Knocking Up Sister's Best Friend

by Lubrican

Brad was bummed. It was Saturday again. He was beginning to hate Saturdays. It was supposed to be a day he could have fun and do what he wanted, but ... Elizabeth would be here most of the day.

He knew she would.

She always did that on Saturdays.

She also came over to see his sister Renee every day after school too. They were best friends. It wasn't so bad during the week, because he could stay in his room and do homework or at least pretend he was doing homework. Then he could MAYBE keep his mind off her.

Elizabeth and he were both ninth graders, so he had been plagued with her for over two years. Ever since he had noticed ... well ... HER. He'd known her forever. She'd gravitated to his younger sister when they'd moved to this one horse town and stuck like glue ever since. Technically they were a year apart, but in reality it was only three months. Elizabeth was born in October and Renee the following January.

He thought of her now. Her breasts. Wow, what boobs she had. They stuck out now so much that he almost couldn't look at any other parts of her. Not that those were bad either. She had what they call an Elfin face, with short straight hair down to the bottom of her jawbone. When she shook her head it flew in all directions and then just lay right back down where it belonged. Her eyes were dark green and she had plump ... kissable lips. She wasn't skinny, but she wasn't really fat either. She had flesh everywhere, but it was shaped just right. Her hips went out from her sides somehow so that if you were facing her she looked like someone was blowing up a balloon there, under her pants, but it made her marvelous breasts look just right somehow. She wore halter tops all the time in the summer, with no bra. In the winter she wore these thin sweaters that curved to the shape of her boobs like skin. She was tall for a girl, probably 5' 10" and her legs were really long looking. She was almost as tall as he was now and he was afraid she was going to catch up some day.

Every time he saw her his dick got hard. Just like it was right now and all he was doing was thinking about her. It had gotten to the point that he had to jack off twice a day! All he had to do was imagine her naked, holding her arms out to him and he'd spurt three feet. He'd actually seen her naked - lots of times - but that was years ago when they skinny dipped in the creek. She didn't have any real breasts then, and he couldn't put the mountains she how had on that memory for some reason. It made her look like she'd fall over or something.

And she'd be around all day today.

And he'd be tormented and have to find some time and privacy to beat off while she was there. That or walk around bent over all day. She didn't actually tease him or anything. She was actually nice to him. They were friends, after all, and had been for a long long time. She treated him lots better than Renee did.

He'd swear his sister hated the air he breathed. She was always calling him "toad face" or "shit-for-brains" (but only when there were no adults around for that one), or "Wimpy". He didn't get it. He certainly didn't look like a toad. He got straight "A"s in school. He won the swim meet nearly every year and was in fabulous shape. What was her deal?

He didn't hate HER. He thought she was beautiful. Well, more like cute. She was blond and wore her long hair in a pony tail most of the time. Sometimes dog ears. Her boobs weren't as big as Elizabeth's. He'd seen her naked at one time or another all his life. She had interesting nipples. The areola of each breast was thick and puffy and stood out from the breast flesh like a little pillow or something. Then, on top of THAT was a big fat nipple. The nipple and areola were almost exactly the same color, and if you were facing her she just had large brown circles in the middle of her breasts. But if she stood sideways you could see that her nipple actually stood out half an inch or so. She hated her breasts because if she wore anything thin without a bra that whole silver dollar sized pillow-with-a pencil-eraser-on-it stuck out and made her look what she thought was deformed or something.

He remembered seeing her a couple of weeks ago, coming out of the shower. She was naked, of course, and was drying her hair with a towel as she walked back to her room. Her arms were above her head and her breasts were stretched upwards a little. He was surprised to find himself thinking that those brown circles looked just the perfect size to fit in a guy's mouth.

He was horrified to find that he had to beat off before he could think about anything else.

Part of the problem was that Renee had a paper route. She made pretty good money at it, but she had to do her route six days a week. She used to ride her bike and it only took an hour, but nowadays she said she was "too big" to ride a bike and walked it. That took two hours.

It was those two hours that Elizabeth would be sitting in his room, or on a chair near him, wherever he was, talking.

Talking, talking, talking.

And when she talked she breathed.

And when she breathed, those fabulous tits moved.

And when those tits moved he got a major boner.

On weekdays he could pay attention to his homework. And try to ignore her while she did her own, or read a book or applied makeup or whatever.

On Saturdays he had no excuse not to pay attention to her. Play a board game with her. Do a picture puzzle with her. Do something with her for two hours.

And then whack off like crazy when Renee got back and they went to her room.

He heard the front door slam, and Elizabeth's voice call out.

Oh no! He wasn't ready. All he had on was the gym shorts he'd slept in. They were loose and baggy and that was bad! Usually he found his tightest jeans on Saturday and folded his six incher down into one leg. Then when it got firm the jeans would confine it.

It hurt, but it didn't embarrass him.

Then he usually put on a football jersey that hung down to his thighs. Then he was safe. But now, the minute he saw her, his wang would stand at attention and poke straight out in his shorts!

