As The Wind Blows

by Lubrican

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Rob's best friend was a girl. Her name was Teri and they'd been best friends since they were about eight. Rob had lived in the neighborhood his whole life when Teri, her mom and sister moved in two houses away. Teri was a tomboy who could play a mean game of sand lot baseball, and was good with a racquet too. Lots of the other guys stuck their noses up at Teri because she was a girl, but Rob didn't even notice. She was good at stuff, and good company, so over the years Rob and Teri developed a friendship that resulted in them spending most of their free time together. They rode bikes together, explored the woods together, played tennis, chess and baseball together. And they read together. Both loved to read and they'd read anything. Fiction, non fiction, books, magazines, it didn't matter.

There was a huge sycamore tree in Rob's front yard. It was sixty feet tall, with lots of long evenly spaced branches - perfect for building a tree house. So, when they were both 12 years old, they set about doing just that. The first one was just a platform about fifteen feet off the ground. It was big enough to sit on and you could see the street through the branches. That's where they sat and talked, or dreamed, and spent time together. They built two more platforms another fifteen feet up, and ten or so feet apart. Each was just big enough for one person to lay on, with a place to put something to eat and drink. These were the reading platforms for when they wanted to be alone with a good book. Most summer days were spent in the tree, if they weren't swimming or doing other things.

When they were fifteen they built what they called the Eagle's Nest. It was another platform, almost in the top of the tree, large enough for both to lie on, and with short walls to keep them from rolling off when the wind blew.

And the wind indeed blew.

Whenever they were up there it was an exciting time. The branches swayed and leaned, and sometimes the Eagle's Nest moved five or six feet from side to side.

Of course, by this time, Teri was aware of boys and Rob was aware of girls. They talked about it sometimes. Teri asked things like why guys liked girls' boobs so much, and Rob asked if girls ever wondered how big a guy's dick was. There wasn't much they didn't feel free to talk about.

It was in their sixteenth year that they finally noticed each other. Rob was average height, with a shock of unruly brown hair and dark eyebrows. He was broad in the shoulders, partly from swimming and climbing the tree so much. He had a good smile and gentle hands. The only thing that bothered him about his own body was his dick. It was long and dangly, looking more grown up than the rest of the guys. It embarrassed him a little, especially when it became erect. When that happened there was no way to hide it. It was just huge when that happened.

Teri had grown from a gawky girl into a ripe young woman, her breasts proudly filling the loose shirts she like to wear and her hips stretching most of her comfortable shorts tight around them. Her hair was either auburn or blond, depending on what season it was. She went blond in the summer and her hair darkened during the winter months. The feature about herself she wasn't sure she liked was her nipples. She had puffy pink areolas, which wasn't so bad, but her nipples sometimes stuck out from them so far that she couldn't hide them. Sometimes, when she thought about certain boys, those nipples of hers got hard and ached, and stuck out at least half an inch.

The thing that changed their lives started while they were climbing the tree one day to read. Rob had gone up first, with Teri right behind him. The route up the tree was well established, and both could climb it in their sleep. For that reason Teri wasn't looking at where she was putting her hands as she climbed, and just glanced up at Rob. He had on gym shorts that were loose, and as the leg gaped open she saw right up them.

There, exposed to her now wide eyes, was his penis.

Teri had seen pictures of them before. In fact she and Rob had snuck copies of Playboy and Playgirl up into the tree before and had gone through them together, pointing out what they liked and what was gross. So she had seen pictures of them. But she had never thought of Rob as ... well ... having one. Now she climbed closer, right behind him, trying to get another look. He stopped just below the reading platforms, to pull off his back pack and lay it on the boards. One leg was up and one down, and she had the perfect chance. She peered up the leg of his shorts.

"Wow," she thought to herself, "His looks different than the ones in the pictures." His looked ... somehow ... well ... nicer. Not so knobby somehow. Or something. She wasn't sure just what. But it didn't gross her out. Not at all. In fact she blushed as she felt her nipples start to do their thing.

Rob clambered up onto the platform and leaned over to take Teri's pack from her. In the process he looked right down her halter top. It was cut pretty low, something Rob had noticed earlier. He knew Teri's breasts were pretty big. You couldn't miss that, but now one of her nipples was exposed as she climbed.

