Locker Room Nymphs

by Lubrican

Author's Comment: There are different reasons to write erotica. Sometimes you want to write stroke stuff. Sometimes you want to write something with a plot, and characters people will love.

And them sometimes you just want to write something nasty.

Cindy and Sandy giggled as they ran down the hall toward the locker rooms and the pool. They had seen their names on the sheet that announced they were on the swim team! They were so excited. Both were fourteen-years-old and in the blossom of their sexual maturity, they were filled with hormones and emotions and it all came out physically as they pranced and danced along.

When they got to the pool office they saw their two new coaches. Ms. Simpson was the diving coach and both girls sighed when they saw her. Every girl in school wanted to look like Molly Simpson. She was tall and blond and had big bulging breasts. She looked like an Amazon warrior. They sighed even more when they looked at Mr. Rollins, the swimming coach. He was so handsome, with his dark brown hair, wide shoulders and bulging muscles. There were other girls present too and they had lined up in front of a table that had several piles of the school swimsuits on it. "Line up now girls," said Ms. Simpson, and get your suits. You need to get changed and start swimming laps right away."

Cindy and Sandy got in line and when they got to the head of the line Ms. Simpson looked them over and then handed each a suit. "These should fit," she said and turned to the next girl. When the girls got into the locker room it was a teenage boy's dreamland. There were naked girls everywhere. There were tall girls, short girls, slim girls and heavy girls. There were girls with thick dark patches of pubic hair, and girls with almost none. There were breasts flashing in the light of all sizes and shapes.

Cindy and Sandy had been friends for years and years, and had seen each other naked many times. So it was no surprise to Cindy when Sandy's very mature body came into view, with her heavy round breasts and big dark areolas. Neither was Sandy surprised to see her friend's smaller cone-shaped breasts with their thick puffy nipples that always looked swollen, like they'd just been sucked on. Sandy had a nice brown patch of pubic hair over loose pouting pussy lips, while Cindy had almost no hair and her pussy lips were so tight and thin that they seemed to be clamped shut. Both girls had had their fingers in those pussies plenty of times, and sometimes larger things, like hair brush handles and candles. The girls knew well and good just what their beautiful little pussies were for ... they just had never used them for that yet.

As they tried on their new white one piece suits, Sandy struggled to get all her womanly charms into the thing.

"Gosh, this seems too small" she said as she finally wiggled into it. Her teen breasts jutted proudly out. She looked down and saw that the material of the suit was so tight between her legs that her cute pussy lips showed plainly outlined. Cindy had less trouble getting into her suit, but it too was tight and outlined her charms suggestively. They looked around and saw that all the girls looked like their suits were too small. When they went outside into the pool Ms. Simpson was there, telling the girls what kind of laps to swim.

"Ms Simpson, aren't these suits a little small?" asked Cindy.

"I know they feel tight girls" said Molly, "But they need to be, so they don't wrinkle. Wrinkles slow you down in the water. We want them to hug your skin as much as possible" she said. The girls realized for the first time that she was dressed in one of the suits too, and, sure enough, when they looked between her legs, they could see her camel toe too. They were reassured and jumped in the water to swim.

After practice Molly pointed to them and instructed them to take care of cleaning up the locker room, getting all the towels to the hamper, closing all the lockers and so on. The girls weren't in a hurry to get home, so they goofed off, taking a whole hour to do what should have taken only ten minutes. They only realized how late it was when they left the locker room and the building was dark.

"Where is everybody?" asked Cindy, worriedly.

"Gosh, look how late it is!" said Sandy. "Everybody's gone home! I hope we're not locked in!"

To get to the hall they had to go through the training room. There was light coming from under the door and they felt a surge of hope that someone was in there. Pushing the door open, Sandy walked right in. She stopped so suddenly that Cindy bumped into her back. Cindy looked around Sandy's head and saw why she had stopped.

There, on a weight bench in the middle of the room, was a very naked Ms. Simpson!

Not only that, but Mr. Rollins was there too and he was equally naked!

Not only that, but Mr. Rollins had a gigantic monster hardon!!

Not only that, but that gigantic monster hardon was buried in Ms. Simpson's pussy!!!

Sort of, anyway. It didn't stay buried there long, because Mr. Rollins was in the act of pulling it out and slamming it back in as he stood over the writhing female teacher. Her legs were up on his shoulders and his hands were on her big white breasts, squeezing them as he fucked her. They must have been going at it for some time, because as soon as the girls walked in on them Mr. Rollins bellowed "Oh fuck, Molly ... I'm gonna shoot, baby ... I'm gonna fill your sweet pussy up!" Ms. Simpson was yelling "Do it, Mark. I can't wait to feel you spurting in me!" Neither of them had seen the two girls yet.

