. He walked toward her, towering over her as she lifted her sweet face to look at him. He knew that his hard cock was right there in front of her face. He was flaunting it, like she was flaunting her nipples and pussy. But she wanted to be all grown up and, to his mind, that meant dealing with situations like this one.

"Just how do you handle a man, Mandy?"

Now, though he didn't know it at that time, Mandy thought she might actually have a chance. She had been on several dates with boys who tried all kinds of things with her, and she had fended off all their hands and antics. She'd done what her girlfriends had taught her to do in those situations. She'd even jacked one boy off, thinking correctly that once he had squirted he'd be a lot easier to handle. And he had been, but she made sure she never got alone with him again. There was something about seeing all that hot white fluid spurting everywhere that made her pussy hot and itchy. Thinking of that made her think of the stiff cock an inch away from her and she looked up at it. There it was, and it was quite a bulge. She licked her lips.

"Well, you give them just a little of what they want and then you ..." She trailed off as she realized there was no way she could say to her father 'You jerk them off and they go away happy.' Instead she said "You make them happy and they're a lot easier to handle."

Her dad leaned down. "And just what is it you do that `makes them happy` Mandy?"

Mandy's heart was thumping. She smelled the after shave her father liked. She liked it too. Her father smelled so ... good. He was so close! Suddenly she felt that hot itch in her pussy again.

"Well, you know... you ... well, you kiss them." On a wild impulse she stood up, pursed her sweet lips up and kissed her father's lips. Her heart thumped in her chest. This wasn't like kissing those boys!

Bob was caught by surprise. He'd been trying to intimidate his daughter with his size and nearness and when she kissed him he was so surprised he just kissed her back. It had been a long long time since he'd been kissed like that. Her sweet lips parted and her tongue flicked out and into his mouth. His cock lurched in his pants and began to leak. It was a long and passionate kiss, and when it stopped both of them were breathing hard. Both of them knew it wasn't the kind of kiss a father and daughter were supposed to share.

"Like that," she said weakly.

Trying to get his thoughts in order Bob blurted out "And what else do you do to make a man happy, baby?"

Mandy, too, was off balance. That kiss had left her panting, and her pussy felt even itchier. She had an insane urge to stick her hand down her panties and rub herself to a glorious orgasm right here in front of her own father! That kiss had shaken her down to her toes and her pussy was actually WET when they broke apart. In her numbed mind this was a man first, and her father second. As if in a dream, she reached for that bulge.

"Well" she said softly, "you play with his peter." Her hand molded over the lump and she squeezed gently. He was HUGE! Her mouth fell open. She'd touched several boys and that one she'd jacked off had been a handful, but this was something else. She suddenly felt her pussy spritz and realized she wanted to see the cock that was filling her hand to overflowing.

Without asking, Mandy unzipped his pants and began trying to pull his penis out into the open. She had a tough time of it. Bob's prick was rock hard now, and it was lying to the side of the opening in his briefs. Mandy stuck her hand in through the fly and fished around until she got her hand on his naked cock. Both of them groaned as her teenage hand circled his knobby and veined penis.

It became obvious to Mandy she'd never get it out through that small opening. She withdrew her hand, not noticing her father's sigh of discontent, and attacked his belt and the hook that held his pants together. As it popped free, his slacks dropped to the floor like they had lead weights in them. As they hit the floor her hands were dragging down his briefs, which were caught on something very long and very stiff inside them. Mandy felt her pussy pulse again.

Boy! She wanted to rub it bad now.

As she pulled, the front of the shorts strained harder and harder until the lump was sticking straight out what seemed like a foot. Then it bent downward as she pulled harder. With a final jerk she pulled them free of the cock she was now frantic to see and it slapped upward like a catapult.

Mandy sat, her mouth open, her eyes slightly glazed. There, in front of her, was something out of a dream. It wasn't circumcised, and the tip was peeking out at her through a shroud of soft wrinkled skin that looked almost like lips. The rest was a maze of ridges, lumps and pulsing veins. It was more than six or seven inches long, but she couldn't marshal enough thinking energy to really try to estimate it's actual size. It looked as hard as a rock. There was a drip of something clear seeping out of the little eye on the tip. It looked like the clear Kayro syrup in the cupboard and she had a sudden urge to lick it up with her tongue. The whole thing was scary and beautiful at the same time. THAT was designed to go inside a woman's pussy?! No way in the world. As she stared at it she realized it was getting closer and closer to her face. On another impulse she leaned forward and kissed the tip.

