Buffy, The Erection Slayer

by Lubrican

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: After I posted "Buffy Goes to Camp" I got an email from Homer Vargas full of nasty ideas for Buffy's further adventures. I respect him as an author, so I took his ideas seriously.

For those of you who don't remember, Buffy's story started in "Buffy Goes To Camp." It was a different sort of story than I usually write, and this one is even more different. But, it just too good a tale to leave in the can.

Homer read a draft of the story and still more of my characters wound up with tight pants. Isn't that amazing?

Probably not ... huh?

Anyway, thanks to Homer for the ideas.

And, of course, thanks for Reading


Chapter One

Buffy tensed and started using her pussy muscles to squeeze and milk the prick that was currently buried in her pussy when she felt it swell and begin delivering the sweet, thick liquid she so craved. Professor Sorenson always came so hard and long when he dumped his load in her slot.

He started talking as he got ready to spurt. "Then Stuart penetrated deep into enemy territory [grunt grunt]. He pounded the defenders relentlessly [pant pant] and pressed his attack, ravaging the defenses. At last his cavalry poured through the defenseless lines [grunt, pant] and he seeded destruction! He pillaged the supplies, taking what he wanted until he was satisfied!"

He gasped for air as his prick dribbled the last of his current supply of sperm into the young woman under him. Sorensen knew the young woman writhing in ecstasy as he spewed his baby batter in her was not on the Pill. He had never quite understood her convoluted reasoning for letting him take her bareback, and honestly, he didn't care. She had said something about how it made it 'more' exciting. He asked himself how fucking this hot little blonde could be anything but exciting, but the idea of making her tummy swell with his baby, a condition his wife seemed to be trying to avoid, sent him into a frenzy. That she seemed to be turned on by the risk, too, was just icing on the cake.

As usual when he approached his orgasm he had begun gasping about some aspect of American History, which he taught at Collins College. This time it was about how Jeb Stuart had swept down on the Union supply wagons outside Washington D.C. and captured it, withholding it's bounty from the Yankee soldiers at Gettysburg. As he described the attack, with each emphasized word, he thrust into her, delivering cannon shot from his iron hard boner, in his attempt to take advantage of Buffy's lack of defenses and plant a baby in her belly.

Buffy tuned his chatter out and centered herself on the warm fluid that was bathing her pussy. She knew she was addicted to cum - would happily agree she was a cumslut - but she tempered her craving for the slippery fluid by trying to make sure that when she got a cuntful, she was at least within a four or five day span of when her period was supposed to come. She loved her four year old daughter more than anything else in the world and wanted to have a big family, but not before she finished college and not with Carlton College's Professor of American History. She purely did, however, enjoy his efforts.

Still, she hated taking precautions. The way she saw it, if she liked a man enough to let him fuck her, then she shouldn't complain if he knocked her up. And, it was so much more fun if, when she decided to let a man fuck her, he knew she was totally unprotected. That made most men much more passionate and hotter lovers.

So, in the interests of finishing school, she had made several rules for herself. One was that she'd try really hard to use the rhythm method to enjoy any naked cocks she wanted in her. Her period was so regular that, had they known it, the Naval Observatory could time the phases of the moon by her. So, when she knew it was too dangerous to let a cock spurt way up inside her, she simply put it down her throat. At other times, when she felt reasonably sure she could chance getting a pussy full of spunk, she just neglected to tell her lover that it was a safe time of the month for her. Or at least safer than other times. Right now only one man was allowed to cum in her when she was ripe, and that was Uncle Bob.

Whenever she had a nice hard prick in her Buffy couldn't help but compare it to Uncle Bob's. He wasn't actually her uncle. He was Megan's uncle. But, after counselor Bob had knocked her up at Acting Camp, her mother had thrown her out of the house, calling her a slut and a whore.

That had hurt her feelings.

As she always did, though, when she remembered that part of her life, she also remembered her Daddy's goodbye.

