Footballing The Girls

by Lubrican

Coach Bob Porter was a science teacher at Fielding High School, home of the Fighting Pirates. He was also the coach of those fighting pirates, and he'd done a pretty good job of building up a credible team. Things had been going pretty well in the two years he'd been at Fielding. But now he sighed as he thought about what he'd agreed to. A bunch of the cheerleader's mothers had come to him all excited about having a powder puff football game during half time at the homecoming game. And he'd agreed.

As he thought about it, the reason he probably agreed was that it was Megan Miller's mother who pressed the idea. She was a tall blond woman with a huge set of knockers that she didn't mind showing off at all. She'd gotten into his personal space, with those beautiful breasts only an inch from his chest, with cleavage down to about her navel and he sort of lost track of what she was talking about. She smelled awful good too. The other two women with her were also stacked like brick shithouses and suddenly he found himself saying that it was a great idea.

Then, of course, because he was the coach, it was assumed that he'd coach the girls and make the whole event something that would become a tradition. All those giggling women and their jiggling flesh, pressing up against him, touching his arm, his shoulder ...

Well, what could you expect? Bob was only thirty, which was younger than some of those women, but when you spent every spare waking hour trying to build a winning team, there wasn't much time left for what women liked to call 'relationships' nowadays. To say nothing of sex. He hadn't been laid in almost two years. So it was understandable that he was a little vulnerable to the good-looking-women-who-gush-all-over-you-and-want-a-favor syndrome.

Then, after the regular practice was over, and all the boys had hit the showers, he walked back out on the field to see a line of teenaged girls, asses high in the air, trying to do a three point stance. Their precious young boobies were hanging down and jiggling like their mother's tits as they all yelled "HUT ... HUT ... HUT"

Bob felt his penis start to stiffen and sighed. It was going to be a long three weeks until the game.

He blew his whistle and called the cheerleaders in to a huddle. They ran, laughing and jumping to crash into each other and him as they aped the boys' classic arms on shoulders huddle. They were gorgeous and they all knew it. Tiffany Walcott was right next to him in the huddle and was pressing her body against his. That didn't help his rising dick, since every time he saw her he remembered catching her and his star quarterback in the shower room after they thought everybody had left. He'd heard the water running and thought somebody left a shower on, but when he walked in there was Ted Hoskins, stark naked, with his youthful boner firmly planted in Tiff's puffed out shaved pussy. She was equally naked and he had her pinned to the wall. He was grunting and thrusting as the coach entered the room and said "What the hell?"

Both kids had looked over at him with astonishment on their faces. Ted had jumped back, which removed his amazingly stiff penis from Tiffany. That penis had been in the process of spurting sperm up in Tiffany's sweet little pussy and it now fired off rounds randomly as he backpedaled away from the girl. Tiffany, for her part, covered her breasts with her arms, but stood there spread legged as thick, white, quarterback cum spilled out of her cunt. Looking at her naked, Bob had understood immediately why Ted had been playing so hard lately.

Of course they'd begged him not to tell, and claimed it was the first time, and they just got carried away and on and on. His own teenage years not so far behind him had tipped the scales in their favor. He'd meant to find out if she was on the pill, but had forgotten as she pleaded her case, still naked.

And now, here she was next to him, saying she wanted to be the center for the squad. She acted like nothing had ever happened, and he tried to. But he'd beaten off at least a hundred times with that memory bright in his closed eyes. Of course he'd made sure that Ted got PLENTY of exercise on the practice field after that. He wanted that boy so tired he wouldn't even THINK of pussy.

He quieted the girls down and began making assignments. They were going to play the faculty in the game, and they wanted to win in the worst possible way, so they all agreed to come to practices faithfully, and learn the plays they'd use. He put a lot of stuff out there to weed out the ones who might want a reason to drop out. But none did. The only position he didn't have filled was quarterback. He needed to see the girls play first. If one of them had any talent, then she'd be reassigned to that position. Who cared, really? It was only going to be a twenty minute game, with no time outs.

And so it was that Bob decided to run them through the first few plays as their quarterback. The girls, of course, were still dressed in their cheerleader outfits, which consisted of spandex uppers, with short skirts that fell over what were, for all intents and purposes, panties. True, they were made of more spandex, and they were made to be seen occasionally as the girls twirled and jumped. But they were really just panties. White socks and saddle oxfords completed the outfit. They couldn't run well in them, but for the first practice it would be OK. They were only going to do walk-throughs of some of the plays.

He got them lined up on the ball and showed Tiffany how to grab the ball and snap it. "Just slam it into my hand." he said. They all got down into their three point stances, asses high again. Bob looked left and right, out of habit and then approached his center. Without thinking he flipped up the towel that was hanging down behind the center.

Except it wasn't a towel. It was Tiffany's skirt.

