Her Cherry Is Gone With The Wind

by Lubrican

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is the companion piece to "Getting Into The Scene", which I posted a while back. They were both written at the same time and use the same general plot idea, telling the story in slightly different ways. If you end up comparing the two, let me know which one you liked better, and why you like it.


"Jan, Bobby? Are you sure you want to take these parts?" Ms Swanson was staring at the girl and boy sitting in the auditorium seats in front of her. "This is a very mature play and the roles are going to be tough." she went on.

Jan glanced over at Bobby, who would be her leading man in the play. He was a boy she had never noticed before. She knew he played some instrument in the band, but that was about it. Nice looking, with longish brown hair. She couldn't tell much about his body in the clothes he was wearing, but he seemed like a nice guy. She knew she'd have to kiss him during the play, and there was a scene that was supposed to look like they were making love. She was a little nervous about that.

For his part Bobby was petrified. Jan was a cheerleader, and one of the most popular girls in school. He had tried out for the play on a whim, but the part of a Confederate Cavalry officer who sneaks into town to see his girl friend was just the kind of thing he imagined himself to be ... in his fantasies, anyway. He was more surprised than anyone when Ms Swanson called his name for the part. He too was thinking about the love scene and getting to kiss Jan. He was having a hard time breathing.

Both students nodded their heads. Ms Swanson sighed. Kids always thought they could do anything, but she wanted this production to be perfect. It was the first time the board had approved a play that had sexual overtones in it. Granted, the love scene took place under a blanket, but it had to go well and tastefully or they'd never let her do anything else like it - probably ever.

"OK, look, in this play you two are supposed to be a young couple who have secretly been in love for years. Jan your father is a rich plantation owner and Bobby, you come from common stock - blacksmithing. As such you were never supposed to even meet, much less fall in love. But you stole time together secretly for years and you must be able to communicate that to the audience. You have to convince them that you know each other intimately." She realized the pun and blushed. "You know what I mean. Anyway, you two need to spend a lot of time together in the next month. Get to know each other - share secrets - try to BE the soldier and his sweetheart."

Jan looked uncertainly at Bobby. Ms Swanson sighed again. "Look, it's all pretend, OK? Just spend time together as much as possible and tell your friends it's play practice. If it looks like you two aren't going to be able to gel then I'll have to find another pair." She turned to talk to some of the other kids in the play.

Bobby turned to Jan and said "Hi, I'm Bobby McIntyre."

Jan's opinion of him went up a notch. Most guys tried to hit on her immediately. He was polite at least. And everybody in school knew her, yet he offered to let her introduce herself instead of assuming things about her. "And I'm Jan Thomas. Pleased to meet you ... sweetheart" They both laughed.

"I've never done this before" he said.

"Oh, it's no big deal. I've been in lots of plays before. It's easier than you think. You'll do fine." she said.

"I'm worried about getting stage fright." he said worriedly.

"Well, by the time we actually perform I promise you you'll know the lines so well you'll be saying them in your sleep, and we'll practice the moves so much you'll be doing them unconsciously. The trick is to forget about the audience and LIVE the actions."

They made plans to get together the next night to begin the process of getting to know each other and going over lines. He wondered if this counted as a real date.

The next night it actually FELT like a date. Bobby's stomach was roiling as he knocked on the front door of the very nice house. Jan answered the door herself, though, and she looked so relaxed ... so unworried ... that he felt his pulse slow a little.

First they read through the entire play, to get the story line down and see how their parts fit in with the rest. When they got to the part where the love scene was both got a little uncomfortable. There was a description of how the male was supposed to be between the female's thighs and her knees were supposed to be visible holding the blanket up while the male's buttocks went up and down etc etc etc. The thought of actually being between Jan's thighs made Bobby's knees weak. He had all the normal fantasies about girls, especially cheerleaders, and Jan was gorgeous. He jerked off regularly thinking about different girls and the night after being chosen for the part had jerked off while thinking about Jan. When he realized that his dick would almost certainly have to rub against her pussy during the scene he knew he'd get hard and that worried him because he also knew Jan wouldn't like that one bit.