He put down the egg sandwich he'd been having for breakfast and fled for his room.

He slammed right into Elizabeth as she came around the corner. She was taking her coat off and his chest bounced right into hers.

"Ow!" she yelped. "Watch where you're going Brad."

It was happening already. He could feel the blood literally rushing into his tube.

"Sorry" he mumbled and tore up the stairs, passing his sister who was on the way down.

"What's wrong with him?" he heard Elizabeth say as she saw Renee.

"He's got shit for brains" Renee said loudly. That meant his parents were already gone on their shopping trip for a new couch. That meant they'd be gone most of the day too. They were going to Kansas City, which was three hours away. Now he couldn't use them to deflect Renee's insults.

He sat in his room, wondering what to do. Icewind Dale! That was it. It took real concentration and a game could last for hours. He flipped on the computer and sat down. Dad had the wood stove going again at full blast. It was hot in the house. He didn't put anything else on.

It was some time later that he heard Elizabeth come into his room. He was in real trouble in an old castle and was going to have to play this perfectly or he'd lose his wizard and his thief. He'd made his thief a woman - an Elven woman - and had named her Liz, because all women reminded him of Elizabeth. Even the character on the screen had the capacity to make his dick stiffen. He wondered if there was something wrong with him.

He tried to ignore Elizabeth. She knew about the game and usually didn't bother him, especially when there were red circles all over the screen. But today she intruded.

"Brad? Can I talk to you about something?" "Brad? ... Brad!!"

The undead surrounding him attacked and his green circles started dimming. He was toast. There was his beautiful Liz, lying dead on the ground.

"What?!" he yelled, not without some passion in his voice.

"What in the world is wrong with you today?" she said, the hurt obvious in her voice. He hadn't looked at her yet.

"Nothing." he growled. He felt her hand on his shoulder and jerked away from it.

"Bradley Ray Stokes! There most certainly is something wrong with you. What is it? Please? Tell me. Let me help. You're my friend."

Suddenly he realized he hadn't put anything on. He was helpless. It was going to happen. Just because of her voice ... it was already starting. His frustration boiled over. He swiveled to face her. In some dim recess of his mind he noticed she was wearing the lavender sweater - his favorite. Another not so dim part of his mind told him to just shut up and flee to the bathroom.

But the frustration took over.

He looked at her face, her eyes, her lips and his gaze slid irresistibly down to her breasts.

Yup, just like clockwork, maximum boner.

"This is what is wrong Elizabeth!" he shouted and stood up, facing her. She looked blank for a minute, staring at his face, not understanding, and then, naturally, she looked at the rest of his body. She saw it. She couldn't miss it, of course, but she actually jumped as she saw the tent in the front of his shorts. "Yes, this is what's wrong with me. Today, yesterday - Every day you're here! I can't control it. Sometimes it hurts, and I'm tired of it!"

There was a tear in his eye. Oh no! Not that, please not that. He got control of himself and his eyes did not overflow, but Liz saw them full of moisture. She stood there, her mouth open in a little "o".

Then she jumped again. "Every day I'm here?" she said, her voice going high.

The anger had flown out of him. He'd made a fool of himself, he just knew it. To his amazement his dick started to go limp. Not all the way, but it sagged a good three inches. Now it was just a large bulge in his shorts, and not a real tent.

"Yes." was all he said.

"Wow" she said and then, she laughed.

He turned on her, a storm on his face "Don't you laugh!"

She put her hands up, warding him off and her face got serious "No! Brad! That's not why I was laughing. I was laughing because what I came in here to try to get you to do was kiss me, but I was afraid you would laugh at me. I thought it was funny that I was all nervous about it because I was afraid you wouldn't want to but ... I guess you do." she finished in an amazed voice.

Now it was Brad's jaw that dropped. "Kiss you?"

Now she was nervous. No boy had ever gotten a boner over her. Not that she knew about anyway. It made her pussy feel tingly. "Well ... um ... uh..." she stammered. "Roger Collins asked me to go out on a date with him, and I never went out with anybody before, and I know he'll want to kiss me and I didn't want to do it all wrong and mess it up, so I thought maybe you'd ... well ... practice with me sort of." She took a big breath after such a long sentence. Man those tits were amazing.

In a daze, Brad couldn't believe he was nodding his head. Well, he could believe it, but he couldn't believe it was happening.

Suddenly he was suspicious. Renee was probably hiding somewhere, with a camera or something and was going to jump out and scream or something if he kissed Elizabeth. "Where's Renee?" he asked.

"Oh" said Elizabeth "She's on her paper route. But you can't tell her. Please. You have to promise me you won't tell her we did this. Please? Brad? Please?"

"Oh I understand completely" he said. "She'd never let us live it down. You really want me to kiss you?" He still couldn't believe it.

"Yes!" she squealed, then blushed. "I mean if it's okay with you."

He looked down at his still admirable bulge and then grinned. "Well Duh."

She giggled nervously.

They approached each other tentatively. She had to tilt her head up just a fraction, and, to get close enough to touch his lips with hers, she had to push her breasts against his chest.