It had been the night after they had taken her to the doctor, and it had been confirmed she was pregnant. There had been a big fight when she refused to tell her parents who had gotten his prick in her and done this. Her mother, a frosty look on her face, had told Buffy that, the next day, she'd have to find somewhere else to live, because no sluts were going to live under her roof.

Then, that night, as Buffy lay in bed, wondering what would become of her, her door had opened and her daddy had come in. He held her as she cried, stroking her hair.

"I can't believe my baby's a woman now." he said softly.

"I'm sorry Daddy, it just sort of happened the first time, and then it felt so good I had to let him do it again. I'm not really a slut daddy!" she had sobbed.

"Yes you are darling," he corrected her. "Any fifteen year old girl who lets a man rut between her legs over and over is a slut. That's the definition of a slut Buffy, a woman who fucks because she enjoys it. Your mother is no slut." He was still stroking her hair. "But even little sluts need love," he went on. "Come on, quit crying, we'll figure something out tomorrow."

"Thank you Daddy," cried Buffy and she hugged him even closer. As they parted the covers slid down off her perfect teen breasts. She had gotten used to sleeping nude at Acting Camp and couldn't bear to wear anything to bed now. Her daddy's eyes glistened in the half light as he eyed her perky pink nipples.

"This boy," husked her daddy "The one who did this to you," he stroked her still flat belly, below her naked breasts, pushing the covers down further and exposing her tuft of blond pussy hair. "Did he suck your little nipples?"

Buffy heard something in his voice she had heard in Counselor Bob's voice, and she suddenly realized that her daddy wasn't thinking about her like her daddy should.

"Lots," she whispered. "He sucked ... other places too," she went on, goading her father to see what he would do.

"Lots," he whispered back. Then he bent over and sucked her exposed nipple himself.

"Ohhhh Daddy," sighed Buffy. "You're a bad daddy."

"No I'm not," he corrected. "Daddies get to do this to little sluts." His hand, which had been on her belly, slid down into her crotch and she instinctively spread her knees apart. She hadn't had any cock in the two months since she came back from Acting Camp. "And they get to do this too" he said as he slid a big finger into her pussy, going deep.

Buffy moaned as her horny pussy clamped down on her daddy's thick finger.

"And ... what else ... do they do ...?" she panted.

"Daddy needs to see just how wet his little girl is," Daddy whispered and his lips left her titties and drifted down, closer and closer to her teen pussy, pushing the covers off of her little by little.

It had been a long time since anybody had done that to Buffy too, and her legs widened to give him plenty of room. She reached for an orgasm as he licked and sucked her young pussy lips, and felt her pussy weep all over his face as she came.

Her Daddy had then leaned back, examining her sprawled and naked body, open for the taking. He had crawled up between her legs, working his pajama bottoms down off his hips and exposing his very manly boner. No words were needed as he slotted his rampant prick to her pussy's mouth and began easing it in. He assumed some teenage boy, not a man, had impregnated his daughter, so he went slowly. He wanted his daughter to spread for him again, so he wanted her to enjoy this.

As he luxuriated in her clasping wet pussy, Ralph thought of the ice-cold biddy in his matrimonial bed and wondered why his daughter was so hot to trot. Must be his genes. He grunted and began to finish the thing he'd dreamed about for several years. Too bad she was already pregnant. He'd have liked to knock her up himself.

Buffy let go of her feelings and just enjoyed being thoroughly fucked. She knew her father was a dirty old man, but she didn't care as his prick prodded her in places that hadn't been touched for two months and really needed prodding. And when he grunted and started spewing her full of daddy cum she welcomed her own orgasm as it washed over her. Too bad mom was kicking her out. She could get used to this.

But her mother did kick her out, packing one suitcase with clothes and putting it on the front porch. She also changed the locks in the house, so that when Buffy came home from school she couldn't get into her own house. She knocked and pleaded, but the only thing that happened was that the door opened a crack and a hand was shoved through, holding a fist full of paper money.