Jan was popular and went out on lots of dates, but she didn't fool around much. She masturbated like crazy to deal with the feelings she had from boys trying to get in her pants, and had even broken her hymen with a candle several years ago. But no boy had ever seen her naked below the waist and only one had been allowed to touch her there. Her breasts were another matter. She loved to have her breasts caressed and loved it even more when she got her nipples sucked. She was proud of her breasts. They had originally grown in shaped like cones, but had rounded out nicely and were topped with pale pink nipples that were super sensitive. The thought of being able to have a man between her thighs, rubbing against her as she knew would happen, and it being OK, made her get a little wet between her legs.

They went on and finished the play.

"Wow" said Bobby when they had finished. "There's a lot of lines for both of us."

"I told you not to worry. We'll practice until you're sick of saying yours and hearing mine. It'll be like a dream that comes to you in your sleep over and over until you know everything that will happen."

"I don't know about that love scene" he said. "I think that may be the hardest part of all." It was obvious he was worried and uncomfortable.

Jan decided she liked him even more. Most guys would be wanting to practice that part first - and probably often. "Well, we won't worry about that until later. We'll just get to know each other and see how it goes. OK?" She wanted to put him at ease.

Over the next two weeks they spent some of almost every evening together. They ate at each other's houses and practiced their lines in different places so they didn't get bored. One night they were in Jan's bedroom going over lines. Bobby sat on the floor while Jan sat on the edge of her bed. Bobby glanced under the bed and his throat tightened as he realized there was a pair of bikini panties lying crumpled just under the bed. His eyes must have telegraphed something because Jan leaned over to see what he was looking at. When she saw the powder blue wisp of cloth she was horrified. She snatched them and wadded them up in her hand. "Oh ... I'm sorry, I must have dropped them there when I took them off." she said.

There was an awkward silence. Bobby decided to try to lighten the mood. "Why Darlin', you know ah love you, and that you could never do ani-thin to dissappoint me." He drawled in his carefully cultivated southern accent.

She giggled. "Oh Robuht, you are such ah gentlemahn. Ah do wish this horrible Wah was ovah so we could be tugethah again." she ad-libbed.

Now Bobby was getting into it. "But darlin' you know Ah have tuh return to thu conflict. Maht Ah have some token of yoah's to carry with me into battle?"

Jan went with it. "Oh Robuht, you wish to carry mah colors into battle? How could Ah refuse yoah simple wish." And with that she held out her hand and dangled the wisp of light blue cloth in front of his face.

Instinctively Bobby reached for the panties. As his hand closed around them and she released them he realized what he was holding and his jaw dropped. "Ahhhh ... uhhhh...ummmm."

Jan giggled again. Bobby was holding something in his hand that at least a hundred boys would kill to possess, yet he was blushing and couldn't even speak. He really was sweet she thought to herself. He deserved a reward. "And when you return ... victorious ... from thu field of battle, Ah will wear them for you once moah." she couldn't say it straight faced and collapsed into laughter.

Bobby wasn't sure at first if she was laughing AT him or just at the situation. When he saw the look on her face though, he felt better. Just to spite her - and to see what she would do - he stuffed the panties in his pocket. She acted like nothing had happened and began to read lines again. Bobby felt his dick twitch. Then they carried on with the lines.

When they were done for the night he went home and she didn't ask for the panties back. When he got home he looked at them for a long time, lying in his hand. He knew he was going to smell them, but he didn't want to for some reason. Or maybe it was that he thought he shouldn't want to. Just looking at them was somehow immensely satisfying. He tried to imagine her in them, but he didn't have enough information about her body to compose that picture.

