Losing In Vegas

by Lubrican

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This is not your average Lubrican story. This is more of a modern fable, disguised as what might, at first, look like a typical cuckold story. But there's a moral to the story.

Men ... take heed.

And just so you know, the chapters are intentionally short. There's a reason for that.


Chapter One

It was all my fault. I won Salesman of the Year and they sent me and my wife to Vegas, where we got the VIP treatment.

Then we just got the treatment.

Amanda and I met about a year ago. She worked for the ad agency that handled one of the sales campaigns I kicked ass on. She was fresh out of college and still innocent. She wasn't the kind of woman I usually went after. She was about ten inches over five feet tall, with cinnamon red hair and so many freckles that she looked tanned. In reality, though, she had the palest skin, because she kept out of the sun with an almost religious fervor. Additionally, she was slim, having breasts you might expect to see on a thirteen year old, and hips to go with them. But regardless of the fact that she was lacking in the curves most men look for, there was something inherently sexy about her that made me want her from the first time I saw her.

She resisted my seduction and I thought she was playing hard to get, so I redoubled my efforts and finally got her to go out with me. I wined and dined her with a vengeance, and bought her expensive jewelry, but couldn't get her into bed. She'd only had one boyfriend, and had only let him fuck her once. It apparently hurt a lot and she broke it off with him. It took proposing to her to get in her panties, but it was worth it. I admit I hustled her a bit, but hey, I'm a salesman, right? Sometimes the way to make the sale is to wear them down.

We set the date and then I convinced her to change it when I won Salesman of the Year because a trip to Vegas was part of the bonus that went with winning. I told her Vegas could be our honeymoon. So she agreed, even though we had to move the wedding up because the trip had to be taken before a certain date.

She wanted a big wedding with a big reception. She had a lot of relatives and they didn't get together all that often. But I had waited as long as I could to get her naked and in bed. So I paid the limo driver under the table to show up an hour after the reception started. She was all upset, but I told her she could see her aunts and cousins any time.

"It's kismet, baby," I said. "Vegas awaits! And our honeymoon starts just as soon as we get in that limo!"

So that's why we had go straight from our wedding to the airport. We did detour to my apartment where, in the confusion, I forgot to load one of her suitcases into the car. By the time we realized it, it was too late. I had thought we could get an earlier flight, but that didn't pan out. Then, when we finally got on our flight there was a mechanical delay, and we sat on the ground for an hour and a half. She didn't care, because she was with me and we'd just gotten married. I was in a hurry to unwrap my present, but because of the delay they gave us free booze, so I managed. I just whispered, in detail and technicolor, what I was going to do to her once we got there.

When we finally got to Vegas and got checked into the hotel, I couldn't wait any longer. I admit it was a wham, bam, thank you ma'am event, but I just couldn't wait, you know. She only complained a little, so I thought it was all right. I knew I could make it up to her later, when I wasn't on such a short fuse.

I got up to get dressed and she asked where I was going.

"To gamble, of course," I said. "Come on."

"I'd rather stay here with you," she said.

"I'm not going to be here," I said. "I'll be gambling. You need to come gamble if you want to be with me."

Of course looking back on it now, I know I was stupid. I wasn't used to being married. I wasn't used to thinking about the feelings of the girl I was with. And I didn't realize it hurt her feelings.

Amanda was from a small town in Oklahoma. I think her graduating class had seventeen seniors in it. So she wasn't helpless. By that I mean she hadn't been pampered by rich parents or anything. She didn't get mad easily, and I was to learn that when she did get mad it was sometimes hard to tell at first. I got my first lesson that day. She told me to go gamble.

I did, and I lost big.

But because we were on a sponsored trip, I was classified as a VIP, so they let me lose big.

I got most of it back, and then, over a four or five hour period, lost it again. Amanda never watched me play. She said it was boring. She tried the quarter slots a couple of times, but usually just got something to eat and drink and then went shopping or something. I didn't pay any attention. Later I'd recognize what a putz I was being, but not then.

Then I lost bigger, and the next thing I knew they were into me for $25,000.

I got invited to the casino manager's office. He spoke to me for maybe fifteen minutes, during which it sounded like I was at a neighborhood party somewhere. There were no threats, and nobody standing around smacking fists into hands. No gorillas hovered nearby frowning at me. He told me to call him Mister Krebs, but of course he called me John. Finally he got to the point.

"You owe me twenty-five large, John."

"Yeah," I said, feeling sick.

