Bunny And The Slopes

by Lubrican

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Chapter Nine

Bunny had been sitting outside the room for half an hour, her mind in complete turmoil. Her man, as she now thought of Jack, was in that room, having sex with at least one, and possibly two teenaged girls. That made her belly tight, and she felt jittery all over. She was quite aware that what she was feeling was jealousy. Other emotions conflicted with that, however.

Bunny had never had a single thought about the sexuality of another woman. When she saw Ronnie's mouth lovingly suck on Jack's penis, however, she had felt amazed at how erotic that looked. The initial burst of emotion when she saw that was what caused her to leave. Since then she had been thinking about that, and what else might be going on in that room. One of the things she kept thinking about was the unbridled joy with which Ronnie had entered into what would usually be considered a completely bizarre relationship. It wasn't just that Ronnie was obviously attracted to Jack. Bunny could understand that perfectly. It was that Ronnie was completely comfortable with another girl being involved ... so comfortable, in fact, that she was willing to teach that girl what she knew about sex!

Sound penetrated the door across the hall from where Bunny sat. It was Susan's voice, and, quite clearly, Bunny heard: "Oh Fuck ... Oh yes! ... Oh fuck yes!"

Bunny looked up and down the hall frantically, and then relaxed when she saw no one else was around who could have overheard that obviously sexual cry of ecstasy. She jumped to her feet automatically, and winced as her sore tendons complained. She checked the hall again, to make sure no one would be coming along when she opened the door to tell them to keep it down. Trying to look casual, she crossed the hall, swiped her key card, and watched the light on the door handle turn from red to green.

She pushed the door open just in time to hear Ronnie say: "You just remember, Mr. Kelly, the next load is for me." The first thing she saw, was Jack, levering himself up off of Susan's naked body, his knees spread, his buttocks moving toward her, with Ronnie's hand just coming out from between his thighs. She peered into the semi-darkness between them, which magically brightened as Jack's body came up off the girl. That let her see his semi-soft penis slip out of Susan's pussy, dragging with it a long rope of something thick, and white.

Bunny stood, eyes wide, frozen as Jack rolled to his back, and Ronnie's mouth swooped toward his messy, spermy cock, slurping in the soft organ with a drawn out "Mmmmmmmm" Bunny could see her cheeks go concave as she sucked and pulled her mouth off of his prick. She smacked her lips, and swallowed audibly, and then looked up at Jack's face.

"I hope that doesn't get caught in my braces," she said. Bunny could almost hear the grin on the girl's face. "You shouldn't have spunked her like that Mr. Kelly," the girl went on, almost casually. "I don't think Susan is on the pill or anything."

"You came in her?!" gasped Bunny.

Ronnie's head jerked around and her body tensed, but then she relaxed as she saw it was Bunny.

"You might think about closing the door," said the naked girl.

Bunny jerked and moved so she could slam the door shut. She jumped at the sound.

"You came in her?!" gasped Bunny again.

Jack raised his head wearily. "I couldn't help it. She felt so tight and hot and ..."

"You idiot!" hissed Bunny, suddenly angry beyond anything she could control. "You were supposed to pop her cherry! Not ... not ... not ... that's supposed to be for me!" she ended up wailing.

"But you're not on the pill either!" whined Jack.

"I don't mind having your baby, you idiot!" she snapped. "I'm going to marry you and have four or five of your babies!"

"You are?" He sounded confused. He was pretty sure he hadn't asked her to marry him on this trip. Not that he found the idea abhorrent or anything. Quite the opposite. Being able to come home to Bunny every day, and spunk her pussy every night sounded like a really good idea, now that he thought about it.

"Well, I am as soon as you wake up and ask me," she said, her eyes shooting daggers at him.

"Will you marry me?" he said, his voice in a whine.

"Don't ask me while you're with two naked girls, one of whom you probably just knocked up!" she squealed. "Have a little romance, Jack!"

"I don't feel good," said Jack sadly.

"I feel wonderful, Mr. Kelly," sighed Susan. "I want to do that again!" Then she looked confused, and her eyes went to Bunny's. "Except that I won't let you any more, because you're going to marry Miss Johnson ... right?"

"I don't know!" moaned Jack. He wished he could just crawl under the covers and not come out until it was time to go back home.

Susan was still looking at Bunny, who scowled angrily.

"Can he do it to me just one more time before you marry him?" she asked.

"You girls have had enough of him for one day!" snapped Bunny. "Now, get dressed and get out of here. Go ski, for pity's sake. I thought that was what we all came here to do!"

"You don't have to have a cow!" said Susan, her eyes getting teary. "I just wanted to have some fun, and now you're ruining it!"

