Riding The Team Bus

by Lubrican

Author's Comment: People write to me and want to know which was the very first story I ever wrote. Well, it was this one. It wasn't the first one posted, but it's the first one I sat down and wrote. You can kind of tell, but I like it anyway.


Christy was about as excited as she'd ever been in her whole life. She had performed her first real cheer as a cheerleader! Well, actually, she had performed forty or fifty cheers at her first football game as a cheerleader. And, her team had won!

Everything had been so exciting. It was an away game, so the team, the coaches and the cheerleaders had all ridden up to Mulholland on two school buses. Once there they had played the game and been fed a meal. Now it was late, and dark, and they were on their way back home. Part of Christy was tired, and was looking forward to getting home and sleeping in the next morning. Christy loved Saturdays because she could lay around in bed almost as long as she wanted to.

But another part of Christy was wide awake and full of energy. They had won their first game, and she hadn't made any big mistakes. Plus, Jimmy Andrews had flirted with her. He was a wide receiver on the team, and he'd caught two passes that turned into touchdowns. After the first one he'd run right past her on his way to the bench and he stopped right in front of her and said "That one was for you, Christy."

Then, when the offense went back on the field, he yelled as he ran by her "If I get another TD is it worth a kiss?" Christy had laughed and yelled SCORE!! and then had blown him a kiss.

Megan Woolworth, a Junior cheerleader had come over and said "You better watch that Jimmy girl! His kisses have a tendency to get pretty dangerous!" Then she'd done back flips on her way back to her position. Christy began paying attention to the other players and the other cheerleaders and she noticed that lots of the girls promised kisses if points were scored.

Now, in the dark, as the bus bumped and bounced along toward home, the players were beginning to collect their spoils of victory. Christy sat down next to Linda Volz when she first boarded the bus. As a Freshman, Christy didn't know very many of the players yet. She and Linda were the only two freshmen on the squad and they were a little shy yet about socializing with the mostly older boys on the team. She and Linda began whispering and pointing things out to each other as the players paired off with cheerleaders.

One pair they could see pretty well were Megan and Todd Simpson. Megan was sitting on Todd's lap and they were kissing long tongue swapping kisses. Christy could see some of what was going on as they passed street lights, or signs. Todd's hands seemed to be wandering all over Megan's body.

Linda hissed and pointed at another pair, Valerie Collins and Steve Wampler. Steve's hands were clearly squeezing Valerie's precious teen titties through her jersey and she was letting him! And two seats behind them were Misty Lawlor and Kevin Strumpf. Misty was facing Kevin, obviously sitting on his lap.

"Boy the bus sure is bouncing a lot." whispered Linda, pointing at Misty and Kevin. Sure enough, Christy could see Misty bouncing up and down on Kevin's lap. Then a naughty thrill went through Christy. This part of the road was pretty smooth. Linda and Christy weren't bounding on the seat! She whispered back at Linda "You don't suppose they're..." Linda looked very excited "I think they ARE!"

Just then Danny Spelbock came walking up the aisle. He leaned across Christy and said "Linda, I think you owe me some kisses. I caught four passes tonight and ran for over 40 yards."

Linda giggled, looked at Christy, shrugged her shoulders and got up to go with Danny toward the front of the bus. Christy started looking for Jimmy, to see who he was with, when she felt a large shape slide into the seat, pushing her over against the window.

It was Jimmy. He smiled at her in the dark. She could see his white teeth.

"Hi" he said.

Christy felt all warm inside. "Hi" she said back.

"You gonna give me kisses?" he said, putting his arm around her.

"I guess" she said shyly.

"OK" he said, and he leaned over and planted one right on her lips.

Christy had only been allowed to date for about six months. High School was harder than the Junior High she had come from, so she studied most nights, and didn't actually go out on many dates. Plus her curfew was pretty early, and she was a little embarrassed to tell prospective dates that she had to be home by nine.

So, while Christy knew about kissing, and had had lots of fantasies about kissing, and had practiced on her pillow and stuffed animals, she hadn't actually gotten that much experience at kissing a real boy. Especially French kissing. So when Jimmy slithered his tongue into her mouth and sucked on her own tongue while holding her tight against him, she got a little light headed.

The kiss went on and on and pretty soon she started feeling limp. Plus there was a funny feeling in her stomach. Finally Jimmy broke the kiss. "That's one" he said softly.

Christy was trying to get control of her body. "How many do I owe you?" she said, a little breathlessly.

"Well, I scored twelve points" he said. "So I guess that means you owe me twelve kisses."

