Bunny And The Slopes

by Lubrican

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Chapter One

Bunny Johnson was looking forward to the ski trip she had agreed to co-sponsor for the High School Seniors in the travel club at Smoky Hill High School in Tanner Oklahoma. She'd never been skiing herself, but it didn't look too hard and she loved snow and cold weather. Her position as History teacher and Drama coach for the school kept her very busy, and this was one of the only ways she was able to get away and have some fun. Besides that, she figured that chaperoning kids who would be graduating in just a few months, and who could be expected to be more responsible than younger kids, might not be that much work either.

The fact that her co-sponsor was Jack Kelly didn't hurt either. He was a hunk and she'd been wanting to meet him under circumstances that might let them get better acquainted. Now she was on her way to meet him, to work out the final plans for the trip. There were eight kids going, three boys and five girls, with only one boyfriend/girlfriend pair to have to keep a closer eye on. A parent had donated a huge motor home for the trip, but it was only going to be used for transportation. There were plenty of places in the monster vehicle for everyone to be comfortable on the drive out to, and back from Colorado.

Bunny arrived at Jack's house right on time and parked in the driveway. A huge dog ran from around the house and started dancing and barking loudly right beside her car door. The dog didn't look vicious, but it was big and it was barking. She didn't know what to do, so she just sat there. In just a few seconds Jack came to the front door and yelled "Twinkletoes, knock it off!" The dog immediately went quiet and sat down, wagging his tail.

She got out carefully. "Twinkletoes?" she said and Jack laughed as the dog bounded up and ran around and around barking madly. He obviously knew his name and loved the fact that this stranger knew it too.

Jack smiled and called the dog, this time saying "Twink ... here!" in a commanding voice. The dog went to the porch and sat quietly beside him. Bunny went up, they greeted and then he ushered her into the house. She made immediate friends with Jack's dog.

They got down to business right away, talking about rules for the trip, ways to ensure that the boys and girls didn't get too close to each other. They had two suites in the hotel, so all the females could stay in one, and all the males in the other. They didn't think there'd be too much trouble.

Bunny found herself looking at Jack's lips, again and again. They looked full and soft. Jack, for his part, tried not to stare at Bunny's chest. Her breasts were truly magnificent, though she wasn't all that aware of the fact. She'd had them for years, and pretty much took them for granted. She was a 36CC on a bad day, and she was having trouble getting her knockers into that size bra. It wasn't because she was fat. She worked out regularly and there wasn't an ounce of fat on her, but all the pushups and weights developed her pecks really well. That made her breasts stick out and up proudly, over a flat stomach and swelling hips. The fact that she was short just made her breasts seem larger.

In high school she was plump and pimply, and hadn't dated much. That insecurity had carried over into college. She spent a lot of time doing parts in plays and musicals, and didn't date anybody seriously. She also spent a lot of time in the gym, working out, which transformed her body into what was politely referred to as a "masonry outhouse". She was much too busy in her first two years as a teacher to spend the amount of time it took to build a real relationship with a man. She owned two dildos and they were well used, but her pussy had never felt a real cock in it.

Jack was handsome, and he was also a geek. He'd finished first in his class at Cal Tech, but he'd never figured out how to approach women. Women had approached him more than once, and, to his amazement, his uncut dick had spewed its load into several foxy women. But the bald fact was that they were the pursuers, and not Jack. He never believed those women really found him attractive, and had always assumed that the guys they really wanted to go out with were busy, so they came after him, rather than stay home on a weekend night.

One nice thing about women who approached you was that they weren't shy about telling you how to please them. As a result, Jack was a consummate lover, and he knew all the tricks of the trade to getting a woman off.

Still, he was painfully shy. The women in the school he ended up teaching science in weren't the kind to eye him up and down and suggest a quick fuck to take the edge off. Consequently, he'd been without sex for most of the three years he'd been teaching at Smoky Hill.

