Cheerleader Sleepover - The Judge and Jury Edition

by Lubrican

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There is a saying: Truth is stranger than fiction. The following is a verbatim copy of a report on the website of The Smoking Gun, dated 22 Aug 2012:

A high school cheerleading coach resigned from her job--and is now the subject of a police investigation--after a student told Georgia school administrators about a stripping game called "Judge and Jury" that was played during a recent team sleepover at the woman's home.

According to a Clayton County Sheriff's Office report, a Lovejoy High School student let administrators know about the July 18 gathering where the unnamed coach "assumed the role as the Judge while the other students assumed the role as the Jury."

During the game, cheerleaders would be asked a series of questions and "would have to answer the question beginning with 'Honestly.'" If they did not answer correctly, they were given a choice: Either run around the school's track or "remove an article of clothing."

The student told officials that while the game was being played, she closed her eyes and did not see "anyone remove all their clothing." She added that only students--and not the coach--"removed clothing to reveal their under garments."

Sheriff's deputies--who were told by school lawyers they would need a subpoena to get the names and ages of the teens at the sleepover--continue to investigate based on the "outcry made by the student" and the possibility that "the incident was videotaped."

Now that's the truth. And it's pretty strange. And since this story idea came to me because of that report, it's kind of backwards. That's because I suspect this coach will say she read a story about this on the internet, and that's where she got the idea. As of the writing of this story, they haven't said what her explanation is.

And, since I couldn't find a story in the internet for her to claim she read ... I decided to write one!

So instead of her getting the idea for this sleepover from a porn story in the internet, this author got the idea for a porn story on the internet from her real life sleepover.

That's the truth. Isn't that stranger than fiction?

Now all this trying to tell truth from fiction has made me a little confused. And while the truth side of me is pretty sure that nothing good came from this tradition of "bonding" that this coach did with her cheerleaders all these years, I at least want to believe that the coach thought something worthwhile was happening. I don't believe that ... but I want to.

So that's how this story is going to be written. I'm going to write it as if there is nothing at all wrong with seducing teenagers into doing very adult things that will most likely ruin their lives for an extended period, if not forever. But that's because it wouldn't be any fun to read if it reflected what is most likely the truth of things.

I mean that's what fiction is for ... right? We get to suspend disbelief for a little while, and imagine a world in which bad things don't happen.

Or at least if they do, it's for really good reasons.

All that said, I do not expect the reader to like all the characters in this story. I really don't expect that. In fact, I really hope that the reader really dislikes some of the characters in this story. And some of you may dislike this story so much that you feel like yelling at me. That's fine. But before you write me that angry email, please read my blog entry about this story first. You can find it here:

That's all I ask.


Chapter One

Author comment: Please read the foreword to this story. If you did, thank you. If you skipped it (like I do sometimes) please go back and read it. It has important information in it.

Now ... on with the story.

Mandy Jenkins was excited. She had wanted to be a cheerleader her entire, short life. She had hoped to start her cheering career in middle school, but it so happened her dad got stationed in Italy during that period in her existence. They had an American school there, but no football team and no cheerleading squad.

Now, though, they were stationed back in America, and she was officially a freshman in high school. And cheer tryouts were today and she actually had a chance to realize her dream.

Mandy could have been the poster girl for the stereotype of "cheerleader." She was five-eight, muscular (from years of classes in gymnastics,) graceful (from years of dance classes,) naturally blond and full of natural pep as well. She had the kind of face that was attractive without makeup, and positively gorgeous with it artfully applied. Her body shape was perfect for cheer. Her breasts were not too big, but had aggressive nipples, which would show through a cheerleading outfit just enough to get the imagination going, but not enough to be lewd. Her hips were shapely, but not too wide. The muscles she'd built in her legs were well proportioned. Her smile reminded one of blooming flowers.

In short, she was a walking wet dream.

And Coach Linda Riley had seen that immediately when Mandy stepped onto the floor during tryouts. She had been wearing running shorts and a crop top, with white tennis shoes. As she went through the mandatory routine, Coach Riley had admired everything about her.

In fact, it was when Coach Riley wondered what Mandy would look like doing this routine naked, that she put the check mark in the box "Approved" on the tryout form. It was how Coach Riley chose all her cheerleaders, and it had worked for many years.