Both girls stared, wide-eyed at the sex going on right in front of them. It made their cunnies wet. It made them want to finger their pussies. Both girls spritzed in their panties. Just then Mr. Rollins yelled "Oh yeah, you sweet fuck. Here it is ... baby batter for my lover!"

He slammed all the way in one last time and his butt wiggled and clenched as Ms. Simpson hollered that she could feel him squirting in her. He stayed stock still until all his cum had emptied into her and then he stood up. As his semi-hard cock plopped free, there was a long string of white stuff that stretched from the tip of his cock to her open pussy. That pussy was awash with thick white cream that started dripping down her ass when she lowered her legs. Her head rolled sideways and she saw the girls.

"Mark, we have visitors" she said, as if nothing were really wrong.

He turned his head. "Spies!" he barked. "What are you girls doing here after hours?"

"M..m..m..Ms. Simpson told us to stay and clean up" babbled Cindy as she stared wide-eyed at his shiny cum-covered cock.

"Those are the two I was telling you about" said Molly, as her hand idly rubbed his spunk into her pussy hair.

"Ah yes" said Mr. Rollins as he walked over to stand in front of the two girls.

His prick was hanging now between his legs, but it still looked enormous to the two teenagers. They stared at it raptly.

"What's the matter, girls, haven't you ever seen a real penis?" He put a finger under each girl's chin and raised their eyes to his.

"No Sir." whispered both Cindy and Sandy as they shivered at his touch.

"Well, seeing this one," he withdrew his fingers and their eyes darted back to his sexual member, "makes you part of a very special club, girls. And that means you have to be initiated into the club."

Sandy whispered "What are you gonna do Sir?"

"FIRST YOU MUST SWEAR TO SECRECY!" he boomed and both girls shrank back.

Molly stood up, a stream of white cum dripping down the inside of each thigh.

"Then" she said "You must kiss the royal scepter."

Mr. Rollins chuckled. "You see girls, we have chosen you two specially to be part of our secret club. We choose two girls each year, and this year you two are the special ones."

"What kind of special club?" asked Cindy.

"You'll find out more about that soon enough. For one thing, though, you get to see Molly and me doing things like we just did. Didn't you find that exciting?"

Sandy fidgeted and looked at the ground, but she whispered "Yeah, it was hot."

Molly came closer to her. "It made your little pussy wet too, didn't it girls? It's okay, you can tell us. That's what the secret club is for. Didn't your pussies get all damp and horny when you saw Mark's big old cock reaming out my poor pussy?"

Cindy sighed "Yeaahhh."

Molly came closer "And you're still horny right now, aren't you? Doesn't your pussy itch right now?"

Sandy sighed "Yeaahh."

"Well, we take care of that problem in our secret club too girls" said Mr. Rollins as he lifted Sandy's skirt. His hands pushed down her panties as she stood there frozen.

"But ..." she gasped. She couldn't believe what was happening. Mr. Rollins was taking her panties off! He was pushing her down on the floor!! His face was diving between her legs!!! He was licking her pussy !!!

"OOoooooooo" gasped Cindy as she watched Mr. Rollins stick his tongue in her friend's pussy "That's so nasty!" She felt herself being grabbed. Her own skirt was being lifted and her own panties were being dragged down her legs.

It was Ms. Simpson! She felt herself being pulled down beside her friend. Now her legs were being spread! She raised her head to see Ms. Simpson's head between her thighs. She opened her mouth to yell out and then Ms. Simpson's lips closed over her little teen clitty and sucked.

What had been intended to be a yell for help turned into a "Ohhhhhhaahhhhh as Molly feasted on her sweet pussy. Soon both girls were writhing on the floor, their legs scissoring open and closed as their pussies were eaten for the first time. It felt so good. Their flailing hands hit each other and they held hands.

Cindy came first, and her cry sounded loud in the training room as she babbled and cried out for her momma. She'd never ever felt a cum like this. Ms. Simpson's mouth was magic and she squirted it full of girl juice. Sandy turned her head to see her friend's eyes rolling up in her head and an insane grin on her face. Then Mr. Rollins stuck one of his big long fingers right up Sandy's ready-to-pop pussy and she exploded in her own orgasm. "Oh shit Oh fuck Oh shit!" she yelled, feeling slutty as could be to have a man eating her pussy and loving it so much. She squirted her teen pussy cum right into his mouth and he drank it all down, smacking his lips.