As a result of that, Jack had a wonderfully developed fantasy world. It included, among others, quite a few of the Junior and Senior girls ... and Bunny Johnson. He'd spent literally hours spurting thick wads of semen all over his apartment while thinking about Bunny. And he was very strict about stopping what he liked to call "fraternization" between boys and girls in the school. This wasn't from some high moral stand. He just felt like if he couldn't stick his dick in the girls, nobody else should be allowed to either.

As long as they were talking about the logistics of the trip, their conversation flowed smoothly. But when that was done, and they had nothing definite to talk about, both got uncomfortable. Each wished they could say witty things, and neither knew that the other felt exactly the same. With a sad glance at his lips, Bunny left, while Jack gave one last longing look at her breasts.

Both of them masturbated that night, thinking of each other.

The day of the trip came. All the kids stowed their stuff on the big coach and each found a place to sit for the trip. Jack was driving. Bunny spent some time sitting in the seat beside him, and some time patrolling the vehicle. She was at a loss of how to act, really. She was a teacher, but this wasn't teaching. She had seen all the kids, but only two had ever been in one of her classes. As a result, she had no relationship with them upon which to build ... as a starting point from which respect for her as an adult might develop.

The first problem she had was with Jerry, the co-captain of the football team and one of the cheerleaders, named Tiffany. They had figured out how to pull out one of the beds, and were lying side by side on it, talking. Bunny didn't think that was appropriate, even though they weren't actually doing anything with each other. After a loud argument, she ruled that they had to share the space with others, and that anyone using that space had to sit up. She saw some longing looks between boys and girls, but nothing that made her suspicous. All in all, the kids were well behaved.

They got to the resort that evening and got checked in. Jack had to park the big motor home some distance from the lodge, in the part of the lot reserved for RVs. By the time he found the set of suites they had been assigned, the kids had flown to the winds. Only Bunny was left in the room. They explored the suites and discovered there was a connecting door between them. That made Bunny feel better because she could contact Jack without having to go outside the rooms.

It was too late in the day to start skiing, but the kids lined up and got lift tickets for the next day. Then they all had dinner together in the restaurant at the lodge. After that the kids wanted to explore. Bunny and Jack put their heads together and decided the place was so small that they couldn't get lost, or in too much trouble. It was Jack's idea to let the kids go in a group, without adult supervision. He thought that would get the sponsors on the good side of the kids.

Bunny turned to the eight expectant faces. "OK, here's the deal. You guys can go explore, but you all have to stay together, and you all have to be back in the rooms by eleven. Deal?"

"Deal!" shouted eight adolescent voices.

Bunny and Jack went to the lounge, where the lighting was dim and they could talk quietly. Both of them were excited about getting to spend some time with each other.

As they talked, they became a little more at ease with each other. Bunny remembered from a speech class she had taken that the best way to get a man to talk was to ask him about himself. So she did. Jack talked about all kinds of things Bunny didn't fully understand, but she sat gazing at that wonderful mouth and had a great time. He was talking about various gadgets when he mentioned a new brand of personal digital assistant.

"Hey!" she chirped. "I just bought one of those and I still haven't figured out how to use it. I don't suppose you could help me with that?"

"Sure" he said. "Go get it and I'll make you an expert in no time."

Bunny jumped up to go and Jack groaned inwardly as her breasts bobbed and shimmied. He felt his cock start to stiffen.

Bunny went to the girls' suite and looked where she thought she'd left the PDA, but it wasn't there. She thought back. She'd been playing around with it on the bus. She remembered putting it in a pouch on the back of one of the seats, so it wouldn't fall off on the floor. She hurried out to the parking lot, where the motor home was parked.

As she approached the coach, she thought she saw it move a little. That was crazy, she thought. But as she reached for the handle of the side door it moved away from her hand ever so slightly. She stopped, her hand still out, and her eyes widened as she realized the motor home was rocking, only a little, but definitely rocking ... back and forth.