"COACH PORTER!" she squealed and stood up, turning around.

"Oh .. um sorry" he mumbled. He explained about the towel. She remembered seeing her boyfriend do the same thing and laughed. "It's OK, coach. It's no big deal." She got back down and waved her ass at him. "Ready coach" she yelled.

He re-approached her butt and, since the skirt was in his way and she had said it was OK, he flipped it up again. Several of the girls giggled. He got flustered and, without thinking again, slapped his hand up between his center's legs. He was used to hitting an athlete's hard ass covered by tightly stretched uniform pants, with a cup underneath.

What his hand plowed into instead was soft pussy.

"EEK!" squealed Tiffany again, but she didn't stand up. She did flex her knees a little, pressing down onto his hand. He had enough sense of presence to yell the numbers and she slapped the ball in his hand with all the force of a starting center. The girls all stood up. Two ran forward. The guards looked around. His backs just stood there. The two who ran forward started jumping all over the field, yelling that they were open. He sighed. It was supposed to be a running play.

Tiffany ran up to him. "Um .. coach? Where you touched me?"

'Oh shit, here it comes' he thought to himself.

"I understand that that's where I should put the ball when I hike it, right?

He sighed with relief and nodded. Yes, it was going to be a long three weeks.

The next play, Tiffany bent over and waved her butt at him again, from side to side. This time he put his hand between her legs, but didn't touch her. She hiked the ball into his hand so hard, though, that she drove the back of his hand into her pussy. And she pushed down on his hand at the same time. When the play was over she came up to him. "Coach, If you don't touch me I can't feel where your hand is. I might not hike it right. So don't worry about ... things. OK?"

The next play, when he looked right, Suzie Thurman was offsides and he had to yell at her to back up. In the process he forgot about Tiffany's pussy and when he planted his left hand he once again smacked her soft puss. This time she didn't make a sound. She just waved her ass while his hand was stuck between her legs.

"If I didn't know better" he thought to himself "I'd swear she's trying to rub her pussy on my hand!" Again, she slammed the ball into his hand just as well as any college bound senior could have. He thought, errantly as he threw the ball to Nicole Adams, that if he'd jerked his hand out she'd have bruised that puffy little pussy of hers with that ball.

He blew the whistle, calling it a day and the girls all ran off the field hooting and hollering, some of them doing cartwheels and flips. Cheerleaders! They were cursed with endless energy and perkiness! He walked off the field thinking that soccer shoes might give them the traction they'd need for the game. What to do about uniforms, though. That was the question.

Estelle Thurman, Suzie's mother, came to see him at school the next morning. She was a short athletic woman who wore her auburn hair in a pony tail. She was in good shape and had an ass to die for. She sheathed that ass in tight pants, like the ones she was wearing today. She pulled what might pass for a football jersey out of her bag and held it up for him to see. It was in the school colors of purple and orange and, in big letters across the back were the words "PORTER'S PIRETTES". "Get it?" she gushed. "Pirates ... Pirettes? Isn't it just so COOL?" On the shoulders were the numbers 1/7. "See, we decided to use fractions, instead of regular numbers. Aren't they just DARLING?"

"I don't understand" said Bob slowly.

"They're for the GIRLS!" cooed Estelle. "The mothers all got together and had them made! See? They can just drop them over their cheerleader uniforms. That way they won't have to change clothes. We can start the game as soon as the field is cleared for half time." She turned the jersey this way and that, admiring it.

"PORTER'S pirates?" he said. "Why PORTER'S?"

"No, PI - RETTES. You know, like Rock-ettes. It's a play on words ... that they're girls ? ..."

"I understand that part, Mrs. Thurman. Why did you use MY name?"

"Oh!" she laughed. "They're YOUR team, coach Porter. I mean you're training them, right? And they're running YOUR plays, right? YOU are their coach. Besides, all the girls talk about how great a coach you are, and how you're their favorite teacher and all that. "We spoke to the administration, and they've agreed to let you be the quarterback for the game. I mean, it wouldn't be fair to expect one of the girls to try to learn that much before the game, right?"

He thought about it. It wouldn't do any good to complain. And they'd already had the damn things made up. This was getting worse and worse. Then he had an idea. Her held up the jersey. They'd designed it so it could be worn over the normal cheerleading outfit. That meant the girls would be wearing their cheerleading skirts during the game. He pointed that out and cautioned that, since it was going to be a flag football game, that someone grabbing for a flapping flag might accidentally grab skirt instead, and that it could be embarrassing.

His hopes were dashed when Estelle said she didn't think anything like that would happen, and besides, it was all for fun and only a short game.

That evening, when the girls gathered for practice and he flipped up Tiffany's skirt, she was wearing plain cotton bikini panties, instead of her cheerleading panties. He stood there, staring.

