Night Of The Pregnant Cheerleaders

by Lubrican

"We're lost as hell Mr. Randolf" said the driver, Charley. "And we're stuck as well. I think maybe the axle is broken, but I can't tell without getting under it, and I can't do that with it in the ditch."

Bob Randolph and Cindy Lewis knew they had a problem, and they had no idea of how to solve it. They were teachers at the Mount Dawson Academy of Learning, a private school in the Ozark Mountains. At the moment, they were also the sponsors on the team bus, which was full of kids on the football and cheerleading squads. They had traveled all the way to Phoenix Arizona to play in a special tournament. The trip out had required that they spend two nights on the road, and the trip back was the same way.

The first problem to arise was flooding that washed out a bridge on the interstate and they had to take a detour. They knew they were somewhere in West Texas, but they didn't know where. They'd taken a wrong turn and then couldn't turn around because the road was too narrow. In the end they had to stop because the road stopped. It led into the yard of an old house, if you could call it that.

They tried turning around, but in the mud and muck they had gotten stuck. Then, with the entire football team pushing on the back and sides of the bus, they had gotten it moving only to slide into a ditch, almost falling over. There was immediately a high pitched whirring-metal grinding-make your ears hurt sound until Charley let off the gas. Charley couldn't even get out of the main doors because that side of the bus was leaning against a bank of mud. He and the cheerleaders, who had stayed on the bus while the team pushed (chanting "Go Offense" cheers), had to use the emergency door in the back of the bus to escape.

Now, with everyone standing around drenched in the rain, Charley had delivered the news that they weren't going anywhere soon. Cindy closed her cell phone. "No service" she said dismally. Several of the kids tried their phones too, but none could get through to a dial tone.

Bob looked at the "house". It was probably a hunting cabin, rather than a real residence. It was small and looked like it might fall down any minute. He went up on the porch and pushed on the door. It was locked, but there was no glass in it, so he reached inside and found the latch. He opened the door and went in to find that there was only one room. Most of the tin roof was there, but lots of it was rusted through and you had to pick and choose your spots to stand if you didn't want to be dripped on. The rain didn't look like it was going to let up any time soon. The windows in the house were still there, as was an old wood stove that was so rusty he couldn't get the door open. The stove pipe was rusted through anyway. He put two of the boys to work on trying to get the stove open while he inventoried the place.

Nothing. No food or water. He could see an old outhouse out back. There was plenty of broken furniture and wood lying around. At least they wouldn't freeze to death.

But it would be two days before they were missed. On the way in there had been very few crossroads, and none for the last three or four miles. He could send some of the boys out tomorrow to see if they could find a farmhouse, or some traffic, but not tonight. Not in this driving rain.

"Have the kids get their bags in here, over in that corner, where it's dry" he said to Cindy. "We need to get a fire going and get them in dry clothes as soon as we can." She nodded, teeth chattering.

He smiled at her, as if to say they'd be OK. She was a trooper, that was for sure. A small woman, she was in her late twenties, with brown hair. He knew her, of course, working in the same school, but he'd never actually taken much notice of her. He was glad she wasn't in panic mode. He needed her to keep her head. He put Charley in charge of four of the boys and told them to gather as much wood as they could find. Dry if possible, but all they could find.

Mandy Rezler appeared in front of him. "Mr. Randolph? We can't get the doors open" she said. He looked out a window and saw Cindy and two boys trying to dig mud away from the doors that opened on the right side of the bus under where the seats were. Those doors were pressed firmly into the muddy bank and he could see immediately that they'd never get them open until the bus was out of the ditch. Even worse the tailpipe of the bus was buried in the mud, so they couldn't even run the bus for heat.

"Shit!" he growled.

Mandy, perky as usual, said "Naughty naughty Mr. Randolph." But she didn't have her normal giggling demeanor. Her teeth were chattering too.

Charley and the boys came in with armloads of wood. The two boys working on the stove finally got the door open. Bob examined everything. It would be smoky, but they had to have the heat. One of the boys had a pocket knife and he whittled some shavings into a pile in the bottom of the stove. Then he broke up enough wood that he had some different sized pieces and he layered them in. One of the boys had a lighter - never mind they weren't supposed to smoke - and he got the little blaze going. Chip Johnson had been in Boy Scouts and took over from there, getting a nice hot fire going. The smoke wasn't so bad, since most of it went out the holes in the roof.

The kids crowded around the stove until Chip shooed them back a little. "You won't feel how hot it really is at first" he said. "You can catch your clothes on fire and not even know it."

"Yeah right" said another boy. "We're all soaking wet. We couldn't catch on fire if we were IN the fire." But they all backed up a little.

Bob went out to where Cindy and the two boys were digging. They were all covered with mud. "Give it up" he yelled through the wind gusts. "We have heat inside now. Go get warm." They struggled up out of the ditch. Bob knew they'd stay cold if they stayed muddy. "Wait" he said. "Come with me". He went to the corner of the house where a small river of water was pouring off the roof. He had each boy stand under it and rubbed the mud off of their heads, arms and torso. Once they were relatively clean he sent them in.

"I'm freezing" said Cindy as she went under the stream. Bob helped her wash off, working her hair until it was clean and then sliding his hands all over her shirt and jeans. She just stood shivering as he ran his hands places he would normally get slapped for. "Come on" he said and took her hand, dragging her inside. There was a solid semi circle of teenagers circling the wood stove from wall to wall. They weren't talking much, just holding their hands out to the warmth. Charley came in with another load of wood. "We can keep 'er going all night if we have to" he said. He was a solid guy too. He was technically on the maintenance crew at the school, but moonlighted as the bus driver. He was probably in his early thirties. Bob didn't know anything else about him.

