Romance Stories

Any Soldier (PREVIEW)

Summary : Julia's 2nd grade class wrote letters to "Any Soldier" in Iraq and a soldier wrote back. The kids adopted him and his private letters to Julia got her going. Then he stopped writing, and Julia had to find out why. Her journey to find him has its ups and downs, its ins and outs. Pun intended.

Codes: MF, het, cons, rom, oral, first, preg

Arden and Gloria - A Summer Camp Romance

Summary : Gloria had gone to summer camp every year since she was just a little girl. It was always fun, and always educational. She learned lots of things that made her feel more capable. Now that she's fourteen, she's going to "big kids" camp. What will she learn there?

Codes : mf, oral, mastrb, pett, first, teen

Bewitched! (PREVIEW)

Summary : It was a normal Halloween when two little zombies started up my sidewalk while their mother, dressed as a witch waited outside the gate. Then a mob came around the corner raising hell, no pun intended, and I had to take them inside my house for their own safety. That was supposed to be a temporary situation, until things calmed down outside. But it didn't turn out to be temporary at all.

Codes: MF, het, reluct/cons, rom, mast, oral, preg

Bobby's Good Deeds (PREVIEW)

Summary : Bobby wanted to be a good Boy Scout, and a good Scout does a good deed every day. He had some trouble with that, until he met Mrs. Wilson, who had all kinds of good deeds that needed to be done. As things turned out, she did a few nice things for him too.

Codes : Fm, first, masturb, oral, pett, preg

Can you see me now? (PREVIEW)

Summary : Riley read an article about how much privacy we've lost, and how much satellites could see. She was sure nobody would ever actually spy on her as she lay out in her yard, catching some rays in her bikini. But the whole satellite thing made her mad so she protested. That protest was in the form of a sheet stapled to her roof that said "Hey NSA. Can you see me now?" It was a joke, really. But that joke changed her life, because somebody DID see it. In fact, it was one of the guys she was protesting about! And he had to do something about it.

Codes : MF, slow, humor, rom, oral, mastrb, preg

Cattleman's Lament (PREVIEW)

Summary : Sarah, daughter of cattle rancher Jonas Collins, goes missing under strange and disturbing circumstances. Then his wife disappears too. It all seems to have something to do with the unwelcome sheep rancher next door but Jonas doesn't seem to be able to solve the mystery. Can a 15 year old boy succeed where a grown man fails?

Codes : MF, mf, mF, slow, rom, 1st, teen, cons, reluc, het, oral, mastrb, preg

Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde - An Unusual Romance (PREVIEW)

Summary : "Doc" Jekyll had an aphrodisiac, but it tasted too foul to use. When he finally found the answer to making it palatable an accident in his kitchen led to contamination issues he wasn't aware of until it was too late. And that led to the requirement for an explanation to the good looking woman next door, who was quite convinced there is no such thing as an aphrodisiac. He had to defend his honor, right? So he proposed a test. And that changed everything.

Codes : MF, mf, 1st, drug, het, oral, mastrb, pett, preg

For Want of a Memory (PREVIEW)

Summary : Kris just wanted to get to a quiet place so he could write his next book. He didn't know getting there would involve events that would make him the object of a manhunt led by the governor's wife, steal his memories and bring him together with the woman he'd been looking for all his life.

Codes : MF, slow, Cons, het, pett, humor, spanking, interracial, oral

Future Girl (PREVIEW)

Summary : What do you do when a woman shows up on your doorstep and tells you something that's completely impossible to believe? Like that she met your great great grandfather one time.

You invite her in, of course.

Codes : MF, slow, Cons, het, pett, humor, oral

PLEASE NOTE: This story is only available for purchase in Lubrican's Short Stories - Vol. 4 via
Summary : This story started out being named "Only A Little." You'll see why when you read it. But when best friends get entangled in discovering love and passion together, which puts their futures in question, you have to ask what will happen if she gets pregnant? And what would they name a baby anyway?

Codes : mf, rom, 1st, teen, humor, cons, het, preg

Inspecting the Inspector (PREVIEW)

Summary : Bob has been an Agent for the Inspector General's Office for sixteen years when he gets a new partner. She's young, and beautiful, and he tries to retain professional detachment. Then there's the fact that she's from another culture, which makes for some mis-communication sometimes. Imagine what could happen if they had to go under cover together. Wait! You don't have to! You can read all about it.

Codes : MF, interr, slow, cons, reluc, oral, preg

Jungle Virgins - How Jane Met Tarzan (PREVIEW)

Summary : Did you ever wonder what it might have been like for Jane, a civilized young woman alone in the jungle, to meet the legendary Tarzan? What would he have thought of this pale female human? How would he have acted? How would she react to the King of the Jungle? What if he smelled ...woman... in heat?

Codes : MF, slow, rom, 1st, reluc, het, oral

Jungle Virgins - The Barrister's Trial (PREVIEW)

Summary : This is the sequel to "Jungle Virgins - How Tarzan Met Jane."