"Bus fare," barked her mother. "To get you to the father of your bastard child!"

So Buffy had gone to the library, where she got on line and emailed her best friend, Megan. Then she'd gone to the Salvation Army. She told them she was hitchhiking to her Grandmother's house, in Colorado. When the woman at the counter said she could get Buffy a room for one night at the YMCA Buffy took it.

The next morning, when she returned to the library there was an email from Megan. Sounselor Bob had gotten her with child, too, and she, too, had been ostracized by her family. The good news was that she had been sent to live with her Uncle Bob until the baby was born. Her family insisted that the baby had to be adopted out. They didn't know that it was Uncle Bob who had started Megan's journey toward getting knocked up in the first place.

And Uncle Bob had invited Buffy to come live with them.

And Uncle Bob had taken over where counselor Bob had left off. Except, of course, he had taught his real niece and his adopted niece a lot more about having great sex.

Her attention was drawn back to the present when Professor Sorenson moaned as his prick dribbled it's last in Buffy's now relaxed pussy.

"Ohhh Buffy, you're always so tight and so hot." he moaned. "I think I love you."

"Now Professor," she chided. "You're a married man. I only did this with you the first time because I felt so sorry for you. And you were so manly and virile and ... you were a naughty boy." She squeezed her pussy muscles like she'd been taught to do. "I don't fuck married men, Professor."

"I don't know what you call this," he gasped as he tried to push his softening prick deeper into her. "But I don't know what I'd do if you didn't do it with me."

"Silly boy," she said in a singsong voice. "You should be doing this to your wife."

"I can't," he panted. "The bitch won't let me near her any more. All I want is to knock her up good and proper one more time. A blow job would be nice now and then too. I'd be happy to lick her pussy too. But she thinks I'm crazy."

"Poor baby," said Buffy, kissing him. "But you have to go now. I have to go to class."

"You don't have to come to my class," he said between long deep breaths. "You already got an A in my class."

"Now Professor," she chided him again. "I need an education, and it's your job to give me one. I want to earn that A."

"Believe me," he sighed as he pulled out of her. "You already have."

Buffy cooed at him and pushed him off the bed. She jumped up, full of energy, like she always seemed to be when she had a pussy full of spunk. Spunk made her ... spunky!

As she walked to class Buffy thought about how she'd gotten to Collins College. When Uncle Bob had taken her in her whole life had changed. Uncle Bob had joined the Army as soon as he graduated from High School and had then spent the next twenty years serving his country. He had been to more than twenty countries during his career in the Army and he retired at only age 38. Now he worked as a consultant, and arranged his schedule so that he only worked when he wanted to. He became the girls' surrogate father ... and mother, for that matter, as well as their friend. And, of course, he was their lover and teacher in all things sexual.

Uncle Bob had taught the girls how to use their bodies to enjoy sex and ensure that their partners enjoyed sex too. It wasn't that he was promiscuous. The first thing he taught them was how to choose a partner who was most likely to be safe and healthy. Then, once they had the man in their sights, he taught them how to capture the object of their desire. And every man who Buffy captured was a prisoner for life. They all wanted to marry her, even though she already had a daughter.

That was another rule Buffy had made for herself. She decided that she wasn't interested in men who were married, or had steady girlfriends. But somehow, she had really miserable luck picking men who weren't married, or weren't in a committed relationship. What Buffy kept forgetting to do was ensure that the man she set her sights on wasn't already spoken for. She always got carried away somehow. And of course there were the men who lied to her, saying they were footloose and fancy free, when in fact they were married, or had girlfriends. And most of the younger ones, who really were footloose and fancy free, weren't the best candidates for long term relationships ... or marriage.

Basically Buffy was like a sailor, with a man in every port.