Janie Freiburg spoke up. "Mr. Randolph? What are we going to do? I'm so cold." Several of the other kids added their complaint to hers.

He held up a hand. "Look, we have a problem here, but we're going to be OK. It's going to be rough until somebody finds us, or we get help, but we'll figure something out. We can't get to the dry clothes right now, and the immediate problem is that the wet clothes you are wearing are sucking your body heat out and we have to solve that problem first. We have some heat, but not enough for everybody to dry out at the same time. So just be patient and we'll figure something out."

He pushed Cindy through the kids until she could get some heat. He thought. They needed some kind of covering to wrap up in. He remembered seeing the girls wearing ponchos. Buffy Howell was the head cheerleader. "Buffy" he said. How many of those ponchos you guys were wearing are there?"

She brightened immediately. "We have lots! There's one for each girl and some for the players too!"

He asked her where they were and was pleased to hear they were inside the bus, instead of in the storage area that was now blocked. He told the kids to stay by the fire. He crawled in the back of the bus and found the ponchos in a box under the seats. Thank goodness for that. He took the box inside. When he examined the ponchos he found they had snaps on them, and could be fastened together.

Better and better.

Soon he had a sheet big enough to cover the floor. He folded it up so it wouldn't get wet and went to work on another one. He only had enough left to make a strip, but he had an idea.

The kids were all watching him.

"OK" he said, facing them. "We have what we need to survive the night, but it won't be pretty. I wouldn't suggest this, except that I believe it is the only thing we can do to keep warm and make it through to tomorrow. Hopefully it will stop raining in the night."

Johnny Baldwin, the quarterback, said "OK, so what are we gonna do?"

Bob told them. "We have enough ponchos to put down on the floor and lay down on something that isn't wet. We have a big enough poncho-sheet to cover everybody once we are all lying down. We'll all have to huddle together, sharing our body heat, and keep the fire going all night."

"Sounds simple enough" said Mandy.

"There's only one real problem" said Bob.

"What's that?" came several calls. They were cold and wanted to get on with the plan.

Bob was surprised when Cindy spoke up. "The problem is that it won't work if you are wearing wet clothes."

They all looked at her.

"But how are we going to get them dry?" asked Phil Smith, a wide receiver.

Bob spoke "We can't, not until morning, and only then if it stops raining."

"So what are we going to do? moaned Mandy."

Cindy saved him from having to say it. "We're all going to have to huddle ... naked."

There was dead silence.

Suddenly Randy Jeffries said "All right!! I get she spot next to Mandy!!" There were titters.

Mandy said "You wish!" and everyone laughed out loud.

"It doesn't matter who you're next to" said Cindy. "We're all going to be in one long line, like sardines."

Mandy said "Why don't all the boys huddle together and all the girls huddle together?"

Randy, still stung by her rebuff of him said "I'm not cuddling up naked to a guy. It would be all over school. I'll freeze first." Several of the guys agreed with him loudly.

Buffy added "And I don't want it said that we turned into a bunch of lesbians either. I say we go boy girl boy girl boy girl." There was a chorus of agreement.

Bob laid out the strip and immediately covered it with the big sheet to keep it dry. "Go!" he yelled.

It started slowly, with Bob and Cindy leading the way. When Cindy was down to bra and panties the girls finally started pulling their wet clothing off. Some of them hung up things on nails in the wall, or on the end of splintered boards, anywhere near the stove where it might dry. The boys began disrobing immediately, thought their eyes were on the girls.

Within a minute clothing flew everywhere as kids tried to be the first to get under the cover.

Cindy took a breath and released the snap on her bra. The tension of her pale white orbs flung the bra forward and there were gasps from some of the boys.

Her breasts were beautiful! They were much bigger than you would have thought and they were tipped with painfully erect dark pink nipples. She knew she was the center of attention, since none of the girls had gotten that far yet.

"Be nice!" she commanded, standing proudly and not covering her breasts at all. "They're just breasts, and every girl has them. Don't make the girls nervous by staring at them fellas."

A couple of the guys looked away. Bob noticed erections already tenting out underwear. He figured he'd better say something or the girls would freak.

"And girls!"

They all turned to look at him.

"Every guy has a penis, and in situations like this it gets erect. It's just a physical response to danger, adrenaline and pretty girls who happen to be naked. Please don't take any offense. We really can't control them."

As one, every girl in the room dropped her eyes to his underwear. He had responded to Cindy's beauty just like the boys and was more than half hard.

Within a minute there were bare breasts and bouncing stiff cocks all over the place as the kids finally got naked. There was a lot of peeking going on, which was normal, given the circumstances. Most of the boys had smooth adolescent cocks that were just made for slipping through cherries. They were, for the most part, six or so inches long and about as big around as two or three of the girl's fingers. Those teen penises were also basically pink or flesh colored, and, to a man, they were hard.

There were a lot of looks snuck at Bob too. But that's because his obviously adult penis looked completely different. His was gnarled and bent, with a big purple looking head on it. It looked like a club more than anything else. It was dark, as was the nest of hair it sprouted from. It looked like it had been broken or something, or maybe in too many fights that it had lost.

Several girls shuddered upon seeing it, and not from the cold.

Because the girls were all gawking at male genitalia, the boys got naked first, and crowded under the big tarp, leaving room between them. It was then up to the girls to decide which boys to sandwich between. Bob thought there could be trouble about that, but it actually went pretty well, with only two girls arguing about who they were going to cuddle with.

Bob turned to Cindy "You want to be between me and Charley or do you want to snuggle up to a student?" He felt a shot of adrenaline rush through him as she looked down at his now exposed cock and said "I think I'll take my chances with you and Charley."