What would it be like for a lawyer to have to try and find Tarzan and Jane, to serve them papers? This is very slow, and somewhat darker than my usual stuff, but after all ... it's a trial. There is a hint of beastiality and rape in it, but not enough to code it that way. There's also less sex than I usually supply. But, there's a story here, and I hope you like it.

Codes : mF, slow, rom, 1st, teen, humor, cons, reluc, violent, het, oral, mastrb, pett, preg

Love On The Range (PREVIEW)
PLEASE NOTE: This story is a free preview of Lubrican's Short Stories - Vol. 1, available via
Summary : A cowboy stumbles onto a run down ranch run by a woman and her three daughters. He learns there is a need for a good man on the ranch, but that they have no money to pay him. Mom has something to trade, though - her daughters.

Codes : MF, Mf, slow, 1st, teen, cons, reluc, het, voy, oral, mastrb, pett, preg

Mamma Mia (Or How I Ended Up In Bullies Anonymous) (PREVIEW) (4 Feb 2014)

Summary : I fell in love at an early age. And she was in love with me too. But we were too young, and it didn't work out. Part of that was because I was a bully, and she didn't like bullies. But I became a bully because of her. It was a confusing time in my life. And then, one day, years later, I saw her again. And my life became even more confusing.

Codes : MF, mf, 1st, oral, mastrb, preg, slow

Millie's Western Adventure (PREVIEW)

Summary : She was on her way to California, to start a new life. She got off the train in Nebraska, to use the outhouse. And fate caused her new life to start right then and there. A prank caused her amnesia, and just about everybody in town wanted to know who she was. Who would come looking for her? And what would they do when she was found? Would they take out their anger on the whole town? Who would look after her in the meantime? Doc Fisk and a rowdy woman named Boots would. That's who.

Codes : Mf, 1st, cons, het, oral, mastrb, pett, preg

Mistrusting a Memory (PREVIEW)

Summary : Detective Sergeant Bob Duncan was assigned to investigate a routine rape case. But this case turned out to be anything but routine. Somehow, he and the victim became friends good friends. Then there was an accident and Bob had to decide whether to arrest her for a crime... a crime she couldn't remember committing... a crime that might land her in prison for the rest of her life.

Codes : MF, reluc, het, pett, preg, slow, violent

Orchard Flower (Version Alpha)

Summary : When Bob went to South Dakota, running from his pain, he didn't intend to ever feel good again. He didn't intend to fall in love again. And he SURE didn't think he'd be interesting to a sixteen year old girl.

Codes: MF, Mf, pett, oral, preg

Orchard Flower (Version Bravo)

Summary : Bob moved to South Dakota to get away from a painful situation. Then he fell in love with a slip of a girl who he knew he couldn't have, and found himself in pain again. You know that saying: No pain, no gain? It is a phrase that can be very true.

Codes: Mf, mF, pett, oral, preg

Orchard Flower (Version Charlie) (PREVIEW)

Summary : Bob fled the humiliation of losing his fiance to a professional athlete and landed in the wilds of South Dakota. Pure chance got him to the Simmons apple orchard where he hired on to make enough money to get his car fixed. He never left. His only real problem was trying to figure out whether he was in love with the owner, her daughter, or both. He hopes some day to be able to thank that jock for stealing his girlfriend.

Codes: Mf, Mf, pett, oral, preg

Read Dirty To Me (PREVIEW)

Summary : She needed some extra income. The job was to read books onto tape, and seemed harmless enough. So did the man she was partnered with, who was old enough to be the grandfather of her little boy. But their first assigment was an erotic novel, and she just couldn't make those noises without laughing. Or could she...

Codes : MF, cons, reluc, het, oral, mastrb, pett, preg

Santa's Special Delivery (PREVIEW)

Summary : Bob was a cop, but his hobby was playing Santa every year to find a family that deserved a little help. Then he and his friends helped them. This year, though, things went wrong during the delivery, and Santa suddenly had to go back to being a cop. In the process, Santa got a present too.

Codes : MF, rom, reluct, oral, pett, preg


Summary : Why is it that when an older man expresses interest in a girl young enough to be his daughter, society objects? Their love affair was the subject of gossip for years. Now hear her side of the story from her own lips.

Codes : Mf, rom, 1st, teen, cons, het, oral, pett, preg

The Cowboy Who Didn't Speak Indian

Summary : He'd been shot, and was in a bad way. Her situation was just as bad, if not worse. So he helped her, and then hoped she'd help him. They couldn't speak the same language, but they were all each other had. All things considered, it turned out well.

Codes: mf, interracial, first, oral, pett, preg

The Dildo That Stole Claire Bonneville's Memory (PREVIEW)

Summary : She almost didn't go buy the dildo. It was too embarrassing. What if a someone she knew saw her at that store? But frustration drove her on and she took a dildo home. She used it just once and then, while confessing that shame to her best friend, hysteria and panic struck and she stumbled into traffic. When she woke, old, timid, ashamed Claire was gone. All she wanted was to be happy, and amnesia gave her a new start. But there were hurdles to be jumped. Such as someone trying to kill her.