"Wow", he thought to himself. "Her nipple is huge." He stared at her as she climbed higher, trying to see more of her creamy breasts. When Teri looked up at him again he had a glassy look in his eyes. He was looking at her like the boys in school looked at her. AND he was looking at the same place they looked!!

"What are YOU looking at?" she growled. She knew exactly what he was looking at, and she knew that her shame - her huge ugly nipples - had probably been seen. She was mortified.

"Ummm ... what?" Rob said, shaking his head to clear it.

"Quit staring at my boobs!" she shouted.

"OH!" Now he blushed, bright red. "Ummm, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. It's just that ..."

"I know, I know, they're so ugly they scared you," Teri said miserably.

"What?" said Rob, trying to figure out what she was talking about. He had been staring at her breasts, which were decidedly delicious looking, and not ugly at all.

"I know my boobs are hideous. You don't have to rub it in," she went on.

Now Rob was completely befuddled. "No they're not. They're gorgeous." His mouth snapped shut. He couldn't believe he'd said that. She was going to kill him.

"What?" Now it was Teri's turn to be confused. "Are you talking about MY tits?"

Rob was still staring down at Teri, who was still standing on a branch below him, her halter top still showing him plenty of the soft melons under discussion. "Tits is such a harsh word," he said. He couldn't believe they were in a tree talking about his best friend's breasts. "I mean it sounds so harsh. And your breasts aren't harsh. They look soft and ... yummy."

"What was he saying?" he thought to himself. He couldn't talk like that to Teri. He thought about climbing higher, to avoid her wrath, which he was quite sure would bubble to the surface any minute now.

Meanwhile Teri was in shock. Rob had said her breasts were beautiful! And that they looked ... yummy!!!! She started to get mad. But then she remembered ogling his lovely penis and suddenly the word "yummy" didn't seem like such a bad word at all.

"You stay right there mister!" she yelled up as she began to climb.

"Ohhh shit, here it comes," he groaned.

Teri climbed up onto the platform and squatted. She looked at Rob, really looked at him. "He's actually a pretty good looking guy," she thought to herself. Her eyes took in his chest muscles, the lines around his eyes and mouth caused by him smiling so much. She felt a knot of warmth flare up in her abdomen. Her eyes strayed to the front of his shorts, where there was a considerable bulge. Now her nipples started up again, tightening, lengthening, getting tingly and hot. She blushed. He was just staring at her, but now it was at her face. He looked like he might jump off the platform any minute. "Lets go up to the nest," she said in a neutral voice.

"Hmmm," Rob thought to himself. "No yelling. Not yet anyway." He looked at Teri looking at him. She looked ... different somehow. She was a little sunburned or something, red on her exposed neck. His eyes strayed to the front of her halter top. "Shit!" he thought. "Her nipples are poking through the cloth." He looked at the rest of her. "Man ... she's a babe," he thought. He felt his dick lurch. "Ohhh shit ... not now," he groaned to himself.

It was then that she said she wanted to go up to the nest. If he moved she'd see his boner.

"Um.. OK," he said. "Go ahead and I'll follow."

"And have you staring at my butt too?" she said sternly. "I don't think so buster."

"I won't stare at your butt, Teri," he began but she cut him off.

"You go first and I'll follow." Her voice didn't allow room for argument.

Rob grabbed his backpack and put it over his boner. He stood up, keeping the backpack in front of him and went to the trunk, where he could start climbing. Then, facing the trunk, he slipped the backpack on so he'd have both hands to climb with.

"What's he doing?" Teri thought to herself as Rob put his backpack in his lap. Then he made an obvious effort to keep it in front of him as he went to the trunk. "Oh my gosh," she thought "Does he have an ... no way." She craned her neck as he got to the trunk and put the backpack on normally. The front of his shorts was tented out something fierce! "He DOES. He has an ERECTION!!! AND ... it's because of ME!"