Then she heard a sound, like someone in pain. It came again ... a girl's voice. Someone was inside the motor home. It never occurred to her that it might be dangerous for her to investigate - that it could have been anybody in there. Very quietly she eased the door towards the front of the vehicle open.

The sounds became more clear immediately.

"Awwwwwww" came a male voice.

"UH ... UH ... UH" came the rhythmic grunts of a girl. Bunny recognized that grunting female voice. It was Tiffany.

But it couldn't be Tiffany. Tiffany was with the other kids, exploring.

Very quietly Bunny stepped up into the big vehicle. Her light frame didn't make it move at all. As she leaned forward, to look down the central aisle of the coach, she saw movement up, and to her right. There was a mirror there that let the driver see back into the rear of the camper. She looked at that mirror and her jaw dropped open.

In the mirror, she saw Tiffany, stark naked, lying on her back with her knees spread wide open. Between those knees was Jerry Thomas, who was equally naked. They were on the pull-out bed, and Jerry was fucking her with long hard strokes of his very stiff adolescent cock. Every time he pounded that cock into the cheerleader, she gave out a lustful grunt.

"OH ... OH ... OH"

Bunny was about to yell out, when Jerry cried out "I'm gonna cum, baby, I'm gonna blow!"

Tiffany squealed "You can't cum in me Jerry, I'm not on the pill. Pull it out and I'll suck it for you."

Jerry, however, kept pounding away until he slammed in one last time and froze, his back arched and his face looking up at the ceiling of the motor home.

"Aaaaauuugghhh" he groaned.

"Take it out, Jerry!" squealed Tiffany again, and her hands began trying to push his chest away from her.

Bunny's voice was frozen in her throat as she saw Jerry's ass muscles clench as he tried to shove his teen cock even further up into Tiffany's fertile pussy.

Then, as if he'd finally heard his lover, Jerry pulled his spurting cock out of the girl. He jumped up and squatted over Tiffany's face as her hands scrabbled for his cock. She got it aimed at her face and a stream of cum splattered all over her chin. Then she pulled him further down and she could finally get her lips around the head of his cock. He groaned like he was in agony as she sucked the rest of his spend out of his prick. Meanwhile, Tiffany's other hand flew to her pussy and she began slapping and rubbing her gaping pussy, rubbing herself to an orgasm.

Bunny gulped as she saw that the hand Tiffany was using to rub her pussy was wet and sticky with the white stuff that had been left there by Jerry as he pulled his prick out of the girl. He had gotten at least one shot inside her and Bunny felt faint as she saw the girl's fingers pushing what fell out back up inside as she brought herself off.

Bunny retreated, her face aflame with what she'd seen. Her breasts felt swollen and tender, especially her nipples and she realized she had gotten turned on by watching the two teenagers mating. She didn't know what to do. The damage was done.

She had to talk to Jack about this. She crept off the RV and headed back to the lodge at a run.

Jack was sitting in the chair by the fire, relaxed, his head back, waiting for Bunny to return. He thought about her beautiful body and, for the hundredth time, undressed it in his mind. He usually did this at home, where the resulting boner didn't matter. His head jerked up when he heard her frantic voice as she all but ran towards him.

"Jack! Jack!" she panted as she slid to a stop in front of him.

"What's wrong Bunny?" he said, anxiously. He stood up.

"Kids ... Tiffany ... in the bus ... doing ... naked" she glanced around furtively to see if anyone could hear her. She was panting, trying to catch her breath. She had done more slipping and sliding in the snow than she had running, and she had pulled a muscle in her thigh, based on how it felt.

"What?" Jack queried.

"Come on" she gasped, pulling him toward the door of the lodge.

She tried to explain what she'd seen as she pulled him toward the parked vehicle. By the time they got there he understood she'd seen Tiffany and Jerry inside it, and that they were naked and having sex. Angrily he pulled open the door and stomped up the steps.

The vehicle was empty.

Bunny gawked. "They were here! Not five minutes ago they were right here!"