Bob's mind was also foggy. A beautiful woman had just dragged his pants down and was staring at his stiff dong like it was some yummy treat she was about to eat. He knew that lovely woman was his daughter, but he was way beyond being able to control himself now. Years of pent up desire began bubbling out of the tip of his cock as her lips pooched and molded themselves to the tip. Her hands came up and they wrapped themselves firmly around his tool as her lips began to slide more and more onto the tip, pushing at his foreskin, taking it's place in sheathing the head of his cock. Suddenly his cockhead was inside her warm mouth and her tongue was bathing it all over.

Mandy couldn't believe it.

She was sucking her father's cock!

It was inside her mouth!

She'd NEVER even THOUGHT about doing this to a boy before! Well, she'd THOUGHT about it, but only in a disjointed fantasy sort of way. If you'd have asked her ten minutes ago if she'd ever suck a man's cock she'd have screamed "No WAY!!!"

But now there WAS a cock in her mouth. Not just any old cock - no it was her daddy's cock!

And it was WONDERFUL! It tasted ... musky sort of. And it was so soft, while being hard at the same time. And it was leaking more of that syrupy stuff that slid around so smoothly on her tongue. It didn't taste like anything, really, at least nothing she could put a finger on, but it wasn't bad at all. And when she sucked on that big, warm cock, her pussy spritzed again. Part of her thought her panties must be dripping wet by now. Then, the reality of what she was doing hit her completely. She was sucking her father's penis! She jerked her head back suddenly and let go of the massive log with both hands. His dick slipped out of her mouth with a "pop" and bobbed in the air.

She looked up at her father's face, expecting to see thunderclouds. She winced at what she expected to hear. What could he think of her now except that she was some kind of slut?

Bob could see that his daughter was afraid and upset. He wondered where she had learned to do what she had just done. As their relationship had just changed both radically and permanently, he decided to ask. "Baby, have you made a lot of men ... happy?"

Mandy was confused. When she looked at her father's face it didn't look angry at all! He wasn't yelling. So the question caught her completely by surprise.

"No, Daddy" she said simply. The truth just popped out. "Well, just Danny Thompson ... and only once ... and not like that."

"Really?" her father said. "And just how did you make Danny Thompson happy?" Now he did sound a little upset.

She instinctively reached back to her father's boner and skimmed her hand up and down it several times. She watched interestedly as the foreskin bunched up and then slid over the big purple knob she had just been sucking on.

"I did this" she said.

Bob groaned as she jerked on his cock. Between her mouth and now her hand he was about to unload months of pent up juices. He covered her hand with his own and stopped her.

"Baby, that's not what the men in France are going to want you to do to make them happy." He was trying to calm down. He was trying to stop himself from painting his daughter's face with his sperm. It didn't occur to him that she was just as turned on as he was and might take the bait.

"What are they going to want me to do, Daddy?" she said in her little girl voice. "Maybe you should show me" she went on. "So I'll know what to expect."

Bob hesitated for about two microseconds. Then his lust and years of pent up longing for his beautiful daughter won over. He began unzipping the zipper between her breasts.

"They're going to want to see your breasts, Mandy."

The zipper reached the bottom and the material snapped apart like a broken rubber band. Almost like magic her luscious breasts with their stiff pink nipples were bared to his view. He leaned down and sucked one of those nipples into his mouth. Sudden pleasure/pain streaked from that nipple straight to her weeping pussy and Mandy's knees went rubbery. Her father caught her as they began to fail her. He hobbled with her to the couch and sat her down, sinking to his knees between her thighs.

"They're going to want to suck on your nipples like that," he said as he leaned in to feast again on both nipples this time.

Soon they were swollen with passion and Mandy's hips were moving restlessly on the couch. She moaned with pleasure and her hands came up to hold her daddy's head to her breasts. Then he stopped and leaned back. His eyes looked hot and smoky.

"And they're going to want to do other things too, baby," he said in a low, growly voice.

"What kind of things Daddy?" Her voice was thick.