Charley, for his part, was out of his element completely. Unknown to any of them, he wasn't' much removed from being a high school student himself. Not really. He lived with his mother and had for the whole six years he'd been out of school. He'd tried some better paying jobs, but didn't like the politics involved. He was quite happy working maintenance in the school.

But he had fantasies about some of the girls he saw all the time, and a few of them were naked in the room with him, and he was painfully erect by the time he got naked. He had been slower than most too, and was one of the last to be ready to go under the tarp. As such, practically everyone in the room got a good look at his young cock which was obviously ready for action. He stood helplessly, trying to decide where to go.

Cindy took mercy on him. "Charley" she said. "Adults are over here at this end."

Charley started in their direction when Mandy suddenly got up and said "I've changed my mind." and stood, waiting for Charley to get under the cover, after which she pointedly got into the position next to him.

That didn't do him any good at all because Mandy was one of the girls he thought about as he beat that magnificent penis he was currently sporting.

The fire was roaring in the stove now, and there was actually a little heat in the building. It was noisy too. The primary sound were voices, as adolescent males and females did something they wouldn't have believed possible - they intentionally rubbed their naked bodies together - with people they were NOT going steady with or even dating! So there were a chorus of "Ooooooo" and "Sorry" and "Don't touch me THERE!" type comments. The rest of the noise was from a combination of the steady rain on the tin roof, and the crackling of the cold ponchos as they were tugged and moved in an effort to get under a part that didn't have a seam in it.

In the end it was probably those seams that resulted in the pairing off of couples. It turned out that four people could huddle under one poncho and stay pretty dry. Then there was a seam where two ponchos were snapped together. Those leaked rainwater. Then there were another four people. It went like that under all twelve ponchos. It was crowded for four under a poncho ... but then, that was the point. It was even more crowded under the adult poncho, because the adults were bigger.

It was Mandy's idea that the females should lie on top of the males. "To make more room" she said in an attempt to sound like it was only for that reason.

Bob said "Uh oh" and started to veto the idea but Cindy poked him.

"Wait" she whispered.

Charley spoke next. "We can't do that!" he croaked. "You'd be lying right on top of my p..."

He was interrupted by Mandy who said "Body! Yes, Charley, that's the whole point Charley. It will be warmer and we can get clear away from where the water is leaking in. It will be fine Charley. Remember, Mr. Randolph said it's normal."

Which was proof that she knew exactly what Charley's objection was based on.

Of course the boys thought it was a great idea. About half of the girls didn't like that idea at all. But when the half that did crawled on top of their chosen boy, and there were oohs and aahs of warmth (OK, there were other reasons for the Oohs and Aahs) the rest reluctantly decided to do it too. Bob was astonished to find Cindy crawling up on top of him and opened his mouth to object and she whispered "Hush."

Thus it was that 24 females of childbearing age, found themselves lying on top of 24 rampant erections, attached to ball sacks just overflowing with sperm that, at the moment, was aching to make some women bear children.

Bob found himself immediately warmer and instinctively put his hands on Miss Lewis' back so she wouldn't roll off of him. He let those hands stroke all over her back, at which point she sighed and, if possible, huddled even closer to him. "Ohhhh that feels good" she murmured in his chest. She was about seven or eight inches shorter than he was, and in order for his erection to be on her stomach, her chin had to be right between his nipples.

So when she said something to his chest he said "What?"

Cindy Lewis had very intentionally lain down on Mr. Randolph in such a way that his erection WOULD be on her stomach, instead of pressing against her admittedly damp pussy. If she scooted up to where she could speak quietly with him, that lump that was pressing hotly into her belly would press hotly in between her legs.

She thought about the fact that she hadn't been on a date in three years because she was too busy with her job.

She thought about the fact that, in this room tonight, there would undoubtedly be sex going on.

She scooted up so her face was in the crook of his neck.

There were only three ways for people in this situation to lie. The girl could straddle the boy, The boy could spread his legs and let the girl lie between them. They could lie with legs together, but that was uncomfortable because the girl's body kept trying to roll off.

Cindy Lewis decided to straddle, and when she did, Mr. Randolph's cock tip pressed into the folds of her pussy mouth.

"What in the world are you doing?!" he whispered urgently. He knew exactly what that warm slippery surface was that his prick was pressing into.

Cindy whispered in his ear. "Look, these kids are in a bad way, right?" He nodded. She went on "And right now, I bet not one of them is thinking about how cold and wet and miserable he or she is right now ... or would be if we weren't all lying the way we are."

While she talked she unconsciously wiggled her pussy down against the blunt tip of his penis. It felt good.

"OK" he said, breathing a little more rapidly now. "But I don't think we need them fucking each other. I mean, just think of what the parents are going to say when they find out we did even this!"

Cindy breathed into his ear and he shivered. Her pussy was pressing harder on him and she could feel her nether lips spreading, stretching, making room. She said "Right. You're right about that. Yes, that wouldn't be good."

She pushed off the floor with her arms to raise her breasts off his chest.

"KIDS!" she yelled at the room in general. There were various voices that answered her. "Kids! Listen to me. This is very awkward, I know." When she had lifted herself it forced her down on Bob's cock. The head popped into her channel and she stifled a groan. "But you must have control here. This is only for heat ... to save our lives. You do not have permission for this to turn into some kind of sex orgy! Is that clear?"

Bob heard "Get a life", as well as "Now you tell us." and a couple of "What did she say?" kind of lines. But there was a chorus of high pitched female voices: "Yes, Miss Lewis," followed by groans from deeper voices.

Cindy sank back down on Bob's chest. Her stifled groan came out in his ear as her now hot breasts flattened against his chest. He was in her, if only an inch, but that was a whole lot at this point. Bob thought it had happened by pure accident and he lowered his hands to her butt cheeks to pull her up and off of him.