The kiss was magical.

First their lips brushed. Hers were dry, and without thinking about it she licked them, licking his in the process. Then their moist lips pressed together.

It was amazing.

She wanted to be sucked into his body through those warm soft lips of his. She tasted his lips again with her tongue and to her amazement felt his tongue tip dart against hers. She moaned as she felt pain in her nipples. It was a sweet pain that was somehow connected directly to her lips.

He on the other hand was not at all surprised when his cock leapt back to full rigidity. It was even better than he had dreamed. And she had licked his lips! He felt the soothing rush of liquid in his penis and realized he had leaked some cum - probably a lot, since it felt so good. Neither of them breathed during the whole wonderful thing.

It was that fact that ended the kiss. They had to breathe and they broke apart gasping for air.

"Wow" Liz said in an awed voice. "I didn't know it would be like that. "I'm not sure I actually want to feel like that with Roger. Wow. Is it hot in here?" She was babbling as she took her sweater off. Under it she had on a man's tank top.

Brad stared at her breasts.

She noticed and giggled.

He blushed and looked away, but she said "It's okay. I know boys look at them. I think they're ugly, but boys seem to like them. Even my dad looks at them sometimes. Hey! What happened?"

She was pointing at his shorts. The tent was back, the shorts stretched tight, and there was a dark circle of moisture about two inches around the tip of the tent. Now Brad flushed beet red.

"I ... uh ... I sort of ... leaked while we were kissing."

"Leaked? You mean you peed your pants?" she looked horrified.

"No! No! It's not pee. It's ..."

Her eyes got round as she finally understood "Oh!" and then she giggled again.

He wasn't mad this time. "It really isn't funny, Liz."

"Oh I know. It's just that nobody ever ... leaked ... because of me before."

"Oh yes they have," he said, not realizing he'd said it out loud. When he saw she had heard him and was about to ask him about it he went on. "I have. Daily. All the time. Every time you come over I have to ... well, it leaks, okay?"

"No, I don't understand. What do you mean?" She looked completely serious.

"You know" he made the air jerking motions that every teenager understood meant that a boy was jacking off.

"Oh!!" she gasped. Suddenly she felt that sweet pain in her nipples again. He jerked off because of her! It still felt hot and she waved the tank top around to get some air to her torso.

"I'm sorry" he said miserably.

"No! Brad! It's okay. Really it is. It makes me feel ... pretty or something. It makes me feel things ... "

She couldn't finish, but looked down at her thrusting mounds.

"Brad, would you kiss me again?"

Overjoyed that she didn't hate him he embraced her. This time her body came against his completely as their lips locked. This put the tip of his hard cock right above where her pubic hair started and it poked into her. She felt weak as she realized what it was and kissed him even harder. Her nipples were at it again. She unconsciously took her hands off his shoulders and squeezed a nipple with each of them, and the ache lessened.

But really it just transferred.

Now she felt the tingle between her legs.

The kiss went on and on as they figured out how to get snatches of air while their tongues dueled through open lips. When they parted she said "I have to sit down." The nearest thing to sit on that both of them could sit on was the bed.

They kissed again. And again, and soon they were lying side by side, their hands sliding over each other's backs, shoulders, heads. Brad was in pain now, and finally he rolled back, groaning.

"What's wrong?" Liz asked.

"My bal ... I'm in pain," he groaned. "I need to go to the bathroom or something."

"Or something?" she asked.

"Yeah. I need to ... you know."

She gasped and her gaze went straight to his shorts. The stain was larger now. "You're going to ... jerk off?"

"Yeah" he groaned. "It sort of builds up and hurts until I release the pressure." He started to get up.

"No! Wait!" she yelled. He stopped and turned, puzzled. "Can you ... do it ... here? Can I ... see you do it?"

Brad was actually glad at that very moment that his balls hurt so much or he'd have shot his wad in an instant. He also wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth, or give her time to think about it and change her mind.

Without a word he skinned his shorts down and stood, naked, before her. She gasped again as she saw what had made the tent. It was red and long and hard and pointed. It looked angry to her. His hand closed around it and he stroked. There was a bunch of loose skin at the tip that slid back when he pulled on it and uncovered a shiny knob at the end. It was the knob that was pointed, she saw, and the skin just took its shape. She saw a little hole at the tip and a pearly drop of liquid seeped out. She knew at once it wasn't piss. It was thick and whitish looking. It was sperm, she realized. She felt a lance of tingling pain in her pussy and had to squeeze her nipples again. He was staring at her hands as her finger tips squeezed and he gasped.

Suddenly she wanted to touch it.

"Can I ... try it? Do it for you?" she whispered.

A big glob of the white stuff bulged out of the little hole when she said that. He stumbled over to the bed and flopped on it beside her. His hand came away and hers tentatively grasped that angry hard staff.

"Oooooo" she cooed as she realized it only looked rock hard. Actually it was spongy and felt really good in her hand. The tip leaked more sperm and she realized why the stain on his shorts was so big.

And she was making it happen! Her pussy itched now.

