The Feather Bed

by Lubrican

It all started in the big feather bed on the upstairs screened in porch at my Uncle Bob's house.

Uncle Bob and Aunt Betty lived in North Dakota, on fifteen hundred acres of ... well not much of anything. It was pretty, with lakes and trees and such, but I was a city boy and didn't know much about cows, which was what he had on his ranch. Anyway, for as long as I can remember, my parents, my sister and I would drive up there every year along in August, just before school started again, for a week of vacation.

Their house was pretty neat, from a city boy's perspective. It was built of logs, but it was no simple square house. It was two stories. There was a big open space in the middle which was the living room. To one side of that was a huge kitchen with every cooking tool known to man. And Aunt Betty knew how to use them all. Downstairs there were a dining room, a huge bedroom, a sauna and laundry room. Above these, with a balcony running all the way around the living room were the smaller bedrooms, for their kids. They had three kids, a boy named Brian, and two girls named Jesse and Jenny. Brian was older than the girls, who were twins. They weren't identical twins, though. Jesse was as blond as it's possible to be, and thin to the point of being skinny, though she did have a nice pair of breasts on her. Jenny had hair sort of between red and brown and she was ALL girl, if you know what I mean. Brian was my age and a year older than his sisters, as I was a year older than my sister Lori.

We had all known each other since we were babies, and even though we didn't see each other all that much, it never took long at all before we were all running and playing like we'd lived together for years and years. They had a big barn, full of hay and exciting places to explore, and they had horses and all kinds of neat stuff, so both Lori and I loved to go up there each year.

When we were kids we had gotten into the habit of all sleeping in the big feather bed that was on the screened in porch upstairs. This was a big covered porch, probably 16 feet long and maybe 12 wide. It had this huge bed on it that had a mattress that must have been two feet thick and was filled with goose down. That rested on canvas over steel springs, which was great for jumping on when we were little. It got cold at nights, even in August, because they were higher up in elevation and all that. So Aunt Betty got us a big goose down comforter and we'd all pile into the feather bed and she'd cover us with the comforter.

Now, you have to understand that, in a feather bed, everybody sort of rolls together into the middle and the mattress presses down to make a sort of nest. With all those warm bodies pressed together, and the feathers under and over us we were always warm as toast all night long. You froze your gonads off in the morning getting out of that bed, so we were all pretty lazy in the mornings and rarely got up until Aunt Betty yelled up that breakfast was ready.

We knew that our parents always slept in the big bedroom on the ground floor, the same room that Aunt Betty and Uncle Bob slept in, but we never thought a thing about it. After all, all of us kids slept together too. Well, we never thought anything about it until the year I was seventeen.

That was the year that everything changed. I played football the year before, and I thought I was pretty special. For once I wasn't looking forward to going up North, cause I was going to miss pre-term practice and the coach was pissed about that. But my parents dragged me up there anyway. I did look forward to seeing Brian again. I was big enough now to ride the big horses by myself and I was looking forward to that too. I didn't think much about the twins.

Until I saw them.

Man! What a difference a year can make. Last year they were girls with bumps in all the right places. This year they were women, with real breasts, and hips that stretched their cutoffs in ways that made my dick stir in my own. Not that I wasn't used to looking. My own sister had transformed in the same way, but I got to watch that happen, and it didn't take me by surprise. We were pretty free around our house, with clothing, I mean. As Lori or I went to and from the bathroom we didn't much care whether we had clothes on or not. I watched as her breasts went from being bumps with colored dots on the tips to real breasts with nipples. Sometimes those nipples were flat, but at others they stood out from her breasts like little pencil erasers or something. And she had a pretty good patch of hair above her pussy too. We used to compare our pubic hair. I kidded her that girls were supposed to mature faster than boys, but I got hair first, and always had just a little bit more than she did.

Truth be told, though, hers was blond, and harder to see, while mine was dark and looked like more than was actually there. The only time we ever really fooled around was one time when I was in the shower and I was taking too long so she just barged in anyway and pulled back the curtain to ask me what I was doing. I was, of course, jerking off, and when she pulled back the curtain about half of my very stiff dick was hanging out of the front of my hand and pointing right at her. She got this funny look on her face when she saw me jerking back and forth on my peter. Her mouth went into a funny little "o" and her eyes got real wide. She'd seen it soft a hundred times, but never hard. Her cheeks got real red.