So quite without intending to, right now Buffy had to juggle five men who were helpless when she walked into the room. There was Professor Sorenson, of course, who had fallen under her spell when she went to his office to ask him if she could write her history term paper on Gloria Steinem and the effect she had had on sexual mores in young women in America. When Bill Sorenson questioned the beautiful young coed on those effects he had been overcome with admiration for the sexy girl. Her assertion that Steinem was responsible for a minor baby boom in America was intriguing. Their talk had led to him confiding his desire for a large boisterous family and how effectively his wife used abstinence to make sure he didn't have one. Buffy was so moved by pity for the poor man she was soon on her back on a love seat in his office as Professor Sorenson poured sperm into her pussy attempting to test the girl's theory.

Almost the same thing had happened when she joined the Economics Club. She had scored two men in that group. John Willy (she always laughed when she thought of his last name) was the treasurer and when she went to his dorm room to pay her dues they talked about her plan to become wealthy by the time she was in her thirties. She'd been wearing a halter top that day, and in bending over had shown him her beautiful breasts.

This time she assumed he was a single guy, mostly because he was pretty geeky, with thick glasses and slicked back hair. When, during their conversation, Buffy had compared a man's penis to the stock market - limp meant down and stiff meant up - and said that there were things you could do to ensure that things were always ... up ... he stood up and to his own amazement dropped his pants, showing her that she was absolutely right. She could do things that ensured the market was ... up.

And her surprise at seeing how long and thick this geek's cock was had convinced her that it would be wonderful in her mouth.

She had swallowed greedily and allowed John to show his stamina by giving her a second load in her pussy - it had been one of her "lucky days".

It turned out he did have a significant other, but things weren't working out too well between them. Jennifer, his girlfriend, had somehow decided that men (that meant him) were weak, and that the best way to prevent them (that meant him) from making fools of themselves by fawning all over a woman in public (that meant her) was to wear very conservative clothing. All her clothes covered her from ankle to neck. She never wore a skirt or dress, and on their dates she always made sure they went to public places. Her mother had impressed on her that only a virgin could get a good man, and that love didn't have anything to do with it.

Buffy learned all this as she was prodded and rodded by the sexually famished boy who, when she cooed, "Ooooo I love your hot stuff in my pussy ... shoot me full," actually cried when he ejaculated into her.

What started out as a "pity fuck" turned into a friendship of sorts. And, because Buffy thought John deserved better than this Jennifer person was giving him ... Buffy continued to give him what he deserved.

Buffy still got almost weekly advice on her investments from John, and each time he was almost frantic to dump his load in her welcoming pussy. So far he hadn't even been allowed to touch Jennifer's breasts. A nice side effect of all this was that Buffy's portfolio, small though it was, was doing very well.

The second man in that club who fell victim to Buffy's charms was their sponsor, Professor Theodore Tinder. She sought his advice on which stocks to invest in initially. Only the night before he had been accused of being a pervert by his wife, Christy, when he commented on how sexy a cheerleader looked at their son's High School football game. She had refused him sex that night too, calling him "disgusting".

So when cute little braless Buffy came to the club meeting the next night, looking just as tasty as that cheerleader had, he couldn't help but ask her if she'd been a cheerleader in school.

"Sometimes I was," she said, blushing.

"Sometimes?" he queried.

"Well there was this guy I liked, and he got all excited whenever I pretended to be a cheerleader. You know ... role playing? Anyway, for his birthday I got a costume from the thrift store and ... sometimes ... I was a cheerleader."

Professor Tinder, or "Teddy" as she was soon to be calling him, got a glassy look in his eye as he read between the lines of her story. "Um ... I ah ... I don't suppose you still have that outfit do you?" he asked hopefully.

"Why, yes I do Professor. Would you like to see it?" Teddy was tall, with huge hands, and in Buffy's experience the old wives tale about big hands meaning a big cock were true. Apparently those old wives had found out some way to tell.

"Buffy, nothing would please me more," sighed the frustrated man.

"You aren't married are you sir?" said Buffy, remembering for once to ask.

Theodore Tinder thought about his life with the woman he was legally tied to. You couldn't really call that a marriage. Not like marriages were supposed to be. "I wish I was," was his reply. It didn't occur to him that she might get the wrong message from that.