He realized they were at his nose. His hand had brought them there while he was thinking about her. He sniffed them and realized she had told the truth when she said she'd worn them. His dick got rock hard and he knew he'd have to beat off. He didn't want to soil the panties because they smelled so good to him, so he lay them next to his head as he jacked off.

Staring at them he shot a line of sperm at least eighteen inches into the air.

Meanwhile Jan was lying in her own bed, one finger buried in her itching pussy, wondering what Bobby was doing. She'd actually given him her panties! USED panties! She'd never done anything like that before in her whole life! It made her pussy feel so warm and wet to know that a boy had her panties.

Two nights later Jan showed up at Bobby's house to rehearse lines. Bobby's mother smiled and invited her in. "Bobby's told us so much about you" she smiled. Jan blushed and said "Well, he's probably sick of me by now."

The woman smiled again. "Oh I doubt that. You're very pretty and boys will be boys." Jan felt a tingle in her belly at that point and Bobby's mother spoke again. "I hope you don't mind, but my husband and I have a bridge club meeting tonight. Will you be OK without us here? I don't want you to feel uncomfortable."

Jan almost laughed. "We'll be fine. Bobby's always behaved himself like a real gentleman."

The woman beamed "I'm so glad. He'll be right down."

Shortly Bobby's parents left, leaving Jan alone in the living room. She opened the script and began to study the lines she wanted to practice tonight. It was the first place where the young couple were supposed to kiss and it made her a little nervous. About then Bobby bounded down the stairs, his script in hand. He was wearing a T shirt and gym shorts and it crossed Jan's mind that, once you actually looked at him, he was pretty hunky looking. She gave him the page number and they started in on the lines. Soon they were at the kissing scene and both stopped.

"Um...should we...?" Jan said nervously.

"You mean ... kiss?" Bobby gulped.

Jan started to feel silly "Yeah. I mean we're going to have to do it sooner or later and we may as well get it over with."

Bobby's face fell and she went on "The first time I mean. I know we're both nervous, but if we do it a few times then maybe it'll get easier."

Both stood up and hesitantly approached each other. Neither knew what to do with their hands, so they just left them at their sides. As they leaned toward each other their faces got closer and closer until their lips finally met.

What neither of them had thought about was that with their toes probably two feet apart, and their lips together, their center of balance was off and, without their hands they couldn't break the kiss. Jan realized their predicament first, about the same time she realized his lips were very soft and warm and ... nice feeling. Bobby, for his part, was just plain paralyzed. When her lips touched his, his dick started to swell and suddenly he couldn't breathe. Consequently, when her hands came up to his chest and pushed gently he rocked back on his heels and almost fell on the floor. As he flailed to get his balance his face flamed red and all he could see was her wide-eyed stare and her mouth open in a little "o".

He felt like such a loser.

Then her gaze lowered. To the tent at the front of his shorts. Her eyes got even wider and the "o" got bigger. Bobby whipped around, facing away from her and almost cried with embarrassment. "Oh shit" he groaned, not realizing he had actually said it out loud.

Jan saw his embarrassment and felt a flood of warmth in her chest. "Bobby" she said hesitantly.

He couldn't face her. "I'm sorry Jan. You must think I'm a real jerk."

She was surprised "Oh no!" she said quickly. He looked over his shoulder at her, a question in his eyes. "I mean, it's OK." she said. "I mean it's perfectly normal and I understand completely." Now she was beginning to be embarrassed and her face started to flush. "In fact, I take it as a compliment. There! Now we can't let this beat us." Her voice firmed as she tried to get control of her emotions. "Come on, kiss me again."

She walked over to him, grabbed his shoulders and turned him to face her. She made sure not to look down, and stared straight into his eyes. "Come on" she said more softly "We have to get used to this so we can move on." She left her hands on his shoulders and moved closer to him, reaching up with her lips. When his face descended to hers and their lips met again, Jan felt weak in her knees. The next thing she knew her hands were behind his head and she was crushing her lips to his. Then his hands went to her waist and then to her back and they were in a lover's embrace.