Naturally, I stopped, but I didn't let go of it. "Haven't you ever heard of knocking?" I yelled.

She yelled right back "I DID knock, about ten times. NOW I know why you didn't answer." Now it was MY turn to color up a little. But then she did the strangest thing. She reached out and batted my hand away from it and grabbed it herself! "Can I touch it?" she said, which was really stupid since she already had her hand around it.

Of course I wasn't thinking about that at the time. All I was thinking about was that a female had her hand around my aching prick. I didn't care if it was my sister's hand. I mean I liked her, after all. But it wasn't MY hand, if you know what I mean. And having a female's hand on it was MUCH nicer. She jacked it a couple of times, like I had been doing, and my balls said "OK, that's it. Time to go to work." I had turned to face her when she jerked back the curtain, so it was pointed at her when it went off.

No warning. Just streams of thick white spooge splattering all over my sister. Man that felt good.

She wasn't much impressed, though.

"Eewwwww" she squealed and danced backwards, losing her balance and falling back to end up (thankfully) sitting on the toilet. She was wearing only panties at the time. She had streaks of sticky white spunk on one of her breasts and her stomach. She had it on one arm and the hand that had been holding me. There was a string of it across the front of her panties.

She looked down at all this semen covering her and went "EEEEWWWWW" again, holding her hands out to her side like she was contaminated or something.

Seeing as how the shower was now free I courteously stepped out and waved my hand for her to get in. I left the bathroom thinking "MAN!!! That felt good!"

Anyway, here we were, the girls sixteen years old, and Brian and I 17, and suddenly I was glad I had come. Who cared about football practice anyway? We got our stuff into the house and the first thing, Jesse was pulling at my and Lori's hands saying she wanted to show us something. So off we went, around behind the barn and off toward another smaller outbuilding. Jesse had her very own calf that she had helped birth and was raising for show.


Well, actually, it was pretty cool to hear her tell about it. For ten minutes. I mean it was just a little cow, you know? She was pointing out all it's features and going on and on. Lori actually seemed interested, but I wanted to go ride a horse. So I made an excuse about having to pee and left to go back toward the barn, where the horses were. I was going over in my mind how to saddle a horse as I walked into the barn. I thought I could remember how to do it. I started looking for saddles and a bridle when I heard a noise. It sounded a little like somebody was in pain, sort of a moan. And then I heard a voice saying "No, we can't, they're right outside." It was a female voice. Then I heard Brian say "Oh, you know Jesse, she'll go on and on for an hour, and with them here we won't get a chance for a whole week." Then there were some "Mmmmmm" sounds and then some sounds I knew were kissing.

This was very interesting.

So I snuck toward the sounds. Now sneaking on hay isn't as easy as it sounds. Hay can actually make a lot of noise. But the sounds I was hearing were pretty loud, so I wasn't too worried. It turned out to be coming from above me, up in the hayloft. So I crept up the ladder that was bolted to the rafter and, very carefully, poked my head up into the hayloft.

Man-oh-man, did I see a sight. There was Jenny, lying on a horse blanket, on top of some hay bales, naked as a jaybird. The bottom of her feet were pointing right at me, and they were spread about three feet apart. Which meant I had a prime view of her pussy. Well, most of her pussy, because some of it was hidden by the very large, very hard dick of my cousin Brian, who was fucking that pussy like there was no tomorrow.

Now I was a virgin. No big deal. I had been in situations where I got some grabs and feels, but it just never felt right to try to get my dick wet. I mean I never had rubbers, and the girls were never on the pill, and it was always in a car, or we were hiding somewhere, scared to death of being caught. That's not the right setting to make love in.

We'd always been taught that it was making love, not "having sex", but making love. And we had always been taught that you only did it with someone you loved. And I dated a lot of girls, but I didn't love any of them. I know it sounds hokey in today's world, but that's the way it was.

But I knew what it looked like. And I knew that's what they were doing. My cousin was fucking my other cousin, his very own sister! It looked violent. But neither of them were complaining. He'd pull his dick out until just the head was between those puffy dark pink pussy lips she had and then slam it back in with a grunt. Every time he slammed in she'd got "oof" or "Ahhhh". All in all it looked like fun. I noticed his dick was bent. "That's funny" I thought to myself. Cause mine's bent too. But not the same way. His bent up and to the left, while mine just bends up. I also noticed his dick was as naked as the rest of him. I figured she was on the pill.