Just then Megan let out a squeal. Christy and Jimmy both turned their heads to look. Todd's hands were up inside Megan's sweater, obviously feeling her breasts under the cloth. Her skirt had been bunched up around her waist and there was a scrap of pale colored something hanging from around one of her ankles. They passed a series of street lights and Christy saw that the pale something was Megan's panties!!!

Jimmy whispered in Christy's ear "Man that's hot. Todd's got it in her!" Christy raised up, leaning over Jimmy, trying to see. Then a shaft of light crossed Todd's lap and Christy saw it!

Todd's obviously hard penis was penetrating Megan's fluffy pussy!

Right there on the bus!

In plain sight of everybody!

And Megan was obviously loving it. She was bouncing up and down wildly, moaning and trying to kiss Todd at the same time.

Christy felt her own pussy start to get damp. She felt something else too. She felt hands on her own tender titties. Jimmy was feeling her up! She froze. She didn't know what to do. She tried to say something... anything... "I can't believe they're doing that" she gasped.

Jimmy was squeezing her breasts with his big hands. "They're not the only ones", he said. "Stand up".

Christy felt him helping her stand. He turned her to face forward and she had to step over his legs. Now she was straddling his legs and his hands were on her hips. He stood up, and the front of his pants pressed into her tight teen butt. "Look at Val and Steve" he said as his hands slid up, under her sweater and onto the cups of her sports bra.

She gasped at the feel of his warm hands on the skin of her stomach. But Valerie and Steve were right in front of her. Valerie was lying back on the seat, her legs spread and Steve was between them, his hips rising and falling in what were obvious fucking movements. Valerie's hands were on his naked butt, pulling him. As she watched Steve gave out a big groan and pushed against Valeri. "I'm cumming baby" he grunted. Then, as his penis obviously spat globs of sperm in Valerie's pussy, he kissed her long and hard.

Right then Jimmy slid his hands under Christy's sports bra. He pushed it up off her breasts as his fingers found her sensitive nipples. He gave them a little squeeze and pushed something hard against her butt.

Christy couldn't think. His fingers felt so lovely on her nipples. No boy had ever touched her bare breasts before and when he squeezed her nipples it sent little electric shocks straight to that place between her legs that felt so good when she washed it extra good in the shower. She was scared, but it felt so good too!

"I can't" she sobbed, turning and twisting, trying to get his hands away from her nipples.

"What's wrong?" Jimmy said. "I won't hurt you."

"I can't" she repeated, turning sideways to him. "I've never... nobody's ever..."

"Ohhhh" he said, smiling. "Hey, don't worry. Nobody's going to force you into anything. Why don't we just make each other feel good? OK? I won't do anything you don't want me to. OK?"

He sounded so reasonable. And now there were moans and fucking sounds coming from all over the bus. Christy heard Linda's voice, up toward the front of the bus. She went "Awwwwwwww" in a way that was just like Christy felt like saying when Jimmy had been squeezing her nipples. They were coming to a little town, with lots of lights. Christy peered forward, trying to see her friend.

There! Five or six seats forward. Linda was sitting with her back to the window. Her sweater was bunched up under her armpits. Danny's head was right there... right where her breasts would be... her obviously naked breasts. Then Christy saw Danny's head disappear downward and Linda let out a wail "Ohhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuck" Danny was eating her pussy!!!!!

"You want me to do that?" whispered Jimmy. His hands had found their way under her sweater again, and were rubbing all over her hot tingly titties.

"I don't know" she whispered.

"Let me try it" he whispered right in her ear. She shivered at the feel of his breath hitting her ear. "If you don't like it I'll stop, OK?"

Christy felt herself being turned around. She sat down on the seat. Her skirt was flipped up over her tummy. She felt Jimmy's hands on her panties, pulling. She felt cool air hit her pussy as her panties were pulled down and off. Big strong hands grabbed her knees and then there was pressure, forcing her knees apart. She didn't know what to do. "Ohhhh noooooo" she moaned.

Jimmy lurched upward, putting his hips between her knees so she couldn't close them. He kissed her, licked her lips, giving her lots of little kisses on the corners of her mouth, her cheeks, her neck. "Remember, I'll stop if you don't like it." he whispered. Then he was kissing his way down her body.

Christy held her breath. She started to push him away, to get up, to cover her exposed pussy.

Then Jimmy's lips kissed her pussy lips and his tongue slipped between them. He French kissed her pussy, sticking his tongue as far in her as he could get it, and rubbing his upper lip across her little teen clitty.