Jack frowned. "Well they're not here any more. Maybe they heard you." He moved further into the motor home and began examining things. He unfolded the bed and put his hand on it. "You're right Bunny, the sheet is still a little warm. They were here."

"Of course they were here!" she said in an exasperated voice. "Why would I have come and told you something like that if it wasn't true?" She looked at the handsome teacher, her hands on her hips.

"OK, OK, I'm sorry." He didn't look very sorry to Bunny. "It just sounded sort of ... what were they doing?"

"What do you mean what were they doing? I told you. They were making love."

"I know that, but, OK, take your phrase ... 'making love'. That normally means something that's tender and quiet and calm. Was it like that?"

Bunny was too shocked by everything that had happened to think about how odd his statement ... and question was. If she'd have taken a minute to think, she might have wondered why this teacher would care whether the kids were "making love" or "fucking each other's brains out".

In point of fact, Jack cared because Tiffany was one of his fantasy girls, and the thought of Jerry on top of her had gotten him mostly stiff on the way over to the motor home. Then, feeling the warm sheet and seeing spots of ... something ... on the sheet, which he hadn't mentioned to Bunny, got him even more excited. He turned around. Bunny was standing there just looking delicious. His fantasy changed, with Bunny on the bed, under ... who? Was it Jerry or him who was pinning her to the mattress?

He shook his head. "What were they doing exactly? I mean if I'm going to question them I need to know exactly what they were doing." What he really wanted was more detailed visions of how Bunny would have looked, splayed out naked on that bed, getting her pussy pummeled. He went on "You know, like if I say he had his mouth on her nipples, and that didn't really happen, then he'll know we're bullshitting him and he'll clam up. What we need is a full confession so we know the best way to handle things." It sounded good to him.

Bunny, not being a detective, didn't recognize that particular brand of bullshit when she heard it, and it sounded reasonable to her too.

"Well, they were naked."

"Completely naked? Not even socks?" he asked.

"I don't remember whether they had on socks for goodness sake. All I could see was that big, thick ... penis. It was all pushed up inside her."

Jack felt precum start to ease up into his cock. "OK, so they were mostly naked. And was she on top?" That was one of his favorite fantasies.

"No, she was on her back, under him. He was between her legs."

"Was she screaming, or yelling for him to stop? Was it rape?"'

Bunny's eyes went out of focus and she sighed. "Oh no, she was loving it. He might have punctures on his buttocks where her fingernails dug in. She was pulling him that hard." Now Bunny felt moisture begin to invade between her legs.

"And what were they saying?" he leaned toward her.

"I can't remember. I think it was just noises. It all happened so fast. Yes, it was just noises and then he ... he ... he ejaculated in her!" Bunny's knees got weak and she had to sit down. "She yelled that she wasn't on the pill, but he ejaculated in her anyway."

Jack knew there was a spot in his shorts now as he felt precum leak out of his prick. "How do you know? Did he say something?"

"No! I saw it, Jack! I saw his sperm! It was all around his penis and it wouldn't all stay inside her."

Jack was envisioning his cock, plugged into Bunny's sweet pussy, pulsing his seed deep into her pussy until it squirted out around his cock.

He decided he needed to go beat off.

"OK, Bunny, um .. listen, I'll go and ... um find the kids. Yeah. I'll find them and we'll get to the bottom of this. I'll get back with you when I find something out."

He all but ran from the motor home as Bunny closed the door and began the slippery trip back to the lodge. Her mind was awhirl, and she was contemplating doing the same thing Jack was, though neither of them suspected the other was heated up too. She was so inattentive that she didn't see the black ice on the walk. The first moment she knew something was wrong was when her right foot took off to the right, and her left foot took off to the left and back a little.

Bunny had been a gymnast when she was in High School, and she had been able to do the splits quite well in those days. She had not, however, practiced doing the splits recently, nor had she done her flexibility exercises in years.