"Don't you dare!" she whispered.

He froze and started to move his hands.

"But you can leave your hands there," she spoke in his ear.

Bob, ever the gentleman, figured out what was going on and said "Are you sure?"

She put her lips right in his ear and said "No real harm so far, and I'm a lot warmer." She licked his ear and he gave his hips a little push that drove his cock another two inches into her.

She gasped and he whispered back "Play nice."

He knew he'd done OK when she licked his ear again.

There was a groan next to them as Charley tried to combat the attentions of Mandy. When she had seen his cock she decided right then and there that she was going to feel that baby in her pussy. She had only had sex one time, and that was with a man she babysat for. He was older and had a short fat penis that didn't go inside her very much. She remembered wishing he could get further in when he took her cherry. Now she was going to find out what a big long one felt like. She too had decided to straddle Charley and she was rubbing her firm teen breasts all over his chest. "Mmmmmm Charley, you're soooo warm" she breathed into his neck.

"But Mandy, we shouldn't be rubbing together like this" he moaned, trying to be quiet so he wouldn't embarrass her in front of the others.

"I'm finally getting warm Charley" she sighed, rubbing her pussy on his cock. "And the rubbing part feels sooo good." She wanted to kiss his neck, but she knew it was too soon. His cock felt so good rubbing against her pussy she hunched into it.

"Mandy!" he hissed "If you don't watch it something bad's going to happen!" he whispered urgently.

Mandy raised her head. What could he do if she just stuffed him into her? He couldn't very well scream and run away. She slid one hand between them and grasped his erection in her cold hand. "I don't think it would be so bad Charley" she said softly.

He took in a breath to rebuke her, but she leaned forward and kissed him, at the same time lodging the tip of his wonderful prick in her opening. She tongued him as his hands flopped.

He had been trying not to touch her naked body with his hands. By the time he decided he had to it was too late.

With an expellation of breath into his mouth, Mandy pushed herself down onto his cock, getting a little more than half of it in with that first push. Charley, feeling heat surround his cock on all sides, froze. He couldn't think straight. Her lips on his were so soft and warm and she tasted so good and that wonderful heat on his penis was so nice.

It seemed like his hips bucked up all by themselves ... up off the poncho they were lying on and he was suddenly fully embedded in tight cheerleader pussy.

Their kiss broke as both gasped for air. Mandy was delighted. She was so full of cock that she thought she could almost taste him. "Ohhhh thank you Charley" she moaned.

Melody Thomas and Carl Dupree had teamed up because both of them were the 'quiet' ones in the bunch. Carl was the kicker for the team and Melody was the secretary/treasurer for the cheerleading squad. She suited up and did the routine cheers, but didn't perform acrobatics or the other high visibility things that some of the girls specialized in.

Melody had the smallest breasts too, a fact she was acutely aware of on a routine basis. she happened to be standing by Carl when Ms Lewis announced they'd need to get naked to get warm. Melody, being only 15, wasn't allowed to date yet, so besides being a virgin she was uncomfortable with and inexperienced around boys.

Carl, though 17, didn't date much and was one of those people who has friends in lots of different social groups, including the geeks and unpopular kids. It was for that reason that Melody had noticed him in the first place. She'd admired him for that for the whole year, so when it appeared they'd have to pair up, she chose him to pair with.

All she'd had to do was turn and whisper "Carl! You and me, OK?" Then she'd blushed bright red, which is hard when you're freezing.

Carl, being the nice guy he was grinned and said "Sure thing Mel." His assignment of a nickname to her made her feel good too. When she saw his penis - hard, like Mr. Randolph said it would be - she got a flutter in her stomach. She had a brother, and her father ran around the house naked lots, so she'd seen them, but not like this. She couldn't help but think about what it was for, and where on her body it was meant to fit in.

Carl saw her staring at it and said "Sorry." Then, when she'd finally gotten up the courage to bare her body, he hadn't laughed, he'd just grabbed her hand and pulled her under the tarp. He'd hugged her to his chest immediately and she'd immediately begun to feel heat from his body. It took her a few minutes to be able to pay attention to the lump of that hard penis, where it was touching her abdomen.

His face was in her wet hair, and she felt another thrill as he whispered "You're really pretty Mel. I'm glad we got put together like this."

Melody was really out of her element. She didn't have the faintest idea what to do. So she just went with what felt best. She could feel the warmth from her partner's body and she wiggled her front all over his front. "MMmmmmm you're so warm" she sighed.

"Boy Mel, that feels really ... good" he whispered to her. Then, for reasons he couldn't have given if he tried, he kissed the ear he was whispering into.

Melody turned her face and kissed a boy for the first time in her life. It was electric! She couldn't believe the feelings it caused in her. His hands, which had just been placed on her waist, began to stroke her young awakening body.

"Carl" she whispered. "I feel all funny inside." Melody also realized at that point that if she dropped her knees to the sides of Carl's hips, she was more comfortable ... and she could wiggle better.

Now her virgin 15 year old pussy was open and riding all along his young stiff prick. Her untouched pussy lips kissed that prick, and then almost licked it as they slid along its length.

"Me too" he panted, loving the feeling of warm pussy rubbing along his penis. It began to leak, and that felt good too. "I've never done anything like this." he said.

Melody heard the boy who's penis was the first she ever felt, say he was a virgin too, and her pussy clenched with the thrill of knowing she was his first and he was hers. It made it special somehow.

His hands slid onto her buttocks and felt warm. "There!" she whispered. "Rub me there ... your hands are so warm!"