They were getting wilder and wilder in their movements and Brian said "Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum."

Jenny started slapping him on the sides of his hips saying "Pull out. Brian you have to pull out! You know I'm not ..."

So much for her being on the pill.

And maybe he was going to, because he pulled out until just the head was in her. Right about then his balls did this funny little thing. They sort of sucked up into him just a little, and then, right along the bottom of his penis, a sort of tube, or vein or something pulsed. It pulsed twice as he went "Ahhhhhhhhh" and then he slammed that thing back into her as deep as he could. Now his ass was clenching and I knew he was shooting off in his sister. This was confirmed as she squealed and humped her pussy up like she was trying to get even more of it in her and she said "Ohhhh Brian I can feel you squirting. Ohhh, you always squirt sooooo much."

They finally calmed down and I watched as he pulled it out of her. There was this long string of white cum that stretched from the tip of his dick to her open pussy as he pulled away from her. I suddenly realized my own dick was rock hard. As I climbed back down the ladder I heard her start scolding him about how one of these days he was going to knock her up if he didn't start pulling out before he came. I managed to get back out of the barn before they came down and acted like I was just now coming from the calf barn.

Brian helped me find a horse while his sister wandered off up to the house, probably to try to do something about all that sperm in her pussy. I took off and rode for a while, but the memory of what I had seen was really getting to me so I had to stop and jerk off, out in the middle of nowhere while a horse watched.

That night we had a big dinner and then played board games until ten or so. They didn't even own a TV, and most of them went to bed early anyway. I was wondering about the sleeping arrangements (for the first time in my life) but nobody seemed to be thinking about it besides me I guess, because when my mom and dad began yawning way too much for it to be real and stretching and talking about how the country air made them so tired and stuff Aunt Betty stood up and announced "Bedtime kids. The feather bed is all made up and the comforter is on it. I'll wake you all for breakfast."

My sister shot me a glance, but my cousins didn't seem to think a thing about it. Of course I knew why Brian and Jenny didn't mind sleeping in the same bed, but I didn't think anybody else did. So I plodded up the stairs and out onto the porch, along with the others. Finally my sister said something. "Are we all going to sleep in the feather bed this year? I mean my brother too?" I shot her a dirty look.

Jesse turned around with a funny look on her face and said "Sure, why not, we always have." Then she commenced to start taking her clothing off.

Like I told you, we had always slept in the feather bed together, and when you do that you don't really need any pajamas. I mean the feathers and bodies keep you warm. And when you're little it doesn't mean a thing.

But we weren't so little any more. And when Jesse took her clothes off, there was this beautiful woman standing there, with blond hair and breasts with cherry tipped nipples and blond pussy hair and everything. And of course Brian and Jenny were stripping too. In no time at all there were three naked teenagers standing there shivering, waiting for Lori and me to get naked with them. I'll say it was the shivering that got me moving. But in reality my dick was starting to get hard and I wanted to get under the covers before it stiffened all the way and somebody saw it. So I shucked my clothes while my cousins dived into the bed and followed them. Naturally we all sunk into the middle of the bed. And, with that many bodies, I have to honestly say you didn't feel parts of people as much as you just felt skin. Nice, soft, warm skin.

Lori was still standing there with her clothes on. She was starting to shiver too. "I'm not getting in bed naked with my brother." she said, pouting. Jesse popped her head out from under the comforter "Why not ... I'm in bed with MY naked brother."

I snickered. I had special secret knowledge. Was Jesse involved with her brother too? That got my dick all the way to major boner stage. Lori wavered. Then I think the cold got to her, because she finally started taking her clothes off. If she'd have been wearing a bra or panties I think she would have kept them on, but she never wore those, so once her cutoffs and shirt were gone she was as naked as the rest of us. Always the gentleman I lifted the edge of the comforter for her and yelled "Hurry up, there's cold air getting in."

So she dived in, laughing.

Now I told you how a feather bed works. Everybody rolls to the center. When there are four or five people in the bed you all roll together, side by side, like sardines. If you want to be between certain people you have to climb over others to get there. Lori was still pouting a little and said "Do I have to be next to my brother?"