But, once again, she did the splits. It wasn't, however, anything like the last time her legs had lain flat on the ground, going out in opposite directions. There was pain, and a lot of it. Bunny let out an agonized howl as tendons stretched to the tearing point and pain lanced through her groin. About the only saving grace was that she went down so hard she actually bounced when she hit the ice. That, and her natural tendency to lay over to get OUT of the splits, allowed her to get her legs back together. Now she was lying on her back, on the ice, in the dark.

She screamed.

People came running from all over. At night time in a ski resort, there isn't all that much to do except socialize, sleep or have sex, so people weren’t so busy that they ignored agonized screams of an injured woman. Soon people were trying to get her to stand up, but that hurt too much. The pain in her groin was agonizing, and anyone within fifty feet knew about it. Several guys ended up forming a bed of their arms and carried her into the lodge, where they put her down on a couch. Then the Resort Doctor showed up and, after examining her, including hearing her tearful tale of slipping and doing the splits, decided it was most likely that she had only strained something. It would take time to tell if anything was torn. He opted to have her rest that night, and re-examine her again later. If a hospital visit was then indicated, they could deal with that during normal business hours. Perhaps, given a few days without abusing her injured joints any further, she would be fine.

He looked in his bag for something to give her for the pain. All he found was some Demorol. He looked at her small stature, shrugged and gave her a shot. It would probably knock her out, but that wasn't all bad either. She needed some rest. He looked up at the desk attendant and said "Who's she here with. We need them to come get her."

Jack was right in the middle of a nice flog job on his aching prick when the phone rang insistently. If you are asking yourself "How can a phone ring 'insistently'?", well imagine it ringing ... and ringing ... and ringing ... and ringing ... and ... well you get the idea. So, with a sigh, he stopped spanking his monkey and answered the phone.

Three minutes later he was half dressed and kneeling at Bunny's side. The Demerol had kicked in and Bunny was feeling no pain, and I mean that in all its contexts. Her inhibitions were down and the pain between her legs was gone, and she was a happy, happy young teacher whose masturbatory fantasy had just appeared like magic in front of her. AND, he was shirtless!

"JAAACK" she yelled. "I broke my pussy!" She dissolved into gales of giggles and slapped her hand over her mouth.

Jack was very concerned. She was acting very strangely. He looked up at the Doctor.

"I had to give her something for the pain" said the physician. "I probably gave her a little too much. She needs to stay in bed for tonight and all day tomorrow and then I'll take another look at her. Will that be a problem?"

Jack shook his head. "Oh no, we just got here. I'll take care of her."

The doctor smiled. "OK then, and I'd get her undressed while the pain is still blocked. Moving her legs around when that wears off will be uncomfortable." He reached into his bag and pulled out a small brown plastic bottle. "Here are a few Tylenol with Codeine for tomorrow. If you need anything else, the desk always knows where to find me." He turned and left.

The crowd had thinned out once everybody knew there wouldn't be any blood, and Jack found himself with a thoroughly wacked out Bunny, and no help. Bunny still had her hand over her mouth and was trying to talk that way.

"Mfggb sptld mfugrl ta sey."


Bunny uncovered her mouth and looked around secretively. "The DOC-tor (she pronounced it dock-tore) said you have to take my pants off!"

"Can you walk Bunny?"

Bunny sat up and kept going right on over, flopping down on her other side.

"Nope" she pronounced.

"Then I'm going to have to carry you" he said. Not knowing any other way to do it, he pulled her up, draped her over his shoulder and stood up with her. His hand was on her buttocks and her face was in his back.

"Oooooooo" she whined. "You're touching my butt Jack. Don't break it! Then I'd have a broken butt and a broken pussy!" She said "pussy" in a whisper that was as loud as she could make it and began laughing again. It was hard for her because his shoulder kept her from getting a good lungful of air.

He got her to her room and, because she'd end up in bed anyway, he lay her down there. She flopped her arms out and began to tell Jack that she'd fallen down and that it had hurt a lot, but then the dock-tore came and made her feel lots better. She was in motor mouth mode and finally Jack had to put one finger over her lips to get her to be quiet.