So a couple of nights later Buffy showed up at the club room, wearing her cheerleader outfit. No bra or panties, of course. And she did some cheers for the nice man, and showed him her pussy, and found out that the old wives had been right again. Teddy had a truly impressive prong that reached clear into her womb when it delivered it's healthy dose of hot baby makers. She wasn't taking any courses from him and he was so pitifully thankful that she'd let him play out his fantasy that he offered her money.

Buffy had grabbed him by his impressively large balls and growled, "I'm no hooker Teddy, and don't you ever forget that. She gave him a painful squeeze to punctuate her warning.

In time she found out he was, in fact married, but that his wife thought his fantasies about young girls made him a perverted slime-ball. It didn't make much sense to try to come on to a woman who called you a perverted slime ball, so he'd just quit trying. He missed having sex with his wife, and Buffy felt sorry for him.

Since then she had been a Catholic School Girl, a Belly Dancer, and someone named Marge, for which she had to dress very conservatively, but act like a total vamp. Teddy had a good imagination and he liked using it. When he did, he produced prodigious amounts of male nectar, which Buffy loved, so it was a good match.

And, all he did to express his thanks that she gave him repeat performances, was give her the best stock tips he could come up with and buy her expensive gifts.

Buffy thought about those things as she went to her Calculus class, which she liked a lot. Numbers had a way of being nice and steady. You could depend on numbers as long as you knew the formulas. The class always seemed to fly by. She was leaving when she was approached by Mike Stewart, one of her classmates, and a study partner ... of sorts.

"Hey Buffy" he called. "Can we study tonight?"

"Mikey!" squealed Buffy. "And how's my ultra conservative Republican type friend today?" she asked brightly. She had met Mike in a study session put together by several kids in the class and, after a very rocky start, they had hit it off. That part was strange, because Mike was the president of the Young Conservative's Club on campus. He was as straight laced as they came. But he was also cute, and Buffy couldn't resist teasing him and flirting with him during their first few study sessions. It always made him blush and stammer and eventually made him mad. One night, after the study session was over, he followed Buffy to where she'd left her bike.

"Miss Sherwood!" he called in a strident voice. "May I have a word with you?"

Buffy had turned around, her braless breasts bobbing in her peasant blouse. Her boobs had gotten big when Tiffany was born, full of milk for the youngster. And Tiffany and Uncle Bob (and even Megan) had made sure her breasts were emptied every day. As a result they had stayed big when she dried up, and now sagged just a little. Her nipples had stayed bigger too and were now as big around as a man's little finger, and about three quarters of an inch long. She loved the sensual feel of her blouses rubbing across them as her tits bounced up and down when she walked. When she saw it was Mike Stewart she grinned..

"Hi Mikey! she said. "How're they hanging?"

This was exactly the kind of thing that had gotten Mike angry. He wasn't so much angry at her language, but about how it made him feel. Mike was almost engaged to Alice Nivens, of Nivens Steel and Pipe, in Atlanta. Alice would never have made any mention of his testicles in any manner at all, much less to ask "how they were hanging." She was a proper young lady. They had kissed, and hugged, and she had even let him rub up against her on a number of occasions, but she wouldn't do anything else. It had gotten to the point where those balls of his that Alice would never refer to were getting blue and hurting. In a fit of excitement one time Mike had suggested that, if she were to perform fellatio on him, he would be extremely appreciative. Her response had been vituperative in the extreme.

"Why Michael Stewart, the very thought that I might soil my mouth with your male parts makes me literally sick at my stomach! I cannot believe you said that! You must think me a hussy of the worst type. I sincerely hope, Michael, that you will not abuse my ears with that kind of nonsense again. And if you think that after we are married you can talk that way, then you are sadly mistaken. Apologize at once!" she had stormed.