Brian barked a laugh and said "Climb over here Lori, I've got something that will keep you warm." His sisters giggled. As we were then arrayed it was Jenny on the far side, then Brian, then Jesse, next to me, then me and finally Lori. The only way Lori could lie by another girl would be to climb over all of us, or get out of the bed and go around to the other side. She was still shivering as she rolled up next to me, and I think the idea of getting out and going around didn't appeal to her at all. And she wasn't climbing over Brian after what he had said.

So she finally snuggled into my warmth and said "Oh, I guess I'll be OK."

We talked then. Caught up on what had happened during the year, talked about what we were going to do in the next year, about all kinds of things. There's something about being nice and snuggly warm in an open air venue, where you can feel the wind and see the stars, even if it is through a screen. But you're nice and safe and warm, and that just can't be beat.

Finally we began to be more quiet between comments. I felt the bed move, kind of bouncing a little, and heard Jesse kind of growl "Knock it off you two" I had a pretty good idea what Brian and Jenny might be doing to make her say that and my already hard dick got even stiffer. Lori turned to face me and her mons pressed into the side of my leg. I could feel her pussy hair on my thigh and her breast on my arm. She got right up by my ear with her mouth and whispered "What are they doing?"

I heard Jenny giggle and I whispered back "I think he's tickling her or something."

Jesse must have heard me because she giggled too and whispered across my body "Tickling is the last thing he'd be interested in doing right now." Then she turned her back to me and I felt her join in whatever was going on over there.

Lori whispered again "If they're doing what I think they're doing I am going to be sooo embarrassed."

I don't know why I did it, but I turned my head and kissed her on the forehead and said "Just get some sleep." The bed kept moving though, and there were an awful lot of "MMMM"s coming from over there.

Finally we slept.

During the middle of the night I woke up. The bed was moving again. And there was movement right next to me. I was still on my back and my eyes were used to the starlight, so when I turned my head and saw Brian on top of Jesse I guess I wasn't all that surprised. He was being much more gentle than he had been with Jenny, probably so he wouldn't bounce us all out of bed. And Jesse wasn't complaining any. She was kissing him long and hard. He stiffened and grunted in that same way he had before and I knew he was now shooting his hot sperm into his other sister. I thought my dick would fall off if it got any harder. I turned my back on them to try to get back to sleep.

This, however, turned out to be a bad move. Or a great one, depending on how you look at it. My sister was still facing me and when I turned it put her breasts right up against my chest. And my hardon right in her bush. Now I was really fucked.

Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

I was beginning to get a case of the blue balls, and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. How I managed to get back to sleep I'll never know. But I did, because the next thing I knew I was waking up again. My brain was foggy, and I woke up slow. I'll just describe what happened.

First I think what woke me up was my sister's body moving against mine. The first real thing I felt though was a hand on my dick. Not my hand. A smaller hand. The second thing I felt was heat on the tip of my dick. And movement. Something being rubbed against the head of my dick.

No, my dick being rubbed against something hot.

I woke up some more. There was no arm crossing my body, so the hand holding my dick was not that of my cousin Jesse. I could feel her shoulder against my back. That only left one person it could be.

My little sister, Lori, had her hand wrapped around my steel hard penis, and was rubbing it in something hot ... and wet ... and slightly hairy.

Now I was awake. I was all the way awake. She was jerking off, using me to masturbate her cute little clitty! And after all that "I'm not sleeping naked with my brother" shit. I snorted and she froze.

She didn't know I was awake!

I mumbled and snuggled my head into the pillow and went back to breathing deep and slow. Ever so slowly she started again. She wasn't jacking my dick, which was good because it was primed to spew. Instead she was holding it firmly and rubbing the tip up and down her pussy lips, swirling it around her clit. She was breathing pretty hard, and must have been doing this for a while before I woke up.

Now she was poking it into her a little bit. She couldn't get much in because of the way we were lying, and she must have wanted a little more because she scooted down a little and raised one leg, bending the knee so her foot was behind her. Now she could get maybe an inch in. Her breasts felt hot against my chest. I could feel her nipples digging into my skin and they felt hot too. Her face was right beside mine. She's shorter than I am, but the tip of my dick was clear up by my belly button so she had to have her head even with mine to get my dick where she wanted it.