Ronnie had stood, watching the whole thing, and was trying not to laugh. She went to Bunny, and took her hand.

"It's OK, Miss Johnson. We understand. We'll share him with you." She smiled brightly. "Especially after you marry him."

She laughed out loud and darted away from Bunny, who scowled at her and took a step toward her.

"Just kidding," said Ronnie, snatching up her clothing. "Honest."

Bunny stood there fuming as the two girls hastily dressed. Susan kept shooting looks at Jack, who was still lying there helpless and naked, one arm over his eyes.

Ronnie stopped on the way out.

"Um ... you really should go down to the motor home and yell at them ... at least a little," she said. "I mean they're expecting it."

Bunny felt helpless, but realized that, as much trouble as this girl apparently liked to cause, at least she thought with a clear head sometimes.

"OK," said Bunny. "Thank you."

"And Miss Johnson?" Ronnie went on. "He cums a lot. If you weren't serious about having his baby, you should do something. He could knock up four or five girls as much as he cums." She ducked out of the door and closed it before Bunny could reply.

Jack lifted his arm. "Are they gone?"

"Yes." Bunny felt suddenly weak. Everything had gotten so mixed up. "Get up and get dressed. We have to go yell at some kids."

"OK," he said meekly.

She waited, watching him move as he got dressed. He was graceful, even in his obvious embarrassment. Neither of them said anything until they were outside.

"Did you really mean that?" he asked. "About marrying me?"

"I'm having second thoughts about it now," she said, darkly.

He stopped and took her arm.

"Please don't." She looked to find him with an earnest look on his face. "I mean ... I know I've really fucked up on this trip, but that's not really me. I haven't even had sex for the last three years! And I certainly don't go around deflowering students all the time. This seems like a dream somehow."

"You could have fooled me," she said. Her words sounded more harsh than her tone of voice. He was such a cutie when he begged like this. And she knew he was right. This had not been an average situation.

"I never thought about marrying you," he said. She looked at him sharply and he gripped her arms. "I didn't mean it that way. What I meant was that it never occurred to me that you would ever even think about marrying me."

"I do not hop in bed with every Tom, Dick or Harry who comes along, Jack," she said heavily.

"Yes, I know that," he assured her. "But I sort of ... took advantage of you ... you know, that first time."

"Jack," she sighed. "I've wanted to do that with you for months."

"You have?" He looked stunned.

"Yes, but I was too shy to do anything about it."

"But ... that means," he said softly, "that you really are interested in me!"

"Men can be so dense sometimes," she sighed again.

"I've wanted to be with you for ... ever since the first time I saw you!" he said.

"You've pined over me for years?" Bunny felt her insides melting.

"Yes!" he said excitedly. "I just thought you didn't know I existed."

"Well, that's changed," she said wryly.

"Would you really have my baby?" he asked softly.

"Not if you keep dumping all that sperm in all those girls," she said just as softly. "There won't be enough left to get me pregnant."

He dropped to one knee in the snow.

"Bunny Johnson, I love you. I can never be happy without you. Will you marry me?"

There was clapping, and they turned to see an older man and woman treading carefully over the icy parking lot. The woman was beaming at them.

"Say yes, honey," said the woman. "You've found one that knows the proper way to ask." She grinned as her husband pulled on her, embarrassed by her speaking to strangers like that.

She looked down at him. "Yes, I'll marry you."

"Even though I did all that other stuff?" He sounded like he couldn't believe it.

"I volunteered you for part of that, myself, as I recall." She smiled at him. "The question isn't whether I'll marry you," she said. "The question is whether we can salvage our careers after this ski trip."

"All the girls seem to be pretty happy," he said. "And I don't think any of the boys will complain."

"But will the girls stay happy?" she asked. "We're about to go yell at three of them, and the other two are probably trying to figure out how to get into your pants again before we leave."

"We've only got three days left," said Jack. "Surely we can come up with some way to keep them happy for three more days."

Bunny looked at him. It was obvious he was talking about doing that without fucking the socks off of Ronnie and Susan, but she knew better than that. She'd tasted his prick, in more ways than one, and she knew how good he was with it, even if he couldn't control where it spurted. Both of those girls had left the room wanting more, and they weren't likely to give up on that notion, especially if they weren't convinced that the other girls had been cut off too.

"I've got an idea," she said. "It's a crazy idea, but it might work."

"What is it?" he asked. "Your other crazy ideas have kind of worked out OK."

Bunny looked to see if he was being sarcastic, but decided he wasn't.

"If, during the next three days, you had to bed Ronnie and Susan again, could you keep from cumming in them?"

"No," he said truthfully. "Not in you either. It feels too good."

"Would you wear a rubber?" she asked.