Suddenly the ball of heat in her abdomen began moving. It moved down, right toward her crotch. She felt a rush of damp between her legs and her pussy began to itch. She wanted nothing more than to rub it, like she did at night in her bed sometimes. But she couldn't do that now. She scrambled to follow Rob as he took off toward the top of the tree. She just HAD to try to get a look.

Rob tried to will his erection to go down. But it wouldn't. The sight of Teri's nipples poking through her halter top wouldn't leave his mind. He put one hand down to try to move the erection to a less visible attitude. He wished now he'd worn underwear. But all he did was get his boner all caught up in the front of the shorts. Now it was sticking straight out! He'd have to fold it upward once he got into the nest, before Teri got there.

Teri stared upward. She saw his hand come down and fiddle with the front of his shorts. Then his leg moved, the shorts gaped, and what she had been hoping to see was right there in front of her eyes. His dick was long and hard and the tip was holding the shorts away from the rest of it. The word "yummy" crept into her mind again as she stared. She wanted to reach out and touch it. It just looked .. COOL!! Now she was positively WET between her legs. She thought about the oddness of the situation. "Here's my best friend, and all I can think about is how I want to put my hand on his boner to see what it feels like!" She snorted.

"What?" Rob had stopped, one leg higher than the other. She had a wonderful view of his rampant member. He was looking down at her.

"Nothing," she said. "Just climb."

When Teri got to the nest and looked over the wall, Rob was sitting on the other side, the backpack firmly in his lap again. Teri had an idea. As she climbed into the nest she made sure she was facing him. On her hands and knees she knew the halter top would sag away from her tit ... OK, breasts ... and then she could see what he did.

Rob was horrified. His dick was hard as ever. He knew from experience that it wouldn't go down until he jerked off, and that was definitely not an option at the moment. All he could hope was that Teri would ignore him and read. Maybe if he got his mind off her by reading, his erection would fade.

Then she climbed into the nest and he thought he'd die. There, exposed to his view were BOTH of her ripe soft breasts, the nipples clearly visible. He marveled again at now hard and long and ... suckable ... those nipples looked. He licked his lips. His dick got even harder. He groaned.

Teri was staring at Rob as a his eyes got big and a tortured sound came from his lips. She felt a tingle go from her breasts to that wet area between her legs. It was true! He thought she was sexy! "Now what?" she thought to herself.

Teri sat down on the side away from Rob. They stared at each other, neither knowing what to do. For the first time in their lives they didn't know what to say.

Teri thought. "Give me your backpack," she said.

Rob panicked. "Why?"

"I'm .. umm, hungry," she said, straight-faced.

"Don't you have food in your own backpack?" he asked.

"Sure," she shot back. "But we always share."

He opened the pack and stuck his hand inside. "What do you want? I'll get it for you."

Now she knew. He was covering up his boner. In one quick movement, too quick for him to defend against, she leaned forward and snatched the pack out of his hands. "I want the backpack!" she said sternly. Suddenly the pack was in HER lap. And there, for all the world to see - well, for Teri to see anyway - was a huge tent in the front of Rob's shorts.

"Well, well, well. And what do we have here?" said Teri. She pointed one long slim finger at the tent.

Rob clapped both hands over the enlarged organ. "Awwww shit, Teri. I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to happen. I mean sometimes it just happens ... you know ... for no reason." He was miserable, and thoroughly embarrassed.

"You're so full of shit!" Teri laughed. "First you stare at my tits - my breasts, and then you get a hardon, and then you say it's for no reason. I thought we could talk about anything."

Rob was astounded. She wasn't pissed off! Maybe there was hope after all. "Well, you know. We ARE friends, and I thought you'd be all pissed off if I got a hardon from seeing you. And why did you say your breasts were ugly anyway?"

Teri sighed. "Cause they ARE ugly, that's why. Sometimes the nipples stick out like they're mutant or something. I can't stand them."

Rob continued to be astounded. "You're crazy as a loon. They're HOT!" He blushed again. "I mean they're the best ones I've ever seen. I'd stare at them all day long if I could."

Teri felt warm all over. "Really? You're not just trying to make me feel better are you. Cause if you are I'll throw something at you."

Now Rob took his hands away from the front of his shorts. The tent was now clearly visible. He looked down at it, and then back up to his friend's eyes. "There's the evidence. Does that lie?"