Brad felt the climax approaching. Her hand on his prick felt so wonderful he almost forgot to warn her. But he knew what would happen when he came.

"Liz ... it shoots out ... really hard. It'll get all over your clothes."

She heard him, but didn't want to stop what she was doing. Suddenly she was tearing at her tank top, pulling it over her head. Then she shucked out of her jeans and tossed both garments toward the door.

Now it wouldn't get all over her clothes.

Brad stared in awe at the girl pulling his pud, now dressed only in bra and panties. The bra showed him more of her breast than he'd ever seen before.

He had to ask.

"Liz, could you please take your bra off for a minute?"

She was so enraptured with watching the loose skin hide and then uncover his shiny knob that she just reached around, popped the clasp and shrugged the bra off. It hung up on the wrist she was holding his penis with, and draped across his groin.

There, displayed in all their glory, were the breasts he had dreamed of seeing. They were very different from his sisters. They were round and hung away from her body as she leaned over him. Her areolas were only the size of a quarter and light pink, with a darker plainly visible nipple on top. Her nipples looked just about like Renee's, though. They looked hard and stiff. Seeing them was all it took to break the dam in his balls.

"Ohhhhh Lizzzzzz" he groaned.

She knew something was going to happen and leaned closer to look.

Just then a long rope of thick white fluid burst from the tip of his penis and splatted right on her right breast. It was hot! She felt it run and hang from a nipple and immediately brought up her free hand to squeeze that nipple. The sperm on it lubricated it and she moaned as she felt the thrills shoot from the nipple to her pussy. Then his dick was spurting more of the stuff. She managed not to get any on her face, but both breasts, her stomach, his stomach and a lot of the bed spread were spotted with it. There was so much. He was moaning and groaning and his hips were raising up off the bed. He sounded like he was in pain, but she knew somehow that he wasn't. She had made him feel this way! She felt so proud of herself. And she wanted to kiss him again. She lay down beside him and pressed her naked chest to his as she sought his lips. That felt good too, even with the slippery cooling sperm all over her. Her pussy itched fiercely and she wanted to rub it.

They snuggled and kissed for ten minutes before Brad lifted his head and looked at the clock. "Hey, we've got to get cleaned up. Renee will be back soon."

"I don't think so" said Liz. "It snowed last night and there's eight inches on the ground. It's going to take her hours to get around her route."

Brad jumped up and peered out the window. A thick layer of white covered everything. Normally he'd have been overjoyed, thinking of going out in it. But now he was overjoyed because it would give him just a little more time with Liz.

"Come with me" he said, grabbing her hand.

They ran to the bathroom and he turned the shower handle to hot. He looked at her, and with only a little blush she bent to remove her panties. Then she took off her socks. They got into the shower together, and it only seemed normal to wash each other. She washed him first, running her hands over his chest, feeling his pecs and then kissing him as she rubbed her body up against his. Then he ran his soapy hands over her, lingering at her breasts, teasing the nipples. Liz felt the fire begin to build in them and run to her pussy. Before he could touch her between her legs she was against him, kissing him deeply.

His dick rose again, between her legs, and pressed in between her labia. Now something was rubbing her pussy, and it felt fabulous. She didn't want it to stop. But he was turning the water off. They got out and he gave her a towel. They hurriedly dried off and then she picked up her panties and socks and they left to go back to his room.


"Yeah Liz?"

"What does it feel like ... when you ... when you cum?"

"Gosh. I don't know how to describe it. I suppose it feels a lot like it feels when you cum. Why don't you tell me about that and we can compare."

She was silent for a few seconds. "I ... I'm not sure I ever have cum," she said softly.

"Don't you ... you know ... rub yourself?" He assumed all girls did. He knew Renee did because he'd spied on her one time and saw her doing it on top of her covers.

"Oh no. I mean, my mom told me when I was little that it was very bad to do that, and that I'd hurt myself and maybe even go blind if I ever did it."

Brad was stunned. He tried to think about what his own life would have been like if he couldn't jack off.

He'd have just died. That's all. He'd have croaked by the time he was twelve.

But he'd heard the same stories. Not from his parents - they hadn't said anything at all to him - but from other kids. He knew it was bullshit.

"I don't think that's true at all." he said. "I mean I've been beating my meat for years now, and I haven't grown any hair on my palm, or gone blind or crippled or any of that stuff. You should try it. It feels really good."

"I know it does." she blushed a little. "When we were in the shower and your ... cock ... was touching me there, it rubbed and it felt really really good." There was more silence. "Could we do that some more?"

Brad's head was spinning. He'd never actually fucked a girl. He'd seen it on lots of videos at his friend's houses, but he'd always been too shy to try anything with a girl. Not that what she was talking about was actually fucking. But it was close, and he remembered the feeling too.

"Yeah" he said tightly. "I think I'd like that too."

"I can see that" she said, amusement tingeing her voice. He hadn't even felt his cock go hard. But it was at full measure again, standing out proudly. They embraced and began a slow sort of dance, during which they kissed hotly and his cock rubbed along the furrow of her pussy. He felt her get slick, and his cock slid through much easier. She was breathing harder now. But there was only so much pressure that could be applied in that situation.