"Yes," he said immediately. "I have six." He was trying to be helpful.

"Let's go yell at some kids. Follow my lead," she said.

The six kids were dressed when they got there. They were sitting in pairs, which they probably shouldn't have done, but they were kids, and they had just been very intimate with the other in each pair. They were smart enough not to say anything when Bunny and Jack entered the motor home. Tiffany and Melody were next to each other, with their boyfriends on the outside. Linda and Doug were sitting opposite them. The beds had at least been folded up into seats again.

"I thought I you agreed not to have sex any more," Bunny started out angrily.

"We promised not to have sex with ...oof!" Melody finished with a grunt as Tiffany elbowed her hard in the ribs.

"We're sorry," said Tiffany. "We came here to talk and I guess things just got carried away." She tried to look hurt. "Isn't it illegal for security guards to peek into people's motor homes or something?"

"That doesn't matter!" snapped Bunny. When Melody had almost said Jack's name, Bunny had realized two things. One was that, in fact, she had made them promise not to have sex with Jack ... not the others. The other was that Tiffany was fast on her feet. She had stopped Melody from alerting the boys that they weren't the only ones fucking these girls. She thought quickly.

"OK, I'm going to shoot straight with you. It doesn't matter whether it's legal or not, because no one is going to take anything to court. I told them we'd handle this privately. I have no wish for your parents to find out that Jack and I didn't supervise you closely enough."

She was offering them something that would make what she was about to say believable. At least that's what she hoped.

"The damage is done. I know kids, and I know you three girls can't control yourselves. We could just take you home, but that would cause questions to be asked. So, we're going to lay down some new rules."

She looked at them all, and they just looked back.

"First off, every one of you boys will carry at least three condoms in his pockets at all times. Jack will get them for you. Second, you will ski while you're here. There will be no ... talking ... during the day... period. At night, you can come here, since you obviously can't use the rooms. The boys will wear a condom while you ... talk. Is that clear?"

She expected them to laugh. The boys looked like someone had just told them they were all adopted ... from little green men in a flying saucer. Melody and Linda sat with their mouths open. Tiffany looked thoughtful.

"OK." Tiffany spoke for them all, and nobody else said a word. "We behave ourselves during the day ... and talk to each other only after supper, right?"

Bunny nodded.

"And only in the motor home." Tiffany nodded her head as she said it. "What about Susan and Ronnie?"

"They'll see you during the day," said Bunny. "At night, Jack and I will keep them busy." She looked thoughtful. "That reminds me. If you're not going to be here ... talking ... we need to know, so we can make sure Susan and Ronnie see you acting normal then too. I'll need to know when you're coming to the room, so I can make sure they're there to see you. Who has a cell phone?"

All three girls and Doug raised their hands.

"Tiffany?" said Bunny. "You'll call me and let me know where you are, occasionally, so I can make sure the girls see you."

Tiffany nodded.

"And call me when you're coming to the room. I'll try to make sure that, at least one night, those two come in after you do. That should allay any suspicions." She looked thoughtful. "In fact, tonight will be the first time that happens. As soon as we leave her, you six get back to the rooms while we go find the other two girls. We'll delay them, so that you're all in bed when they get back to the room." She folded her arms. "Are we agreed then?"

There was a chorus of "Yes" that was almost enthusiastic as it began to sink into their heads that they had been given free rein, for all intents and purposes.

"Any girls turning up pregnant after we're back at school would make for some very difficult questions," Bunny reminded them. "The boys have to use a condom while they ... talk."

All three girls looked at their partners, who nodded almost frantically. Jerry was grinning.

Bunny turned around to find Jack, slack-jawed, staring at them all. She pushed him toward the door.

"You really think they bought that?" he asked as they walked back to the lodge.

"Absolutely," said Bunny smugly. "I told them exactly what they wanted to hear. They'll believe it because they want to believe it."

"But can we just let them fuck like bunnies?" He sounded incredulous.

She looked at him. "I want to fuck like a bunny," she said, smiling.

He finally got it, and grinned. "You knew what I meant."

"We can't stop them. At least they'll use protection now."

"What are we going to do about Susan and Ronnie?" he asked. "How will we keep them busy?"

"You are going to wear a condom too," she said, taking his hand. "Except with me."

"Ohhh man!" he groaned.

"Don't tell me you didn't have fun with those two," she chided him.

"Oh, I'll be honest about that. I just can't believe that you'd let me have fun with them."

"I want to walk down the aisle to meet you when we get back," said Bunny. "If this gets this trip over without us losing our jobs, then I can do that. I know it's selfish of me, and irresponsible too, but they'd find a way to have sex anyway. They've already proven that."