Teri decided to take things a little farther. "Speaking of which ... you saw mine ... so to speak. Can I see yours?"

Rob's mouth fell open.

Teri went on. "I mean, I've never seen one." She decided it wouldn't help her cause to tell him she'd been peeking up his shorts. Or that she had seen both her brother's AND her father's cocks at various times in her life. "And I'm ... well ... curious. You know."

"Um ... well ... OK" he mumbled. He started to stand, and the wind blew. He sat back down quickly as the nest moved back and forth.

"Here," she said. "Just lie down." There were sleeping bags in the nest that they kept wrapped up in trash bags. She unrolled them and spread them out, side by side, so Rob could lie down on them. Not waiting for him to act she grabbed the bottoms of his shorts and pulled. "Raise your butt, goofball." He did and the shorts slid downwards to his knees. In the process the head got caught in the waistband and when it finally came free it lunged back toward his stomach and slapped his abdomen with an audible smack.

Teri stared. It was bigger around than she had thought. And it looked at once like it was hard as iron, but also soft. Without thinking about how he would react she reached out, took the organ in her hand and stood it up. She kneeled over it to look at it more closely. He wasn't circumcised, like her brother and father were, and the sheath of skin surrounded the head of his dick like a hood, with a little one-eyed face peeking out at the world. As she watched that eye a bead of clear fluid crept out of it and perched on the tip of his penis.

Rob was having a hard time breathing. First she yanked his shorts down and his dick flopped around like a fish out of water. Then she touched it! Not just touched it - she actually put her hand around it. Then she bent over it and now he could see those delicious breasts and nipples again! He could feel her breathing! Her breath was hitting the head of his cock as she breathed out.

Teri was mesmerized. It was BEAUTIFUL! It felt so soft on the outside, but underneath it was VERY firm. It felt wonderful filling her hand. She stroked it up and down, watching the hood thin and then pop down, exposing the whole head to the world. That head was shaped very much differently than she had thought it would be. It was actually a knob, and it thinned a little bit underneath it. She brought her hand back up, letting the foreskin cover the head again. It just looked cool. She just had to do it again.

Rob wasn't breathing any more. Her hand stroked down, and then back up. It was when he realized she was going to do it again that he knew he was in trouble. He felt that old familiar feeling that said it was time to find something to shoot his wad into, but this time his dick was in her hand and he had nothing. "Teri," he groaned "Get away."

Teri heard Rob say, "Get away," but she didn't understand. She started to ask him why about the same time as her hand stroked down again, unsheathing that nice round purple head again. Before she could, though, that little eye opened up and a stream of thick white fluid shot out.

Teri went "Oooohhh" about the same time that the stream hit her face, right under her nose, and right on the upper lip of her open mouth. She reared backwards, which pulled her hand back up, and his dick spat again. This time the stream arced onto her chest, above the halter top, landing right between her breasts. A third jet followed and the semen began to run down between her breasts. Now she let go of his spurting dick, which flopped back on his abdomen and sprayed his shirt with the rest of his spend.

Looking down, Teri did two things which changed her life forever. First, she instinctively licked her upper lip, getting a big glob of his semen in her mouth. Secondly she leaned forward again, to keep the fluid from getting all over her halter top, and it ran down the swell of her breasts to hang from both of her elongated stiff nipples. It was still warm and the feel of it on her sensitive nips sent an explosion of heat through her pussy. About this time, she realized what she had in her mouth. She started to spit, and then realized that it didn't taste bad at all. In fact, it tasted pretty good!

She laughed as she found herself saying "Yummm."

Hearing Teri say "Yummm," was all that saved Rob from jumping out of the nest. He had watched in horror as his semen splattered all over his best friend's face and chest. At the same time he was having the best orgasm of his life. The feel of her soft hand on his cock and her breath on his dick head was something he wished he could feel every day. And she didn't seem to be either mad or grossed out. She sat back on her heels, smacking her lips. She cleaned off all the cum from around her mouth and sucked it off her fingers. Her hands came up and pinched her nipples through the cloth of the halter top, no longer worried about staining the cloth. It felt too good to worry about that any more. Suddenly she rocked forward and crawled toward him.

