The Book Model

by Lubrican

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Julie Stanton was bored. Her husband was gone again. He was always gone since he'd gone to that special school. He was a Lieutenant in the Army and since taking anti-terrorism classes he was usually off somewhere in the world where she couldn't go. It wouldn't have been so bad except that she'd only been married for a little over a year. She'd wanted to start having children right away, but that's hard to do when you don't get any sperm in you. And with Roger gone all the time, she had a definite shortage of sperm.

Normally she didn't need to work, but Roger had gone to some place where he couldn't even call her and he'd taken the check book with him. She had a credit card, but she didn't want to rack up a big bill that she couldn't pay off at the end of the month.

She needed some spending money.

And she was bored. So, she was leafing through the paper, looking in the want ads. Something caught her eye. "Models wanted for illustrations for book. Must be young and fit. Some nudity required." She almost went on, dismissing the ad, but curiosity got the better of her. She called the number listed and, after answering a few questions she had an appointment to talk to the author.

Julie had never modeled before, but she was an obvious pick if beauty was the criteria. She had waist length almost platinum blond hair, was well tanned and kept in shape by running regularly. Her route took her by a retirement home and she'd noticed lately that every time she ran by there were more and more elderly men loitering around on the front porch. She thought she'd heard a croaked "Here she comes now" but she'd dismissed the idea. Why would those old men be paying any attention to her anyway? It never occurred to her that her 36-23-38 figure had brought new life to some pretty shriveled plumbing on that porch.

She'd have been even more surprised to find out that after she ran by, the geezers all went into the home and beat off to her memory!

She thought about calling her step brother, Mark. She wanted to share her good news with somebody and he was the closest male in her life other than Roger. Even though he was technically her step brother, they'd grown up together since they were both five. He was her brother as far as she was concerned. In fact he was the reason she'd met Roger in the first place. Mark had been in the Special Forces with Roger and had introduced them to each other. Since then Mark had been injured and was out of the Army. He'd gotten some kind of high tech job position and was busy a lot, so she hadn't talked to him much in the last month or so. She called his number but all she got was his voice mail. She didn't want that. She wanted to TALK to him. With a sigh she hung up.

She decided to run to her interview. She'd be hot and sweaty, but they'd see how in shape she was. She put her hair in a loose braid and took off. Twenty minutes later she knocked on the door of room 106 at the Restful Inn Motel and was admitted by a man who introduced himself as Bob. He looked her up and down. She wasn't surprised. Every man looked her up and down. She was used to it.

Bob got right into the interview. "Why do you want this job?" he said.

She looked at him. "I'm bored. My husband is away and I don't know when he'll be back. I need some spending money."

He stared at her intently. "Husband" he said under his breath. "The ad said that some nudity would be involved. How will your husband feel about that?"

Julie smiled. "Who says he has to find out about it? What kind of book is this for? My husband is not a big reader. This isn't for some porn mag is it?" she frowned.

"No, no, it's not like that" said Bob, but he looked uncomfortable. "But it DOES involve nudity. More than a little." She frowned again and he went on "Really, I'm sorry, but I have to tone down the ad because otherwise I get the League of Women Voters down on me, trying to shut me down."

Julie was even more curious now. He didn't seem like some scumbag who just wanted to stare at her tits. "Go on" she said.

"Well, the book is sort of like the Kama Sutra. It is a 'How to' manual for adults and covers a number of sexual positions that my partner and I have developed. These are supposed to use the ergonomics of the body to make sex more enjoyable. We'll need pictures of each of the positions. That's what we're hiring models for." He looked at her and waited.

"Sexual positions" she said. "That's a lot more than 'a little nudity'. I don't think I'm interested in letting some strange man stick his penis in me so you can illustrate a new sexual position."

Bob held up his hands. "No, don't get the wrong idea. Most of these shots don't have to show anything in that much detail. It's the positions of the two bodies that count. There wouldn't be any need to actually show penetration. Well, actually there are a couple, but we could do something different with those. Maybe use another model or something."