She had made a tactical mistake, though. You don't get an inch of my dick in a nice wet pussy and expect nothing to happen. Like I said, I had been primed to blow for a while, and feeling just that inch of pussy wrapped around my dick head was all it took. It took everything I had not to move. I just took a nice deep breath and let it fly. Long ropes of pussy-loving cum surged out of the tip of my prick and shot right into her pussy. Then she gasped and her hand let go of my dick and started rubbing her clitty furiously. I suddenly realized just how tight she had been holding my penis, because when she let go it belched another two or three wads up into her, strong enough that I just had to give just a little teeny shove. I don't know whether she noticed it or not, but I got another inch into her as it poured out it's love offering.

Naw, I don't think she noticed, cause she was coming hard. Her breathing was ragged and I think she had a knuckle in her mouth, biting down on it. I decided not to move and when I fell asleep again I was still just barely plugged in to that sweet pussy.

What a way to blow your first wad in a girl, huh?

In the morning we all woke up and nobody said anything about what had happened during the night. We didn't exactly "not talk about it", it just didn't come up. We were all still huddled together in bed, but now it felt natural again, like in years before. It was too cold to stand around naked in front of each other, so we got dressed really fast when Aunt Betty called us down for breakfast. Then we had a normal day, doing the things we'd done in years past, just normal stuff.

Well, except for what we saw at the swimming hole. Our parents had gone for a trail ride: something about going up to the North Forty to check on the herd. Us kids had stayed around the house, playing a game of horse at the basketball hoop and taking turns riding the ATV around the barn and pond. I think it was Jesse who suggested we go swimming. While it was cold at night up there, the days were still quite warm, so we all thought it was a good idea. Our parents had the horses, but it wasn't all that far to the pond they used for swimming, so off we went. The pond was over a hill and as we approached the hill we were talking about ... I don't even remember. But Brian was the first one to crest the hill.

Suddenly he stopped, crouched and then came running back toward us.

"Shhhhhh" he said, with a finger up to his mouth. We all asked him what was up, but all he said was "Come with me, but stay down and stay quiet." So we all got down on all fours and slithered up the hill. As we peeked over the crest we saw ... our parents.

They had big blankets spread out beside the pond. But they weren't swimming. Oh no, not swimming. Uncle Bob was lying on top of my very naked mother, his hips doing what Brian's had been doing in the hay loft the day before. Meanwhile my father was lying on his back, with his hands behind his head, while a likewise naked Aunt Betty rode him like the stallion he appeared to be.

Now we all suddenly knew why they all slept together in the big bedroom every year.

I won't bore you with the details. Suffice it to say the men got their ashes hauled good and proper and the women got cunt-fulls of cum. It about blew my mind when Uncle Bob yelled he was coming and Aunt Betty screamed for my dad to fill her up. But that was nothing. Both women hopped up, holding a hand to their pussies to keep all the cum inside and then went into a sixty-nine to suck their husband's sperm out of each other!

Of us all, Lori was the only one to speak during the whole thing. All she said was "Oh my gosh!" Well maybe she said it a couple of times. I wasn't paying that much attention. And strangely we didn't talk about it all that much when we snuck away from there and headed back to the house. I noticed that Brian and Jenny slipped away from the rest of us for a while, but I didn't even try to go spy on them this time. This was a new world for all of us I think.

But by suppertime we had adjusted to the new world. Supper was normal, though there were a lot of looks between us kids. And game time after supper went pretty well too. This time it was us kids who decided we were tired from a long day of ... whatever ... and that it was time for bed. I think my dad might have had a suspicion. He looked at me and raised an eyebrow. I thought to myself "They HAVE to know what's going on ... or at least what would be NORMAL to go on with coed feather bedding involving teenagers" I just shrugged my shoulders at him and he grinned.

And there were no complaints about the sleeping arrangements this night. All of us were eager to get naked and get in that bed. I smiled to myself when I saw Lori loiter just enough so she was again the last one in bed, which meant she was again next to me. I knew she could have shucked her clothes and gotten in anywhere, but she wanted to be next to me. It made me feel pretty good. We snuggled in, getting warm.

Brian spoke first. "That was hot today ... what we saw."

Jenny giggled "Yeah ... it made me horny."

Jess was next "You're always horny!" but she laughed when she said it.

So I piped up "Yeah, and Brian's glad she's always horny."

It got real quiet.