"Not Ronnie and Susan," objected Jack.

"Maybe not before you ruined them," said Bunny, pushing him. "But I know what they felt, and I know they won't go along with the other thing unless you keep them happy too."

"You were right. This is a crazy idea," he said.

"Let's go find Susan and Ronnie, and get them on board with this. They're going to have to play along," said Bunny. "We just might be able to pull this off."

shazbot Ronnie and Susan weren't so easy to buy off as Bunny had thought. That's because Ronnie was being her usual self.

"So they get to do whatever they want, and we three have to share Mr. Kelly?" She didn't sound impressed.

"I was just trying to find a way for everybody to be happy and feel like things were fair," said Bunny anxiously.

"If we're going to have to share Mr. Kelly, I think we ought to be able to sleep with him ... all night," said Ronnie.

"How in the world are we supposed to do that?" asked Bunny, exasperated.

Ronnie thought about it. "Wouldn't they like to spend the night together too?" she asked. "I bet they would. You could give them permission to sleep in the motor home one night or something."

"Why would I do that?" asked Bunny.

"Because Susan and I found boyfriends too, and we get to do the same thing they're doing. Except that we want to do it in the room, and not in the motor home."

"Where are you going to come up with boyfriends?" asked Jack.

"There are boys running around here, said Ronnie. All Susan and I have to do is talk to them and they'll talk back. If Tiffany or the others see us doing that they'd believe it."

"What if the boys won't talk to us?" asked Susan, sounding worried. It was her experience that boys weren't anxious to talk to her.

"I'll teach you how to do it," said Ronnie. "It's easy."

"Easy for you, maybe," said Susan.

"Trust me," said Ronnie. "I've got four brothers. I know how boys tick."

The next day, after breakfast, all the kids were happy and excited, with the possible exception of Susan. They were happy and excited because they knew they would get to have sex that night. Susan still didn't believe a boy would talk to her just because she wanted him to.

But, as Tiffany, Melody and Linda pulled their boyfriends out to the slopes, Ronnie got Susan ready to ski and pulled her out to the bunny slope. They stood, watching people on the slopes for a while, and then Ronnie made her selections.

She maneuvered Susan to the bottom of the slope, and waited until the two young men she had seen practicing came toward them, and stopped ten or so feet away.

"You guys are pretty good," she called out. "I wish I could do that."

The two boys, brothers named Tim and Tom, looked over at the girl who had spoken. They were there because their parents had dragged them there, and they both knew they weren't good at all.

"We're just learning, really," said Tim.

"We've been trying," said Ronnie sadly, "but we just can't seem to get the hang of it. It looks like so much fun when you do it."

"Ronnie, I can ski pretty well," whispered Susan in her friend's ear.

"Fake it," said Ronnie under her breath.

"I don't suppose you would ... help us," said Ronnie, sounding tragic.

Tom looked at the girls. They weren't gorgeous or anything, but then he and Tim were both geeks, and girls didn't usually show any interest in them at all. He looked at his brother. "Might be fun?" he said, not sure at all.

Ten minutes later, the four of them were snowplowing slowly down the slope. Ronnie fell down and Susan instinctively jumped sideways to stop and help her. She walked up the hill sideways.

"Don't stop, you dope!" hissed Ronnie. The two boys were still sliding down the hill, unable to stop like Susan had. "Fall down instead!"

"Oh!" said Susan, feeling foolish.

She helped Ronnie up, and they started down again, toward the boys, who were waiting for them.

"Fall down now!" whispered Ronnie.'

Susan yelped, flailed and tumbled. Ronnie made it look like she was trying to stop to help, and tumbled too. They both sat up to see the boys trying to come up the hill to help them.

"Now you can walk down sideways," hissed Ronnie.

Both girls did that.

"We have the walking sideways part down OK," said Ronnie much more breathlessly than she had to, as they approached the brothers. "It's the skiing part that's giving us trouble."

"I think you did pretty good," said Tim. "Tom and I fell down all the time when we first started."

"We put the skis on and tried to learn to get around," said Susan, catching on. "That part isn't so hard. We can teach that to you if you can teach us how to not fall down."

An hour later, all four teens were gliding down the bunny slope, not quite out of the snowshoe phase yet, but moving much faster than before.

Ronnie suggested a break, and they sat on the porch of the lodge, drinking hot chocolate. Within another thirty minutes, they were chatting easily, as the girls said where they were from, and the boys did the same.

"We have to go check in," said Ronnie. "Our sponsors are real strict about that. Maybe we could ski, together, some more later?"

"Yeah, sure," Tim gushed, smiling. He was having fun.

"Give me your room number and we'll call you," suggested Ronnie.

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