He was staring at her breasts. Julie crossed her arms. "And I suppose you are the other model for these pictures."

"Oh no!" stammered Bob. "I mean, not that I wouldn't enjoy posing with you." His mouth snapped shut. "Um, I mean .... oh shit, I can't believe I just said that" he said under his breath. "No!" he barked. "There is another man. We haven't actually interviewed him yet."

Julie smiled at his obvious embarrassment. "Who is this 'we' you keep talking about?"

"Oh! that's my sister and me" said Bob. "We're writing the book together. Her name's Lori" he said, still flustered.

Julie took pity on him and said that if he thought she would work out in the pictures, she'd give it a try of a day or two. If things got too weird she'd just quit. His only questions were about scars, tattoos, body piercings and body hair. When she said she had none of the above Bob actually smiled. She saw the lump in the front of his pants flex, but all men did that around her too. He explained they were only interviewing at the Motel. The actual photographs would be done at their home, in a studio. She said she'd see him the following Saturday and he said he'd call her if they hadn't hired a male model by then.

Saturday rolled around and Julie stood at Bob's door. She was a little nervous. She knew her husband wouldn't like what she was doing, but he was gone and she was frustrated, so she had convinced herself that what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him. She took a breath and rang the bell. The door was answered by a pretty woman about her own age with dark red hair. "You must be Julie" she said in a voice that was low and soft.

"And you must be Lori" said Julie, smiling.

Lori let her into the house and took her to the studio where the pictures would be shot. "We really appreciate you modeling for us Julie" said Lori. "It's so hard to find just the right look and this is a tough kind of assignment for any model. You're really quite beautiful."

Julie smiled, but admitted she was a little nervous. Lori said anyone would be nervous and then tried to make things calmer by saying "I think we've found just the perfect male for the shots. He's a really nice guy for one thing, and he's really a hunk to boot. I'm just sure you two will get along fine. He seems very professional even though, like you, he's not a professional model. He's already here." She prattled on as they entered the studio. Julie could see only the back of the man's head, as he was seated and facing away from her, talking to Bob. The room was full of photographic equipment - lights, tripods, umbrellas, and wires all over the place.

Lori began making introductions. "Bob, Julie is here."

The man began to turn.

Julie took a breath.

Bob smiled and said "Julie, this is ...."

"MARK!" gasped Julie.

"Yes" said Bob, puzzled. "This is Mark. But ... you two KNOW each other?!"

"Oh shit!" said Mark as Julie stood frozen, staring at him. Then he laughed. "Yeah, I guess you could say we know each other. Bob ... Lori ... I'd like to introduce you to my sister Julie. Well, Step-Sister, actually. But we grew up together since we were both about eight."

There was a prolonged silence in the room as all the occupants thought about the conundrum that had just presented itself.

"Mark!" stammered Julie again.

He smiled and said "Hi sweets. I never thought I'd see you here. Um, are you OK? You look sort of pale. How's Roger. I'm sort of surprised he let you do this." Though he was smiling, he was babbling too.

Lori's alto voice husked "My my, but isn't this uncomfortable."

Julie saw a chair and sat. Her knees were a little weak. Almost without thinking she answered "Roger doesn't know about this."

Bob sighed. "Shit! I rented all this stuff to take pictures today. We were going to try to get the whole thing shot in one day. This is gonna cost me a bundle."

Mark held up his hand. "Let me make a suggestion." He walked over to his sister and put his hand on her shoulder. "It's not like Julie and I never saw each other naked. I mean we grew up together in a house with only one bathroom. And you said there isn't any actual intercourse involved in the shoot, right? What to you think, Jules? You think you could do the shoot, even if it is with me?"