That kiss went on and on as each youngster let emotion take over. Jan felt her breasts pressing into his chest and her nipples started to stiffen. Then she felt the lump she had seen earlier pressing into her stomach and her knees got even weaker. She swayed and Bobby caught her as her legs gave way. They were by the couch and he lowered her to a sitting position. Both were gasping for breath as he leaned over her.

"Are you OK Jan? Did I hurt you?" he asked anxiously.

Jan just stared up at him. "Wow" she said. Then she repeated herself "Wow."

Bobby stood up, his poorly hidden erection how right in front of Jan's face. She stared at it. Bobby realized what was happening and hurriedly sat down on the couch, his hands going to his lap and hiding his boner. Jan turned her head and stared at Bobby's face.

"Wow." she said again.

Bobby had enjoyed the kiss too, more than anything else he could think of. But the look on her face worried him. "Are you OK Jan?" he asked again.

She snapped out of it. "Um, yes ... I'm OK. It was just ... I mean I've never felt anything like that ..." she began to flush. "I mean I've kissed a lot of boys before, of course, but ... it was never like that." She looked at him with wonder in her eyes. "You're a pretty good kisser Bobby." she ended up.

He grinned, relieved that she wasn't mad. "Uh...thanks."

She glanced down at his hands in his lap. "And I mean it. Don't worry about ... that ..." she grinned. "It really is normal and I really do take it as a compliment. With a kiss like that last one I'd be worried if it DIDN'T happen." She blushed again, but felt much more relaxed.

Bobby was elated. He had been embarrassed that he couldn't control his body, but now it was OK. She understood and wasn't going to think he was some kind of pervert.

They actually got through two more acts with no problem. Then they came to the love scene. They stared at each other. "I don't know about this" Bobby said.

Jan, by now, had decided she was actually looking forward to practicing the love scene. It meant she got to do some more practice kissing, and based on the last one she couldn't wait.

Ms Swanson had already told them the actual scene would be performed with Jan in a tube top, or bikini top, something that would allow her bare shoulders to show, and that Bobby would be shirtless. She didn't care what they wore below the waist except that it couldn't interfere with costume changes before and after the scene. She suggested gym shorts or something similar, since those could be worn under the costumes both before and after the scene. Jan reminded Bobby of this as they prepared to figure out how to play the scene. Bobby said "Well I have on gym shorts now. Should I take my shirt off?"

At first Jan started to say no, but then she thought about what she had felt during the kiss.

"I suppose so" she said. "And so we can get used to seeing each other, I'll take off my shirt too."

She saw Bobby's eyes get very round.

"I have on a bra, and that's about like a bikini top. I can put the shoulder straps under my arms.

Before she could chicken out, Jan stood up and removed her shirt. Bobby stood there staring as her lacy white bra came into view. There, contained in that lace were the beautiful breasts he had fantasized about just last night. His dick had started to go down a little. That ended abruptly and suddenly he was rock hard again ... achingly hard.

She stood there looking at him. "Well, get your shirt off."

He jerked and pulled his T shirt off as she tugged the shoulder straps of her bra off her shoulders and slid her arms through them so they were hanging under her arm pits. She stole a glance at the front of his pants and felt that warm glow in the pit of her stomach when she saw he was erect.

"We should do this on a bed." she said in a businesslike tone. "That's what we'll use in the play."

Bobby just stood there and stared at her chest.

"Bobby!" she raised her voice. "Where is your bedroom?"

He jerked his eyes away from her breasts. "Um .. it's upstairs."

"Well, lead the way" she said and gave him a shove.

The two teens went upstairs to Bobby's room, which was surprisingly clean at the moment. He kicked some dirty clothes under the bed. They talked about what kind of movements they'd have to do and how to do them.

"If I'm between your legs ... I um ... I don't think I'll be able to do that without ... you know .. touching you." Bobby said, staring at the floor.