His hands went to the high waist of her panties and pulled. She lifted her hips up off the couch and her soaked panties stuck to her pussy lips before they pulled free. Cool air hit her hot pussy and she sighed as he pulled the garment free of her feet. She had to lift her legs up toward her for him to get them off, and he only pulled them off one foot before his hands went to her thighs, spreading them apart, baring her pussy for the first time to a man's view. She looked down and saw that her pussy lips were fat and swollen. Then, like a flower opening to the sun, those pussy lips peeled apart, opening her sexual channel, as if in welcome.

"They're going to want to see your pussy, baby" he growled.

"But they can't see my pussy Daddy," she moaned. "No boy has ever seen my pussy Daddy."

That brought another dollop of cream surging out of Bob's aching prick. It dripped to the floor in a long string. Her pussy was perfect. Her pubic hair was almost red, much redder than the hair on her head. It wasn't thick, and he could see skin through it easily. It lay on her mons like a crocheted afghan quilt that you could see through. The first thing he thought of was that his prick would fit very tightly into that pussy.

He couldn't do that, though. One very small part of his brain reminded him she was his daughter, after all. Her pussy lips were engorged and gaping open, like the lips of a lover waiting to be kissed.

"And when they see your pussy they're going to want to do this," he said.

Then he leaned in and sucked her pussy lips into his mouth. He spit them back out and drove his tongue deep into her pussy, then drew it out and searched for her clitty. He used his thumbs to spread her pussy lips further, exposing the little bud, and then sucked it in and began nibbling on it with his front teeth.

Mandy didn't know whether to laugh, cry, scream or just faint dead away. Shannon had bragged that her boyfriend Rod had sucked her pussy, and she claimed it was the best thing she had ever felt. Mandy remembered thinking "You lying bitch. You wouldn't let Rod near your pussy and even if you did he wouldn't put his mouth on it." She now decided she was going to have to apologize to Shannon as soon as she could. That was about all she had time to think of before her daddy's teeth on her ultra sensitive clitty brought her to a mind melting orgasm.

"Ooooo....Ohhhh...Ahhhhh...OOOOOOAAHAAHAAHHHAH" she yipped as her hips started thrusting up at her father's mouth rapidly. Her head flailed from side to side and her arms waved in the air like she was trying to fly before her hands grabbed her father's head and pulled it hard into the sweet juncture of her thighs.

Bob couldn't stand it. She was beautiful. She was sweet tasting. She was wet and ready. He lifted his head and inched closer to her, bending his cock until the tip was lodged between her still flexing pussy lips.

"And then ..." he panted "They're going want ... to do ..."

He leaned forward and her pussy lips strained to open for the big leaking knob of his penis.


He leaned forward harder and punched half of his rampant cock into her wide open pussy.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" she squealed as she felt enormous pressure in her pussy. Her eyes, which had been closed snapped open and her head came up off the back of the couch. She stared at what had to be a baseball bat sticking into her pussy. She drew in a huge breath to scream and just then he pulled it back out until just the head was inside. The pressure vanished and then came back as he lunged into her again, this time getting almost three quarters into her.

"OH DADDY!" she squealed and then he pulled it out again.

This time, as he shoved it back into her he reached up and grasped both of her turgid nipples with his fingertips and pulled them away from her body. She watched, her mouth formed in an "OH" as the whole massive prick vanished inside her body.

Meanwhile her nipples shrieked their pain/pleasure straight to her pussy and her great lungful of breath came out in a long groan. Her thighs widened automatically, trying to lessen the pressure her virgin pussy felt. It wasn't exactly PAIN, but a tear formed at the edge of one eye. Part of her wanted to yell at him to get that monster OUT of her pussy, but her pussy itself had other ideas. It clenched and then relaxed all by itself, and suddenly the pressure lessened. It did it again and suddenly there was more pleasure than pain.

A LOT more pleasure than pain.

"OH DADDY!" Now her voice was thick with passion, and it was nowhere near a complaint.