Julie looked up at her "little" brother, who she hadn't seen since the wedding, even though he lived right there in Kansas City, though on the other side. She thought back to the years they had spent growing up, most of the time each other's only real friend as their parents dragged them from one town to another. Her dad had been a salesman who kept hopping from one job to one a little better. She'd married Roger partly because she was used to changing houses every year or two and she knew Army life was like that too.

She smiled as she remembered how Mark had "protected" her from boys, especially during High School. He'd been good at it too. So good she was actually a virgin when she got married. Roger had been her only lover. After the wedding, though, Mark had disappeared for several months, and since then she'd had only a few phone calls from him. It occurred to her how glad she was to see him.

She smiled. "What in the world are YOU doing posing for pictures like these? I thought you were making big bucks at that Tech thingy place you were working at."

Roger smiled back. "I am. I just thought it would be a hoot to do something like this. I also thought I might meet a girl and get to see her naked without all the hype of dating and all that stuff." He grinned.

Lori cleared her throat. "This is nice and all, you guys getting to see each other, but we have this problem. Mark doesn't seem to think it's a big problem. And we rented all this stuff, so of course we'd like to proceed. Julie, you never answered Mark's question. What do you think about going on with it?"

Julie flushed, but forced another smile. "Well, I guess it couldn't be any safer. And, like he said, we've seen each other naked more than once. I guess I could give it a try."

The feeling of tension in the room evaporated. Rather than let them think about it, Lori and Bob began briefing them on the order in which photographs would be taken, how long some poses would have to be held, and other information that made the session seem impersonal. Eventually, though, it was time for the models to disrobe. Bob handed Mark and Julie robes. "We don't have an actual changing room, but since the poses are all naked it didn't seem important."

There was another surge of tension as Mark and Julie began shedding their clothing. Neither of them looked at each other and both put on their robes as soon as they were naked. Lori led them to a couch and told them to sit down. "We need to let your bodies get rid of marks caused by bra straps, elastic in underwear, that sort of thing. We originally thought that the models could get to know each other a little bit while that happened. Why don't you two just reminisce while Bob and I get the equipment ready." She moved off and she and Bob began making things ready for the shoot.

Mark smiled at Julie. "Remember the last time we saw each other naked?"

Julie colored. It had been on their prom night. Mark had been in the shower and Julie had complained he was taking too long. She stood outside the bathroom door dressed only in a towel, waiting for him to get out so she could get ready. She'd eventually barged in, only to find him hunched over, beating his meat in the shower. Her entry had startled him, and when he stood up his head hit the shower head, causing it to drench her. Her hands had come up and the towel fell. There had been a lot of yelling.

"I remember" she said. Then she laughed. "You were so pissed that I interrupted you!"

Mark grinned. "And you were outraged that I not only took up shower time to ... do that ... but that I got your hair wet."

Julie nodded, then laughed again. "I remember thinking of a horse when I saw your ..." She blushed. "It was ... very interesting."

He didn't look away. "And I remember seeing that your ... that you were shaved ... down there. It was hot! I was miserable all night because I never got any relief. Remember? I took Toni Johnson to the dance? The first time I slow danced with her she felt my boner through her dress and demanded that I take her home that instant! Man, what a night."

Julie gasped "Oh Mark, I'm so sorry. I never knew! I knew you left early, but I never knew why."

He grinned again. "It was OK. I came home, got in bed and took care of things." He caught her eye. "I thought about ... you ... while I was doing it."

Julie felt a thrill go through her stomach. "Really? I had no idea. Which is probably good. I'd have been grossed out to the max. But now I think it's kind of sweet. I mean I caused the problem, so it's only right that I helped solve it, even if I didn't know I was doing it."

Bob interrupted them by lining out the first set of poses they would do. All called for Mark to be erect. "Do you think that will be a problem?" asked Lori in her most professional voice.

Mark looked at his sister. "I don't think it will," he said, not smiling. The look in his eye made Julie want to drop her robe. She did and felt another thrill as she watched her brother's penis begin to fill with blood immediately. He stared blatantly at her still shaved mons.

