Scamming the Wives

by Lubrican

Chapters : 1 | 2


A while back I read a story at ASSTR by an author named SHATTIMS, called Playing The Advantage. I liked that story a lot. As sometimes happens, my mind took things a little further than SHATTIMS did in his story. So I wrote to him and asked him if I could do my own version of it. He most generously told me to take a whack at it. I have shamelessly used some of his original work, particularly in the first half of the story, but that's because it was good.

I'd appreciate it if you'd thank him for his generosity by reading his original work, which can be found at the following link:

It turns out that SHATTIMS also writes under the name of Wayward One at Storiesonline. The same story, for all intents and purposes, was posted there under the title "Cindy Plays With the Guys, as the first story in his Poker Plot Series. So you can read it there, along with the rest of the series, if you so desire.


Chapter One

Author's Comment: It is said Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. This is an examination of that old saying with only one word changed: Hell hath no fury like a woman scammed.

There were four of us: Danny, Brad, Bob and me, Gene. We met in college and were in the same fraternity. We all majored in electrical engineering and got jobs with the same company, Porter Mechanical Systems, in Indianapolis. It was a global company that contracted for the production of various parts used in making all kinds of big machinery.

We were like the four musketeers or something. We found houses in the same part of town. We were all married to girls who, if they hadn't already known each other in college too, met when they started dating one of us four. We also brought another thing with us from college: a love of poker.

We had played routinely while at school. They weren't high stakes games or anything. It was for the fellowship that we played, not the money. Five bucks would get you nickel, dime and quarter chips, and five bucks was about all anybody ever lost in a game. It gave us a chance to blow off steam during an evening of banter, wits and deception.

Over time we've settled on Saturday nights. It evolved from negotiations, actually. Friday nights belong to the wives, and they let us have Saturday nights for the games. So long as we are attentive to them the rest of the week they don't seem to mind. And none of us have kids, so it's not like we're avoiding our responsibilities. Sometimes the girls get together and have their own girls' night out too, though not as regularly as the guys do. Still, they're friends, like us guys are friends. I'm sure they talk about girl stuff, just like we talk about guy stuff.

To keep things fair we rotate hosts, so about once a month each of the wives has her home invaded for what can become a rather boisterous evening. We try not to impose too much and one of the rules is that we clean up after ourselves so the host wife doesn't have to.

On the other hand, the hostess is kind of expected, unofficially, of course, to stick around, keeping us supplied with drinks and goodies. And, if she wants to watch that's OK, though that's never happened. None of the wives have shown any interest in poker. Usually the hostess hangs out in her bedroom or watches TV when she's not taking care of us. It all seems to be pretty workable.

One night we were at Brad's house, and his wife had some previous engagement or something. In any case, she wasn't there and that left Brad to do all the things she would normally have done. But without female ears around it also gave us a chance to get all macho and raunchy. Guys like to tease each other and we were no exception. And Brad was an easy target that night.

"Hey, Brad, how come Lori didn't stick around tonight? I always enjoy watching those big boobs of hers bounce when she brings stuff out for us." That was Danny, who was a tit man.

"Yeah, and even better is watching her go back into the kitchen, said Bob, the ass man in the group. "I don't have to worry about her catching me looking, and boy does she have a nice ass."

Brad, of course, got flustered, which only made us go after him even more.

I put in my two cents worth. "I got a fantasy about her. Anybody want to hear it?"

Danny and Bob, of course, shouted "Yes!" while Brad shouted "No!"

"This is America," I said. "The majority rules. So there we are, on a boat dock on a lake somewhere, and Brad is out fishing and Lori is all lonely, so I suggest we go swimming and she says she doesn't have a suit and of course we end up skinny dipping and she gets some water down the wrong way. So I have to go help her, which means supporting her luscious naked body in the water and I do another kind of dipping."

The other two guys were laughing by now and Brad was red in the face, almost, but not quite pissed off.