"You can't pay."

"Well, not right now, of course," I said. I put a puzzled look on my face. I was pretty good at looking puzzled when I wanted to. "I don't know why I lost so much. I don't understand that. I usually have much better instincts than that. But I'll find a way to pay you off, I swear."

He just looked at me. "You're a salesman, John, and a pretty good one at that."

I nodded, wondering what that had to do with anything.

"So you need to use your skills to get yourself out of this problem," he said.


"I've seen your new bride, John. There's something special about her. She'd look good on film."

"Film? What kind of film?" I asked.

"I think you know, John," said Mister Krebs. "There's only one kind of film that will make me enough money to pay off your debt.

"But that's crazy," I said. "I mean she'd never go for it."

"She'd better, John. You got here because you were salesman of the year. Now you're going to have to prove you deserved it."

"What if she won't do it?" I moaned.

"Then I attach your house, your car, and your wages for the next three or four years."

He smiled, but it wasn't a pleasant smile, as he added:

"With interest."

"Let me get this straight," Amanda said, anger on her face. "You bet my body on the wheel."

"No, of course not, honey," I whined. "It wasn't like that at all. I was doing so well and then I had a streak of bad luck. That's all. I never said anything about you."

"But they want me to have sex to pay off your debt. They want me to be a whore. You want me to be a whore!"

"No I don't!" I moaned. "But it's the only way we'll get free and clear. If we don't do this they'll take everything we own."

"We'll get clear?" she said angrily. "I don't see you doing anything to get us clear. It's me who will have to do all those nasty things!"

"Come on, baby," I pleaded. "It's just having sex. It will only be this one time. We'll pay them off and and go back home and I swear I'll make it up to you."

"You mean I'll pay it off," she said angrily.

I had the sinking feeling she wasn't going to do it, and we'd be homeless.

"I don't know what else to do," I said sadly.

"I want to meet this Mister Krebs," she said.

It took a while, but his secretary or whatever she was called finally got us in to see him. I didn't mind the wait. Krebs had a sweet tooth for women and his secretary was the finest eye candy. He was smiling as we walked in, and held his hand out to Amanda. I think she took it automatically, but I saw her flinch as he bent and kissed her knuckles.

"You're even more lovely up close," he said. "The video monitors don't do you justice."

"You've been spying on us?" she asked, frowning.

"You mean in your room? Certainly not!" he said. "We watch everyone on the casino floor, though. When I saw you and saw you weren't playing, I had my security chief find out about you."

"Why would it matter if I was playing or not?" she asked.

"Sometimes beautiful women come here to lure the men away from the tables," he said, smiling.

"Hookers," she said, her voice flat.

"Some of them," he said. "I never thought you were one of those, though. You obviously have too much intelligence and class for that."

"Apparently not," she said, glancing at me murderously. "I didn't have enough intelligence to recognize this worm before I married him." She looked back at Krebs. "And you obviously think I have little enough class to perform in a pornographic movie for you."

"Class has nothing to do with it," said Krebs. "This is a business decision. You have a fresh girl-next-door look, something not seen that often in the industry. Now that I've spoken to you I think you have the brains as well. If you cooperate I see no problem with recouping my investment. If it goes well you might even have something to take home with you."

"I'm not a whore," she said, turning red in the face.

"Of course not," he said. "But you have looks and brains, and if those talents can be turned into money, then it's really no different than working in any job in which looks and brains are what you're selling."

She was quiet for a bit. Krebs had the makings of a damn good salesman. I was impressed. He just stood there, looking at her, though, instead of pressuring her and sealing the deal. She looked at me. I made another mistake, though I didn't know it then. I applied the pressure I though was needed to make the sale.

I said "Come on, baby ... do it. We need this."

Her face went dead flat. She turned back to Krebs.

"You said I could ... um ... take something back home. How much?"

"It's purely an estimate, based on this very short interview and my experience in these things ... " His eyes slid down her body and then back up to her face. "I'd say ten thousand, above and beyond what your husband owes us. Assuming we can come to an accommodation and things work out as well as I think they will."

"Ten thousand dollars for me and my husband to have sex on tape," she said, obviously having trouble believing it.

"Well ... not your husband," said Krebs. "He's not quite what we're looking for in a video like this."

"Who then?" she asked.

"We have a number of actors available," he said. "You'd get your choice."

She thought for a second. She looked at me, and then back at him.

"Let me meet these choices, and I'll give you my final decision."

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