Not that Coach Riley was a lesbian. The line between lesbian and bisexual was a bit blurred, sometimes, but the fact that Linda Riley had a husband, and fully enjoyed being pinned to the bed by him regularly, got rid of some of the blurring. The fact that selected members of the Fighting Marmosets football team also got to pin her to the bed sometimes, pretty much got rid of the blurring altogether. She just liked having fun with women too.

"Good job" she yelled, in her coach voice, which was loud and clear. "We'll let you know. Next!"

Mandy was too excited to go home. Besides, Erica Strauss, her next door neighbor and new best friend, was up next to try out too. She couldn't watch Erica try out - nobody but the coach could watch a tryout - but she could wait. And, since they were both already dressed for it, she was sure Erica would go for a run with her while they waited for the tryouts to finish. The poster announcing tryouts had said that the results would be available half an hour after tryouts were over.

She was pacing outside the gym doors when Erica burst through the doors.

"So?" asked Mandy.

"I feel good about it," said Erica. "How about you?"

"I did the best I could," said Mandy. "She said I did a good job."

"Me too!" gushed Erica.

Mandy was about to burst, so she pulled her friend toward the outer doors that led to the track. "Come on. I'm so excited I'm going to pee my pants if I don't do something to let off some steam. Let's run some laps."

The football team was also holding tryouts on the oval of grass inside the running track.

"Ignore them," Mandy said to Erica. Mandy had been ignoring boys her whole life. That had started when she was a baby, with her twin brother. They were close. They would always be close, but there were still plenty of times when she wanted nothing to do with him, so she had learned to ignore him as they grew up. He was, in fact, on the field, trying out for the team. But she knew that if she stopped and watched, that one or more of the boys would want to talk to her. Boys always did. She was fifteen, and wouldn't be allowed to date until she was sixteen, but boys had been trying to get her to "go out with them" for years.

"You know, you're going to have to stop with the ignoring boys thing," said Erica, as they started to jog around the track. "If we get on cheer, we have to go out with the football players."

"Who says?" scoffed Mandy.

"It's a rule. Jennifer Cross told me."

Jennifer was a junior, and had been on the squad for two years.

"No way. They can't make a rule like that," said Mandy.

"It's part of building pep," said Erica. "We're not supposed to know until the initiation sleepover, but Jennifer told me. When she started going out with Chad, she got friendly with me. Not in public or anything, but when she's at our house she's really nice."

"So because she's going out with your brother, that makes you think you get to go out with mine," said Mandy, grinning. Erica had mooned over Brad ever since she'd met him. She had thought, initially, that the only reason Erica wanted to be her friend was to get close to Brad. But whenever she was around him, Erica froze up and stuttered and generally acted about ten. And while Mandy was absolutely sure Brad noticed Erica, he never said a word to her. Of course she was sure he'd think it was lame to show interest in a girl younger than himself. Wasn't that how all boys were?

"Well, all I know is I won't mind the jocks asking me out for dates," said Erica.

"Of course not," laughed Mandy. "You're a slut."

Had a casual by passer heard that, he might have expected a fight to develop, but Erica just stuck her nose in the air.

"At least I know what it feels like to be a real woman," she said.

"Just because I'm a virgin doesn't mean I don't know how a woman feels," said Mandy. "There's lots more to being a woman than getting porked."

"Not that's anywhere near as much fun," said Erica, happily. "I hope we make it. I can't wait to find out!"

Two hours later the two teens gripped each other's elbows, jumping up and down, squealing happily.

Both had made the squad.

Mandy was lying on her bed, reading, when Brad tapped on the frame of her open bedroom door. She looked over at him.

"'Sup?" she asked.

"I heard you got cheerleader."

She grinned.

"And I heard you got on the team."

He grinned too, but it seemed subdued.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Have you heard any stories ... like about the cheerleaders and the football players ... um ... getting together?"

"You mean like for sex?" asked Mandy. She was much more assertive than her twin, and less inclined to be embarrassed when addressing intimate subjects.

"Yeah," he said.

"Stories like that are always out there," she said. "Football players always have fantasies about cheerleaders."