"Bunny, the doctor said you need to stay in bed for a few days. Can you get yourself undressed, or do I need to help you?"

Bunny had gone cross eyed, looking at the finger that was touching her lips. She turned her head sideways, opened her mouth and lunged up with her head, getting his finger in her mouth. She sucked on it. Then she let go and dropped her head back to the bed. "Oops, I shouldn't have done that." she giggled. "I'm a bad girl." Then she lifted her head again. "You'll have to help me, cause I can't reach the hangers."

She was obviously out of it, but she didn't sound like she was in any pain. Jack realized what a perfect opportunity this was to get to see his dream girl naked. He reached for the buttons on her shirt.

Bunny lay there still as she felt buttons undone, zippers unzipped, shoes removed and so on. She knew when the only thing she had on was her bra and panties, and she knew that she shouldn't let him see her like that. But she wanted him to see her like that.

Jack was a little nervous. "Should I take your bra off Bunny?" he asked.

She nodded her head in an exaggerated "Yes" motion, like a child, but didn't help him in any way as he rolled her over to get to the back clasp. When it was undone he let her roll back to her original position, but left the bra covering her breasts loosely. He wanted to take it off in the worst way.

Bunny could see the longing and lust in his eyes. She was ecstatic that this man wanted her, but she knew she shouldn't let him do anything. Some perverse streak in her rebelled at being "good" and "proper".

"If you took my bra off you could see my boobs a lot better." She giggled.

"OH!" he gulped. "I'm not trying to see them, honest."

Bunny laughed, her hand came up and grasped the bra and she flung it across the room, baring her big bouncy tits. "OK, if you're not looking then I don't need that any more."

Of course Jack was looking. His mouth was open as he eyed her soft breasts, with their brown caps and stiff, long nipples.

Bunny's pussy itched, and she didn't think it was because of her accident. "You're not going to lick them and suck on them either, are you?" she asked. "Because if you did that I'd probably have an orgasm, and that wouldn't be right at all." She looked owlishly at him. "I'm a good girl, Jack." Then she frowned.

Jack knew a woman in heat when he heard one. Her statement answered several questions for him and opened several doors as well. This was territory he was familiar with.

"Oh, I might have to do that Bunny," he said seriously. "I mean you fell down and the doctor didn't have time to do a full examination on you. You said you broke your pussy (he whispered the word, like there were ten people around who might hear him). What if you broke your titties too?"

Bunny's hands came up and cupped her heavy breasts. "They don't feel broken" she said firmly.

Jack put his palms over her nipples and pressed them into her tit flesh. She moaned softly. He ran his hands in circles, massaging her breasts, and then let his fingers play with her nipples, pulling them gently, squeezing them and rolling them between thumb and fingers.

"Ohhh Jackie, that feels sooo nice." sighed Bunny. She put her hand up by her mouth, like she was hiding what she was saying from someone. "But you're not s'posed to do that. I'm a virgin." she whispered the last word.

"I like virgins" said Jack, who noticed that his dick had bloomed to full hard. He leaned over and blew on a nipple. Bunny whined and arched her back. He reached out with the tip of his tongue and tickled her left nipple. "Does that hurt?" he asked.

"Nooooo" she moaned.

"Does this hurt?" he asked, and then covered the nipple with his lips and sucked gently.

"Oooooaawwww" cried Bunny.

Regretfully, a lot of his fantasy achieved, Jack stopped and stood up. "I guess they're OK Bunny."

"But I broke my pussy Jack! Is it OK?" She lifted her head, trying to look down at her panties. "Are you going to look at my pussy and see if it's OK? Maybe you should kiss it better!" She slapped her hand over her mouth again and giggled.

Jack smiled. She really was turned on. This was the Bunny of his dreams "I'd have to take your panties off Bunny."