She bent over further, looking up at him from between her legs. "The others needed to be washed, coach. Don't worry about it."

Now when he planted his hand in her crotch, he felt the spring of flesh being compressed and bouncing back out. He remembered how pouty her pussy lips had looked in the shower, sticking out, gaping open, dripping sperm. Suddenly Coach Porter had a raging hardon.

He called running plays so he could stay bent over. He ran them through four plays before admitting to himself that if he mashed his hand against Tiffany's almost naked pussy again he'd blow in his shorts. He blew the whistle. "Hit the showers" he yelled. As he entered his office he heard the showers running. All those bouncy naked teenage girls in there, wet ... slick ... naked ...

He closed the door to his office. It had white rippled glass in it that you couldn't see through. He had to relieve the pressure. He slid his shorts down to his thighs and his erection popped out. He grabbed it and began jerking. It didn't take long. He felt it coming. He looked down at the tip of his cock to watch as his streams of cum shot out. His other hand held a tissue. He felt the first shot streak through his cock and groaned.

The door opened. Tiffany Walcott stood there, eyes wide, mouth in an 'o'.

His head jerked up and his prick fired. It missed the tissue and arced up, heading straight for Tiffany. It didn't quite make it to her, though, and plopped wetly on the floor at her feet.

Bob had never actually experienced 'coitus interruptus' before. It was odd ... and a little painful. First, his prick wilted almost instantly. But since it was in the middle of shooting, the rest of him kept trying to expel the rest of his load. It sort of backed up in the system and his now soft penis began to drool long stringy drips of milky semen. He stuffed his leaking cock back into his shorts as he jerked them up.

"SHIT!" he said vehemently.

"Wow" Tiffany spoke. "I mean WOW, coach! I didn't know grownups did that! And you're a TEACHER too! I SURE didn't think TEACHERS did that. WOW!!!"

"OK, OK" he moaned. "I guess we're even." There was sperm on his hand. He wiped it surreptitiously on his shorts. "I never said anything when I caught you and Ted ... well ... I mean I never said anything. Can I depend on you to do the same thing?"

She grinned slyly. "Gee, I dunno, coach. That was pretty hot. I might want to tell the girls about it at a slumber party or something." She stuck out one foot and dragged the toe of her shoe through the puddle of his cum on the floor in front of her.

Bob scrambled to get a towel and wiped up the evidence of his activity. "Come on Tiff" he moaned. "You didn't even knock. I'd get fired for sure." He tucked his penis back in his shorts.

She stopped smiling. "Well, we DON'T want that. That's for sure. OK, coach, tell you what. If you'll work with me one on one for this center thing, I'll keep it to myself."

"What do you mean 'work with you'?" he said carefully.

"Well, Suzie's mom told us you're going to be the quarterback in the game, and we want to beat the administration BAD! And so I don't want to mess up and snap the ball wrong or anything. So I want to practice snapping the ball. With you."

It sounded so normal. What could go wrong? "OK" he said. She squealed and jumped up and down. Her ample breasts bounced nicely. If he hadn't just shot his wad he'd have wanted to right then.

Tiffany turned around and bent over, wagging her ass at him. She looked over her shoulder. "So coach? What were you doing when I came in?"

Bob looked around for a ball. "You know what I was doing." he said.

"Yeah, I know WHAT you were doing, but WHY were you doing it just then? I mean, right after practice and all."

"I don't want to talk about it" growled Bob as he spotted a ball and dug it out. He approached Tiffany's waving ass. One of her hands came through her legs and he handed her the ball. She set it down. "OK, Coach" he heard her say. He flipped up her skirt. There were those damn cotton panties again. What the hell! He slapped his hand up against her pussy.

She was wet. Her panties were wet. She'd just seen him shooting his spooge and her panties were wet! She snapped the ball and ground the back of his hand into her wet panties.

She made him do it four more times. Then, flushed and breathing hard, she smiled, reached up and kissed him on the cheek and said "Thanks Coach. See you tomorrow." and bounced out of the office.

This time he locked the door before he stroked himself to another mind blowing orgasm.

The next night the girls practiced hard. They'd studied the play book he'd made up for them and they knew the plays! He was almost distracted from Tiffany's pussy, which, again, was clad only in cotton. He noticed the girls looked at him a lot more too, almost like they were watching him to see what he would do. Practice went a whole 45 minutes, during which Tiffany's panties got wet again. On the way back in to the showers he had to put his hand in his pocket to dry it off!

As soon as the girls had cleared the showers Tiffany came to his office. "Ready coach?" she said. She had a ball with her. She turned around and bent over, sticking her butt high in the air. Bob sighed and approached her ass. He flipped her skirt up.

No panties.

No nothing.

Bare teenage pussy.