Chapter Two

Julie Russel and Tommy Quinn were already boyfriend/girlfriend when they started this trip. They'd been dating for three months, but other than some heavy kissing and petting, they'd resisted getting heavy into sex.

Both did so because they'd been taught it was wrong to do that until marriage.

Both were extremely sexually frustrated, but didn't actually know it.

Both masturbated almost every night, dreaming of the other.

Now they were naked and lying on their sides, facing each other, together in a dark room. There were 23 other couples doing exactly the same thing they were doing - rubbing their naked bodies all over each other.

Julie was wet - everywhere!

Tommy was leaking precum and wanted to beat off bad!

They kissed hotly and Tommy whispered "Do you think it would be OK to rub each other?" Julie nodded and kissed him again as her hand shot between them to his cock. Soon his hand was busy in her crotch and hers was busy in his. Their hands bumped each others a lot.

Julie wiggled as her boyfriend's thick finger stuck up in her burning pussy.

It felt so good.

It was so big and hard.

So was what she had in her hand.

She groaned "Take your hand away."

Tommy didn't want to do that. He was having fun playing with her pussy. But he didn't want her to get mad at him, so he removed his hand.

She jerked his cock frantically and mashed the smooth tip into her clitty. He hissed as he felt the furnace of her pussy mouth kiss the tip of his cock.

Together they rolled, pulling him on top of her and, in one violent shove, he buried his teen cock in her underage pussy.

Julie, in heat, felt a stab of pain and whined "Ooooo Owwwwww" but it was over almost immediately and she felt an unaccountable ecstasy as her lover bottomed out in her famished pussy.

Randy had been left in a very small circle alone when the pairing off started. It was probably because of his lewd comment about being next to Mandy. But as he stood there alone, he started stripping down, unashamed and apparently unaffected by the fact that no girls wanted to be next to him.

Janie had had a crush on him for two years, but he was two years older than her, and she didn't figure she had a chance, so she never did anything about it.

What nobody knew was that Janie and her step-brother Stephen had been fucking for years. Whenever their parents were gone long enough, and it was a safe time of the month for Janie, the two teens went at it like rabbits.

So, it was a very experienced Janie who sidled up to Randy and said "If you promise to behave yourself I'll lie next to you."

Randy glanced at her and said "You're just a Freshman".

She decided at that point that Randy Jeffries would leave this house as her slave.

Randy had looked around to see what other girls were available, but when Janie stripped and Randy saw her lush body with its plump shaved pussy, he decided that, Freshman or not, he wouldn't mind rubbing up against her.

He was therefore amazed beyond words when, as they got under the tarp, she climbed on him, fisted his cock, notching it in the mouth of her pussy, and sat down on it.


"What?" he grunted as her pussy lips mashed into his abdomen and his gasp of surprise expelled all his air.

"Shut up!" she growled at him. Then she kissed him and started using her very experienced milk maid's muscles to make him cum. She'd practiced enough with Stephen that she could bring him off in less than two minutes sometimes. But Stephen was usually trying not to cum.

Randy was taken completely by surprise. He'd been in the middle of a fantasy about somehow getting his cock close enough to her pussy to brush against it, and then somehow shooting so his spunk would get on those bald pussy lips.

Now, suddenly his prick was buried in soft hot pussy that was somehow sucking his balls through his dick! Within 30 seconds Randy Jeffries was pumping his copious teenage sperm in the fifteen year old girl's belly while she sucked the very breath from him in a wet passionate kiss.

Randy flopped, almost paralyzed by what was happening to him. When his cock finally quit spitting thick stuff and she finally stopped kissing him, she said "Now I'm a little warmer." into his neck.

Randy realized with complete shock that some of the kids were still getting situated, and a few weren't even under the tarp! When, probably three or four minutes later, Miss Lewis gave her speech about using self control it was Randy who yelled "Now you tell us" while his partner, still firmly impaled on his cock yelled "Yes Miss Lewis."

Immediately after that she put her lips next to his and said "I'm only a little warmer. You aren't done yet mister."

To his utter amazement he felt his cock lurch in her pussy as it started to regain it's rampant length.

Johnny and Buffy got paired up because of social rules. He was the quarterback, and she was the head cheerleader. It was only natural, right? So when the rest of the girls shied away from him, and the rest of the boys looked around at other girls, they were left together.

The only problem was ... they didn't like each other.

Basically, Buffy was a bitch. She treated everybody badly, and sucked up to Ms Goodson, the cheerleading sponsor, which was the only reason she was the head cheerleader.

Johnny had enough status though, that he could get away with telling her she was a bitch.

Buffy didn't care for the fact that Johnny got all the glory, while she worked her ass off on the sidelines entertaining the crowd.

Johnny didn't care for the fact that Buffy had messed up a touchdown play by being on the field and getting in a player's way.

Buffy had been known to say out loud that quarterbacks were chicken, hiding behind all those bigger boys.

Johnny liked to mess with her by making a mooing sound when she could hear it. Sometimes he did it loud, but sometimes softly, so only she would hear.

He was, of course, referring to her breasts. They were huge, 38 DDs at least. Buffy was proud of them, except when he did that. Somehow she felt ... ugly ... when he called her a cow.

So when Buffy realized she was going to be paired with Johnny she said "No way, I'm not getting naked with that prick."

Crystal Newsome laughed through chattering teeth and said "Which prick, Buffy? I see a whole bunch of them!"

Johnny turned to Crystal, who was pairing up with Frank Dunbar and said "Hey Crystal, Frank and I could make a sandwich. You'd be warmer."

Crystal actually thought it was a good idea, but Frank said "Get your own girl you pervert." Then he grabbed Crystal's hand and pulled her under the tarp.