"I have an idea" she said, panting. She walked him backward until the back of his knees hit the edge of the bed. Then she shoved him in the chest and he flew backward onto the bed. She leapt after him and landed straddling his hips. She sat on his knees and bent over to jack his cock a few times.

"I love the way it feels" she said as she watched his glans play hide and seek inside his foreskin. Then she lay it down on his stomach and scooted forward until her pussy lips straddled the firm underside of his cock. She let her weight down and pressed his organ into his abdomen.

"Mmmmmmm" she said as she slid her pussy forward along his tube. "That's better."

She started making long slow movements, dragging her pussy mouth along the length of his dick. He'd never felt anything quite like it. Knowing what was doing it started his dick leaking again and soon there was a puddle of precum on his stomach. Liz was obviously having a good time too as she made her movements more rapid. She leaned over to kiss him just as she scraped her pussy forward and, for the first time, her little unused clitty made contact with his knobby prick. Her head whirled as stabs of pleasure streaked through her young body.

"Oh!" she gasped. "Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhhhhhhh". She leaned back up, but not far enough to break clitoral contact, and suddenly her breasts were hanging right in Brad's face. He couldn't resist. His head came up and he gobbled one nipple, sucking it into his mouth. It was hard and firm, and he was able to get a grip on it with his teeth so it couldn't slip right back out of his mouth.

That was the fateful moment. Already in constant and almost violent pleasure from rubbing her clit over his wonderful cock, the added stimulus of having her nipple suckled for the first time caused her to fall headlong into her first real climax. She felt it start in her pelvis as an almost electric tingling, which rapidly spread throughout her stomach, up to her breasts and then somehow into her brain.

Her lunges became frantic. She bent forward more, to keep his mouth in contact with her aching nipple, and that lined her pussy up with the length of his cock. As she lunged back toward his balls, the head of his cock slid neatly into her open pussy hole and in one violent lunge she impaled herself halfway to his balls. The flash of pain associated with her torn hymen came right in the middle of her orgasm, which she now realized in some small part of her brain was in fact an orgasm. She felt the tearing as pain, but assumed it was part of what was happening to her - part of the orgasm. And, in truth, the pain lasted only a few seconds. Then the fullness of her vagina registered, and her nerves identified the foreign body as something hot and firm and she realized what had happened.

She gasped "Oh! Oh Brad! It's in meeeeeee! Your cock went in me3eeee. Oh, it's inside meeee. Oh shit!" Her gyrations got even wilder as she instinctively wormed her pussy further onto his stiff rod. The pleasure of being filled as it went deeper and deeper into her was indescribable.

Brad too knew what had happened. He'd been happily sucking on her juicy nipple when sudden heat surrounded his cock. Then his cock was squeezed like nothing he'd ever felt before. Then the tip of his cock reached her cervix and happened to be lined up to nudge right into that opening. It wasn't quite long enough to penetrate clear into her womb, but those cervical lips were spasming with her orgasm and they nibbled at the head of his cock. Truth to tell he'd been close to squirting anyway, but the nibbling on the head of his cock made him lunge upward and that popped the tip of his cock into her womb. His penis fired immediately.

He felt the stream of cum as it left his balls and raced through his penis. The sweet release flooded his consciousness as it rocketed out of the end of his prick ... and straight into her womb. That jet was followed by six or seven more and they were the type that would have indeed shot two or three feet in the air. Brad went crazy, grunting and huffing and puffing and thrusting.

Liz felt the splats of hot juice in her womb and found out that an orgasm can be even better.

Little did either of them know there was an egg floating around, floating in a sea of sperm.

They all attacked.

Only one got through.

Brad and Liz both started awake. They had lain there, catching their breath and had dozed off, so comfortable they were cuddled together. Brad checked the clock and panicked. If Renee wasn't home already she would be soon. Frantically they both leapt out of bed, grabbed their clothes and dressed. Brad put on a pair of jeans and T shirt. He had just finished getting his sheets started in the washer when he heard Renee come in.

By now Liz was sitting on the couch, curled up with a book.

Renee stomped off all the snow on her legs, grousing about the miserable weather. Liz was just sitting there, in the light of the lamp, looking at her. Renee couldn't put her finger on it, but something was different.

"What happened to you?" she said as she took off her parka.

"What do you mean?" said Liz, nervously, thought Renee.

"You look ... I don't know ... different. Did you change something?"

"No. I don't understand." said Liz. She was beginning to get worried.

"I can't really explain it." said Renee. "You look ... relaxed or something. But that's not the right word. You look happier or more relaxed or something."

"You must have frostbite of the brain Renee." said Liz doubtfully.

"Well If I've got frostbite of the brain, then you've got it too. Or do you always read books upside down?"

Liz started and realized Renee was right. She was holding the book upside down. "Oh, I put it down when you came in and I guess I picked it up wrong or something. How was your paper route?"