Bunny started to spread her legs and winced, groaning as her injured muscles made themselves known despite her pain medication. Jack, in a daze, reached for her panties. She lifted her hips as he pulled, baring her soft brown hair.

"Jack?" she said softly.

"Yes?" he said.

"I don't want to be a virgin any more."

"I know, sweetie. You want me to help you?"

"Yes Jack."

Her bleary eyes watched him as he got undressed, and they seemed to clear a little when she saw his stiff prick. It looked huge to her, and she felt a little spike of fear shoot through her. She took a breath to tell him she'd changed her mind, and then clamped her lips tightly closed as her drug suffused brain decided this the time for her to do something she'd wanted to do for a long time.

"I can't spread my legs Jack ... it hurts." she moaned.

"That's OK Bunny" he said soothingly. "We can work around that. You just lie there and have a good time. Jack's going to make Bunny feel really good."

He started by kissing her lips with soft, gentle little kisses. He stared in her eyes as his hand fluttered across her breasts, feeling them, touching them, squeezing them. He told her how beautiful he thought she was, and how lucky he was and she responded to his advances, kissing him back harder and arching her back.

Then he kissed his way down to her breasts and used his mouth on them again, spending ten minutes just on them as she moaned and loved it. Soon her nipples were longer and harder than they'd ever been in her life. His fingers drifted to her pussy and teased her hair before he slid just one finger between her closed thighs and probed for her slit. When he found it she was wet. Her hips wiggled as his finger slid across her clit and dipped into her sexual furnace.

"Ahhhhhh" she moaned, her fingernails tracing lines across his back and pulling his head to her breast while he sucked.

He got up and crawled up on the bed with her. "I'm going to lie down on top of you Bunny" he said softly. "If you feel any pain, tell me, OK?"

"I'm scared Jack" she said, much sobered by what was about to happen.

"I won't hurt you baby." he assured her.

When he lay on her, he put his rock hard prick and balls into the crease made by her closed legs, and let his chest down on her breasts. He let his knees straddle her and fall to the sides of her hips, but he didn't put any weight on them. Then he kissed her and began pulling himself up and down, sliding his prick toward her pussy, and then away. His weight caused his dick to dig deeper between her legs and soon the tip of his cock was prodding her closed pussy lips.

They were slick, and at some point her vulva couldn't keep the pointed tip of his cock out any longer. He felt the tip slide between hot, slick pussy lips, and stopped as she grunted. He wasn't actually in her yet, and if she had her hymen still, it wasn't in any danger yet.

"You feel good" he whispered. "You feel hot and slippery and if I pushed you wouldn't be a virgin any more. Are you sure you want this Bunny?"

"Ohhhhh yess" she whimpered.

"It might hurt" he warned.

"I want this!" she said and her hands went to his back and pulled on him.

Instead of pushing in hard, though, Jack wiggled and dug his way into her hot depths. It took him another five minutes, while he kissed her and told her how good she felt, and while she told him how good he felt, and asked if he could get just a little more in. She decided he felt a LOT better than either of her dildos.

She was tight, partially because she'd never had anything that large inside her, but more so because her legs were closed. But she was also ready for sex like she'd never been ready before, and he was hard as a steel rod. He groaned as he felt himself slide the rest of the way in her and his bone collided with hers.

Then all he had to do was make short jabbing thrusts and she fell to pieces. She babbled and cursed and cried and laughed as she had a wonderful shattering orgasm. Chemicals were released in her brain as a result of that orgasm, and those chemicals suggested to her that a nice hot load of semen would make her life even better. The brain that would have originally demanded he wear a condom, or at the very least, pull out of her, now wanted to feel his life-giving fluids injected deep into her body.

So when Jack panted "I'm going to cum, Bunny." her hands slapped on his back and she gurgled "Yesssss that'll make my pussy feel goooood Jack. I wanna feel that Jack."

It was then that Tiffany, Melody and Linda came laughing through the door, having used their magnetic strip cards to get into the suite they were staying in with their sponsor.

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