Johnny and Buffy ended up being the last two who were still standing in the open air, Buffy in her bra and panties, and Johnny still wearing pants. There were several voices saying "Wow, that is warmer" and "Oooo you feel good" as the ponchos crackled while people moved under them, snuggling up.

Johnny had his own reason for not taking his pants off. When his penis wasn't hard, it looked completely normal. All the guys had seen it in the locker room, but none of them had seen it hard.

It curved when it was hard.

It curved UP when it was hard.

And it didn't curve a little bit ... it curved so much that it made almost a half circle!

When he got up in the morning and had a morning hardon, he couldn't piss standing up. He had to sit down on the toilet and bend his cock down as far as possible to keep from getting himself wet. And Crystal had looked good naked, with her black hair and pale skin with puffy pink nipples.

So he was hard. And he knew that Buffy would say something about it. But if he got under the tarp first, they would all rib him about being shy.

Buffy was freezing and it was that - and only that - that made her get naked in front of Johnny. She didn't even care if he went "Mooooo". She unsnapped her bra and her big breasts threw it off her body. They were big, but they had all the firmness of a teenager.

She was actually magnificent.

Her thrusting mounds had dark brown areolas and nipples that were thick and long. She too had shaved her pussy hair so she could wear bikinis at the beach in the summer. It was easier and more comfortable to maintain the shave during the school year.

As soon as she was naked she barked at Johnny. "OK, you prick, I'm freezing here. Let's go ... let's go!"

Johnny was staring at her magnificent tits. They looked different under her clothes. He licked his lips unconsciously.

She saw it and said "Don't even think about it! Come on, let's go!" Johnny knew he couldn't delay any further.

He dropped his pants and stood up.

Buffy was the one staring now. She'd seen her share of male organs, but she'd never seen one like this. She had the irrational view of a girl - herself, actually - hanging impaled on that thing while Johnny was standing up. Then she shook her head, but she was too unsettled to say anything. He lifted the tarp and she ducked under.

At first they lay side by side. Then he said "Look, we'll freeze if we don't ... touch each other." So they rolled sideways and he put one arm over her.

Her breasts felt cold against his chest and she murmured "Your chest is warm ... how do you do that?"

They were on the end of the line, and it was Buffy's back that was exposed to the air that snuck in under the end of the tarp. So when it came down the line that the girls were going to lie on top of the boys so they could get away from the seams, Buffy thought that was a good idea. By now she was beginning to feel a spark of warmth, and she wanted more, no matter whose body it was that provided it.

"I'm going to get on top of you" she said. "Don't you get any ideas. This is just for heat."

Johnny, who hadn't mooed at her even once, didn't say anything. He was too wrapped in enjoying the feeling of those massive tits against his chest.

Buffy climbed up on him, but couldn't stay on top. She kept rolling off because she was top heavy. Finally she realized if she straddled him her knees would keep her in place. When she lay down her pubic mound mashed right into his balls and he winced.

"Ow!, Buffy, you're smashing my balls." he groaned. "Scoot up a little". He put his hands on her bare butt to pull her up.

"Don't touch me there!" she yelled and she heard snickers from Crystal and Frank, right next to them. "He's touching my butt!" she snarled to Crystal, who she expected to back her up.

"Frank's touching a whole lot more than that," sighed Crystal as Frank's hands slid all over her back and buttocks. He'd already talked her into letting him put his stiff penis between her legs so she wouldn't be lying on it, and she was rubbing her pussy against it intentionally. Frank had just asked her if he could kiss her when Buffy got upset about Johnny's hands on her butt. She was getting warm all over and liked the feeling.

She kissed Frank while Buffy watched in horror.

"What are you guys doing?" hissed Buffy. "Stop that Frank!" she said as she saw his hands go to Crystal's butt and grab the cheeks, massaging them.

Crystal broke the kiss and turned her head toward Buffy. "Mind your own business. I'm getting warm." She went back to kissing Frank.

Buffy noticed that Johnny's cock, which had been hard and poking in her stomach, didn't feel ... big any more. She pressed her stomach against it.

It had gone soft.

Somehow, that did not make her feel any better.

Bob and Cindy lay with his prick tip barely in her for the present. They could feel Mandy moving around on top of Charley next to them, and Mandy's knees were bumping Cindy's. When they heard Charley groan and say "We shouldn't be doing this Mandy" and Mandy replied "Ohhh I feel so full." it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what they were doing.

Cindy put her lips in Bob's ear again. "I think they're playing nice over there too." she breathed.

Bob felt her hot breath in his ear and whispered back. "You're driving me crazy. You'd better stop or I'm going to have to punish you."

She licked his ear again and wiggled her pussy on his cock. He moved his hands from her butt cheeks to her hips and pushed her down firmly. She went "Ohhhh" as another three inches of his misshapen club slithered into her pussy. She'd forgotten how good it felt to have a nice hard prick in her pussy.

Mandy was fucking Charley's socks off, or would have been had he been wearing socks. His nice long pecker went all the way to the back of her pussy and poked her in places she'd never been able to reach, even with her hairbrush. She wished he could suck on her nipples, like Mr. Dawson did. She liked that, but it was too warm with her pressed against his chest to lift up. She slid her pussy up and down his cock, no longer caring that Mr. Randolph and Miss Lewis were right next to her. She heard Miss Lewis go "Ahhhhh" and it sounded pretty sexy. Charley had stopped complaining and his hands were now on her ass, helping her stroke on him. She felt her orgasm almost on her and whispered to her lover. "Charley, I'm about to cum on your pretty penis. Please don't stop Charley ... please."