Brad almost told her all men had fantasies about cheerleaders, but kept quiet. He'd almost gotten into a fight with a guy named Dumbrowski, who was the center for the team. He weighed two-fifty and was huge. He'd asked Brad if he'd ever seen his sister naked, and then said that once she was a cheerleader, she'd be up for grabs with the team members. Brad had kept his temper under control, but he was worried. Dumbrowski was a sophomore, but he had sounded very sure of himself.

"Have you and Erica ever talked about Chad?" Chad, Erica's big brother, was on the team.

"You mean his love life? He's going with a cheerleader, but that doesn't mean anything, Brad. They can't make cheerleaders take football players for boyfriends. Don't get all wigged out about some stupid jock who has some stupid fantasy."

"Okay, okay. I just worry about you sometimes. That's all."

"Awwww, aren't you sweet." She said it sarcastically.

"As much as it pains me to admit it, you're not exactly ugly," he said, sounding wounded. "And some of those fantasies are weird. You remember that Thompson kid from our last school?"

"You mean Widby Thompson?" She made a face. "He was so creepy, always hanging around and asking me what I was doing, even when it was obvious what I was doing."

"One time he asked me if we'd ever done anything together."

"Of course we've done things together," she said. "We're twins. We're in the same family!"

"He meant ... um ... other kinds of things."

She blinked and her eyes went round as she got it.

"You mean sex?"

"Yeah. Can you believe he actually asked me that?"

Thick-skinned as ever, Mandy shrugged the thought off. What she said was said casually, and she didn't mean anything by it, but it was something that would come back to haunt her in the near future.

"Yeah, well, I hope you told him that I'd rather have sex with you than him."

"No I didn't tell him that!" yelped Brad. He blushed. He realized he was looking at her pointy nipples again and moved his eyes to her face. He felt his dick start to stiffen, and knew he needed to get to his room quickly.

"Anyway, just be careful," he said.

"Thanks, sweet brother," she said. "But I can take care of myself. I'll deal with anybody who tries to tell me who I can and can't date."

His eyes had dropped to her panties. It was definitely time to get to his room, where he could lie on his bed and lovingly stroke his cock right next to the wall she was on the other side of. It wasn't that he actually wanted to have sex with his sister. She was just one of the hottest girls he knew, so she somehow got into the rotation of girls he thought about as he jacked off. It was harmless. He was sure of that.

But those feelings only strengthened the conviction he had as a brother. If anybody tried to force Mandy to do anything, they'd not only have her to deal with ... they'd have him on their ass too.

Coach closed the book she'd been looking at as the new cheerleaders were incorporated into the routines. Things were looking good. There was only a month before school started, but the girls would be ready for football. They'd be a little rough, but that was fine. Basketball was far enough away that they had plenty of time to meld into a seamless team.

Assuming they were all on board ... were all inseparable ... were all bound together by their very own subculture, which would make their loyalty only to each other ... and her.

"Gather in!" she yelled. "I'm happy with the physical part of things. But we need to work on team spirit. That's what the yearly slumber party is for. I want you all to be there. My house, next Friday night. All you need to bring is something to sleep in. I'll have food and drink and everything else you need."

"Coach?" Linda looked at the speaker. It was the new girl, Mandy.


"I've heard rumors about the ... um ... slumber party."

Linda raised her hand and cut the girl off. "There are always rumors. But those rumors are started by people who aren't invited to the slumber party. They're jealous. They don't get to be part of our team ... part of the elite squad that will cheer this school on to victory in every sport, for the whole year."

Mandy let her finish. "So there won't be any orgy." It was a statement, rather than a question.

Linda smiled. "This is high school, not some sorority bash. Do you really think a bunch of high school kids could engage in that kind of behavior and get away with it?"

"I guess not," said Mandy. She blushed, as if she felt stupid.

Mandy did, in fact, feel a bit silly for asking the question, especially in front of the other girls.

Had she seen the looks traded by the older cheerleaders, she might have felt differently.

"We got any concerns this year?" asked Paul Riley. He was the football coach, and Linda Riley's husband. They lived in a palatial house, thanks to Paul's inheritance. It was the perfect kind of place in which to have blowout parties. It sat on ten acres of land, had a screened, secluded swimming pool, and a fifteen person hot tub that could only be seen through the door of the gazebo it was located in. There were nine bedrooms, and a wine cellar larger than the homes some people lived in on the other side of town.