Michael had backed off with his tail tucked firmly between his conservative legs and never mentioned it again. He didn't even ask her if she'd jerk him off, fearful she'd call off the almost engagement.

So, when Buffy winked at him, and licked her lips, and stuck her pencil in her mouth like it was a tiny little dick, the feelings it raised in him were intense ... and unwelcome. More than once he'd had to walk carefully to his BMW, because his balls were sore and his dick was stiff.

So when this vamp of a woman asked him "how they were hanging" Michael Stewart let her have it.

"You, Miss Sherwood, are a slut of the worst type. You flirt with men and cause them embarrassment in public settings and I want you to stop it immediately. I do not wish your whorish attention to be directed to me again under any circumstances, is that clear?"

Buffy had heard it all before, and what Michael T. Stewart, little rich boy, thought of her couldn't have mattered less. She smiled sweetly at him and said. "Gee Mikey, it sounds to me like you're in serious need of a nice, long, wet, blowjob. It would help with all that tenseness, I promise."

Michael T. Stewart IV almost choked on his emotions. "You are despicable in the extreme!" he raged. "To tease a man like that, when you know very well you have no intent of doing anything of the kind is the most vile and tawdry thing a woman can do! I've a mind to thrash you!"

Buffy had been taken aback at his vitriolic anger. His stormy face and threatening demeanor had actually scared her a little.

She tried to defend herself anyway. "Look here Mikey, I don't know what's gotten your tighty whities in a knot, but I don't ever offer to do something I don't intend to do. You may be mister rich hoity toity ... guy" she sputtered "but that doesn't give you the right to say those things about me. I'm a normal girl and if I like the feel of a man's cock in my mouth, well that's my business, and if you're too uptight to take a girl up on a humanitarian offer, then just go fuck yourself, 'cause you're sure not getting into my panties with an attitude like that!" she ended up yelling. It was loud enough that several people stopped to watch and see what was developing.

Mike, being ever the politically correct man he was instinctively tried to mollify her, to get her to stop yelling and drawing unwanted attention, at the least.

"Calm down Miss Sherwood, I was simply trying to inform you that your teasing is unfair. We men have feelings too, you know." Mike was having a hard time thinking. When she yelled at him her nipples stuck out through that delightful peasant blouse even more and she flushed so prettily.

Buffy stared at him. "I thought boys liked to be teased. Besides, it was more like flirting than teasing. Can't you tell the difference?"

"Why on earth would you flirt with me?" asked Michael T. Stewart IV. No one except the maids had ever flirted with him, and all they wanted was money.

"Well, for one thing, you're kind of cute," said Buffy. This boy was of a type she hadn't had much experience with, and she didn't know quite how to handle him. Uncle Bob hadn't given her a primer on how to get a rich boy, most probably because he wanted to spare Buffy the pain of being around them.

"Oh," said Mike, the wind suddenly missing from his sails. "Um ... thanks."

"And what's the big deal about offering you a hummer?" asked Buffy. "I thought all men loved to have their straw emptied. It's not like I was asking you to marry me or anything."

"Straw emptied," repeated Mike. He had to actually think about that for a second. "Oh!" he said. "But you didn't actually mean it ... did you?"

"Of course I meant it!" said Buffy angrily. "I told you I don't make offers I won't back up. You were so tense I thought you could use a little fun."

"You'd actually suck my dick?" asked an amazed Michael T. Stewart IV.

"I would have, but you were mean to me!" said Buffy. She was back on familiar ground now. Make them feel like they had hurt your feelings and they'd do almost anything to make things OK.

"I'm sorry," said Mike, responding exactly as Uncle Bob had said he would. "I thought you were teasing me ... you know, trying to get me excited, and then you'd leave me high and dry."

"Why in the world would I do that?" she said. "I think you're cute. You probably have a nice cute penis. I just love sucking sweet cum out of cute penises. So I offered." Buffy set the hook. "But then you were mean to me!" She worked up a couple of tears. She was, after all, an accomplished actress.