"Well" said Lori, not seeing what was going on, "If you need any help keeping it ... keeping an erection, I mean, I'll uh ... I mean if necessary I can ... I can ..." She looked helpless as she turned and saw his now full bone and said the last word. "help." They all laughed.

An hour later they weren't laughing any more. The models found out it was hard work. And hot too, with the lights on them all the time. Both were covered by a sheen of sweat that made them slippery to the touch. But the real problem was that in most of the shots, Mark was required to get the tip of his penis as close to Julie's pussy as possible without actually touching it. This turned out to be much more difficult than either of them would have imagined. In one scene, where Julie was on top of a desk, her legs spread and her calves resting on Mark's shoulders, he was supposed to be leaning on his arms, with his hands basically beside Julie's hips. Her own hands were behind her, her arms angled to hold herself up.

As they got into position, though, Mark's sweat-slick hands slid on the desk, and the tip of his cock punched neatly between Julie's equally slick labia.

Bob, being ever ready, snapped the picture.

Then, because Mark didn't have any support, and because Julie's legs were up and she could do nothing, as his hands slid on the desk, his penis began to inch into his sister's pussy.

Mark's only option was to step forward, in an attempt to ease the slipping of his hands, so he could stand up and pull back. What it actually did was push the rest of his rod into Julie's pussy.

That pussy was slick, not from sweat, but because the nearness of that nice hard penis had been working on Julie for over an hour. Had it been anyone but her brother she'd have screamed and called for the police. But when she felt her brother's cock slide into her needy pussy, all she could say was "Ohhhh Mark".

Finally Mark got his balance and he stepped backward. His cock made a wetly popping sound as it broke the seal with Julie's slick tunnel. There was a string of something that connected the tip of his penis with her now gaping pussy mouth. There was a flash as Bob took another picture.

Everyone spoke at once.

Bob gasped "Man that was hot".

Mark gulped "Sorry, sweets, I ..."

Julie said again, "Oh Mark ..."

Lori said "Here Mark!".

They all looked at Lori, who was holding out a towel in one hand. The other hand was covering one of her breasts. It was squeezing and kneading that breast. She realized what she was doing and jerked the hand away, blushing furiously. "Sorry" she said.

"Um, you OK?" said Mark.

Julie looked dazed. "Yeah ... I mean you didn't hurt me or anything ... You're ..." she stopped herself.

She had been about to say "You're big and it felt wonderful."

They took a short break and Lori handed out more towels. While they rested Mark's erection flagged. He'd been up for more than an hour, so it wasn't unusual for him to lose his hardon. When it was time to resume the poses Lori stood up and went toward Mark. "Let me help with that," she said, a sort of hunger in her voice. "I mean we can't ask your sister to do this," she said. She reached out and gently grasped Mark's half hard penis. She gave it a tentative squeeze and then sank to her knees.

Now his cock was right in front of her face. She stroked back, toward his balls and then squeezed and pulled her hand toward her face. As her hand neared the tip she leaned forward and put a wet kiss on the tip of his penis.

Mark had not been prepared for Lori to do anything like this. When she did his hardon came roaring back. He went up on tiptoes and was about to shove his dick toward Lori's mouth when Julie's voice announced "OK, he's hard again."

Everyone looked at her, where she stood, arms crossed below her breasts, eyes dark, a frown on her face.

Lori said "Oh ... yes." and stood up. Her hand left his cock almost hesitantly.

Mark stared at Julie. She was jealous! He smiled. "You're jealous!" he crowed. "Of ME and another woman! What a hoot THAT is."

Julie realized she WAS jealous. That confused her. She had no right to feel that way about her step brother. "Well, that just pays you back for all those times I missed out on some fun with the boys I was dating. YOU scared them all away!"