"Yes. I think you're right. I can't see any way we can make it look real without your ... hips .. touching mine. Um... maybe we can put something in our pants - a towel or something and that will make it a little less embarrassing." Jan said.

Bobby got a towel and stuffed it in the front of his gym shorts. He looked pregnant or something and Jan laughed. "Well, it was a good idea, but it won't work. Look, Bobby, we're both grown people. We'll just have to deal with it." With that she flopped on the bed, arranged his pillow under her hair, and spread her jean-clad legs.

She held out her arms to him and waited.

Staring at her, Bobby thought he had never seen anything so sexy in his life. Even though she had on jeans and the bra, with her hair spread out on the pillow she looked so beautiful that Bobby felt pain in his chest.

His dick swelled until it was stone hard and he blushed. "Um" he murmured and started to turn around again.

"Bobby!" she yelled "I told you it was OK. It's normal. Let's just figure this out, OK?"

Bobby turned around and climbed onto the bed, crawling between her spread thighs. "That's right" she said like she was talking to a little child, or maybe a pet. "Come on. That's a good boy. You're doing fine. Come on." Soon he was poised over her body. Her hands reached to his waist and her touch on his naked skin made him shiver.

"Bobby you have to lie down on me." she urged. Slowly he sank down until his weight was on her. He felt like he was crushing her and tried to rise back up. Her hands went around to his back and she held him to her. "Come on Bobby. That's not so bad, now is it?" Bobby realized his dick had gotten caught in the crotch of her jeans and it was somewhat painfully stretched.

He raised his hips and said "My .. um ... it's stuck or something." He tried to lift a hand to reach down and adjust his rod, but couldn't. Realizing what he was talking about, and without even thinking about what she was doing, Jan reached between them, grasped his erection through his shorts and pulled it until it was lying up against his abdomen. She suddenly realized what she was doing and let go quickly. "There" she said breathlessly. "All fixed". She couldn't believe she'd done or said that. Neither could Bobby. When he felt her fingers on his penis he'd frozen. It was a good thing she'd let go, he thought to himself, because if she hadn't he'd have shot his wad.

"OK, now move up and down" said Jan. She put her hands back on his waist to help him with the movements. He raised his hips and then lowered them again, bumping the bottom of his shaft against the crotch of her jeans. Jan was beginning to feel the itch between her legs she usually fixed by sticking a finger in her pussy.

"Is that right?" he asked, trying to keep his mind on anything except what he was bumping his penis against.

Jan thought of a movie she'd seen where a couple was making love and how the actions had been shown. "I think instead of just up and down you're supposed to move your hips toward my head. Like you're ... going ... up into ... me." Jan couldn't go on. "Oh this is so embarrassing." she groaned.

Bobby stopped "You want me to stop?" he said and began to rise off of her.

Her hands gripped his waist "No!" she almost shouted. "We have to do this. Keep going. It'll get easier. We're just not comfortable with it yet. Keep going."

Now Bobby altered his movements until his penis was sliding along her zipper. Jan felt a rush of moisture in her pussy. Bobby didn't know what he was feeling, but he wanted to keep feeling it. Soon he was grinding his dick against her pussy as they moved together.

"Mmm" she sighed "Yes, I think that's closer to what we're supposed to do."

Bobby's movements became firmer, more decisive. His dick felt really good rubbing against the fabric of her jeans. As he realized how good it felt, Bobby also realized that he shouldn't be able to feel the jeans on his dick. He looked down and saw that his boner had slid up past the waistband of his gym shorts and was now exposed and rubbing right on her jeans.

About then he ground his dick right into the pull of her zipper. Before he could react the entire length of his penis scraped along the sharp corner of the pull. Pain shot through his penis and he yelled. He rolled off of her and clapped his hand to his injured peter.

Jan had been lost in the wonderful feeling of something hard rubbing against her inflamed pussy and was startled by his yell. "What's wrong" she gasped as he rolled away from her.