Mark Rollins reared back, staring at the pretty pink pussy spread out before him. His cock was hard as rock again. He wanted to stick it in that teenage pussy. He fisted his prick and jacked it a couple of times. Molly raised her head and saw the look in his eye. She knew that look. She'd seen it the first time he'd rammed that beautiful rod in her pussy.

"Mark!" she barked. "They're not ready yet Mark!"

He turned his lust-filled gaze to her and she held out her big bouncy breasts to him. "But I'm ready Mark. Give me your loviní big boy!" She rolled over and both panting girls got to see him sink his bone into Ms. Simpson's gaping pussy.

"He's fuckin' her again" squealed Cindy.

"Yeah, he's fuckin' her good!" panted Sandy. She was still in the aftermath of her cum and she rubbed her pussy.

"This is so hot!" yelled Cindy.

Mark pulled his prick out and turned toward the girls. He jacked his cock and it spat a long string of cum all over Sandy's quim. She squealed and rubbed his cream into her spasming pussy. Then he aimed it at Cindy and she stared as a big glob splatted in her pubic hair. Mark reached down and rubbed it all over her hair and then dipped one gooey finger in her pussy.

"He's getting his stuff in my pussy!" moaned Cindy.

"Yeah, it's in my pussy too!" yelled Sandy "It feels so hot!" she rubbed her muffy some more.

Molly crawled in front of Mark and gulped his prick in her mouth as it continued to go off. "Mmmmph" she mumbled, as she swallowed his sweet man cream.

Finally everybody was so tired they just lay there. The girls slowly sat up.

"So, you like our special club girls?" asked Ms. Simpson.

"Wow" said the Cindy. "It's so nasty! You kissed my pussy Ms. Simpson!"

"And you were tasty and sweet my dear" said Molly, licking her lips.

"It felt soooo good!" sighed Sandy.

"Okay, then, you're in!" Said Ms. Simpson "But not a word to anyone - it's secret!"

On their way home the girls talked about what had happened. They couldn't believe how much fun they'd had and they were eager to play some more.

The next day the girls were "tasked" with cleanup again. This time they hurried through the work and ran into the training room giggling and flushed with sexual expectation. They were surprised to see Tommy Johnson and Bobby Polson standing there with the two teachers.

"Girls" said Ms. Simpson, "I want you to meet two other members of our secret club!"

"Oooooo" said the girls. They recognized the boys, of course, they'd gone to school with them for years. They were on the football team and the girls had often fantasized about kissing them. The boys looked back with hot eyes.

"The boys are going to help us initiate you into the club" said Mr. Rollins.

"Initiate?" said Cindy.

"Remember how I said you had to kiss the royal scepter to be initiated into the club?"

"Yes sir" said both girls.

Mr. Rollins pushed his gym shorts down and his big knobby boner sprang up into the air. "This, girls, is the royal scepter."

"Ohhhhhh" sighed Sandy. "You mean we have to kiss your peter? Like Ms. Simpson did last night?"

"Eeewwwwww" said Cindy, putting her hand over her mouth.

"Now girls" said Molly. "You just try it, and I think you'll find out it's actually lots of fun! And besides that, he tastes all yummy!"

All four kids stripped down in preparation for the initiation, and the girls looked curiously at the boy's teenaged pricks. They were long and thin and hard as nails. Their balls were tight full bags of cum hanging from nests of soft brown hair.

Sandy was the first to make the move. She leaned forward as Mr. Rollins pushed his hips toward her. Her plump teen lips pursed, and she kissed just the tip of his cock. It was smooth and hard, but at the same time it felt warm and somehow soft. She let her lips flow around the head, opening her teeth a little. Her tongue flicked out and tickled the tip and Mr. Rollins went "Ahhhhh that's nice Sandy." She was happy to have made him make that noise, so she opened her mouth more and took the whole head inside. It was so odd, so strange to do this, but it made her pussy spritz. Her hand came up and went around the cock in her mouth. She liked the feel of it. She sucked and played with the head with her tongue. It was fun!

"Oh fuck, she's a natural" groaned Mark.

Molly laughed and said "I told you so. I can spot them a mile away!"

Soon Mark pulled the teen pretty off his cock. He didn't want to cum in her mouth. He turned to the smaller girl who was licking her lips.

After seeing how much Sandy obviously liked it, Cindy had no qualms about sucking Mr. Rollins' cock. When he turned and pointed it at her she dove at it, taking as much of it in her mouth as she could. Her hands came around and held his butt so she could drive her mouth on his cock all the more. She felt the cock head tickle the back of her throat and, by instinct, knew that if she got it past that tickle place it wouldn't tickle any more. She couldn't get it back there - it was just too big - but she remembered that for a time when she might have a smaller one in her mouth.