"I'm going to kiss you now, Robbie," she said.

And she did. Her lips were soft and warm and loose. For some reason Rob wanted to taste them, so he stuck his tongue out and licked her lip. Her tongue responded and in no time they were accomplished French kissers. As their passion built, Rob felt her hand curl around his partly wilted penis and he put his arms around her. What seemed like hours later they came up for air.

"Wow," Rob gasped.

"That was soooo coool," she whispered.

"Really? I thought you'd be really pissed at me," he said back.

"Oh no. I wasn't expecting it. But it was really cool. I want to do it again," she stated.

"Well, that's OK by me," he said, stating the obvious.

She sat up. "But that has to wait. Your stuff got all over my top. Have you got your water bottle in your pack?" As she said this she untied the knot on her halter top and slipped it off. "I need to wash this out."

Rob gawked. She had bared her beautiful breasts! He felt a twitch in his cock again.

Teri laughed. "Well you said you liked them. So I figured you might as well get a better look at them."

"Can I ... touch them?" he asked.

"I think maybe I'd like that." She smiled back. "But only AFTER we wash out my top."

Teri spilled the water over her top where his sperm had stained it, and then she splashed more water over her breasts, washing them clean as well. the water ran down and darkened her own shorts. "Damn. Now I have to dry them out too," she said, and began taking them off. Soon she was sitting in front of him, clad only in lacy pink panties. The front of the panties were obviously wet.

"Um ... it looks like you got them wet too," Rob said, pointing.

"No," she said levelly. "I believe it was YOU who got them wet."

"What?" he said, not understanding.

"That's not water," she said. "That's ... from me. From inside me. Because of you."

He began to understand. Suddenly he was thrilled. His dick snapped back to full strength. "Oh. But shouldn't you ... dry them out ... anyway?"

She looked at him. They stared at each other for a full minute. Then she spoke. "I believe I DO want to dry them out anyway." Then she slipped them off too. As she did Rob shucked his own shorts the rest of the way off and peeled off his stained shirt. Now both were naked.

Rob's heart stopped. "You're so...beautiful," he said simply.

She crawled toward him. "I'm going to kiss you again, Robbie."

They melted together in another long deep kiss. Their bodies seemed to touch each other everywhere at once. They rolled against each other as the wind blew and the tree house swayed back and forth.

In the process, Rob's newly hardened dick slid between Teri's legs.

She moaned as she felt the hardness rubbing against her pussy lips, rubbing where she liked to rub herself. Her grip tightened and she pressed her groin to his. Rob's hand slid around her back to one breast. As his hand cupped it his fingers caught on the stiff nipple. He bent it over as his hand swept across it, and fire shot through it, as Teri gasped. His fingers came back and he squeezed the nipple lightly. She gasped again and stiffened.

"Am I hurting you?" he asked anxiously.

"Nooo. Do it more," she moaned back. They kissed and he stroked her. His dick ground into her pussy. She wanted it to last forever.

"I want to taste you," he said breathing heavily. He ducked his head toward the nipple.

"Yesssssssss," she hissed. His mouth found the nubbin and he sucked it in. She tasted good. He sucked and chewed lightly. Teri whined and began shaking as she surrendered to an orgasm. "Ohhh yess, oh yes .. oh Robbie .. ohhhh that feels sooooo good." She began to go limp and rolled to her back, exposing the other breast. Rob crawled over her on his hands and knees, his head dipped, working both nipples. He found himself between her legs as she writhed at the feeling of her super sensitive nipples being suckled.

Her hand was on his rampant cock again. Now it was moving that cock until it kissed her pussy lips. She rubbed it up and down her furrow, moving it to her clit and rubbing herself off with it.

It was at that moment that a gust of wind bent the tree over much further than it had before. That gust caused Rob to lose his balance and fall forward onto Teri.

It was chance that his prick head was lodged in her opening at that second.

It was chance that the wind blew at that moment.

It was chance that sent that rigid prick far enough into Teri to rip through her maidenhead.