"I ran my dick into your zipper" he moaned before he could think about what he was saying.

"Oh" she said, looking at his hand. "Is it ... I mean are you OK?"

Bobby didn't know what to do. It hurt, but he didn't think it was bleeding or anything, but he couldn't tell because he couldn't uncover it. "Yeah, I think so." he said. Jan wanted to look at it, but she couldn't bring herself to say that. "Well, I guess that's probably enough for tonight anyway." she said.

The two youth caught their breath as they restored their clothing. Jan said "I guess I'd better get going" and, to both her and his surprise, she leaned into him and kissed him on the lips. "Night" she said. "Practice again tomorrow?"

He just nodded.

The next day was Saturday and Bobby had no idea what time they were supposed to get together. He remembered last night vividly. He'd had to jerk off twice to get his dick to go soft after she left. But she'd kissed him good night, and that meant that she wasn't sorry about anything that had happened, in his book.

He was reading when the doorbell rang and his mother shouted up to him "Your little friend is here to practice the play again." He had on the same shorts as the night before, so he went downstairs to meet Jan. Today she too was dressed in gym shorts and a man's short sleeved shirt.

She looked lovely.

She smiled at him. "Ready to hit it again?" He blushed a little bit as she grinned at him.

Bobby's mom spoke. "Why don't you two go up in the tree house to practice. That way you can say your lines and it won't bother anybody else. I'll make you some lunch and call you when it's ready."

Bobby said OK and led Jan to the back yard, where a huge old oak tree filled one corner. Up in the branches, maybe twenty feet up was a small house built across three limbs. There was a rope ladder hanging down from a hole in the floor of the little house.

"Wow. Cool" said Jan as she started up the ladder. Bobby followed, staring at Jan's butt as it swayed back and forth. Once again he felt his dick begin to harden. He wished he could control it.

When she got to the tree house Jan was amazed. It was about ten feet square, had a roof and two windows, with carpet on the floor and shelves on the walls. There was a large air mattress in one corner and a couple of air chairs to sit in. "This is really cool" she said as Bobby climbed up beside her.

"Yeah, my dad and I built it when I was little. I used to sleep up here a lot." he explained.

Jan turned to face him. "Bobby?" she said in a low voice. "I've been thinking about last night."

He couldn't tell what she meant, but said "Um it's OK. If you don't want to do that again I understand."

She looked at him strangely. "No, that's not what I meant. I liked it." She blushed. "I mean I think we should practice more. We're not comfortable with each other yet, so I think we should practice some more." She glanced at the front of his shorts. "And today I wore gym shorts too, and I have on a tube top under my shirt, so we can practice right, and I won't ... hurt you." As she talked she unbuttoned the shirt. Under it was a strip of cloth covering her breasts, but just barely. It was thin and stretchy and her nipples showed through it clearly.

Bobby's dick sprang to full mast. Jan crawled over to the air bed and lay back on it. Again she spread her legs and held out her arms to him. This time he didn't hesitate. He peeled off his shirt and went to her.

As he settled his weight onto her she said "And the kissing too. We need to practice that too."

The next thing he knew Bobby was dry humping Jan and they were kissing passionately. Bobby ran out of breath and opened his mouth to take a quick gulp of air. When he did his tongue touched her lips and she opened them. Then her tongue came out and the two organs touched, tentatively at first, and then more forcefully. In no time they were sucking on each other's tongues just like what they had often seen in the movies.

Meanwhile Bobby was grinding his hard dick into Jan's inflamed pussy. This time, however, there was only the cloth of their gym shorts between them, and she could feel it much better. She was loving the feeling when, of their own volition, her hips arched up off the bed and met his as he bore down on her. She realized she was going to have an orgasm.

Now she didn't know what to do. If she came she'd just die of embarrassment, but it felt so good she knew she couldn't stop. She groaned and he paused.

"Are you OK?" he said and her fingernails raked his back. "Oh yes, don't stop."