Christy got light headed. She thought she might explode. She thought she might just die it felt so wonderful. She let out an explosive breath "Awwwwwwwww" Just like Linda had. Jimmy's tongue was doing such wonderful things. Her hips wanted to move. They made little jerks off the seat as he feasted on her virgin pussy. Within three minutes she knew she was going to cum, just like in the shower, only she could already tell that this was going to be MUCH stronger.

It was. She almost passed out from the shock of cumming so hard. Jimmy seemed to be able to tell she was going to cum, because just as she slipped over the edge, his teeth found her clit and bit it lightly. Christy's hips slammed up into his face and she wailed her approval. She heard Megan yell "Christy's getting one" and several other girls cheered.

As she caught her breath Jimmy pulled her up and sat down on the seat. He pulled his pants down around his knees. He had a boner and it was sticking straight up, shiny in the passing lights. "You gotta rub me Christy, please" he pleaded. "My balls are so full they're starting to hurt."

He pulled her over him, making her straddle his knees. She sat down on his knees, where his pants were. His cock was right in front of her naked pussy. He grabbed her hand and put it on his rampant prick. He showed her how to stroke it. "Please, Christy, I just gotta cum or I'll explode." She knew how he felt, and she started pulling on his cock. It was awkward, in the position she was in. As she pulled it, it slapped against her leg, her thigh, just below her pussy. The bus hit a bump and she shifted. Now his prick tip was touching her hot sticky pussy lips as she pulled on it. That felt too nice. She couldn't resist rubbing the tip of his cock right on her clitty. He moaned when he felt hot slick pussy rubbing against his cock.

"Oh let me put it in Christy" he moaned. "Please, oh please let me put it in you... just a little."

Christy was hot. Christy was horny. She'd done more in the last half hour than she'd done in her whole young sexual life. It all felt so good. She turned her head, to look at Linda. Linda was sitting on Danny's lap, just like Christy was sitting on Jimmy's lap. But Linda was bouncing up and down, just like they'd seen Misty and Kevin doing. Linda was fucking! Christy didn't think about the consequences. She didn't think about pain. She didn't think about babies. She slid forward, letting Jimmy's hard cock nose into her gaping runny pussy.

Jimmy didn't really think Christy would let him fuck her. She was a virgin, after all. But when he felt her sliding his cock into her hole then his instincts took over. His hands came up and grabbed her naked butt. He pulled. She slid. His peter slithered right up into her teen pussy.

She was hot. She was tight. He was long and hard. They were made for each other. His cock filled her pussy up like a hand fills up a glove. Christy's womb said "Hi there Mr. Penis, how bout a squirt?" Her pussy sucked at his cock like a puppy sucks his momma's teats.

Jimmy had been hot and horny all night. He'd been lusting after Christy for months, and now his peter was buried in her belly. He'd gotten to eat her sweet pussy. Now he gave it a bath. His cock flared and erupted, splashing thick white cum all up in her pussy. He gave a shove and his prick spat a glob in her untried teen womb. He came hard. He came long. He pumped semen like a fire truck pumps water.

Christy felt Jimmy's cock slide into her and again, she held her breath. It filled her. It stretched her. There was some pain at first. But it tickled something way up deep inside her that felt just fabulous and then it swelled up and began spurting hot stuff inside her. She could feel each spurt. She could feel the heat. She could feel the wet. He was cumming in her pussy. Her momma would just shit if she knew what Jimmy Andrews was doing in Christy's pussy right this second. Christy knew it was wrong. She knew she shouldn't have done it. But she leaned forward and kissed Jimmy as his prick sputtered and spat it's last few dribbles of man cum in her.

"Ohhhhhh thank you so much" Jimmy groaned.

"I shouldn't have let you" she said, looking him face to face.

"I know, but I'm sure glad you did" he sighed. "I never felt anything so good in my whole life."

"So are we going steady now?" she asked. "Or are you gonna dump me and tell the boys I'm a slut."

"I'd never do that" he said, pulling her to him for a kiss. "I wanna go steady with you."

"I might let you do this again if you're good to me," she said.

"Ooooooo" huffed Jimmy. His cock started to get stiff again. Teenage boys can do it two or three times in a row.

Christy felt it. She was happy. She had a boyfriend. He had a nice hard cock and it was in her pussy. Pretty soon he was going to squirt in her again, and this time she might be able to cum at the same time he did that. She couldn't wait.

By the time the team got back to the school, Christy had THREE loads of hot thick spunk all up in her pussy. She was just SOAKED with it, and when she got off the bus it ran down her thighs, there was so much.

Jimmy walked right beside her, his head held high. He was the cock of the walk. He had a beautiful cheerleader girlfriend who let him dump his stuff in her pussy.

And they already had a date for the next weekend!

The End

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