Codes : MF, oral, toys, romance, pregnancy, violence

The Exchange Student

Summary : She was from a back woods village in Russia. The program she entered was supposed to send her to a family in America, where she'd make a new girlfriend, and study at an American high school. But there were bureaucracies involved, and that means there's always room for error. And boy, howdy, was there ever an error.

Codes: mf, first, oral, pett, preg

The Four Hour Erection (PREVIEW)

Summary : To work off her college loans, Dr. Angela Webber agreed to work in an under-served rural area for five years. Things went fine until she was asked to help a patient deal with a persistent problem. The treatment changed her life forever.

Codes: MF, reluct, size, first, oral, pett, preg

The Grocery List (PREVIEW)

Summary : Bob found the grocery list fluttering across the parking lot. The things on the list weren't just interesting; they were intoxicating. He HAD to find the woman who made that list. But how to go about finding the love of his life? Being a meticulous man, he came up with plans A through F. And he had to use them all.

Codes : MF, 1st, oral, romance, slow

The Hermit of Scarecrow Valley (PREVIEW)

Summary : Hermit: A man who wants nothing to do with other humans around him, and who is said to shoot at trespassers, or worse. Jennifer: A girl who wanted to see what the hermit looked like. Chance: An unplanned event, such as being there unexpectedly to save the hermit's life. Serendipity: When the hermit whose life you saved, ends up saving yours too. Complication: Like when your mom falls in love with the same hermit you fell in love with. And he falls in love with both of you too.

Codes : MF, Mf, reluct, first time, harem, preg

The Holmes Files - Roller Skate Roundup (PREVIEW)

Summary : Bob Holmes, private eye, was sitting in his office one day when a dame unlike any he'd ever met sashayed into his office. She wanted him to do something for her. It sounded pretty stupid. but it also sounded easy. And he needed the work, so he agreed to do it. He had no idea it would change his rough and tumble life forever.

Codes : MF, cons

The Not-so-super Model (PREVIEW)

Summary : Harper dealt with the loss of her father by using art as a place to escape to. Her natural talent came out and pretty soon public schools didn't have anything left to teach her. A charter school took over and it was clear she should go to a good college to further her fine arts education. Several colleges were interested, but all required she submit a complete portfolio. That meant she had to do some figure studies, normally depicting the unclothed human body. The female model was easy. Her mom volunteered, as long as the end product wouldn't look too much like her. But where to find a man she was comfortable being in the room with while he was naked? Bob had been her mom's best friend ever since her father died. Harper had been his pal forever. When she asked him to model for her, she couldn't understand why he was unenthusiastic about it. What was the big deal? When her mom explained Bob might be embarrassed by a normal male reaction, Harper said he was being silly. She more or less browbeat him into posing for her, and her mother's prediction came true. She coudn't draw him THAT way. Museums just don't depict erections. Something had to be done. Addressing that issue was what changed all their lives forever.

Codes : Mf, MF, cons, first, mast, oral, preg.

The Palpable Prosecutor (PREVIEW)

Summary : Lacey got assigned to prosecute a case that could make her career. The problem was that the previous prosecutor was dead. Now it looked like she might get that way too, unless she had some protection. Then she met Bob. He could protect just about anybody from anything, but being around him changed her, upended her world. On the other hand she would find love if she didn't get killed first.

Codes : Mf, romance, violence, preg

The Party Favor

Summary : Jennifer was headed in one direction in life, based on her own personal moral code. But then events shoved her in a different direction, that changed her life forever. Can cheating be a good thing? Are there situations and circumstances under which society's ban on extramarital sex should be broken? If your answer was "No!" then I want you to read this story. On the other hand, if your answer was "Yes!" then you might be a cheater. and you should probably read this story too. It will be interesting to see who feels better about it all at the end.

Codes: MF, cheating, interracial, oral, pett, preg

The Professor And The Cheerleader (PREVIEW)

Summary : Academia was his life. He was used to that. His fantasies seemed adequate to serve his sexual needs. Then one of his fantasies applied for a job as his research assistant and his life got immeasurably complicated. She offered intimacy and that, alone, was a pinnacle in his musty, dusty world, but then they made a discovery that could propel him to international fame. If it was genuine. The proof needed would be difficult to acquire. But with her beside him, he felt like he could do anything.

Codes : Mf, romance, preg

PLEASE NOTE: This story is only available for purchase in Lubrican's Short Stories - Vol. 3 via
Summary : Robin has a conference with her daughter's teacher to discuss her future. Neither of them could know her future involves getting knocked up by her teacher. This author's attempt at telling a story primarily from a female point of view.

Codes : MF, Mf, Ff, rom, 1st, teen, cons, reluc, mother, dau, het, voy, oral, mastrb, preg

The Two Day Erection

Summary : Dr. Angela Webber found herself in the hill town of Turkey Hollow, covering for another doctor who was ill, when she was faced with a situation they hadn't covered in medical school.

Codes : MF, reluct, size

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