"Two can play that game, Gene," he burst out, looking straight at me, "Let me tell you some of the dreams I've had about Julie."
Julie, of course, is my wife.

Bob switched sides immediately. Guys are like that. "Oh, man. Julie is one stone fox, isn't she. She's got those legs that go all the way to the floor!" He knows I'm a leg man and was rubbing it in.

"You said it," Danny threw in, "I'd fucking love to feel them wrapped around me in bed some time."

Now it was my turn to get red faced. Those legs were for wrapping around me, not them.

Of course now the barn door was open and the stories started pouring out. It turned out we all had fantasies about our buddies' wives, and in fact we had each fantasized at one time or another about all three of the other women.

When the torrent of sexual fantasies finally subsided, Bob leaned back in his chair, looked at all three of us, and said "That's some shit, man!" That about summed it up for all of us. We came to an unspoken consensus that it was time to drop the subject, and we went back to the game.

But it wasn't forgotten, at least not by me, and I'm sure the others were feeling the same sort of thing. I'd gotten a hell of a boner listening to people guess about nipple colors and whether one of them was shaved or not. It became clear I wasn't the only one, when Bob finally said, "I've got an idea."

Sure enough he did have an idea, which involved the next four poker nights, and since it included each of the wives one of those four nights, we couldn't complain about its fairness. Jealousy was another matter, but I figured three nights of sexy possibilities could make up for one night of jealousy. Apparently the other three guys came to the same conclusion.

Since it was Bob's idea, and his turn to host the next week anyway, he proposed that we could start the plan at his house. We then spent some time going over the details, but rather than explain all that to you, I'll just tell you what happened the next week. The only other thing I'll say at this point was that it was all just for fun. I mean we weren't serious about doing anything heavy. It was just four horn dogs tossing around this idea to have some grins.

Before the night arrived, Bob made a point of bitching to his wife about what Lori had done to us.

"Can you believe it, Chrissy, Lori took off for the evening and left us stranded. I know we play poker and you gals don't, but that doesn't mean we don't notice you. You guys are part of the setup, and I'm not just talking about bringing us drinks. We all like each other's wives too. It just wasn't the same without her being there."

Naturally Chrissy took the hint. Part of that was because she was flattered that all the other guys wanted her around. It turned out the other wives felt the same way, but we didn't know that then.

When we got to Bob's house she not only greeted us, but was ready with a generous supply of tortilla chips and the home made salsa that she's famous for. She also dressed pretty nice that night in a clinging sweater that showed off her breasts really well. We settled down and started playing, but during the third hand the phone rang, just as we had been expecting.

Chrissy took the call, then came out saying, "Bob, it's somebody named George, and he says it's urgent, and that he has to talk to you."

"It's always urgent with George," Bob grumbled, "I'll try to get rid of him. Sorry, guys."

We were impressed. He really put on a good act, like he didn't know the call would be coming. So, anyway, Bob went out to talk to "George", and came back in a couple of minutes looking totally shaken.

"This time it really is urgent," he reported. "We've got a hell of a disaster at the office, and I'm going to have to go in. But I hate to break up the game. What do you think, Chrissy, would it be OK if the guys stayed?"

"I don't think so," Danny said, "we don't want to bother Chrissy. It's bad enough we ask her to wait on us when you're here." He blinked as he realized that was treading on dangerous ground. "Besides, who'd protect her from us? She's a babe, you know."

Chrissy preened and then said, "It's OK, really. You guys are more than welcome to stay. Besides, if you leave, what'll I do with all the chips and salsa?"

We finally let her talk us into staying, as we had planned all along. Bob kissed Chrissy, and told her he knew he'd be gone for at least four hours, and not to wait up for him. She told him she understood, and it wasn't like this happened all the time.

As soon as he was out the door we settled down to play again, but we grumbled about having a problem.

"Chrissy, we were in the middle of a hand, and it was Bob's turn to bet. Can you sit in long enough to finish it for him?"