Charley, once he'd admitted that he was all but being raped, decided that if she was that certain about what she was doing, who was he to try to stop her. When she whispered that she was about to cum he felt the sap rise in his balls. Surely, as forward as she was, she was on the pill. When she started gasping and writhing on him, he let go and his cock flushed her pussy with his virile spunk. It was the first time he'd ever had an orgasm while his penis was inside a woman.

He came a river.

Melody was sliding her pussy all along Carl's cock. Not only was her pussy stroking him, but her breasts were scraping all over his chest too. He jerked off pretty regularly, and he knew he was getting close to spewing. He knew what kind of mess that would make. He put his mouth in Melody's ear and whispered "Melody ... something's happening ... I'm going to ... my dick's going to ... you have to stop Mel ... it'll make a real mess!" he finished urgently.

Melody was on fire. She heard him and she knew what he was talking about. But she didn't want to quit. She rubbed off too and she knew she was close to her own orgasm. "I don't wanna quit" she moaned in his ear.

"You have to Melody ... I'm gonna make a mess!" he groaned.

Melody made her decision. She slid forward an extra amount, until she felt her pussy lips slip down over the head of his cock, where it was pressed into his stomach. Then she arched her back and pushed down. Her pussy mouth caught his prick tip and it slipped into her hole.

"It won't make a mess now." she moaned.

"But..." he gasped. That was all he got out before his cock went off. A long thick rope of slippery sperm leapt out of his penis and shot into Melody's 15 year old virgin pussy. It coated her everywhere and lubed her so well that, when she felt it and pushed down again, Carl's penis slid into her like it was made to.

Which, of course, it was.

His next couple of shots went off with his cock all the way in her and that made her orgasm crash down on her. "Ohfuck ... ohfuck ... ohfuck" she panted and then she bit his shoulder to keep herself from screaming.

"Ow - Melody ... Oh fuck!" yelled Carl, before he could think. His cock spat another thick glob of cum in her and she eased off his shoulder. Then, she lay limply on him, warm and happy. He was pretty happy too.

When Tommy felt his prick glide up into Julie's pussy, all he felt at first was the heat of her all around him. He'd been primed to blow anyway, and now he did. He gasped "UH ... UH ... UH" as his peter blew a healthy teenage wad into his girlfriend. She gasped too and said "I feel it Tommy ... I feel it spurting baby."

They happened to be lying next to Frank and Crystal, and it was the fact that they were obviously fucking that caused Frank to ask Crystal if he could put his cock between her legs. Crystal knew what was going on next to them too, and it was because of that that she LET Frank put his cock where no other cock had ever been before. Once his prick was rubbing her pussy, they both wanted more.

Frank whispered to Crystal "Have you ever done ... it?"

Crystal shook her head. "No. Have you?"

He shook his head too. "It sound's like ... fun."

Crystal said "Yeah, but I'm scared to ... you know ... do it."

Frank said "Maybe we could just do it ... a little."

"Maybe a little" Crystal sighed.

They fumbled a little, but soon had the tip of Frank's cock lodged in the tight mouth of Crystal's pussy. Nature took it's course and before long just the head was in her. That was enough for both of them. In that position her clitty was rubbing directly on his hard shaft and her pussy was sucking on the head of his cock. As Crystal rotated her pussy on his cock head, it only took them five minutes before she came and he shot streams of teenage sperm into her pussy. Oddly enough, her hymen had only stretched, and was still intact. She collapsed limply on top of him, his cock still in her. They were both warm.

Randy's cock got harder and harder as Janie licked, kissed and nibbled his lips. "I can't believe this" he whispered. "I thought you were just a kid."

"I am just a kid" she said. "But I'm a kid who has a belly full of nice hot stuff in me now. One more and I might be able to go to sleep."

The fact she wasn't trying to act grown up made it even more erotic for Randy. "How in hell did you get a prescription for the pill?" said Randy, as she began riding him, this time wanting to get her own cookies.

"Who said anything about the pill?" she said, fucking him now with long slow strokes.

"But..." he gasped.

"Shut up and fuck me Mr. Big Shot Jock" she growled.

He did.

Five minutes later the people on both sides of them were going at it just as hard, having heard the couple obviously fucking next to them. Both girls, having just heard the youngest cheerleader on the squad ask for a cunt-full of sperm, decided they'd get one too.

Four minutes later three teenaged pricks bulged and delivered streams of spunk into sucking nubile teenaged pussies.

It was quiet, except for the rain. The wind had died down. There were soft snores, though not everyone was asleep. All were warm, though, as long as they didn't move around a lot. All those bodies under the ponchos, and the heat from the stove, made things warm enough that people could sleep. Those still awake eventually drifted off into fitful sleep.

It was dark when Johnny woke up. He knew something had made him wake up, but he didn't hear anything. He felt the heaviness of Buffy on top of him, but he didn't really mind. She was warm. He brought his hands up to her ass cheeks and found they were cold as ice where the tarp had touched them.

She had finally straddled him and, complaining that the feel of his limp penis on her stomach felt "gross" she got him to tuck it down between his legs. He thought about that limpness and realized he had lost face in front of one of the really popular girls in school.

He wished he could just jam his cock into her. He knew what that cock did to girls who had a G-spot on the top of their vagina. He wanted to pump her full of sperm. Her tits really were magnificent, and just made for suckling babies. The tarp crackled and moved next to them, where Frank and Crystal were. Then the tarp moved, sucking cold air in that drafted all around Johnny. His eyes had become accustomed to the dark and there was some light from the rusty stove as the logs in it burned. He turned his head and was astonished to see that Frank was climbing on top of Crystal. Her eyes were open and her mouth was too.

What was going on?