"Don't cry .. please don't cry" Mike looked around to see who was watching. He comforted her by putting his arm around her and started her walking toward his car. "Come on, I'll take you home."

Buffy stopped. "No, that's OK, I have my bike." She went for the kill. "Besides, you're not all tense any more. You probably don't even need a blow job now."

To his everlasting amazement, Michael T. Stewart IV, president of the Young Conservatives Club and straight laced man about town, heard himself say "Oh no, please. Really I do! I'm so tense I ... I ... I think something might actually crack any time now. And your offer was so sweet. And I was such a cad! Please."

Buffy looked at him sideways. "Where do you live?" she asked. Buffy never took men to her own house. It was another of her rules. She didn't want most of them to know where she lived.

"I'm in the Delta Chi Epsilon Fraternity. I live in the Frat house." he said.

Buffy raised her eyebrows. Delta Chi Epsilon's Frat house was right next door to her apartment. She'd have to be careful with this one.

"Tell you what. I'll go home and freshen up and then come over to the Frat and we'll just see if we can't loosen you up a little. How's that?" asked Buffy. "Give me an hour. And get some wine. Something sweet." she said.

"OK. Great! I'll be there. My room is 207." said an eager Mike. It didn't occur to him until he was driving home that she might not show. He stopped and got two bottles of wine, just in case she didn't. If she didn't follow through he'd drink them both and then probably blow his head off.

He was halfway through the first bottle and a little tipsy when there was a knock on his door. When he opened it and saw Buffy standing there in a T shirt and running shorts his dick got stiff immediately.

"You came!" he cried.

"Of course I came. I said I would, didn't I?" she smiled sweetly. "Actually, now that I think about it, I haven't cum yet, but I hope to sometime soon." She smiled sweetly.

He invited her in, nervous now and tried to make small talk. "Um, where are you from?" he asked.

Buffy put her hand on his chest and gently shoved him toward his bed. "We can get to know each other later. Right now I'm hungry." She licked her lips.

Mike stammered. "I'm sorry. I got the wine, but I didn't get any snacks."

"Silly boy," cooed Buffy. "That's not what I'm hungry for. You just lie down and relax and let Buffy take care of those tense muscles." She pushed him until the back of his legs hit his bed and he flailed as he went over backwards. Buffy's hands were at his belt immediately and in no time she had it undone and his fly down. She pulled on his pants as he tried to wiggle up further on the bed.

"You do wear tighty whities!" crowed Buffy as his well filled briefs were exposed. As he tried to kick off his slacks she pulled on his briefs, exposing his cock to her smoky eyes. "Ooooo, and you do have a cute prick!" she said.

Things were going much much better and much much faster than Michael T. Stewart IV could have dreamed of. He was about to say something when his cock was suddenly enveloped in a hot, wet mouth. He lifted his head, incredulous, and looked at Buffy's blond head. His dick was actually in her mouth! He couldn't believe it. Then she sucked and dragged her mouth up to the tip of his uncut cock. With one hand she skinned his foreskin off the tip and then sucked just the knob, using her tongue to swirl all around it. She kissed it like it was a movie star, making little "Mmmmm" sounds all the time.

If Alice had been in the room at the time and he had been armed, Michael might have murdered his girlfriend. That she had the ability to give him such pleasure yet refused him was a crime beyond words. Her family fortune, her father's connections to the College Young Republicans Establishment, all that paled in comparison to the exquisite sensations from this nobody - bad choice of words - blonde whose mouth was driving him insane.

Buffy lifted her head long enough to make eye contact and said "You have a lovely cock Mikey."

Then she was down on him again, like she really was starving, and like she really was going to eat his cock right off.

Michael T. Stewart IV felt his balls buzz and knew he was about to blow a nut. Never having had this done before, he didn't know the etiquette, but he assumed he'd better warn her or he might face severe consequences.

"Buuufffeeee," he groaned. "I've gotta ... I'm gonna" He reached for her hair and pushed ineffectually at it.