"Just the usual," replied his wife. "There's a nice crop of juicy young girls, who will have the male fans coming in their pants. If we can get them all on board, we should have a great year."

"Well the boys are rarin' to go," said Paul. "But then they always are." He laughed. "You think you got any virgins this year?"

Linda looked at her husband through half lowered lashes.

"Why Paulie. Are we horny?"

"You know I'm always horny for you, Babe," he said.

"I know you're always horny about poking your nasty old prick in a virgin's tight little pussy," she said, using a little girl voice.

"No more than you are for giving one of my new football players his very first blow job," said her husband.

"Well, I might have one for you this year," she said. "There's a luscious little thing named Mandy Jenkins who is a new student. I get the feeling she's led a pretty sheltered life."

"Interesting," said Paul. "I selected a boy with the same last name. Name's Brad and he has the potential to be one of the better ends I've seen."

Linda went to her briefcase and opened it, rifling through a stack of forms. She pulled one out. "Two parents and a twin brother. She didn't put down his name, but if her twin brother is your new end, that could make things tense at the sleepover."

"Maybe ... maybe not," said Paul. "I've heard some interesting stories about twins. Being close, I mean."

"You think they could be that close?" asked Linda, sounding skeptical.

"We get enough Jungle Juice in them and they won't even recognize each other," said Paul. "You really think she might be a virgin?"

Linda opened her blouse. Her flat, but firm breasts sported very long, very hard nipples. She knew that those spare breasts were one of the things that attracted Paul's interest, back in college, when they first started dating. He had a thing for young girls, not too young, but early teens, and A cups got him going.

"I'm a virgin," she said, again using her little girl voice.

The annual cheerleader clinic and sleepover had been going on for six years, ever since Linda had taken over duties as the coach for the cheerleaders. There had never been any complaints lodged about anything that happened at the sleepover. That was most likely because Linda catered to every illicit desire that a young girl might have, and which her parents almost certainly prevented her from seeking out. There was liquor at the sleepover. There was Marihuana at the sleepover. There was ecstasy at the sleepover.

And there were boys at the sleepover.

Of course nobody knew this except the people who actually attended the sleepover, and all of them were required to sign a confidentiality agreement or they didn't get to be at the sleepover. And violation of the confidentiality agreement simply meant you were kicked off the team and banned for life. To an adult, that seems like a paltry punishment, but to teenagers, it was like a death sentence.

But the husband and wife team who debauched all the youth that came under their influence, also had one overriding rule. Nobody was forced to do anything. Nobody was required to drink, swallow or do anything at a sleepover.

Except keep the secret, and be a member of the elite team they were associated with ... either the football team, or the cheer squad.

While the reader might think this was strange and unstable behavior for the two coaches to indulge in, any psychologist could explain why it was likely to succeed. Teenagers love to keep secrets from their parents. Teenagers love to be members of a special group. Teenagers love to indulge in risky behavior that gets the adrenaline and other hormones racing through their veins. And even if a teenager doesn't want to indulge in a particular behavior, he or she still wants to watch others do it ... just to see what it's like. Get a little liquor in them, and all that gets even more common.

Liquor was the key to the Riley's success. In the past, it had been "Jungle Juice," which was a mixture of frozen concentrated fruit juices, laced with Everclear. It tasted like punch and kicked anybody's ass who drank it. Then Paul discovered Four Loko. The grain alcohol in Everclear did the job, but it was also a depressant, and eventually put the kids to sleep. Four Loko had enough caffeine in it to make an elephant dance. It lowered the inhibitions and gave the kids a buzz that just naturally led to wanting to rub naked bodies together. It was served in a punch bowl, with little cups, so that nobody drank too much, too quickly.

Then, of course, there was the fact that Paul's video camera was right out there, in front of everybody. He made a point to interview each kid, early in the night, about what they hoped to accomplish during the school year by being on the team. The next morning, by the time the kids left, there was much more on the tape than those innocent interviews. All the kids knew that, and almost all of them wanted that tape to remain very, very secret.