It was unashamedly an attempt to get Renee off of where she was headed. And it worked too. Renee went into a rant about how miserable the weather was and how it didn't pay enough and nobody appreciated her. But she forgot to probe any more into why Liz looked different.

The following weeks brought another change too. Everybody in the family noticed how Brad's whole attitude about life had improved markedly. He didn't snarl at other family members any more. He offered to do his chores, instead of being made to. He was even a lot nicer to Elizabeth from what they could tell. He was teaching her how to play that video game he was so wild about. Every time Renee went out on her paper route they'd have a tutorial session.

Of course that wasn't really what was being "tutored". And the reason Brad was so gloriously happy was that he was getting his rocks off in Liz almost every day. As soon as they were in his room they went at each other like wrestlers and soon he was rutting away in her pussy, dumping yet another potent load of his heavy sperm in her clutching cunt. And she was so happy with the way things had turned out that she turned Roger down for his offer of a date. She didn't tell anyone that the love of her life was Brad, but he was. Brad felt the same way.

Which was good, because there were trials to come.

Elizabeth hadn't been all that regular in her periods anyway, so when her next one didn't materialize she didn't think much of it. Three months later, though, she couldn't ignore her condition any further.

The shit did hit the fan. Elizabeth's father actually showed up at Brad's house with a shotgun, saying there was going to be a wedding.

While Brad's mother went into hysterics his father calmed the hunter down and they worked something out. It was agreed there would be a wedding, just not this year. Or probably next year and maybe even the year after that. One of the youngsters had to agree to go to college while the other worked to support them. They were not to see one another in any way shape or form until after the baby was born. Then and only then would they be able to care for the baby together, when possible. Brad was expected to be actively involved in the raising of the child.

No one asked him if he agreed, but he thought it was a pretty good plan.

But his supply of pussy was cut off, and it was hard on him. He went back to jacking off.

Renee wouldn't talk to Brad at all for over a month. He had knocked up her best friend!

And she hadn't even known what was going on!!

That was really what pissed her off. Well, some of it any way. What really pissed her off was that she thought Liz would have said something about losing her virginity, or that she was thinking about doing it with a boy or something.

But she hadn't.

There had been a secret - at least one. And she blamed Brad for that. It never occurred to her that Liz might not want her to know for the same reasons Brad didn't. It almost ended their friendship. The first time they saw each other after the news broke they got in a horrible fight. But their friendship was years long and tougher than that.

"I knew there was something new about you. I knew it." fumed Renee.

Liz laughed, and that made Renee even madder until Liz explained. "Remember that Saturday when you had to do your route in 8" of snow? Remember how you came in and wanted to know what I had changed? Remember?"

And Renee did remember. "You mean ... ?"

"Yes. That was the very first time. It just sort of happened. I started it actually. I was thinking about going out with Roger and asked Brad to teach me how to kiss." She sighed. "He's a really good kisser Renee. You have no idea."

"Of c ourse I have no idea!" growled Renee. But for some reason she felt better knowing that Liz had started it. Now why was that, she wondered.

"And then he was in pain and I helped him, and that caused us to have to take a shower and then I wanted to rub against him and then it accidentally went in and ... it just happened." Liz said in a rush. "But I couldn't tell you because you'd have told on us .. or at least give us a hard time. You know you would have, Renee."

When she thought about it, Renee agreed that that's exactly what she would have done. That made her feel better too. Of course she wanted all the gory details.

And Liz shared them.

She'd wanted to talk about it with Renee anyway, and now, at last, she could. She ended up saying "And now we can't even see each other for six more months and it's not fair." She started crying.

Renee comforted her quietly. She had to do it quietly. Her whole body was in a roil of turbulence. The gory details had gotten to her. She recognized immediately the feelings that Liz had described, because she felt them too. Her nipples had always been super sensitive and now they were aching. And her pussy was itching too, and she couldn't wait to get alone so she could get off. She knew, of course, what an orgasm felt like. She'd had dozens and dozens of them, and had thought Liz had too, but that was one thing they'd never thought to share. But her orgasms didn't feel as intense as those that Liz described.

Of course she'd never had an orgasm with her pussy wrapped around a hard cock. She was smarter than that. All she had to do was look at Lizís swelling belly to know she was right to stay clear of those things.

But she did wonder what it would be like.

Now Renee was the one in the family who was surly and hard to get along with. Every time she saw her brother she couldn't help but look at his crotch, where lay the monster that had attacked her best friend. Well, `attack` wasn't the right word. That was part of the problem. Liz had said she couldn't wait to get him alone and get that monster in her pussy so it could squirt some more hot jizz in her.

Now Renee had a constantly horny pussy to put up with and she had to start wearing bras because any material sliding across her nipples made it so bad she had to find a place and rub herself to climax. The worst thing was that one night she stuck her fingers so far up in her that it hurt, and then there was blood on her fingers.

She'd actually busted her own cherry, for pity's sake.