Suddenly she didn't care any more. She ground her pussy up against his dick and let the feeling wash over her. "Ohhhhhhhh" she moaned. "Ahhhhhyeeessssss" as the orgasm finally hit.

Bobby knew something was wrong, but also knew that she didn't mind. Then he realized what was happening. She was coming! He was amazed. He kept rubbing against her, trying to help her and she writhed under him. Finally she relaxed and he instinctively knew she was finished.

It felt good to rub against her, but he thought he should stop. He did, and rolled to one side. As he did he saw that, in their passion, her tube top had slid down and her breasts were now exposed. She was lying back with her eyes closed, breathing hard. Those perfect breasts were rising and falling hypnotically, their cherry red nipples capturing his gaze like glue. He just watched them, wishing he could taste one.

Jan didn't know what to do. He had rolled off of her, but wasn't saying anything. She couldn't face him knowing she had just cum - all due to his big hard prick rubbing against her pussy. What did he think of her? Finally she couldn't stall any longer. She opened her eyes and looked at him. He was staring at her, but not her face. She looked down and saw her naked breasts sticking out.

"Oh no!" she moaned and covered them with her hands.

"No, don't." he said. She looked at him. "I mean ... they're beautiful." he stammered.

The irony of the situation tickled her and she giggled. "This is so stupid." she said laughing.

He looked hurt. "It's NOT stupid. They really ARE beautiful."

She kept laughing. "No you goofball, that's not what I meant. I mean I just had an orgasm while we were ... practicing .. and my boobs fell out of my top and I got embarrassed. When you consider that we just almost ... did it ... it just seems stupid for me to feel shy."

Bobby reached out and picked up one of her hands.

She let him.

He laid it beside her and picked up the other one, doing the same thing. Now her breasts were exposed again. But when she saw the look in his eye as he gazed at them, she didn't feel shy any more. She felt that ball of heat start up in her pussy again. Her voice was husky. "I want to practice again." she said.

They rolled together again, this time with her breasts pressing against his chest. They kissed again, deeply. He began dry humping her again, and felt her hands on his chest, pushing him away. He looked at her. Her gaze was hot and her eyes glinted.

"I want to feel your skin against mine." she said in that husky voice.

He reached out and tugged at the tube top, trying to get it around her waist.

"No" she said "I mean all my skin against yours." He didn't understand until he saw her shoving at her shorts, pushing them down. He watched, astounded, as she pushed them down, down, her blond bush now showing. She hadn't worn any panties under her shorts. She raised her hips off the bed and pushed until she got them to her knees and then kicked them off.

She was still staring at him. "You too." she said as she took the tube top completely off.

With trembling hands he started to slid his shorts off.

"Wait" she said. "Let me." He fell to his back and raised his own hips as she tugged. His dick got caught in the waistband and when she finally got them past it, it flopped up and slapped his stomach. She gasped when she saw his boner, but kept pulling on his shorts. He kicked them off and she was back at his hips, her face close to his rampant cock, staring.

He felt her fingers on it, standing it up, then gently, lovingly grasping it in her cool hand. That hand slid up and then back down gently, jacking his cock once.

"Ahhhhh" he groaned.

She did it again.

"Ohhhhhhhh" he groaned again.

She smiled. "Let's practice." she said and rolled over onto her back. This time when she spread her legs he could see what he had only dreamed of. Her pussy was just as gorgeous as he had dreamed. She had blond hair at the top of her slit. Two fat and blushing lips went downward from there, framing a hole he could almost see into. It looked puffy and wet and he suspected it was hot to the feel.

He climbed carefully between her legs and they both watched as he gently lowered his hips. His penis was rock hard and the tip was almost touching his own belly button. The underside of that hard cock was what touched her pussy when they finally made contact. It burrowed right between those fat lips and she went "Mmmmmmmmmm".

They kissed.

He moved upwards once, experimentally. The underside of his fat hard-on scraped right across her clitty and she groaned.