But I was tired of all the suspense. "Come on, I know about you guys. You can't do it right next to me and expect me to not know it's going on."

Jesse said "Ohhhh shit ... I'm soooo embarrassed."

Lori finally said something. "Do you guys really do it? I mean ... what's it like?"

It got quiet again.

Finally Jesse said "You mean you've never ... done it?"

Lori said very softly "No. I mean ... not really."

I smiled to myself. I wasn't going to break her cover. Besides, only getting an inch or two doesn't really count does it?

Now Jenny put her two cents worth in. "It feels ... yummy. I love it." A pause and she went on "And Jesse loves it too. She just won't admit it."

Jesse said "I'm sooooo embarrassed."

Brian spoke. "I know I love it. I almost can't do without it any more."

Both his sisters poked him and set the bed to shaking. That caused my sister to put her hand on my stomach to steady herself. Only my dick was lying on my stomach ... hard again. And that's where her hand landed. She started to jerk her hand away, but I put mine on top of hers. I didn't squeeze her hand, or use a lot of force on her or anything like that. I just put my hand on hers to let her know I liked her hand there. Finally she relaxed and quit trying to move it. She even put her fingers around it.

So now it was my turn again. "I've only done it once, but I liked it a lot."

Jesse spoke "But you haven't done it ... together?"

Silence. I decided not to make my sister say it. "Well, not really."

Brian groaned. "Talking about it makes me want to do it."

I had an idea "Well who's stopping you?"

Jesse perked up "Really? You wouldn't mind?"

I said "Of course not. After last night why would I mind? I sort of ... woke up while you and Brian were ... getting more comfortable."

Jesse said "I am just sooooo embarrassed."

I shot back "Well quit being soooo embarrassed. If you want to do it ... do it."

Jesse turned her head and looked at me. Then she smiled "OK. I'm awful horny after seeing them going at it this afternoon. And it's my turn ... ISN'T IT Jenny?"

Jenny just giggled. "I wasn't going to let him go to waste after we left the pond. You should have seen him. He was like a wild stallion."

I turned and looked at Lori, to see how she was doing. At first I couldn't tell, but then she squeezed my dick. Then she turned on her side again, facing me and peered across my chest.

Brian wasn't wasting any time. He and Jesse were already hotly kissing and there was a lot of fumbling going on under the covers. Then he rolled on top of her again and I felt her leg kick mine as she spread hers. Her knees came up, making a tent in the comforter and then they both went "Ahhhhhhhh" as he slid into her.

Lori still had hold of my dick, and now she WAS jacking it slowly. Her little titties were digging into my side too. Brian's butt was making another tent in the comforter, and this one was going up and down as he plowed his sister's furrow. Both of them were moaning and groaning and making all these sounds that made me want to do the same thing. His head ducked and Jesse squealed "Oh I just LOVE it when you suck my nipples."

Lori's fist squeezed even harder and I whispered "Easy there, you don't want to have an accident." I was facing her when I said it and all of a sudden she was kissing me. It was a lover's kiss, with a lot of tongue and soft lips and it was exceedingly nice. I kissed her back. And I turned to face her. Now my dick was right back where it had been the night before, only this time I was awake. I had been afraid of letting her know I was awake, but now I wasn't.

I whispered to her "Do what you did last night."

Her face was right up next to mine. Her eyes got big. "You knew?" she whispered.

I just nodded and whispered back "It was beautiful. I loved it."

She closed her eyes and then opened them and kissed me again. Another lover's kiss. Now her hand put my member at her opening. I let her tease herself and stroke her clit for a few minutes and then I rolled on top of her. She spread her legs and pulled on my shoulders. I started trying to push, but I was off target.

Immediately her hand was back on my dick and she pushed the tip to her opening. "I want to know what it's like" she whispered. I pushed ... and sank into hot butter. This time it wasn't an inch or two. I pushed and kept pushing until she was fully impaled. Her groan only made me push harder. She might have been a virgin, but there was no maidenhead there - nothing to bar my way - and in that one long push I sunk clear to her cervix. Her legs jerked wider and she groaned in a way that I knew wasn't entirely pleasure. I had to be stretching her in ways that were uncomfortable.