While this had been going on both boys danced in anticipation, their hard pricks bouncing. They knew what was next in the initiation. As Sandy was pulled off of Mr. Rollins, Ms Simpson turned her toward Tommy and Bobby. Both boys had nice teen erections. She knew what to do. She took Tommy's cock in her mouth and began to suck it like it was a straw in a chocolate shake. Tommy sighed with pleasure.

Mark had to pull Cindy off his cock sooner than he had Sandy. He wondered if this teen nymph had done this before. She seemed almost too good at it. Molly took her and showed her Bobby's cock and she feasted on it. Molly then began sucking him.

"I don't want to cum in your mouth" he gritted.

She pulled off him with a wet plop "I know, but I just have to have a taste."

He let her go for a minute or two and then pushed her onto her back. He dove for her cunt and slurped up her juices as she sighed with pleasure.

Both boys were in trouble right away. They were already excited at seeing which girls were going to be brought into the club. When they saw Sandy and Cindy they both got hardons. Then, when the girls turned out to be natural born cocksuckers, the boys lost it pretty quickly. Bobby was the first to go, even though Cindy hadn't sucked him as long. She'd found that smaller cock she wanted and was practicing taking it all the way down her throat until her nose bumped into his soft brown hair.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum!" he yelled.

Cindy heard him, and remembered how Ms. Simpson had sucked up Mr. Rollins cum like it was a special treat, so she just left her mouth on it while it erupted. She swallowed out of reflex, and then tasted his boy spooge, which wasn't bad at all. She drank the rest happily as her pussy spritzed over and over.

Tommy wasn't far behind. Sandy wasn't so sure about getting it in her mouth, but she was slow to jerk her mouth off, because Tommy was squirting when she opened her mouth and pulled back. His spunk splatted right on her face. She closed her eyes and left her mouth open, which got the second shot. She tasted that, and found it wasn't bad, but by the time she decided to get it back in her mouth he had shot the rest of his stuff on her chin and lips.

Ms. Simpson threw her a towel and said "Sandy, you must learn not to waste it like that."

Mr. Rollins raised his face from Molly's soaked pussy. "Gotta cum" he barked. He slotted his cock in Molly's pussy and pushed in just in time to flood her sheath with his hot cum. All four kids looked on with wide eyes.

Tommy turned to Cindy. "You wanna?" he said, jerking on his second hardon of the day.

"Gee I don't know" she said. He was pushing her back, crawling between her legs. "I've never done it" she said, pushing at his chest with her hands. He lowered his head and sucked in one of her puffy nipples and she sighed. She liked that a lot.

"You'll like it, I promise" he said. He took his hand, put it around his boyish cock and stuck the tip in her pussy mouth.

"But we shouldn't" she said as he pushed it deeper in her. "Ooooo I don't know" she said as he wedged it halfway in. "Ohhhh it feels funny" she said as he slipped past where her cherry had been before she wrecked it with a candle.

Bobby reached for Sandy. "Let's do it!" he panted.

Ever since Sandy had seen Mr. Rollins' cock sawing in and out of Ms. Simpson's pussy, she'd wanted to know what that felt like. She flopped on her back and spread her legs wide. Bobby jumped up and mounted her. She grabbed his cock and fit it where she thought it should go. He gave a shove and her slick, horny pussy just gobbled him up. In one thrust he was buried to the balls. Both kids sighed with pleasure.

Tommy started thrusting, digging deeper and deeper into his new teen lover. She felt the thrills. She felt the chills. She felt every bump and vein as it stroked her pussy. She liked it so much she came a river, squealing and panting out how wonderful it was to have a real penis in her pussy. Tommy started gasping and Molly's head came up with a start.

"Hold it Tommy!" she barked. "I know that sound, baby. You're about to shoot, aren't you!" He groaned his assent. "You know the rules. No cumming in the girls. We don't want to knock them up! You save that spooge for me. She crawled over and pulled Tommy away from Cindy as both teens complained. She pulled him on top of her and he sighed as he sank into the teacher and was allowed to blow his nut in her.

Cindy was unhappy, though. She'd been in the middle of a nice prick-induced cum, her very first, when that beautiful prick was snatched out of her. She saw Mr. Rollins crawling toward her. "I'll help you Cindy" he said, his thick boner wagging beneath him. If she hadn't been so horny she might have pushed him away with fright. But right now she just wanted something hard in her pussy, so she let him. He wedged the tip of his dripping prick in her buttery depths and every slowly fucked his whole boner into her slick pussy.

"Ooooooeeeeeeowwwwaaahhhh," she wailed as an adult prick plowed her furrow. She banged out another orgasm immediately, her head flopping back and forth as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

"Ohhhh tight pussy" grunted Mr. Rollins.