Teri grunted and then yipped as she felt like she was being split open. She knew what was happening. She knew what that was burrowing into her most private place. She had seen it and felt it and she knew it would kill her. Then the tree flexed back and his rod lessened it's assault on her virgin pussy. At that instant the pain faded and a thrill swept through her. He flexed his muscles, trying to get his balance, trying to pull out of her.

Suddenly she didn't want him to. "Wait," she panted.

Rob also knew what was happening. He hadn't meant for this to happen. He didn't want to hurt his best friend. He heard her cry out and tried to pull back. Then she stopped him.

He froze.

Now, suddenly, he felt the warmth of her all around him. The heat of her slick pussy was amazing. He'd never felt anything even remotely like it. But he couldn't do this to her. He started to pull out again.

"No! Wait!" she commanded again. The wind gusted again, and again he was thrust toward her. He slid back in, this time going even deeper as her hands gripped his hips and ... pulled! He couldn't believe it. She WANTED him to go deeper.

Teri also realized that she wanted him to go deeper. The feelings she was experiencing were outside anything she had ever felt. He seemed to touch her in ways she didn't think were possible. The wind shifted back and he began to withdraw. Her hands stopped him. He raised up and looked down at his best friend, now his lover.

This time when the wind blew he leaned into it, watching her face as his prick slid all the way home. He over-compensated, and as a result, his pubic bone hit hers hard. He was all the way in, deep inside her, touching her where no one had ever touched her before. She felt him mash her clit and electricity shot from there to her aching nipples. She needed to tell him how wonderful this was. All she could say was "Yeeeeessss".

Now both of them were panting, as the wind swept them back and forth. Now he slid effortlessly in and out of her as she stretched to accommodate his girth and length. He was long enough that his prick head nuzzled into her cervix when he went deep and she couldn't believe the feeling that caused. She thought she might actually die of happiness as he plumbed her no longer virgin depths.

She felt the oncoming wave and knew it would be better than anything before this. "Ohhhh Robbieeeeeeeeeee!" she wailed as the orgasm washed over her like a ten foot wave. She shook and her head flailed from side to side. Her hips thrust up at him, meeting each plunge. Rob stared down at her. He had never seen anything so beautiful in his whole life. He saw her have her orgasm and felt his coming on strong. He knew that he'd explode soon. He wanted to stay in her, to shoot deep in her, but she was his best friend and he couldn't chance making her pregnant. "Teri ..." he grunted. "I've got to stop now..."

Teri heard him through the fog of her orgasm. She too thought briefly of the possible consequences. Then she realized that the wonderful fullness would go away and she didn't want that. She didn't want that at all.

"NO!" she panted. Her hands came back to his hips and her legs whipped up off the floor and wrapped around his butt. "NO!" she panted again. "In me, Robbie. Stay in me."

Rob tried. He honestly tried, but her grip was like steel. Finally, when he knew he couldn't wait, and that it was going to happen in her, he surrendered to the idea.

When he felt the first of his semen soothing the pain in his dick he pressed forward. The wind helped as the tree house leaned, and again his dick head nudged into her cervix. There, with the mouth of her womb firmly wrapped around the tip, and his bunched up foreskin sealing it even further, his prick delivered it's liquid prize. Long ropes of silvery cum jetted out of his dick, splashing against the walls of Teri's young and ripe womb. She felt the streams, the heat, the wetness of it, and she felt complete. Her arms wrapped around his back as she tried to pull his whole body into hers. She knew then and there that they would do this again - often. She hoped they could do it every day for the rest of their lives. She hoped at that second that she WAS getting with child. And as his sticky potent sperm flowed into his lover, Rob felt the same thing. His body ached with the strain of trying to send every available drop of sperm into her young womb, and he couldn't wait to do it again.

Rob and Teri were known to go up in the sycamore tree and stay for hours. Their parents didn't think it was at all odd that on this day they stayed up there all day. It wasn't until they finally came down, looking worn out, but grinning from ear to ear, that Teri's mom began to suspect something had happened.

"Oh dear," she thought to herself. "It's time Teri and I had a little talk. And I'll have to get her to the doctor soon for a prescription."

She frowned. "I do hope it's not too late."

The End

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