He felt a foot hit his. It was Crystal's, and that meant she had kicked her left leg toward him. He couldn't lift his head because Buffy's was lying on top of it. He could just see between her hair strands. Now Crystal drew her knees up, making the tarp crackle again and it did even more when Frank arranged himself between her spread thighs. Crystal fumbled a hand between them ... down there.

Then Frank lunged forward and there were twin sighs from both teens.

Johnny suddenly realized he had watched as Frank sank his cock into the cheerleader.

They were fucking!

Right next to him!

They were obviously trying to be quiet, but it wasn't working. Crystal was moaning and whining little "Mmmmms" and "Oooooos" and "Oh yessses" while Frank was just pounding away.

Johnny felt his prick begin to stiffen as he watched his friends mating next to him. His curved cock stood at attention and the tip plowed into Buffy's furry pussy.


He was stuck with the ice queen while his buddy got his rocks off not six inches away. He wondered if Crystal was hot enough to let him go too.

Frank stiffened, pushing forward one last time and grunted. Johnny knew his cock was spewing strings of white cum into Crystal's pussy. Crystal humped her butt up off the floor, obviously loving what was happening, but making a lot of noise.

Johnny felt his prick leak some precum right on Buffy's pussy lips. Remotely, he thought it would be a real hoot if a single one of his sperm cells swam into Buffy and found a ripe egg. She'd get pregnant and be able to pass a lie detector test that she never had sex.

The tarp crackled further down the row and somebody stood up. Whoever it was, was walking toward his end, toward the stove.

Buffy woke up because of the crackling noise. She'd been hearing it way off in a dream somewhere, but convinced herself it really was just a dream. She raised her head, looking at Johnny's face. His eyes were closed. She looked around and saw someone walking toward her. It was Miss Lewis. She walked right past Buffy to the stove and bent over, picking up something. Wood. She was putting wood on the fire. Miss Lewis opened the door of the stove and light flashed out, illuminating the teacher.

She was naked, of course, and her body didn't look old. Buffy thought of all teachers as "old", but Miss Lewis' body looked lush and ... ripe. She bent over to get more wood and Buffy saw something streaking her thighs. It was pale, maybe white, and was running down her thighs on the inside.

At first Buffy thought Miss Lewis was peeing on herself, but she suddenly realized pee wouldn't look like that. It had to be ... sperm! Somebody had fucked Miss Lewis! Miss Lewis had laid down with Mr. Randolph.

Buffy felt a thrill shoot through her pussy. Then she felt something pushing at her pussy. It was Johnny's cock! It had gotten hard while he slept!

It had crushed her to think that she was so undesirable that his dick went limp when she lay down on top of him. She'd wanted to cry, but she wouldn't give him the satisfaction.

But now he was hard again, and it was pressing into her pussy. She looked at the stuff leaking from Miss Lewis' pussy and gently tried to skootch down.

Johnny waited until Miss Lewis had gone back to her end of the tarp. He heard the crackle as she got under it again. He knew Crystal and Frank wouldn't do anything. He knew Buffy was awake and he knew she was pushing down against his cock.

And she'd warned him not to try anything!

He tensed, and when she wiggled again, pushing, he acted. He rolled toward the stove, and away from Frank and Crystal.

Buffy hissed as he rolled on top of the leg that had been straddling him on that side. Her back hit the floor and her breath whooshed out. His cock had come loose, but he grabbed it and pressed it into her crotch. He let his chest sink down on those fabulous tits and kissed her to stop her from shouting. Her hands were hitting him on the back when he felt his cock hit the sweet spot.

He lifted his hips and drove it into her.

Buffy froze.

Johnny, with no technique at all, started sawing his cock in and out of Buffy's shocked pussy. The tip scraped all along the upper wall of her pussy.

Buffy did, indeed, have a G-spot. His cock tip massaged it intensely. Buffy had been horny to begin with. When her G-spot sent it's frantic signals to her brain, she slumped under the man she wanted to hate, but whose cock was driving her wild. Johnny thought she'd fainted and was concerned. But when he stopped moving to see if she was OK, her hands came up and grabbed his ass, pulling on him.

What started out as a rape, for all intents and purposes, ended after Buffy had three orgasms in a row and begged him to stop because she couldn't breathe. He grinned and sent several million sperm cells chasing after the one he'd fantasized about swimming up in her. As his cock belched spooge in her soft warm depths, Johnny hoped he was knocking the bitch up.

Buffy and Johnny made a lot of noise, and woke up a lot of people. In the wake of Johnny's orgasm there were a series of other orgasms as teens under the tarp coupled again, this time intentionally and for the sex, not just to keep warm.

After all was said and done, not a single cheerleader pussy was dry.

All of them were swimming in rich, thick, teenage sperm. Potent ... virile ... teenage sperm. Well, except for Mandy. The sperm she was soaking in was adult, but it was no less potent.

Miss Lewis got her pussy filled twice! The second time, as she felt the hot fluid pouring into her she proposed marriage to Mr. Randolph.

The next day was interesting. We are sure of that. We don't know much about what happened that day. We know that some of the boys went looking for help, though they claim they couldn't find any. We know that they all had to stay under that tarp for another night. There were a lot of claims that their clothes wouldn't dry out, or that they didn't have enough room to hang them all up or something. There are hints that no one even tried to get dressed other than the boys who went for help.

We do know, from the searchers in the helicopter that found them, that a very naked girl with huge breasts was the only one who ran out and waved at them when they flew over the shack and spotted the bus in the ditch.

We also know that every female on that trip gave birth to a baby within one year after that trip. And we know that there were twenty marriages that developed from the people on that trip. There would have been more, but three sets of parents, the ones with 15 year old girls, took their children ... and grandchildren elsewhere to live.


She had twins.

And that's all she got out of that trip!

The End

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