It was driving her crazy thinking about what they had done, and what she hadn't done. She even started looking around for a boy to officially take her virginity. But she couldn't find a way to get on the pill, and she didn't trust condoms. Actually she didn't trust a boy to actually use one, but it was all the same. And she couldn't talk to Liz about it either. She'd never liked going to Liz's house. Her parents were such weirdoes. They were so strict that when she was there she was expected to obey all the same rules of life as Liz was. They jumped her about her language and even kicked her out one day for wearing shorts with a hole in them ... told her to come back when she knew how to dress decently.

So it was the night her parents were at a party and she and Brad were the only ones home. She got out of the shower, wrapped her head in a towel, and headed back to her room for bed. She'd rubbed off in the shower, but the release hadn't been very satisfying. As she passed Brad's room she glanced through the slightly open door and stopped, rooted to the floor.

He was lying on his bed, naked, with one arm behind his back.

His eyes were closed and he was slowly jacking his hard cock with his other hand. No urgency, just playing with himself.

He was playing with the cock that had ruined her life.

She mistook the ball of heat in her belly for anger, instead of the lust it was, and barged into his room. She was on him before his eyes even came open. She leapt through the air, crashing down on his thigh and pinning his shoulders to the bed, screaming a primal animal growl.

His eyes flew open and his hand left his cock. Her fists were beating at his chest and she was horrified to find she was crying. He wasn't fighting back. He was just staring at her. His eyes flipped quickly to her breasts, which were jiggling around as she flailed at him, but then came back up to her face. His hands went to her waist and held her. She still felt that ball of fire in the pit of her stomach. She screamed that Liz was her best friend, and how could he have done that to her best friend. How could he have done that to Liz ... she collapsed, sobbing into his neck ...and not her.

She shuddered as she said it - finally admitted it - finally admitted that she lusted for her own brother. As she said it she felt his erection pressing against her stomach.

Brad had been surprised by her attack, but had almost instantly known what was really going on. She was wet. She was drenched where her pussy touched his penis, and it wasn't from her shower. He had plenty of experience with exited women now - well, excited woman - and he knew she had been watching him. She raised her head enough to look at him.

Her eyes were still leaking tears and she cried "Oh Brad."

Some dim ancestral knowledge, passed down through genes he'd never even thought about suggested what he should do.

Brad rolled his sister over, landing between her wide spread thighs. He couldn't just take her, even though he thought that was really what she wanted. She had to be a willing participant or it would ruin everything for both of them. Kneeling over her he saw her breasts again, with their huge areolas and thick stiff nipples. He leaned down and sucked the whole areola into his mouth. His tongue slathered all around it, running over the nipple, but also washing the skin around it.

Renee found out what those puffy areolas she hated so much were good for. The feelings he was generating with his mouth and tongue were like huge jolts of magical energy zapping her whole body. She flopped beneath him. Her hips thrust up off the bed. He kissed his way up to her neck and she shivered as he nuzzled her there. Then he kissed her lips. He was a good kisser. She melted. Her hips fell back to the bed and she lay there limply as he almost fed on her mouth.

Now it was her pussy that was yelling at her. The itch was there. It was that itch she had been trying to scratch when she had popped her own cherry. He raised his head and just looked at her.

"Please?" she said softly "Please Brad?"

"Please what?" Brad said just as softly. He kissed her gently on the lips. "Please get off? Please leave you alone?"

"No" she whispered.

That was enough for him. With no further ado, no additional foreplay ... and no condom ... he reached between them, fisted his rock hard cock, and fed it to his little sister's cunny. He didn't ram it in, but he pushed it in steadily and all at one slow-motion lunge, burying himself in her to the balls. Then he stopped. One of the things he had learned with Liz was to go in all the way and then make little circles. That massaged her clit and cervix at the same time and drove her crazy.

It did the same thing to Renee.

Her eyes went wide and she took in a huge breath of air as she felt herself being stuffed with prick meat for the first time. She was going to groan - it did hurt a little, she was stuffed so full - when his little circles began. Her groan turned into a sighing moan "Ohhhhhhhaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

All pain fled and her hips went into overdrive of their own volition. Brad, by now, was an expert at riding such hips and he rode like a life-long cowboy.

He wanted Renee to have an orgasm that she'd remember for the rest of her life.

She did. She felt like the top of her head was going to blow off. Her face got red and she could feel her heart pounding in her chest, trying to tear itself free and hop around the room with joy. Her pussy spasmed and that itch, that horrible awful itch just stopped cold as her pussy rippled all around that sweet invading column of brother bone. She recognized the onset of an orgasm, but it wasn't like any orgasm she'd ever had before.

She was a gusher, though she hadn't known it. Her juices all but spewed out around his invading dick, soaking her thighs, his pubes and the sheets. Brad thought she had peed on him at first, but it didn't smell like pee. He knew she'd cum and now his own urgency had caught up with him.

He had to pull out.

That was something he'd learned the hard way.

"Renee, honey?" he said soothingly. She was still writhing under him, and her pussy was still milking him. She was having a long orgasm. "Renee, baby I've got to pull out. I'm gonna squirt, honey and I can't stop it."