Bob wasn't stupid. Well normally he wasn't stupid. He had two heads, though, and he started thinking with his little one. And that head said that she was a pretty big girl, who'd already had a nice stiff cock in her pussy at LEAST once, and that she didn't mind it bareback. And if this wasn't an invitation, he didn't know what was.

Instead of putting the back of his hand on her bare pussy, Bob slid a finger INTO her pussy.

"Hmmmmmmm" said Tiffany and she wiggled her butt. Bob's other hand was busy shoving his shorts down. He stepped out of them and, rampant with lust, he approached the center. "I'm going to teach you how to be a receiver" he growled. He plugged his dick into her slick slot. He grabbed her hips and pulled while he pushed. Instantly he was balls deep in the cheerleader. "Ohhhhhhh coach" she moaned. He slid out and then slammed back in. She grunted and wiggled her ass again. He reached around her, one hand sliding up into her top, to play with her breasts, and the other zeroing in on her clitty. He squeezed her nipples and thrummed her clitty while he slid his boner deep in her teen tunnel.

She came, her pussy squeezing tightly on his prick. Knowing this girl allowed a boy to cum in her naked pussy, and hoping she was on something, Bob grunted and filled her quim with two years worth of thick white coach cum. She moaned that she could feel him shooting in her and she wiggled her ass, pushing back on his spouting rod. He came so hard he ended up holding on to her to keep from falling backwards. As his prick dribbled the last of it's precious offering into her pussy he hunched over her, hugging her tightly.

Finally they stood up. Tiffany turned in his arms and sought his lips with hers. It was a long, deep kiss. She stared in his eyes. "I liked that coach" she said. "I think I'm going to like football a lot."

The next night, when Tiffany came to get 'special help', Megan Miller was with her. Tiffany just grinned when Megan said "Coach, we need to have a backup center, in case Tiff gets sick, or hurt or something. So we talked about it, and I want to be that backup." She was pulling at her skirt when she said it, but he knew what she really wanted.

Coach didn't even try to be coy about it. He locked the door and kissed Megan hard on the mouth. Inside of a minute and a half he was happily sucking on her cherry red nipples, which were so stiff they felt like they were made of rubber. In another minute and a half she was flat on her back, legs wide in the cheerleader splits, while his horny cock split her pussy lips and sank into her deep. He didn't even think about the possibility she might be a virgin. She had been, but she wasn't any more. By the time her "Ow!" made its way into his sex-fogged brain, Coach Porter's prick was buried in her snatch.

"Ohhhh shiit" she moaned as he froze. She was tight and hot.

He looked up at Tiffany, who was grinning widely. She was in the act of stripping off her own cheerleading outfit. When she was naked she got down on her hands and knees by Megan's head. "Wait just a minute Megan. I promise it will get lots better."

Bob slowly dragged his boner out of Megan's ravaged pussy and she sighed again. He knew he had to make this good for her, or there could be trouble. So he slid back in deep and rolled his hips in circles, to smash and massage her teen clitty.

That worked wonders. Her head snapped up off the floor and she went "Ohhhhhhhhh that's nice."

He just kept going, realizing that his cock tip was poking regularly into her cervix at the same time his bone was smashing her clit. It only took a couple of minutes before she went off like a firecracker, squealing and groaning and yelling about how good it felt, and about how much she loved coach Porter and for him not to stop.

And, to top off the whole thing he let himself wash out her pussy with his cum. He knew he was so hot there would be another load for Tiffany, so he packed Megan's virgin puss full to overflowing with sperm. He didn't think about the fact that most girls lose their virginity on impulse, rather than planning the event. He didn't think about the fact that Megan could only have known about him and Tiffany for less than 24 hours. He didn't think about the probability that there was no way in the world that Megan was on the pill. He just bred her like nature intended.

Fifteen minutes later Megan got to do another thing for the first time in her life. She got to see two people having hot steamy sex for the first time. She watched in awe as Tiffany spread her legs for the coach and sighed happily as she got a proper reaming out by coach's renewed bone. She gasped as she saw how big that bone was, and how much it stretched out Tiffany's pussy. She couldn't believe that thing had been inside her. Then coach was gasping, and his balls were jumping as Megan watched him plant a pound of his seed in Tiffany's fertile garden.

Coach did a lot of special training from that night until the powder puff game. By the time the game actually got played, he had three backup centers. Every night one of them came to him for special practice and he doused her pussy with his spooge. He'd never had so much pussy and because of it he never thought things out. As a consequence, by the time Porter's Pirettes went out on the field to play at half time, three of them were pregnant with his babies. That the forth wasn't was because she was already pregnant with his star quarterback's baby.

The good news was that his girls won the powder puff game - twelve - zip!

The bad news was that Bob Porter had to give up a nice job in a great little town and start a new life under a new name.

The End

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