"Ahhhhh big fat prick!" moaned Cindy as she dug her fingernails into his butt.

"He's fucking her!" yelled Sandy, looking at the man on top of her friend.

"You're fucking me!" she yipped to Bobby. "I love fucking!!" she yelled.

Bobby knew he wasn't supposed to cum in the girls without a rubber on. He could shoot in Ms. Simpson as much as he wanted because she was on the pill, but it felt so good to be in Sandy, and it would feel so good to shoot in her. Besides, his friend still had his teen prick buried in the sexy older woman. He decided to do it. His prick bulged and began spitting out his teen seed in great streams and globs. His rich thick teen sperm immediately began frantically swimming in search of an egg to fertilize.

Sandy felt the wash of hot fluid in her belly as he squirted his sperm in her fertile, nubile pussy. It felt good and she liked it, though she didn't know for sure what it meant. She just hunched her pussy up at him to get more of the good feeling.

Cindy was about out of her mind. Mr. Rollins' prick was so long that it punched right through her cervix when he drove it in. It was so fat that it scraped her poor over stimulated clitty constantly. She was limp as a rag doll when Mark announced he was going to cum in her cute teen pussy.

"I don't want to have a baby!" she yelled with the last of her breath.

"Don't worry" he grunted "I've had a vasectomy" he lied. He hadn't been cut at all, but he told all the women he had. Not even Molly knew he was shooting real live baby bullets instead of the blanks he claimed they were. He just loved filling up women's pussies with the real stuff, and he did it to Cindy now. As his cock swelled and the first jet of thick cream sped through it, he pushed his prick tip into the mouth of her cervix and washed out her womb with his thick baby-making cream. With each grunt and each long rope of sperm he hoped he was making a baby in this darling girl's belly.

What a dirty man he was!

Cindy, once she felt the warm sperm bath her pussy was getting, squealed about how wonderful it felt. She loved it and she hoped to get a whole lot more of it soon. Her pussy squeezed his big man prick to get every sticky drop out and she squealed again as an orgasm tickled her pussy one more time.

Ms Simpson was very cross with Bobby when she pushed Tommy off of her and looked to see if Bobby was ready to spend himself in her. His limp little peter was hanging between his thighs, a long drip of teen semen dripping off of it. Sandy was lying on her back limp, and her pussy was overflowing with the white residue of Bobby's cum. She yelled at him for breaking club rules and said that if he wasn't careful he'd get kicked out and not ever get to fuck her again. He hung his head and was sad until Sandy, who liked the fact that she had real sperm in her crawled over and cleaned up his prick by sucking it into her mouth.

Everyone cleaned up and they all left. Bobby walked with Sandy and told her how much he had enjoyed having sex with her. She said she liked it too, and they stopped to kiss. Their kisses got hot and heavy and soon they were rubbing up against each other, panting and groping. Sandy dragged him to her house, and when she went in the door she yelled out "Mom, I'm home - got homework to do - my lab partner's going to help." Her mother called back about how nice that was and she dragged her new lover upstairs to her room.

In a minute they were naked, on Sandy's bed and Bobby was sucking her nipples like a starving baby. She had hold of his pecker and was jacking it like it was a water pump in the desert. In another minute he mounted her and sank his new boner in her as deep as he could. And in another few minutes he gasped and fountained another hot load of his teen sperm in her pussy as she urged him on.

As the days went by Cindy became addicted to Mr. Rollins' big thick prick and he pumped her full of his fake safe semen every single day. Tommy and Bobby took turns fucking Sandy and Ms. Simpson, and then they followed Sandy home and fucked her in her room, sperming her every time.

Mr. Rollins found Ms. Simpson's birth control pills in her desk. He had a friend who sold fake birth control pills for gags. They were actually candy and they were for girls who wanted to look naughty by "taking their pill" in public. Smiling, he made the switch, and then made sure he fucked her good and proper every day or two. She let him shoot in her right and left, and got double doses from the boys each time the club met.

And so, as these things happen, there were soon three very pregnant and swelling bellies in the club. Ms. Simpson just figured that her pills hadn't worked, as sometimes happens. She decided to marry Mr. Rollins, who said he'd love the baby no matter who the father was. The two girls kept things a secret as long as they could, partly because they were afraid of the explosion when it became known. But, after thinking about things, they decided they wanted to have babies anyway. It was decided that if their parents kicked them out, they could live with the Rollins family until they finished school and got jobs and places of their own.

And, for the most part, they lived happily ever after.

They were barefoot and pregnant most of the time ... but they were happy.

The End

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