Perhaps the only redeeming value Linda and Paul had was that they didn't ever sell or show those tapes to anybody.

They did, however, watch them privately, over and over, as they had wild, loud sex.

Linda greeted all the girls personally as they arrived. The older ones, of course, knew what was going to happen. They had attended a sleepover before. They were co-conspirators, of a sort, though not because Linda recruited them to be. She knew that, as with most things someone does that are illicit, they like it if someone else does those things too. That way they feel like "everyone's doing it" and their own participation seems much less sinister.

It was for that reason that she didn't worry about whether or not the new girls drank the punch. She knew the older girls would make that happen.

Of course the boys weren't there yet. Paul wouldn't introduce them until much later in the night, when all the girls were good and sauced. Paul had his own ways of getting them ready for their part in the proceedings. He didn't want them drunk, because he wanted them to have nice, strong erections. She did too, for that matter.

She opened the door to Mandy and another new girl, Erica Strauss. Erica already had a reputation for fooling around.

"Welcome, ladies!" gushed Linda. She ushered them in and saw Donna, the team captain, come forward to move them deeper into the house.

Linda stayed at the door. There were only three more to go. Then she would get through the preliminary checklist, and their annual "bonding sleepover" would begin.

The preliminary checklist was part of both Paul's and Linda's preparations, but contained different items.

For the boys, who were having their own "football clinic and overnight workout," ostensibly in the school gym, they would get a series of lectures from their coach. One of those lectures went something like this:

"Men ... and you are men now ... life in high school is hard. You have to keep your grades up, and I will expect excellence from you in all things. And one thing you do not need, in addition to the normal stresses of high school, is for your health to fail because you contract some sexually transmitted disease!" He waited for the normal catcalls to subside. "One of the things I expect you to do, therefore, is to make use of the technology that will keep you healthy."

"Condoms!" crowed Larry Henley, the star running back of the team. He was a senior, and he knew what was going to happen that night.

"Exactly," said Paul, nodding at his "helper." "No if's, ands, or buts. When you dip your wick, I want it covered. Your talents are much too valuable to be wasted by catching some disease."

"Or by being a daddy!" called out Chad Strauss, a junior and right tackle.

"Exactly," said Paul. "'Nuff said?"

There was the thunderous reply or "Right, Coach!" from young, male voices.

There were other lectures too. And there were breaks between them. That was when Paul's unrecruited helpers did their part ... by firing up a joint outside.

Some new guy inevitably said "What the fuck? Are you crazy?"

And that was when the new guys found out that coach didn't mind if you smoked, as long as it was on the down low. He said it was actually good for you, because it helped you focus and center your thoughts. It calmed you down.

Paul never spoke out loud about that. He just let things happen. By the time his last lecture took place, before the "workouts" were supposed to start, the new guys had no clue would happen at the "overnight workout" that was their first official function as new members of the team.

His last lecture went like this:

"Okay, so we've talked about strategy, and plays, and having a healthy lifestyle. We know we're going to have to study hard and practice hard and play hard. And all that is going to produce a lot of stress. So how do we deal with the stress, gentlemen?"

Donny Riggs, the team captain, raised his hand and was recognized by his coach.

"Sex, coach. Sex reduces stress."

The new guys all looked around, unbelieving.

"You're on the right track, Riggs," said Paul. "But it doesn't have to be sex with a girl."

There were gasps and mutters. The gasps were from the new guys. The mutters were from the veterans, because they knew there were supposed to be mutters.

"I'm not talking about that," laughed Paul. "No homos on this team. No, I'm just talking about engaging in a good, old fashioned jerkoff session just before a game. You can think about your girlfriend while you do it, if you want."

If there were any new guys who thought jerking off was wrong, it suddenly didn't seem quite so bad, when compared to being gay.

Thor Dumbrowski had been selected by the vets on the team to make the critical comment this year that needed to be made.

"But Coach ... I ain't got no girlfriend."

Paul seemed to think about that for a minute. Then he smiled.

"In that case, you think about the cheerleaders!"

That always led to a hubbub, and set the stage for Paul to make his follow-up comment.

"In fact, there are a whole bunch of cheerleaders over at my house, probably running around in next to nothing, by now. What say we go sneak a peek at them and you can practice relieving your stress."

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