"Gee, I don't know much about poker, but I guess I could."

She picked up Bob's hand, studied it for a while, then frowned and said, "Would it be OK if I bet this?" pushing out a blue chip.

"Well," Danny said, "you need a nickel to call, and blue is a dime. So you just raised by five."

Brad was next around the table, but he shook his head. "Pot's too rich for me. I fold."

"Me, too," I said tossing my cards face down on the table.

"Not too rich for me," Danny proclaimed, "I'll match you and raise you another nickel," pushing out a blue chip of his own.

We all looked expectantly at Chrissy. "What am I supposed to do now?" she asked.

Brad explained her choices. "You can fold right now, and lose what you have put out, or you can match Danny's bet and then compare hands to see who has the better one, or you can match, and raise again, to see if Danny is willing to go even higher. But to tell you the truth," this in a stage whisper with his hand cupping his mouth so Danny couldn't read his lips, "I think he's bluffing."

"What should I do if he is?"

"Well, you definitely don't want to fold. Either put in a white chip to call his bet, or raise him. If you call and he has a better hand than you do, you lose. If you raise, and he gives up, you win even if he does have a better hand."

"OK, I'll raise. Here's five to match you, and five more to raise," pushing out two white chips.

Danny shook his head. "Brad's right, I was bluffing. I don't want to pour any more money into this crappy hand. I fold."

This was all exactly as we had planned it. The idea was to let Chrissy win the first hand, and hope we could keep her interested. Now all that was left was the hard part.

Brad grinned at her. "I don't know if you realize what you just did," he said, "that pot was worth at least three dollars. That's a big pot for our games. Congratulations."

"And," I threw in, "we'll promise not to tell Bob you won it, so the money's all yours."

"I'm kind of glad you don't like playing," Danny added helpfully, "I have a feeling that if you stayed in the game I'd lose my shirt."

I blew beer through my nose. We were all hoping we'd lose our shirts that night ... literally.

"Though it is better playing with four," observed Brad.

We all nodded.

Brad went on. "How about it, Chrissy? Would you take pity on us and stay in the game for a while? The most you could lose is the five bucks your hubby put in, but you could win fifteen more. And it really is better with four playing."

Chrissy was looking at the pile of chips she had just raked in. Winning your first pot will do something to you, sometimes. It's a heck of a rush, even if it's just the equivalent of a bunch of pocket change.

Whatever her thoughts were, she finally looked up, smiled brightly, and said, "What the heck. Sure, I'll play."

It turned out she was a fast learner. Of course she didn't know the odds like we did, but it didn't take her long to get a good idea of the value of her hand, and to discover what would beat what. She even started getting the hang of bluffing, though we spotted a couple of mannerisms that tended to give her away. We intentionally let her win a few hands, but she won a couple on her own, too.

However, knowledge, experience, and collaboration will win out in the end, so in something under an hour the pile of chips in front of Chrissy was nearly gone. Meanwhile, I'd been quietly slipping threes out of the deck, and when I had all four of them, and the deal, I was ready for the next step. I slid the threes on the bottom of the deck, and that's where I dealt Chrissy's hand from. The guys gave me knowing grins, but she didn't notice.

You should have seen her eyes, though, when she picked up her hand. And the tremor in her voice as she forced the betting higher on the second round was something to remember. Brad dropped out quickly, but Danny and I kept going, until she finally pushed in her last three chips.

I called, but then Danny looked straight at her and said, "I'll see you and raise you five," pushing out an extra chip.

Chrissy's face fell. "I, don't have any more, but I really, really, can't drop out. What can I do?"

Brad came gallantly to her rescue. "Do you really think you have a winning hand?"

When she nodded he went on, "OK, I'll stake you, for the five and anything more you need, but if you win you have to pay me back at the end of the hand."

"Of course! Oh thank you, Brad!"