Bob was in trouble and he knew it. Mandy's pussy was so hot and slick and tight that his prick wanted to bathe it with sperm immediately. But he knew he couldn't do that. She wasn't on the pill. He shouldn't even have his prick where it was, and he CERTAINLY couldn't let his dangerously potent sperm enter her obviously nubile and fertile vagina. He would be a Grandfather for sure if he let that happen. And so, with his prick buried in that wonderful snatch, he decided not to move for a while, just to let things calm down a little. It wouldn't hurt to ream her out a little, but for now he'd just get her off again. He leaned his head down to suck on her marvelous long nipples. He'd pulled them hard because he knew that would cause her pussy to loosen up a little, but now he just wanted her to feel good. He sucked and chewed like a starved baby. At the same time he snuck a hand between them and put his thumb on her clit.

Mandy looked at the top of her daddy's head and tried to decide what to do. Again she didn't know whether to laugh, cry, scream or just faint dead away. His penis felt absolutely WONDERFUL in her pussy now, and she knew this would happen again many many times even if she had to blackmail him into doing it. Then he started sucking on her nips again and she felt his thumb on her clitty. Her hips surged upwards off the couch, forcing the head of his cock into the opening of her womb. Her hands snapped back to his head, and she gave up as another orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave. This orgasm was like none she had ever felt in her whole short life. She felt it in her pussy, her nipples and her brain all at the same time. She was sure she'd explode and that pieces of her would fly all over the room. She tried to speak but couldn't make noises that were in any known language. Instead she made grunts, groans, moans and mewling noises as her pussy went into overdrive, stretched all around the invading penis. Her pussy knew what it wanted. It wanted that bath of sperm that was inside that wonderful stiff prick. And to get it her pussy began to pulse in a rhythm that tightened and relaxed over and over again, milking the cock for it's precious load.

Bob was amazed at the plasticity of Mandy's nipples. They had grown almost an inch, and it was like chewing on a piece of salt water taffy. And her pussy felt so fantastic wrapped around his prick. Then it began to milk him. Instinctively he pulled back a little and plunged back in. He could feel the head pushing into the back of his baby's pussy, where her womb was. He couldn't think too clearly now. He knew he should pull out. He knew it was dangerous. He knew he shouldn't squirt.

"Mandy baby?" he huffed.

"Yes Daddy" she moaned.

"I should have gotten you on the pill, baby."

"Why Daddy?" she moaned again.

"Because the last thing the men in Paris are going to want to do is ... THIS!"

He groaned and pushed, burrowing as deep into her as he could as the tube along the bottom of his prick pulsed. His prick was suddenly full of soothing, silver, baby-making man juice. That long silvery rope streamed out of the piss slit of his prick, where it peeked into Mandy's womb and she got the sperm bath her pussy had been wanting. She felt the hot wetness of a tablespoon of sperm splattering against the walls of her womb. Then as the second shot raced through his penis he pulled back to slam in again, and this tablespoon splashed all along her pussy walls. Then he was back in, feeding three more spurts straight into her womb, filling it up with hot sperm as his prick spat again and again. Bob moaned as he realized he was seeding his daughter's womb, very possibly making a baby in her this instant as she lay helplessly spread under him, naked and open. What must she think of him?

He found out when he felt her hands in his hair, pulling his face toward hers until they were nose-tip to nose-tip. Between gasps she whispered "You're cumming inside me, aren't you Daddy?"

He groaned and a tear formed in his own eye as he miserably admitted "Yesssssss". His word was timed with yet another string of sperm rushing out of his body and into hers.

She moaned "Oh Daddy" and then pulled his face to hers for a long, wet, tongue filled kiss that went on and on even after he had dumped the last of his spooge into her most secret place.

He slumped over his daughter, unable to push himself off of her. Both of them were limp. Her kiss had convinced him she didn't hate him, though, so he whispered back.

"That's what those men are going to want to do to you in Paris, baby."

Her hands came up and stroked his back. "I don't want to go to Paris any more Daddy," she said "I don't need to go to Paris to have that done to me." He raised his head and she kissed him again. "I can get all of that I want right here at home."

His eyes opened wide as he felt his prick begin to pulse back to life.

Bob did eventually relent and let Mandy go to Paris. And she got to go in the spring, when Paris is so beautiful, with blossoms shouting about the new life soon to burst into the world.

She fit right in, because by the time Mandy was halfway through her senior year, Bob's spurting prick had put a baby in her womb. On her graduation trip to Paris, her gently swelling belly also promised new life, though not for several more months.

And, of course, that belly tended to discourage the men.

Which is exactly what Bob had in mind.

The End

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