He stopped. "You OK?" he whispered.

"Oh I've never been so OK." she said as she wiggled her hips. "Don't stop." she said.

He began to move then, rubbing up and down in long strokes that made fire shoot through both of them. It felt so good that his strokes got longer and longer until the head went so low that it dropped between the lips. On his next surge upwards it nosed into her pussy and wedged tight.

"Ahhhhhhhh" they both moaned at the same time. He knew where the head of his dick was. She did too.

By unspoken agreement he pushed no farther, but began to ease the head in and out between the lips. On one push she bucked her hips up at him and he slid in a little further.

He stopped, afraid. Her hands went to his waist and pulled.

"Don't stop" she gasped.

"But...." he said.

"I don't care" she panted. "Just don't stop."

So he began moving again. Each time he went forward he plowed further into her virgin pussy. She felt no pain of any kind, even though she expected to. Instead she felt a wonderful fullness, something beyond what her fingers or even her hairbrush could do. In the split second she thought about her hairbrush she realized there was no hymen to break, and that it wasn't going to hurt at all.

With that thought she waited until she felt him start forward and then she thrust her loins at his with all the strength she had left. Bobby felt his penis slide into her warm sheath, and then felt her hips driving upward. Instinct took over and he kept going, sliding deeper and deeper until he felt his pubic bone mesh with hers. He was inside her. All the way inside her.

Jan mewled as she felt herself stretched. When she thought he must be all the way in her she found herself amazed as she felt even more hard dick enter her body. It was wonderful.

Again she said "Don't stop" and her hips went wild. At first they worked against each other, but eventually their bodies meshed as he withdrew and then powered back into her hot wet sheath. Soon he was ramming into her for all he was worth and soon he felt the warning tell tale signs of his impending orgasm.

"Jan" he grunted "I'm getting close."

"Don't stop" was her reply.

"But I'm gonna shoot in a minute." he gritted his teeth.

"OK, but just don't stop" she grunted back.

Jan was close. But she couldn't quite get over the edge. In one sense she didn't mind, because what Bobby was doing to her felt so good. He was slamming against her now, and his prick was going deep deep inside her. She could feel it mashing up into her cervix, going much much deeper than her fingers ever had. She was so close.

Then, Bobby froze and groaned. He had gone as far into her as he could and he was pushing against her so hard that her body was moving on the fabric covering of the air mattress.

Then she felt that invading penis expand and pulse - one - two - three times rapidly. A warm feeling washed into her pussy and she realized his seed was flowing into her virgin cunt.

THAT was what it took to get her to where she so desperately wanted to be.

She felt it start in her toes, of all places, and then, like electricity it shot up to her pussy and from there to her nipples and then to her head. Her legs flew even wider and her heels dug into the mattress as she lunged upward, trying to get even more of his spurting cock into her. She shuddered and her neck arched until she felt pain in her neck muscles and thighs. And still his penis bucked and fired its precious nectar into her welcoming womb.

Eventually they found themselves, entwined, limp, sweaty, lying together, her pussy a sodden mess, full of his sperm. Panting, she looked at him and kissed him hard. "That was so beautiful" she murmured.

Two months later the play went on. It was a smashing success, due not only in part to the most convincing love scene anyone in the school had ever seen. Nobody knew that, the day after they lost their virginity to each other, Bobby and Jan manufactured the clothing they would wear during the scene. There was a hole in his pants, and a hole in her shorts.

They made sure to practice almost every day, and every day his hard straining penis went out of his hole and into hers.

During the play it was no different. Bobby, knowing that hundreds of people were watching, pumped Jan's pussy so full of cum that he was afraid it would stain her costume. Jan couldn't have cared less. She had grown to love the feel of his heavy sticky sperm soaking into her cunt, and the load she got during the play -that night and the next four nights was enough to make sure in her own mind that this was a play neither of them would ever forget.

The End

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