"But there's one more thing," he went on, "because if you lose, you'll be out of the game and I won't get my chips back at all. Now YOU may be sure you'll win, but I can't be sure you will. So there's a lot of risk in this for me, right?"

Chrissy nodded again. "Yes, Brad, I do. I'm really going to owe you for this."

He gave her a crooked smile. "Oh, don't worry about that, because I'm going to ask for some interest on this loan."

She frowned. "You mean like an extra chip or two back?"

He laughed. "No, something more interesting than that. Something you can pay whether you win or lose."

He leaned over close to her ear. "The interest is, you have to sit on my lap, and kiss me."

Her reaction was expected. "Brad! I couldn't do that! What would Bob think?"

His eyes were now only inches from hers. "Bob's not here. And none of us is ever going to tell him."

"I can't believe you'd even want to do that," she said, her voice very high.

"Don't tell me that you don't know you're a babe, Chrissy," laughed Brad. "Poker is great, but that's only one reason we love coming here."

Chrissy tore her eyes away from Brad's long enough to look quickly at each of us. We tried to look serious, but at the same time interested in her. We found out later that the fact that we found her desirable was a real turn on for her. Then she took another long look at her hand, and an even longer one at the huge pile of chips in the middle of the table. Finally she bit her lip.

"OK, deal. But I'm not going to lose. Trust me on that."

"Ooooo now she's trying to scare you away, Danny!" crowed Brad. "You going to chicken out because the babe says she has a killer hand?"

There was a bunch of ribbing that went on then. It was the normal stuff, but it sounded like everybody was on Chrissy's side except for Danny.

Brad stared deep into her eyes as he slowly slid the white chip over toward her, and she reached out blindly to take it, her eyes locked to his. Then she broke the spell, pushing it into the pot, and said, "I call."

I threw up my hands, pretending to be all upset. "You guys killed me. I had her bluffed! I acted like I was agonizing over the decision and then, theatrically, threw the card face down and growled "I fold."

"I have just got to see what you really have," Danny said, laying his cards down, "because I damn well know I have a good hand. Full house, Queens over fives."

Brad and I whistled.

"Not as good as what I have," Chrissy burst out, "four of a kind!"

Triumphantly she raked in the chips, then slid a white one over to Brad.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" he asked. "There was interest ... remember?"

She flushed, then slowly got up, turned her back to him, and sat on his lap. She looked around. "You all promise not to tell, right?"

We all nodded. With a quick motion she leaned toward him and gave him a short peck on the mouth. Then she started to get up.

"Hey!" he said, "that's not a real kiss. That was just a peck. I get better than that from Lori when she's mad at me!"

"I'm not supposed to kiss you like I mean it," she said.
"Why not?"

"Because I'm married!" she yipped. "You are too Brad!"

"OK," said Brad. "But I still want to kiss you. Come on. Give me a real kiss. It's just one kiss."

She sat back down and this time she put her arms around his neck. It didn't look like there was any tongue or anything, but it was a long kiss. It was long enough that he put his hands on her back and slid them up and down a couple of times.

When she got up she was red-faced. Brad said "Now that was a kiss worth loaning money for."

Chrissy blushed harder, but beamed. She sat down, and we continued the game.

Once again we started whittling away at Chrissy's chips, and once again the time came to play our little trick on her. This time Brad was the one who pushed the bet up beyond her resources, but she was hooked. One way or another she had to win that hand.

She looked at Brad, but he shook his head. "No can do. I'm trying to beat you this hand, remember?"

She turned to Danny, who said, "I can loan you five, but I have to tell you that kiss looked awfully nice. Can I charge you one too?" She nodded. The idea wasn't foreign any more.

"All right," I put in, "I'm good for five too, same deal." Once again Chrissy nodded.

"Mmmmm," Danny added, "I can't wait. I was so jealous of Brad last time."

Chrissy shot him a glance and she blushed a little, but we could all tell she was pleased that he was so eager.