Bob said "OK, OK, let's get on with this." His voice cracked as he said it and they all looked at him. It was quite clear there wasn't just ONE erection in the room. Lori stared.

"Oh my" she said.

Bob got them going again. For another hour they let themselves be bent this way and that. Lori posed them and now she constantly touched Mark's stiff spear as she put them in their positions. She made no further pretense about it, saying things like "Let's keep this beauty nice and stiff." or "Don't fail me now" while she gave him a quick stroke. They got to a pose where Mark was on his back on the floor with Julie squatting over him, obviously about to sink down on his rampant rod. But now Mark's boner was so hard that it wanted to point UP, toward his chin. Lori kept trying to hold it straight up, toward Julie's dripping pussy, but it wouldn't cooperate.

"You'll have to hold it yourself" she said to Julie. Julie reached down and grasped it, but she couldn't see it and hold her head the way Bob wanted it. Then Bob didn't like the pose because her arm was in the way. Finally Julie said "Look, what if I just lodge it in there, just enough to hold it where we want it?"

Bob said "It's OK with me."

Mark said "Yeah, good idea."

Lori said "Here, I'll help." and grasped Mark's cock, aiming it right at Julie's open pussy.

Julie let herself down a little, until she felt the tip of Mark's cock nose into her pussy mouth. She only meant for just the tip to go in, but she couldn't judge it well, and by the time she realized it, it was half way in her.

Mark groaned and Bob flashed a picture. "Hold it right there ... don't move" he said as he repositioned himself for another shot. Julie tried to stay still, but by now her quads were on fire and she felt herself sag another inch. Mark's cock felt so good in her.

"I can't see ... you're too far down" said Bob and Mark groaned again as Julie dragged her pussy upward, stroking his prick nicely. The flash went off.

They took another break as Bob processed the photos. This time they didn't even go through the pretense of putting a robe on. They just stayed naked. Bob was using an L-7 Digital camera, so all he had to do was download the images and then flash them on the screen of the big 27" monitor. He and Lori were glued to the screen as they toggled through the batch.

Julie heard Lori gasp.

"That is so fucking hot" she squealed.

Bob said "And look at these two, with the penetration." He sounded so excited that both Julie and Mark went over to see.

As they approached Lori jerked her hand out of her pants, blushing. "Sorry" she said. "I can't help it. You two are so hot together. We're gonna sell a million of these books when people get a look at you two."

Julie stared in awe at the photos on the screen. There, in living color, was her brother, OK, step brother, really, with his cock all but buried in her aching pussy. She felt her pussy produce and leak some girl juice as she remembered the feeling.

Mark just said "Man!"

Bob turned. "The ones with penetration are so much better than the others. I know I shouldn't ask you to do this, but is there any way you would re-shoot some of those poses with penetration? I mean you won't have to move or anything. Just put it in a little and freeze."

Julie turned to Mark. His eyes were hot, looking at her naked body. "I'm game" he said. "I mean it's not like we'll actually be having sex or anything." His eyes said otherwise, but Julie felt the same way.

"I guess it would be OK" she said. "I sure hope Roger doesn't ever see one of these books though."

Lori started toward Mark, her hand already out. "OK, just let me..."

"That's OK" said Julie. "I'll take care of it. Bob, get your camera ready. We haven't talked about oral sex, but I know it's in there somewhere." With that she went to her knees in front of her brother and, without another word, put his cock in her mouth.

Mark went hard as stone in seconds. Julie, however, seemed to think it needed more stimulation. Bob had the camera flashing like crazy as Julie lovingly moved her lips up and down Mark's stiff cock.

Finally it was Lori who said "OK, OK, I think he's ready."

They went through each pose again. Each time Mark would carefully insert about half of his cock into Julie's pussy and freeze. Bob would take some pictures and they'd move on. It looked like it wasn't all that stimulating.

But no one had counted on Julie's pussy.