Buffy lifted her head again. There was a string of precum stuck to the lip and the end of his cock. She looked at him and smiled. "You gonna cum now Mikey? You gonna give me a little present? I bet you're gonna taste good Mikey." Then she jacked on his cock and sealed her lips over the head.

Michael T. Stewart IV thought the top of his head was going to blow off. She was going to let him cum in her mouth! His whole body seized up and his hips came up off the bed as Buffy rode with him, never breaking her seal, and jacking him like a pro. He felt the first jet of semen tear through his cock, like liquid fire and felt it leave his cock. She sucked harder and gave his cock two little jerks that milked him of three more shots. He fell back to the bed and, then felt sadness as her mouth left his cock. She scrambled up, her mouth closed, but leaking sperm and he had a sudden horrified thought that she was going to spit it out in his face. But she put her throat by his ear and swallowed loudly instead.

Michael T. Stewart IV had thought he was done, and was completely satisfied with what had happened. But when Buffy made sure he heard her swallowing his spunk, his cock revived and stood straight up again. Buffy sat back and looked down at his prick.

"Goody," she said, strings of cum going between her lips. She licked them and swallowed again as she tore her T shirt off, exposing naked breasts. Then she skinned her shorts down, revealing her naked pussy.

Before Michael T. Stewart IV could move she straddled him, notched his cock into her pussy, and sat down.

If her mouth had felt wonderful, Mike couldn't begin to describe how fantastic it felt to have hot pussy wrapped firmly around his prick. He arched his hips again, trying to squirt, but couldn't. Buffy rode him mercilessly, grinding her clit against his pubic bone and demanded, "Suck my titties Mikey, I love it when men suck my titties." He tried to capture one waving nipple, but couldn't, and had to use his hands. Her tits felt so soft and he tried to squirt again, but couldn't. Every muscle in his body was as taut as a piano wire as he nursed her sweet tasting nipple. Her pussy clamped down on him as she came.

"I'm cumming Mikey. I'm cumming all over your nice hard prick. Can you squirt me Mikey? Have you got anything left?"

Mike felt something snap inside him and rolled with her, ending up on top. He'd never done this before either, but instinct told him to pound this wonderful woman hard with his cock, so he did. Buffy squealed, telling him what a fantastic lover he was.

"I'm not on the pill Mikey," she panted. "If you cum in me you might make me pregnant. Do you want to make me pregnant Mikey? Do you want to fill me up with your spunky sperm?"

"Ohhh fuuuck," said Michael T. Stewart IV. Had he been completely sober and not in the throes of passion, he would have assumed she was trying to get pregnant so he'd have to marry her. But he was so hot that all he could think about was mating with this fabulous woman.

"Come on Mikey, give pussy a bath," she whispered in his ear.

That did it. With pain in his balls Mike thrust in one last time and felt the sweet release of more semen flow thorough his cock. It felt good to put it in this girl. The thought that he might be fathering a child on her was intensely erotic.

Michael T. Stewart IV was hooked. Buffy had conquered another man. In the sweet afterglow of their orgasms, Mike sighed. "Man, I wish my fiancée would do that for me."

Buffy, realizing she'd managed to pick an attached man yet again, laughed out loud. "Well don't you worry about it Mikey. You taste good so I'll do it for you any time you want."

Thus had begun their relationship, and as Mike was perfectly happy with a simple blow job, Buffy could satisfy him any time, whether she was ripe or not. She reserved fucking him for special occasions, or to reward him for some particularly sweet thing he did. Now, as he approached her suggesting a study session Buffy laughed again. "Sure Mike, but this time you just have to bring some books!"

He looked sheepish, knowing he'd been caught. He didn't really want to study. He wanted another blow job. Michael T. Stewart purely loved his blowjobs, and he purely loved Buffy for giving them to him.

"OK, see you around eight." he smiled. Buffy punched him in the arm, but smiled at him as well and walked on. She had to hurry or she'd be late for work.

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