"I'll make it worth your while," she said. She looked at me. "You, too, big boy."

We all groaned and made noises to let her know how excited we were about it. I swear she stuck her chest out a little. She was enjoying the attention.

Chrissy definitely looked like she was enjoying raking in the chips, and she didn't hesitate long before getting up, turning, and sitting on Danny's lap. The kiss was even longer than Brad's earlier one, and from the movements of their mouths it appeared to be getting a bit passionate.

Finally she broke it. She was panting gently.

"Gee, Danny, I had no idea you felt that way about me," she quipped.

He sighed. "I love Julie, but if there was no Julie I'd be chasing you all over the place."

She dimpled and actually gave him another kiss, though this one was quick. Then she got up and walked around behind his chair to my side of the table. The truth is I was more than a little embarrassed to have her sit on my lap, because I didn't want her to be totally shocked by my boner. But if she felt it when she sat down, she gave no sign. Instead she melted against me and started kissing.

There was no doubt in my mind that she was enjoying it. Chrissy had wrapped her arms around my neck, and was rubbing her chest back and forth against mine. Soon our mouths were both open, and I slid my tongue past her lips. She used her tongue to play with it, then pushed into my mouth. All too soon Danny started protesting.

"Hey, man, cool it. That's no damn fair. You're getting a lot more than I did."

She pulled her lips away from mine and stared in my eyes.

"I feel that," she whispered throatily. "You're a very bad boy."

I gulped and she got up to go back to her chair. She shot Danny a look.

"Don't complain or I won't borrow any more money from you." Then she grinned as we all went "Oooooooooo."

After that it was like we were playing a new game, or perhaps a game within a game. The poker became just a framework for the game of sexual cat and mouse. The only chips that really mattered were the ones stacked in front of Chrissy. That stack grew and shrank, but mostly it shrank.

Then she started betting wildly on the next hand. I hadn't seen anyone deal from the bottom of the deck, so maybe she had gotten lucky, or maybe she was bluffing. I had zip in my hand, but I decided to play along with her. Well into the second round of betting she shoved in her final seven white chips, matching my raise and raising ten more.

"I'll see your ten," I said with a fiendish grin, "and raise you ten."

"But I don't have any more."

She turned and batted her eyes at Brad. "Brad, can you help me out?"

"Oh," he drawled, "I suppose I might be able to loan you five. Same conditions, of course, except I want at least as good as he got."

Chrissy nodded, and turned to Danny. "How about you, you stud? I'll make sure you're happy with the interest."

"You're on," he blurted out, and pushed over a chip.

"In fact, how about if I give you ten more so you can get ahead of him? Of course I'll be expecting a little extra ..."

"You are a doll, and I'll definitely show my gratitude."

She pushed the chips out wordlessly, and looked expectantly at me.

I shrugged and said, "There's no way I can win with them bankrolling you. I might as well fold."

As Chrissy handed the chips back to Danny, he said, "Now, about that interest ..."

"Of course," she smiled, "I'm on my way."

But as she turned to sit on his lap, he said, "No, sit facing me." She seemed puzzled, so he explained, "Straddle me."


Chrissy's mouth made a big circle as she drew the word out. Her eyes got kind of round, just like her mouth. She was wearing pants, so she just turned around to face him, spread her knees apart, and slid onto his lap, sitting on his knees.

He was pretty bald-faced about it. He just reached for her butt cheeks and pulled her up until her pussy impacted what was obviously his erection. She gasped and we all grinned.

His hands went up to her head, and pulled her lips to his. She put her hands on his shoulders and moved her lips against his. I watched in awe as his hands slipped around her rib cage to her chest, and he started squeezing her breasts through her sweater.

Obviously this was a critical point. I mean he had escalated things awfully fast. If she allowed this, we knew we could have a lot more fun. She moaned, and kissed him ever more frantically.