Mark found out very quickly that her pussy could squeeze his cock and milk it nicely without there being any outward sign that this was happening. Julie, for her part, didn't really realize she was doing just that. But as time went on Mark put just a little more of his cock in her each time, and he left it there just a little longer after Bob said they could change poses.

Finally it came back to the pose where the first accident had happened. Julie got up on the desk and draped her calves on her brother's shoulders.

Mark got ready to put his cock in her again and Lori said "Hey, wait a minute, we already got this one."

Julie said "Shoot it again, Bob" and that was all Mark needed to lean forward and slide his fuck stick into his sister's pussy. It was just too much for poor Mark. He didn't go a quarter of the way in her. He didn't go half way in her. He just stuck his prick in Julie until there wasn't any prick left. Julie sighed and her pussy muscles went to work on the invading bone immediately.

"Julie ... stop that" groaned Mark.

"Stop what?" she said dreamily, her pussy gleefully munching on his over stimulated cock.

"Stop squeezing my cock!" he groaned. "If you don't stop I'm gonna shoot."

"Shoot?" she repeated, her eyes only partly focused. "Shoot in my pussy?" she said.

"Ohhhhh fuck" moaned Mark as he heard her words. He leaked, letting some precum into her pussy.

"I mean it Julie" he said. "I have to take it out now or I'll shoot off in your pussy."

Nothing, of course, was stopping him from pulling out. Julie didn't have anything to say about it in the position they were in. He had all the control. But for some reason he found that his rod was still buried balls deep in her belly.

A very small part of his brain was wondering about that when her pussy rippled again and she said in a low, throaty voice. "You can't cum in my pussy, Mark, I might get pregnant."

And with that announcement, she dug her calves into his shoulders, lifting her pussy, slamming it up onto his spear of love. Mark lost it at once. With a whine he leaned forward and let his aching balls have their way. They pulsed, and a long silver ribbon of semen raced through his prick, leaping out of the little slit in the tip of his penis. That little slit was, at that particular moment, nestled between the lips of his sister's cervix, which meant that that long silver ribbon of semen splatted directly into his step-sister's womb.

As Julie gasped that she could feel him shooting in her, Mark produced six or seven more sticky ropes of baby butter, which he immediately injected into Julie's starving pussy. The feeling was so great that, instead of making his penis wilt, he felt even harder than before. He also felt the urge to fuck his sister, and he now let that urge go too. He began pounding Julie's wide open pussy with his engorged prick to her immense satisfaction. His warm and wet sperm had set her off on an orgasm when she felt it filling her up, and the added stimulation of his cock reaming her out made her almost pass out. She launched into a series of orgasms that left her gasping for breath and light headed.

Five minutes later she lay limp and weak as her brother announced that he was about to cum again.

He had time to ask her. He knew he should ask her. But he didn't. Instead, he carefully put the head of his prick as far in her as he could and, again, injected his seed deeply into her.

They both relaxed as he sagged forward onto her chest. Julie let her legs go down his arms, which he raised so she could wrap her legs around his waist. Neither of them made any move to remove his penis from her channel.

Both realized about the same time that there hadn't been any flashes from Bob's camera for some time now.

They turned, as one to look.

There, on the floor, was Lori, her naked legs spread wide, a pair of pale blue panties dangling from one ankle. Between those thighs was her brother's naked butt, which, at that very instant, was clenching mightily as Bob's own prick jerked and spat it's own load of brotherly incestuous cum into Lori's defenseless pussy.

Julie smiled and whispered in Mark's ear. "Looks like the book will perform it's intended purpose."

Six months later Roger got back from his deployment. He was met by his stunningly beautiful - and pregnant wife, who threw her arms around him and said "Baby and I just couldn't wait for Daddy to get back home."

She kissed him soundly and added "And you'll never guess in a thousand years who's coming to dinner tomorrow night."

She waited for the shake of his head. "Remember my brother, Mark?"

The End

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