So I immediately backed out until just that first inch was full. I held it there and her hands came to my buttocks and pulled, letting me know she wanted it again. I slid in again, this time more slowly and she went "Mmmmmmmm". I couldn't reach her breasts with my mouth, she was too short. But this time, when I bottomed out I stayed there. I went up on my toes and hands, like I was doing a pushup, and then rotated my pelvis in a little circle. I could visualize how this mashed her clit and I was right because she moaned a long low sound. There was movement beside us and I looked toward Jesse and Brian.

Jesse was looking straight at us. "They're doing it" she said in a low purring voice. Brian started grunting that now familiar grunt and Jesse purred again "Oh yes Brian, fill me up nice and full with your brother sperm."

That seemed to spur Lori on because she started thrusting her pelvis up at me. She was panting now and going "Oh ... oh ... oh" in time with the circles I was making. Then she went rigid and whined "Oh Mikey I love you so much." Her pussy clamped down on my dick and her muscles writhed like they were saying "pussy wants a bath".

So I gave it one. I heard myself grunt just like Brian had and thrust as deeply as I could. My prick flexed and began to spew. The first shot was long and thick and felt sooo good.

Lori raised her head and whispered "Is it shooting ... like it did in the bathroom ... remember?"

I grunted "Ohhhhh yeeaaaahhhhh" and fired two more ropes of my incestuous seed into her belly. "I'm cumming in your sweet pussy Lori."

She bucked up at me again and hissed "Yesssssssssssss, squirt your stuff in my pussy Mikey."

I did. I came like I had never cum in my whole life.

In the middle of it I thought about what Jenny had said to Brian - about knocking her up. And I knew exactly why he hadn't pulled out of his sister. Filling Lori with my sperm was somehow the central point of my existence at that particular point. I knew if I really DID put a baby in her womb that I'd be miserable about it, but right then I didn't care.

And apparently neither did Lori. She'd had a taste of the real thing and she wanted more. While Brian fucked Jenny she got me hard again - much to my surprise - and climbed on top to see what that was like. We both liked that because she could bend over and I could suck on her pert little nipples while she milked the cream out of me. She found out that in that position she could get me even deeper and that if she wiggled just right she could get the tip of my cock to go into her cervix. Not only did she want my sperm in her, she wanted it shooting straight into her womb. She said she could feel it better that way. We didn't get much sleep that night, and had to be called to breakfast twice. But we finally dragged ourselves out of bed.

That morning Lori said she wanted me to show her the barn. I knew what she wanted me to really show her, but I didn't mind. As she lay back on the same horse blanket I had watched Brian fuck Jenny on I reminded her that there might be consequences to our activity.

She looked at me with a very serious look on her face and said "I don't think so .. not right now anyway. But I'm not going to college when I graduate. I'd rather be a mother. If it will make you feel better we'll take precautions at home, but I don't care one way or the other." Then she pulled me down and we made love. I suggested that I could pull out if she wanted, but she growled "Don't even think about it."

During that week I think I probably shot half a gallon of baby butter into Lori's pussy. She wanted cock three times a day and I found out that at that age I was fully capable of providing it. She was a good lover then and has been ever since. She later told me that that time in the bathroom had been a turning point in her life. She said that after I left she had tasted my sperm and then rubbed it into her body, even rubbing it into her pussy.

I asked about all that "Eeeewwwwww"ing she had done and she just said that was how girls were supposed to act. It didn't mean she didn't like it. She said she'd felt bad about liking it, but every time she went out with a boy all she could think about was my dick, spurting, and the feel of that warm stuff on her skin. Seeing our mom making it with her brother tipped her over the edge. That and knowing that our cousins did it too.

In the years since we have expanded. The next year Brian managed to get in her panties but she wouldn't let him cum in her. She said any babies had to be mine. Jenny and Jesse aren't as particular. Jenny told me I had to pull out, but then she wrapped her legs around me and made sure my sperm was deposited in her bank. When it was Jesse's turn she just yelled "Give it to me stud, fill me up with your hot stuff."

In October of the year Brian and I turned 18 our parents got us all together and made their confessions. They mentioned that the week in August routine actually started before any of us were born. They pointed out that we were all born in May of our respective birth years. Then they confessed that they didn't actually know which father actually fathered us.

Instead of cousins we were all actually brothers and sisters! Or something like that.

You can imagine how blown their minds were when they found out that both Jenny and Jesse's bellies were swelling already, under exactly the same circumstances.

I suspect Lori won't be far behind.

The End

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