It didn't seem like they were likely to stop on their own. Brad opened his mouth to say something but I waved him off. The fewer distractions she had, the more likely I was to get my hands on those gorgeous tits too. Brad subsided, and adjusted his lump. She wiggled her hips against Danny's lump and then pushed back. His hands were still on her breasts when she finally pulled back.

"And you are even worse than him, you naughty, naughty boy," she sighed.

He sighed an old tune and changed the words. "If loving these is wrong, I don't want to be right." He kept squeezing those beauties too. More importantly ... she let him.

"Speaking of which ..." Brad said. When she looked at him he was looking at his watch. "My interest is mounting up." He grinned at her.

"Oh!" She blushed. "You're so bad!"

"I'm not bad," He said. "I'm just horny. I freely admit it."

She got up and sauntered over to him. He didn't even have to tell her to straddle him. She was already flushed and when he tugged at her waist she scooted up voluntarily until her pussy was mashed against what I knew was his giant cock.

"Are you going to be bad too?" she asked, looking right into his eyes.

"You better believe it," he said softly.

"Mmmmm," was her response. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm liking poker more and more."

She locked lips with him and started grinding her mound against his cock right away. He took things a step farther by sliding his hands INSIDE her sweater. She jerked as he pushed her bra cups up and fondled her naked breasts. I could see his hands working and I knew he was tweaking her nipples. She just kissed him harder and started rubbing her pussy against him frantically.

We let them go. It took almost five minutes, but she finally vibrated and mewled into his mouth. We knew she was cumming. My face got hot as I realized things had gone a LOT farther than any of us had anticipated. We'd been after some touchy feely making out, but it looked like Chrissy might be willing to do even more!

She finally pushed back. She looked at Brad, and then at each of the rest of us.

"Bob can not find out about this. Are we very clear about that?"

She got a pretty shaky "I swear" out of all three of us. With that, she stood up. She pulled her arms inside her sweater and then pushed them back out holding her bra. She tossed it on the recliner that was in the living room, and sat back down.

I don't know whether her mind was on winning, or losing. I think she was tempted both ways. Danny had already taken three nines out of the deck while she was all but fucking Brad. He held them until it was his turn to deal again and then he hit her again from the bottom of the deck.

My side of the table was still a little light from the last time Chrissy had beat me, so I dropped out immediately. But Danny helped Chrissy push the pot up until Brad shook his head and dropped out. When Chrissy raised with her last blue chip, Danny matched it with a blue of his own, then staring intently at her added his last two reds.

"Fifty?" she gasped. "That's an awful lot!" She looked at Brad.

"I'm not going to lie," Brad said, "I'm interested in some serious interest."

Her eyes glittered. She paused for a dozen heartbeats and stared at her cards. "Whatever you say, I'll pay," she said softly.

Brad blinked. "Really? I mean it. I'm serious here. You've really got me going, Chrissy."

She looked him dead in the eye. "I am too ... as long as Bob never finds out."

He looked at me. "You want to split it?"

I looked at her. "In the worst possible way," I said. I saw her nipples pop through that sweater and she licked her lips. We each slid a red to her and she added them to the pot.

"Call," she said, her voice throaty.

"Beat that," Danny declared, laying down sevens and jacks.

"Three of a kind beats two pair," she sighed as she laid down her three nines. "Looks like I take it all," Chrissy gloated.

"I can't believe it," Danny said. "She's a first timer and she cleaned me out!"

Chrissy was really excited now. She had almost all the chips in front of her. She picked up chips and tossed them to me and Brad. Then she stood up, flushed and panting. She looked at Brad.

"Do you want your interest here ... in front of them ... or someplace more private?" Her voice was throaty and if I hadn't already been rock hard, I'd have gotten that way in a hurry.

Naturally Brad thought he'd get more "interest" if it was private, so he chose that. She took his hand and led him into the darkened living room to the couch. She looked back at us. "Don't you naughty boys peek!"

We chorused "Yes Ma'am."

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