Her eyes slowly opened, still a little glazed and she panted. "Just this once. Just this once I want to feel it all. Just this once and we'll never do it again."

And, just to make sure, her legs came up and around his back, to hold him in.

Brad groaned. He loved coming in a woman, feeling his sperm shoot out into a hot, fertile woman. It was natural to feel that way. Men were wired that way. So he gave in and gave her what they both wanted.

He came like a river.

It wasn't quite as hard or as much as that first time with Liz, but it was a close second. Forceful ropes of sperm-laced semen lanced into her belly over and over again. As she felt the first jet of his sperm dump into her Renee let her legs fall back to the bed and she lay there limply, feeling him pouring his seed into her.

She had to agree with Liz, that was something you could get no other way. Something that made you feel complete, fully alive. She hoped like crazy she wasn't fertile right now.

They made love three more times before their parents got back home. Once, she sat on top of him like her best friend had, scooting back and forth until she couldn't breathe from the joy she felt. The other two times he pinned her to the bed and just fucked her into submission. All three times he fired off volleys of hot, virile, teenage sperm into her defenseless pussy.

Now she had a secret to keep from Elizabeth.

But, of course she couldn't. The first time Liz saw her after she'd fucked her brother Liz looked at her speculatively and said "What have you been doing behind my back?"

Renee tried to bluff, but it didn't work.

"I see what you meant when you said something was different about me" Liz told her. "I don't know if anybody else will see it, but I'm here to tell you it's written all over your face. Who was it?"

This made for a tense moment, but Renee decided to get it over with. "Well, it was you who kept talking about what a great kisser he was, and how wonderful it felt to have him shooting off inside you and on and on ..."

Liz's eyes went wide and her mouth went into an "o". "You mean ... BRAD???"

"It's not like that" Renee protested. "It was really an accident. You see I was going back to my room and ..." she stopped as Liz started laughing. "What?" she said.

Liz couldn't talk from laughing so hard. Hearing Renee claim it was an accident brought back the whole memory and she knew Renee was telling the truth. But it was still funny to hear her use the same words Liz had used. Renee suddenly got it and started laughing too.

Then she stopped. "He came in me too," she said.

Liz stopped laughing too.

Hope springs eternal, they say, and this time they were lucky. Renee had her period right on time. She was at once relieved, and at the same time saddened. She'd thought a lot about whether or not her brother's seed had taken root in her belly, and wondered what it would be like to watch that belly swell, like Liz's was. She realized she was actually a little disappointed when she bled as usual. It occurred to her that she could always try again next month. All she had to do was "forget" to put a rubber on his wonderful cock before she sat on it. She was his surrogate "wife" for the time being, since he still couldn't see Liz.

But she was getting used to having all the hard cock she wanted and when the baby was born she was afraid it would stop. Lately she'd been spending most nights in Brad's bed, his boner nestled up in her while they slept and she'd miss that a lot. She still didn't like the idea of letting some boy stick it in her, but she might have to resort to that.

She couldn't, though.

And... Hope does spring eternal. The baby was born and raised just about as much in Brad's home as it was in Liz's. When Liz's parents saw them together with their child, and saw that Brad was trying to learn and be a good father, they lightened up a little. He got a job and started saving his money. He got straight "A"s as usual and it looked like he could get a full scholarship to several good schools. He didn't go out with other girls.

Of course he didn't need to. He had all the sex he could handle, and then some. Liz and Renee decided it was only right to share him. Several times they shared him in the same room at the same time.

They talked about sharing him for a lot longer than the next two or three years. Renee started with a tutor and went to summer school so she could graduate with Liz and Brad. And as they entered their senior year the girls made further plans. The wedding had been set for the evening of graduation day, since most of the extended family would be there anyway. The home Brad and Liz planned to make would need a nanny, so that Liz could work while Brad went to school. Renee could take some night classes. It would work out.

They told Brad and he was overjoyed.

In March, one week to the day after her last period had stopped, Renee snuck into Brad's room, as usual. It was cold and she was glad for his warmth as she slipped into bed with him. He had fallen asleep, but woke up quickly, hugging her and telling her he was glad she was there. As usual, the minute he felt naked skin against him he was hard as a rock. They kissed and cuddled for a while and she stroked him to make sure he was nice and hard. Then, without giving him time to clothe himself in latex, as was their custom, she straddled him and settled down on him.

"Renee?" he said.

"Shhhh" she whispered "I'm tired of rubbers. I want to feel it again, like that first time."

He was always a good lover. He knew her boobs better than she did and could play them like an instrument. She loved her tits now. But knowing he was going to squirt into her unprotected made him a tiger. She thrilled to his roughness, not even trying for her own orgasm, just wanting to feel that hot wet flood deep inside her.

He didn't disappoint her. In fact, he didn't disappoint her three times that night. She smiled as she finally drifted off to sleep, Brad's cock still plugged into her, keeping all his wonderful sperm up inside her.

She and Liz had made sure the apartment had room to make a nursery big enough for two babies.

The End

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